Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 13, 1929 · Page 21
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 21

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1929
Page 21
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:;day tribune: oc to nr. f is m29. (12) PAGE MNC Period of Using Real Estate Business as Side-Line Declared Past THE MINWT ' :'!, Public Asks More Than Ever Before Harry G. Benton Says New Dealer Must Know His Onion?. Old-Time Operator Bein Rapidly Replaced by Specialist. In years pone bv the embryo lawyer hum ut. hi slnnstle and pro-fedd to waif fur business. Th person w ho had not rnsj' h else to do, wi .!! hime!f in and mt of the real ett.. "same." Today the iilrcpp-f til jrnl esiate man nvist know bin or'iori ai'-orillhe t If irry O,, secretary of th -Minne-tpo'ls real ostnte board The iui;i't in dmu!'i.itK tm, I- of the. w! estate man today than ever before, h said. The owner t h'.ch prif "(1 property j employing txprrts to cure f tr li and develop It, To buy real et.-tte jut to buy r-l t-i?e it folly. h point M out. but to buy real estate aftr careful S Intelligent enl pert anahsfa of i the pr opertie i purchased shows (ore j tight tnd brings profitable return,! be declared. ! It li been a h:f a ii'iimrj sln-e j th. door of in i;;"e red school ! houe shut, lieiiirsd mm r,t the men in th r"l estate buslres. but they ! r doing iiioni actin. point a out 1 the National Ar'ncJtinri of Heal' Ets board In t' weekly story on ! ilhjecta of iti'erest to the public, ! Kor the rcl estate man who lei, i Urely drew up bis paper in tiny ; efflce, from which he rtM a sub-1 divider, apr-mlncr, and broker, t I passln. Hi eimpl formuitt tre' an helnir dirdd. He valued property by tre eid fashioned gue j method h!i h ha had to five way j to more accurate devices. This oSd time operator !i being re- j placed by apcla!ltt armed !lh tel. n'lrta mrtheds. j(i t.f.y office, hat I ipaode into ierga tultta end even to entire L'itM'rf dvotd to th fflrient drrJnitrtln of the -iri-j Out brtnrbe ct r.w profms n. ; New rule f'r the prnr euh-livfaion of property htve been !!! down by ; a treat unlvertity and th f!n thtdintt and g "-admin of modern tp- ; prtllr,g find th trua raiut down to , tht It at dollar. Th real ea'.tt mart who It to tur- nvt mutt t taurated in the new l-rofetw.r I-m n' o the l'nerly of i ,M, K:an b-o k in 1 . if.. r;)r there wae not a j emsrlo text i o- k on tea; rata, I'roh- i aniy no oih-r bueiiiete of ita eiz in i th world hart manner record of pro' oii.. i "ompli-'-ated me! bode and pi t'' were paed down from fa'hi r to son, by ord of The ni'it aluaiie information mat neer wi itli n flow n. Now, the R'Hid old faehiotied nieth-oU that have etood the teat of hanging conditions and the newest rule, regulation and "atatp of mind'' are down on ptpr in neatlv txiiiii'l oluniea for ail to read and ponilor. Some State ftequir TrN. This hither education for the real e'! nan dovetila with th- om-:gn condiirted tome year ato to make the licensing rf ral emate men cnmpultory in order to protect the public front any opeatlona of ig-i.oi.tnt rtcalern. The licence lawt are now In effect In 15 etatea and more recently the ramiflratlon of thla control have iieon. extended in aev. eial atatca that have added comptil-fory written ex!iriiin;itiona to the li. eeneliiK requirenientt. Wieonain, New Jersey. California, New York, Cobirarlo and Michigan now require cuch tceta Iwfoie leaning licensee to rc;i elat men. What H the intereet of the publi In all f th.-? Simply that, aa the real estate mart better knowa hi ffld, he ia belter able to produce i;ncr tuMivtamnt, better house, more "iaiuabie invent ment properliea, eoundcr real estate tonda. The pub lie mijt live aomewhere, m!l-bona of them invoat m real ettate in ita varioua forms. If the real eatat in Ita vaiioua forma. If the real es-ta'e man mskea hit f.eld more ef-ficient lertnu he la more efficient. buyer and teller of ret! rrrp. win rind themaelvet better off. Building Volume Steady in N. W. Comparison With September of Lat Year Shows an Increase in Contracts. . ror-,!;..n. Th'-: "'.- ' ' I'''r !. iT'rn t- jr-i iiiig mr'i 'ns to-t!.l r-d a V -i .f tl -' "rt f.-c-m ti e t- '. ; . i. i m: r of ;n i !. ' A-m:;-. the ,epen;!" r fori- It ii t ti.-.,i ahowed the (oil -w.-ri: iin- porant eH.xe5 of work: j ."i'K'",0, j r IT per cent of a!l cf'r.'ruc:on, f r rejiidentinl build.; I11T.1'.".' "i, or I 2R per cent, for p ji :ir v. ;:.i er.d ! utilj? tea; $ :.?;'!,'!". or IT rwr en.t. The total volume) of r--ntra ti '. for eerr.niercia! hUoi'int : 4'' p-i, awarded In trie 17 atttea east of the i or 12 per ec-nt. for lndjxtri:l pian't. Rocky mounuir.t durlr-jr the month 1 anl $:9,25,?'fi, or 7 ir er. for of September amounted to M4',402.. ! educational prr.jccta. 300, according to F. V. Dodee eor- Contracts widcd during the fn.t nlrt rn-n5 of th:. yr ii tb 37 srates amounted to M'i2 :7.'C'0. at ; ompirM with 15.12 944.1"", for contr.'..-t atdeil during the cor-i fc f, r ! i n g lienor) of !', the de-etcii l.i!g i" per cent. t'fr v 'irk reported at contempiat. I fd flaring the past month amounted j to tKJ.ld5.709. which was a osa of j "') per rent from the amount report.-: d sn August of this yea i and a drop ' of 11 icr rent from the amount re-1 I" rtd in f-ptember of a year aeo. ! liirmg the month of September' t-'-o northwest (Minnc.