The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1951
Page 11
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1991 BLYTSWILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLETBH 8EFQR5 HEM gusts irvj, <t LET'S DRAW I £TRWMS TO 5E6I YJHO 6TAKJD5 AT LeAflT 3AK6 WAS THOUGHTFUL TO 6&-JO AGIPT, SVJEN A LAOte.' BOARDERS PROOGHT £O MUCH AS A FREE LJMDERTAKeE'S CALEMDAR ' WHAT'S TH' \ / MATTER WITH )J\ v- A GRAW tftDLE, THAT THIMG HE'S COMINiS TO DS6 IT TO SPLASH HIS VE6T.' THIS<SL>y? HE SITS AROUND LOOKIM' UKE A WET MOP THE PAUMCH HE'S -TH 1 K1DS POM'T<3OOUT TO PLAV WITH HlrV\ SO MUCH AKJV HE'S , IPAGUY TAvtES OPP SHOES S AT DISCARDED: HEgQES ARE ^AADE-^ICT 6ORW Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BLODGETTT ceft. i«9i tv MIAIMVKI.INC. Smart brides choose Meyer'i Bread, For eacn and every meal, It keeps hubby straight, and he's never late, % Meyer's Bread has bridegroom appeal! •• Just What The Doctor Ordered! After you see the doctor,' briny your prescription to as. We wlli'fli|..U exactly thn way he woald want ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE West Ash PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores THE 8TOHYI tmmt, illmmttrl Malloy *• M7 Bame and I'M charged wjlh Murdering Ckaill* BcrBiiu, Kbo BraclifHlly Molt ••. • HUAfuienl pnrk (ran air •*- arjb- I»K orn«-hil« whu lrn«?<l ill* Bark Innd on walrh It WMM hulll. The Jar? hn» rinlHhrd It* aVIEbi'Tntlona aad I'm la tar ronrt ruom vrlta uty Inwjt-r. Cm* Aawycr, awallla* Ihr verdict. II WfOULD the jury find me guilty, or would it free me, as Gene Sawyer seemed so sure it would? "They'll believe you did it," Gene had argued over and over. "But they won't blame you. They know what a raw deal Berman gave you. They'll put themselves in your shoes and turn you loose. No doubt about it!" For once in his life he seemed so sure of a case that his ulcer wasn't bothering him. I watched the 12 jurors Ble into the courtroom and asked myself if for once in his hectic career Gene had been over-confident I thought I had never seen sterner faces than those of the jury. There were nine men and three women, and one of the women, a Mrs. Schultz, gave me what I interpreted to be a cold a»d withering look. I quailed. Not one of the other jucora looked my way. I couldn't refrain from nudging Gene Sawyer, who was watching the foreman of the jury intently. For seconds Gene did not answer my nudge, tb«a be turned and said softly: "It's aH right: We're in." There was no tone of exclamation in his voice, and I wondered how h« could speak wHh such assurance. How could he koow tbe verdict? Yet his terse words made it easier to endure the slow ritual ot the presentation of the verdict by the foreman, its scrutiny br the jwdge, and tti« nasal reeding \tf lite . clerk. "We find the defendant. James B. Malloy, not guilty ax charged n the indictment." • • • QESP1TE the nasal tone, I heard it clearly. But* 1 had to resist an inclination to stand and shout for the clerk to read it again. I even shot a questioning glance to jene for confirmation of what I lad heard. . Gene was smiling smugly, and 1 knew it was all right. The judge thanked the jury for 'ts services and dismissed it. "Hurry over there and thank them as they come mil," Gene snapped. 1 went over to the iu'ry box and began to shake hands of everyone I could reach. Gene was beside me, suavely thanking each juror for his contribution to the cause of justice. When they were an properly thanked, I turned to Gene. How did you know what they were going to do?" The expression on the foreman's face. Don't »sk me to explain—I }«9t knew H was all- right," 1 took * deep breath. -WeH, thanks. Of course t*iat doesn't pay the bill I want to talk to y«v Bawut that" 'Stare. I vault to talk to yow, too." Gene had turned tut attention to someone behind me. looked. It was Julie Braptforc who had come through the gate in the raiting that separated the spectators Iron the trial area Julii had teats in her eye*. This amazed me. I had always pegged her as too serene for emotion. 'I'm ao glad, Jinmeri I want you to know that I didn't Totmrtw- iiy testify again** you. I'd Void several people about seeing you drive away from Herman's place that night. 1 thought it odd I yew should be VMtUng Berman. My statement was quoted to the Bher- ft, and when he questioned me 1 lad to admit I'd seen you. It will each me never to gossip again." "That's all right. I don't blame •ou. 1 never denied that I was at Herman's place that night. But I do deny that 1 killed him." Julie looked as if she would Jike 0 believe me but obviously didn't. Anaered. !• nodded to Gene and .valked away. He followed me. "Now. that was rather rude of you- The girl was trying to be nice." "Sure, She knows her old man "nade a million from cottage ren- :als because my father founded a resort at Queen Lake. So. she [eels bad about squealing to the cops." "But it happened the way she said it did, really—" Gene broke off. Ve had entered the corridor and thick-set, swarthy-faced man" blocked our path. HE man was Earnie Herman, brother of the murdered man. Close by him stood a sultry brunette, who eyed me with even more hostility than Berman. She was Cleo Cansino, who had been Charlie German's girl before Charlie had been murdered. If the jail scuttlebutt had been true. Earnie had inherited her along with the property Charlie had stolen from me. "You didti't get away with anything, MarJoy," Karnie said. "You j«8* think you did." I would have answered him, but Gene Sawyer tugged at my sleeve. 1 went on with him. As we descended the stairs, Gene said: "Think nothing of it, Jimmer. He's putting on an act. He's tickled sifiy that Charlie's dead and he's got the resort—and the giri. If he hadnt been ki Cleveland at the time of his brother's murder, I'd have suspected him of the lob himself." I said nothing. I'd often wondered how legitimate that alibi of Earnte's had been. Because of Ws brother's mwder he was his s»€cessor in interest and the man I was righting in what appeared to be a hopeless ease Va reeever <T« B« RENT A CAMERA The Inexpensive Way to Preserve Important Occasions BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 FOR SALE LUMBER Seasoned Oak & Cypress All Dimensions E. B. Gee Cotton Co. Ph. 2026 or 6645 225 N. FIRST Phone 4161 • MACHINE WORK (All Tipcs) • LAWN MOWERS AH kind mowers and mower engines repaired, • WELDING <\nj Type) • Bicycle Repair 'Complete line ol parts) AulhorlMd Service 4 p ar t» for Clinton Engine!. See as! WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP HOW FAST DO YOU DRIVE? B— Sure you know? 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HIS CRIMES- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES He's t!i« Doctor BY EDGAR MARTIN

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