The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 5, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVIL-LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS M.OXPAY. MAY 5, 1917 White Sox Hold Lead in American Four Victories in : Row Bring Respect For Ted Lyons' Team By CO1INEMUS RYAN (Unilcil 1'rcss Spoils Writer) NEW YORK. May 5. — They laughed when the Chicago While Sox selllcd down lo play al being American League leader. Hut to- j day the Sox are I'-.- games in front ' of ^lic second-place Tigers and ridiiig a four-Maine winning streak, two from .the Yanks on Saturday and two from tin- Athletics on Sunday. Manager Ted Lyons and his crow, some of them very .-.canined veterans and some of them very excitable, rookies, have no special formula for winning. Lyons admits lie just calls for whal seems like a reasonable play In any given situation, and so Uir he's won 10 of 15 games, sometimes Hit: Sox win on pitching, like Thornlon Lee's seven-hit job Saturday or Orval Grove's four-hit 1 to 0 triumph over the A's in yesterday's second game. Other times ii's hitting, like the 10 to 3 job on the Yanks Saturday, or the 8 to 7 in st-game win over Philadelphia yesterday. Detroit. Cleveland, at Louis and Washington are olher While Sox victims, and the Red Sox haven't been met yet. In the 15 Barnes, op- ponenls have averaged 7-2-5 hits per game, and never have got move than 11 in a single conlest. Chicago's defense lias been good and at times spectacular, so Lyons' chief job is to coax some steady hitting out of his team. -Connie Mack "Pained" If he gels it. Ihe oilier teams In the le.igite will lose the last vestige of their grins. It was a pained Connie Mack who watched Jack Wai-' laesa, a former A, belt an eighth- i"iiin<r grand slam homer lo beat Philadelphia in-the first game yesterday. Luke Appllng and Murrell Jones hit other while Sox homers. In the nightcap, a walk, a stolen base and Bob Kennedy's single—one of three hits off .less Fiores—gave the Sox a mirsl-inning run and that was all grove needed. The. champion Red Sox, beginning to lly right, nftcr a mad slart, dumped the £t. Louis Browns twlee, 3 lo 2 and 8 lo 1. Bobby Doerr led the attack in the first game as his double led lo the first Boston run* and his Iwo-run homer won Boston got all \ts runs in the- first three innings of the I nightcap and rookie Tom Fine coasted home with a five-hit victory. Washington, uiiawed by Bob Feller's 23 straight scoreless Innings, went light to work on the Cleveland righthander when he galloped in as a relief pitcher in the seventh inning. Feller walked" two batters and then Buddy Lewis shot a hard single to center field. It went through George Mclkovich's legs and all three runners .scored. Feller, rattle^ by this rough handling, next served up a home run ball to' Stan Spencc and that made sure of n 0 lo 3 Senator victory— and Feller's second loss. Hal NewhoiLser of Detroit and Spud Chandler of New York battled to a 2 to 2 six-inning lie in a game stopped by rain. Eddie Lake homered for Detroit. Cards Defeat Hoslon !)