The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press THE UOMIMAKT NEWSPAPER OF NOUTHBABT ARKANSAS AND SODTHEA3T MISSOUKI NEWS HOMEEDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 290 niylhevllte Courier, Hlythevillc Herald. Blythevllje Dally Nc'vs, Mississippi Valley leader. P.LYTMKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, KKHKUAKY 21, 1931 For Mankind Aees Hence o Divector Would Lei .Every Household Make Liquor Without Interference. WASHINGTON. Feb. 21 lUP)--: Two large Uoxtu of evidence and; testimony upon which tlic Wickersham commission in part based: Its prohibition report were in [he' possession of the senate tcday, ami contain among many things: 1. Prohibition Director Wcod- ctx-'k'o "confession that prohibition cai:r.ot- prohibit." 2. Mrs. Mnble Walker Wille- braudl's legal opinion that sec-i lion 20 of the Volstead act. represented the "thought of congress to lift the heavy hand of the Voi- • stead act from Interfering with! family habits so for as possible." | 3. Testimony of a dozen leaders: lirard In u single day against pro-1 hibitlon as nmv commuted, : 4. Special Investogator Henry S. j Dennison's statement that "there, had not been yet any true test! of prohibition laws." | 5. Reports of enforcement con-1 dttions in 32 states. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 18 Indicted In Asheville Bank Cases ASllKVHI.R, N. C., Feb. 21 j •-Im'li'iincms were returned, by Uw * . HuMcoinljc ccnnty ^rtind J'.iry to: "Ccin" Harvey Devoting "'»' »« 1>1 " S ' slx f ' r ;"",<;<>• '""' ; P. I- • . t • n " ccuniy olflrera nnil 13 tankers. Declining icnrs to ryra-l ciuiBinu misappiicnuon mui mis ! • I , !t,i . M j aiipioprinllcn <if public funds and at IVlontC l\e. violation of the stale bunking law. Th? indictments me an (ml- •I he Next'"First Lady"? i Jly MIA Service i V.ONTB NE. AvVl. Feb. 2!.--Ap' Coin" llnrvny is (jolnc to firuwth of extensive bank fiiiluu'.s lust N' vnnber and bor which left tl:,' public Iwnsiuy praclinilly ranpi-tc ihc iiynimid lu' Isj^mply. ercciini* it; a dying civilization ;niil. ,' — i ilhe Ktn<? Tut. leave inessar^s to be ', rod by men thousands of years : after hK de'ith. "Coin" H.irwy U nn 80-year-old 'political .-H-unumist who laiujhl Will-run Jfnniirfs Brvan nbriil free , silver. Hi;- mil name Is William i ll;oe Ilurvi-y The dying clvlll^i- • lion u-f'.-rii'd lo is—according lo ! llarv,y-,!,, United States of A»-| Aprrova j Given TeilllCSSeO 1-or years Hnrvoy l«.s lived i»r a] Rj vcl . p owev P,- o jecl W ro:l cf harniH in this Isolated sei:-! • ' J House rviday. . lion cf the O/iirks; and for ycar.s ' he has been t'l'sr'sed by the Idea nf •, raising u vus'. pyramid. King Tut | fashion, tc prer?rvi ¥ for future yon- j orations thoiisaivis of years hence the hhlory of thc United Stales \ and an outline of Ihc forces which = he frcis sure will raiise Ilie United ThT matei-tnl i "vras submlUed ;,,j wlmaln H - Harvey—tnc famous "Coin" Harvey of a bygone day— | Slates' collapse long Vrfore that response to a resolution offered'.' 5 shown above with his rare memorial which he is .building to: j • Recently Harvey frll sick. When WASHINGTON. Feb. 21 (Ul>> — Senate- leaders have aprced to postpone until Monday consideration of (he Muscle Shoals project approved yesterday l)y the house. The bill sets up a federal cor[io- ] ration to operate the power plant; at Wilson dam, construct the Cov; by Senators Tydlngs. Democrat, house thc records of our presfnt civilisation for the benefit of men' , M ' ^irki^s-, is serious ! " l >V1 "W Maryland. In compliance with the: ,, lml , nl)t , s o f years from MOV;. The photograph shows the pa,t al- ' nnd it looi-.