Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 11, 1896 · Page 2
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 2

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1896
Page 2
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Till: MINNK.M'OLIS TKI1JU i" ii i da v, si;i,ri i.Mm:ii n, ihdg. FOUR EDITIONS DAILY. FOUR EDITIONS DAILY. NEWS OF THE NORTHWEST MINNESOTA. WINONA'S NKV.S Ht'lK.KT. ft, let T"ii-Mini to the Tribune. WINONA. Mini... f.t. I - A freh Voun man undertook to -X-b- of l irls-yeses r t iik o "r Koine honi from HurTatn Mil'. n.iut,s perform-nee In "us l,n. The ,,r. iv tiUenll-n at tint. Then. l--f-r the V..UHI! kn.-w what wus happening, one 1 luiul'! a good Olon, in n-.s Hut. This us f.nii'ufl ly MMiit lor 1K-.S.M1' in iait.-y "upl r i-ic mi'' sine have ms-to nv pncllist I he vii UK loin, t . u:n knoiHed out. Aft at his nrosiute t jeerir.ii cniwii ami prm th ciuse if the ifiininiii l.i.ltsn whs lit arl to sontl hlin. H sail He used, here wlien I of tne maiili. ii Jiai! nose Willi a sh.irri the yeuim liety Al h mils, with h wi rn oT lor pi i.,i,K tan L--st. was f IniuiWUTKli: a li-w K rm the nirl h-H inm with i.r, tl i.n mr n). HI! I'l'i. (UliiV IlHHf'l ani to l-.:ik of ttie i"""" when a i" . tv n-i "Winnia. io.ui 0y In hl clu'-llio-il na't w rounding Lluffa. '1 lie " of ?,...!.. iii.i ih. nrst time mult l,liool tie .i ...... f his i-hil'ihiKHi home . . i. ..I. iti this cltv. I, bunded m bt '"' '" Jt. been ai'i.t.-.l by the lrd of trustees of he tTirc Mr. A ' .n eiates mat the resignation entirely voluntary. K-r the first six mom hs of the psi 'ar the church a nmin ally very but for th. past sm mn is It Suffered -reiitlv fun the hard times. He th.mfht mat hi. resw'tiain Mrewwry to relieve .h in..k..n nuances of the church and accord- K.iunu.l I 111 iir 11 I1 IIIUI'II liwi T:iIVl triHl I'T l"e 1'ir.iii ..1. . r hi . t 1.V lnUiil W Hi iiiiiii.'i ui-iii-mI f,.r tin Jhv from St. Paul ..alllMl tile mii-Witu-nfi was a C(,mtni! Lore v. ltd Hev rmiarum thurch of Ingly HIHrll t.HlUV HIM apolla The ban. '.ay nonwi win m-it Sunday alti'r th eumnipr chutrh, and the various parish DClvltes will be ountlnued. and Minn- he renrjani.eil L-losing or auxiliaries the and nvcTlvi'S AlxiI.l'HrS (XlI.LKGB. Swolal TeieKram to the Tribune. 6T rin'KK. Minn.. -'t. ID. -The fall tTtn Of GUHtavua A.loll'lius Cullese opened 'luesday with appiM'rtata chapel excn-lsca coiidu,-ted hy I'reaidem Wahlstrom. The atlendame the nrst day was larger than was evHr(ed and far eioeeds that of last year. This will he the thlrty-lifth icar durinK whn h the inslltuilon has Hinted, and efforta are Ix inir made tn make it the banner year In the liiatury of the illeKH. The lonservatorv of music, under the direction of Dr. Ijxrerstrom. 0lis wilh better facilities than ever la-fore for the accoinmoilution of atu-dellts. A new- pljie organ Is now being built and will l-e In readiness in a, J. W. Carlson has tftn grauti-d leave of absent during the fall term, in order to Holii It funds for the ooll-ce. There Is as yet an Indebtedness of about Sli.uoO. and It la hoped this will be canceled before the end of this year. -i p lie Willi;' it II ai--ti:i: stinsi'N s f i i'i'i'. Special Til-eram to the Tribiinp. WI'T Sn-KI. It'll. H'i!., S. j t lrt.-A Ms atun Intl. rit lias I..t:i lilo.l Jn-iv i ov-ri:i nil tho property in l'mtlos county, of .lames Stmsoii. tin- I'lncii;.! Tint suit is broufht by Hanson I.. Withers, of St. 'aul, who lias comme-noe-l suit to collect fnim Stinsun on notes acKrvKaUnK i:l.i,tiis. Slin son two vears a;! iriiiistorea Hie pro perty in (juesttoii to his soil lor but Withers claims tho tram was fraudulent iiiti.nt and th $l.."i"t',t K miction was crefole void. Kii.u:u ON A rliOSSINtJ. Special T. Usram to tile Trilmne. OSHKoSlI, Wis., S.-pt. R Henry Pt.-inUti and Mrs. .1. Jones and daughter, wire ili-lvi-iR alons the public road about a miie- north of this city yesterday, when u Wisconsin Central train s-truck them find carried them about 40 rods, crush-ins' them to death. Mr. Steinke was a wealthy German tanner 56 years old and Mrs. Jones was Mr. Sieinke's dauirhter. It Is stated that, the train d.d not whistle before it striick the crossing. THE FAIR AT ST. l'ETEIt. Special Tclefrram to the Tribune. ST. rETEK. Minn., Pept. 10. The Nicollet county lair opened Unlay. As usual It rained all the m..niiinr. The track for bicycle races this afternoon whs In k.xk1 and six races were pulliHl of. Milson. of Madelia, won one mile handicap, the 6-mile handl.-Hl), the mile oiK-il. I'lay Evunson, of this city, one mile novice, and Kuaaell l'avls half mile handicap for boys umier J6. """This tt-ln.- silver day at the fair. John Lind, Frank lv and MaJ. Howies mudo short addresses on the prounds. This e-venlnir tlwy addressed a lara-p audlMice In the court house. Tom.rr.-.w Is Kohl day. and tlov. I'lough and Confrressman McCleary will be present. the on won tiie w-on the LE SUEUU'S AEROLITE. Special Telegram to the Tribune. L.E SfEVH. Minn., Sept. Ifl.-This rity has been rresented with an aerolite, weighing over ).( which will lie placed In Stewart park. The meteoric stone waa presented by l'. H. Kinsey. It tell In the fall of IS on the farm of George V. Smith, four milea south of La Sueur. MARRIED. Biieclal Telegram to the Tribune. ROY ALTON. Minn., Sept. 11. K. S. Williams, of Marshliild, V Is., and Miss Britta I-onsdale were married Wednesday evening in the Episcopal Church, Rev. Joss, of Little Falls, officiating . SOUTH DAKOTA. SIOUX FALLS NEWS. Special Teleirram to the Tribune. SKH'X KAI,Is. S. V., Sept. 10 H. U U'Ucke, Bouth 1'eU .ita a most noted l'opulist, who wants to succeed Senator Kyle, wa.s in the city yesterday. Col.' F. H. IhaUo sj,Ke for fl-ee silver at thu oiiera house this evening. A. C. Wolfen- barcer. of Lincoln, Neb., will make an address hern In the ioleresis of the Prohibition party Sept. 23. .lieu-'.' John E. Carland received his commission as ju.lire of t lie 1'nlted States circuit court for ,S-ulh I'likota Monday, and will tiualifv before Judxe Riner, of Jii'atlvviKKl, and enter at once upon the duties of his office. J. L. A.iiajiiB, attorney, of Flaridreau, is In the city. A WOMAN MISSING. Special Teleirram to the Tribune. EAU CLAIKK. Wis., Sept. in. A man Bivinn the name of Wilt and said to be a detective In the employ of a Swedish society of Oilcanu. Is here, lia Is looking for Mlsa llilma Anders.i, who disapiioarcd from a iHiarduiK house in t'hl-ca:o July . and Is believed to have been enticed therefrom and perhaoa murdered for her niiitev. It is said she formerly lived in Eau Ualru, but no clue hui yat beeri-dlsmverud herik-i- CORN'KR STONE CEREMONIES. . Special Telegram to the Tribune. NEW RICHMOND. Wis., Sept. lO.