The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1936
Page 3
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0, 1930 BL.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUlilER NEWS Y SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON .Philip's Missionary Labors 'Continued From Pnee 1) poning" Its heavy debt for a few years, Terral observed, Terra I likened himself lo Ilucy Long ami woodrow Wilson In admitting thai he had met defeat, In other campaigns for ROVCI-HGI after having served the stii(e as cliiel executive for one I wo-year twin. He said that, like them, he v.:is still "for Ihe people." 'I'erral said lie was content to '«• called » demagogue, if for listening to the pleas of (he people In. 1 was branded with that name. He lenned a staleman as one who listened to Uic rlrii HIM mighty." Gates Also Sneaks Gales preceded Terral with a I'lia for support of his candidacy for lieutenant governor. He said he was a man who Was able lo '•liek" Harycy Couch <ind the hcaU of u big bank in his county any lime they met on' u political battleground. He said he attempted lo engineer bills (o relieve mortgaged home owners and lo pay t-teible old age pensions through Ihe state legislature but was defeated. He named two opponents,- Bob Kailey and Sam Levlne, as men . who had- Mocked legislation he • had offered in behalf "or Ihe pco- As lo liis third opponent Harvey Coombs, Gates charged lhat Ccombs had given a Chicago book publishing house a contract to provide sets of school books for Arkansas schools al 52.5^ a set when the same set was sold in other states for' $2.%. If elected Gales said he would see that books were secured for 70 cents a set. He referred to Levlne as a Harvey Couch "employe." J. Oscar Humphrey, candidate lor state auditor, also suoke briefly. 1!V WM. K. OII.UOV, ». It. Kditur of Advance i It Is In the very nature rf I ChrislinnHy i 0 grow and spread. When a Christian experience becomes limited lo an Individual, or confined lo a single community, It ceases 10 be Christian. j There can be no such thing as a narrow or limited Christianity. If ihe Gospel of ChvM tells of the love of a gracious Ciod whose presence and (lower (ill Ihe whole universe, there can be no individual in (his world lo whom, or no Place in ihis world to which, Hint I Gc el Is not related. The impulse to tell the good news riuicklv became manifest In Ihe Christian church, and here In our lesson we have nn instance cf the Gospel transcending ihe color line. Philip, a Christian chciple, was moved to go toward the south in the desert laud lying I between Jerusalem and Ga?a « • * f The lesson says that rm angel of the Lord spake unto Philip. ,Just how, we do not know. The Important thing is that Philip heai-tl this Inward voice, and went. There In the desert he found an Ethiopian—a man of great ' authority under, Candaee, queen I ol the Ethiopians, in charge of 'nil her treasure—who had come to Jerusalem to worship, and who was reading Uic prophecv of Isaiah. That same inward voice of the spirit (old Philip to go near and make the acquaintance of the Ethiopian. Philip did so. and began an Interesting conversation, liy Inquiring whether Ihe great man understood what he was inljht have resented the intrusion but Hie Ethiopian was si-eat in soul as well us in position mid [lower, , "Ifow can I," he replied "ex-' cepl someone shall guide hie?" He invited Philip to come and sll beside him. Whereupon Philip expounded ihe passage that Ic'lls of the servant of Jehovah, led is a sheep to Ihe slaughter. I H was an apt and convenient! text for Philip to expound to the EthloDiaii-thc story of the Hie death, and resurrection of Jesus.' Tne Ethiopian proved a very ready and worthy disciple, unit