The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
Page 3
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THURSDAY, .MAY 2G, 1|)3S BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Vacation Bible School To Open Monda, Ma 30 The First Methodist, and Mist Presbyterian churches will -Uii'.-n their Vacation Ulble school Monday in the First Methodist church. This school v.'ili he ojien lo all boys anil elrls between the ages of four and H years who are not attending mi- other school. It wa.s announced t'i- d.%y. J!ll;ie, craft subjects ami linnd- wojk will bo taiii'lil OH the daily program, which will lx>gln at tf:H(J o'clock, and hi addition to Ou'.sn f.ubjects, there '\ill b>: nmervisi-d play. The school is to continue for I'.vo weeks. 8. K. (Jarroti is Uj oe superintendent of tin- school with the iii v. S. II. .Salmon, jjusior ol UK! IV.-.i Presbyterian church, hi-ad of the ' department, Aliss Mary PAGE THREE Kirkwood Firm Is Low Thieves" Take Valuables REA Project Bidder From Canithersviile Home CAKUTHERSVIIAE.MO., May 20' CARUTHEHSVII.U-:. M<>., Mr,- 2« •—•Hie firm of i>orter-lJrtVlll, of - Mr. niul Mm. K. \V. Ili-lm ol llito Kirkwood, Mo., was low bidder on i-iiy lulumcd from un i-.-:l<Muh>(l vn- llie HI'.'A project in Pcnil.-itol and intiuu in Morlilu and (ieuiniu to I'linkliii counties, Joliu W. Aslier. Jiml that sneak thieves liad r.m- prujtct. siiiieiiiUendi.'iil. tor the; s;U'keti ilii'ir ne.v home on South Peiiils;-ol-Uhijklin Cixipwiitive. an- Ward ihniii" llii'ir nl>.ic]>r.i> or ,sll- verware and rti u ,s valued ul several Iniiiilred dollars. AppicxinKitely llilrty pieces ul silver service wore were taken, lui i|; '••-•!<: him, six oriental vu^s, one Ei'ruiid low bill wiis submitted Ijy J Jri!in Oman. jr.. Nashville, '1'cnn., Sll7.tJ57.5U, and the third lowest iiiuii- ^a.s si M,Ub:».i'J, MiljiniUeil by l\. is. Poia.sluik-k. Cain; Cilrardoiiu. :ne K;.itia-;l e:ills for ii'.st:illn- tiui ol KiH miles ol po\vor liin-s in the u\o i-oiinlie-;. Ihe job to be •'i:i!i|j!eled \vilhin 1GU days ;v!U:r tin- aclmtl lje«innii!K. '1 he linn )ia.s liulii June Ifjili ttj (N't everyihin:; n atly to ije.'m v.'iH'!:. l/i. .it hlljur ol tile Uo eounties. l,u;h s-Lilii'd and unskilli.'il. will }/<• ((-.(•} as !;ir ;<'; po,v;il;l*-. Mr. Many Groups Entertain At Walker Park Here Ihibler in charge o: the juniors, Mrs. R. D. Kc-rsusjii lii-acl of the j 'fi-c ciaiti-::ct calls for installation primary, and Mrs, I 1 . [•;. (,'oolev, the' M |. -^t and '.vire. tin? latter 10 lie beginners. I i.iiju.mim. n.r this v;ork. the uvin- 1'i.pil.s may enroll now or may i ei/wity urjaiiiuiilun liii.'i iK-rjvi-d itjMci ,-ji the furl, session, an appropriation ol 6115,11)1.*, arul 1 ,V';r. Asht-r said liial another sum ul appruximaU'lv slir>.UUO would In! ic-einin;!, ahout July 1st., tor liueliui) of ;ul(}ilional (xm'rr 1 lines, makini; a loial of $1!'JO.I)«> lo I hi: spenl by till' HKA ill these. l\v<> Wnlker park ha.s been the scene; lonuui-s. of much activity durinf; lliu past JO days with both nual and city .schools and other yroups having picnics there as a closin-.; acih'ily of Uie school year, it was announce:! by the fair association, which rilsn expressed the de.siro. that people would continue lo enjoy the park. Amoiij the rural schools which have recently had picnics there are: uui.^itixl Japanese rus;, ami a ILi uaii.;«' I-^fi'ver .shotgun. In addition to a ninuln-r of minor iU'ms. Ltixora Gin Worker Succumbs At Hospital l!i!hiT Clill;:)W, :{'] \ear old t>in '.Milker o! L'.ixora. died at the iily- thrvllle hospital i-arly this morniiis. Hi; was adinilU-d to the hospitiil Monday aiur having becojne .srrl- ou.sly ill. 