Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 19, 1908 · Page 40
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 40

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 19, 1908
Page 40
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r-n- rr-.t- that Tr rTHTi r T-iin)r"'r, r -r-i r , i w w.-. & VEHICLES D.) lOll.T.nY AND 1101 1-H0I.D PETS. I'na SA1.K-Fine Wl.m v.:tti-i Turk'-y eggs t-r J. rre Toi:-ue e c- Si ."; if 1 mf-l liro-a::u Ko.h Ivr II, 15 1 -.r'.-d :vmoulh ii : k egs or l' Imperial Pefcin oh k e f.r $i All purr Lu-ed ma. Lunibiuu, 3517 W. id st. X. VV. Tvl, 6?VL. Two full Moodod cocker spaniel male week old; f'1 each First two K- orders pet thm. Write Ray Luther, Grantshurg. W i. XK SALE KrKs for hatching, from 8. C. lirxiwn ltion.p. Prize winning stack, excellent mtfr iu viiiK strain. jr setting, 15, 8:U); two setting..- li W. Fertility guaran- . 1-ed Address K. W. Van Kant. 64th st and Harriet hv. T. S ph--nc 7417-1. lli SALE Kkks fur hatching from White Minorca stock that show records from beat In west; large white epgB, unexcelled as Wvm; If cot sure you have best, try While Mmorcas. W. S. Herber, 8"28 3rd av S. FOR SALE Hose rutnb R. I. Red eggs for hatching from pen of even colored pullets, headed by first prize pair cockerels at Bus-ton and Hartford. ls0S: 32 per 13. Ueo. N. Houghton, 6J0 I nlvcreity av SK. SR SALECanaries, parrots and other birds; and seeds: also want to buy lO.OvO striped gopher skins with heads and tails on. Phoenix Fur Kobe and Rug Co., 113 2d st N. MONEY TO LEND. MONET TO LOAN DO TOU XEED MONET T If you do, come and see us. We make loans on receipts for J in slumu FURNITURE. PIANOS, HORSES and WAGONS, I - , WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS and on t salaries to people permanently em-S ployed. Our rates are as low aa the lowest, j. regardless of what they advertise. Our business is as private as a , PANK. and all our dealings are 4 STRICTLY. CONFIDENTIAL. i Our private offices are arranged especially to afford you privacy. We want your business and believe an Investigation of. our methods will get it. Tou can arrange to pay back the loan tn easy weekly or monthly payments, best tutted to your income - and circumstances. If you like ft straight from the shoulder business treatment, have a talk with us. DON'T FOKGET THE PLACE. MINNEAPOLIS FINANCIAL CO., 406-408 N. Y. LIFE BLDG. Corner 6th st and 2d av 8. PHONES: T. S. 9092. N. W. MAIN 408-L2. MONEY TO LEND X- 10 TO taoo it- Loaned on furniture, pianos, etc., -yr without removal; also on salaries; our jr large business enables us to give you ft the lowest rates and the best of treat- ft ft mcnt. Loans made out for one month to ft ne year, payable in small weekly or ft ft monthly installmentg to suit your In- ft ' -ft come. Extension granted in case of ft ft sickness, etc. ft CALL, WRITE OR PHONE ft ft Trt-State S378. N. W. Main 1770. ft ! -ft MINNEAPOLIS LOAN' CO., ft ft 601-602 Globe Bldg., 22 4th st 8. ft Between Nicollet and Hennepin avs. ft ft Open evenings on Monday and Saturday, ft ftftftftftftftftftftft-ftftftftftftftftftftftftftft ' SPECIAL NOTICE. If you are in need of a financial friend, drop in and get acquainted. We make loans tn all salaried people on their plain note without any lndorser, from $10 to $100. Our charges for tho accommodation are the lowest tn the city and you can pay it back ,1 as 'ou desire. Let us be vour bankera MINNESOTA DISCOUNT CO., Successors to Minnesota Trust Co , S1S-221 New York Life Bid. WONKY TO LEND SALARIED PEOPLE and OTHERS furnished money upon their own flames without syurlty. Easy payments Offices in 63 prlnf-lpal cllles. Save yourself money by getting my terms first. D. H. Tolman, !20 N. Y. Life Bldg. TO LOAN Just call, that's l. We loan money to salaried people; any amount. Also on any kind of chattel securty. We Klve you the cheapest rates In ;'ie city. Call and be convinced. Pioneer Loan Co., 818 CenturyBldg. EoANS-I.,OANS MADE ON kdl'SHHOLD goods, etc., at 2 per cent per month; absolutely cheapest rates In city; cost nothing to Ond -ut. 1204 Guaranty Bldg. MONEY TO LEND Quirk, confidential loans on furniture, etc., at 10 per cent per year. Ixing lime as you want. Guaranty Finance Co., 1227 Guaranty Bldg. TO LEND Money to loan, any amount, on flrst-clas real estate security, at current rates of Interest. Walter L. .Badger, ) Oneida Bldg. TO LEND Money, on any security, city or eountrv real estate, landa notes, contracts; securities for sale. T. B. Davis, Phoenu stunning. TO LET I hnve some money to place on good first mortage loans. F3W Tribune. MONEY TO LEND Money on hand for cltf loans. . F. Plstt. 104 4th t 8. to LEND Money; easy terms, low rales. D. P. Jonea Co.. Ill 4th st 8. T TVT "i I CHATTEL LOANS . MINNESOTA MORTGAGE LOAN CO.. aji-iW6 bank of Commerce Bldg. ; Oldest loan agency In the Northwest, Money to loan on household goods, pianos, "c horses, wagons and other personal property without removal from your possession; easy payments, lowest rates, square dealing and -j absolute privacy guaranteed. Both Phones. TO LEND STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL LOANS MADE ON FURNITl'RE, I'lANOt), AND HOHHES. Why pay high rates when you can get money, 10 iwr cent per year. Gallagher, 619 Bhoenix Bldg. IV IN need of money I can make the best terms on furniture, pianos, horses, warehouse receipts, etc, that are to be had in this city. Payments or short time loans and will prove 11. Forsyth, T. Guaranty bldg. TO LEND Special rates and easy payments for loans on furniture pianos, furs, diamonds or any good chattel sucurity. Pioneer Loan Company, Sit Century Building. INVESTMENTS. -ft-tr ft INVESTMENTS. ft ft I7.WI0 Will put you In possession of ft ft a new income property bringing 2o per ft ft cent; guaranteed the finest Invest- ft ment In Minneapolis. ft Jlf lin.WO Half cash, will buy a four-flat ft i building, right down town, on bust- ft ft ness street, bringing; 16 per cent la- ft ft terest on the Investment. ft 1, 8. MOKKISON INVESTMENT CO., ft ft 4"1 1st av 8. ft ft4Hfftftft-)rftft JNVE.TTMENTS Water and power property to ell; low price, right termj; will flow seven cubic feet of water per second; four foot falls In ten miles; demand In Immediate Tluinlty. D. L. liealey, South Berkley, XI. tNVLSTMENTH For sale, two shares Batavla Plarlation stixk. paid In. Will sell for t so If taken before May L Dividends payable i n Aug' i st. FI2S Tribune. "n VEnTM ItN T For sale, one nearly paid up hare Tao-o plantation stock; liW if taken at onne. K3T.7 Tribune. MEDICAL sViF.DB'AL Mrs. Louis, magnetic healer and k lmUtle masseuse; treats rheumatism, lumbago, kidney trouble. nervous diseases, shrunken cords, sore Joints; special rates given to partiea taking full course of treatment 212 6th st B. MEDICAL Dr. Annie Newman, German sje-claHst; free treatments by vital sclem every Tuesday and Friday evening from 6-8, 10 sick people; baa wonderful success curing ailments of men and women, Ci'1 Nio-ollet av. Suite m. MEDICAL One statio ele;ir1o mvhlne with four cylinder plates, for up-to-date doctor s 'fflce; csit 1460, If taken at mice can have same for about lit Western Cycle at Kiectrlo Works, PS2 Western av. UEDICAL For rational treatment, Swndiih enovements, cabinet, tub or bJsnket batlia call at 4V.4 Mlcollet av, third Sour: hosis. to . ST0EAGE, COLONIAL WAREHOt'fiB CO.. 12-814-81 TH1HIJ ST N, BOTH PHiiNES . t'NEXrTU.VD PTfjKAtiB, TRACKAGE AND TEAMING FAC1LIT1KH fr'TOKAGE Realty Fireproof arhous iieiklng and shipping of high grade house-nold goods and p.nnos. Clean, separate, locked apartments Vm 1st av N, both phones. tltH