-The corner stone of the new county Insane asylum will tie Hid Monday afternoon. Sept. 21, by the l-raml Loda-a of Wisconsin, A. V. and A. M. J. H. Hicks, of this city, will be actiiiK grand master, and Hon. M. K. Claim, of St. 1'aul. will make the address or the nay. i ne iuukb charge of affairs, and a number of different louses and coinmandei'ies nave men iii.neu. CLAIM A COPYRIGHT. Rjiecial Telegram to the Tribune. WEST St. 1'i-JJlluu, His., ce-yi. " stated here that the Minnesota warenouse nirn-mlssliHi will take steps to prevent the Superior board of trade using the designation "Northern and "Hard" in the Wisconsin wneai . They claim It is a copyrighted trade niura. CONTRACTOR RADLY HURT. Special Telegram to the Tribune. ARCADIA, Wis., Sept. 10. George Mathys, a contractor of this place, was seriously hurt yes terday. A plank on the scaffolding upon which he wat working broke, precipitating nun m mo ground, hurting his spine and Inflicting severe Internal Injuries. Ills lower limbs show signs of paralysis, and he suffers excruciating pain. There 1b a chance for his recovery. MARINE NEWS. 8AITIT PTE. MARIE, Mich., Sept. 10. Vp: Colorado, i:iH p. in.; Hcsper, Arabia, Two V al-laoes. Columbia. 2:W; Siberia, S; Gilchrist. C.eorser. Senator, l-'oid, 4:40; Ike Mlchlnan, 6:30; Duncan, Favorite, Tyson, Havana, Aimer- son, 6. Down: Klphtcke. urntwicK, n iu, l..-k, 12:40 p. in.: Nicol, ID; United Empire; I tartlet, whalebacks. Northwind, 3:20; Adams, whalehack, iiesai-mer, u:M. DUI.UTH Minn.. Sept. 10. -Up: Fayette Brown and consort. 11:40; Selms, 2:3) p. ni.; S'-hleslnger 2:2; Glengarry. Mtnnedosa, 1: Mahonlnir. 3: Waldo. 3:5o; Matoa 4:3U; Martcoiw.. Stevens, 6:30; Yakima. 8:30. WFFALO N. Y., Sept. 10. -Charters : Street, Ien, Gwlfrey, S. luuc-H, Duluth. The Street and tow take lumber from Duluth to Os-weKn at Cleared: I'enobseott, touiierior; Hadley, Superior. SHE AS OF YO I;VT1IS llt)EU.Y'S II M) Mil' LOST ITS t'lMji. II S While AiiHrenll (herllirimu and 1)1-fented In the (oiimiU of 111k 1 "Ay, the Sags of Mninser In Slill tlit Sii rrnil, alciilaliim Vic-lorioiis lender II I m Latent i:se:i-liiule in I'olilicn ChnllenKra )' mlriitliin of lOven IIIm KneinleM An 1 iiMeeii Direellnu; 1'iover Wliicll Mnkex Itself lnnlfcst When Least Kiect'il Fan Anticipated In the Nenr Future. L. JfiLLED A HALT rF.KMlT FOR V A TO It UK M-'W .HI itr: oki:ii. Itesidents lit the Vicinity of linden Aveuue Olieclcil IhIiiiimI 1 lint the Old Struelnre Wan a Xnlmiiiee The Nevvj llnlldiiit; Mould He o lniiroveiiien Discm ereil That It Motion Wlia tilieili'il by the Council, Vt hleii, o n Km Fnee, Seema to Shut Out the Jew F.levntor lloth Sides Take I.innl Ail t lee. CLEVELAND, Ohio, Sept. Colbv and tow. now bound wt-iter Quarters at the head the other boats of the The steamer will go iuu of the lakes, but whaleback fleet will re- 10.- up. main In commLssion as long as possible. MACKINAW CITY, Mich.. Sept. W.-TM steamer W. D. lt.s. laiiun with grain, stranded between Grey's Reef and Hog Island reef on Lake Michigan at 7 this morning. ASHIMND, Wis.. Sept. lO.-Arrtved: W'mOson. Cleared: Massasolt. Hiawatha Nyaliza, arena, Inm State. Iron Duke. Lake Erie ports; Tower, Chicago; Matandin, Duluth. TWO HARP.OVlS, Minn. Catnalla, Cleveland; I irr, , Sept. 11.--Cleared: ,'arker, Buffalo. IOWA. rOISOXKD AT A WKDUINO. PriI T- !epTim to tho Tritujne. DKS MoINKS, Iowa. Sept, 1". Pleasure wns turnii ifn Ht-rnw at the we-Hing of Mh Kmnia Hi-n-I- ison ant.1 J. Ttniilns, WWlnt-F'bi.y nfn, at ih' little v n of li'm1unnt. 15 mile tifrtlwast ni lif-r. After th- ocremony "5 gM-sts paruKfk of a t'lurilnja wt-(Mir.(j ilinnr. In a h.rt time ure wriihtne In pain ani aff.-ny. Nearlv n.'i wrre T"ls"nrl by p iih'tlitnsr In the ftl. lut all quirkly rwi'vertl ex--ept mrtny :t whm v.rre in a lHnitriufl cvnaitluffi until . tliia ni-'T-nine. and s.m are wtill vt out f 3.inuT. Th (au!e of the rits'iiiini? If rvt ktioft n. tui it t ti"i'frtii to havo s-iw- -thln tn tr, thickt-n pie, which was rucked in sj t?r lih-s. t.hTni.-Tft will bp CHileil uijn by tiie ethte board of Iwalih to examine tt. A LAHt'JE ATTt;NI)ANCE. PIhI T-l-vm to th? Tribune. 1KS M 1NKS. Ia.. Sf-pt. U. Th total attinl-antt Jit the mat fa i r -jnMjay waa ngun-d MT t--ay by ih din-ct'trs at 4r.,'.M). stne of the tirk"tii F.hi by the rnilnrtl (Ximi..aniP havo nfit bn acrruntf 1 f r yet. Th attendance was the largrt tn the history of the fair, iialn today prevented a large attendance. 0(-Min SlennuTK. -Sailed: Mujvftic, Nf:;V YOHK, Stpt. I't.-Salle-l: A utruHta Vic toria. HarnUirif; ei ktnam, wmnwiiii (IM.N'OA. S'K. lu.-Called: FuMa, Nv Vork. ,r SYVNEY, S.-pt. 10. Sailed: V.'unimoo, Vancouver. , . N17AV YORK, Hpt. 10. Arrived: 13rltannlrL I,IVKIllfK)U Sopt. 10. Arrived: Germanic, Now York. KOTTV:iiLAM, Spt. 1. Arrived: SpaarnJam, AM STKRDAM, Sept. 10."P;ti!ed : P. Calanda, New York. DEATH ROLL Actor jHiiiea I.rnis. NEW YOI'.K, Hept. Id. James Isii. th eiMnedlan. lmiK eomieeteil with laly' comriiiny. died toilay at Westlmitii-ton, L. I. Mr. Iewiis was I:, y-nrs of aire. Hla demise n-i-a eaused by heart trouble, but he had been In fairly gisni health until within a few da aeo. Ilia last enKage-,neiit. which cl. sed tnree weeka aKo, was al Daly's Lond'.n thati-r, where he played Dr. tvuaules in Auusun Daly's comedy, "Iove on Crutehes." He arrived in America rn Saturday week in seemingly eoiwi hfcalth. Mr. I vvis was married to a H-iston ady. He leaves no Issue. He had played comedy rolea for 26 years, most of the time In Augustln Daly a coiiii'any. ( Vjl.T) K N W Kill il N G . Bpeeial Ti lenm to the Tribune. lil'Hi'yl'K. I-iwH. S.