Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey on July 7, 1952 · Page 12
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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey · Page 12

Camden, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1952
Page 12
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12 COUIIEI-POST, WALTER WINCHELL ON BROADWAY STAGE ENTRANCE: The Broadway Inferno cremated another flop, "Of Thee I Sing," which had little to sing about in the 1952 revival. It attracted tepid notices and some that were insults, but stubbornly brazened it out at the Ziegfeld where it was finally carried away screaming last night . . . Cutting prices in half won't help a so-so show. If playgoers want to see a good one, they will gladly pay $6.60 for a ticket. If they don't want to be bored by a show, a $330 ticket won't get them into your theater The stars, management and others who agreed to work for minimum and no profit (so that the chorines wouldn't be jobless) are herewith handed their passes to Heavenly Clouds No. 456,457,-458 and this reminder for their scrapbooks: Broadway once included a dull show called "The Ladder." A rich outsider (who believed in its theme) kept it running for a spell by offering free tickets. Very few took them. Moral: You can't feed a dead horse. IX THE WIXGS: John Crosby reported Fred Allen's critique of Arthur Godfrey. "I defy anyone," said Fred, "to quote anything Godfrey ever said, including what he said 10 minutes ago!" . . . Well, Fred, 10 minutes ago Godfrey said: "Mr. Brink, send over two of your trucks to take my salary to the bank" . . . Josh Logan, who is now directing the improved "Wish YoU Were Here" (which had no trvout tour) relays Dick ("South Pacific," "Oklahoma," etc.) Rodgers' crack: "I wouldn't open a can of sardines unless I went to Boston!" STAIRWAY TO the Stars: Celeste Holm is playing Anna in "The King and I" at the St. James Theater where she skyrocketed to renown as "Annie" in "Oklahoma." She still has tfie same costume measurements she had them including the bonnet . . . Robert Clary has his con-grats-telcgram all ready for the expected Lucille Ball blessed event: "Congratulations on the new bouncing baby Ball." (Ripping, 01' Chep. Teddidbly clevah!) . . . Bernice Parks' new click platter, "Walking My Baby Back Home," has up'd her cafe fee to $1750 per week . . . Add Success Stories: Robert Ryan had a bit role in the Broadway play, "Clash by Night." He co-stars in the film version , . , Variety's scouts in the jungles, were unimpressed with "Come On Up Ring Twice" (starring Mae West); "Season for Ginger" (with Melvyn Douglas) and a pioneer named "Stacey Jones." They were shrugged off as too frail for the Main Arena. THE CINEMAGICIAXS: Holly-wood woos the legislators in "Washington Story," which is soooo dulllll. The only likeable and enjoyable character in it is Mr. Ober, who plavs the villain ous but thoroughly readable Washington colyumist with skill . . . "Wings of Danger" concerns smugglers who try' to smuggle yarns into theatres . . . "Just Across the Street' has Ann Sheri dan scampering through a routine farce. This darling of Table 50 (at the Stork Club) is more lookable than the yarn is likeable . . . "Island Rescue" is exciting stuff about the Commandos. David Niven carries the Stiffest Uppah Lipp . . . Another Britisher Theatres Tonight CAMDEN ARLO "Walls, Eait On Beacon,'' 1.5. 7 25. D.35 Minwtr "Tnt Wild Heart, conl. ' from 1 2 n'on. LIRKR1Y "Battle At Apache Pill and 1 Marao." I .10. 7.1V 9.15. NOK1H CAM DEN ' 'Singing la The Rain," 7. 9 PaKKMDa. "Deadline USA," 1.30. T.15, 9 IV PRIN( ESS "Loan Shark'' and ."Mr Six Cuivirts." cont. from 13.45, Hill 'Deadline USA." 7. f. BO.VY "Warnam " and "Return Of The Badmen." rent, from 3 3.4 f. 8AVAR Skim Ahoy," 11.35, 1.39, 3.43, 5 47, 7. SI, 9.55. STANLEY "Carbine William," 13 30, 2 24. 4. IB. 0.12, H 06. 10. STAR "Ranrho Notorloul," 6.45, S.46, also "Tembo." 826. TOVURS ' Walk Eat On Beacon" and "HI Neighbor," 2. 7. 9. WALI W HITMAN "Deadline USA," T, 9. M B! RBAN BLACKWOOD (Blackwood) 'Singing In The Rain." 7. BROAD iFennsgrove) Carjon City," 7, y. BROADWAY (Palmrra) "Walk Brecon." 2. 7. 9. CENT! BY Audubon I "Walk Eaat On East On Beacon." 2.25, 7 25, 9 .10. CllMLNION (t'lemrnlon). "Deadline I'SA" and Macao," 7, 9. COI.LINSWOOD (Collingioood) "Macao," 7, 9. COIONIAL tut Harbor) "San Francisco Story," 7. ii, i no "Return of the Texan," 30. CBI.lit'ENT . (West. Coilinglwood ) "The Marmng Kind," 7, 9. EMRtssY (Wrstvllle) "Singing In The ham." T, 9. FLORENCE (Florence) "Five Fingerl" and "Triple Truile," 7. 8 30. rox i Burlington i "Bellei On Their Toei," C.R4ND (Vlnelandl "Harem Girl" and Okinawa." 3. 7 15. 9 15 GRAND (Weodstown) "The Kind." 7.12. 9.37. Marrying Hill. (Paalnboro) 'Steel Town" 7. 9 KINO '.(ilnurester) Walk Eait On Beacon. " i 50. 7 20. 9 20. LAMMS iVinelandl Scarlet Angel" and "Outlaw Women." 2. 7.15, 915. Ml HI L (Bridtelon) "Red Mountain." 2 15. 7. 9. 1.1'VOY iMilltille) "Kangeroo," 3.30, 7 in 9 30 M tJKSTIC (Brldseton) -"riobs and Qall" and "The Tiecr Man." 2 15, 7. 9 Ml-WORD (Uedlnrdl Battle At Apache Pa." 7. s. .MT fl'HKHM (Ml. Ephriam) "The Marrying Kind,'1 7. 9. MT. HOLLY I Ml Holly) "Beilea On Their T"es." 7. 9. MW EOVPT (New Egypt) "Viva Zapata." 7. 9 HIT7. (Oailyn) ' 'Bcllcl On Their Toet," 7. 9. BIVOI.I IHammontoD) "Mr Six Con- Mrtj." 7 15, 9,15. WOOD (Woodtiuryi "The San Frmclsco stnrv" and "Okinawa." 1 45. 7. 9. WLMMONt (Weilmont) "Walk Eait On Beacon," cont. lrom 3 p. m. DRIVE IS IHF.ATRtS Bl RI.IV.K1N DRIVE IN "Dracola" and ' Frankenstein. " cent from duak GAR 1)1 N STATE DRIVE IN "Macao" and ' Tr urh Girl ' font from 8 55 KTiRLIIE DRIVE IN "Sen Francisco S'r.ry" plug "Chicago Calling," cont. f-"rn dusk. WII.DWOOU DRIVE IN "Submarine Command ' and Flaming Feather." cont. 1mm dusk. SI MMLR THLATRF.S BtTKS C(H-XT Y Pl.AVHOISE (New Hop, Pa ) "Lo and Behold, ' p 30 Ml SIC CIRCIS iLamlKrltille, N. J.) "Carouarl." 