The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1930 t •>- r —- BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS •iifo cenw a word for first Inter lion tod ens cent a word lor each tubtequtnt Insertion. No idvertUement taken for less thin EOc. Count the word* ami send th» c»»b. Phone 30» FOIl SALE Eat FISHER'S FROSTY DONUTS—Fresh Dally. tf. APPLES—Just arrived. Goad grade orchard run. For sale cheap. Fisher's, across from city hall. IGcMl. USED CARS 1D2D CHUYSI.UI "75" 11OA1)- STEK, Sport .Model, C wire wheels, rumble seul, JlLbins Kss Nine -Color. Excellent condition throughout $515. 1029 LATE F 0 R 1) SI'OIIT COUPE, has 5 good tires, rumble scat, bumpers, license, runs perfect and looks flue S335 1020 I. ATE FOHD I'.i TON TRUCK, has closed call, stake body, 4-spced tr.uis- mission, A-l mechanical condition S345 CALL 811 TODAY Phillips Motor Company Authorized Ford Dealers. m:ui.\ 111:111: TODAY Ci:i.lA jnTI.'UKI,!.. 17, Icnvn llaUlmiirc ivhere Mhc ba» Ilvrtl >vllh her fcfamhlri-Ki uialbrr, M.Uiri.VUKT JlOGKItS, to join her tvrall.h)- tntber, JOIIX JIITCI1 Ivl.l,, In V"' York. The imrrulB me divorced unil Sir*, lloifrr* !• n tildow fullutili]|£ n •croud unr- IIAUXEY SHIELDS, foaag nt««- liiilirr iilin(o»rtt|ihrr, JJi la Invr ivllh Ihe itJrl. Mlli-h<-ll i»k> l-:Vi:- 1,VX I'AltSOVS, Uuimilfnl tUiloiv, to InlrndlU'e lit* Jaushler to ollicc young pewiilr, >lr*. 1'ar- Kon» DKtccN, cunildrrliiK Cellu n )iirnu» 10 ivln MllrhcU'K tifteetlun*. Slip KOtm Ijrcimlen Jejllouf of Ibu i::^ :ind Aeliriiii 1 * 10 irrl rtd of Jn-r hv nirniirnKlMK II riuiuinci' lif- 1iVri-n LVlIn mill Till* JllllllAX, Ah'boueK .Mllckfll fotlildn Crlln tc, n«e Jnrd^lu nhc nnr» nliinn ^vlth 11ic> youiLK mnii frriiiirnfl)-. 1.1H1 ))i:.VCAX, n Rlrl nf CVIIn'* "Kr. >iiriitiic« hrr li»:il Irlc-ntl. Sl.lrlJ. ciuncft lu >>\% Yurk tu \vurk for u ]iho(0ijrnii1il« Ki-r*lo'c nnd nirH* IVIln, .SlLC irlU him kin- lirtw lout }ti-r heiirl to Jurdnii. Crlln {M ii nvnrttiicnt. She iiipi-t> .Sliloldi on tltr Klrprt our nfli-riLnmi nnd U ultli bliu MlLvn Jurilnn ngJiirnr*. 'I'hey rnlrr ;i Khuli, HUM nvutilliiE quarters of the coupe imd tlio moor was throbbing. Llsl swerved tho car Into the Blrcain of traftlc. Tills Is madness," Kvelyn I'ar- "You mean en were nnmlne. rltlc. Celtn had begun terically. Lei's set out and The din was tor to weep hya walk," she TIL Mr l';ir«oii FOK SALE OH TRADE — GcoJ established "business. Paying §35 per month net. I'ricc 51000. J. C. Chap:n, Manila, Ark. 28F-K.31 FOR SALE — Good Flione 733. coal range, 28C-K31 Mil. Cl'lln nnd »rc toirclhcr Ilirtl ei-enhiir \-,hfn thpj- ht-:ii- n r:idlo rrnort o[ n *1U- IMITOUM nrr fn n Tiulldinc Mhere SlilclilK 1« \rurkln^. x >xv c« n.\ xvrnr TIM: STOHY CiHAPTEtt XLI T ISt DUNCAN grasped Ilia oilier girl's aim. "Where, are, you going?" she cried. Cclia"nail caught up a sport rout, the first wrap In sight. She threw it around her. sons stormed. yon'ro really KOlns to tills lire!" 1( Cella heard her she gave no sign o( II. Her face was wlilic mid Sito pressed her hands together. "Hurry, Mai," the besecd. "Oh, I was afraid something would Imp- pen. If Barney's hurt I'll never fnrglvo myself! Can't «o s<> fuster!" "Harncy?" Kvclyu cauglit the M-oiil and cyci! Cella Blirewdly. 'Ha you mean— Is it (he young man you hncw In Bnltlmorel" j » • » ' T '-HK girl nodded mechanically. He Isn't In lialtlmoro any more," she said. "He'd here. I SAW him tills afternoon and he said lie was yolne lo this iiicclliiK to make pictures. Somehow I felt then it would he dangerous, but ho laughed at me." Lisl asked about the address. She was driving with her customary abandon, darling between other vehicles wilii' a recklessness only matched by certain taxtcab drivers. When she was forced to stop for traffic lights she jammed on the brakes abruptly. Mrs. Parsons was whitc-fac f -u, too, now. Each time the cpupe veered precariously she looked In hcggcil. "We'll never Bet there any oilier