-p. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Doriilnirk 1 w-nre-r, of Casea le, Iiuhunue county, eeii-iiraii tlv-ir ir.-.i.Vn wed.ilriK estt.rilav. They have eicht . hi'-lr-n, whh-h, with des- en-lams', made a laise tny t sit down t the table. "ur of tiie da.iKhiera be-long to reliKiaus orders. ONLHDOSK OF" MilRrillNE. Fpieia! T-'lreram to the Tribune. FAIKKIKLD, lows, Spt. 10. Claude Brad-Shaw, a 24- ear-old son of Dr. A. C. D. Hrad-Bhaw, tin K un overiinsf- nf tnorpblne and died -whlit hlH family were attending a show at the lia WISCONSIN. TAXATION AT Kl'PKRIOR. Ppeelal Teli-t-ram to the Tribune. Wf 'ST Hri'KI;liR. Wis., Sept. 10. -The tK.ard of re lew nf lias city has aoan-ioneil Us a'temjit to raise the aessd vaiuaih n of this ct'y from !2,ii-"i.i".i, as i-ft by the l "ard of a( b.i H to last year s a:au,lur,i of 1:7,1."-. --l. Ti.e t-,ard has been meai-i.l In an to dn li.ts f ir onie m.ti!hs, but has tmaliy taan ! a-i-.t Ufcon the matter, and fum iujol (eat, r,i ti queaiiou or ineir iK.wer to (l-i mi in :n T-u:,!. yet fur the aake of &hultir.g (iff eoiiipi:'-a'i,yr.ii whii h iruu-nt ktimc they v.lli leave the f.if'ires wr-n thev are clearly legal, as left hy the as,.sn is The aaseHsors, In making up the mhs this vear moutnt they would save the city considerable un meir Biaie lax, an-1 so cut the asst-aseil valu.l-tlfiti by t.ini.y.l. Am a,v,n as their action l e- va.imE niiw ii, leauiuB j-rr-iriy ow neis took su ps w koi ii raiseu uar-K, i:-ut the matter ha. been aropia, as likely tu cause c,,mplieatlons In the collections of th. tax. The board of review ts now engaged In hearing the i.rut.-sis i,f the bankers against the aaaescment of li.-.m;-oiiu ,.f bank stock on the rolls. Th asaes&ois placed it at iw cenis on the dollar. Last year It was left ' 'i ctma, ana the bankers cialm tliat by the raising of the stock valuation and lowering of ti ntir city valuation they an assessed all out of uroportlon. They think lil cents on the dollar will make it about on an equity with last year, and are making a hard fight to ae ure Uieir '.en-ns. The (Superior Whist and Ches ...uu, ,ncu win taxe pan In a number if Ummaii,eni during tha coming winter, lias i;-" omcei. ior in ysar. They ere: . u. punuoriann ; -l.-e-iirsldent , U, J' "e'.remry, j. w. Oreene; treasur..-r, ' , "' "" r. iin is made captain to fcelset a team to rlay t.. tr... ' i. clubs. The club will ci.nm.encs plaving at om-. upon a series of games for the poe;.in,n of the Hurd trophy cup -There Is a project to tak th. 6uprrlor (.ycl Club and th luliltla dmpany of tnla city as orgatiliailon. to Chippewa J-'alis """I' St y tNu""wi,stern Fur there riet ek. Toe Ou-aiia wm ran a special train down I'rof. I.tilinierl. ROMR, Pept. 10. I'rof. Lulmerl. the celebrated Lallan meteorologist, la dead. He waB born In 10". and in IV.t took charge of the meteor ological observatory of Vesuvius. His name has been ( (innecled Willi all reports of eruptions since that time, principally in ls'i2, when his life was in danger. He is the author of a number of interesting works, and was the inventor of aev- fcrul valuable Instruments, designed to measure ralufallB, to study atmospheric electricity and ti record subterranean disturbances. l'riiiee von llolienlolie. RERUN. Sept. lo.-l'rlnoe Kgon von Hohen- lohe, a deputy to the relehsrath, is dead. He expired suddenly uf heart disease at tioerz. While Ignatius Ponnelly In out of Minnesota there la every reason that the Populist party should dwell toother In peace. Ion- j nelly wa.s go buey about something, no one knows Just what, at present, although It : will probably develop later, that he did not j write a word of roast for his last week's j paner. Yet there Is anything but harmony ! tn the councils of the party. Donnelly does i not npppear in the difficulty, but there Is i a strong nuspieion that he has pulled the ' wires and Stthe factions by tiieear9. I It will be reniembeied that at the recent j state convention at which the Populists in- : dorsed the nonination ot John Liind for governor, and nominated MaJ. Howler for lieutenant governor, and A. S. Keyes, of Duluth, for attorney general, Donnelly was j very meek. He made one or two brief nominating speeches and advocated one or two t motions, but he was anything but the great j Donnelly that had started the People's J rartv In Minnesota and could destroy it If he wanted to. Hut all the same, Donnelly I came out of the convention on top. He and , his friends secretly managed to have a matoritv of the members of the state central committee elected from among Donnelly's trusted friends. The anti-Donnelly men were jubilant, but they laughed too boou. and this was discovered when the committee waa organized. The antl-Don-nollv men wanted K. 11. Lynch, of Minneapolis, as chairman of the state committee; Donnelly's candidate was Thomas J. Meigh-en. As a compromise the Donnelly men oroposed F. C. (Jlbbs. of Waterville, and he was elected. Gibbs was an unknown quantity to most of the men In the party, and he was considered a fair man to produce harmony. He was, however, much more satisfactory to Donnelly than the opposition, and tho facts since the meeting of the committee have more than confirmed the worst suspicions. Olbbs is clearly a Donnelly man, and he is running the campaign exactly as Donnelly would run It, If he were in control. This is what Is claimed by the Minneapolis Populists, and they are getting ready to issue a letter to the Populists of the state protesting against the "masterly inactivity" which Is being displayed by the chairman of the state committee. Immediately after the meeting at the Bunsiwlck hotel. In this city about two weeks ago, headquarters were opened In the Globe binding, in St. Paul. W. A. Swain was named as acting secretary, and there the matter rested. Chairman Gibbs went back to Waterville and was not heard of until John Lind wired him to come to Minneapolis to consult upon the preparations for the campaign. Mr. Gibbs came, and that was tho end of his