The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1934
Page 2
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(AM-); POUMtt 9IWI WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 19S4 Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Harry W. Halnes having the Mkl-Weelt Bridge club. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Baccalaureate choir practice city auditorium, 7:30 p.m. Program Is Complete for U. D. C. Revue at the Kiiz Hu Ktdtal At H«IUn4,.Mo. Mrs. James Cecil Lowe presented h«r piano pupils of Holland, Mo., in_» recital Monday evening at the Holland school auditorium. Holland pupils taking part were: Mrs, W. A. Gates jr., Mrs. Boris Workman. Helen ColKXm, Johnnie Posey, Edna Pcsey, Dixie Jean Myers, Ethel Mac Higglns and Anna B. Hlggins. They were assisted by Kathryn Walpole and Martha Washburn, of this city. • * . » Guild to Orcantzc Young women of the First Clirls- ; i.^tian church, including those who -t.»re employed In business, will form u guild al a meeting this evening, . >7:45 o'clock, uL the home of Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe. Mrs. Eowc has been appointed •chairman and other officers wlil be elected this evening. 4 • • ; Clrt Mtrts. . Mrs. M. A. Is.iacs entertained the Tuesday Contract club this week '... when she had one guest. Mrs. Walker H. Baker. Mrs. Harry Klrby won the prize, a summer purse. The hosier served a salad plate •with iced tea. Crmh Has Gunt. Mrs. Baker Wilson was the guest of Mrs. Mas B. Reid wl»n she had . the Young Matrons Bridge club „- party Tuesday afternoon. Bath* powder went to Mrs. Crawford 'Greene for the prize. A Bherbct course was scrred. Has Birthday Party. Karry Halncs, Jr., had 20 boy - friends "as his guests for a ssvim- mtng party Tuesday d/lernoon in celebration of his eighth bir- Tlic program for the colonial revue ai the Hltz theater tomorrow evening,, between the two shows of the regular performance, been completed. The local U. D. C. Is sponsoring the affair which will Include f. display o[ interesting heirlooms owned by Mississippi county residents. The opening scene will Ix: of morning dresses of long a«o. IJar- bara Jane Monagban, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Moiiaiit.nn, will wear a dress her grandmother wore wlren four years of age. Miss Mars' Blanche Guy will wear a wrapper worn by her grandmother In inscn will wear the eiadiiatlon dress 01 Mrs. Hoy Walton and Miss liclly McCutehen will model a trousseau frock belonging to !{-.s. Walton. Mrs. Baker Wilson's Rriitidmcll'cr, Mrs. Crows, us a brlJe In 1HBO. won 1 the dress to IK shown by N?.";; W. J. WntKicrllcli. J Mrs. Wathcn I'rewltt. or Osreota. will wear her own wedding dress of light blue tnlfeta which siu wore In 190T in l/>xlni;U)!i, Ky. The program '.viH b? interspersed with dance spfclaltles given by pupils of Miss Margaret Mollilt. liil Clianiblln mid Cccllc Wollort have leading roles In which these the mornings of 1880. u is o[ red i children will also parllclrj.ili-: Vlv- ca&hnwre with a long train ond a Ian. Lynch, Dftle Howard. Ciwen- watteau pleat down the tack. An- dolyn Clayton. Hull] Williams other wrapper of the aarnu period I Adcle George, Meredith Graham which belonged to the sister of the late W. M. Taylor, will be worn by Mts. Rcnkcrt Wctcnknmp. Marjo- Potey Driver. Glcmln Marie Max well, Laura, Neville Mass. Hal) Gene Wunderlleh, IVarl Cartwiiijlu Steam Pressure Cooker Is Best for Vegetables J rie Warren will model a dress worn Mnrthu Jane UarUvi-lghl. Earl by Mrs. Hoy Walton In the mom-1 Brunt Icy and Olivia Graham. Ings as n