-0 Biggest news in the National Lengue .was the St. Louis Cardinals' f> to 0 victory over the Boston Braves in the second game or a doubleheader, ending a nine-game losing streak for the world champions. Boston won the first game. 4 to 3. with four runs in the seventh inning. Harry Brecheen pitched the five-hit Redbird triumph and Ron Northev. acquired in a trade ; Taking Pop for a Ride 0 i IHAV, l;il;i.' thoii' famous father vacation from J,os_ Anjjek-;i' Imnuic- Governor Names Osceolq Man- On State Racing Commission. n. Frank Willtoms of O.vr'il.i ii broii nppoinird lo Ihr 11 ! Commission for a ""f t i i it wns nnmmiK'cd by ^ t ney, Salurdny. Ho .su 11 kinh IllghriM of niy 11 ) \v,is c'hnh m;in. Other new np|.-;iintm. I lo M Racing Commission n o Td by Governor Laney inc-Jucl H i 1* kin of LUUe Rock. 1\ > \ on replacing I5cn Al. Her, i < Liltli Heck JUKI Jor Brill of * hull two-year term. KUCK 1 Hi C. Rnincs «f Van Bui RcappoIuloO to IU< ( mil ^ were Arthur L. Acl:sn >l ji boro, one year term; I i i (.1 oT FayeUevillc, one ycnr; H. W:\ldron, o[ Newport, three ye; s years; and Horace Cnl f ( n J i ihree years. Pet .BIO .Cl'J ,5'M .51)0 .470 .3!)3 ,35'l I .27S 1!. Frank Williams Canadian In Legion Arena The initial ^.ppeaiMiKT 1 of :i nw- j corner and tho rcmnuns.: of u vcir-i ran:' to I he loc"il ciivuit will hiu'i-1 light this week's wrestling program I ns Tour more iir^pp-* 1 '"^ swap holds j Jit tho American Lesion A) c'u:i to- i night. The nr\vromcr is Al Alrxanun. j a 2CO-l3nntuJ Cau:ulinn-bji n brr\c | twister, wlio mnV.ns his first ;i)3-1 ppjirancc! in Blylheville. a.s a 1'^rl-^ nor of Ted !k-;i. ihr baUlin-,: Orcc'c j from Eoston. j Rcturninij to the !o;;\l arrnu v.l-j tor a lenirihy ubsciu'c is Pi 1 in re Otnur. tlic Persian bad boy. who hns locked holds with many ;t gru;;plcr here. He will ]:air \vi' '.\ Stocky Knoilson to consti(ulr Uio soL'Otul team for the las: fe:uuvr. Wrestle BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTHERN I.KAGUi: W. I,. New Orleans 17 4 Chattanooga. . • 13 8 Mobile H 10 Atlanta . , 10 10 Birmingham Id H Nasliviilc - 711 Litlle Hock ...'. 8 14 Memphis 5 13 NATIONAL Chicago . Detroit . . Cleveland . New York . Joston . ... VashiiHiton . St. Louis ... Philadelphia AMERICAN Bre.oklyn piltsbudgh Chicago Boston Philadelphia . .. New York CJncinnali St. Louis Yesterday's Results SOUTHritN IJiAGUE Birmingham 14-5. Memphis 1-1. Altauta 7-5. L-ittlc Rock ,2-3. New Orleans 7-S. 'Nashville fi-2. Mobile 8-7, Chattanooga 7-1. AMHUicAN" I.EAGOT: Chicago 8-1, Philadelphia 7-0. Washington ti, Cleveland 3. (Second game postponed, rain.). •Boston 3-8. St. Louis 2-1. Dctroil 2. New York 2. (Callet ml of sixlh, rain.) Two Tills With Chicks New Orleans Takes Double-Header from Faltering Travelers ATLANTA, Ga., May 5. (UP) — Weak sliekv,'ork cost Clil !)..]>;;« his jo'o with the Brooklyn Drd^ers bill ihe backstop loday was ;',Uiiiitnleed steady employment wilh Mobjie alter sparking Ihe Bears to :. double victory over Chattanooga with ;t pair ol homers. Bulli of Hie 27-year-old Dapper's four-masters came during the firs game whkh was annexed by Mobile II lo 7. Nine hurlers paraded to Ihe mound durng the singles .vilii liny Whilukcr being credilet with thi 1 win and Alex Zukowsk the defeat. Third-sucker Barnes White ills" homered lor Ihe win nci-M. '.vilh Big Jack Hanford siuot- ing a round-lripper for 'Nooga. Mi bile's flashy John Hall racke up his third win of Ihe campaigi in llie aficrpiecc as the Bear romped the contest cut lo six frame bv <Li:-!;ness. 7-1. A lioinoe run by Charlie Leichas accounted for Ihe .sole J/Hikoiil score. The double will lirouuht the fasl-surging Bears to within t\vo and 1-2 games of the 'Ncoga nine. A ;t,ir.)le cf Allanla castoffs, fly- roii GMok and Jesse Danna. pitched Ihe front-running New Oilcans Fels lo a double win over Nash- vil'.t veslcrday by scores of 7 lo Ii and i lo 2. The Pelicans lengthened ihc'ir Southern League lead to llireu and 1-2 games us Cook and Danna each notched their fourth straight win of the .