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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota • Page 12

Star Tribunei
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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THE y.INHEAPOLIS TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1903. THE DAYLIGHT STORK. Railroads Trimiaed Hats, $5.00, $7.50, $10.00 and $15.00 Wnrtli ssubls, so wo alike, and not la plicsud at any pries. Optical Dept. Cooking Lessons.

Monday pies. Tuesday Cold leseerts; Wednesday Salads. Thursday-Cindy. Kris a Breakfast. OPEN AT 8:30.

Close at 6. Saturdays Close at 9:30. $1 Reward. It Is oar aim to advertise our goods by straight! or-ward statements, and to guard against dsccptina of any kind. We will gladly pay $1 to tba first person to report to our Mr.

Mother any misrepresentation mm E'S PEAHC Eye. Examined Free of Charge. Expert 8erylce. Balcony. JOINT RATE IS OPPOSED MINNEAPOLIS AD ST.


B. Moaner. 1. I). Daytoa.

Frank H. Carletoa. Silk Leaders if the Northwest Now at Sireotb anil Nicollet. Cloak and Suit Store, 403-405 Nicollet Ave. Extra Special Bargains for Saturday.

Why the Business Is Surging to Us. "as BSfaassa saw Tj-i rwfeft nf tie TviJri Ck'om io cnmlniT The business of the Twin Cities is coming. Children's Coats, worth CA ai kBjJs. to $6.00, for h.w 14 Price Sale of Waists Two hun The Minneapolis St. 'Louis Railway Company and the Northern Paclfio Railway Company have decided to oppose the state railroad and warehouse commission's attempt to enforce a Joint rate on hard coal from Duluth to New Ulm and other southern Minnesota points.

The members of the commission will taka immediate steps, through the attorney-general, to compel the roads to retain the rate-. A note was sent to the commission Friday by the officers of the two roads announcing a determination to abolish the present tariff. The members of the commission took the matter before Attorney-General Douglas and he is now looking it up. The railroad comcanies state that the joint rate is too low to allow any profit for carrying coal and they must raise the tariff. They may restore the old rate in force before the commission proposed the Joint rate, dred Lawn and Linen Embroidered Waists, worth $1 to $6.50 mmr-m -i-t 1 mi Satur- HalDHira auuppiu, lui ticms.

Handkerchiefs all Irish Linen, hemstitch. -in, hem. only, regular size, full laundered, alwaya 8c each, at So. Women's Veata and Pant. White, Jersey fittings veata, high neck, long or half aleevea; pant, ankle or knee length, umbrella style or tight fitting, all sizes, at 25 each, Women's Stockings 50 doien to us naturally.

Iheres no store like it in the Northwest. Its beauty of construction and arrangement is balanced by its satisfactory service, its dependable merchandise and its fair prices. One who comes once comes again and every visit binds the tie closer. New things in every department are ready at less than usual prices. Shopping List Items.

Misses' and Boys' black cotton 1-1 ribbed, reinforced knee, and heels, doable Mies, French feet, 25c vain. Saturday at 17o. Three pair, for 50o. Printed Batista A new and pleasing assortment, for waist, and dresses, 12s value at Bo. Whlta Batcher's Linen far shirt and shirt waist salts, just ths right wsave for summer gowns, the 59c value, Saturday, at 42o.

day 1 Muslin Underwear at cost of material. No charge for making. MNOtBSSRwiina, mm Sl.llGowos $1.00 JkCarwt UTers ffl" 25c lace lisle thread hoot 58c Cms. CTiri for 35 A BIG FREIGHT HOUSE pattern or all-over lac, a fine collection of value, from SOc to 75c, at 390. ORTHERX PACIFIC WILL SOOX ERECT A BlILDING OSE THOUSAND FEET LOG IX ST.

PAIL. Bright Basement Splendid Bargains; $22.50, $25.00, $27.50 Suits, $18.75. Because some are rone we are, compelled $1.75 fiowflifor 515. fiowis $3.50 Gowasfor $1.75 Chemiss for. $150 Chemise for $1.75 $3.00 Chemise fir.