-d for a lime as if his'""" <f",' 1" Tennessee and build expressed privilege staled in the; readv compMc[i . thf al . tist . has , kelc . h , d in thc 1K . 0| , osa| pvramK1 , pvnmW mnst go imccnipletwl. But| Ir: " lslm5sion 1|11 « l ° curr > for which the base has already been laid. ! ncw hs is 'Covering, and thc —- ' resolution. Absolute Prohibition Impassible , Chairman Wickersham infcnnedj the senale in -a covering letter j dial much of the information ob-| tained in confidence !>ad been withheld. This unrevealed material ap-! parentiy lnducF;d Jloitimony of | Secretary of Treasury Mellon, As-; sfslant Secretary Lowman, former; prohibition administrator Doran | and Attorney General Mitchell, i They were noc represented among- the 42 items sent lhe senate. j Woodcock's "confession," which! ho conceded v.'culd FLASHES KIDNEl'EU FOUND SPENCER, la., Feb. 21 (LI 1 ) — Orvillc V.'liiskev, soujlit siniv Oc- Hber 21 for the IdUnaping of Earl Yokunt, Illinois banker, ivas artesttd here today uy Charlc.s ? challenged.; Nash. Henry couniy, III. sheriff in no wise represents an opinion j and' a deputy. by him that the prohibition -?x-j ---- perlmint must fail. He contended further that prohibition cannot actually and completely prohibit con- iumptlqn of .alcoholic beverages. He suggested recognition of this! fact in the .'federal enforcement; policy by a system of what he I termed "home option." With spec-j iflc qualifications "horn? option" j would permit the manufacture and! consumption of liquor by anyj household without molestation.! t-liapcll had increased lo 30. Woodcock suggested this mlsliLj ~ ~ prove the final solution of prohi- tVJaj'fch Third LaSI Date bition. After outlining what prohibition could and could not bc expected j MELBA GHAVELEY ILI, SYDNEY, Australia, Feb. 21 (UP)—Thc condition nf Dame \cllic Mclb.i, famed prirra don- na, remained grave . lotiay. THIRTY DEA0 IN 'MINE BER1,1N, Feb. 21 [Ul'l — The (its mm I pletion of his memorial will be his .' one ci/jcrt wl--?n lie gels back on [ his feet again. . lias Spent SIO.OCO So far he has spent more than ! S10.0C.O on it.. The foundation fer the pyramid is complete—a sil- Id bed of limestone that will last tunnel has divert- of a mountain stream, so that erosion will not. in ' ihc co-.irs? of centuries, wear the first right to surplus power. To Lease Nitrate Plants , Eleven 'Appropriation Bills Passed, Numerous New Bills Heard... - LITTLE ROCK', FCb, 21, (UP) — The lower house.'-of the - general , assembly (cday adopted .11 appro- jpilutlon bills mid heard Introduced I more than a score of measures. I mostly of minor Importance.' . | The session 'was delayed .from . time to time when it became neces- j snry for tlie speaker to call repre- [ sentatives into the house from i corridors In order to maintain a , [|uorum. .A : number, of members filed absentee votes oil appropriation mcp-sure'i. ° ;Only Iwo of tlip bills adopted met opposition. A ine'turn'rc to apprpprl- ;ate funds for the erection , of h healing .plant at Montlccllo; A. and M. college by borrowing} from fluids already appropriated, for the cciistrucllon of ti hospital .fpr=nery-: mis diseases; wtis.