TP.1CILY flret rless fireproof giorag. with or without private apartments, call up i.ameron 'jransrer m storage xi., both telephones lie). Office 200 NtrollM. tTORAGK Household goods stored, moderste rates, warthouM! oentral. Inquire office, VJt'i lei av 8. N. W. phone Main IS 1 1. T. C. lio. NOTICE. gvOTIca I bsve a fine lot and t-rwen cottage ror sale. K you are tn tnc maiset to nny you cannfft afford to Ui this C'ppurtunlty 14lmc f ome and see It. ilt t'arg av. iOTf''lvVVsnl'l bid for e frards turk stinting. Addnsi tm mm una si, bt. 1'aui. Wn US L M M 4A".') N N TIT li li K L M M M I! (j NX N T I'ho t.t. I. MM. MM il V X N V n n e I. i ;i o x N n T l.Pli I. EE I.l.L M M WW N N V .' N1COT.I.ET AV. MiLLET AV. PS Y( !n-- PlUlF. liEL.M"VT WARNS THR PUBLIC TO MTWARK OF THE PKI.F-KRE'TED Ot IDE POST. THR srHAT'-HINU STONE Fv FOOLS. PAHTI.Y DEA'KLOPED CLAIRVOYANTS, SENSATIONAL ADVKRTIS1NU ROAST-1NG OrilKR CLAIUVOYANTS" TO GET ItCSINKSsf. THE 1MPOSTER. FALSE CLAIMS. MISSTATEMENTS. WRONG ADVICE, THE SPECIAL LOW FEE BA IT. FALSE 1'KEDICTIONS". SELF PRAISE, BARGAIN LAVS, INCOMPETENT. LACK OF KXPEK1ENCE. TtloSE THAT E.X-PERIMBNT WITH YOUR CASE, THE ONES' THAT SE1P OUT IN THE EARLY DAWN. Beware of traveling fakirs who promise wonders and do so little when you get there; give you all kinds of enticing bait to Induce you to come to them. Their surroundings and appearance would be enough to show every fair minded, sensible person that they are incapable of helping themselves, let alone you. You will always find It pays better to consult the best. It is cheapest in the end. A DROWNING MAN OR WOMAN. It Is said that a drowning man or woman will grasp at a straw. How many poor, unfortunate people are grasping at straws today by consulting traveling lmpostera, fakers, partly developed and unreliable clalr-voyanta, In the fond hope of gaining their heart desires, or overcoming the bad luck and evil influences whloh are dragging them down to the bottom of the sea of despair and misery? Why not awaken to the realisation of the fact today that Incompetent clairvoyants, low fee offers, misleading statements and unbusinesslike propositions to those in trouble and need of help, are but straws that will sink you deeper and deeper Into the sea of despair? As for others, let them grasp at straws; If you want help and advice you Bhould consult the clairvoyant with the reputation, who ta not only looking at the fee paid; money 1 not my object; one whom you know will treat you fair and honest, and who la competent to perform your-work; who does not change his name, move, skip out of the city when they are shown up to be a fake. I have proved that I have this power developed beyond the ordinary, recognized as the best ty all good clairvoyants in America and Europe. Nine years of faithful, constant work In this city haa made many true friends for him. Prof. Belmont is unlike the cheap pretender. He offers no fake baits to induce you to come to him; If you are a practical person you will come to him and consult him first. IF YOU CONTEMPLATE CONSULTING A CLAIRVOYANT, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THOROUGHLY THE FACTORS OF SKILL. EXPERIENCE!, RELIABILITY AND THE MORAL STANDING OF THE ONE YOU WISH TO CONSULT, AS AN INTELLIGENT PERSON WOULD CONSIDER A BUSINESS PROPOSITION. A CONSULTATION WITH MANY OF THE CLAIRVOYANTS NOW IN THIS CITY LEAVES YOU IN WORSE CONDITION THAN BEFORE THE INTERVEW. PROF. BELMONT WISHES IT TO BE UNDERSTOOD THAT HE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE ONLY FOR THAT WHICH HE DOES HIMSELF. HIS REPUTATION IS BUILT UPON TRUTH AND HONFSTY. HE MUST NOT BE JUDGED BY THE SWINDLING CLAIRVOYANTS THAT COPY HIS ADVERTISEMENTS' AND EVEN HIS NAME. AND CLAIM TO BE HIS EQUAL. HE STANDS-ALONE, THB GREATEST OF ALL LIVING CLAIRVOYANTS. If you have already made a mistake, thrown away your money and lost confidence through dealing with much advertised and self-styled palmists and clairvoyants and their cheap clap-trap methods, start from the beginning and consult Prof. Belmont. He will tell you frankly your condition and what you may expect. If nothing can be done for jou, he will not take one cent of your money. Haa this not honesty on the face of It 7 THERE ARB SO-CALLED CLAIRVOYANTS WHO MAKE GREAT CLAIMS OF WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR YOU. WHEN UPON INVESTIGATION OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS AND EVERY ACTION WOULD CONVINCE ANY SENSIBLE 1'ERSON THAT THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF HELPING THEMSELVES. THERE ARE ALSO COUNTERFEIT DOLLARS. IMITATION OF THE GENUINE. THERE ARE GOOD DOCTORS AND BAD ONES. AND A FEW HONEST LAWYERS JUST SO WITH CLAIRVOYANTS. THERE ARE A FEW GENUINE AND A GREAT MANY IMITATIONS JUDGE HIM BY HIS WORK. HIS EXTENSIVE PATRONAGE AND HIS GREAT SUCCESS ARE THE ENVY OF ALL COMPETITORS. HE IS NEVER IDLE. HIS MOTTO IS "WORK AND WIN." HE HELPS HIS PATRONS TO SUCCEED IN ATTAINING THEIR VARIOUS AMBITIONS. THAT IS WHY HE HAS SO MANY OF THEM. AND WHY EACH ONE RECOMMENDS HIM TO THEIR FRIENDS. The All-Wise Creator dia not endow you with high Ideas, noble aspirations, the desire for happiness and a return for that great love-craving within your heart, without at the same time placing within your reach the means of attaining these desires. If you are in trouble of any kind or no satisfied with your condition in life, come to me and I will make this clear to you. I have helped others. I CAN HELP YOU. Positively NO CHARGE If I fall TO TELL YOUR NAME IN FULL, your occupation, what you called for, whom and whon you will marry, anything you wish to know. NO FEE IN ADVANCE AND YOU PAY NOTHING UNLESS YOU ARE PERFECTLY SATISFIED. Call todav. IN CONFIDENCE. There Is absolutely no accurate method whereby we can keep a full list of the wonderful things that have been accomplished and are now duy by day being brought around to brighten the sad hearts of the many who have been fortunate enough to call on me, simply because the nature of the hundreds of different things that my wonderful power haa accomplished, such as winning the lova of your heart's desire, or bringing about all matters of private affairs, are so astounding and of such a great SECRET NATURE, that after this strange power has once gained your desires, you naturally feel a hesitancy about even trusting your bosom friend, knowing that your great happiness Is. simply the cause of my power; but there are many who, out of true gratltudo and appreciation, have allowed themselves to lay aside their pride of secrecy and have taken me Into their confidence of happiness. While I hold all such information secret, which Is strictly professional, never revealing to a living mortal, yet I feel as though It were a duty to myself and to the virtues of the power I possess, to give you a little outline of the record which has been brought around during the last year, ending April 1, 1W8, by me. YET, I reveal no names or secrets; only the bare facts. 