efforts. He has practically abandoned the campaign, apparently under the Impression that the efforts to elect John Lind will be "love's labor lost." He has not even been appointed a secretary, and It Is claimed that there are, at headquarters In St. Paul, scores of letters unanswered and not a single speaker has been sent out. It Is understood that Mr. Gibbs has assured the Populist leaders that he will go ahead at once. He told some that he would have a secretary appointed at once, and the name of E. H. Lynch, of Minneapolis, Is connected with the appointment. It does not seen probable that Donnelly would have appointed Lynch, as he is a pronounced anti-Donnelly man, and it is not probable that (libbs would dare- to name Lynch for s-eeretary for fear of offending the men to whom he owes his election to the head of the committee. All this while the Populists are wondering what has become of the state central committtee, and the feeling which has been smouldering Is ready to burst out into II a me. When Donnelly returns there Is likely to be fun. I he Populist members of the executive committie of seven, which Is to have charge, of the fusionists campaign In this city, county and congressional district. were appointed last night, and the appoint ments were cunflremd by the Populist coun ty-city committee. i oe p.-iection was not made without a fiht, however, and the appointment brought to the front several men who have not figured prominently as campaign managers, although they were active In party affairs. The three names agreed upon are; A. K. Barker, a jeweler of North Minneapolis, who will be secretary, so far as the Populists are concerned; M. P. Hobart, who wanted to be tho nominee for sheriff! and M. L. Tuve, of the Seventh ward. The apiMilnttnent was first agreed upon In a private meeting held in tho otlices of H. K. Godfrey and William Snell, In the New York Life building. An attempt was made to elect Leroy Herrler secretary, but it tailed, 'the candidates and several others reported the selection they had made to the Joint l'opulist city and county committee) in session at the assembly room in Temple Court, and It was confirmed. The committee spent an hour over a motion to appoint a committee on finance. ijeroy Herrier wanted every member of city and county committee authorized An order was issued from the buil'lin;; Inspevtator's office yesterday temporarily revoking the permit issued for the erection of the elevator to take the place of A 2. destroyed by fire. This action was taken on the advice of CMy Attorney Simpson, after a conference with a delegation of GRADES ON GRAIN State- Knilrum! find V re Ii suite C.nii-liiNfliiiii l-'itf hflii'ilnlim for the C'oriiiiiK Yeur. FT. PAl.'L, Sept. 10.-The railroad and warehouse commission today fixed the following grades on grain for the ensuing year, re-establishing in effect, the grades of the past year for reasons discussed in an executive meeting: SPUING WHKATi No. 1 hard spring wheat must tie sound, bright and well cleaned and must be composed mostly of hrd Scotch Fife, and wegh not less than fifty-eight pounds to the measured bushel. No. 1 northern spring wheat must bo sound and well cleaned, and must be composed of the hard and soft varieties of s-pi-ing wheat. Note: It is to be understood that the minimum test weight of this grade shall be not less than fifty-si yen pounds to th measured bushel, and citizens from the neighborhood concerned. Illust cont,lfn not U;lis lnun about nfty per The residents In the vicinity of the old elevator regarded It as an eyesore, and a nuisance, and protest uguinst the proposition to put up another one and a determined effort will be made to prevent such action, - When Samuel Hill, representing the Great Northern Hallway company, called at the office of the building inspector the other day he was at tirst refused a permit by the as sistant inspector, on the grounds that an ordinance had been passed including the district in which the elevator was to be located within the tire limits. Mr. Hill immediately saw City Attorney Simpson and Mayor Pratt, from whom he learned that while such an ordinance had been proposed it had not yet passed the council, and that as far as they could Fee there was no reason why a permit should be refused the company. On the strength of this information the assistant inspector was induced to grant a permit and one was accord ugly taken out for the erection of the $KiiJ.ooiJ elevator. It seems that when the proposed ordinance was last before the council. Aid. Ijoye moved that no jiermits for the con struction of an elevator In the locality mentioned be granted until the ordinance had been acted ujon. The motion was adopted. The building Inspector states in explanation of having at tirst Issued the permit that he had never been notified of the passage of the motion. cent of the hard varieties of spring wheat. No. 2 northern spring wtieat must be sound, reasonably cleaned, and of good milting quality. This grade to include all wheat not suitable for the higher grades, and to weigh not less than lifty-slxrjaundn to tho UST BEFORE ELECTION spkakku ri:v:d dkijvkhs AX All- JHIKSS AT roilTLAM), Mil. Tiie Terrible fcflVctn of a Free Silver Policy lnii.ll Por-tru ed. NEW ENGLAND'S STORM The ICntire ( oust Swept Rain which Does Damage. II.r Wind and ( iinslderiilile the to solicit funds. "And turn them Ayer. This was accepted amendment and the amended so that the mittee is to appoint mitteo of seven. over. said L. M. as an Important motion was llnally Joint executive coiii-a Joint finance com- BOSTON. Sept. 10. -The northeast storm which swept the New England coast last night has not parsed although the force ia somewhat less. The wind conies in heavy gusts. The rain does not cease and the observer at t tie signal station says it may not clear before night. Considerable damage has been done along the water front by the combined action of the heavy rain and the unusaily high tide which prevailed last night. Many cellars were flooded and wharves and low lying streets were swamped. Aside from this not much damage was done