bride In 1900. i In the afternoon scene of a parlor In a colonial home, mere orate dresses will be shown. Miss Patty Shnne, president of the Children of the Confederacy, will wear | tire wedding gown worn by Mrs. CARUTHERSVfLLE, Mo. —An- James B. Clark's mother In Una "ounccinenl Momluy of the mar- ah- Marriage of Pemiscot Couple Is Announced thday. Mr. and Mrs. Banifter, Harold Halites, Rodney Stcrnberg and Samuel F. Norrls accompanied the bo's to Armorel where they went lor a swim In the lake. I/itcr they played baseball and other sanies in Ihe Halncs' yard. Ham sandwiches, coca colas, Ice . rrpam and a birthday cake w.-re :Ecrvcd. * • • M»jr Brnkfasi Given. . There were 175 guests at the annual M»y Breakfast given by the . Woman's Missionary society of the t^MBthodlst church this moru- on thc'lauTi of the U. s. Dran; son home.. A southern menu was served at small tables under the large trees. Garden flowers were used as centerpieces for the tables. Proceeds from the affair will be placed In the general treasury. aud again by Mrs. Clark, when a rlil 8C of Miss Kileen O:ites, Hnyli. bride. The cros-Braln cream col- n '"l Mr - Fr«l Chann of Ihls city, ored silk Is trimmed In i>earl pas- cflmc us " complete surprise. They semcnlcrlc and Duchess lace with " n<i ke Pl- l*c wcildlng secret more 1C yards of silk in the dress. Miss " mn six months, The ceremony look Ruth Secoy will wear her mother's l' llu:c November 19. last year, at wedding dress. Miss Mnurluc Pi B8 ot '. Ark. Branson will wear Ihc dress worn The uri <le Is Ihe daughlcr of Mr. ind Mrs. Sid I'. Dales. She was a member of the junior class this year, and is one of lliiytl'r, most popular young Indies. Mr. Chninin, Ihc son of Mr. and Mi's. John Clmflin of (his city, wab graduated from lh? Cumthcr.svllle hlga school with the ctuss or .._ Since 1523 he has been associated with The Republican, local news paper, al the present lime serving as linotype operator. They will mnkc their home In ItiL city. Manila Society — Personal Mrs. Claude King of Little Hock s the house guosl of Miss Georgia .<T Stuart. They were class mates it Ciulloway College. Searcy. Mrs. 'Jlydo Wilson of Memphis was tlic ;uest of IIIT daughter. Miss Nci- !e Lylon Wilson, Sunday. Mrs. Louis Townscncl and little •an, Wowlle Mack, of Joncsboro, were the gucsU; of Mrs. Flcemnn he past week. Miss Chlcc Scoll, who has been L'itltlng In Memphis the past month, was home for the week-end Ihc guest of Mr. and Mrs Albert Scolt. Mrs. J. W. Moore was the hon- orc nl a surprise parly last Thursday evening when Mrs. G. O. Stuart, Mrs. Myrtle Pearson, and i Miss Jeanne Downing entertained i In honor of her birthday. Mrs. Moore and her husband, the Rev. J. W. Moore returned from n visit lo flml their home filled with ends. Beautiful gifts were pre- iilcd to Mrs. Moore. Miss Martha yllic is at home with her par- Is. Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Moore, ter a six-weeks term at Stale ollege, Joncsboro. J. M. Hutton us surprised Sunday at noon hen about forty of lib friends relatives gathered to eat u Bits oj Nttis Mostly Personal by Ihe sister of Ihe late W. M. Taylor when 'she attended the inaugural ball of President Grover Cleveland. Another dress, owned by Ihe same woman, will lie worn by Miss Nina Barnes. Mrs. Edward Scgraves, of Lux- ore, formerly Miss -Margaret Cross of this city, will wear the dress she wore two weeks ago at her wedding, which was her mother's bridal dress. The gown worn by her maid of honor and by her mother. Mrs. Herman Cross, when maid of honor in her sister's wedding in Union City, Tenn., 