8 30 PLATIIOI SF. - 1N IHE - PARK "Light Up The bay," B.30. BUCK COUNT? PLAYHOUSE V ON THt OIIAWAU AT MW MOPI. PA, All-CONDinONfO THIS VTF.KK TIII.RON BAMRF.ROFR preaenle Sylvia Sidney in "Kind Lady" Thriller by Edward fhodorw ith HIHAlin AMILAl Llfreda Derwrnt Mm Ked. Sat. 2 31) R-al hv mait or phone New Hope In Fhila. at Imtral Cite Ticket OfWo BUS T!P MONDAYS t SAT. MATS. P-uin lea 247 S. rm .. fl:Jf T. M. lor Men Pe. 12 Noon for &. Mala. Roand trip one faro fl.SQ Comden, N. J.. Monday. July T, 151 called "Katy's Love Affair" con cerns a noble lady who overcomes every hardship, except the dreary plot . . . "Secret night" goes into a tail-spin . . . "Lady in fhe.Iron Mask" is a standard sword-waver . . . The shooting in "Black Hills Ambush disturbs your sleep. THE TELEBRITIES: Carro-way's affable godfreying via "All Star Summer Revue" guarantees easv-eoiner diversion. A shot of funicillin would improve the! show, though. Some of the quips are eligible for pensions . . . Mic-roforums need a change in cast. The same kettledrum section of political breast-floggers continue dominating such con and programs . . . "The Boss Lady" drama scries has the most improbable plot. They'd have you believe lovely Lynn Bari is unpopular with males. (Ha.) . . . Mutual's "Jazz Nocturne" offers nightly pleasant rootatootling by going easy on the brass . . . "Curtain Call" presented a charming Chinese fable, with Boris Karloff giving it the correct chop-suey tang . . . Whatcha s'pose Red Bar. ber meant the other matinee when, after a batter grounded out, Red announced: "And so, the second out is comprehended"? . . . Larry Storch is back (this time on Channel 5), as big-timey as ever . . . Afternoon airwaves are cluttered with magpies dis cussing trivia. Sounds more like elocution practice than entertainment . . . Bishop Fulton J. Sheen told his last (N, Y.) off-camera audience has was quitting for the summer to avoid the pressure by political people. THE PRESS-BOX: Bob Consi-dine had a touching piece about his brother, who was murdered by cancer. "He used to be a newspaperman himself. But he said to hell with it and went into post office work. He had a firm belief that many of us who stay in the writing dodge do so only in the hope of being recognized by waiters" . . . The Taft forces prohibited radio and teevy coverage of the delegate (don't they mean dealegate?) hearings for the same reason Russia has an Iron Asbestos . . . Vincent X. Flaherty, who suggested the Crosby-Hope telethon (to help the Olym pic t una), appealed to all pledge-makers to send in the promised dollar. Less than 10 percent has come in (he I.N.S.'d) and the fund is nowhere near the goal, etc. . , . We pioneers at the tele thon business could have told all concerned that fact in advance. It is always 10 percent (and less) of the "million dollars" in the headlines . . . Unless it is the Runyon Fund, which spends a whole year following up all pledges, and we are happy if we wind up with $200,000. That's why we announced half a-million the last Berle show. We ignored the obvious phonies. THE INTELLIGENTSIA: His pals remind you that Collier's writers won 15 awards in journalism, science and public service during Louis Ruppel's three years as editor . . . Eliot Jane- way and his wife Elizabeth (a successful novelist) live in a Conn, area known as Poverty Hollow . . . Fleur Cowles, a Look editor, won a first prize nat'l painting exhibition conducted by Art News. Her competitors included many well-known names. All signatures were hidden from judges . . . Life, which is suffering from tremendous newsstand circulation losses, will devote an entire issue to some new Hemingway fiction his latest short story. It will run in a Sept. issue, about 25,000 words. They paid him $G5,000 . . . Robert Sylvester's romantic novel, "Indian Summer" (just out), got a fantastic $G000 advance offer for the 25-cent reprint rights even before it hit the $3 stalls . . . Look is readying a picture -profile on Charles Addams, the horror cartoonist of The New Yorker. The Look editor handling this assignment is named Patricia Coffin. Miss Coffin, meet Alice Ghostley of "New Faces" . . , Drama Critics Should Read Programs Dept.: In his review of M. Todd's "Night in Venice" critic Chapman complained that the premiere was marred by "hammy moths" . . . Those hammy moths, My Dear Man, were soap bubbles. Says so right in the program, professor. TYPEWRITER RIBBONS: Faith Baldwin: Happiness was luminous in her eyes, arrogant in her walk and shaped like a kiss upon her mouth . . . B. San-ten: The magic of love is the belief that it will never end . . . Joe Warner: A Communist is a guy who hates the Dirty Capitalists but loves the Filthy Lucre . . . A. Houssaye: The most charming romances are the unfinished ones. LIGHTNING KILLS CATTLE Falls City, Neb. (UP) A Lightning bolt killed 12 head of cattle which had huddled in fear near a fence during a storm. The bolt apparently struck the wire fence and rechocheted off to hit the cattle. PiUnSKE T IUM0N1 MINI ION mil FV101IHT r, fHIU THIS WKFR VICKI CUMMINGS In Mnaa nart'a HilaHoni Coroedr "LIGHT UP THE SKY Ev.i. 30 $t.20. $1.10, $:. UH. Wad. Sat.