here. Reports from New England coast cities Indicate that considerable damage has been done to shipping, but news of disasters will probably not be received for a day or two. From inland points come stories of much damage to crops and fruit trees. The lalter suffered most severely on account of the high wind. The damage in this respect will be quite heavy. The new People's party congressional committee met yesterday afternoon at the assembly room in Temple Court and reorganized. L. D. Hrown was elected chairman, Y. J. Warren vice-president, K. P. Hoskins secretary, Ezra A. Martin assistant secretary. The only othr business of iniortdnce was the resignation of H. S. Seed, one of the Ames boomers, who, by some accident, was chosen to advance the election of 8. M. Owen. Mr. Seed was practically forced off the committee by tho action of the other members. Thev would have notl ing to do with a supporter of Dr. Ames. The vacancy wlll be filled after consultation with Mr. Owen. Dr. Ivil ieuiufi In Recover I tig. Tr. 8. 8. Kllvlngton, who has tnen so dan-gerluusjy HI for the lent week. Is gradually le-ooverlng las heailh. '1 he turning pmit In his cwidluon caJiu yesterday wiien tiler was a decided oliarigo for the lietter. The attending thalelam iiuw regard hla cas as very hops-(ui. Hon. D. R. Francis Ex-Ocvernor of Missouri, Lates t "The genuine JOHANN HOFF'S man urn-art i? npd n m omi " jris ww - w w i.i , , , , laiiiu . r ' . Ask for tttt Mnuinf, J0HANW HOfr'f MALT liuiAET. WoM SstiitlMM Eisner A Xenuei&on Co.. Sol A-t., N. Y. Or P "Hot trsMsa PORTLAND.,, Me , Sept. 10. Tonight Speaker Thoma ii. Heed addressed his constituents for tlje lust time before election. Rain was falling, in torrents but the large auditorium "was ''.crowded to oveillowing. President Llbby,, of th? Lincoln club, ln-tro'liced Mr. feed, who said in part: "As I stand, liefore this vast audience, largely composed , of men by whose side I have fought t'hys, many years, hiy ni:n3" naturally turnil .from the battlea we are now lighting to,', the many battles we have successfully foyKUt. "Humble as we may be as individuals, we have, neverthi-Aesk participated In all tiie great nets, uf stato'-m.inship which makes un the "thirty wonderful years of Republican rulje, fcr or to YVl. l'os.-lbly we have made miifaTtes, but they have been few and small.' Tot all the events which we have passed ! through and a part of which we how'' ."'e ' were but on the road to the event upon which we are to decide by the coming election. We have now in a much milder form the same kind of an attack that was made on this government in lxW. "But for a gijeat nation we have governed ourselves wisely and well, and, although gentlemen who have vivid imaginations, and with certain lack of fixity of principles, have Invited ua many times into the flowery paths of dishonor, we have never yet followed them." Mr. Heed then entered into a review of the past, and totuhingly referred to his first appearance before a Portland audience as a candidate for congress, and the struggles that the country luus passed through since then "We have every temptation," said Mr. Reed, "to listen to th men who said to us 'issue more greenbacks, let us have a large currency and we will go forward." The temptation was great to many of us, but ! we said, 'When the I'nited States says this is a dollar, just that moment it ought to be a dollar and shall be." and our reward, was fourteen years of the must magnificent Prosperity the sun has even shone upon. Frcm 1879 to S!i2 the I'nited States grew In wealth, dignity and honor, and if a nation ought to see from experience that a nation should be honest, it should lie the United Stales of America. "Now again we are threatened with disease in a greater form. The experience of the world has shown perudveriture that the attempt to issue government money every time a speculative period has set in and burst means destruction and ruin, out of which there is no way except through bankruptcy. Now, we have got to learn that It Is not wise to lower the currency one-half In order to eke out a speculation. I think we shall learn It. The I'emocrata hold out the two inducements to us, the first ts that If we can lower our currency, you and I otui pay our debts at a less rate and the second is that the government can n-ay its debt at a lew rate. Our resourci-s ars ample and sufficien!. histury knows, making no very grave difTere-e e, Ki, eland has risen from S7.ii(l.isiii to '.' ,",i""i.ini In deht, anil the people want her bends, bi-caus- never In her history has she refused to pay what she proni-lseed she would pay, and she can borrow money at a lower rate than any othtr country because of her honesty. Nothing stands a nation in stead like the honorable fulfilment of ovei-y nbliKallon entered into. No method has ever oe"ti discovered of keeping a material that ts ine-half cheaiier than other material equivalent to the lietlor material. except by exchanging it whenever the man who has the weaker material desires p. "Oreat as our nation is, we cannot make Something out of nothing, except by the aid of natural means, and we cannot toseihly do lietter than to set the laws of nature to work. Iet us recognize our lliuitatlutis." Mr. Heed then told of the terrible effect of fn sliver on the country, and his itrsinnent waa full of houwly Illustrations. He closed by a discussion of the tariff question. measured bushel No. 3 spring wheat shall comprise all Inferior, shrunken or dirty spring wheat weighing not less than fifty-four pounds to the measured bushel. Rejected spring wheat shall Include all spring wheat that Is grown badly, bleached, or for any cause unfit for No. 3 wheat. Note: Wheat containing any admixture of rice rr "goose" wheat will In no case be graded higher than rejected. NORTHERN WHITE WHEAT. No. 1 northern white shall be sound, well cleuned, plump and composed of the northern varieties of white wheat. No. 2 northern white shall be sound, reasonably clean, and composed of the northern varieties of white wheat. No. 3 northern white shall comprise all northern white wheat fit for