The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 13, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 1949 Bl-YTHEVTLtJB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS I-AGE SEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams YES, SIR. FAU.EMARCM6*.' BLJJ.-Z. -*-«•»- — FIRST SIGNS OP «.AT FOOT.' But- PON'T EVER. LET ON WE IT/ SLOWS A GUV OP ALL ATHLETICS; NEVER LET HIM THINK WE SLOW UP CLJZ.OF HIM.' Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople LABOR SAVING ''' f^r- —i J2 W »^^ P-,: J[R-^ ILUAM*' -13 THAT SO, EG8«a — DM/ MY ¥4000* SO LOW •tWe SA.CKC.OP HI* NtCtOS MOST O-JEJt LOOKED MATTER couutcr Po*. v THAT 5H0^6L / ) I, SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM Vou cai* ' enjoy the wonderful convenience and economy •! having soft water on four farm if roil get a modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. S*. Hiffhwft? 41 • Phone Z434 MiUfred Cram and Horwood Wttte TUK STORY A w*»l(br *»*<4"W. I. fleciHK with her Mr*. Ercr- nrf.1 fur HurvlTBl *« I tut frhOB iMlrMtlft (u h* r. Mr*. >1*1nut hn» Iri For the Finest Prescription Service Call trIK li.TselC w*(irilj-. oh*- will l«t Ue ihiiiK w«rrk itnilf * » » XVIII (~iN the morning o£ a bright, calm day, the trailer caravan cam to a small settlement: little more really, than a general store and cluster of shacks—what had been 50 years or more ago, town. Mrs, Everson purchased most of the storekeeper's stock ol stale chocolate bars, soap, twine, pop, cereals and canned fish. The old fellow wanted tu know where they were going, but got no answer— only one of Mrs. Everson's marble- blue stares. The Marchese, dressed as if for izauon. Here Uiere was ai leasx telephone, » stretch of pavement, a garage, a fly-specked "ho- el" advertising rooms ai 50 cents night, dinner SI. Beyond, for 75 miles, the shin- ng procession moved cautiously long a dirt road that leemed to ak* its own wilful way, climbing teadily as it pierced narrow, fer- ile valleys or emerged into long stretches of arid land. At one moment they were among trees, the next they were slowing heavily through sand And always, in the distance, a wall of tumbled mountains grew imperceptibly nearer and higher • • • T ATE in the afternoon the trajl ers entered a beautiful, wooded canyon, narrow between higl walls. The sun touched only the topmost russet rims. Below, where a shallow and crystal-clear stream meandered in a wide, boulcier- strewn bed, everything seemed bathed in green light. Birds were the beach Cannes, inspected the dusty shelves, admiring faded bolls of cotton-cloth and trnys full , of cheap combs, as if he were \ shopping at Car-tier's. "Very nice," he said. "Very smart." For himself be bought a pair of gloves lined with lamb's wool, and a hunter's cap with a visor like a duck's bill. Mrs. MR lone realized that it was his kindly impulse to please the old. storekeeper, who might have suspected these ele- flashing high up, their wings catching the lasl gold of the sun. Presently the canyon walls drew back, leaving space for a miniature forest. The caravan tockexi and bumped through this for some little distance, then dipped steeply into the river-bed. At this point the stream made a hairpin turn around a large sand-spit. And here, on this sand-spit, at last, they stopped for good. • • * TVTRS. MALONE 1 S first reaction 1YI was one O f great happiness, the upper level of her mind taking time out for a brjef holiday from apprehension. It was as if she had «nteted new dimension, where s a dream, yel with «one of a ream's vague terror. Here was n!y peace, a deep satisfaction^ an xauisite sense of safety. The river-bed was strewn with boulders and silvery-dry branches ind logs. On either side the forest stood straight and tall, forming aisles and arches, shadowy corridors into mystery. And all about hem, now, loomed the mountains. There was no time to explore the terrain before night closed down. It turned cold beneath the stars, and SOOD after dinner everyone went to bed. Mrs. Mulonc lay in the purple-blue darkness, conscious of the release from tension, her body relaxed, listening to the ceaseless rush and plash of the stream. Soon she fell asleep, and slept all night as a child sleeps who knows it is surrounded by love. The last thing she thought was: "I'm glad 1 came. This is won- der/uJ. Wonderful . . " Morning, too, Meld tlie same quality of exultant peace. There was much to b« done, and Rudy, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERBILL BLOSSER And the Hand Played On "So what