21 years ago will be worn by Miss Martha Lee Hall. A gown of '80 style will 1» worn by Miss Anna Margaret Wood, of Luxorn, What a well dressed we- man wore to church in 1903 wil be shown by Miss Ruth Diltolmnty. The wedding gown worn by Mrs. Lyman Morris of Osceola anil Bly- tr.evlllc, mother of Mrs. Joe P. Pride, in 1879 Is to be worn by Miss Evelyn Smart. Miss Virginia Martin will wear ttie dress worn by the late Mrs. C. J. Crane in 1896. n bouflnnt frock of white china silk nnd leg o'niiil- tou sleeves which was all the rage at that lime. The bridal dress of Mrs. F. c. •Morris of Osceola, the wife of the Rev. F. c. Morris who was the first Presbyterian minister in Mississippi county, win be worn by her great granddaughter, Miss lileclra Semnics Buck, ot Osceola. This will be one of the oldest gowns shown. Miss Adele Hook, of Oscenb, will wear a dress of blue laflcta worn Demonstration Club News Notes Milton Allenberg. oi Memphis, returned home today after spending a short tune with Mrs. Alicnbcrg't father, B. H. Levy. Mrs. Spurgeon S. Patterson nnd daughter, Vivian, have returned to their home In Birmingham. Ala., after several weeks visit with Mrs. Patterson's mother, Mrs. W. T.Und Half Moon Club. The Half Mocn home demonstra lion club met Thursday at the horn or Mrs. IS. F. Gay. Rcporls>of l\om work were given by each depart inflnt-. i\^rs. Ethul Ijanc Rod(or< representing Miss Corn Lee Cole man, gave a demonstration in niak ing strawberry Jelly. Two ne members u-ere enrolled. The ho. tesses, Mrs. Gay, Mrs. Wilma Pec p!es. Mrs. Earl Walker and Mr U. 0. Duck served sandwiches, ice lea and cookies. rlhday dinner and lernoon with him. spend the Having necessary equipment on ba nd, as shown here, is the first essential of sac ctssful canning. Mrs. Dan B. Dodd, Miss Dellal ike. Arnold Phillips, and Freddie owell entered State College Mon:iy for n six-weeks term. Mr. and Mrs. Galnes W. Hcrron ere, In Coin-Hand, Miss., for the •cek-cnd. Mr. ami Mrs. Cllvc lUitlon had < dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Irs. Barney Threlkeld, Miss Mnr- hn niylhe. Miss Dellnl Mike, Miss Inrlha Matthews. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Aslmbraniier, Rev. and Mrs. . W. Moore. Mrs. Cora Dalton! Mrs. Myrtle Brown. Mrs. Irta Aslmbraniier and Miss Stella Mathews. The Woman's Missionary Society net al the home of Mrs. Mac Flec- nnn last Prltlny. An interesting program was conducted by Mrs A T. Pierce. Whether you are canning fruits or vegetables <tr both, Ihe first re- rriiulmiicnl is to have ready all the necessary equipment. What the equipment is, and how to uii< it most cffertively in putting up your nrcdncc Is ilcsi-rllwd by Mary E. n.igue in (he accompanying arti- I'le, Ilic lirst of a series of bix on J. R. Hasting Victim of Sudden Heart Attack STEELE, Mo.—Funeral services ivcie held Sunday al. the home cf Mr. and Mrs. n.. R. Marshall-'for the la tier's fiilher', J. R. Hasling 02, who died of a sudden heart attack Friday. Mr. Hnslmg's wife preceded him hi death three weeks. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. R. R. Marshall of Stceie and- Mrs. Elsie folk of Collinsvillc. 