-$l.20t$l-M " tat, .t .t fltt-Nail rl '' AIM ea tale at Mi e.aeiiker ' Alio Tolephme loonaio" Call lewod 7-1700 Crosby and Hope To Star in Film of 'Guys and Dolls' By LOUELLA O. PARSON'S Hollywood, July 7. Is this a natural or isn't it-Bing Crosby J and Bob Hope in "Guys andjne Dolls!" Paramount owned the film rights to the original Damon Runyon story before it became a top stage musical. But the movie with Bingo and Bob will also carry those wonderful Frank Loesser tunes from the show. . Bing will be the gambler-singer and Bob inherits the Sam Levine comedy role. At one time it was thought that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis would do "Guys and Dolls" but their forte is slapstick and I think Bing and Bob are a wiser choice. . First, both Hope and Crosby take themselves a jaunt to Europe. Bob to play some golf and Bing to make "Little Boy Lost" for William Perlberg. JOHN WAYNE was easily the life of the party at the Jorge Guinle party to Cobina Wright's house. John never looked handsomer, and it was good to see him having so much fun. It was really a good party, with Cobina's and Dolores' and Jorge's many friends. The next night the Reggie Gardiners partiedfor the Guinles, who are now on their way back to South America. Sad that Valentina Coresa, a really fine actress, has to go to Italy to make a picture. That means she must leave her husband, Richard Basehart, for several months unless he can join her. With the lineup Darryl Zanuck has arranged for Base-hart, I doubt if it's possible. But valentina says she is an actress, and she feels she must continue her career. So she leaves Hollywood July 29 for Italy to star in "Lulu," a movie which Octavio Poggl is directing. With her goes her 80-year-old grandmother and her infant son. John. THE GIRL WITH Arthur Loew Jr. was not Liz Taylor, but Sheila Connolly, who's a dead ringer lor Liz. Vic Damone, who had such a bad sore throat he had to Dost pone leaving for a day, has now gone to Ft. Sam Houston, in lexas, where he 11 be stationed, There have been verv few tele phone calls between Lana Tur ner and Fernando Lamas. Not because they haven't tried to tele phone, but Lana's on a party line at L,ane lanoe. Can you imagine all those belles leaning over the telephone trying to catch what Ferdie (he says I may call him' that) and Lana say to each other? Lana is doing her. best to get a straight line through on account of it's too difficult to go out every time she wants to get her boy friend on the phone. T ONE OF LIFE'S most embarrassing moments happened at the Connie Moore -Johnny Maschio party. Gary Cooper came in with Dusty Miller. Shortly after Pat Neal walked in, but she carried the situation oft with dignity. Pretty Sheila MacRae (Mrs. Gordon) is testing for "My Fav orite Husband," the radio show that starred Lucille Ball for so long. David Brian and Adrian Booth just celebrated their third anniversary and not many people thought they'd make it that long. I doubt if even David or Adrian would deny this. In the begin-ing they had as many battles as Shell and Vittorio Gassman but they didn't get in print as loudly. Brian's career is doing OK, too. After he terminated his contract with Warners, Columbia signed him to star in "Ambush at Tomahawk Gap" with John Hodiak and John Derek. POPULAR SONG writer Jim my McHugh and "Miss Hawaii," one of the prettiest of the "Miss Universe contestants, having supper together. Miss Hawaii, by the way, came in second in that contest, and Jimmy says shes one of the loveliest of the girls chosen. Prince Bernard, who flew into London to see Jack Benny at the Palladium, has invited Mary and Jack to visit him and Queen Juliana in Holland, and the Ben nys accepted. Later Jack goes to Pans to be the guest of General and Mrs. Ridgway. Andrea Leeds, who gave up her career when she married socialite Bob Howard (of the "Sea- biscuit" Howards), is staging a comeback not in movies, but on television Still as beautiful today as she ever was. Andrea will star in the third "Medal of Honor series based on the story of Mary Wa ker. the only womas ever to win the Congressional Medal of Honor. She was a doctor who treated wounded soldiers under fire. Hf, WALLIS, hedded with a sore throat, is supervising pro duction of "Scared Stiff" over his bedside telephone. Paul Douglas went to New York to appear on We the Teo pie" TV show. But when he found out it was a political rally (Eisenhower was the chief speak er) Paul packed and came home. Nothing against Lisenhower, but Paul doesn't want to associate himself with any candidate. Good thing Abigail Adams didn't see George Jessel ivith Se lene Walters at the Mocambo. Might have been another battle, One gram of pure silver can be. drawn into a wire more than mile long. JIIH. MrCRFA "SAN FRANCISCO STORY" Plus "CHICAGO CALLING" TIESDAT AMI WFINEIAT KITES All Trrhnirolnr show FIRM SHIIWIMi VIVIEN STEWART LEIGH GRANGER In Tvhi,lloi "CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA" PIUS "ENCHANTED ISLANDS" .' V40 P'l 3 It Happened Last Night L THE BEST LAUGHS for the Johnnie Ray, Marilyn Monroe, chlorophyll. Gen. Ike and the col lege bra-and-panty raids beat out Truman. JohnRie Ray came up suddenly like a geyser-which is what was. He was laugh chaff. He may never have "it so good again. Comedian Jackie Gleason swept into the Copacabana where Johnnie was crying three shows a night and also during rehearsals. "A table in the back!" he commanded. "We don't want to get wet!" "Laugh and the world laughs with you cry and you sell two million records," offered comedian Joey Adams. Marilyn Monroe's nude picture on that calendar had many men paying special attention to the date. But even in June they were still looking at the January page. Some people knew what day it was for the first time in years. The chlorophyll pill gag wore out quickly. A customer in Lindy s suppos edly said: "Give me some garlic and a chlorophyll tablet." ARTHUR GODFREY was in trigued by the bra-and-panty phe- nomenon in the colleges. Joe Oli- vcr called the raiders "undie-tak- ers." Chuck Bamett thought they were "undie-graduates." "Why shouldn't Eisenhower be drafted?" asked