^opposed: : by' sev- eiiil members istylng the niohey sh'culd noi be taken from the'hos- pitnl fund." --";'•' - . • H was polnlrd .out that it was merely a lonn, secured by a inlllaje. tax and could be repaycd before the ir.uicy wa? needed .for the construction of the hospital. School Money Volcd Approprlaiioiis for the next bl- Mrr. Frunklln 1). Kooscvcll Mrs. Dwijhl W. Morrow ennii.l prriod (or. Arkansas Poly| technlc college and for Arkansas It's pretty-early to be forecasting now. bul one of these ladies mtiy Stale college were Included In bills istress of the White House, since their husbands Democratic mid Republican presidential nominations In 1932. Mrs. fnv nvramid down. An amphitheater . Failure to lease the nitrate plants • l^socen built faclne the »te. Tlie within 12 months leaves them ^to The president Is given wide bc lhc uov,c-rs to nrgollatc a lease for the nftrate plants. The lessee would be 1 are nl 'Cady prominently mentioned as likely candidates for the £61d power on condition that not ~ l;ss than ! 85 per cent be used In producing fertilizer. Other pro- duels could bo manufactured with thr remaining 15 per cent but not on government property. passed. All of the measures prcv- loiis'.y had been adopted by thc senate and now go. to the governor for his approval. Roosevelt Is the wife of New York's Democratic governor, while i A near record was established Mrs. Morrow Is thc wife of Senator Morrow of New Jersey a lead- '" lllc '"°rnlng session when 23 Ing Republican. ' hl1 ' 5 wcrc »««><l»ccd in 45 minutes. 13 MI- • v;- • . Kui'al Missouri Winning base cf the shaft, cf reinforced Wide Support. KENKET, Mo., Feb. 21—Langtiou Jones for governor of Missouri Is .concret?. is nearly completed, and :n t!ie spring Harvey hopes to Bet hii?v on the main part. When finished, the pyramid will a mixture of steel and concrete, Hie suggestion heard a* frequent 131 feet high- The base, resting intervals throughout Southeast. His- s::-:rply on the llmeslons ledae, Is f.ourl by, Democratic leaders, and; ft vVJf.V Square -blcrfc 11..fect hlsh. farm-r.s fc' Jcno's battle in On top of it will he a massive _ . , the Missouri lesislalurc where ho 'H'.r.'.w( 32 ff^t. cquarc and 35 Esc.uveilcr mme maiiafreitiEnt to- | , s rcpreEenlini Dun i;]j n counly j,i feet high. Above this the shaft n ; ght -announced the death toll a ng!)t , ns , what _ hc t! , rro , .. b; , ..,,!, i apcr llpwB V(l f-r 85 feet. trcm a pit explosion n?ar Aix La busine'S' - -., A Record for thc AECS lor Baying Auto Tags Jones is charging trie large busi-- At ihe very top there will be - a ness houses of lhe metropolitan n'.r'il P'alc with this inscription: centers of Ihe state with sseking "When this can be read, go be- to livoid the payment of their just !o»- nnd find a record of and the riare of taxation. He has served cause of death of n former civlll- j notice on them (hat they, can either ration." to achieve the prohibition director 1 LITTLE DOCK. Ark- — In ex-! pay or "leave the state." Jones Ge-looists have assured Harvey wrote, "I therefore suggest In rea-] tending lo .March ' 3rd the period } is "leading a movement embracing tr.a: in thi course of thousands of soning which has much sophistry.; for .-obtaining 1931 motor vehicle al! rural. Missouri calling for an v «rf. erosion will have filled ims> but a gleam of common sense and I Iic3nses without penalty. Governor equal distribution of taxation' mountain valley with earth, ine of prophecy of whal may be thej Pafnell yesterday announced that ti.rcughout the state that will re-. I" cf tn " pyramid is just- calcui- fmal evolution of this troublesome l no further extension w-iuld be: move Ihe bnriien from th; small j Bted to hrc . ak '"""'Sh l nc _ .''"'__ question, not state, counly or dis- madj. the government corporation for the production of fertilizer.' The senate will continue today consideration of the naval appropriations bill. • Prepare Bonus Veto "i The veteran's loan bill went the rounds .today. £rks read lllcm _.