-ampaign. I The visiting Vols pecked away i al Cock in the opener and ran lll> I si li-3 advantage as the Pels took their last turn at bat. But then New Orleans blasted starter Leo Twarih- from the box ami scored four limes before rclieffer Ben Wade could relire the side. Cook himself smote a four-bagger in the fourth. lAfter Nashville scored twice cans' second coiilest Dauna w;is Chicago Cubs in Spring Practice With n nudge in the sitter from inamn, a new cub at Chicago's Biool dUd /10 i,<.ls hi lilsl tin dimbti' I sson ift i cmu,,'ni5 from long winter hibernation in cave. Cub at right seems about lo try wall-climbing. Kiddle League AH-City Teams Selected; Gentry Is Captain two Coach Bill Godwin, director of j the Clik-kasiuv Athletic Club's \ grnclp school football loiu j ,uf, today iumounccri thu unmcs of the members of the first, .second find ho'n- ; orable mention all-city teams, chn- sen from the members of the six j teams that participiUcxl in the Kid' die League play \vliich ended last week. I Donald Gentry, flashy niiarter- ."'Three for The' Peh 'iVThe bnck of .he Sudbury Buildogs. was iced the game. Pete Mallory ! chosen by Coach Godwin and mem- was charged with the setback. I hers of the Chie.ka.saw Athletic The Atlanta Crackers, back home Club to captain the first team from niter a listless road trip, added >«s half back slot to their win column yesterday | Coach Godwin stated that Gen- scutlhng Lillle Rock '7-2 and 'T was moved from quarterback 1 to 1 Stocky Sinn West liuvled to hnlf back on Ihe honor squad five-hit ball in the opener while <Iue to so much good backfield ma- Ihe Crax flailed away at three terial developing out of the pro- Pebble pitchers. A home run ay gram, •raveler , : ilot Bill Dickey in the Members of the honor teams a- itcan failed to jar the veteran long with members of thp Dewev Adkins from his steady pionship team, which will be de- lir ]j t ' 1( r cided next Friday night when the The°double win kept Atlanta a Central Crimson Tide meets the inlf »ame out in front of fifth- inme Wildcnls in the league finals, ilaee" Birmingham. The Barons Members of the honor teams winded the visiting Memphis along with members of the cham- Dhicks in both ends of :\ doub'.c pionship tcaiiT. which will be de- bill anncxin" the contests by scores cided Friday night when the Cen- of 14 to 1 and 5 to 1. Seven-hit li'al Crimson Tide meets the Lange -in" by Roy Brunei- in the Wildcats in the league finals, will >nener and n 'six-hitter by Jack j be the guests of the Lion's Club 'pagan in the nichtcap made Ihe at a luncheon where medals \v:ll coins! easy for the heavy-hitting Barons. with the Phils on Saturday. hi.t two! J;i1 * F^PPi-nlieim. \vhn was homers and a single and batted ginally slated to appr^r as GiuarV. I partner, annoiuicecl ihat he won! 1 ! be unable to fill his cn;::i»cmen:.: in four runs. Sfan Musial lift, a three-run homer. Boston took the . opener with a solid uprising against Kneilsen was sulr.tniilpd f' Murry Dickson. carvel Ifowell led j renbeim on toniglit s eanl off with n homer and four more hits, climaxed by Tommy Holmes' two-run .single, settled the game. The Phillies drubbed Cincinnati of their runs in the first game came twice. S to 3 and 10 to 5. All five on a five-hit attack, on Ewcll Black- | lhnt '"' well in the sixth inning. Ralph l ' ;pn a ' K ' Alexander is known through the uiid-\Vest as oue of Ihe most scientific wrestlers in ;he buMivi:-. Stocky Kiu'ilsen. who will Taeo tl~" Canadian from an npv.