'iiie ii'iiKuns liavi' It'eti taken tu l.uxura uhere fuiya'al ::f-n'ice;; am to b« held. lie is survived by his v.ife, .Mr: Hose (.:llbov. r . I Cliiini 24 Have Flown Over Frontier Since May 20 I'KAUUK. Cvechosluviikla, May ?.(!. lUl'i.-Thhty-iour (.ionium plains [lew ovi'i- Ihe CV.echo.sloi'a- lau troutiiT between .'ay 'l r j an olliriitl May 20 and [fit- wlik'h till can .strive: Hie <|iicsl fur peace stilvini; lor hlnher iiliiialion and pi'oltrtloi) of lliu iH:til. ami lilicrlu's of mankind, Terry Faces Crucial Bowling Tcsl Tonight 'I'i'iiy Servlre StalUm meets proli- ubly U;; Mipieme of Ihe second hall of the Oily Dowllni; li'Hi'iie race tuninht at Siidbiiry's 1'liiy- lioiee when K hikes on Palace eul'«. In another nialeh .lohn's ronfer- tloneiy nii'eUs Hull Finienil Homo. 1)1 mulches lust nlylii Aii.Hii«i'.s- I. PIGGLY W1GGLY STORES l>K;<il,V l 'i±;,'i:^;,i: ; C-Prices 'or Fri. & Sat. M ^SS?"«T said todny. 11 evidently was de- ••isned to oIlKel eluirni':: of f.Vi.-i-h aeiial vl'il.-illuiis 1 of the (icriuun fronties. (>n oiH 1 day H! planes \\ero overi Czech territory in loiDhn.lon, tlie; communique .said and ye.slordiiy, ii Oer/i.jti) |)]IIIH* Dew ovi-r Wlsen, :K) inile.s from the fi'onlit r. \vheic /i'i'ho.s!oviikin'.s liinaM anus fae- uuy is r-llualed. Mh-oml I'ower i-oipoiiilloii coiiinnintiilie; feaii i( lltiblianl Hardware |Kiuy and Hudson Tailor shop heat l)r I. p|»'i. l-'liiyd M'ate turned In lill'Ji ',<!ic [or one I'.anii' with 2tM. Want BIy'tlicvillc-Half Moon Road To Be Graveled CaruUitrsviile Plant Constructing New Wing CAHUTIIEUSVILLE. Mo., May 2li —Dillmnn Indu.sirles, Inc.. of thLs cil.., are constnicllivj a new wing, siv. 1 .' til) by 30 feel, onto their plant here, of steel and concrete, to nc- llic consuliilaltcl.Kcliools of Deerim;. commodate new nK.chinery lo be Rabbi Pollack Talks i To Rotarians, Guests I "(.'oiniiHiM Cause" was the subject used I>J' Hahbl Herman I'ollack, I i'ii!)bi of the Teini>le Isruel. when .sjioke Ijefore inember.s of Ihe Home Killed Fresh Dressed, Lb. 35c and ti.mLcr I. The- total cast of Ihe project ^_ __ __ _ Lt _ will he nbout Sl-l.COd, a portion of Holland. Mo., Uycss Colony. hKtalled bWore Ju'ly'Ist, wliidi will • whioli will be iwiii by the county New Litorty. A number of \^ llsc ^ j n n u , inannfuL-ture of a," 1 - 11 l )ill 't of Ihu country-wide road new type <f box. 'i'lic concern will |"ulldin;; pio-ram now beinu made. .v|:ciid $:«.000 on the new wini; and William Oir ii lo be in chan;o. Hie neces«!;-y maihir.ery. and when j with -15 WI'A workmen on me the addition is completed, it willU'jl). ! give them n plant sine »(l by 3-10 I feel. No additional lu.'wr will be hired, Peter Topp, foreman o; Use fi.sli j James T. Alyru. plant manager , |1 ' (!1 ' l ' f ' m " "'V-1 Kotary elub and (wo kue.sts, llovd tlienlle. liiron;], !.„„,. Oak to Hull c.vperl uflillle Hock and Moon, v/hieli is Impassable nt[i;|rd, limes dur' to be gmv jiiojcct is iveek.s, it will iiif; v.iuter montlis, i-; -'led. Work on lire WI'A lo IjL-yin within two uas ,'umotinced todnj', he completed by Sep- Mo., and school groups from the city have .nlso had jricuics there. Yesterday, the sixth glades wore entertained by their tencher.s and Miss Winnie Virgil Tinner, supervisor ot city elementary schtxils. E. V. of 1'Xvcttcville, id Ihe Hotel Noble today at the weekly luncheon ineetlnt' of the clulj. In l:is discussion, liabbl rollnc-k liolnlcd. oui lliu tlnee common lialehcry in Yosemite Nationi.l jwinled out, since as soon ns the Park, eastern California, traim manufacture of the new boxes is wildcats for a hofohy. liegun. certain former types will lie i discontinued, tin; present workers "—"• • merely shifting over lo the new niachiiieiy. The plant employs about three hundred workers, who were jjivuii n fi.'ili fry "iMily" l>y Frniik'Dill- nuiri. president, of Ihe concern, for Funeral Services Held For James W. Pmitl CARUTIIERM'ILLE, Mo., May 1!6.