$2.00 $100 Skirt for. $1.35 $3.00 Skirts for $2.00 $3.50 Skirts $2.50 H50 Skirts for. 58.50 Skirts for. $5.75 None Sold to Dealer. The extensive scheme of Improvement planned by the Northern Pacific railroad for lower town.

In St. Paul, was disclosed 43c Cent! CTen for 45c 8c Const CoTinfor 50c JLCI Corset Coiers for $1.25 Corset Carers for Jl75ComtCoTersfor $2.11 Corsit Corers for. 75c Draws for $1.61 Drawers for JI35 Drawers for J1.75 Drawirs for. $1.25 59c Drawers for No Mail Order Filled. You never had to do so little for so great savings.

Yoa have only to come to this Bright Basement of ours and buy the good things we have there at a third to half under real tT7 to take these higher priced suit, and level their coat at $518.75, New, stylish auit. of cheviot, of broadcloth, of et amine, of mea'a Thursday when a petition was pre sented to tne assembly with a resolu value. For example. Men's Socks Black, seamless. tion vacating Locust, Willius, Neill and Kittson streets, between Fourth and Fifth streets, and also the alley between Fourth and Fifth streets running from Kittson to John streets.

The plans provide for a large freight house to be constructed on the north side running the full length of four fancy wear in navy, black, brown; blouse collarle.s, pouch slssves and every other new Idea. NEW SHIRT WAISTS. ilk Waists at $4.50 Worth $5.75 to $10. Waiats of taffeta silk and psan de sole, black, white, cream, rose, pink, light blue, red and tan; many small, neat hairline stripes and fancy silks in the collection, all made in the new spring styles; sizes 32 to 44. Wash Waists at 98c of India liaen; entire fronts of all-over embroidery, backs with tucks; they have the large sleeves and stock collars; $1.25 vaiae.

Whita Waists at $1.95 Made of fine Swiss, with sslored dots, tacks front and back; waists ef white mercerized vesting, small de doubts heels and toes, fast color, all sizes, 15c vales, at 2 pairs for 15o. Children's Stockings, ribbed, black, double knees, heels and toes, sizes 5 to 9S. 15c vslues, at 2 pairs for 150. Petticoats of Cham bray and Glagham, good qualities-made with ruffles and tucks, pink and blue stripes, fall II valuss, at SOo. Cream Brllliantine As ideal summer material, washes and sheds dost, 36 inches wide Walking Skirts Only fifty left of that sample line of nearly 500; among them is this kind made of medium and dark gray mlitsres, strappsd with self material, with ten rows of stitching at bottom, not all sizes left, 93.00 values, at 91.75.

Petticoats of black mercerized sateen, a broken assortment of four kinds, well made, 79c valaes, at 50o. Dress Ginghams In blue, gray and pink stripes only, but a wide variety, 60 and 10c values, 60. rjTBrlfht Basement. blocks, from John to Kittson, being 1,000 feet long and forty feet wide. North of this building will be placed eleven tracks, the greater portion which will be wagon-loading lines and two or three of them for loading from the platform of the house itself.

This will give 11,000 feet of new trackage for the handling of C.F. ADAMS freight. The work of construction will begin as soon as the ordinance vacating the prop erty Has passed. signs, narrow box pleats front and back. WANT STATIONS REOPENED Special Credit Store Sesrls and Echols Appeal to Rail NoOxtordifilUKeN road Commission.

Oxfords S0DOSIS Oxfords. Men's Underwear and Shirts. Socks, Neckwear and Pajamas. Tbs lsrgsst assortment of high grads rrfef CHln. nfr4a In ths All The state railway and warehouse com mission on May 19 and 20 wiU investigate the closing of two depots by the 1 the sew thinga in patent kid colt skin, patent leather, vicl kid, ealf skin aad enamel.