Phil Wasserman, when that question came up in the news. "Everybody else in his army was." There was a wave of "alcoholic" definitions. An alcoholic was a somebody who' drinks about like you do, but you don't like him, said the TV producer Jack Her-tel. But Myron Cohen thought an alcoholic is a guy who holds his better than vou do. The income tax scandals in spired the wits. "I sent my income tax return to the wrong address," one citi zen lamented. "I sent it to my collector in Leavenworth when I should have Sv.nt it to Alcatraz." "I just came from the Internal Revenue Dept. and l really Jet 'em have it every cent I have, said Lloyd Nolan. DUE TO THE STEEL crisis, Truman was tagged "Little Seiz- er." There was a slump in some fields, and salesmen greeted each other: "How's business, you liar? But Coleman Jacoby said "There's nothing wrong with my psychiatrist that a couple of wealthy neurotics can t cure adding that one psychiatrist "just cured me of SjOU. Bob Crosby complained bitterly of what was happening to him. For years he was known as Pop Crosby's son, Bob; then as Bing Crosby's brother, Bob, and now came the most humiliating appel lation: He was Bob Crosby, Gary urosoy s uncle In the revival of "Of Thee I Sing," Jack Carson took notice that France was mad at the United States. "So what's the worst they can do pay us what they owe us?" he asked, THE RISE OF BISHOP Fulton Sheen as a TV commentator was commented upon by Abe Burrows. "He's great," said Burrows, "but I'd like to point out, he's using old material." Eisenhower's flashes of Independent thinking caused St Sead- ler to decide that maybe he'd "rather be Dwight than Presi- dent." Out in Toledo it was reported that Mike DiSalle, the former Price Stabilizer running for the U. S. Senate, had hit upon a great money-saving device. Cornering the "I Like Ike ' but tons, he was converting them to his own use by putting an M in front of the Ike. WITH RUSSIA remaining a threat, Victor Borge pointed out "SINGING IN THE RAIN" Two Trrhnlcnlor HIM MARI.FNF, IIIKTRKH ARTHUR KKNMDY "RANCHO NOTORIOUS" Plus HOWARD 1IIIX In "TF.MBO" Thrilli In the Junile with Bow and Arrow II Oil MT Hi MICH IN TECHNICOLOR rORRF.ST TtTKRR in "WARPATH" RANDOLPH SCOTT in "RF.TIRN OP THE RADMF.N" Plus Cartoon Carnival NO Hill OP ffACNEI Hit HOMt If (It-Vf IS tmo r LEG At NOTICES flUTICS OF SETTLEMENT CamdVn. .V J June 20th, 1953. Eitale of JOHN n.NA, Deceased. Notice la hereb, tiven that the flrat account of the subscribers, I. Edward Master and The Pennsylvania Company for Bankinr and Truats. Executors of the estate of JOHN VENA, deceased, will be audited and slated by the Surro-ate of the County of Camden and reported tor settlement to the Camden County Court Probale Division, on Tuesday, the twenty-second day of July. 1953, at ten o'clock a. m. I. EDWARD MASTER and THF, PENNSYLVANIA COMPAVT FOR BANKING AND TRLSTS. Irvm M. Llchtensteln, Isq., Attorney.0'' ( 5 on i "( STATE C1F NEW JERSEY " (Tha Great Seal of the Slate of Ne Jrrsry I DEPARTMENT OF STATU CERTIFICATE OP DISSOLUTION To all to whom these presents may come. Greeiinn: Whereas. It appears to my satisfaction, by duly authenticated record of the proceedings for the voluntary dissolution thereof by the unanimous consent of all the atockholderi, deposited in my office, that B it H Rcnovatinr. Inc., a corporation tf this State, whose principal ofTice It situated at No. 93 8 ' Cooper street, In the City of Camden, County of Camden, state of New Jersey (Edwin F. Barry, heirur the airent therein and In charre thereof, upon whom process may be served I. has compiled with the requirements of Title 14, Corporations, General, of Revised Statutes of New Jersey, preliminary to the tssulnu of this Certificate of Dissolution. Now Therefore. I, the Secretary of . Stale of the Stale of New Jersov, Do Hereby Certify thst the said corporation did. en the Twenlv-fourth dar of June. 19SS. lile In my oftn-e a 'riulv executed and attested consent in writini tn v c:s'!',,'n of sa.J corp.vai, ,:n. esecuted by all the stockholders thereof, which said consent and the record of the proceeding aforesaid are n-w on file irt my said office ea provided by law In Testimony Whereof, I have hereto set my hand and affixed mv official seal, at Trenton, this Twenty-fourth day of Jun. A D. one thousand tune nun-d-ed and fifty-two. (Seall llOYf) . MARSH. (IIS 00) Secretary oi state. first half of '52 show that the old champion, Harry S. that Siberia is a mighty big country. "Nobody knows how big be cause nobody's e,ver come back from there," he said. "If Stalm wants any more ter ritory, he can have mine," said a much harassed piece goods salesman. In Washington, a wit reported that a well-to-do personality "was born with a silver foot in his mouth." THERE WAS PLENTY to laueh about in sports. Bing Crosby advised the Pittsburgh pitchers how to pitch to Musial. "Just keep the ball low, fast, and behind him," he -said. Bob Brumby said Joey Maxim beat Sugar Ray Robinson "by the skin of the heat." The lady shortstop who didn't get to play lor liarrisburg was the subject of much badinage, also. Hal Block said that in refusing to let her play, the baseball moguls pulled a bloomer. It was Roger Price who decided that many a man battles his way to the top and bottles his way to the bottom. But the best laughs of the year were yet to come they were the political speeches that would be made during the campaign. Lady Artisans to Hold Installation Ceremonies Harmony Chapter 6, Lady Artisans of America, will install the officers of Chester Chapter 8 at a meeting tonight at 304 Market St., Chester. Members of Caroden Chapter, wishing to go to the installation, will meet at the high speed line ". on ciuauway ai p. m. Any who wish to leave later may