warehousing, weighing not less than fifty-four jwiunds to the measured bushel, and tint sound enough or otherwise unfit for the higher grades. Relected northern while shall comprise all northern white wheat tit for warehousing, but unfit for the higher grades. WINTER Wll KAT. No. 1 white winter to lie sound, well cleaned, reasonably plump, and corniosed of the white varieties. No. 2 white winter to be sound, reasonably clean and composed of the white varieties. No. I led winter to bo sound, well cleaned, reasonably plump, and composed of the red varieties. No. 2 re-d winter to be sound, reasonably clean, and composed of the red varieties. No. I winter to be sound, well cleaned, reasonably plump, and composed of .iixejd I white and red winter. No. i winter to lie sound, reasonably chan, and composed of mlxud white and red wirter. No. 3 winter shall comprise all winter wheat fit for warehousing weighing not less 54 pounds to tho measured bushel, not sound or otherwise unfit for No. 2 of I he other grades. Rejected winter, tit for warehousing but otherwise unlit for No. 3. No. 4 corn shall Include or In heating condition, grade No. i. 50 PER CENT REDUCTION ON MEN'S TAN SHOES WWflEFFfLFIN'CiClf. f.T.ttEFFELriNQEft. Syndicate Elook. Corner isth St. and Nloollat. 3 Ladies' $2 00 Opera anl Boston toe Dongola KiJ Shoes, at $1.49 Ladies' $3.00 ani $4 00 Hand Turned Shoes, in Opera and Common Sense; toes, sizes 3 to 5. Narrow widths, A and AA. at Ladies' Hani Turned Oxfords, small size, at 200 pairs Men's $5.00 and $6.00 Shoes, sizes 5 to 7. hand sewed, suitable for BOYS' SCHOOL SHOES. Per pair 99c 98c $2.00 Clearance Sale of all corn not wet that is unfit to outs shall be white, sound, frcm other grrilns. oats shall be seven-eighths No. 1 white clean and fro No. 2 white white, sweet, rea-onibly clean and reasonably fr"o from other grain. No. 3 white oats shall be seven-eight lis white, but not sufficiently sound and clean for No. . No. 1 outs shall be mixed oats, sound, clean and reasonably frt fiom other grain. No. 2 oats shall be sweet,, reasonably cb-an and ntison ibly free from other grain. No. 3 oats shall he .ill oals that are mer- 1896 Stearns Bicycles Prace S75 Cash. W. K. M0RIS0N & CO., 107 Nicollet Av Hardware (THE YELLOW FELLOW.) option advanced for a while on coverinif Induced by reported higher freight rates, frost talk and export demand, but finally eased off, closing only ',( net higher; .September closed at 25c; Lin ember, 271i'''i27,V, closed at 27';e. Oats, receipts, SMM bu; exports, 7,!2f) bu; spot quiet; No. 2, K'Vi's 1'iV; options very slow all day, but well sustained by bullish crop news, doting if V4c higher; September, ISe; Iiecember, 3flc. Hay weak; shipping, fyu fiSc ; good to choice, 7."-fi Vtc. Hops weak. Hides dull. Leather quiet but steady. Wool quiet. Reef steady. Cot meats firm; pickled bellli-s, fWitlc. Laid steady; western steam, T:Uil Reiinrd quiet. I'ork steady. Tallow firm. Cotton seed oil firm; yellow, 23 V retroieum firm; Cnited closed at $1.12'.j bid. Rosin steady. Rice firm. .Molasm-s steady, lig iron quiet. Copper dull. Lead very firm. Tin weak; straits. 13il. "Plates steady. Spelter easy; domestic, I'LiHui (in. Coffee, options opened steady, Willi price unchanged to l."..a2i points higher, ruled Heady on covering, loilowing less favorable crop accounts and buying, closed stealy fola points net advance; sales. Si, "A hags; K.-ptemU-r. Jr'.'iT'ifS.K); December. JS.ou'.i.'vri:.. Spot cnfTce, Rt.i dull; No. 7 jobbing, Pic ; Invoice, 10c; mild quiet, sales, bags Rio No. 7, So C and K. ; 2,500 bags 1'. T.; 100 bags Central American I'. T. ; Ki bans BuvantUa. P. T. Sugar g ci-titrifugai, 90 test, 3'o asked; refined yteady. SKKI) MAKKKT. F'iie.-lal Teletrmm to the: Tribune. 'Hlt'Al'i, Sent. !. The ftajsed -1'iiie tor' iik an-l tic 67c Ht the oooninir, telOK I Keit'lpti, heie er.' '.-ii eiira. S c 14 ( at Maiiaiioh. Tie re.,irie,l hy the W'-nre i ortifnl in fnlcws: I'Jieh tin x nt Cl'i.", noil I leoeliiln r ill MV iilii ,' J-.','l t--r t"ti un.l hi -' ! .u t-6 ci ife.1 t i.w 1 r I'M U market was y, lie.-eflit-er (ol-l i -ver 'e-sf.-r'ia . ,ir at Iiiilaili ari l .j!1. ul i In . an m n i 'ofiiii.iny. in .-'.-(i-eotler st ei'.e hy seel at S.-ileiiil,er. Clover wurehnusible. not tit for formly low. sound, e-fourths but not aveniire CROP REPORTS South Dakota. HrrtON. S. 1).. Sent. ID. The temuurtnra ilnr. Ing tli week averaged somewhat below tin normal with generally cool nlghta. Front oc-ciu-riM In n number ot localities on tli 3d and bin. iver the greater portion of the mate It was Unlit, doing little or no damage except riming in vine a little. In some northern localities, however. It waa heavy enough to kill vines am cut tne leaves of the luteat and most lenoer corn. ftionnay, uie ,m. w ns a very warm nay gener ally ami allied considerably in iiuitui Inn and harilenniK corn. i-air io very goo-1 rains occurred in many roumles and were very ben. llcial In molsien-lnn the soil fur fall plowing, which ts now p regressing in inei ocnlnu and southern count! mere waa h miewlmt more Ihun thi amount of nunhine dining the we-k. l lie maturing or com hiui nut ln as rapid "miii-i nenuiei w-juiu lllive nilllie 11, i t It lias prosresnei ateaillly. About all of the early and much of the iHier corn is now safe frniu frost and eoimliteratile la already in shock. Krom one Week to ten (lays more of Immunity from heavy frost will insure the safely of the Inter corn. The latest is now In the advanced resisting ear singe and report: bidh aie tlmt only heavy fnrnt could Injure It or affect the vleld materially. The crop la generally very good and most reports Indicate that tt promises the ni'.st atiulidunt yield fur many yeans. Thrashing cf small grain Is still In progress and tiie weather has Peen favorable for this w-urk, except that sums Interruption waa caused In localities hy high wimla. Millet and flax harvest Is almost completed and the thrashed flax showt good results and very good seed. lloth millet and flax- liava been secured g-rnd condition quite generally. J.ato potatoes are all alamt matured and reports Dtttl indicate that as rule they are a fair to (rood crop and of good cpm.lty. Moat of the araiden truck la about matured. Haying continues In many counties east of the Missouri river. The recent ralrn have freshened up tiie prairie graiwee and pastuwa, and the etiorter trasses are In many localities etui rueo. TICKKT mi;ii. Nevndil Republican Hold a Stnte Convention. CARSOV, Nev., Sept. to The Republican state convention meL here P-day with all counties save one represented, l'.x-l'.ov. R. K. Col-cord called the meeting to order, and Senator HummerticM was chosen nerinunent chairman and K. D. Vanitarllth secretary. The platform aska for the free yuljvoge of the American product of stiver, or Yri coinage by international agreement; demand iroteetiun for American in dustries, denounces free trade. Presidential electorsj w.