See the new Blucber. Minneapolis ft St. Louis railway, located Family Clothiers. Credit for All. Latest Styles.

on the New Vim and Storm Lake branch. Whit Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers, well made and finished, at SOo each. Negligee Shirts A new assortment ef Japanese Grass Cloth, plain bosoms, $1.60. It is represented that they are in populous sections of Brown and Watonwan counties and are not near other stations. The patrons of the railway have appealed Socks sf black lisle thread, drop' stitch or lace stripe, "sllkalace," a new kind, at 25o.

Neckwear Two new things; ths Wax Cleth Four-in-hands and the "Auto" Four-ln-band and Ascot, new patterns, at 50o. Summer Pajamas In plain white and fancy stripe Madras, 81 to 1.50. to the state railway and warehouse com mission and the commission will Children's Shoes Oxfords CSb Slippers Here you will find all the novelties for summer. Saturday we have several specials for the little enes; prices from 50o to 93. (Ask for a soavenir battoa) Negligee Shirts White fsncy woven Oxford, fancy woven Madras, and shirts with cambric body, with white pleated linen Best Goods.

One of the stations that has been closed Is Searles, the first station south of New Ulm. bosoms, valaes to at 91.00. The other station Is Echols, six miles A.Tbs Men's Handy Store Nicollet A v. Entrance. south of St.

James and five miles from Orrasby, the next station south. It has a population of twelve. Millinery, Ladies' Suits, Dress Skirts, ShirtWalsts, Jackets, Capes, etc. ROCK ISLAND AND 'FRISCO ROADS COMBINED First Big Spring Sale of Housefornishings. In order to sell you the best things at lower prices we started to buy these spring and summer things last fall picking out the good things here and there, where we could make your savings noticeaoie.

oo nave iwo Mrs. Potts' ideas firmly fixed in your mind Me most worthy kmds ana pr tees lower than most. Sad Irons. Clothes Oil NEW YORK, May 8.Presldent Yoakum, of the St. Louis San Francisco Railroad company, was elected a director of the Chicago, Rock Island Paclfio yesterday.

Financiers believe that the long pending deal providing one management for the Rock Island and the 'Frisco roads has been completed. The New York. Herald today saya that the 'Frisco-Rock Island agreement was signed late yesterday. The 'Frisco common stock, which will be turned over to the Rock Island, carries the absolute control. Cans One gallon, of heavy SB tin at lOO Bresd size reg.

50c, Sat, 29o Men's, Youths' and Boys' Clothing. THE NEWEST, MOST IMPROVED and MOST 1 DESIRABLE FABRICS COMPOSE OUR SPRING LINE. EVERYTHING the CHEAP- EST, MOST STYLISH AND BEST. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD WITH US. Handsomely nickel plated Saturday at, each 25o Wringers The genuine Keystone not an imitation.

the best in the Handles .100 world; for at- Holders. 10o I urday at Wash Knarda nf solid I 1 1 98. 76 South 7th Street. Establishes is years. brass, the most durable and rapid, the 40c kind, Saturday at 25o.

Wash Boilers of all copper, full No. 9 size, will last for years, will not rust, regulsrly $3.00, Bat-urday, 91.08. Flour Cans $1.00 kind, for 76o $1.50 kind, for 980 Investigation of Rates. The state railway and warehouse commission will take up the Investigation of the merchandise rates on the Duluth fc Iron Range and 'the Duluth, Missabe ft Northern railways. Shippers have comDlalned of the merchandise rates of the iron range roads, and the commission will make a thorough Investigation.

FARMERS' EXCURSIONS TO AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE LAFOLLETTE OH RATES ANOTHER MESSAGE TO WISCONSIN LEGISLATURE. Folding Wash Bench of hardwood, at 95o WISCONSIN CENTRAL GRANTS MEN'S DEMANDS Clothes Baskets All willow, no nails to rust or tear the clothes, 75c kind, at BBo. Action Imperative to Prevent Roads From Increasing Tariffs to Offset Increase In Tax, Says Governor. Dish Pans Heavily retlnfied. 25a 14-qt, 290 Carpet 8weepers The real Bis-ssll's, none better, sold oa 10 days' trial, Saturday at 91.75 Brooms Our celebrated velvet 'carpet brand, 40c kind, 8atnrday, 2Bo (Special Telegram to The Tribune.) NEW RICHMOND, May 8.