contact Helen Sheppard, president. One of the members will leave the speed line terminal at 6.45 and go by automobile to Chester. On Friday, at 8.30 p. m. Chester Chapter will install its officers at IOOF Hall, 523 Benson St. Camden at 8.30 p. m. The officers to be installed ,are Marie Urmson, senior past president; Helen Sheppard, junior past president; Pearl McKane, president; Elizabeth Schotte, vice president; Jane Blow, conductress: Helen Dixnn. rhanlain- Emma Shore, secretary; Flor' - ence juong, treasurer; Bess Hum-mell, inner guard; Mae Trent, outer guard; Beatrice Keown, pianisr, ana jeanette Nordaby, Paulina Dixon and Belle Garrison, trustees. Deputy for Har mony unapter is Mildred Carter, oi rnuaaojpma. neiresnments will be served after the installation. Helen Shen- pard asked members to bring E" ri n. ST. JOHN TEtkEU'S MUSIC CIRCUS utwwttvm, Ntw Evai, 130 Sun, Fvt 1:00 Sol. Mot. 2:30 Chelce Scott Sunday Ivoi. Ne Ptrfermonce Mendayt SECOND WEEK JUIY I THRU JUIY 13 CAROUSEL Priced Filled, Oc le $3. e0 Mail Ord.rt er Phone lambeirvillo 65 MUSIC CIRCUS PARTY BUSES will leave Wedneadau and Fridays 6:45 r. M. Sundays 6:15 P. M. Irom Central City Ticket Office. 347 S. Broad St. and 69th St. Terminal (Market St. aldei. Bu reservations inuit be made for 3:00 P. M. day of trio. Round trip fare, $1.50. MASSAGE REDUCE RELAX MISS BROOKS ,5101 N. 13th St. RI 6-4989 J LEGAL NOTICES superior court of new jersm" chancery; division camden county docket no m 3000-51 to" lena pagniello. By virtue of an Order of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, made on the S4th day of June. A D 19S2, In a cause wherein Ralph Par-nlello la the plaintiff and you are the defendant, you are hereby required to answer the complaint of the plaintiff on or before the 2,iih day of Aunust. 1952, next, and In default thereof, such ludtment will be rendered aeainut you as the court shall think equitable and Just. The object of said suit is to obtain a Judgment tor divorce between said plaintiff and you. CEOROK M. CABNET. Attorney for Plaintiff. 112 North Seventh St.. Camden 2, New Jersey. Dated: July 3, 1 952 ( $ 1 4 401 NOTfCB OF-DlSSOtltYlOfTOF " PARTNERSHIP Notice la hereby jlven that the part-nership heretofore existine between I. E. Kauftman, Theodore J. Kensll. William G. Riduway and Joseph A. Sutton, rto-ln business as Economy Homes Co., hal been dissolved by a withdrawal of aome of the partners from the partnership. All debts or claims aralnst said partnership known aa Economy Homes Co. should be presented to the following persons: I. I. XaurTmai). 3213 Germantown Ave.. Phila.. Pa, Theodore J. Kensll, 433 Strawbrtdie Ave., Westmont, N. J. William c. Ridtway. 1816 Sycamore St. Haddon Heifhta. N. J. Joseph A. Sutton, 3533 N. 18th St., Phils., Pa. I. E KAUTFMAN. JOSEPH A. SUTTON. Dated: June ?0. 1952 l $ 10 8fl STATS OF NEW JERSEY (The Great Seal of the State of New Jersey I DEPARTMENT OP STATE CERTIFICATE OP DISSOLUTION To all to whom these presents may come, Greetlnj: Whereas. It appear! to my satisfaction, by duly authenticated record of tha proceedings for the voluntary dissolution thereof by the unanimous consent of all the stockholders, deposited In my office, that Ruttenberr Realty Co., a corporation of this State, whose principal office Ii situated at No. 428 Kaighn Avenue, In the City of Camden. County of Camden, State of New Jersey (Ida Ruttenbere, belnn the aaent therein and In charee thereof, upon whom process may be served' has compiled with the requirements of Title 14, Corporations, Oeneral, of Revised Statutes of New Jersey, preliminary to the lasuine of Ihls Certificate of Dissolution. Now Therefore. I, the Secretary of Slate of the State of New Jersey. Do Hereby Certify that the said corporation did. on the Ninctern'h day of June. 1952, file tn my office a duly execj'ed and a':etef consent In rri:ir,g to the dissolution of said corporation, executed by ail the stor kiiiMers Ihereaf, which said consent and the record of the proceedings aforesaid a-e now on file In my said as provided by law. In Testimony Whereif. I have harem aet my hand and affixed me opieial seal, at Trenton, this Nineteenth die of June. A. D. one thouiand nine hundred and fifty-two, (Seal i IXOYD B MARSH, (ell. 00). r-ecretarj at Old House Tour Slale'J In Cape May County Trenton, July 7. More than 20 historic homes and buildings, some of which date from the late 1770's, will be featured sight- seeine attractions in South Jer sey during the fourth annual Oldjfor commander. House Tour of Cape May County, set for July 11. Sponsored by the Cape May County Art League, the tour will allow the public to inspect old nouses that are an important part of New Jersey's historic tradition and most of which are privately owned. Visitors will be conducted through rooms set in the style of 200 years ago by hostesses attired in colonial cos tumes. Although the sightseeing trip may be started at any point along the designated tour routes, vaca tioners are expected to begin the journey from Beesley's Point. From this point the route follows US 9 and State Route 4 to Cape May and then by a circuitous route up the western side of the peninsula. Tickets and literature showing tour routes and locations of historic buildings will be available at all open houses. H-w-Sir.... Air Conditioned -lodaf Tedr Humphrej Bocart Ethel Barrynor "DEADLINE U.S.A." ADDKD ROB1NSOM-MAXIM FIGHT A1B CONDITIONED LAST TIMES TODAY ir.rr chandler - john lcnd "BATTLE AT APACHE PASS" ROBERT MITCHIM "MACAO" JIDV HOLLIDAV "THE MARRYING KIND" Brat tha II rat "Villi Th. Crncrnt" FIVE o'clock : :: CLUB : (SPORT CENTER) . ii 81 1 FEDERAL ST., CAMDEN : :j AIR CONDITIONED j: J Continuous Entertainment .; EVERY NITE MOM. TO SAT. J NOW AmAHNQ the ELLIS TOLLIH QUINTETTE