-iota. North Da- i ko, Fouth Dakota, and northern Michigan) bad $7,40.6oft in r'-n-trartt awards for pew and engineering work. This total ahows sn increase of 3 2 per cent oer the contracts for the aame monttj of a year ago, but there wan a lose of a er rent from the total of August of this year. Among the types of construction which were most active were the following: i;,C6.5uti, or 35 per cent of the total construction, for public works tnd utilities; 11,653.900 or 22 per cent for commercial buildings; M,24.W0, or 1 per cent, for residential building, and 784,500, or 10 per cnt, for Ind :T'.al pMVt. i The total vti ,rr,e of contracts ! aa-' 1 the fr-. of tr, ya a.i.ounte-l to 173,375,1-') n.-t compar- ed with JSl f't.'.-'i 0 for ti.e cor-' rcpor.ding pei iod of last year, a j nwrked in-rease of 20 per cent, j 7eW ork reported in contempla- t.on f.)r the pt. montn amounted i to 1M.57I). son, representing an in-I create of 15 per cent oer the pre-, ceding month and a pronounced In-; crease of per cent over te tola; ! for September of last year. Tribune want, ads gt big results. Get Good Reception in Kansas Salt Mind Hutchinson, Ksn , Oct. 12 if, Associated Frest.) Radio ttrep..on has ben acronnp'!shed t the ro. lorn of a salt mine Sj feet beiov the surface. An ordin.-y net v; used, with a wir t'.retched t ad. jHcent timbers as ait antenna. F. ing on a crj stal ta!t floor, the et pickel up seven stations within hall an hour. Including: broadcasts from Chicago, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Ixuiisvlile and Des Moinet. No tp--eial attachments were used. ine erty Appraiser Will Address Bankers Wages of Future Elevator Operators Termed Important in Property Value. The ? of e'evafor operators vet unborn are more important In t'le appraisal of income property than yeaterday'a aaie of the property next door, according to Pre-ton M. No:ah, Chb-ago, InternatJon-ally known real estate appraiser who will addrett the tnnual eon-ventlon of th Mortgage Eankert' Association of America in New Or-leant on October 21. t'ntupporte, by earnings. tn mtrket value of turrounding prop- rder, the e.t.t. eourt !'". th rrr0,UClln V,hi' of tb.t .mw th. r,. ... Ih ru-turt being appralted are Thut. not onlr the newcomer, in ! X", ,.mn th. field, th. bright roug men Just J l' h"M farting out to t.U property, but 1"' S UMi ' whit. -hmi-rA , , ! under rood management, can be ' ' ,7'V T-" u' vy mtd. to earn, and 'ii, jtii!jfiif large orgsnt- atlont, h.T. enroled in tht fariout titatet. Offer Advtncet! Counea, There art three course t far In ttJ urrieuti II-a I estate apprt't-ltd fwl tte trains, tr.ij ml ee-tattf Mvertitir.g, Oik Augutl tenth of ttla J-tlur. iht te; estate aprrait-list toiirt preptred by Dr. Arthur Mertlke, the association director f duration tr.d research, had 3,103 futur. ttiet. rentt, and opertting egpenset are important Item that th. modern appraiser mutt bt ab!. to eaioula; with rnathematleal preeltion, according to thla expert, ifr, Nolan, who bat mad. mora than 2S,ff real estate tppraSsalt, runn'.ng Into ttJUont of dollar, over a period of a quarter of a rentury, wat the first to apply the Bank of Kngland rulfs to the va!ijajon of commercial property in thla eoun- "atudentt," There were 3.17 "pu. Mr5"- pilt" In th. course cn real estate ! Tht tn rtntloe English tyttem, telling, which wat prepared by A. i whrh n etrnlngs, hat John Bergt, the tssoi-'.ation't author ity on thla important side, of the real atata outlines. Frofessor J.loyd D. Herrold, aot la'e professor of ad-vertiaing at Northwestern university Chicago, and Mr. Berge are author ef tht eour. en real estate advertising, which It Just off th pre. There ia no record of the 'elemen-' tary" pupil in real estate classes j that are conducted throughout thai eountry, chiefly through the effort ! f th. local boards of th association, j who, member In turn often act a I teacher. These schools are held ' rather generally in local Y.M.C.A.'s i to connection with their night tchool. Teach Heal Estate. Probably mot Important, from th point of view of th young men en tering thll business, is th. nt ! tabllthment of real estate courses In Harvard ana other universities as part of their regular curricula. These course were established through th ffortt of the real estate association who co-operated in preparing the text book now in use throughout the country. It was the association, too, that sent the first real estate r.eert m use m Great Britain for three-quarter of a century, while appraiser in thit country failed to recognise Its edvantage, I what Mr. Nolan wilt tell his audience of mortgage banker. In th southern city this month. Minneapolis Contractor Gets Contract to Build School at Grand Rapids Contract for th. vocational and technical h:gh tchool of Grand Rapids, Mich., a teven-ttory te tnfl reinforced concrete building with brick facing, has ben obtained by the JJnd-Gustafson Klopfer Co., general contractor of Minneapolis, te-cording to L. O. Klopfer, president of the company, at a bid of approximately 150,000. It ia to be ready fr occupancy by next July. Th company, of which C. R. Undh is secretary and E. V. Gustafson treasurer, ha been in buiness for the last tlx yeart tnd hat constructed a number of school and commercial buildings throughout the atate. or How About Your Heating Plant ? 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