111., one son, Arvlc; n sislcr and two biolhcrs. BV MARY DAGV'K ! NEA Service SlafI Writer To can or not to can is the mies- lion that confronts many homemakers as the rrults and vegetables come into their prime. Big luscious strawberries.fragrant and Kol- <len pineapples, thick, succulent as- jparagus and on through the season, each Iruit and vegetable just as sweet and crisp, crying 'out to be canned and preserved for use next winter. It's no wonder that ti'e urye lo can fills the heart, of every home-keeping woman. Yet there some who find it quite Impracticable to can anything but fruits and prnd on what you can. Fruits and iomatoos may be canned in severs ways successfully. The hot-watc bath caiiner, a "water-less cooker,' a steamer or a heat-controlled oven and Ihc tict-pack method of car Ing insure good results. The hot water bath canners, steamers an _ "waterless cookers" can be bough i in most home-furnishing stores anc are available in various sizes. The home-canning of non-acl vegetables such as peas, bean added to each pint jar of aspwra-1 gus, string b«ans, peas, greens and' corn makes it possible lo can fresh perfect vegetables without danger of spoilage. Corn requires two tea- ipoons lemon juice to a pint. Tills a slightly acid flavor when he jar is op/;icd for serving, but 1-8 teaspoon soda added with the seasoning when the vegetable is reheated neutralizes the acid most satisfactorily. The other vegetables, which do not pack as closely in jars, require less lemon Juice and tre flavor cannot be detected. Successful canning depends on the principle of sterilization. Food which has been made sterile must be kept so and the efficiency of these processes is the answer to the canning problem. In addition lo me necessity of temperature which will kill germs and perfect, complete scaling to keep out germ-laden air several other factors must be considered In the work ol canning. I'ick Sound Materials I want to repeat that canning 1 rlws not in any way improve the uality of the product canned, •mils and vegetables »-hich were Id and tasteless before canning ill be just tir<t way after can- IE. Produce which is bruised •c speckled has begun to be attack- d by bacteria which Is not <ic- roycd in the sterilization of caning. Consequently only s o u n A esh materials should ever be mned. Fruits and vegetables canned in lass should be stored in a dark lace. Light will cause the foods o lose their color, which of course detracts from their appearance 'lien served. The temperature at which canned vegetables are stor- d is also important, since it has a pronounced effect on the kecp- ng qualities. Store them in as :ool a place as possible, preferably between 45 and 60 degrees F. A canning budget will help you to decide how much to expect' from a bushel of fruits and vege- j tables and how much you will need. Unless you can buy shipped foods during ihe winter months, you wilt have to rely on canned products \ to a great extent. This will de- • termlne your needs: One Production Chart bushel berries should 18 quarts or 36 pints. yield One bushel peaches, 18 quarts or 36 pints. One bushel ]»ars. 18 quarls or 3(5 plnis. One bushel plums, 20 quarts or 40 pints. One bushel beans (lima unshelled), 10 quarts or 20 pinis. One bushel beans (green or" "string"), 15 quarts or 30 pints. One bushel corn (husltcd), 6 quarts or 12 pints. One bushel peas In (lie p:d, 10 quarts or 20 pints. Fifteen |»unds spinach. 5 quarto or 10 pints. One bushel tomatoes 16 quarts | or 32 pints. The skill with which the can is !>acitcd, the size of tlie pieces and the quantity of syrup or juics has i a direct, bearing on ihe number of jars which can be produced. NtXT: Canning Fruits. Bunn to Address Reunion OSCEOLA, Ark.. May 23—J. D. Bunn of Osceola. deputy grand master of Arkansas Masons, has been invited lo s!