842 marriages; 62 separations brought to adjustment without any after trouble, came by mutual consent of opposing party; located t burled treasures, locnted 12 wills and 17 deeds, success In gaining 424 pensions, reunited 2S7 separated, and have helped 471 Investors. There have been 687 rases of such private nature that I do not feel like classifying them. In fact, it suffices only to say there Is no heart so sad or wish too gTeat, that your hopes cannot be speedily realised by the farce of my wonderful power. SATISFACTION GIVEN OR NO FEE ACCEPTED. POSITIVELY GUARANTEES 8UCCE83 WHEN OTHERS FAIL. TO TUB PUBLIC. I fully appreciate that In this day of deception and sensational advertising one Is bewildered and perplexed to know who or what to believe, as there are more false and misleading statements chaperoned through the columns of the dally press than the most hypocritical tongue could utter in a lifetime, until you cannot be blamed for doubting almost everything you read. THEREFORE, It Is with the object of convincing you of my claim that I have decided to Invite you most cordially to call and be satisfied for yourself, for I realise that a personal Interview will do more to advertise mo than columns of self-praise. And If I fall to faithfully fulfil every word I claim, as well as to give your name In full, then you will be under no obligation to have a reading and this will only cost you YOUR STREET CAR FARE and a LITTLE OF YOUR TIME. Do you not feel It a duty to yourself, well as to me, to accept this Invitation In order that I mny convince you first of my claim and ability? WHAT COULD BE FAIRER? INVESTMENT AND SPECTTATION. The proper Investment of money Is always a question prevalent among the more ambitious people. How to Invest their money so that the principal will be absolutely safe and the returns large enough to warrant tho Investment, Is the problem. With the present low rates of Interest paid by the savings bank there Is very little opportunity for those with a small amount of money to realise anything satisfactory In the way of earnings. A few dollars properly Invested Is certain to hrlng a golden reward. Many fortune have been made by the Investment of a email amount of money; more fortune and greater fortune are still to be made. The chance for th careful Investor to acquire great wealth have never been greater than at the present time. If you would trlk while the Iron Is hot, consult Prof. Belmont st once. He I better qualified to advise rmi on this great problem than any clairvoyant living. He has made a special study along these lines and can tell you Just what to do and how to do It, His advice has brought fortunes to many of his patrons. Why should you not grasp this opportunity of bettering your financial condition Co.Nf'EHVING BT'SINESS AFFAIRS. HE GIVES DATES, FACTS AND FIG-t'RFS, REM ABLE AND IMPORTANT AD. VICE AND INFORMATION ON ALL MATTERS OF INTEREST IN BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS LAWSUITS CONTESTED WILLS, LIFE INSURANCE, DAMAGE H:ITS. DIVORCES'. I'P.EDS. MORTGAGE CLAIMS, COLLECTIONS, AND K.:rri,A. TIONH, ADVENTURES. AND ALL FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES, TRULY PREDICTS THE SCCCKRB OH FAILURE OF NEW INVENTIONS, PATENTS PENDING J'EV. WON CLAIMS. ETC TELLS YOU WHETHER Yon WILL RF'FIVB FAIR DF.At-1NGS WITH PARTNERS. IF YOU CARK TO KNOW WHERE YOU SHALL GO AND WHOM TO AVOID IF YOU INTEND TV) MAKE ANY CHANGES OR START A BUS. INKSS. BUY OR SELL PROPERTY OR IN FACT. TAKE ANY IMPORTANT STEP IWT FA If, TO CONSULT PROF PET ' MoNT. HIS AIiVU-K MAY HE THE MEANS OF SAVING YOU THOI'BANDH OF I'1.T.ARS AND A GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE. RFMKMMKR YOUR FROfply-re r.F TO. DAY MAY I'E YOUR Fortune TOMORROW IF RIGHTLY HANDLED NO I-IIAROE, Unlfs you obtain information fjr whl-k CLAIR V 0 Y A5 13. ((OMIM i:i. M M KEEK DDD1 1 U U M M M M M li j, Oil' U M M M MM.M.M EEEE O D I U U M,'.UM M ME 1. D I U U M M M M EEEE I..DDD I UULU M M you consult me, without askii.g a question; call you by name in full, give m.ioe of ih one you love, name of vour friends. enemUs or rivals; whom snil when you will marry; tells your age and Just anal you called for. without asking a alnsle question. Tells you whether your husnand, wife or sweetheart be true or false. If you are unliappv. unsuccessful or dissatisfied with your position In life, tells you how to gain the love of ( the one you most desire, even though miles away, how to reach the desired goal how to succeed in business, speculations, lawsuits, how to marry the one of your choice. Prof. Belmont tells at a glance the cause and cure of any disease, how to regain youth, health and vitality, remove evil Influences, cure drink habit, locate treaiurea, cure all nervous diseases; gives you good luck and places you on the road to health, wealth and happiness and success. No money In advance, and none will be accepted unless you are perfectly satisfied. If you simply want your FUTURE told, s a matter of curiosity or amusement, you had better stay away from hie office, aa he ha no time for curiosity seekers or giggling fools, as be consider his profession sacred and his time valuable. There are too many serious people who are really in sorrow, perplexed and In need of advice and help for him to waste hi time and power on those who only seek him as a matter of fun. He Is not a long-haired gypsy, nor has he large horn growing out of the top of hi head. He 1 simply an educated gentleman, who has devoted his life' study to the mys-terlou work of oocultlsm, and he Is a master of this work In all It branches; and to oonvinc you further, he says pay him not a cent In advance, wait till he haa told your name In full and read your complete life like an open book. IF TOU ARB GOING TO SEE A CLAIRVOYANT. WHY NOT SEE THE BEST? SEE ME TODAY AND LEARN ALL BELMONT "THE PRINCE OF PSYCHISTS." "SO DIFFERENT FROM THE REST." Telling names, reuniting the separated, causing speedy and happy marriage with the one you love; removing evil Influences, telling the sick how to get well. MANY IMITATE. NONE CAN EQUAL. HIS PRICE. HIS WORK. Remember after you have read all the other clairvoyant advertisements, you will know exactly what Prof. Belmont can tell and accomplish for you. Come to the expert, recognized by all true clairvoyant as the best. He lead his profession and that Is why his offices are dally crowded by the aristocratic people of the whole Northwest. The ooor and rich are treated with the best courtesy. NO CHARGE IF INCORRECT. PROF. H. C. BELMONT. Hll regular (5.00 readings for a short time, FIFTY CENTS. HOURS, DAILY, 10 to 12; 1 to . SUNDAY. 2 P. M. to i P. M. OFFICE, 62AH NICOLLET AV, SECOND FLOOR . OFFICE, 620M. NICOLLET AV, SECOND FLOOR SUITE 205. LINDLEY BLOCK. BUITE 2o5. LINDLEY BLOCK. -Mftftftftftftft ft PROF. RAPHAEL, ft ft KING OF CLAIRVOYANTS. ft ft PALMISTS AND MEDIUMS. -ft ft AFTER YOU HAVE READ ALL ft ft THE OTHER LONG AND SHORT CLAIRVOYANT ADVERTISEMENTS ft ft YOU WILL THEN KNOW EXACTLY ft ft WHAT RAPHAEL'S POWERS ARE ft ft AND WHAT HE CAN DO. Where ft of imitator hence he has many rivals. V ft out no equals, tnereiore consult ttie ft reliable, the genuine, the best it's the ft cheapest tn the end. ft RELIABLE, TRUTHFUL ft Advice given by the King of Psychics ft concerning love or aomestic anairs, law suits. Investments, travels, changes, ft busfnes deals, partnership, money mat- ft fters. contracts, wills, patents, deeds, ft mortgages, new undertakings and upon ft ft every important future and present ft ft event, if ft SEE RAPHAEL. ft Exchange sorrow fur Joy; sickness for ft ft health; poverty for rlchee: old age for ft ft youth; distress, worry for happiness ft ft and contentment. Raphael will assist ft ft you with his God-given powers to oh- ft ft tain your fondest wishes therefore see ft ft him at onoe a stitch In time save nine, ft ft Clairvoyance and medlumshlp devel- ft oped. ft k GIFTS EXTRAORDINARY. ft tSo positive am I of my power that I -V hereby solemnly agree and upon oath ft ft say that I will tell you your name, ft occupation, age, residence and what ft ft you want to know. ft t$500-REWARD-S00. ft Will be paid to any charitable society ft' ft providing you can prove under oath ft ttliat Raphael ever mads a mistake in ft his predictions, or made a false state- ft ment, or misled the public. ft SPECIAL BY MAIL. -ft Astrological forecasts Send date of birth, male or female, six questions ft and 25c. ft INDUCEMENTS. ft To further demonstrate Raphael's ft power and occult wlndom. he will give ft ft for seven days his famous 15 readings 4? ft ror 26C. lake advantage or tnis low ft $ price. Don't delay. Strlotest secrecy ft maintained. ft ft 1124 HENNEPIN 1124. ft ft (PRTVATE ENTRANCE. 