The increase of pay demanded by the striking section hands of the Wisconsin Central road has been granted. The company even gives them more than they ask for. The men will hereafter draw $1.50 per day, which they asked for, and not only that, but full time Sundays, which they (Special Telegram to The Tribune.) FARGO, N. May 8. The farmers' excursions to the North Dakota agricultural college will be run this summer, as for the past five years.

President Wurst has been in St. Paul completing arrangements. The Great Northern gives free fare to fifty farmers from every county along its line. The Northern Pacific charges a nominal far. The farmers got a good Idea of the work being done at that institution and many sent their sons and daughters there as a result of the trips.

The excursions have resulted in almost completely changing the ideas held by the farmers of the state of the railway wag-nates and has created a much mure cordial feeling. did nor ask lor or exoext. MADISON, May La-follette today sent another message to the legislature onthe subject of freight rates. The message results from revelations made in connection with the opening of coal bids yesterday. All of the coal dealers Inserted provisions making the DfKanter Ah, I saw you In one of the boxes BOY IS SHOT III HEAD Ernie Mabel was engaged four times flowo the beach laat summer.

She said it was a regular circus. Edith Sort of a four-ring affair, 1 That makes it equivalent to $1.75 on a basis of 26 days per month. As an illustration of the scarcity of labor in this region, the Wisconsin Central in employing on bridge crews boys who have been attending high school her. and paying them $1.75 per day. prices subject to increase in freight lat nlsht.

How did you like my assumption of HamletT Crltlcus Let me congratulate you, old man. It was the greatest piece ot assumption I ever saw. rates. Such a reservation was never made he- THAT WILL COST I.IFB OF I tVERMC LAD. MINING CONGRESS COMMITTEE WILL MEET AT LEAD fore, and the governor says it proves conclusively that the railroad companies bad prepared lor action in apprehension of legislation increasing their taxes.

Cluett-Peabody shirts are! Me lanes Jt as conclusive that the roads good to look at and they re Bride Wants Her Captive Husband Mrs. Wilson Royal Crosby, who says her husband has been taken from her by bis parrnts. (Special Telea-rsm to The Tribune.) LUVKRXK, May 9. Bert Schwartz, the 14-year-old son of E. C.

Schwartz, city recorder, was shot through the head yesterday afternoon by the accidental discharge of a target rifle. He also good to; wear your informed the shippers to make contracts Bubject to increased rates and Bays the necessity for the legislature to take action is imperative so as to prevent the roads from Increasing tariffs to offset increase in their tax. dealer sells them. Cluett Shirts, Hi. 50 up Monarch Shirts, 1.00 In company' with Jesse Thell were play The new mortgage bill, taxing Interest ing along the river throwing up tin cans and then shooting at them.

Cluett, Peabody Co. (Special Telegram to The Tribune.) LEAD. B. May 8. The executive committee of the American mining congress Is to hold a meeting In Lead May 19, 20 and 21, for the perfection of plans for the coming session of the congress, to be held in Lead and Ueadwood in September.

The regular monthly meeting of the Black Hills Mining Men's Association Is to be held in Lead May 20, during the session of the executive committee, and arrangements are being made to have a very interesting session of the local body. BROOM FAW0RYAT FAKG0 Just how the accident occurred Is not In real estate but exempting mortgages of corporations which pay a tax on capital stock or a license on gross earnings, was ordered to engrowsmeut in the assembly. known. The bullet entered just behind BARNABY CO A the right car, fracturing the skull above In the senato the bill prohibiting the the temple on the left side of the bead. The boy cannot live.

Hatters Haberdashers; sale, importation, of cigarettes was reported for passage. The assembly also ordered to engross. 400402-404 MCOU.BT. fall Oreera Carstaily HIM, tw-nt the bill giving the attorney-general, railroad commlnKloner and bank examiner power to examine the books of the railroad companies. (Kpec'al Telegram to The Tribune.) FARGO, N.