way. Oh, Barney, how will I ever lind lilmT How am I to know It he's safel" irlcd to move the car forward. The effort was useless. "r'lrc's still burning," eho said "You can tell from Iho sky. Lord what a lilaio that must have been!" Mrs. I'areons Interrupted shrilly: "This Is dangerous! Vi'o'vo got to get away, Lisl. I tell you we've go to! I won't slay!" The girl looked at her am Blnnggcd one shoulder. "How'i 1 yon Eoins to leave?" B!IO 'askei "Look behind you!" livelyn. turned. As far could eco the street was filled wit other vehicles. Motor caro of « kinds-mid sizes. Messenger boys o hicyclca. Delivery gasped and sank back against th cut. Cella hail begun to fumble with he fastener ou tlio door. "What arc yon doing?" Lisl dc- landed. last this line." The pollccmun was lecominu annoyed. Cellii couhl not keep the tear* ack. Tho offlcer took note of thl*. "They've taken tho injured over o - • — • hospital," ho said moro kindly. ''Why don't you go over here?" Lisl iiskuil how lo reach the hospital ar.d tho policeman told her. After lili sudden change of heart no became q.ullo afiable. As tho girls turned to go ho waved toward tho crowd and shouted: "Let tho Indies through there!" Tho human v.ull imrlcd almost manually and Cella nnd Lisl hur- FOR SALE — Beautiful country hc.r.e right at town. Situated on terraced lot with shade trees. English liomc with •! bedrooms, large living room, hardwood floors, fire place, bath, lights, water, garage for 5 cars, servants house, ;!iickeu hoiu-5 and' yard. Will sell at a bargain- and on easy terms. Possession r.-.-v:. Thomas Land Co. 20C-K39 FOR SALE—Sacks for cotton seed. Junk Dealers, opposite Frisco Station. 20P-K3 FOR RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone 101 and 571. 15LI. FOR RENT — Light housekeephi! rooms, furnished. 700 West Walnut.-Phone 078. 13C-TF FOR KENT: Four room apartment completely furnished. Call C50 or 068. L. L. Ward. 2!ctf ROOM and Board, for two youn; men in furnace heated home. W. Main St. Call 226. 24c-k31 FOR HENT- -Furnished apartment. 103 Kentucky. Phone 083. 25pkl FOK RENT—Three room furnished apartment, garage if desired. COS .North Fifth St. 27C-K30 FOR RENT—Light housekeeping rooms. 1020 Hearn St. Phone 8-18. 28P-K1 "Don't stop roe!" she pleaded, half sobbing. "It's Barney! Don't yon hear? He's there—in the building that's on lire. I've got (o get there. Let me go 1 ." Freeing herself, she ruEhcd from the apartment. Lisl turned, bewildered, toward Mrs. Parsons. "Go after her!" the woman said, rJains. "See if yon can stop her!" Without a coat Lisl darted into ihc corridor. Sho caught up with Celia as the girl was ringing for the elevator. "Don't cry, lioncy!" she begged. ".Maybe it isn't so bed. Please dun't cry!" A door slammed .ind Evelyn Parsons camo bustling down the hall to join them. She reached the girls just as they were stepping into the descending car. At once Evelyn took charge. "Celia," she said, "you must tell me \vherc you're going! What's the meaning of this!" Lisi was the one who answered. "We're going to the lire!" sho ex- deadly terror. Each time it Jolted to a stop sho held her breath. She had never driven with List before "Do bo careful!" Evelyn Parsons implored. "Look—you barely missed that roadster!" The girl at the wheel murmured something inaudible. H«r were set and she did not relax th motor's &pecd. Traffic became more dense, conpo was forced to yo slower Then suddenly the green light flashed and tho car shot forward "We're nearly there," Lisl keeping her eyes straight ahead. Cella uttered a low cry. "Smoke! see it-—over there?" "Lisi, you'll never Da ablo to get to this place," Mrs. dared. "Let'a go hack!" "We're going to make It!" Ltsl answered determinedly. 