2 12th ST N.) ft Hours 10 a. m. to p. m. 4? TONIGHT. ft ft Lecture and spirit messages In hall t, ft ft A. O. U. W. halls. No. 15 7th st S. ft ft Everybody welcome. Silver collection, ft ft Perhaps there Is a message for you ft ft from some loved one. Come. ft ft Trft-ftiHfVftft CONSULT THE BEST. ft ft ft ft ft ft MADAMS MARIE PERCY. 1055 Hennepin av, 'Phone T. C. S124. Wlll tell you all about the things that most concern you. ft If you have trouble she will tell you ft what Is the root of the difficulty and ft ft how to make matter easier and better, ft ft There Is no safe or sure GET-RICH- ft QUICK scheme. ft ft To get real results In life, you must ft ft make a determined effort. Sometimes ft ft you do not know what Is best and then ft ft what you need Is reliable ADVICE. ft When you need help go to some one ft ft who ha a good standing In the com- ft ft munity. MADAME PERCY Is estab- ft ft llshed in Minneapolis and has been ft ft here for years. ft ft YOU CAN TRUST HER. ft f LEARN WHAT IS BEFORE YOU. ft DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ft business changes. Journeys, speculations, ft ft social and domestlo affairs, enemies, evil ft ft Influences, love, whatever concerns you. ft Madame Percy can give you facts and Information that are priceless to you and tell you how matters will end. If you have domestic troubles she will tell you what 1 the rauie, who is at fault and how to remedy matters. ARE YOU IN TROUBLE? t Does th world look black to ycu and ft everything seem to be against you? ft DON'T BE DISCOURAGED. LIFE IS ALL RIGHT-IT 18 TOU who are ALL WRONG, and you need to be started iut on th right track. MADAME PERCY Will teach you Just how to control and use tho Power to Gain Success, Health and Happiness. She will put you ON THE RIGHT ROAD to avoid trouble, danger and elcknese. Mall reading a specialty. Send birth date and too for trial horoscope to MADAME PEROT, 1026 Hennepin av. ftftft'krw4Hr JOSEPHINE MARVIN. Hot) Honnepln av. 250 Special Reading, 2fc. She give date, fact and figure, reliable and Important advice and information on all lawsuits, contested wills, lifo Insurance, damage suit, love, marriage, divorce, deeds, mortgage, claim, collection, speculation, adventure, mining stocks and all financial difficulties. Truly predicts the success or failure of new inventions, patents, pending pension claims, eta Tell whether you will receive fair dealings with partners. If you care to know what business you should follow to be succeanful, where you should go and whom to avoid; If you Intend to make any changes or start a business, buy or sell pniei-ty. or, In fact, take any Important step, don't fall to consult Josephine Marvin. Her advice may be th means of svlng you thousand of dollars and great deal of trouble. By mall lend six questions, birth date and 25 cents. CLAIRVOYANT-JOSEPHINE MARVIN, 1100 Hennepin av. l'.o Special Today and Tomorrow 2Jo Reliable Information on lova, marriage, business, niieculatlon, Investment; restore lost affection, re-unltas th separated, tell when and whom you marry. By mall, end date of blrfh, six questions and 25c I'LAIRVOY ANT Free, your fortune can be told from the cradle to the grave; get a reading that will astonish you. They call nie the mjstlo worker. 1 urMis them all, Send three two-cunt stamp and birth date. I'rofeasor W. L. Raymond, 9)7 Bryan av, Jiwia, 111 CLAIRVOYANT Your fortune can be told from cradle to the grave; they call tn the womlnr worker; I bring you face to face . with fact. Send three 2-onnt stamp and blrthdate; 1 will surprise you. Professor Iavenrt, 106 H Monroe st, Peoria, 111, CLAIRVOYANTS Madam Ness, Psychic, Palmist. A revelation of past, present, future; advice on any and all affaire of life. Business, hM4pttwss, succ, speculation, health, love, marriage, etc Prloee within the reach of all. 1015 Ird av 8, first floor. CLA 1 R VO Y A NT Madame Buewell. the oele. brsted Egyptian palmist, I locatd In her parlors, lit 1st av 8, and nan t consulted on all arfnlr of 1 1 f n 1 tells past, prtaent and future, from cradle to grave. Saturation guaranteed or no charge CLA I R VI Y ANTH-Mrit' Louis, clairvoyant and palmist, tell past, present and futures; give truthful advlr on business affairs, love, courtship and marriage, Reading and treelmtuis daily, til tin st 8. CLALRV0YAXIS. (Co vn.M icd.i Cl.AIU'w.yAN'l-.Mis Carrie Trn. IPS t u;: .sii.- Aioiitorsuin. Mr '1 rv,-n will l.toro Siiioltiy evening ut M-Kh"V hall, ci r:o r "i . t-lt.'! av arid Mil s. M. s.'Uges by AIih. Ti yon and Mrs. Peake. Li. A 1 R i IV AV -Mrs. Lota gle readmits riiili;. ; U-r!8 ednestho' alltrm on ; pri vale tl'onl 2 to 5 day evenings Res. 12th st S." T. C. 24;3. CLAIRVOYANT Madame Rose, Clairvoyant. am Meaning. Now located at 4Jo Washington av H. Invites all her old friends ba k. Also new friends. CLAIRVOYANT Madam Harwood tells past, present ana ruturo; amines sliout love ana domestic matters, business changes. IB University av NK, CLAIRVOYANT Mr. Schweinfurth, 5 13th st S, trance medium, card render, palmistry and healing. 25c reading Frluay. Readings by mall. MADAME 8 CO FIELD Gives One Dollar readings. 2oo test Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings, 606 ftth st SB. Kenwood car. CLAIRVOYANT Manama Batch, Clairvoyant, Card Reader and Palmist. Fee. 25o and 6uc, 612 Hth av a CL A I R VOY ANT Mrs. Mary Jacobs, the well known clairvoyant and trance medium, may be consulted on all affair of life In her office. (16 Ird av 8. CLAIRVOYANT Monjean. clairvoyant, trance medium, can be consulted on all affair of life; reading 2oo tor next tore day. DOl Hennepin av. FINANCIAL WANTED Short time loan of $6,000 secured by lu,OU0 worth of first class collateral paper, together with good notes of North Dakota Publlo Utll--Ity company. - O-E. Cftaneyai com pany, 414 Metropolitan li.dg., Minneapolis, Minn. Telephone T. S. mi. FINANCIAL-HIGH GRADE BONDS FOR SALE. $7,000 St. Paul, Minn., 44 per cent bonds. 6,0uo City of Chicago, 4 pur cent bonds. $10,000 Chicago Street railway, 5 per cent bonds. $16,000 Minneapolis, 4 per cent bonds. $10,000 St. Paul Gas Light Co., & and per cent bonds. $5,0oojt. Paul and Minneapolis Street railway, 6 per oent bonds. Prices and Information furnished on application. Kane Co., Bank of Commerce Bldg. FINANCIAL Pay up your Eastern mortgage with local "on or before" 8 per cent money and keep the Interest, as well as your abstracts and Insurance policies right here at home where you can have access to them at a moment's notice. In case you want to sell or transfer your property In any way. E. Elchhorn St Sons, corner Hennepin and Washington, phone T. S. 106, N. W. Main 4207. EXTRAORDINARY opportunity; boaande investor oan participate; the strongest and safest New York real estate enterprise, backed by men of international high reputation, on an absolutely ground floor basis. Investment now returning 6 per cent and additional large profits are assured. Address Immediately Alfred B. Loyd. i W 33rd t, New York. WE are prepared to accept promptly every good real estate loan offered, building loans arranged In advance. Lowest rates. THORPE BROS , 206 Andrus Bldg. WANTEI") Broker or banker to Interest client In $200,000, Irrigated land proposition (Colorado). Clear loO per oent profit for buyer. Brokers' commission $12,000. F. 8. Hans com. Brown Palace Hotel. Denver. Col. SIX thousand dollar, 7 per cent, three years, first mortgage on brick business property, having rental value of $2,0uu a year. For sale. Edmund G Walton, 114 8 4th st. MORTGAGE LOANS On Minneapolis real estate for borrower or lender. Fire and tornado lnsurince. D. C. Bell Investment Co., becurity Hank Bldg FINANCIAL For sale, $400, second mortgage due 10 months. 