featuring .RUTHIE PRICE I." immvWMVAWMrV LEGAL NOTICES NEW JERSEY STATE DEPARTMENT ' OP CIVll. SERVICE EXAMINATIONS Announced closlnj date for filini application! July 31, 1952. Apply Department or Civil Service, State Hotue, Trenton, New Jeney, Open to male citizens, 13 month! resident In the State: Examiner, Motor Vehicle!, salary, J3120-I3720 per an-num. Inspector, Bulkheads and Dredj-IniT, salary. .1240-$3840 per annum. Institutional Trade Instruction. I I Typewriter Repair), salary, 13660-14560 per annum. Painter, salary. $3120-13720 per annum. (For some State appointment! In the Hljhway Department the rate la $1.56-11.86 per hour.) (Position! aa painter are found mostly In State Institution!.) Radio Maintenance Man, salary, $3300-$4200 per annum. Rlsht of Way Negotiator, salary, $3840-14740 per annum. Senior Correction Officer, lalary. $3240-$3840 per annum. Senior Planning Assistant, aalary. $4380-15280 per annum. Shell Fisheries Protector, lalary, $2880-$3480 per annum. Open to male and female citizen!, resident in ' the United States preference to ellilbles 12 months resident In New Jersey: Psychiatric Social Worker, II, salary. $3840-14750 per annum. Open to male and female citizens, 13 months resident In the State: Recreation Aide, salary, $2280-$2880 per annum. Recreation Assistant, salary, $2760-$3360 per annum Senior Stock Clerk, lalary, $2880-$3480 per annum, stock Clerk, salary $2280-$2880 per annum. (Present vacancies are In State Institutions. I Tabulating Machine Operator, salary. $2160-$2760 per annum. Open to male and female cltlrem, resident In the United States preference to iliiiblei 12 months resident in Irvington and then to eligible! .12 month! resident in NeV Jersey: Junior Library Assistant, salary, $1980-$2580 per annum. Open to male and ar-male citizens, resident In the United states preference to eligible 12 months resident In Linden and then to eligible! 12 month! resident in New Jersey: Junior Librarian, lalary, $2700-13300 Per annum. Open to male and female citizens. 11 months resident in New Jersey preference to eligible! 12 months resident In Patcrson and Trenton, respectively: Junior Library Assistant, salary, Paterson, $1560-$21fl0 per annum; Trenton, $1800-$2500 per annum. Open to male and female citizens. 13 month! resident In New Jersey preference to eligible! 12 months resident in Camden County: Ward Nurse, aalary, $2600 per annum.. Open to mate and female cltlzena, 12 month! resident in New Jersey-preference to eligibles 12 months resident In Paterson: Assistsnt Cytologlst, salary, $2500-13500 per annum (Part-Time I. Open to male and female citizens, 3 2 monthl resident tn New Jersey preference to eligible! 12 months rest-dent in Kearny, Paterson, South Orange, and Trenton, respectively: Junior Librarian, salary, Kearny. $212O-$3100 per annum: Paterson, $2400-13000 per annum; South Orange, $2800-$3700 per annum: Trenton, $220C-$29l0 per annum (Part-Timei. Open to male and female citizens. 1 2 months resident In New Jersey preference to eligibles 12 months resident in North Bergen: Library Director, lalary, $2500-$35OO per annum. Open to male citizens, 1 3 months resident In New Jersey preference to eligible! 12 months resident in Plain-field: Parking Meter Repairman, aalary, $2400-13000 per annum. Open to male and female citizens, 1 2 months resident In New Jersey preference to eligibles 12 months resident in Ridgewood: Prlnclnal Clerk Bookkeeper, lalary, $1800-$4200 per annum. Open to male and female citizens, 1 2 mouths resident In New Jersey preference to eligible! 1 3 months resident in East Orange: Principal. Librarian. Elementary Schools, salary, $4080-$4960 per annum. Open to male and female citizens. 1 3 months resident In New Jersey preference to eligible! 12 months resident in Union Township: Senior Librarian (Catalog), salary. $3000 per annum. Open to male and female citizens. 1 3 montha resident in New Jersey preference to eligibles 12 months resident In Linden and South Orange, respectively: Senior Librarian I Children'a i . salary. Linden, $3060-13660 per annum: South Orange, $2600-13700 per annum. Open to male and female citizens, 13 months resident in New Jersey preference to eligible! 12 months resident in Elizabeth: Senior Librarian (Circulation ), salary, $2640-$3240 per annum. Open to male and female citizen, resident in the United Statei preference to eligible! 13 monthl resident In East Orange and then to eligibles 13 months resident In New Jersey: Senior Librarian (Youth!, aalary, $3360-$3840 per annum. Open to male and female eltlieni. 13 monthl resident In New Jersey preference to eligibles 1 2 months resident in Bloomneld, Fair Lawn, Kearny, Newark and Paterson, respectively; Senior Library Assistant, salary, Bioomfleld, $2250-11000 per annum: Fair Lawn, $3000-$3fi00 per annum: Kearny, $1 00-$1.25 per hour and $1520-$2550 per annum; Newark, $2570-$3170 per annum; Paterson, $1800-$2400 per annum, Open to male citizen!, 12 months resident In New Jenev preference to eligible 12 months resident in Passaic Cnuntv; Assistant Superintendent, xa. f Tary Muu,m Ekitimiiiation comrcsaicn, salary. $3900 per annum. Open to male cttirens. 12 months resident In Camden Count?: Painter, salarv. Prevailing Rates; Watctunann, salary. $1800 per annum. Ooen to male and female citizens. 13 month resident in Camden County: Stock Clerk, salary. $2100 per annum. Open to male and female citizen!. 