[ !1 rapid order and they .were referred • to proper committees almost before their voices ha<j died away; They Arkansas to Get Food from State of Washington 1 ^ Following adoptlon;of the bills WASHINGTON Pph 91 (TlPl *-M»«/WIIIB UUU^\.IULI ui LUC unia. pay freight lo Arkansas, are .™\^^^ j$g of government departments: W/;l • i collecting arguments, why WlCKersnam ..,._..,.. ''preslldenrHooverdisDarched lt| ^ dl . tl0n ln ^" IS State , SalTiJaaTij "c Couch" Atko'nsM' ™ a < 1 '- The vote was 60 to 32,' but to.the department heads for of-| bubmitted to Senate. /i ^ cro' s rlircctor had hifnrrticd the cmcrc'cncy claus^carrlcd Hi tho'" ncial reports before wntliiE an up-| _^ him (hc . fmd woul(1 b( , recclv . cd bill passed with the necessary two-""' parentiy futile veto message upon, WASHINGTON. Feb- 21 (UP)- 1 Caraway 'will he had wired Ihc ! thirds .majority. It. probably next Tuesday or Wed- varying degrees of prohibition en- Seattle Washington Star for ill nesday.. the forccn'ont In 32 states were reveal- name of the railroad which was ,- .vt.k^ll .;l>l ILI lit. OLIU.L3 »H--1 I; lu>Lal- .....lit u. ».,k l,ll..u,.^ That the bill will be vetoed and| cd tcday ln thc report submlue d to now holding the food, the veto over-ridden by congress j the sclmte ns n t of lhc cv| . before March < now seems as " fore gone conclusion. trict, but home option." Would Avoid Objections "Any oC the other plans of settlement leave a troublesome and die hard minority. Home about the .same as individual o; ion, eliminales lhe minority. l-.i pointed cu; thr.t the time has of it on in; >;?en extended five time 1 -. He said | industrialist. larmsr and place a greater part i -iepoilt: and some day. ™my aitqs capitalist and large : hence. IIP thinks s-me wandering 0. C. Barnes to Speak at Lake Street Church The ricn and boys of tile Lake Street Methodist church will be in dene,? on which the Wlckersham C'lrmlsslon based Its report on the dry law. The rcorts were based on surveys mode by attorneys of thc federal prohibition bureau early last vear. The ^it-; surveys included IhR following observations: ' Arkansas, the investigator found he had consijprcd It his duty to : I:1 3 ., n ddve:s delivered to mem- .- .;-,., , ,., ..,„ extend thr pcr!-d during the cold'. |-- rs O r th« state 'C-nat- and at-- l' :alc - nirl be intrl = nccl thereby. ' - ' - " " " ' °' hraian is'apt to pass by. find the I charge 'of the church service Sun-] o ndUlcr.s "especially ba .-tip of the pyramid with its met?l|,jay evening when O. C. Barnes! s^ral bordering c-untic. lilt Ilk. t^llhvt 4UU11U p _ , ^,| "especially bad in the iam Vjl'imCS to LlOSe months but -.vith the approach of spring and the necessity of c'ilect- j^ ci by more than 1.COC from ri:ral Missouri per-' "It could be put into effect by | lca(1 construction ^program going.; cvo ! ;e .j a simp'c administration policy to " !e time can no'." make no effort to overcome dif-|' ,,,.. pam;]i ^ ^ ^^ — .. . _,. the principal speaker. P. B. By that lime, Harvey bclicvos. all | j ftrr(: tt Is to bc in cliarge wlf.i mcn-.erv of th« prfsent clvllizatlMij Ivan jjrnticy sponsoring thc music. '" *" A feature attraction, will he the will luvc vanished from the earth. But people will Investigate the ' ' " ft-ill (,-.dig s of favorite songs. the Mississippi river and also in counties nsar the Texas and Oklahoma state lines." Illicit distilling was to lie central through the Czark regions "wher,3 moonshlnlng Provisions of Bill ' "•' , Thc bill provides an.increase of one cent on the present