6 per oent interest. New house, city. Dlncount 15 per cent for quick sale. K407 Tribune. FIRST. second and third mortgages; city, country and farm; quick result; low rate; foreign capital. Felix Frank, 49 Broadway, New York. FINANCIAL Money on hand for first class real estate loan, city or farms; building loans a specialty. See Hermann, 410 Phoenix ldg. FINANCIAL Wanted to borrow from private party, $1,200, secured by first mortgage on two fine lots and new building. Km Tribune. FIN A NCI AI First mortgage on 160 acres land, North Dakota, amount $801); will sell to net 7 per cent; need money. K352 Tribune. FINANCIAL Free from taxation! Fine bonds and mortgages for sale by the Minnesota Loan A Trust Co., 813 Nicollet av. FINANCIAL Wanted, loan of $900 for one or two years; will give best of real estate security. A36, uranch J, Tribune. FINANCIAL Some money to loan on good collateral. Long or short time. Cieghorn. 802 Guaranty Bldg. Phone 448. $100 OR MORE on real estate security; no delay. Tabour Realty Co., 410 1st av 8. FINANCIAL WANTED. WANTED To borrow from private party, $100 for one year; 10 per cent will be able to secure the loan. K428 Tribune. I NEED $1,200 for three years; will securs It with first mortgage city property and pay 6 per cent. K:ii9 Tribune. PERSONAL MUD BATHS FOR RHEUMATISM, ecxema, etc., at Rosendahl Sulphur Springs Sanitarium, Jordan, Minn., 20 miles from Minneapolis. Physician and masseur in attendance. Write for booklet. PERSONAL For sale, flat, thoroughly modern, 7 rooms, steam, bath, gas, laundry, store room, gv.od tr-anslent trade, year lease, rent $40, price $450 cash. Including piano. E4i6 Tribune. W. L. HIGBEE, FACE AND SCALP SPECIALIST. Removes wrinkles, double chin, lines of age. Cures dundruff and falling hair. 6"8 Nicollet av. CoOK BOOK For Sick and Convalescent, written by graduate nurse; 204 well selected recipes, needed In every home. Price 500. Address Myrtle Bailey, Lock Box 168, Mln-neaixills. PERSONAL-Books. editions de Luxe only. Immense private collection standard and other works never berore offered. send for catalog. George Pope, 1123 Broadway, N. Y. PERSONAL-Worth $2fl. Panama hats direct from weaver from $5 upwards. State size, remit money order. Winter A Co., Box 103, Bellge, British Honduras, Central America. MY SOLID MAHOGANY furniture, 60 years old for sale. E. B. JOHNSON, 16 E 2nd st, Fond du Lae, Wis. PERSONAL Send ton cent stamps for trial can Antiseptic Foot Powder. Cures cal louses, sore, tender foot. Write cross Toilet i Powder Co., 501) W 66th st. New York. GASOLINE ACCIDENTS prevented by anyone simply treating gasoline with nonxplo powder. Saves lives, fires. Sample free. isonxpio v p., w anrungum, v. PERSONAL Usona Asthma Cure gives tnstanl relief; never disappoints. Ino box. For sale by Owl Drug Co., box 51, Minneapolis, dealer in drugs ami sundries. PERSONAL Wanted to adopt a little girl from 9 months to 8 years old. A good horn await such a girl. Please address with particular. FH88 Tribune. BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS Protect your money or watch from pickpockets or loss. Simple safety device mailed 160. Safety Co., B.x 477, Albany, N. Y. PERSONAL Vncer are cured without use of knife, under my treatment or 20 years' test No cure, no pay. Address Robert Hughes, Proton, 8. p. ANNA M. GRISWOLD, 207 Medical Block, superfluous hair, moles, wart removed by electricity; corn extracted and Inverted nail and bunion treated. PERSONAL Don't you want new fset? Use pedephoro. Cures corn, calloused and fetid feet, make old feet new. Mail 25c. A. J. Kline ak Co., City. PERSONAL Women, consult a woman doctor. Ad. lie K. Bliven, specialist; 15 years' hoe-4'ltsl practice. 40$ Nicollet av, third floor j hours, 10 to 5:10. WILL retain and row HAIR or pay $100. Information free. Dr. Oliver K. Chance, Bcalp Specialist, 895 Syndicate Arcade, Minneapolis. Minn. DR. VEYRAC rheumatism cure guaranteed, never falls; also pure herb remedies for all diseases; French herb remedies. 500 Temple Court. PERSONAL Mr, N. Way, steaming process for rheumatism, lumbago and colds; scalp treat menu. t23 1st av 8, room 5. T. C. 1107. l.Oofl CARDS $1 The Howell Printing Co., JC4 Nicollet av, f Reg. price $2 For one week only Limit 6.00 to each customer.) 8PRINO SUITS, gents' suite, ladles' suits, cleaned and pressed; also alteration or re-palra The Eureka, 717 Ird av B. ECZEMA, psoriasis, Itching rectum, etc., cured; quick relief. Address Rlschel, 1110 Penna Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa. PERSONAL "Minneapolis Makes Good," In song. Everybody watits a copy; for sal at all muelo dealer. I'F.RSONAI Thoroughly up-to-date, furnished rooms, strictly modern. Mrs. Ness, 1015 ird BV S, first floor. DR. BERTHA SHFPARD, Specialist tn diseases of women, office hour, 1 to 4:90 p. m 4i Nicollet av. PER son A ly Corns nails, bunions in eitra.'tedT 21c; Inverted ited. Dr. Collier, 616 Nlo. Ph.RSi NAI ft anted to admit baby gill, on to mree year oio. iu iTipune, PERSONAL. (I'OMiMEll.) J I r- KSi iVAL-A UKW OK Till', MANY CHRONIC CASES CURED BY DR. ORATOI'l', THE liERMAN SPECIALIST IN ALE FORMS OK NERVOUS AND CHH. NIO DISEASES Ol RED OF SCIATIC RHEUMATISM. To the S-uff.irlng public: I whs troubled with sciatic rheumatism and was compelled to use rruti-hes most of the time. I consulted many doctors and tried many medicines, but received no help. Some good friends told me of Dr. Oratopp and of the wonderful cures that he makes. I went to Dr. Oratopp and got treated. Since then I feel like new man. I heartily recommend Dr. Uratopp's treatment, fur It 1 wonderful. Joseph M. Hoft, sis luth st S, Minneapolis, Minn. CURED OF CONSUMPTION. I wa not feeling well for over a year and had to quit work as I was gradually getting woree. I doctored with medicine doctor until I was so bw that I was In bed most of the time. I had night sweat with chill and fever, my temperature was above 10J moet of the time; when I wa pronounced consumptive by two good medicine doctor and ordered a change of ellmate at onoe. I was advteod to go and see Dr. Oratopp. I went to him and the results are I am a well man today and weigh about 180 pound. Hoping that Dr. Gratopp may prosper In hi good work. Your truly, Everett H, Lyndy, 8im Nicollet av, Minneapolis, Minn. CHRONIC DISEASES A SPECIALTY. Rheumatism, neuralgia, headuhe. fits, heart trouble, stomach, bowels, liver, kidney, tumors, tuberculosis of the bladder and lungs and all so-oalled Inourabi diseases can be cured without pain. Examination free. Dr. Oratopp, bo4 Nicollet av. Suite 804, Minneapolis. Minn. PERSONAL Dr. Louise Selders, Belentlfto cur Institute. In tnerapeuuc massage we have some of the best operators In America. Ws treat chronic and recent Irritative conditions, rheumatism, kidney, liver and stomach disorders. Electric vibrator treatments, original sano-brush treatment to restore vital energy. Testinaonuils from rrm''""' p"l" anu yerpian spoken. Hours 1 to p. nx, or oy appointment at 112 12th st 8. Phone Main 2263-J2, Minneapolis, Minn. PERSONAL HlU UVfl