-.viir corn.T fcr the first time toiiiuhl. said hatl seen Alevaidcr :1 rated him a.- a ir. Piuvp C.niiiav i:-. remembered 01, T!'\:lievil!e fans as ihe royal mean ic frcini the Middle luast. Wrestler: thai V::LIIA- Oie I'nnee. respect hiu a s U-i:-.:' i;r.!- of Ihe most deadl in the business. Omar lias beei local cioL-nil Lapointe batted in four runs with two hits in the nightcap as the Phils got nwav to an S lo 1 lead MM then coasted. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn and the Chicago Cubs at the Giants were postponed due to rain. sf ver;u In tin muU-lu-s ar-iand A: itrn : I-' NATIONAL LEAGUE Philadelphia 5-11), Cincinnati 3-5. Koston 4-0. Sr. Louis 3-9. (Seconc _:ami' eight innings, darkness.1 Pittsburgh at Brooklyn, rounds. Chicago al New York. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis at Birmingham. Little liork at 'Atlanta. Chattanooga al Mobile. Nashville al New Orleans. NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh al Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. SI. Louis at, Boslon. Only games scheduled. AaiERIC'AN LEAGUE New York at Dclrt>it. Washington at Cleveland. Only games .scheduled. The selections follow: Name School Fas. Wt S. Touchstone C.'n'.ral... LE F5 James o'Noil B'illdo:;i . LT 107 Billy Michael Central . .LO 62 Charier, Hoover central . C 88 Eugene Cable G W. ...KG SS Fred While Catholic RT 1™ Mont roc Hollamt Yr.rbro RE U5 Charles Hall Cii'hulie. ...OB I'M D. Gentry (c> H'.lllilogs LH 88 Bill Pralion Lange RTI 121 Jim Swift Langc PB 120 Second Team Harvey Hinson Lange ... LE 11D Billy Miller Central LT 102 Bill Gilbow Bull-logs LG Gl; Earl Copnedge CatlKilic . .C HIS Max Hill Langc HO 79 R. Birmiimham G \V. ..RT 78 Bobby Children Bv.lUc^s 1!F PH N. Hlanken.ship Calh'-> ! b. Lit 95 t: 92 i Homer With Bases Loaded Cinches Game In Legion Contest A bin seventh iii'iin;; that saw Euddv Cutisev. OSi'i'ola ):itclier, five c'onsc:.ulive baiters, and <> run b- Harold Ward, center fielder, R.'.'.e tlio Rlythcville center fielder, save iho Biylheville i '"'rtion PirSrers. tlie Ar.ierictin Le- I 1,1011 Junior team, an 8 lo :! win 1 over Ihe G:.:ejia I/.'s/ioimaires at the Air Base diamond ye.sicrdny . afternoon. ] Vayor F. R. Jackson i;itched a ti U- to Steve Ilal|:li. manager of he OiceoHi nine whu acted as ba'.- n to officially o-:en ihe Pickers iiome .season, and H. O. Parthrv. n nmancler of Dii'.l Cason post 24 of the American Legion was on ihe receiving end (it the pifh hut let the ball .sail by him for t'.io me's first error. I The trouble came with two out in ihe seventh and none on. Cau- e who up until this roint h.\i[ held ihe local team to four sra<- tered hits and two runs, v.enf him a lailsnin :md 'valVed five m^'l. UK! lioiiiR the srore :il 3-all. J. T. Conner was sem from third h'.\':^ | to relieve f::iu^ev 0:1 Ihe mound ' with the base.; loaded and the count on Ward, who was at. i!