five-cent ensollne. tax. The additional revenue will be divided among' the counties on o basis of one-third on area, one-third on population nnd ! one-third upon ths number of I registered motor vehicles.' ' The money will go to : the retirement of road bonds, street and j bridge bonds and to construction | purposis, chiefly fafm-to-market „ . in : A ' tcr passlnii the "Re-no divorce Business and Become b!ll," postponiuj indefinitely a con- r 1 , A i vi --rc^sionnl reapportlonmcnt bill by Last Arkansas Manager. Sennlor chancy, and deferring un: til Monday afternoon 'consldcra- Mcrger of the Grimes Lumber tion of a resolution to halt the' was a hl'hly specialized profession company with the East Arkansas bulldinj program of the state hos- nmong- hill people before thc Civil Lumber company hjre was nn-,pn n i for nervous diseases and split war. . nounced tcday by J. w. Tricsch-. the S3,250,OJO fund with schools, W , "If he fails in a single public: j -- 5 - ^, • f * duty, breaks thc public peace ini WASHINGTON, Feb 21 (UP>—| : e -'- i »««-cs_<Or any v:ay, fails ;o take care of his; fmicn-i the information obtained: family or fails to ke:p himself fit I by the Wickcrshnm commission i lo perform any public duty, lhe! before msking its report on prom-! state steps in ana punishes. This I bition was that numerous farmers States ns it is fday. There willi j n? spice in front of the -. .. . , _ . also U' a 3M--.vord book by Hnrvevl ; v - 0 |,i c Thur:day nisht. LJuCiiCV inrant ioday himiclf. outllninj the appearance of t'.ie forces which, he believes, will •al services were held this eventually caurv; lhe downfall of nfant American civilizafion- "I mate this suggestion as seem- matter Eubaiittcd yosterday inrly Icglcal. but v;hich may run! senate. counter to (he fundamental pr.ln- ] ciple of government the.t any plan SU..-,™ ^.ama ^omJlir n-iist be practical." | i5?I i/CS tiaffie i am fly Willcbramll for Wine '. Woodcock's attitude was partial-J larly Interestin; to the at Maple Orovo crmetcry. The i | Cobb Undertaking company was In , charge of funeral plans. ; h! 1 ; mcssascs. Harvey will put dti-; plicate copies of all of the records j In anolhcr ro'm in lhe pyramid.! Everything will-be protected against, dccsy" and destru^iion. All the ; », ., r. i Uner.inloymenl Unknown fi? Y03TS Uritil Death • T- • \-,l 1 '-iwcs of (h» l:onks and the news- OC. IvJlb unu\.u*.nu ja ^, ss ,- nar y \Vork; papers will to sealed in transpar- I . — . tnt coverInirs so that the paper, "^5 BOSTON, i UP)—The only "em- will b3 reserved. "XSt*^ $^\ %?& SS^'SSSS: Sf nuSfa ^L^rt ^.TSSt^ 2T fee "IS said Mr'. Wlllcbrandt, "to B lve to 5car . } ° " v.omnn Jou.iwllst- i Cleveland and Chicago practicing all the leniency. _^ I • the ns to fermented bcvcraccs in con-, tra-dlstincticn to brc-.-cd or dist:i- Gems V.'orlh SISM in Bottle MH.FORD. (UP) — Di?-! j law. He took up lhc Iwe silver Bgl- , u( , cn in ^ (nfancy nnd mc PKII AD^LPlllA. lUP) — Thei Its foremost advocate, writing a rc Ih: idea "--'I'llet <-a"ed "Ccin's Financial Hotel! wai s!li ' 1 lo lmve reported liquor Eas , violations nnd drlnkln; and thi Arkansas company here for i .ns nnd drinking decreased ura n]u , onc -i !a ] f y cars un( ] hasi v .in J n ( t\t many liquor rings were b , cll conn( ; C t cr i W lth thc company; iOUthBCUIKf UVCif iOr. broken up. The attorney pennral .„ ,.„,„„, ra p M m e3 for ia years. Offf'TiP Araina fiirl at Memphis thought the "better Busims5 „[",„, mcrgcd co j fala \ UUe.lSC AgaiHSt Uirl clns<; of voung ppop.