HA711VIU Licensed and bonded by the iate of Minnesota; expert lady and gentlemen detctives furnished for all ocoesriona Crimes Investigated. Evidence procured. The habits, movement and associates of suspected persons carefully reported. All business strictly confidential. Prices reasonable. Consultation free. Suite 6()5 Century Bldg. Telephone Main 4386-L, Minneapolis, Minn. THB MENTAL MOVEMENT CUIUS. Dr. J. R. Bennett treats and cures by ag. geatlon, Christian and mental therapeutic. "The Chicago Movement Cure" for mind and body trouble. When in trouble or Buffering of mind or body come or phone to 7o3 Hennepin av. Suite X. T. 8. JWD. Open evening. WB GUARANTEE CURE. PERSONAI-Wanted, all dark complexloned ladle to throw away their cream and so-called toilet lotion and try the Eck-O-Lin Healing Skin Parfector; it purifies and beautifies the skin, corrects and perfects skin blemishes and brightens that dark brown complexion. A 2So bottle will convince you. At your druggist's or special at L. 8. Donald-son's Glass Block, drug or toilet department. LILIAN BAKER, teacher of dancing, academy at Richmond Halls, 5th st and 3rd av S. Class, Wednesday and Baturdsy evenings. Class strictly private; private lessons dally, informal parties every Wednesday evening. Residence, TrI-State $856; Richmond Halls, Trl-State 4016. Main 3K03. Floral club dancing party every Saturday evening. PERSONAL- DR. LOUISE SEIDER8, SCIENTIFIC CURE INSTITUTE For men, women, children. In therapeutio massags we have some of the best operators In America, Hours: 1 to 5 p. ro., or by appointment. 112 12th st 8. 'Phone Mala tioi J-2. Minneapolis, Minn. HAIR GROWS where our cap 1 used a few minute daily; 60 day' free trial under contract to buy for $25 or return cap. Cure dandruff, atop falling hair, stars a new, healthy growth. Send name for testimonial and booklet. Modern Vacuum Cap Co., 3us Barclay Block, Denver, Colo. DANCING classes and Informal at Lane dancing academy, 614 Hennepin av, every Tuesday, Thursday and 6aturday with rull orchestra, teaching barn dance, two-step, three-step, waits and Bchottlsch, 50c per lesson; private lessons svery afternoon. T. 6. 'phone 3U46. PERSONAL Ladies, the only place In the Twin Cities to obtain a French facial massage by a graduate under Dr. Crlstlon, late ol Paris academy m Hn- science of beauty culture. Beet results guaranteed at 10 7th st S, room 306, elevator entrance. Mrs. MeGetrlck, PERSONAL My herbal remedle cure rheumatism, catarrh of the stomach, gall atones, heart diseases, scsema and kidney disease. I want an energetic lady agent In every town; write for olrculars or call at office. Professor C. S. Patty, 503 14th av N Minneapolis, Minn. 1 PERSONAL Ladles, ask your druggist for Chichester's Pills, the Diamond Brand. For 25 years known as Best, Safest, Always Reliable. Buy of your druggist. Take no other. CTilchester's Diamond Brand Pills are sold by Druggists everywhere. PERSONAL Dr. Thomas continues his wonderful work of drugless healing In which he Is very suooessful. Special attention given to nervousnees, rheumatism. Indigestion and all organic disorders. Office 10 7th st 8. Next door to Majestlo Hotel. MOLES, WARTS. RED VEINS, SUPERFLUOUS HAIR removed by Electrolyeis. Wrinkle, blackheads, pimples, double chin and flabby face scientifically cured. Established 10 years. Mrs. Lillian Clyde, 620 Nicollet. Suits 304. SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. Moles, birthmarks, red veins, powder marks, permanently removed, without pain or scar. Lillian M. Simmons, Electro Der-matologlst. 608 Nicollet av. Suite 519-20. A VICTORIA VIBRATOR cost $10; If cheap because It's a sure cure for nervous debility, weak heart, insomnia, rheumatism, hack and headache; guaranteed. Victoria Vibrator Co., 1407 Hennepin av. CONSUMPTION BOOK FREE TO ALL New 2u0-page cloth-bound medical book on consumption, Its cause, treatment and cure. Mailed free to all who write Yonkerman Co., 23ti Water st, Kalamazoo. Mich. FOR CONSTIPATION, indigestion, nervousness, Peerless Herb Tablets Is finest remedy on earth. If your druggist doesn't have them, send 10c for large sample. Peerless Herb Co.. Wllllamsport, Pa LET US WRITE YOUR LECTURES, AD-dresses, club papers, essays, eto. "Every production a masterpiece." Corresppondenr'e confidential. Central Literary Bureau, 1240 Harrison, Kansas City, Mo. SECOND HAND MOTORS. Horsepower at 220 500 1 m Gen. Electrlo Co. 1 6 IS Crocker Wheeler. t I V I Crocker Wheeler. 8 2 4 1 Crocker Wheeler. 1'4 3 Crocker Wheeler. 8 11 Crocker Wheeler. 1 & Triumph. 1 S 10 Browning. 1 6 General Electrlo Co. 1 i Sprague Lundell. 1 S Electric Machinery, t I Westlnghouse Single Phase JOHN 8. SMALL, Electric Motor and Wiring, 613 N. Y. Life. Minneapolis, Minn. Phone, Nicollet 811 WAREHOUSE PROPERTY. WAREHOUSE PROPERTY For Rent An eight-story, heavy mill construction warehouse on Wisconsin Central trackage In the rear of 18-20 Bridge Square, containing about 43.000 square feet of floor space. Two electrlo elevators and steam beat Will make reasonable alterations for a long time tenant. See L R. GORHAM, 07 Hennepin av. phone Main lift, RMAL ESTATE Two-story building, 50x50, suitable for factory or warehouse, at N. C. Bennett Lumber Co., 408 4th st N. WAREHOUSE PROPERTY WANTED WANTED Barn or building for wareroom purposes; floor space about 1,800 square feet. Calf T C. 8815. CLEANING AND DYEING. CLEANING AND DYEING Weltsel's Nortk Star Dye House, French Dry Cleaning and fancy dyeing. (Established 18S4.) 727 Hennepin av. Out of town work solicited. Twin City Dy Works, th leading French dry cleaners In ladles' and gentleman's clothing and all household goods. 724 Nicollet av. SPRING BUTTS, gent' suit, ladles' suits, cleaned nnd pressed; also alteration or repairs. The Eureka, 717 8rd av 8. GENT'S SUITS French dry cleaned and pressed. $1; work strictly first class or no money accepted. Anthony, 7 10th t 8. CARPET CLEANING & RUG MEG. Walker Carpet Cleaning Wks., F. L. Storm, Prop.. i27-2 Nlo. av. Carpet and rug renovated, made over and laid; rugs woven, furniture upholstered, compressed air clean- Ing. N. W. B. T. C. 460B. CARPETS AND RUGS cleaned or renovated; new rug made from your old carpet. Moorish Rug Co., 1002 E Franklin. Phones. HAVE YOU ANY old carpets? W oan mak a good rug out of them. Economy Rug CoH 118" 7th st 8. Both phones. PROFESSIONAL Kiss am'M jo-ITI by'ndIcatb blooRT suircrfiuous hair, moles, warts, etc., permanently removed by electricity. Exoluslv specialist; expert operator. Special appointments to out of town patients. PHONE MAIN 414-L. T. C. 3330. PRoFESSIONAIr-Superfluous hair. mole, etc., permanently removed by electricity. Miss llolllster, 77-78 Svndlcate Block. Pioneer and of the Northwest Excluslv specialist. T. 8. Tel. WW. AUCTI0N SALES. AU1U" - YtiimiMe ur.rlaunf.j u'Ki't Hi awc-tlun- I bflor tti'- Blitli! luus of Mirin-'S 'la. V iHconHln, North itrtd Soulii Dukota, Iowa, Nebraska and Montana, noftre is hereby given to underniHiiiii'in'd t 'onsiKnefs: C. H. ltiiBHf-U. Tlo.'O. . hievt-ns. Oeierwood Ilros CO cases llijuoi i, A. Jolinnon Ooiuor). Krueger Furniture Co., I. N. MeOraeken, i? K. Nelson, W. E, Church (20 cases nierrhanrllse). Charles Smith dinars), ail of Livingstone, Mont.; Montgomery Ward Co., Frank L. Bevllls, Gross Johnson (liquor) J. H. Los-kab. lonas Loskamp (dry goods), Bessie Mc-Claln, Yezen Bros., I. White (liquors), O. Oetleaady (liquors), W. M. S. Liner Distillery to., care James Howley (liquors), P. Munders Hall, C. J. Miller, People s Furniture Co., Henry T. Rank, Billings Piano Co., H. A. Hope, A. Davenport, Western Hardware Co., O. H. Buray, ail