-re selected as follows: A. I'. Hrngg. John IK'wIh, '.. Pierce, nr. Havls, of White i'lne cufVnt. received the nomination for cnnirress: Col. Moure, of Klko. fur Iteutenam- goernor; Ju'hse A Murphy, of Ksmeralda, for supreme, judire; JrW Fulton, regent, long term, and Prof, flicliet.mif fi.r ehm-i term reijent. were noniinairfl yy acclamation. chantable and higher grades. CORN. No. 1 yellow' corn shall be yellow-dry, plump and well cleaned. No. 2 yellow corn shall be three y-liow, dry, reasonably plump f-nougn for No. 1. No. 3 yellow corn shall be three-fourths yellow, reasonably dry and reasonably-clean, but not sufficiently sound for No. 2. No. 1 white corn shall be sound, dry, plump and well cleaned. No. 2 white corn shall bo seven-eighths white, dry and reasonably clean, but not plump enough for No. I. No. 3 white corn shall be seven-eighths white, reasonably dry and reasonably clean, but not suIlK-ieiii !y sound for No. 2. No. 1 corn shall lie mixed corn of choice quality, sound, dry and well cleaned. No. 2 corn sh U! be mixed corn, dry, reasonably clean, but not good enough for No. 1. No. 3 corn shall be mixed corn, reasonably dry and reasonably clean, but not suihoieiitly sound for No. 2. RYU AND IiARLHY. No. 1 rye i-hall be sound, plump and well cleaned. No. 2 rye shall be sound, reasonably clean and reasonably free from other grain. No. 3 rye shall be ail rye slightly damp, slightly musty, dirty or from any cause unfit for No. 2, shall be graded as No. 3. liarley-No. 1 barely, shall be plump, bright, clean and free from 'other grain. No. 2 barley shall be sound, of healthy color, not plump enough for No. 1, reasonably clean and reasonably free from other grain. No. 3 barley hall include slightly shrunken and otherwise slightly damaged barley not good enough for No. 2. No. 4 barley shall include all barley tit for malting purposes not good enough for No. 3. .Scotch barley, the grades Nos. 1, 2 and 3 barley, except that they shall be of Scotch variety. Any wheat, corn, oats, rye or barley that- Is in heating condition too musty or too damp lo be safe for warehousing. or that is bin burnt, badly damaged ex ceedingly dirty or otherwise unlit for store shall be classed as no grade, with Inspec tor's notation as to quality and condition. The word "new" shall be Inserted In each certificate of Inspection of a newly har- vtested crop, as follows: Oats, until tho loth day of August; rye until the 1st dav of September; wheat, until the bit day of September; barley, until the 1st day of October; corn, u,ntil the 1st day of January. This change shall be construed as establishing a new grade for the time specified to conform In every particular the existing grades of grain, excepting as to the dis tinction of "new" and "old." All flax seed inspected shall be classed according to quality and condition, as follows: No. 1 flax seed that is choice or prime, as also the same moderately intermixed with Held damaged seed, dry, sweet and free from mustiness, and having weig'ht of not less than TiO pounds to the measured bushel of commercially pure seed, siiall be No. 1. Flax seed that is damp, Immature, field damaged or musty (and yet not to that degree as to be unlitted for temporary storage) shall bo rejected. Flax seed that Is warm, mouldy, very musty, wet (or otherwise unlitted for storage) or having weight of less than 47 pounds to the measured bushel of commercially pure seed, shall bo no grade. MIDWAY IIORSK MAKKKT. Rarrett & Zin merman's R'i'ort. Hept. 10. Roi.-eolpts IlKlit, but a large, stock of all classes of hor.--.-s left over from yefH.-ptay's sale Owing to unfavorable weather It was very quiet on today's mark sab-s were made than for ii !- i-tved. witn few ex - ; i.- All were noniinaiMl U' iK-tter Carriers for the Klefer Hill. In C.riANn KAIiDS, Mich., Sept. 10. At tills morning's session of the P-tlur carriers, thd Klefer salary bill formed the topic of consld enitt(rfi, and the bill was umitilmously sane-tinned bv the convention. This result was con trary to earlier expectations, as the bill gives carriers in hist cluss cities a raise of and tua second class clues were expected to oppose-It. The result was a compromise. After thi bill has been passed, the llrst class men Join the others In getting a revision in classification of cities. will the Speaker Heed nt Portland. PORTLAND. Me.. Sept. lO.-Tonlght Sieaker Thomas H. Heed addressed his Constituents for the last time before election, luin was falling in torrents, but me large auditorium was crowded to overflowing. 1 lair mares, gray a ye.u'H, sjiind, very drafters roan mare, sound, 6 choice pair grey mates, 6 service sound brown mare, 0 years, black mare, 5 years, sound, driver R.-presentativ Weight ami surrell. and fewer e time. Prices ns, were unl-Hlles: choice ?t!D yeara I,4o0 years. 2. SOO jund. 1,210 Service 1,17) 1 black g. lditig, I'J years, plug, !,: Price. 