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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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6-B Friday, April 6, 1973 Philadelphia Inquirer PlAYSlPfAYtRS 'Vault of Five Tales Worth It 5265 RDGt (ROXBORO) CITY lNE A RIDGE WEST EXITS EXfWY TOMORROWS :30 P.M. S3.00-S3.SO WILLIAM B. COLLINS I svl vU At the Movies THE ME miAKiuus MUSICAL COMEDY RESj 482 2322 it tickets it Boi Tom'w Wed. 2 P.M. For Group Rates and PajamaGa Arthu'MilIr'f "DEATH OF A SALESMAN" April 6, 7, 12,14,8:30 P.M.

AllSaots: $3.50 Students: $2.30 1714 DelanoySt. Res: PE 5-0630 Mats. 1 114 WALNUT PHIIA. 19107 Theatre Party Information Call (215) 928-1317 medical student joke about digging up a body that isn't Michael Craig is the would-be cadaver. In "The Neat Job," a newly-wed woman disposes of her compulsively-neat husband with a tidiness she knows he will appreciate.

Terry-Thomas and Glynis Johns have never looked at quite such a disadvantage. Probably the worst one has Curt Jurgens as a magician stealing an Indian rope trick from an Indian. The rope has a mind of its own, ailed by FORREST TONIGHT AT 8 P.M. TOPLESS picture he paints also hap-pends to the subject. He doesn't need dolls to stick pins into.

A nice portrait of the victim will do. His revenge, as the saying goes, is horrible. And so is his fate. As the artist Tom Baker wears a beard that looks shades lighter than the one he sported as Rasputin in "Nicholas and Alexander." Den-holm Elliott is among the objects of his hate. The picture was directed by Roy Ward Baker, who fared much better with "Asylum," which is still the best of the series of Gory omnibus productions brought out by producers Max, J.

Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky. who serves more as an observer than a performer. Pryor finds his humor in the ghetto. The genteel should be warned that his language is often raw because life in the ghetto is often raw. But Pryor laughs at this rawness and his marvelous routines add still another dimension to the total impact of the film.

1 CORRECTION The reviewer's apologies to Sheriff Buford Pusser, hero of the film, "Walking Tall," and candidate for reelection in the Tennessee county that he cleaned up in an epic struggle with evil. The sheriff's last name was misspelled in the movie review which appeared in Thursday's Inquirer. Joyous Blend of Music, Black Experience CONT. ENTERTAINMENT FROM 11:30 A.M. to OPEN FOR LUNCH 1 1 :00 A.M.

NO COVER NO MINIMUM UNTIL 6:00 P.M. "The Vault of Horror," the new anthology horror flick at the Sameric, tells five stories and four of them are just plain silly. You can tell from a title like "Midnight Mess" that you are going to be diddled. In that one, a brother stabs his sister to death for an inheritance and then discovers that she's a vampire. There is a restaurant scene in which, sipping what looks like tomato juice, one vampire says to another, "This is much better than the frozen kind." THE BROTHER and sister are played by Daniel Massey and Anna Massey, who are real-life siblings.

Is that supposed to' give us a tingle? "Bargain in Death" is a Wattstax' By JACK LLOYD Of The Inquirer Staff Just when you figure that the film industry has exhausted every possible avenue of exploration in the quest to present still another music festival documentary, along comes something with a nice, fresh twist. Such is the case with "Wattstax," the current attraction at Cinema 19. "Wattstax" is an account of. the mammoth concert held at the Los Angeles Coliseum last August, topping off in fine style the seventh annual Watts Summer Festival. There's an abundance of high powered, soulful music, to be sure, provided largely by the impressive roster of talent controlled by Memphis-based Stax Records.

HOWEVER, "WATTSTAX" is far more than a film record I 7980 CRESCENT PENNSAUKEN, N.J. (Route 1 30 South of Airport Circle) PHONE: (609) 662-9608 9 i 1 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Sfcvrn it Mill R- SHUBERT Tonight 7:30 PM 250 5. Bread St. Phone: 5-4768 Mats. Tom'w Thurs.

2 PM DOROTHY lOUDOD loy ftiiimiTH a. KEUDEN IS ALIVE AND Tuesday thru Saturday uuiiio.ju p.m. ROSE'S 1700 MARKKT 665-1111 I B. Bidg. 6,000 sq.

Bit iP) iff? REV. JESSE JACKSON delivers "I Am Somebody" wires which some careless special effects man did not bother to make invisible. Dawn Addams plays the magician's wife, who ends up as a spot of red on the ceiling. There is no point in trying to keep any of this a secret because the episode is called, "This Trick'll Kill You." THE LAST story, "Drawn and Quartered," is not worth waiting for but it does have a little class. It's a voodoo yarn about an artist who lives like some 100,000 spectators.

Far more important and close out the Locust Season with a two-week return engagement of Les Ballets Afri-cains beginning May IS. The troupe from Guinea did SRO business at the Locust during its week's run in February. A Musical Evening GARY GRAFFMAN, LEONARD ROSE, Presented by Solomon Schechter Day School of Philadelphia ACADEMY OF MUSIC Sunday April 8th, 8 P.M. TICKETS AVAILABLE AT ACADEMY OF MUSIC BOX OFFICE STAGEDOOR 6615 Rising Sun Ave. TONIGHT 8:30 PM JRTY CMIT Broadway's No.