of BHHnas, Mont, and to other whosoever may be interested herein, and whose names are unknown, that all the unclaimed and refused froperty shipped to said consignees over he various railroads connected lieruln has been held in the warehouse of the W. A D. Railroad Warehouse Co. of Minneapolis for charges against same for the length of time as required by the laws of the above state and that the whole of the said unclaimed and refused property will be sold at publlo auction on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 37, 28, Hi. at Nos. 16 and 18 4th st N (three doors from Hennepin av) Minneapolis, Minn., commencing at 10 a m. sharp each day. Notice la also hereby further given that any of said property may be redeemed by consignees at any time previous to day of sale on payment of full charges gainst same. This property consists of an Immense and valuable assemblage merchandise of every description, principally In original cases snd crates, also several thousand dollars' worth choice liquors and Imported wines in kega barrels and bottles: detailed fiartloulars later; all may be lnspeoted mom-rig of aula from I I, tn, Liquor and wines win be sold on first day of sals at t p. m. The W. A D. Railroad VYarenouse Co. Hubsrt Bown, Auctioneer. AUCTION BY ORDER OF T. WARE. ESQ , i win sell at auction 'i uesaay next, zist, at a. in. sliaii). trie cl'illie omients of his iss id en ce, consisting of costly modern furniture, choice oriental rugs and carpets, drao- eiies, upright piano, eto. The whole of these goods are In condition equal to new and Include 31 beautiful silky antique oriental rugs, I very rich Khiva carpet-slxe rugs, I fine Axmlnster and Wilton rugs, size 912 and I 8x10.3; nice lace curtains. Including 3 pairs costly Irish point; pottery, colonial drop-leaf mahogany sewing and card tables, handsome mahogany library table, solid mahogany and oak lookers, 1 fine 8 wing oak bookcases. One 2 wing sliding door bookcase, a fins large solid mahogany sideboard, a $-plece mahogany colonial parlor suit, Kis Kilem and other portieres, fine heavy post brass bed, bog spring and hair mattresses, 1 Iron beds, an automatle "Rolph" sofa bed, an antique upright secretary bookcaso in richly-figured Spanish mahogany, Turkish leather rockers, weathered oak buffet, a mission table, I bent glass china closet, round claw foot extension table, bird save and oak dressers, center tables, ehalrs, cushions, pictures, large French plate pier mirror, tabourettes, 1 oak cylinder upright b"keae, I oak revolving bookcase, books, oriental table mats, 1 fine library lamp with cut glass globe, line upright piano, lame sliver serving tray and other sliverware, fine Radiant Home steel range with upper warming closet and water front ga range, 1 good cooktove. Icebox, a hot water heater, 2 large porch creeiis. a plngpong table, 3 expensive galvanic batteries, 1 large Illuminating gas lamp and shade suitable for large room, I oak filing cabinet, lot toys and the neat furnishings of 3 servants' rooms. For convenience of sale, goods will be moved In the vacant store corner llth st and Nicollet av, opposite Auditorium, where they will be sold without the slightest reserve. Sale positive, rain or shine Hubert Bown, auctioneer. AUCTION Sale Tuesday, April 21st, by ordr of Mrs. Charles McDonald, one of th choicest lots of household goods, that has been sold at auotlon for many a day. Con-slstlng of parlor, tied and dining room furniture, leather upholstered rockers, Morris chair Brussels and Ingrain rugs, Brussels and Ingrain carpets, draperies and lace . curtains, round extension table, high back arid box seat dining chairs, oak sld-board, secretary bookcase, library and center tables, one Estey organ. Iron beds, springs, mattresses. "feather pillows, bedding, etc., massive Mantell folding bed fitted with bookcase and French plate mirrors, quarter sawed and pollhed, cherry bedroom suit, odd dressers, commodes; steel range, fitted with high closet and coal heater; iron sofa, dress box, large rattan baby buggy, folding go-cart, sewing machine, hall trne. lot of books, crockery, glass and silverware, eta We have also received a small stock of dry goods to be closed out at this sale, conslet-Ing of gents' furnishings, notions, underwear, laces deans gonrtn hl raps, etc. The.e goods must be sold regardless of cost, and were moved to 320 Plymouth av for convenience of sale. Notice We give special attention to sale of private residences. C. 8. Rodner, auctioneer, 820 Plymouth av. TO CLOSE AN ESTATE. Choice and valuable private collection Oriental rugs, library books, etc., at auction. I am Instructed to sell Wednesday afternoon next at 3 p. m. sharp, In the vacant store, 8JJ Nicollet av (formerly the "Clow" store), a private collection of 43 very choice Oriental rugs In silky Persians, Kazaks, Bokhara, Belouchlstlan, Sourak. Guendje, Shlvran and others: four superb Khiva, carpet jrlie rigs. Kls Kllem, three pairs fine Irish point lace draperies, one antique blue spread arid a library of rare books In fine old English bindings, Including the complete works of Hogarth, Jane Austin, Bronte, MHers, Fielding, Smollett, Klngsley, Shakespeare, Cow. per, Mullbach. Robertson, Nature Library, American Cyolonedla, etc Note time of sale, 2 p. m. ft'ednesday next. Rug are exceptionally fine lot, every piece a gem. A the tore has been taken for convenience of this sale for this day only, purchases must be moved at once. Terms cash. Hubert Bown, auctioneer. AUCTION-By order of T. Ware Esq.. I will sell at auction Tuesday next, 21. at 10 a m. harp, the entire contents of his residence, consisting of elegant and costly modern furniture, 21 beautiful silk antique Oriental rugs and carpets, also velvet rugs, fine lace and other draperies, piano, pottery, paintings, fine steel range, gas range, kitchen effects. Large sale of splendid goods. Detailed particulars In Sunday's papers. For convenience of sale all will be moved Into the vacant store corner llth snd Nlmllet, opposite auditorium. Hubert Bown. auctioneer. PATENTS. PATENTS promptly obtained, sold, bought, leased; manufactured models made: 25 years establlshsd; unexcelled reputation; inventors' 4u-pae book free. Write American Patent Market, St. Paul, Minn. PATENTS Williamson A Merchant, Patent Lawyers and Sollcltora Main Office 627-b37 Guaranty Bldg., Minneapolis. Branch office MoOlll Bldg., Washington, D. C. STORM SASH, CARPENTER WORK. SPRING IS HERE. Down with storm sash, up with screens; prompt attention given to all orders by O. G. Lewis. 1918 Unlvsrslty av SB. N. W. telephone Fast 1263. TRUNKS, BAGS, & SUIT CASES. TRUNKS AND BAGS-We manufacture and can save you the middleman's iirotlt. Our goods guaranteed. Bijou Trunk Factory, 14 Washington av N. , PATENTS. PATENTS THAT PHOTECT-8ave time and money by employing a Washington patent lawyer; advice free; terms low; highest references ; best service. Watson E. Coleman, Patent Lawyer, Washington. D. C. PATENTS. PATENTS bought and old; Invention of merit developed. Lucas Co., St. Louis, Mo. MACHINERY. IRON AND WOODWORKING machinery and supplies, pulleys, shafting, hanger, boxes, etc. New and second-hand. Northern Ma-chlnery Co., Minneapolis. MINES AND MINING. MINING Gold dredging property of 500 acres to sell. Very favnrabls terms, average depth 24 feet, 13.361,000 cublo yards; will guarantee to go $1 per cublo yard. D. I Healy. South Berkley, Cal. MINING Santo Domingo, best Mexican proposition yet offered. 