as they came 10 water he suggested thai nt should be baptized. What controversial sermons have iwen based upon ihis passage lo prove either thai sprinkling or immersion, was the mode by which AGONY GONE: The Private For mulaofthc world's largest rectal institution, for quick relief from PII.ES. MONEY BACK Guarantee Ihe rite was exercised! Port'inale- ly. for thv most purl. In Hie Christian church, "we have got ten >yond ilml. I In the study of this lessen we shall not , concentrate upon such 1 controversial nnd secondary Is- 1 sues, but shall fix our intention,, rather, upon ihe grent, Important facts Hint Christians have so 1 olten neglected— that -there Is no 1 racial or color line in Otxl's view 01 man. dial the Ciospol Ihnl has| power to transform (he . life of one sort of man has equal power to transform the life of another, nnd thai, rcfjnvlcss of race, situation. and climate, wherever the 1 Gospel spreads and Is manifest, n love and grace, It produces new lives and new conditions. Head Courier News want Ads. PATH ENDED QUICKLY , AiaMablafor ' Tiara onlr ia TIIOUNTON & M1N011 p.llenu, tbU aooUilnir olnt. ment eDda the pnln and inflammation, tha HIE. "* *" d '" hln * °* ' Alk for TUORNTON 4 MINOR PILE OINTMENT. reading. A man of smaller caliber! RobinSOn Drug Co. ' FACTORY TRAINED RADIO EXPKRT Now available for repairs "it all niiilios of radios. 14 Years Experience Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Hardaway Appliance Co. •• Plain Dive Is Easily Learned ' With Confidence EDITOR'S NOTE: This fa the ••'Chili of 10 su-iinming lessons by Ihe mother of Hie famous aquatic Hoi-rgcr srirls. * • * 1 By MRS. FRANCES HOKHGEK ; Nationally Known Swimming Instructor Assuming that the rudiments have been learned, the pupil is placed on Ihe side of the pool-and taught to do a plain front dive • This givft the pupil greater con- rulcnw.r-if on i v h» c .-uise it tickles his or her vanity. I believe that it is important ji for the pupil, after diving, to £ swim a few yards, turn over on "' the back, and return to the side of the pool. This guards against disaster . in case of fatigue. The swimmer should practice the entry dive so that he or she can go into the stroke after a plunge from the edge of a pool or bank. Put both feet so that the toes feel as though they grasp the edge of the pool. Bend the knees ; : slightly, and bend the trunk of .. the body forward. This puts you m a crouching position. Hands . should be straight out in front : and the head lowered so lhat it •• is between the amis. : Start to fall forward in this position, giving yourself a push with your feet, it is advisable to have someone hold a pole about ankle high so that you have to jump over it to get in the water This will help you ~t» get the proper form in ihe pushofr. Keep the hands out in front at j nil times. If you g o too deep, they prevent your head . from hitting (lie bottom. Start your stroke as quickly as you come up. Horse Kidcs Sired Car . SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — The gradirally disappearing horse still j exists. One hit-run riderless saddle animal jumped aboard a San Fi-miciseo street car kicked out tcvcn windows, and disappeared. "THESE VALUES CAN'T BE BEATEN! DENTAL NEEDS 50c Ipana Tooth Paste 39c 40c Pepsodent Paste 33c 25c Pebaco Tooth Pastt 19c 50c Calox Powder 39c 25c Colgates Tooth Paste 19c 50c Prophylactic Brush 39c -- ^^j^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Aspiring 100 Tablets • 50c 666 LAXATIVES 5Gc Phillips Milk of Mag. 39c 50c Squibbs Milk of Mag. 39c 60c Sa! Hepatica 47 C 30c Sal Hepatica 24c 5 Lbs. Epsom Salts .. . 