<" plate. Ihree halls and one strike. Ward .lumped on Conner's first pitch and sent it over the cr-nl-n- fielder's head for a round trii.iyr clc-anins: the bases. Dudley Hardv. the Cotton pickers' first bnseinjui, v.-ho was ihe first nipii >in in 'he bii^ seventh, s^rounrled out to lite nit::hor to reiire Ihe side. fj;ivin^ Blylheville an 8 lo ?, deei.sion. Mullen Gives Up 7 Hits £| Bob Aluneri toed lite slab ^i' the Pickers »ivmr, r no seveii^ftt:. one ba c e on b'U's and slrirjiip out eiuht O ; cco:a hiuers. This v.'ar, hi*. first .siart r,f tlie infant .season and his first win. Waivj .swune, t!ie bi^ bat foi- the local team, nrcouniine for a double in the seefiiltxl ^ ; r:d l''ie S'-"en1h inning homer in fnitr tri)DS. .luninr T r ale. Oscrola second ha?e:iian led his learn in hittin 1 ; colleeliiM; two sinale^ in four trips. Batlr-ries: Cs-'eol;: — Catisev, Conner (7lh) and white; Blythevil'.e — Mullen and Knonlz. -Score bv innings: ' be awarded. cham-1 Johnny O'Brien G. W. Qt: ' N. B;ankeu~hp. Cath LH K>, Johnny Halseil, Central. U-I..D4] Ilaskell Eaughnia-i. Catli.. FB 115! Jlonorable Mcntoin — Shannon I L.inalcy il.nngei- nobbv McHude.j 'CenU-iili; Dwiiiiio Graham. (Cen- Irnl); Billy Hariiei". (Bulldr.|;si; ' Norman Brat:her. 'Ciif-en \Va\'es»; George SV.eHon. (Giv.'ii Wliceler Giacey. • Yarhro''; Danj Kdgunon. lYar'oroi: Roland How-1 arc!. lYarbro' cincl Bobby Ed:;emon, j I lYarbro.i 1 Osceola ____ O n O CT r<-?— 3 Bl-|hevi!le .. 010 CIO R1x--R Winning pitcher. 'Mullen. ;:itcher. Causey. H 7 1 Losing I l Read Courier News Want Ads HOME SERViCE & STORAGE CO. Mead's Tigers Win Ball Game From Manila ealc-hcr. Taylor the centcrfielder. and Asliabramer. Manil?. leftfielder, i accounted for Manila's tlncc hl!S. Asha'oriiTiier singled Taylor home j in the third to account for Manila's only lally. Ellis .slruck out 12 Manila hitter-; and waikcc- cnly two men over I he nine ir.ning roulc. Tie.daian hurled lo-- the Icsers. giviiig up five hits, one base on bails and siriK 1 !' om 11 Blythevilln men in the pUchel's duel. In the Lutes-Yarbro lilt at Yar- bio yesterday a.ieriioon. the Yarbi'o nine pounded pilehers Jolin Mc- Haffcy and Jim Lutes for 12 safeties but lost Ihe guine by a 5 lo 4 decision. Grover Whittle went Hie routo ior Yarbro giving i;p eight hits, bin allowing the Lutes team lo , bunch the hits for five runs on Ihree hits. Prank Ellis Jr.. hurled three-hit] baseball and led the Mead's Cloth-1 ing Store Tigers to a 2 to 1 win 1 ever tlie Manila f tulependents iil' a Mississippi County Amateur League game al Walker Park yesterday afternoon. The game was scheduled lo be played as the second game of a double header at Ihe Air Base diamond, but was moved lo Walker Park on a lasl minute decision of the managers of the two leanis. Burl Wilson, catcher of the Ely- theville team, was Ihe big gun at the pia:e. rappiiu; onl a single and- Ecoies of other league games are: a double in Ihree trips to lead Ins, Blylheville, Route Two. 13. Armorel. learn in hilling. Fowler, Manila 4: and Cooler, II; Litllc liiver. 