30 proven properties, absolutely safe for small Investors. Full particulars furnished. J. R. MoVean, 1121 1st av 8. STOVE REPAIRS. REPAIRS. FOR ALL STOVES and ranges. U. 8. Stove Repair Co.. li Urd st 8. Telephone. WOOD AND COAL FOR SALE Dry factory hardwood, cheapest, cleanest and best wood In the city, Barnard. Coo Mfg. Co.. Phone 16044 and East W PARQUET FLOORS. GET THE PARQUET FLOOR hahltj cleaner, prettier, more sanitary and easier to take care of. Metropolitan Parquet Floor Co., IW3 1st av 8. DRESSMAKING. DRESSMAKING Mrs. Mav With, Scandinavian dressmaker, 1313 Washington av S Shirt waists, 75c; Jumper suits, 32.00. All sewlngwork very cheap. DRESSMA KING Shirt "waist ulU mads for $1.60, and all kinds of plain sawing taken or competent uressmajcer, nso vinepowjw. DRESSMAKING Sawing reasonably dans. Skirts, $2.50 and up; waists, $1.00 and up. 134 N Lyndale av. DETECTIVE AGENCIES, HOY'S DETECTIVE BUREAU. 416-16 Phoenix Bldg. Twenty years' experience in Minneapolis. Licensed and bonded under state law. Legitimate business solicited and handled In suiot confidence. Both phones. LL1 iiiiu) LIST ok i.KTTKHS remain unclaimed mt loo Minneapolis I'ostolfioe, bunuity, April 13, 1:: 1o obtnln any of these letlers the, applicant should cell for "Advertised Letters," tuid glvs trie dHte of the I!hI. If not called for In two weeks letters are sent to the dead letter office, Washington, D. C. letters addressed to Initial, as "11. B, "Miss Lizzie," etc under the law, canjiot be delivered at the general delivery. General delivery window Is opn every wee day from 7:30 a. m, to 3 p. m.) on Bund from 10 to 11 a, m. W. D. HALE, Postmaster, Arper, Mr. WW, B. Armstrong M!ldre4 I B Budlong, Edwin O. Bohlksk. Edith Banner, B. C Blgelow, Mrs. Mary 8. Beach, L. O. Buchanan, Mr a B. B, Barber, Jack G. Brooks, Pub. ByndlcatA c Corneal, Beulah Coulter, J. B. Craven, W. Cerr A Gregory Cooper, Constance) Clust Mfg. Co. Cutler, Cora t D Day, W. Scott Dydrkk, Anna Dean, Mrs W. B. Dlggle, 8. Q. Lsscd Co. Donovan, Mr. Lena '. E Bvans, Ruth Eaton, IV TC. F Foiiag, Vlng&ard Mau-Franklin, Ernest W. dens Flour City ColL. Agoy. G Glover, Mrs A. J. Gove, Mrs, F. W, Oatde, Elizabeth 3Bi H Holm A BUchfeldt Holdrldpe, Henry EL Hoosler Cigar Mfg. Co. Hope, Lloyd A. Ijoffstatter, A May. Houston, lira, P, O. JVckson, J. D. JonegrMrs. M. O. James, Mrs. Q. H. Jackson, Mamie K Knowles, K J., Mr. Krnllman, Chas. B. and Mr. Kelly, Dillon L Lane, M. L. London Mfg. Co. Lovern, Brown A Co. i M Mitohell, Clifford Morris Twist Drill 5s. McCahes Erop. AsTY. Minn. Land Co. Mcleod. A. H. Mill- Merchants' Dlst. Co. ( Ing Co. N Northern Importing CaN. A, land A Loan Co, Nat'l Security Co. Kevins, Agnes 8. 0 Oliver, Mr. Bhepard Oshoume Typewriter Ostrand, Peter M. Co. P Parmalee. B. E, Payton, Jo. C. Perham, Mrs. L. F. Ftlbone Bros. Puhl's, Pickering A Plnska R Rledel, Alhln Itomatarf, Maggie RodeDiaeber, H. J. Rhone, Robert Raymond, E. P. (2) Sloan, Ida Smith, Paul Harry Scott, L H. Stephens, A. 8. Belle, Thos. Banden, Dr., A. T. Eieoo trio Co. Trepatner, I. 3. Tronrud, Sophie Thorns, A. Z. Truesdsll A trr Twin City Mfg. CS). Tuncwlcs, Stiff u tTrbatch, Mrs. JT. V w Vandyke, O. A, Wler. Hatfte Winter, Karl Wlngard, Mrs. W. Wells Publ. Co. Western Trade Bulletin I I'npaid Letters. Cable. C. R, FJMckson, Alma Iiwgstrum, Freda Hanson, Lilly lilom, Agnes Pstckages. Arsenault. Omer Lyon, Jaa. " Brown, George Lain, n. Alma Eerotson, Mrs P. O. Ixivell, Margaret Cameron, E. F, Morse, W. H (3) Church. Ralph Nelson. N. Cbr. Cook, Estella Nlles, Emma Dewsr. R. L OIsksi, Charles EMrkson, Chas. C Pattl, Wis, Rmerson, Mra W. C. I'ettersson, F. A, France, Wm. ' Ptade, Chas. W. Green, Fred Turner. Iva Gregory, Frnrwtg D. William Mrs. T.uhg Grtnlus, C. W. Wells, Mrs M. O. Oronenid, A. T. "Williams, W. R Oustafson, Aim Webster, Dorothy Hakanson, P. i BSEY HlerhLxnd Station. Benrma, O. A. (2) ITulbert, Mra Geo. T, Conlon, Jr , Stev. Kram. R. F, Coburn, Mra Dr. Knoers, Mrs. Bophla Iouglas, Alex. Mairhrowlrs. Bonhla Garrison. W. H. Swanson, Frits R, GrexnnVId, Joe, care Mrs. Bchriver f I.yndnte Ntatlon. Anderson, Charlie M. Hatfield, Mrs. Harris Adlm A. Beard Ernest (2) Howard, C 8. Browes. Miss Amelia Kangas. Miss Annts CiltT. Ed Martinson. Herman Davis, Mrs. If. C. Hussel, Blaine Eaton, Florence Fheldnn. Mrs. Jaa. Floren, F. J Slurry. M P. Gatithler, Miss Chris- Sohwartynilk, W. Una Wlnqulst, c Ci. Glader, Mis OiristlnaWsstiund, Miss Esther t'npatd Letters. Erlrksson, Miss Jean- Eriksson, Miss Otlilla ette Riverside Station. Backlund, Ernie Melson, Miss n. Bond, Ohsrles L. Porter, Chas C. liraateti. Inga Page, Mrs. 8 it. Brell. Bruno (T Pearson, Esther Batklund. Annie Paddock. Mrs, M. V, Coburn. R. S. Root. John I Dahlln, Emut Robb. Turman Ielaniare. R. M. Rovlk, Mrs. Helmonlne FJrkardt. Miss A. Bud. Karl Orler, Harry Staurum, Inve B. Hiere, loggle M Strand. Andrew Haagensen, Mathilda . Skog. A. P H. Schamen. Elsie Hopkins, Mis Ray Wl. kman, Nils O. Johnson, Mvrnn Wllhaser. Mr W. H. Karlson, Astrld Way, Mrs. IL Lustad, Sigoard J St. Anthony Falls "tntlonT"- Arlington, Frank Muss, Miss Mose rtacklund. Mr. Hugo (2) Noble, Mrs. Lois Boyer, Mrs. E. F. Pracnla. Mrs George Brown, Mrs Alys M. Rvan, Mr. Arthur Bush, Mine Francis Hkognn, Miss Ailc ClHiisIn, Mr. Lambert Small, Mrs. Jessie F. Gibbons, P. J., Flln Stows, Mrs. L. W Will , Streets, Mrs. Fredls Imsen, Mr. George Sfurnm, Mrs. The Jacohson, Miss Maria Wood, Mr. Harold Lawrence, Mrs. Mclla I Unpaid Letters, Daleka, Tekla Gromek, Aleksader IIIHTHS. Mr. and Mir. Jo. L. Holme. 3732 Park v, a son. Mr. and Mrs. John Carlson, 2D82 16th av B, a daughter. Mr. and Mr. Abraham Slorobo, 1519 2nd st B, a daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Christ Amtson, J42S Oakland av, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. L. Swth, 1205 E 20th st. dsoghfer Mr. nd Mr. Wm. H. Wllber, 2218 Oakland av, a daughter. Mr. and Mr. Chas. Knutsoru. f! Fremont av N, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Coper, 631 Plcro st NH, a son. Mr and Mrs. A. Ingvoldsted, 1314 Madison st NE, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. W. Bilvu. $109 lat av S, a Son. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. . Murray, 1024 4th st N. a son. Mr. and Mrs. Jo. M. Corbett, 2821 Bltla dell, a ion. DBATTIS. Esther IJlJegren. 1)20 E 7th st Maultrop Nlrkerson, 3617 H Lake st. -I Everett L Norton, 1413"j Dupont av M. ' Wm. H. Anderson. 3223 Fremont av N. ! Joseph R. Hopkins, 1011 loth av BE. William Ott, 365 18th av 8. Chas. Cransden, t06l University ar SB, Andrew J, Palmes, 2438 17th av 8. Geo. Heldt, 248 27th av 8. Stanley Skarnes, 91 ttth av ft. Anna M. Baokstrom, $15 W 28th St. May Frye, City hospital. "Jl Oahriei Rasmussen, UM 27th ar 8. , Hazel Peterson, Swedish hospital. i Israel O. Walen, 1718 llth av 8. Elizabeth Wyman, 1812 Dupont av S, I" Charles Ralsk, City hospital. 'rt William P. Webber, 3612 8th t B Carl O. Doels, Bt. Mary's hospital. Elizabeth Frlsssll, 1128 Irving av fcf Girl to Devote Her Life to Japan's Lepers WORCESTER, April 19.-MIg Maria Comtolg, a pretty and attractive young woman, formerly of this city, ham Juet paid a flying visit here to gay farewell to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Comtolg, of No. 102 Salem street, before starting on a Journey from which there U no return a Journey which will take l er to a luper colony In Japan for mission work. There the rest of her life will be spent. Mlgg Comtolg entered a convent about three years ago, and will tako ber Unal vows In a month or io. MIrs Comtols's youngnr and attractive sister, Aline, Is now In a convent at Turner FhIIb. She 1? now Sister Mary Franclaca. Miss Marie will take the name of Mother Lawrence ot Jesus. ADVERTISED

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