>eak on ihe program at the old Mason's reunion to "IK heldi] at Marshall. Ark., on June 2. subject will be "Why : Am a Ma-1 THOUSANDS OF WOMEN SAY HAS HELPED THEM Factory Authorized FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frigidaire Parts Factory Trained Mechanics Reasonable Charges Day 67 -Phone- Night 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 467 Main St., Blytlicville spinach and so forth in volves a situation to which yo should give considerable thought. It is almost impossible to effect adequate slcrilization of these vegetables by ordinary inctiiods of canning. Stale universities all over the country as well as the United States Deparlmcnt of Agriculture recommend that all vegetables canned at home—witli the exception of tomatoes—be canned in a steam pressure cooker. However ,if you do have your own garden and want to csn these '.one Oak Club. There 'was an all day cunning spinach and mustard at the Ij Onk community kitchen Monday mid the home demonstration club met in the atlerncon with 14 members present. Mrs. Matlic Hucy. of Osceola. The "reception" dress of Mrs. Mary Meadows, of Luxorn, in 1840 will be worn by Miss Mary Kalh- criue Uillnhunty. Mary Adah Rob- Oberst. Mrs. Elton W. Klrby hi 111 at her *ome on Chickasawba avenue. Mrs. H. Highfill is visiting in Trenton, Tenn., and Memphis. Mrs. Frank Highflll is spending a week in Kennctt, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon spent yesterday in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Higginson, Mrs. Marcus Evrard and son Joe. and Miss Ola Bob Harris arc spending today in Memphis. •Mrs. C. M. Smith Jr.. late of Waco. Tex., who Is moving to Hikes- ton, Mo., is the guest of her sister. Mrs. Max B. Reid, and family. Miss Eiisc Moore will leave tonight for Banning Cal., where she will spend the summer, she will • also visit other points of interest in the west. The condition of Mrs. -C. C. Langstou, who is 111 at ths Memphis Baptist hoUital. is serious and a blood transfusion was to te given this afternoon. The Rev, E. K. JLatimer, her brolhcr-ln-law. ,ln 1859 by Mrs. Mollic Wilks Bow-i president, presided. 'Reports en, mother of Mrs. TL Joplin Hale.j made by Mrs. Lawrence Powell, secretary, and plans were made for flooring and screening the kitchen. Quarterly Conference STEELE. Mn.-The Hcv. R. H. Klelscr. presiding elder of the •Caiio Glrnrdeau district, held tlic (luarlerly conference al the Mclh- orttst church here Sunday for the Slcclc-Ilolhiiid rhanie. lie preached before a largo crowd from Holland and stccle. Mr. Lnngslon went down tcdny. Mrs. Lloy<l Wise spent the lirsl of Ihe week in St. Louis. Pally Ann Green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Green, who lias ixwn tinito ill al St. Joseph's hes- ptlal. Memphis, after an operation for appendicitis, is now much bct- I'allbearcis were M. D. Courtney, J. N. Maxwell. J. R. Morgan, R. E. Fiakes. Dock Curry nnd Cecil Campbell. Interment wns at Ml. Zion cemelcry. Lone Oak News A large audience attended church Sunday wlicti the Rev. J. L,. Pinkston. pastor at Holland. Mo., de- i ",• i •••!!£ u IIL 11 u no tuiu ; " lo "put up" preserves Jellies and' s ,°- cfl!1 «d non-acid vegetables and pickles. . >*« f e el that you can'l invesl in a Of course, it's wise economy, to' s - l e , a m P rc ^u^ cooker, you can the garden's surplus, if "that' lree '^ hc I)0 t-™ter cnnner provid- gardcn happens to be your own or'V,' s , 5 V' k Lakpr certain precautions, of you can go lo a big (ruck garden nnd know exactly how fresh your fruit and vegetables are. I cannot emphasize tco strongly the necessity of freshness in fruils and vegetables, particularly vegetables thai arc wanted for canning purposes. Furthermore, the stage of ripeness of all produce is most important. Remember