—Funeral services for James W. YOB GET BOTH The iittileolimi you liavc n vislil In expect runt Ihe pi-ice you want (o pay in any one nf our rccon- ililiouril lised Oars. I'ruitt, CB. were held Mure with the Rev. D. K. Foster in charge, and interment was in Maple cemetery. Mr. PniiU (lied fit Ills homo on the Chute Ifi road of nremic: poisoning alter an illness of sev- the workers having gone , , through | ",., .°f.f; TKRMS In suil j-cur 19.14 Chevrolet aia'.lcr Co.iOi SI ^B35 Chevrolet C'nar-h s: ? . . - -. ,}!)3ri Chevrolet Master t'lnipe $: 19:'.l Clifvrulrl rii-k-np truck S 1!)34 Chev. i:il-in. \VII Triirlt ^ (Ijwn N'ighl.'i am! Sinulays Tom Little Chevrolet Co, I'hnne (!3,'i MMMGUUHROHUMMBB "DO YOU i HORSESHOES E the nionlh of April with a perttct .satelv record, in rejard to iit-ei- deiils. W. K. Ilarliii. .safety niginrcr of Mrinphis. spoke lo Ihe -.>kit!ierin'j, and .x umnber of tho workers made _-1 brie; remarks. Surviving arc three sons, E. C. and Jctliro of this city, and J. of Blythevllle; tsvo {laughters, Mrs. Jo.sic Wacldell of this city and Mrs. Lela Brown of Cnpe Uirnrdcau. His Bcnulyvcsl Salesman At Huhhard Fuvuiluro Co., fry For Bit; Prize M Singwg Groups Will a : :: , ; .;.. Atlend Steele Meeting C!. T. Lawrencebiu'g, anil Tenn.. family, of from the ! James D. Vaughn school of'. will he present at Ihe singing con- Kxcce-dlnR all expectations, the Simmons Beautyrest sale ut the lliibbnrd F0niltim> company, corner of Main and Broadway, will continue until June 1st. it was announced today. Tile sale, which started recently, has proved so successful Hint Mr. llubbard has estimated Unit (he number of Uc.iulyrcst mattresses ami bo:< springs already sold during Ihe event would be as tiill as the Rinn,,..,, «•'* Bank building If placed in Kite preceded rnu in death two stock nil at one time. ycai-s ago. W. H. Holcomb Heads John Deere Organization W. If. Ho!a.-;nb. inaiiiiger of (lie Ellis Implement company here, wa.s elected chairman of the John Deere Flow Dealers association of this tlis- venfion at Ml, Won Cemetery, trict. in an organisation meetin Sleele, Sunday, it was announced: hi:n; last, jiijlit, w. I). 'I'alley. a today by R. E. I... Smith, president salesman. «ns mined secretary. Plans wer(! maile lor l!ie group, which itu-hiiles men connected with this comiwiiy in Mississippi and Foil): ell counties ami u portion ol Crai^head comity, 10 have monthly meetings. L,?isl ni-jhl's incelin;; was a I tlie Hotel Noble. Masons Meet Tonight ' of the I'einiscot County siuyiiH! convenlion. | A number of other quartels are exjiected to perform during the day An invilatiou has been extended for nil la come and spend Ihe {lay. The Chicka.siiwba Lo.ljje, No. -l, I*', and A. Masons, will meet j in n j.'iilur communication Thurs! day night at 7:M o'clock. Visiting Masons are inyitetl to nltenU tb.e meetioa, olticers said. THE HOKSEfHOE SUPERSTITION The horseshoe v; = i rc- KC<K) J»ck because it [e:^tnlilcd i!?e cici.icia moon, slic object tit' v.