13 reonthi resident tn Camcen C'.tr- Clerk of the Municipal Court, aalary. $3350 per amium. ($70 95), aw.. r a -irN-MIa. ili Legion at 31llmlle y YAmiVoi.. nffiVpra dominates unicers Millville. July 7. Officers were!rar Schick, Hoffman, Oliver John-nominated at the July meeting of: son, Risley, John Romainishin, Nabb-Leslie Post. American . HimrN kic iv jr. wis ndmcu ...... j j ... - r commander. Other nominations were D. Oliver Johnson, senior vice com- mander: W. Max Wilbur ano Jack Sharpless, junior vice com-! mander; Edward H. vanaman, adjutant; Mrs. Mary P. McCon-nell, historian; Walter B. Mullen, sergeant at arms; Raymond Hatcher, chaplain; Paul R. Marts, financial officer; H. Blair Camp bell and Foster Mitchell, trustee. Nominations for the executive committee were Campbell, Ed ward Konschak, Walter Groft. Townsend Mingin, Robert HofT Air CMiditiHit4 JAMES STEWART WENDELL COREY -CARBINE WILLIAMS" nram Air Condilianaal aeaawaawaaavaaaaawaS 2 HITS G. Raft - Dorothy Hart "LOAN SHARK" and "MY SIX CONVICTS" 3 HITS .TMI.M.H.-.UJ I "DEADLINE, USA" & "MACAO ' PROPOSAL Notice la hereby given that aealed bids will be received In the office of the Director, Division of Purchase and Property, Room 18, State House, Trenton 7t Hew Jersey, for the following: BROOM CORN UNIFORMS FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT " DURATECK ALUMINUM CAR TOP BOATS PLASTIC CRAFT UTILITY RUNABOUTS (BOATS) MILKING MACHINE ANTHRACITE COAL CARLOADS C.REYSTONE PARK COAI. TRUCK DELIVERY MONT. CLAIR, NEWARK, JERSEY CITY ' Bids for the above will be received at the office of the Director, Division of Purchase and Property. State House, West State Street, Trenton 7, New Jer-iry, on July 14, 1952, at 2.00 p. m. (Daylight Saving Time), and will be opened and read Immediately thereafter. Specifications and the form of bid, contract and bond for the proposed work are on file In the office of the Director and may b2 secured by prospective bidders during ofTice hours. Bids must be made on the standard proposal form, and must be accompanied by cash, or a certified check drawn to the order of the Treasurer of the State of New Jersey or a bid bond for not less than 10i of the amount of the bidf and must be delivered at the above place on or before the hour named, as no bid will be accepted after the hour specified. Bids not submitted on the standard proposal form or enclosed In other than the special addressed envelopes will be considered Informal and will be rejected. The Director reserve! the right to reject any and all bids and tn award contract In part or whole If deemed to the best Interests of the State to do so. The sue cessful bidder will be required to furnish Surety Bond in the full amount of the contract, of a company authorized to do business in the state of New Jersey. Department of the Treasury, Division of Purchase and Property. FRED V. TERSER. ($24.15) Director. to Whom It May Concern: Public notice Is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of the City of Camden, In the County of Camden and Slate of New Jersey, at a meeting to be held In the New City Halt, In said City of Camden, on Thursday, July 3 0th, 1952, at two-thirty o'clock In the afternoon, will, by resolution, authorize private sale or sales of certain certificates of tax sale for land and real estate, together with subsequent lleni thereon, the tax titles to which were heretofore acquired by laid municipality at sales of lands for delinquent taxe and assessments. Take further notice that If it Is de-Ired by anyone in Interest to redeem the hereinafter mentioned property, or If anyone In interest has any objection to the motion of the City of Camden, such objection must be made to the undersigned, or redemption of the tax sale certlflcatea hereinafter let forth, made by the payment of the aum or aumi due on luch tax aale certificates on or before the date aforesaid, at the ofTice of the undersigned. Director of the Department of Revenue and Finance, New City Hall. Camden, New Jersey. The following Is a list and description of the land to be affected by such sale and the names of the owners as the same appear on the tax books of the city of Camden, together with the numbers of the tax sale certlflcatea to be sold and assigned: No, Location ' Owner 3195 SS Bulson St., 45' Thomas J. E. of 8th St, Fisher 1953 SS Bulson St., $5' D. Frank E. of 8th St. Borquln 6603 NS Buren Ave., 0 Alfred E. of 28th St. Cramer GEORGE E. BRUNNER, Director of the Department of Revenue A Finance of the City of Camden, New Jersey. Attest: MARY K MacCLENNAN, Deputy City Clerk. Dated: July 1, 1952. ($7.80) if L a AIR-CONDITIONED I a, DANCING I a, Camplpala floor Shaw Sundrf a Atfrnowt Dean Opart 4 P.M. . Slav an tl. 4J hem Airport Circle t miles, ", I follow alf Mi epon Jundoyi. Hack Hefte "a Pike at Colling "o., Cemdm, N. J. wawwawawaaajpjpwo1"wowawjMowol a . i IEGAI NOTICK " PROPOSAL ADVERTISEMENT FOR SEALED PROPOSALS Notice Is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the Mayor and Borough Council of the Borough of Bellmawr at Its place of meeting In tha Borough Hall In Bellmawr, New Jersey, at Its regular meeting on July 34, 1952, at eight o'clock p. m., Eastern Daylight Saving Time, for the Resurfacing with Asphalt Oil Grade RC-3 and Stone Screenings of the following described sections of streets or avenues hereinafter named, located in the said Borough of Bellmawr and for furnishing all materials required for the performance of such work. Princeton Avenue from Carter Avenue Princeton Avenue Browning Rosd Carter Avenue Kings Highway Kings Highway Creek Road Browning Lane Kings Highway Park Drive Browning Road Browning Road Browning Lane Browning Lana Cedar Avenue Black Horse Pike Locust Avenue Centre Avenue Union Avenue Market Street Jefferson Avenue Adam Avenue Hall Avenue Monroe Avenue Madison Avenue Carter Avenue Bergen Avenue Union Avenue Cedar Avenue S. Bellmawr Ave. Majestic Aveaue Locust Aveaue Saunden Street Cypress Avenue Park Drive Andenon Avenue Carter Avenue Warren Avenue Howard Avenue Ceatre Avenue Logan Avenue Lucille Avenue Romana Avenue Chalmer Avenue