that canning never improves a fruit or vegetable, ro you want to can il at its tenderesi and sweetest if you want to capture and keep this quality for your pleasure next winter. Tropcr t'.nniing equipment If you must Hvered [ "Until, a sermon on the subject A Model Mother." The i children g:i v c a program in the afternoon. The missionary society met Monday afternoon at the church with 13 members present. Mrs. Lawrence Powell gave the devotional. Plans were mad to clean and work in the church flower garden. I Kcnd Cornier Nev.'s Want Afls. . It has\becn found that the addition of. a little acid aids in the preservation" of Ihese vegetables without .seriously affecting the flavor of ttye canned product. From one to twoi teaspoons lemon juice Bon't fiamWe On Relief Wlwa CONSTIPATED In spile o( Ilic Utl'iTi.Ll Fcen-a-mijitis the gnillrst, tmlilt?*t !5nd nice.U-lo-l.ike liSiilivi-, il IIM ml ru\lion—ndinn Ihsl B«itl.v li'it'AnmujM/s^cpspoi.-cjiisfroti] yunr .vyslrrn—clratun the walU of III- But- granted that you are position to can. then'you must decide just what you are going to can and just how you arc going to <lo i;. First of al! BE READY. Have your cans, tops uml rubbers and your canning equipment j n the house ready to use. Your canning equipment, will de- THE HODSC THAT FLIT SPRAYS Ail ClEAH CF Wi5 A-Oi*staS Bhie Star KHFs Itchy Ringworm No waitrn«l Bhe Star Qinlmenl mtllS; sending tested medicines , deep into skin pores *here it ends 1 itching by killing the germs of ringworm, rasb, tetter, eczema and loot rich. Very soothing. Quick and sure, Pkacut in odor.(adv.) M^^ef-S'y&A-^. PRESCRIPTIONS Compounded by roistered Pharmacists—Using Only Pure, High Grade Drugs. Your Doctor Will Recommend Fowler Drug Co. R. N. Hill - - J. M. Fowler Registered Ph«rm> cists WHY NOT TRY THIS MODERN METHOD OF SOLVING THE INSECT. PROBLEM? I tiomanH* of homcwivcs me Mil not on!r hrfau«r it Wp* thrir lioinri frrr of Hirty, annoying hnf5 and imr<-l«, Imt licrnntK it MVCS thtm mi>ii<-y. Thrir homer »rc free from ninths »liit-h roin rxpen- five rfothrs ; mid f i cr, from »nt» and rn:irlir> which spoil rosily f«Ml. Thry irr»r rJK-h rixim from altic lo rcllai, kcrii il ihitl I if 111 for fuc miniilr* — nnil nil iniwct jtcsU »re (tone. Kirt only lh«l. hut Hit quick); Hi»pH« rnokinK fxlors. RcincmW, Hit i? solil xith a numcj- liack guarantee. "^° ^^p _ _ ^^^ SPRAY AND POWDER COSTS SO \ITTll • |T DOIf SO^MUCH oil.aolvcilry wnsk-nullcr. - .-unlrmis a l.i.vilivu inprnlicntj that the ivorlil s grr:il»t plivairunA appruvc. Don't suffer "l.ivilivedrt-;!,!." "JWjy" iliinsrroiu. Clipu-inli-lirioHjFccriwi-nii lliecliewmRpjin l.-iJiilireCni nnd K" on iilioul j-dtir luKiiicsj. Isc n Went ilriljjgisls cv'rn ivlicrc. CORRECTION Through error of the Courier News our advertisement of last night carried an item featuring ,66c Pique Dresses whereas the following item should have appeared. PRINT DRESSES Pretty new prints y in blues, reds, greens, polka dots, small checks and floral designs with organdy trim, choice 63c Sizes 14 to 20 and 36 to 52 G RABER DEPT. STORES S /i .., j COMING TO OSCEOLA r 28 LINEN COMFORT Your linen suit is jusl as cool if H fits. Our special hand finishing process gives your suit that tailored shape so essential (o style anrl comfort. No twisted lining\3, no "lumps" . . . Nothing ftut a perfectly fitting, comfomable suit. " \ You will find that your likens arc returned to you whiter and retain Khei^ freshness longer when cleaned IW' Unique way. ) Pt> tone Unique C "Rait eaning Service es the Standard'

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