1 should think there was! Can't MI smell it?" They were hemmed In now by motor cars, trucks and other ve^ nicies, drivers OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru "I'm going aid. "I cnn't stand it. I've got o know if Barney's sate." claimed. "Celia knows someone who's there. Isn't it. cxciliug!" "Bub.this is impossible!" Evelyn . protested. H was in vain.. They 'liad reacficd the ground lloor and the two girls hurried toward the entrance. Mrs. Parsons hesitated, pulled her cloak moro closely about her and, with a dismayed gaze up ward, follovved. "My car's pointed. In Mircc Ts-ftT* 1 cr at the risht," Lisi another minute uoaurl Inff !h" fll all TAKEM UP—Blue horse mule, has white spot in rijrht eye. Will 'tibmi, below government camp n levee. ' 28P-K30 FOR KENT—Pretty little furnished cottace. Rent 525 month. 'Ihcmar Land Co. . 29C-K3 FOR RENT--Two modern stucco biiildir.js, corner Frar'ilin and TUisrcuri. and 512 N. First. Dr. J. A. SaHba. Phone 410. 29P-K5 LOST AND "FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fine for Sandwiches. t Pavinjr ;incl Sewer Taxes District No. 1. iN'ow Due G. G. CAUDH.L, Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Bank Bldg. WANTED Eat FISHER'S CAKES 'IES—Fresh Daily. AND tf. WANTED — Family Washings. \Vashcd and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, :04 & Lake St. 17ck-tf AfADISON, Wis. (UP)—Five cooperative houses at the University of Wisconsin have been made self- iupporting although providing pleasant and economical living cor.rli- :ions for scores of girl students of modest means. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 29 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Dec 1142 1154 1135 -1135 Jan 1137 1163 1148 1148 Mar 1181 1188 1171 1112 May 1205 1213 1195 1195 Jnl 12-20 1231 1212 1213 NOTICE With our recent partnership ffilh HIr. Gc(\ Carney, we now have the best equipped independent shop in town. CAKNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "Wr, know we know how" PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches unil Fountain Service WLUGHTS "•"IVK-AXI>-TEX CENT STORE — Auto Parts — Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21st Call 66 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor ' ~i- Specializing | n Income Tai. Bookkeeping Systems Vhono 52 Ingram Bldg. Blytlievllle, Aik ""WERT He Makes 'Em Set V. R. WASHAM-Transfep DaUy trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and [j;iciiiigos anywhere. Special • «tc» on carload lots. Local Phont. 851 Mctnphb Phone 3-93. SPECIAL Mci'chuiHs Lunch 35e TOM'S CAFE OLH PRKMHIM is goods to suit your taste and the best workmanship. \Vc deliver promptly. You pay for what you Ret and tfct \ yon pay for. Blythcvillc L'pholslcry & Repair i Shop J. H. Jenkins Mgr Phono 469 117 S. 'lit. St c h BV I L MO SOME MORMWG -THAT" •BOARDER AM 7 GALLOPED THEM , "FROM CAME ERS -To 'BRACELETS ! —I ALL A(-OAje» He Sr/OULP HAv/e -TOLD MS, cus-fopv; WILL.- BE LUCK is rfddE "REWARD • OUT HIM ' r<JM TOR 2 COUJ-P WrCf-l GREW UP A WAX LoMG ARM ' ' ried back iho way they had corao. They hoard another shrieking siren after they had gone n little di> tance. cvila turned tcrvor-strlckeu 44T}ljT— If Ihcy'vo taken tlio pco "Vr I'lo frt tlirt lincultnl wlint'c the hospital, what's Llsi liiitw nnd went n Illllo pale, at tho thought. "I gucaj maybe they hruhi't nil gone," Bho Enid. ; their way back through tho crowd of Inquisitive humans was us difficult ns pressing forward had been, Ncllhcr of the girls no ticed how their frocks had been twisted and torn. When at last they reached Iho placo where walk- rpllERB was a brief argument. It comparatively easy, g out of the car nnd leaving ing, Cella broke into a run. "Where's tlio car?" sho cried, Mrs. Parsons at tho wheel. "we've got to find Evelyn." "I'm sure she's gone. sight, with heads bare and wearing their loni;. light-colored evening frocks. Men, women nnd children She had spied tho coupe. "Yoo boo!" Lisl Ehrlckod like an BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SHIO'S GOT HIM (HJKS81NG urchin, and dashed ahead. were crowding, pushing, trying to get nearer to the burning building. Parsons greeted them, horrified. ''What Bights!" sho walled. "Never In my life have 1 seen euch a looking pair. Lisl Duncan, 1C I IJsl had caught hold of Cella's live through thin night I'll be sur arm so they would not becnino sep prised!" If Lisl had been in n normal mood she would have laughed. In- arated. They pushed and shoved with tho others. At last they edged through the stead she said soberly: "Cella, I've crowd and came up against a rope. been thinking. Wouldn't )l ha bet- "Cnn't go farther!" a policeman ter to go to the office where your "Here— get back there!'