May 8. A broom fac TRAINMEN'S WAGES RAISED tory is to be established here within thirty days as a result of the activity of tne Commercial club, and arrange ments are being made to secure another manufacturing concern. The club is ar ranging mora statistics of Fargo to be The First Pill the biggest seller in the world Why because the best to cure Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache and all troubles from Disordered Stomach is Beechams Pills Sold Everywhere. In boxes 10c snd 26c sent out by tne business men. ON IRON RANGE ROAD fSpcclal Telegram to The Tribune.) TWO HARBORS.

May 8. The officials of the Duluth ft Iron Range road have announced a raise of 16 per refit In the wanes of conductors and brakcrnen on ore and freight trains, and 12 per cot on passenger runs. This action took effect April IS, and comes unsolicited in the part of the employes. This la tha INCREASE In the I Hew Way to number of our Residence Consum ers during; the year 1902. Polish a Stove Our reduced rates art having the ROCK ISLAND-'FRISCO Pae.r Bar.

Ii the Simplest Thin te Ui. Sifter Pollah Id qulrltly arvl eaallv ap TERMS MADE PUBLIC desired effect. We solicit an Interview. Wo make Inspections Free, Wo make connections Free. NEW YORK, May 9 -There Is the very hest authority for statin that tha terms Sll ICOlDosmUKS of the Rock Island-'Frisco deal are sub We ask at, opportunity to submit stantially as follows: plia.

Wtue the to li with a tlamp floin to rimv ail Jul sihI gloat ae-umtflattons. KHher ltl a rmull qunntltv of (he poll.h sn the by tHppInf the rdae of the box ssnln.t the tup of the utovo. or lmt the polish a damp cloth, which la messssry in pollnhlric the The damp riot, fill serve to iires4 the pollh evenly over tha surtaae lu toe polished end an old ieaptr img will, with very little 'rubhlns. prorhfe a brilliant tt hlsrit hmur which will nHther rub nor hum off. There la no odor, no wa.te, jio dirt In applying b'lftT Move folbh.

The Iwllsh will never dry out. It never nl lo be pakl In water before u.ina". There no rumy bi'X to unmvrr, no iltrly 'it iine'uhtly ptrkat. to be left about the houee nd In the way until your are ready to us the irfllh next time. A Htove Kor every share of common stock of 'Frisco, thn Hock Inland company will estimates.

Our solicitor will call on request Minneapolis pay in cotisterial trust 6 per cent bonds to be secured on 'Frisco common stork as botinht, and ISO In Rock Island common stock. It Is understood that th term, will General Electric be offered to all holders of 'Frisco stock -not merely to the so-cslled St. Lous pool. package liiov be kci't In the imntiv St IT without fear of sulllna snylhlna that rnme In cnt art with It. Vu run aiply Mlflr Klove Company.

is quickly cored by rubbuix on Uw chest GERMAN HOFFS LixirsENT At drnr1t.SndK)e. GOODRICH A JENNINGS, Aneks, Mink. Offices Nos. 15 and 17 8. 3th St ot rondina the l.lnilt.

Parker "I understand you have been mak'ng, money hand over flrst In the real estate Corners "Well, I havep't begun to give away libraries jet." rolleh In any that uny other poll), I applied In to Hie clean way )ut You never throw any Hirter Htove sway. It la sikhI to the lnt plnru A box laatH lonicer than three tirma Pa oat In any other poll.h. All deal-i Sifter Ctov Poll.h at vc and 10c a box. WILBOS ROYAL I HOSIJV. (Copyright, IWtf.) NKW VORK, May Wilson Crosby, son of a high official In the I'slted States Express Company, married without ths knowledge of his family a poor girl.

He was taken sick snd Is confined at his father's house. His young wife was refused permission to see him. She went to a police magistrate for advice and the romance became public. H. W.

Mala It. T.C.1SM..

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