39c 19c 50c Primms Chill Tonic 39c 5ftc Nashs Chill Tonic & ic HendenhaD r M Sheets Kleenex 33c | Felons Paroled For Summer SALEM. Ore. (UP) — Several prisoners In Oregon state ncnlten- Hary are lo receive paroles to go to work in state forests. Prisoners arc paid the prevailing wage for their work. Positive Relief for MALARIA! , Sure End to Chills and Fever! Here's real relief for M.llarii- Grovc's T»jlelca dull Tonic I QuicWy it slops Ihe chills and fcvcr ami restore your body to comfort. Many remedies will merely alleviate the symptoms of Malaria temporarily but Grove's Tasteless Cliilt Tonic goes ail Ihe way and completely rijs your system of the infeclion. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is a real corrective of Malaria because it contains iwp things. First, tasteless quinine which Mis the MiiUrhl infection in the blood ..ccond, tonic iron which helps overcome "in ravages of the chills and fever and lorhCesagainslfurlhcraltack.l'l.iyMfel fake Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It ricHvqomcs in i«- 0 sijcs-SOc and ?l. Tho ?1_ si« contains I'/, times ss mueh as the SXsiJoaTnl sivwyou 2S% more foryour , aoMy. Get tonic todayatanydrussiorc, 1 Ojz. Quinine Sulphate F 'SIQ 1 . ^C'JR WIFE VJtSHES TO KISS . OVER THE m ^ X.PHONE- /'//, I 'I'M- BUSY/ 'MISS LOVEWELL-, TAKE THE,MESSAGE " AND<J|VE1T TO ME LATER! /AND OUR MESSAGE TO YOU IS THAT ' 's DRUG STORE "WILL CIVE YOU; . eVERYTHWGTHAT IS DUE YOU! COSMETICS, LOTIONS, FACE POWDERS, ETC. U'JJ T angee L ^ p Sl « k 89c HO Louis Phillipe Lip Stick 89c u , I" Fate Powd<:r 89r Cot y' s Dus 'ing Powder 98c Houbigant Dusting Pow^r.....98c 50c Hind's Lotion 39c 5-Jc Chamberlain's H. Lotion 39c 50c Jergen's Lotion 39 C Lucretia Vanderbilt Dusting Powder 69c Cashmere Bouquet Soap, 3 Bars 21 Sheets Kleenex 14c 3Bc Mexican Heat Pow. 19c Comfort Heat Powder 25c 25c Phillips Dental Cream jjj>ee Soup Ladle Wilh Kach Tube) Fitchs Shampoo 59c jiflc Pepto Bisodol 33c ffoodhnrys Soap, 3 for 25c Be STORES WIGGLY 1MUCKS FOR FRIDAY-and SATURDAY msmmmmnmm G.Q. Sfuulder Clod Ib. 25c Thick Rib Ib. . msun'i Bacon, in the piece, !b. Neck Bones, Ib. •luck Salmon, I'ouml Thli-k Illb', Ui. 15o C'h lick, l,l VealBoast Stew Beef Ib. 12k; A!,I, I'OlH/rilY COIN' l-'ATTUNKl) YOUNG HENS Fork Chops, first cuts, Ib. 25c Pig Ears and Snouts, 11). 6%c Ib. 20c Fresh Spare Ribs, Ib. 15c Ground Reef, Ib. <15c KWICK >TEAK C. Q. Loin or Round Ib. ENGLISH PEAS M LETTUCE I.arjto 11 end \-M-ge No. Ui. MOTOR. OIL 2 "£., 95 C u"fr 10 C ITI? SHOE I'Ol.SSH tOC '-' liofllo C. C., T,li ..... 2i5c French, i,lj. . . 20c Jewel, I,lj ..... 1 7 C Jewel, 3 U. . . -f9c PEARS letl O' .oc GRAPES SMdleiB , A .i() 1 GRAPE FRUIT «„, 710 :iuii 1 2 DOG FOOD 15 C GINGER ALE ^ 1Q C PICKLES (i-0*. Jar ONIONS Y "'T,. t ,.lf LIMES Fresh IOC Dozen lu VINEGAR Hulk 1 Gallon 1 LIGHT m Each -I FLY SPRAY ( i!; c vS If FLOUR Little King 2.1-1,1). Sack . . 7i)t '18-1,1). Sack . ittishel I "on n (I .J tun ho Oolden Ripe •I I,I)S. (! Small or ;i Tall Ciins 3BMBMB^^^^KBI^BQH^I^^^^^^n^^^K^^^^^^ P & G Soap rife l!ar ,') for Cleanser Lighthouse 3 Cans lllc '^•^•••Mi SOAP 0. K. Laundry 3 Rars IDc SALMON Chum Tail C;in TALL BOY yiiij. 10 C LARD OLEO ililo R-1,1). Carlnn IDalniorc UP HIT - !AHS x (ji1 ' "^ f hUil QI. Me: I'ini FT ftllR Olncfiil - 10 "' s;! FlAtUiV 2(1 Ib !!7c; 5 !,'> MOPS Special ,10 C A. & H. St tilted ItilTfd ore Liirjre Jar ut> C. C. l.b. liox BROOMS Sl)e 1L h BRAN "'• A LARD 8 .?rS >u . tet 11.10 PEANUT BU 'S. Jar 15 c MARMALADE 0t ^W POTTED MEAT 3 for 10 Sour, Juicy Med. Size Dozen No. 2 can 2 for Sauce Cranberrv 2 Cnus" Wesco Tea Carton C. C., 2y, Can 15c Avomiale No. 2</j Can Oranges S\veel, Juicy Calif. Doxcn Pure Cane 10 Pounds Fresh Eggs Doz. Twinkle Asst. Flavors 3 for Flour Olympic •IS-I.b. Sack Sl-22 2'i-LI>. Sack

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