! friend works ami try to find out Across the street, nearly at the end ot the block, they could sco tho about hospitals, and they keep you Don't you think it clouds were rolling. would bo quicker?" whistle rent the air and two scar- Evelyn burst in angrily: "You'ru going no placo but to tako iii let ambulances came in view. lia, understanding their cauce, gave a' low scream. "Ask the cop to help wrong," Lisl answered, meeting her Raze eveuly. you see -how Cella's suffering? Wo Horns were honking and us through the rope." started out to find this Barney per complaining loudly. The officer's answer was a harsh son, and we're going to find him." There was no disputing Lisi Dun "Oh, but please," Celia begged. cai when sho spoke in that tone. There wai delay In locating tho Don't you understand? nadre?- of the Apex ricturo Sijrv- "Sorry, lady. I cau't do anything -•too APO\.06\Z\ki£ f 03. BtlN WEN DON'T NEEO \o! Xoo ? \V\ MKWER QT ^Cft-l WONT Xil.P'.VVE. -<OIJ Of CCTtt -ftN 1 WW , V CAN ONTOtU IN Lisl cut In sharply, "have they gotten everyone out of gathered about a desk. "Havo you heard from Barney Shields.'" Celia cried. (To Bo Continued) Op, OR W°OIN><1 • "I'm not hore to answer trues- A. I'm here to see nobod? Kets lake fishing season this year nn- New York Cotton will have experienced the best first October heat prostration year In history, reports indicate. Es- NEW YORK, Oct. 23. tUP)— Cot- recorded here occurred during the timates are that the 1930 tonnage ton closed steady. • Open High Low Close week end heat wave. Constable Jake Brown was overcome while directing traffic during the Rural will Exceed thai of per cent. 1153 115B 1154 1155 1163 1163 1166 1134 1188 1202 1211 1223 122S 1)38 1138 115511 1153 1173 11DG 1214 Education Day celebration. NOW IT'S COSLMUN1TY CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—Community stills are the latest wrinkle for thirsty neighborhoods, ac- MADISON, Wis. (UP)— Although golden plover, reported to havcin- cording to Police Sergeant William Bammerlin. Headir.j ? raiding par- i creased in numbers in the state ty, Sergeant Bammerlin recently i this year, are not protccleO by Wis- found one of 15-gallon capacity. It ! consul law, they are protected by possessed no specific owner but hail federal statutes, the Wisconsin con- Spots quiet at 1H5, OH 20. FISHING SEASON .GOC)fo bceri passed from neighbor to neigh-1 servatlon commission has warned CHEBOYGAN .Mich. (UP)— When the curtain rolls down on the great bor. RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HE OUSHTA BE AU)K'«3 HERE we oo~me 80V 5COOF STUFF '.! us MAD A SUM -AMD "WHO 6LS£ IS IN THESE PAUT5 OOvlT K SILLY- A IID CCXJLD NSM6R SWX>T .\V£ TUAT... COWi OhJ... *E 50TTA SET OWOSR coven! 1H TU&IB. TO SET H1FOR LUC\C1 1 VJAS OOE . A FULL OF P6T6R =RM :KL£ ITTH WTr SHOT, LETTlhJS P6TSP. DBOP To TUe JOK SHOWS CHICK A TRICK I'LL. CWJ_. VJP fvND V-E.T FROM -JOE , DID. AH-f THNQ WfrSNT ' BOX' 1 . 1 . A FF-Vsl COr'W-BSSlONS AND LVV- THATLU . STUL.US U30K UKE. FUVVE.R SEA\<. TO BEFORE: coupe cottld barely move. Lisi ducked her head forward. "Look at it!" she crird.. "Did you ever see. anything like 'ft?" They were from the burning building. overhead curled Upward, colored witli a brightened and The of suiokc. Or til* «fi Dec. old Dec. new- Jon, old Jan. new ,Mar May .... July 'AND

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