-.: drln< more. , K - M te co , ldl!ctei i from t!lo 0( -! while the sheriff there ;aid could not see much decline drinking In Fsneral. Federal Man Here 'o Aid Local Income Taxpayers which name will be through the merger. Carl P. Schelbner. deputy in> terno! revenue collector, of Little i Reck, arrived here cday to assist ! citizens of this section in prcpara- t lien of federal Indira tax reports, j Mr. Scheibner wilt make his I headquarters al the county court- I hoirse here through Wednesday, ,, i Fr.b. 25th. On Thursday. Feb. 28th,; ' | he will bc at the Orerola court- flccs of the East Arkansas Lumber ! -"*n ^d. Clear Lake youth, company on Norlh Second street. I M3 fcound over to awnlt tho ac- retained llc " o! tne S'' anc ' J U1 T on a slal- ; utory cliarge by Justice Oscar AU ; csander Ihls morning. Ke was re« .. TJ;.I| i leased on- S500 bond. ruttrcil \V«1 ! Ford Is alleged to have commlt- HOI-A Mnnr1av :ied the offens c. against lhe per- nere monaay : S011 ot a 15 yeai Qia glrl , n the ' Clear Lake community. He did open here, licl p resen t any defense to th£ '°. r J - ^'-; charge at the hearing this morn- C . , court will •aragculd 0:1 the bench.! j^g. The two-day session Is lhe regular. February lerm of thc court. ; M«_,^L- MTi As usilol a numh?r of divorce mempniS W US actions will be heard by the Chan-: Hus'oantVs Sweetheart h-iise. The rcrviccs of the federal; A,,.t • _ D.I' „ U^M drpjitv are available without charge i Austrian rOHCe HOid for thosa who wlshsd to confer) with him. "Snoopers" Xothlni? New Albanian Plot Suspects;^; VIENNA, Feb. 21 (UP)—A group' t of 12 Albanians Including Hassan I MEMPHIS, Feb. 21 (UP)—A wo- i man who saw the love of her hus- i band being taken by a former was held In city likely charges of cut of a ------ — ..... — =-- /- ..... - ------. - , In the original charter of thc Bay. here last night.. No Storm Doors for Shrine ' PHILADELPfllA. (UP) - inde- i psnciencc Hall will be maintained »™'. tncn In Its original condition with no; Mmiln( Mbs MQdeIfne nnd fatally priatin? con- Martin Nel. pressman. She had been trail• e(] therg by Mrs Nelson who bero , e ! anyone In the printing concern i noticed, whipped out a small re- 1 ''" lvr ™'' " f ' Ve tir ~ S °' h " The galnso. or flyin? Isnmr. i i T!:e Pacific Ocean covers 68.000.- ! native of the Indian archipelago,; CCO mile;, the Atlantic 30.000,000. WEATHER inclined pl.ine. | over Niagara. been changes other than those of raster- uvit-A i_-.\t^wn.wii *..«/ - -•- . Known to ny across tne worth At- atlon, according- to the 20th an-i cause by Harvey's writings: nnd'lets next spring. She will be tnei |a| , |1( , cceon Hcccntly „ corraor . ntial report of thc Art Jury, sub-, In Korea. 1203 years ngo. vhon - MaTVoy WTOte a novel ,. A Ta ] c O f!cnly woman aboard lhe recondl-; ..„. shct , n M lnr , vt a tore a le?- milled lo Mayor Harry A. Mackey.; ARKANSAS-Cloudy win rain --"••- -- 1 -— — - 'In view cfj tonight end Sunday. Colder !r. 'the derll'.ird to ;oulh and southeast portion Sun- . , ... . . « said to be trie cliamplon jumper : 71. would take all the raa water In slaves wcre sold to new nu:t-:rs. , TWO Nations,"- In which the hero tioncd submarine Nautilus when ring showing that It had been The repcrt says that 01 animals, olearln? abiut 300 feel | (he world 2,000,000 years lo now an . Imprint of their thumb was I was modelled afler Bryan. For U'-£ It makes thc first exploring voyajc hatched out In Holland two years tills opinion, they have 0 . placed on the deed of transfer. (Continued on Page Five) of lhls\ kind In history. before. allow storm doers lo bc erected. | clay.

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