Black Cvnresi Black Horse Pike Edgemont Avenue Browning Lane Catherine Avenue Catherine Avenue Catherine Avenue Kings Highway Kings Highway Logan Logan Catherine Avenue Proposals are to be submitted according tn the requirementa of the ne, ac tions prepared by Walter H. Macnamara. Soroush Engineer, and heretofore approved and adopted by the Mayor and Borough Council of the said Bomueh f Beiimawr on oianas to be furnished by tne Clera of tne said Boroush. and each proposal shall be accompanied by a certified rheca payable to the order of the aaid Borough ot Bellmawr for a sum equivalent to live per centum of the amount of the bid. The right la reserved to rel-t any and all proposal and to wilvt informality in the proposals to be received. For each set of specifications and plan! furnished to bidder! there will ho a charge of $20 no to b- paid to the Borough F,or!rrr, Walter H. Maenama-n at the time of the delivery of the sp-eiflratmns, of which charge the sum of $10 oo wm be returned to the tnddtr efter receiving from the bidder a propoeai In proper form. BOROUGH OF PFLLMAvTR. (116.30), JOHN HELLER, clerk. Iman and Harry Cox. DelcgatM nominated for the state converv tkn in Wildwooa were cox, . . v.aTnan shamiess. o Jje-iGordon Slckmuna, raui Beaten, Lawrence Krause, aianuei con V. airm: r-lll nn. umooeu. wiiuaiu niua, . ' t- t. l'.. i;nan cossaooon, jliucsi Mullen. Robert Ftantz, Hatchei and Charles Finch. It Haa Alt the lira tl it,' l linnrl ikl TUX CIIKJ"V V. UwCk liw ina. jvii io.ifTW! i KST 'Walk East on Beacon' Alio JEAN PAKKE JOHN AlCHtl "HI NEIGHBOR" yARDEW STATED THEATRE mm 40ATCffTH8HTM0AO Box Offict Opens 7.J0, Cont. Dusk ROBT. MITCHUM. JANE RUSSELL in "MACAO" l'lua "TOUGH GIRL" inA 37Wstfld Hal. Dolly 1. JO AnLU WO 4-2660 FBI In Actios "WALK EAST ON BEACON" WALT WHITMAN I Humphrey Bogari VHh,f "DEADLINE, U.S.A." RIO R?m HUMPHREY BOGART H.n.r" "DEADLINE, U.S.A." rCWTIIDV Aui I A4ol. Ooiy J P. M. IlII lUll I N.J.I FBI la Arllon "WALK EAST ON BEACON" COLLINGSWOOO I Robs. Milchim Jane Raasell & Wm. Bendix in "MACAO" WESTMONT wall "ItfffjZL' "WALK EAST ON BEACON" Ample Coovenien! MFF Psrbinf RITZ Oaklyn I N.J. I JFANNE CHAIN TECHNICOUIR "BELLES ON THEIR TOES" BROADWAYTi,0?:..:- "WALK EAST ON BEACON" KING Glou.i r.Fnitnr mi rphv N. J. I FINLAY CtlRRIK In "WALK EAST ON BEACON" LEGAL NOTICES STATE OP NEW JIRSR To: Harry W. Erney aci Anna LoulM Irney. Ilia wife: You are hereby summoned, and required to serve upon Walter W. HolL plaintiff's attorney, whose address la J700 Federal Street, Camden 3, New Jersey, an answer to the complaint filed In a Civil Action, In which The Prudential Insurance Company of America la plaintiff and Harry W. Erney, et ug. et als., are defendants, pending tra the Superior Court of New Jersey, within 35 days after July 7ih, 1952, eiclu-sive of said date If you fail to do the relief demanded in the eimplalnt will be taken against you by default. The action has been instituted for the purpose of foreclosing a mortgage dated July 27th, 1950, made by Bruce O. Laird and Lillian S. Laird, his wife, aa mortgagor! and pavable to The Prudential Insurance Company ot America, aj mortgagee, and concern real estate known aa 109 Princeton Avenue, In the Boro of Bellmawr, County of Camden, New Jeriey. You and each of yon are made defendants because you are the owner! of record of the premise! described In tali tnortiaie. ' I. GRANT ajCOTT. clerk. Superior Court of New Jersey, Pated: June 13th, 1952, ($20.401 PROPOSAL Notice li hereby given that sealed bids will be received In the office of the Director, Division of Purchase and Property. Room 318. Slate House, Trenton 7, New Jersey, for the following: FARM EQUIPMENT TRACTORS DIATHERMY MACHINES WALKIE-TALKIES CASTERS PLASTIC TRAYS PAINT BRUSHES STATIONERY as OITICI SUPPUTJJ PRINTING PINS PAPER Bids for the above will be received at the office of the Director, Division of Purchase and Property, State House. West State street, Trenton 7, New Jersey, on July 28, 1952, at 2.00 p. m. (Daylight Saving Time), and will be opened and read Immediately thereafter. Specifications and the form of bid, contract and bond for the proposed work are on file In the office of the Director and may be secured by prospective bidden during office hours. Bids must be made on the standard proposal form, and must be accompanied by cash, or a certified check: drawn to the order of the Treasurer of the State of New Jersey or a bid bond for not lesi than lot of the amount of the bid. and must be delivered at the above plape on or before the hour named, as no bid will be accepted after the hour specified. Bids not submitied on the standard proposal form or enclosed In other than the special addressed envelopes will be considered Informal and will be rejected. The Director reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to award contract in part or whole If deemed to the best Interests of the State to do io. The successful bidder will be required to furnish Surety Bond In the full amount of the contract, of a company authorized to do buslneas In the Slate of New Jersey. Department of the Treasury, Division of Purchase and Property. FRED V. FERBER. ($33.40) Director, to Farragut Road Union Avenue Farragut Road Park Drive Market Street Market Street Walnut Street Market Street Chalmers Avenue Bergen Avenue Carter Avenue Carter Avenue End End Borough Line Park Drive Cypress Avenisl Park Drive Locust Avenue Bell Road. Park Drive Carter Avenue Park Drive Park Drive Park Drive Catherine Avenue Catherine Avenue Howard Avenue Horse Pike Avenue Avenue Avenue Howard avenue ESTHER WILLIAMS )1 fair It I r i I cmotifl wwtil Tt 1T7: I I KM .J aoDwr mow KMfal t J I a.,iarwl!i F1 SWWSSWeS SSfSS liJiffr)a

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