The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1947
Page 5
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, .MAY 5, 1017 Russia Plagued With Crime, Too But Communists Say Lawlessness Capitalists to Blame Editor's note:—R. H. Shackfon!, veteran Unileci Press diplomatic correspondent, returned last week froin covering the Big Four foreign ministers conference at Moscow, Following is another of a sc- ries of background dispatches lie lias written on Soviet Russia. BV H. I!. SIIACKKORI) United Press Staff Correspondent 'WASHINGTON'. May 5. — Vine immorality, and crime are very embarassing to thp Soviet rcRunc. Communist Party propaganda teaches that these spring from de- fecU in the social order and thiil they are primarily caused by "capitalistic remnants." They arc rarely mentioned in the Soviet Press. Soviets always critici?* the American Press for giving so much attention to them. •' Thus. aj:p:aranre of an unusual number of Soviet press references to crime i" recent months led f-ii 1 - eign observers is Moscow lo the conclusion that the Russians arc poping with a postwar crime \vavCj just as other nations are. c ' Since last Fall there have bcci frequent references to crime m Moscow's only evening paper, the Moscow News, and the Newspaper' Trud. During the Soviet crime wave <ii 1945. even the leading dailies, Pravda' and Izvestia. reported crime. /Presumably Soviet papers carry reports of crime only when the prcblcm becomes serious in an effort to convince the public thai cxinie doesn't, pay. And in view nf the kind of sentences handed out it certainly doesn't pay in when one is caiiBhl. Totifili to He CiuiRlit Recent crime news included automobile murder, which liroug.-.t a' death sentence to the convictei rhan, counterfeiting, theft, and rpany forms of food speculation. For the latter type of crime, scnt^- ences ranged from 5 to 10 yeavs of "deprivation of liberty" (form labor in the Urals or Siberial. ant confiscation of property of tlie guilty. '"Scanty reports indicate uu>;._ inos offenses stem from the scarcity o food and other necessities "f life Last Fall both the minister o .Justice and the prosecutor of tin UiS.S.R. found it necessary (o Is SUB special instructions to thei subordinates to Intensify the strug gle against the theft of food cart! - The Moscow Evening News re gorted the "execution by shooting of a man convicted of forging foo cards. Tile iiewspapsr Trud pcrted R trial in Archangel which a woman was sentenced to lip' years of forced later for "dealing" in ration cards. '•'During my stay in Moscow a young girl, Tatiana Knpitan, convicted of attempted murder, was sentenced io five years of forced labor. Tatiana had tried lo gel a room for herself and fiance lo start married life. She arranged to swap rooms wil-h an "intellectual" at a -price. When the time came Just Drifting Along—for Science , , MARQUESAS IS Soul" Equatorial Cu The rail Ken-tiki, named alter a Peruvian god. Frail craft is ol Icalhofwcighl balsa wood, laslicd together by ropes. Cabin is woven bamboo. Small sail is its onLy auxiliary power. Seven Arkansans Die in Accidents Plane Crash Brings Death for Two Near West Memphis Airport l!y United I'rrss Arkansas' first warm weather of Hit' Spring season licl|)«l boost the lull yesterday as .the state reRis- •d at least seven deaths by violence over Ihe week-end. The .sunshine and flO-det'rcc tem- IH'rutnres brought the fir.^.t rfi- (jnifs of drowning as sports-loving iTsittents flocked to the -streams and hike's. Three tcen-aRe persons wore drowned and n fourth was rcporU'ti in a serious condition today following a diving accident. TAO other dealKs were caused ir a plane crasn at West Memphis another followed an :','^° rrash r>,')d the scventii resulted when a freight Irntn struck a 12-ycnr-olcl [jirl. Kimrrnl services will he held Wednesday nt iMonticello for Edward I) Tillman, 14-ycni-oId son of Mr. and Mrs. David Tillman. who drowned while swimming In a slod: i>ond yesterday Two cnm- Ijaniniis said he strn^Rled to tho center of the fwnd, went tinder and drowned before they could reach ilderiy Memphian Dies i MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 5. (UP) — 'unera Iserviccs for Clarence Nelon, 90, who saw federal Iroojis ire tlie shot on Memphis in^ the Civil Wai - , were to be lekl today. Nelson, grandson of Memphis' .irst mayor. Marcus Winchester. :lied ut his home in .suburban Krayser yesterday. Ages of Continents ['he coniinents of the earlh vary in aj;e. Asia is the oldest, Europe and Africa conic next. 