I Comedy SI. 50 $2.50 $3.00 $4.00 kxkhs rti nitt or i tenets at box Dan Tabas Everv Fri, Sat, Sun Nite! DINNER SHOW $9.95 (Saturday S12.95) iDOWNINGTOWNINNi DINNER THEATRE OOWNINGTOWN. PA. f215) 269-2000 SCSI IW-t ill frtv I at 'Mrs. Lincoln9 and 'Seascape' Are Possible Bookings Here Gaughin and paints like Van Gogh and finds out that his paintings are being sold for big prices back in London without any profit to him.

The artist, who happens to have gone native in Haiti instead of Samoa, tells a witch doctor he wants revenge on the people who have cheated him. After soaking his painting hand in a bubbling pot of goo, the artist goes back to his grass hut and draws a sketch of the ceramic pitcher he keeps his brushes in. He tears up the sketch and shazam! the pitcher breaks into a dozen pieces. THAT'S IT! From then on, anything that happens to a often equally entertaining is the in-depth look at the "Black Experience" which is made available. The gears are in constant motion, shifting the focus of the film from the festival site to the streets of Watts to rap sessions with residents.

The subject matter of these raps is linked throughout with musical themes presented at the festival. The themes include music itself, love, pride and various other subjects close to aJJ of us. Except here we get it from the black point of view. FOR THE most part, these points of view, are presented with immense gcfod humor. There are bitter touches along the way particularly in the brief review of black history in America.

But "Wattstax" is not a somber film. It is largely a spirited, optimistic celebration of the Black Experience that sparkles with hilarious wit and steamroller music. Bolstering this joyous flavor are the periodic off-stage interjections by Richard Pryor, 0 jur SERVICES SEDER DINNER-WINE ADULTS KIDS MO95 I MON. APR. 16-TUES.

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Can be applied with any spreader. Compare price and coverage with other leading brands and see how much you save. 53.95 of the concert, a joyous happening that was attended by Barbara Wilson It's hard to believe but four of the sis stars in "The Women" will be making their Broadway debuts" in a straight play when the revival of Clare Boothe Luce's comedy moves from the Shubert to New York. The first-timers are Alexis Smith, Myrna Loy, Rhonda Fleming and Lainie Kazan. Harold Prince is beginning to think about the play he'll direct for the New Phoenix Repertory Company in the fall.

It will be the second of three guest staging assignments Prince agreed to in his contract with the Phoenix. His first was "The Great God Brown," which tried out at the Annenberg Center last fall. Whatever Prince's new choice is for Phoenix presentation, it also will be done at the Zellerbach Theater. Moe Septee informs that the two shows making up the theatrical double bill he will present at the Locust from April 17 through 29 were written by Micki Grant and Vin-. nette Carroll before their highly successful "Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope." The musicals are "Step Lively, Boy!" and "Aha!" The former, Septee says, is a musical statement based on Irwin Shaw's "Bury the Dead," and "Aha!" is based on a black folk iale, "Croesus and the Witch." Septee adds that he will It.

130 Nortk. Pemsiukea. N.i. 3 COCKTAIL LOUNGES IMmpiup turov tii re mi cut ciiu vHifbinu li i i dulls Tonight: BENNY SNYDER Saturiay: AL RAYMOND Sunday: HOWARD REYNOI DC lb. ba: covers WJOO wi.

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"Business was good at the matinees and Friday and Saturday nights but, practically nothing in the first part of the week," Miss Dana said of the highly praised James Pri-deaux play which brought her and Julie Harris Tony Awards for best supporting actress and best actress, respectively. However, she added, the play has not been relegated to the record books; it will be revived for a national tour in the fall and she and Miss Harris will be going on the road it. Charles Woodward, co-producer with Richard Barr of "The Last of Mrs. Lincoln," confirms that a tour is in the making but its starting date is dependent upon a. TV series being negotiated for Julie Harris.

"We'll know definitely April IS," Woodward said, "but I think it's more likely that the tour won't begin until late December or early January. It will run through July of 1974 and Philadelphia will be on the schedule. Philadelphia will also see the new Barr-Woodward production of Edward Albee's "Seascape," if, said Woodward, "the booking suits the stars. Right now, we're to play at the Eisenhower Theater (Kennedy Center) for the month of August, then the first three weeks in Philadelphia at the Shubert, followed by engagement in Boston. But it all depends on the stars." Woodward is not ready to reveal the identity of the two stars in Albee's four-character play but he said they definitely will not be Angela Lansbury and Henry Fonda, who frequently have been mentioned as top candidates for the principal roles.

BURLESK THEATRE LIVE! ON STAGE! IN MSON! All-Star Exotics FIRST RUN mm ADULT FILMS FROM 5.F. ft L.A. 10th WA 11 Kir ATE SHOW SUNDAYS TOO! SHOWfVERY .1 $6.95 I6V2 lb. bag 7,: MISS SEPIA 1973 CAROLYN ANN SPAULDING, VISITS THE GRAND COURT ON MONDAY AT 12:15 Join us as John ana ma leer presents an award to Miss Spaulding in recognition of her new title. Hear how it feels to be a brand new beauty queen.

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