52-0 12. W MINNEAPOLIS HAY MAKKKT. MINNEAPOLIS, S -pt. to .1. A. Huntt & Co. ri'isirt that therIs no improvement in the hay market. Price continue to ho ruinously low ard no trading done even at thest- figures. Values range from Jl DO per ton for common up to ;."i.50 for choice upland. w f Culled to Chirac o. Rev. Ot-orgrt Ilanstrom, a prominent young BiilH?t nitniHtor formerly of this city, haj been (RlltM to the u!jiit of the First Hwtiliflh HaptiHt ohutvh of chicaKo, This church ia the InrgeHt ut that (iciviuiiiutiiin in Chicago, and the call la uuite un ht-nur to the youn man. lie is at iretiit vfultinn' Ms brother, J. A. Husratrom, of thin city. Vpvnouu Old Rlhari Dr- ALrncD L t-ATE rxoner,so or Nervous aiJ secret Elsoaiev 14 Washington Ave. S.,fV,innear)!i5, Re IB acknowledged to be the most succtwifui ipecialist of the age In the treatment ot ail .Nervous, l limine and i'rivale Kiseases ot bom eeies. Lost Mdiihtiud. Nervous balmily. Nirnit tlinasiolis. J-Ati-iilsiiriK t'ralns. Imputen.y. and an sexual caimtsn-a and disorders of VUL'M), jULiDi.t;-Aai:.U ai.d ui.U ML a lifelong siudy , no pi.i' llec. special attention given to inscaaea lit the Money uii-i biondu- and tiinary Urijain. ) roinpt and peru-ct cuies guaranteed. ilLOUD IdlSUN tall mages) cured quicker than at Hot Spring with a specific antidote that Instantly enters the blood. Hie llrst application checks the disease, and In two weeks all erua-uons and traces of disease disappear, inouaancj fafely treated bv mall. Write if residing out ut town. Ollice hours, 9 a. m. to :30 o. m.; anuria) s, 10 to U Jti. Addreis IA Wash njtoa Av 3. Minneapolis, Minn. A. L COLE, M. D The threat French ileiueuy Dr. ratur' RffMiUfl Restore! VITALITY, LOST VIGOR, and MANHOOD Cores. Inrnnt"nr Nightly KtnlSf tens nd Wasllni Diseases, al I elfeeta of t elt-aliusB . or eicefis and Indiscretions. A nerve ton s)!lo and liiisiit-bulliler. Ilrlnm tho pinf ?l-s .-t ......I knnl -.. u....... .ha Sr. (C Kl'1 !" IH." cur--"" (no ii-niuin l fot youth. Hyinall. ! perhot:6 for 5, 'ir-t4.asr nidi written viiaranten tArnrn nr refund im.fihl'fitil. muneJ KTWrlto for free niedlraltwok. ItOVAl, R!IICig 1 11.. I'llll'Klll. II.M V" 2 HuTiin T) I'rns t1 'Ol li.rtsT.. B MinnMBe"! mat Keep (ear T'Mh-,. WelliglWMig Bv lakin? an VJ. Occasional fJZfil Dose of ADDITIONAL MARKETS CHAHUK.D WITH LAItCKNY. Hlieclal Telegranv to the Tiihune. HASTINGS. Minn., Sept. Hi. A hoy named Tliomap Jlmwn, who eliilins his home la at 412 Fourth street noi'thi MlimetiiKlls, was Arrested here today for the larceny of a skiff from A. .'. Jeremy, of Nlnlnger. The hearing waa adjourned by Justice Utta until next Tuesday Rt ID su in. NKW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, Sept. 10. Flour, receipts, 17,300 hbls; exports, 19,700 hols; quiet and lower to sell. Rye flour steady. Cornmcal steady. Rye firmer; No. 2 western, 39e. Hurley quiet; western feeding, 30f31c. Barley malt dull. Wheat, receipts, M.iiOO bu; exports, 12!),H07 bu; spot quiet; No. 1 hard, BTVic; options steady, declined tinder spring wheat receipts and disappointing cables, rallied on bullish rumors about the government report, big seaboard clearances and strength at St. Louis, but finally yielded to local realizing and light export demand, closing lVic decline; No. 2 red September, 633gc; December, 65ii4i ll-16c, closed at 65V4c. Corn, receipts, 180,700 bu; exports, i,m bu; spot dull and easy; No. 2, iioVic,; DR. SUTHERLAND; tiEBlTiST. Best Set Teeth Pure (Jolil Fillitiif Gold Alloy Fining; 22-carat Wold Crown. $8. oc: .... 1.5( 75, 5.0( Then are our regui.n pri. I'litU Oct. 1 IS'rti, will ffivr ur pfttron a ircial di count of 10 htr CeDt tiom the atxje Ai orl guarantet-d. I ANTI-PAIN iZTr1'" ct!f4c: 4213 HSC0LLET AVENUES (Cvep Yerxa'.; j est Teeth I i it Cniy tY US 526 fjiuo.iet Avenaa. SAVE YOUR TEETH. I (,ol 1 (jo! j t.ol (inld Fillinfs $1.50 a d Alloy " 50C to I.Ot OolU Crowned -ii.Ji Ovx ScwnAY 1. m. to 2 p.m. ' IT CURES Sleeplessne'S, Vaticccele Vi'al Weak, nes and A I the Eff-cts of Excessci of Overtaxation. .ftlVfi",, -.''t'i'V, tfcjfr. Dr. Sanden'8 Electrio Belt No Hatter What Else Mai Failed, Thsre Is R-m-cdy for fcvery III, Dr. 5ar.-dei'f Bilt Will Oo for Most. This Belt Has Cured Man) Casts Aftei Thousand Dl 11. Hat teen Sp'nt lo i D uis. the fruits ol halt cf youi The cooling, refreshing, invigorating; Core for Constipation, Indigestion and Sick Headache. ricasiint to take. Sold by Iiruyista DO ycui-s. IVoolens will not shrink if WOOL SOAP Is used In th3 laundr, Wool Joap Is delicate and refreshing for bat It purposes. The best cleanser for household and, laundry purposes. Buy a tar at your dealers. KaWOBTH. SCH0DDE & CO.. Makers. ChieJ If you had grpiandered doPv labors for the life In feeding the iURr!s who live upor your clas-v. If you have tried every mean: ot relief in use by the, medital profes-glon without gettng holp, you wou.t still not have an argument ngaiti.t clec tricity as a curative. It ia Indcpcnder, of medicine and medical vendors. I should not be blarr-cd for their fab; promises. Take it for what it Is wort! on Its own account utid it will justltj all the claims made for It and AN DEN'S ELECTRIC BEU DR r 1 Dr Sandcn's book on medical ilectrk ity explains in a clear and compri hfiislv way Ills method of curing d eea-io b: means of "Nature's Own Remrdy-Electrlclty." Kvery seeker for healti should rend It. It can be had free a office, or will be malied to any adres In the United States or Cantula. SANOEN ELECTRIC CO. 403 Nlooliet Avenue. MINNEAPOLIS, - - Office hours, 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. MINN fSi'V' 6? i'J rVl Vi7-,f- Jsrjisfi 1 PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM CImium tuia besiultles the hslr. fruuinu s luiuriaut ffiovth. Meyer Fai's to Bettors Grey Uslr to its xoumiui voior. Cues scalp (l!eiNl a hair iaiiiof. top, swU most PmggliU it: ' " ' t .- -. .. :'.'- 1 u :u- i; rr.;i :? ," c '- SA oi- woman for -. VBjSHiy r i jn ntunps. Al t-j -"'"'; tiroes or call . o Joa'tJjr nhvsi'.'.'-r.a and fitirgeor.s 1 '.' rjiiiWrttpt-is. Co CUAHANTELl). ?,i,3f.Ii PRFS. AKB SurT. '"Ov-'S' of Dr. il l.. ' .-''.-'-o-i.tio.' vvor "1'acti ior ii Kii.'k,':gi'.ir.giR Dortant- info: Lia-'ioa to tS.oe .iriUct.etl wit unT p-3ti(i.l o t-i oiseat rr.;t i At cirosa or call o ti e ; HP'-.i !t Her r i '.17 li- 1 0 rt S DOCUTA CAPSULES Arret at uum disoiiarge from the urin: organs and cure in seven days severest cimoi gonorrhoea. All drii,'rlU.

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