'North America is of middle age ani South America is young. Coming to the LUX THEATRE LUXORA, ARKANSAS Monday and Tuesday, May 5 & 6 Russia Mnp above shows route six-man Norwegian antliropolouical expedition hopes to follow on a daring 4000-mile voyage aboard a frail balsa wood raft lo prove that Hit- South Sea jslnnds were originally settled by prehistoric;]! white men from South America. Their 4Sxl8-foot craft was towed from Callao, Peru, lo a point opposite Pisco, where it was cast adrift in the strong Humboldt current. The current is exported lo carry them norlhward into Ihe South Equatorial current. Tlior lieyeidah!, 32-year-old ethnologist, the expedition's rominnnilcr. believes this great oceanic stream Avili sweep him and his five collcasucs westward in four months to the Marquesas islands. Heyer- diiiil's theory is thai this route was followed by white men, driven out of Peru many centuries ago l>v Indian tribes—the Incas or their predecessors, f Unveil Secret 'Operation Hermes' Negro School Observes Annual Child Health Day ^s-ijfjp*-"' ,y» • .,,,>•T-ra v. x ' • ffi^i.r-^^L-^i.,-:-,^" " Photo nbovc is one of Ihc first relciiycil on "Operation Hermes," U. S. Army-General Elcclfie rocket testing project near Sencnei:- Uwly. N. Y., where technicians have been working desperately fur over a year lo perfect a rocket motor superior lo those in the famed Germnn V-bombs. Testing pits, deeply embedded in a hillside, have reinforced concrete walls three feet thick. View »br>vu shows three sepnrtilc ciHrnncrs lo the motor, control and fuel rooms, Venlilators seen in background carry of! fume:;. 'Harrison JliRli School completed DIL- anminl health program with a Child Hp;iH!i Day exercise nl which A. E. Wiley, siiokc on "The Physical and Mental Health of the E::hoo! Cllilci." A panel discussion on child health was [iiv.sented bv the junior n .senior classes and the proclamation read by Arizona Haley. Music was presented by the Ilinh School Choral Club. A Progress Trophy from the United States Public Health Sen- See, Wa.shmf-tott. D. C.. was av;arcl rd to the school, with Rc'ncc:a Williams, chairman of the School' Cr.mmunity Health Club, innkin the presentation. This trophy v.M awr.rdeil for the school's 'Health Week for the i>a.~t three years. C.jmmiUcc;; were A. Z. Sawyers, KCncni! cliairman; Willie Mae Ro'j- inscn, A. E. Lester. El'u M»e Kir- jkcy. Rohert Wiley, Carrie B. Anthony, G. D. Hollis. move, the other woman refused to MVD mimia R( , t i]llo Ulc , wl)C rs wliat the Russians call "blall Coy LCP Cullins. 11-yoar-old son of Mrs. Coy cullins of Kenton. and OnorRC SLiickey. Jr.. a^ed 7. drowned in a lar«e pond on the BnuxHe- Br-nton highway Saturday aftcr- noon. Tiie accident occurred at LVr: rear of the Home o Mr- and Mrs. George Stuckey, I'latio Crushes lit West Memphis M. Meanwhile U. S Wnlford, 20- year-old Arkansas College student, remained in a LHtln Hock hospital in ;i serious condition today after beins injured while diving in the White River near Batc. k ;viUc •estcrdny. He suflercd a severe spinal Injury. In Memphis. Tenn.. funeral s^r- 'ices will ho held tori ay for two ncn who were killed when (heir small private plane fell and burned near West Memphis, Ark., yes- :crday. The victims were ihc piloL HnroJd "M. Tlaire. 20, and Paul M. McEwen 2!. both of Memphis. Witnesses said the plane circled as thou«l to land, ami then nose-dived t< 1hr> Around where it exploded. At Waldron, \v. M. H. Stevens. 17, of Fort Smith, died in a hospital following injuries .suffered • hen the car in which he was vicl- jnj* overturned nn highway 21 ycs- terdny. Another youth nnri two girls wore injn re d i n th c era sh. Anci at Morrilton fut;crnl services will be held todav for Helen F^i - //ell. ] 2-year-old daughter of Mrs. Everett T3iz/.ell of Morriltoii, who died Saturday ni^ht aflrr being .struck by a Missouri Pacific Linc-s freight train. The accident occurre<i at a crossing in Morrilton. Hemorrhoids without Removed Surgery There nrx- rnmy very linpnrtant reasons why patk-nts prefer my intitlioda ol rcmovlnj; piles. No Loos of Control I Imvc ni-vcr liiul nn-I will never hnve this Iinpjx-Ji lo one o£ my patients. Tliiiik LJils ovw welt No Loss of Time Unk-ss you nn- lxniriJiLeti xvlicn ytw com* In me-, you will IKSO HO time from your worlr. Dues this tc-'in anything t» yuuf No Hospital Bills This Is n hl^ K^yines Titr all patltntj who come tn me I*-r pile retnovjiL No Overcharge My rh;irHos f'>r all w.irk <loro (it my <-]ln1c nrc / rt.