2. GGltcrs Plan To Play Dycrsburg Team An illter-l'lub ieam-play golf match will be.' held Sunday at nvprstursr. Tenn.. beuveen Blythe- villc 3iid the hcvi town. Wendall Eaton. i:ro of the Country Club here, announced iocl;,y. Fla; ers here wl:o desire to par- tiri-.ite in the match should contact him for details. Mr. Eaton said. The Dversbur<T eoliers will play here in a return malch June. 1, i is ])lo;isod to aiiiuiuv.ce that j Mr. Ric'nard Holll j has joined our stat'l' ;t« \ carpenter- anil niaiiitoiisuico i man. Call us to tlo tliat i job yrui can't <'o or (lim'l [ ivant lo do. \ Teleph'ic.c i!S(.H Loral *. Corapetont l.tinc Illslancr Elfilp i Insured r.Mi "nr lau im-iinuna'.y Kr.eilsen will batlle Bell :ar.(ier \\ill tangle wim OLH.'.V. Piar'.ini: time is fi:tri. Yesterday's Star:—Ron Northev of the Cardinals, who hit two home runs and a single and bailed in four runs as the Cards broke a nine-same losing streak. women's goliing title today on IHe rolling East Lake Country Cli-li course against stiff compe'.ilion. In a Sunday praclice vnund. Mrs. Page fired a 77 to tie I'm- day's low Ior Ihe pivliminai'V.' Polly "Riley. Fort Worth. Tex., a!--" Oi^er lop rnnlenders for ll'.e Foullu'tn litle ill a iield of nbonl 70 included nurnthy Kivby and 11 ut^e ^n'.:e.s. o' Atlanta: Mrs ^aui {Israel. New Orleans, the Louisiana ;!:i(e eUamiiion. and Mrs Herb Covington. Ihe former Jane Ci'.un. mate.':, nit-n 1'jrk l^iua Iii feifctins their pick w.micn whose i about on their own ini: to a ps\i'holo!usl versity r, f . Calitor.iia. Ternary fission~the siilittuvj: o: an atnm into three 'instrati nf twoi parts— occurs, nnly (inre in :\bout :tCO tissit^ns. bin more enemy , is telrased thereijy. Play Gets Under Way For Woman's Goff Crown ATLANTA. Ga., May 5. Mrs. Estelle Lawson Pa<;e of Chapel Hill, N. C.. defended her Southern BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA STLING FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Service • Expert Repairs on AH Rndioa • Complete Line of Radios in Slock f We Pick IJp and Deliver K4 E. Main Phone Z\m F.ONVBST ADMISSION 1'UICK ANYWHKRK! Ueservcd Seats or. S.tle at the Legion Arena from G p. m. Every Mondny \DUI.TS .I5c — OHILDUKN Ific Monday Mov 5th (T;<X «'«iudcd> y Y 3 150X l;>c EXTRA TAG MATCH TED BELL and AL ALEXANDER versus PRINCE OMAR and STOCKY KNEILSEN ALSO 2 /-FALL, 30 MINUTE MATCHES Ted Bell Prince Omar vs. Stocky Kneilsen vs. Al Alexander FOR RfSTAURANTS«TAVERNS»TAP ROOMS* CIUBSaCAFfi Controlled cooling assures complete utilization ' of refrigeration and gives the unvarying low tiiaperaturG3 so necessary for the rapid dry cooling of al! bottled beverages. Bollles are served clean, dry and appetizingly frosted wilh labels intact Irom this modern designed cabinet. Cabinet capacities 15 lo 31 cr:~:r. W. O. BLUE ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. 110 So. First 1'hone 2GI2 Wo Also Handle Segcr Commercial Refrigeration Equipment The Triple Diamond Service Emblem above is more than a sign. It means iliat iHir mechanics arc International -Trained in tlie best and latest methods and practices. It m;ans that \ve use special International equipment for testing, repairing, reconditioning and proving. It means that the truck parts we install arc precision- engineered International Parts. U means, above all, that your trucks— any makes or models — are serviced here with skill and caro so that they will give the best possible service at lowest cost. Phone now for a service-date— anything from a lubric.uion job to a complete program of preventive maintenance. DELIA IMPLEHEHIS inc. -_ * 312 South 2nd Phone 863 INTERNATIONAL Trucks

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