it I Jeft my driver's license at home? 1 don't see you capturing any gangsters!" THIS IS AWRA.! WSAM---IENO ME . we GOTTA oo \fxte Khwe, uurry.' VANDALISM. MASTER LARD IS UNWOeTHV OF A 6CMTLEMAM. TVlESE LlTTLc CONTINGENCIES / t'KISCILLA'S rOI* Problems of Youth . BY AL VERMBF.R with vidor s help, Hie job LESTER, YJLI DON'T SEEM TO BE] ENJOviNG YOUR VACATION; BECAUSE ON SATURDAYS I WOULDN'T 3E IN SCHOOL, ANY WAV/ VIC FLINT Quick Change BY MICHAEL-O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE •jjacky Thomas stood right up to Lucyfe father gant visitors stock. of patronising his This was the last outpost ol civ- time. with Us endlcslly ticking seconds, had ceased to te. A mysterious beauty en£olde<i this refuge; it was as haunting!? unreal ol making permanent camp. There were many things to b« done, but the ftrsi thing, which assumed prime importance to Mrs. Everson, was the location of the trailers. She decided to leave the big trailer, which was her home, on the sandy point in the river bed. . This trailer was jacked up by Rudy and Victor and resettled on strong supports. Next Victor drove the small trailer and the sedan to higher ground, overlooking the river bed, a little distance away in the woods- It would be necessary for Rudy, Victor and Mrs. Malone to scramble up and down the bank to go from one trailer to the other. The truck, until unloaded, waj to remain where it had stopped. (To Be Continued) FOR SALE Concrete culverts U Inch to 4* inch, plain or reenforced Abo Concrete RuUdint Blocks cheaper than lumber for ham*, chirk en houses, pump honsM, tenant houses, tool sheds. \\t deliver Call us fur free estimate . . Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO TI1F GRAMS (0\IP\\Y I\_L vi Tor\s Hen I !-ttif' - M'.rtcjacje Loan-• Iti»urdn''e OM [,,| \ BIN 1 HlMlll Phone 521 Phone 3075 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best (Vices Kirby Drug Stores RENT A CAR DriTC Anywhere loo Pirn* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 -$»rS EPptL. Say It With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP (ilenra* Handing Phone 44>1 « 1741 WHAT ABE TOO HANSINO ABOUND MYOAUGHTEt? (OR, VOU INSOIENT YOUNG PUPPV 1. IF THAT'S WHAT YOU MI fin, EVtN THOUGH YOU TOY TO MAKE HER GROW UP FRIENDS .' VOU'Rt AIL RIGHT, KID. WU'VE GOT PtENTY Of SPUNK, WASH TUBES An Old Injury Nichols Drug PHONE 4801 SARA 19 PEIHkPS BECM1SE 1'UE MWOTS SELFISH, JAN... FEtT SHE HWED ME. EYEKYTHIUS BUT I DON'T \1 LOVEO AS A CWLD. SHE &EE WHY SOU IO DISTRUST HEK SO! OUCE. WHEW D&D GAME ME A DOLL I M>ORED. C&R& TRIED EVEEY EUSE TO GET IT, flWD FAILED. SO SHE BROKE IT... ACCiDEMTftLLV, SHE SAID 1 . BUT IT WftS BELIBEEMEiMOIHEK 1 . M HEE...1WO WOOWE WOIH.O &ELIWG IT I IM9 jy NFA sfdvicr rr,c T. y. Bfd u s PAT BY LESUE TURNER ''SARA'S 1MB X KVittl WELL, SHE'LL K MOST JEM0U5 \HEE6 BY 1H6 TIME PERSON 1'UE EUEK WOD GET CATHY DOWW SEEM...WD CLEVER. ) FOR HER. NM>! ENOUGH, USUM.L.VI TOCOWCEW.IT! In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the. Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Beautiful Floors Year home <-an h« madr so murh n»r« lovely with bcait- llfnl floor*. Charles Wood «f- tcrs yon expert workmanship at truly reasonable prices . . in rrfimsning vour present lloor.s or in laying new hardwood, asphalt or rubber tile, or InliUrt linoleum. Call 2272. Free Estimates Charles Wood Arkansas Piint Co. Phonf 2272 ri-J PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our year* of experience assure you that, when you present * prescription ordei to us, it will be expertly com- poviiided fr^m Ircsb, pure drugs. You can be sure at Rot brock's. ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE TUDEBAKER 1 SPECIAL 1927 BUICK 4-DOOR ! ncv Iwo-lnnc paint, gnoH tires, run* extra wr.M. thli ear far i»od cheap trampnrtallnn. Choos* Your Car 1947 Mercury 5-Passenger Coupe Iftil Plymouth 2-door 1940 Sludebaker Commander 1-rtwir 1939 DeSofo 4-door 1938 Olrfsmobile 4-door Only a Few of Ouv Many Fine CRTS Chamblin Sales Co. •Your Friendly Studehaker D*«l«r- Riiilrnad & Ash I'hr.n* RRH •STUDEBAKER" JUGS BUNNY Using His Head LMER SNOOZIN' WHILST I WORK KS ME EVEN IF 5 IS PAVIN' ME / ALLEY OOP Oop, Hie Discdvrrcr BY V. T. HAAM.IN YMEAN HERE "O^ 1 •-> THAT V BE CNTH" MO3N I'M FAB0UT THAT.'\FUM-_GEE.' X TIMES / YOU COULD \ SO ETA. E,\-3ILy LEAP J MAKE UP ATOP THAT yFOe. BHIN' IN SUCH A, BOOTS AND HBR KUDDIKS Swell Idea BY KDGAR MARTIN HtX, OO'.N'XS'TXVM. Xi ~\O GO TO VX3«.V<: lr-j-3 C0f> t«; Wfc ftVV

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