-iT.i-rvallvc lor the Rervlcvs rcn- (lorcxl my |xilk>nts. DR. W. H. THOMAS Clinic 1407 Lamar Phone 2-6252 Memphis 10 tn 1? A.M. —2 to fi I'.M. Writ** for fi ~K [ihunu lor appointment. IKslubllshtxl 102I> .. .wiicn she goes lo her girlfriend wilri her "lroublos"-lhen her Parents have (ailed in their sacred c!u!y! This grcr.d picture brings er ond Daughter—Falhcr and Sen.., closer together!!I • Sparkling New Hollywood Releas: o It Will Change Your Entire Lifa e Really, Three- Shows-in-oiio • Acclaimed by Tfia Nation's Press o It Points The Way To Happiness Human—It s Heart-breaking ^ Like living life itself...the fun of youlh is mixed v/illi |hc hecjrlbrcalis cf jgnorance. In (lie cnlire hlslory of iho thealre there has never been any-" thing !a cqua Momluv & Tuesday DAD" "MOM and The Hygienic I'ro'Iiui with A!,I. STAR CAST swap, anrt waitress Tatiana hit her on -the head with a hammer. I Even abuses of power. by OFFER fcr Deafened Persons For people wJio are tivniMoct by havd-of-hcaring. this m°.y b^ the means for stalling a new, full life — with all the enjoyment, of sermons,. music, friendly comvmmou- ship. It is a fascinating brochure called "Full-tone Hearing" :mrt is now -available wilhout charge | Dcarcned persons iicclnim H ;i:i \\\ practical guide with advice and encouragement oT great value II yon would like n free copy, send ;vuur name and address on a pcnuv postcard and ask for "Full-tone Hearing.' 1 Write BELTONE. Dopt. i8. 1450 W. 19th St.. Chicago 8, in. Also show this important, nev;s f friend who may be hiirci-or-hcar ccca.sionn!ly. Tlie 'Moscow Evening News of last Dec. 20 reported the case of :\ local'militia, officer >vho used his position to get a cow, two goats and two piRfi. Then he demanded from a neifihborini; collective larin free food [or the animals. The new-sparer noted that "•" sr.eli cases the militia were doiny r. jionr job and added that UHTC were also cases of robbery and hooliganism by the miiitia. Nrvcr Mrntion Sec re I rot ice But the scrvct section of the ]Mi- liru i-i never metitinned. Forci^tiers sum there has been no menUm of that phase of Ihe Soviet Police State in the newspaper since »e- lore the war. The ro)>orted rrini^ is traceable in part to burcaucnil ic red t;-.p^ ami etf(-rts of strong-willed persons LO .^lij> out of stt aii;hlj;u'k(H controls OVLT their lives. Chief weapun a^'.unst rnntvols i.^ the SovieL ec]iiivalcnt of "pull" or "dray." Trud recently reported the case from Kiev Polylcclmical Institute.' of a girl who. after graduating was ordered to work in the Slulia faclory at Novo-Kramatur.';}:. S)u* usrcl ' l>!att" with the ir.ini.stcr oi iiuttim-'bile transport of Ukraine aiui succeeded :n ii-inainin;: Kiev many months before li bt'itig threatened with prosccntinn. Tint, tiiost Sov : icL citiKeiis arc not in a position to resort to "blsU." The average man has only patience wiib wliich to comhnt bureaucracy and red tape. Soviet publications oft en ;irc critical of red iai>e. Ko]\soniol Pravtla recently described the pli^liL of a father who American I had obtained no less than .six doc- I uments mcii.suriiig 76 inches to re- Lhc case] ceivc a food card for a child mrasurinGC onlv 31 inches. Nevertheless." soviet propaganda k'lo foi" existence in u capitalistic continues its cliarpo that the strus country i.s so difficult that it drives peunlc to crime, while contending Hint me Soviet, system is the m advanced in the world and is I call- in t; man to Utopia. WARREN QUALITY REFRIGERATORS Meat Display Cases Wal,k-in Coolers Beverage Coolers Reach-in Refrigerators Frozen Food Cases Dairy Refrigerators Low-Temperature Freezers Floral Refrigerators Also Annhcuscr-Busch Ice Cream Cabinets Champion Meat Choppers BIRO POWER SAWS We Will Appreciate the Opportunity To Serve You. CHAS. F. SPENCER District Agent L Phone 2.113 Hlythcville, Ark 1', 0. Hox Do Your Duty By Your Car. . Give It Beauty Without Mar! 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It provi.lcs Coniiollc.l Action bcc.uisc it's pu- rilicil ,im! suhili/cd by the Inu.ilil Process, r.v.-/»..Mf with Ptircx. Coctons aiul linens comcosu ficsli, st.iin-hc: and sr.cwj-. :o use! l-.-uJer on tliinps th.xa orJinAty w.isbinj;. .!.' y>:<r ^d.r;. Belly Sirgt 3 Song Mils! A Paromaunl Picture CHAH SALES Sales— Studchakcr — Service ntlity and I Ceo no my Truck Service Cars and Trucks of Outstanding (J •Jr Export Auto and £ Jlolors Kdniilt •£ Electric Welclinjj •^r Tractor Repairs We spcciali/.e in truck service, any make, any mnjlel. Our l',iinl and I$otly Shop is rnmidetc - . . hrinp ynur far tn us for the liest all-around \vnrk anywhere. Complete Line of Stuclebakcr Farts, oilier makes, too! NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO .SMALL —We Have Several Good Used Cars For Sale — CHAMBLIN SALES H. R. & Asli Sl«. LKX CHAMHI.IN I'houc 21!i5 1511,1, GATEWOOD GROCERY | Phone 9751 Ark.-Mo. 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Pure- taslina . . . not a l;vx.Hivo. Call or Write Today tor Free Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division ille, Ark.

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