-cr- iiiip I)/ nijuy puo^lcs. Menbeiievctl it JueUyto find a hor!.cshoc~tllalil oti^clioKl. particularly l)cn naileil over Ihc Doovay. Thisprotcilure kept witches i-.wav ^"'l ttire shold. Aivvays placcil will) o{>cn cuds uomling Ul) lo"Koltl Ihe Imk.'.' IE ends point n, "luck is Epillctl." Send penny posfcarj or, • for !• KKK (joo'vM IWJI .""Write — T. V/. Simails Distitlrrr. I' Cincinnati. OttiJ. The Sinilhsonian InslUiilloii at WashiiiBton. U. C.. has a bronze statue ot I.'uUlic Boy. Piesidenl }I;triiinv'.s doy. made frorii Hl,,'fl4 \:ennies conlribnleil by American newsboy-. 1 .. "Think of a stock of lienvityresls : llml high mid remember we have one, for you oil the samel terms. $1.00 down." members-.of the sales force said. "Every one we) sell licforc June 1st, the end of Ihe snte, helps us ivin (lie Simmons prize." Members of tj )e Huubard Ptimi- lure Company's sales force who nre competiin: for the prize arc Joe' Alexander. Hoy Koonce, James Fd- | wards and Newell Brluhain. Those' interested in purcluisiiij; neaiily- ie:ts dnriiiK this special sale are invited lo see one of these sates- i men who — »il| explain how easy ii. ! is to own Ihe best mattress or'lin springs in the world. SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries HIOHEKT (KJAI.ITY GA8NES Ml, Blackhawk, Ib. 25c Pure or Compound, Lb. C. Q. Thick Rib, Lb. WHEAT C. C. 5 {)/. llox . C11ACKER8 csui, 2 1,1). Hox PEANUT IJUT TEU, Glass ... Lettuce Cabbage ""< lie Oranges us iv. Here's n truly amazing offer. You'll want to g'll in tin it now. Comein loJayl Let us give you full details otillio new Victor Record Society. Try the llirill- ing Record Flayer yoitrsolf.Suo our cocnplete selection of newest Victor Records. Start liuild- iiij; your own personal Victor Record Library aou'l HTifrt t^l'frra ratlin tuljt*, my "lc-7A". Finis! in Tune. Hardaway Appliance Co. .1. IV. ADAMS, Mgr. otain ,V- fifth ' I'lume 2211 THE TIMER HAS BEEN v , 'T T T.HILE it may lie difficult VV to find a horseshoe, these days—you will liavc no difficulty in determining that T.W. Samuels is truly thc"diffcrcnt" whiskey you have been looking for. Try it today—sec for yourself thai tlic last sip in your glass tastes .is good as Ihe first. Kvcry drop o( "T.W." is distilled and bottled at the T. W. Samuels Distillery. Arkansas Dislribulor Mnnu nistrihiilins Cnmiiany—l.iltlc RoeK TW.Samuels KENTUCKY STRTOrHSHT BOURBON fal*i , CHARltS V. MIILIK, IMC,, C!»r«|l«t( SPECIAL THIS WEEK! .. ^ - - • • . J . ,. Kcautiful 2(5 )iiccc Crystal Glass Tea awl I'arly Set, Kogtilar S2.95 value, Special this week a( ^2.49 Shouse-Henzy Hardware Co. 4 for 15c Avnniliilu FLOUR riain, -IS l.lis. '$1.15 24 !bs, S9c Kflf Ilising, 21 His. (if,c St'lf Uisinic, -IK His. .$!.-!) Cdiiiitry Club MILK 8 Sniiili or Cnns 25c TWINKLE tin" Dessert (i Delicious Flavors 4 for 15c Conntr)' Club Nn. 2 C.'SIIM, Ua. ll'iiili- of 111. I hi 8'c ^> « Sid. No. 2 ft Tcmatoes t 6c Pickles s lr TOMATO IlllCf Country' Chili Nn. 2. C.tns .1 I'm-; 25c Butter Country Clnli, ]'.}). 28c Pineapple 17c Coffee Country Club 1 Pound Can 23c Peas Petit I'ois 'No. ,2 Cans 9c CIJACKKUS. Club. 1 H). Ho 121 TISSUK. Clifton OCc fiSfl Sheets, (j 1'iir Lv I'KAUS. Ki-iffi-r, iCc No. 2Vi Cans ... Iw MOTOU OH, R ()i. Can . . COFKKK, AI wcll HOUSP. OLIVKS G Oz. Holllc 10 PEANUT HR1T- TLE, U). Hox ., 10' You CAM i«ure t pTcte itl of lovely Lady Silvtrwir* through imaM u t -.., daily pu^c^atel ai your neJthbor* hood Kroger itor*. T^* itlv*r- ware it hovily ptntd for longer weir — E«aram«ed 10 jive writ- faction in family uje or w: will replace iny pttce tie*. Aik your Kro^et Manijer (or dtulli, Bf.J

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