The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1936
Page 2
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BLYTIDSVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS t<& \ ^Growers -'-Who Have Not £ Yet Applied Ate Urged j'f to Act Promptly i." Some 500 cotton growers of the < Chick»sa»» district of Mississippi ;7counly must act promptly if Uicy ", » ; »outd' avoid loss of subsidy pay- rments, totaling $15000 to $20,^000, t due them under the govcrn- i raent's" cotton price adjustment '^program, County Agent J, O. JfTullerton announced today. <j Mr fullerton said that a check had revealed ^Uiat about 500 cot- jClon pioducers ha\c as yet innclc iyio application for sulisldy pay- 1,'ments Augt-st IB Is the dead- jj'llne and growers who fall to • f?>nake application before that dale '£*III recelie no pajmcnts, >•• Some growers, Mi'. . Fullerton ,'^'sald are nppaientl) under the .vlmpressipn that subsidy appllca- i-tions have been filed in Ihclr ^.behalf by the glnners to whom -\thcj 1 sold the"• cotton. Tills is ^7 not the ease, he slid, as all an ^plications must bo mode by the 5^, 8ro«"Drs personally. He Invite. 1 ,-»farmers who are uncertain whe- ? r ther tliey have made proper ap- *•", plication foi sitbshij piymenls to i.-call at his office. ;« Fraternity Members ;•- Make Highest Grade: .* >£ FAYETTEVILLE, July 30.—Fra .". ternity students made hlghe ^ grades for the spring scmestc J; v !tluin-. non-fraternity studeuls at [f the University of Arkansas, Fi'Cd Etowah Festival Will Be Held August 7 and 8 The annual watermelon festival, to be - held concurrently with a jolltical /rally,- at Etowah, lias icon postponed until Aug. 1 ami 0 it was announced [eddy by T. Cooper. The festival had been >lamied for today and tomorrow. Candidates for district and county offices have been Invited o speak dining the Iwo-dny af- fnlr and jubilee singers will liave prominent place on tlie pro;rain. Tlic festival Is sponsored by lie EUnvah school. Pemiscot County .Farm Meetings Announced CARUTHEnSVll-LE, Mo., July 30.—The county agent's office today announced a scries of meet- ings'for the first week in August for farmers Interested in the soil conservation program. The schedule is as follows: Cnrutncravillc, courthouse, 1:30 p. in., Saturday, August 1. Dcnton, City Hall, 2 p. in., Monday, August 3; Braggadocio, hlfh tool gym, 2 p. m, Monday, August 3; Cooler, liigh school gym, 2 i>. m., Momlny, August 3. Holland, high school, 8 p. m. Monday, August 3; CotUmvraod schoolhouso, 8 p. m., Mmlay, August 3; Wnrdell, schoolhouse, 8 p m., Monday, August 3. \ I.uxora Scene of Repair and Construction Work thcntrlca! and 'other publ'lc nmuse- inenl businesses! printing and publishing, restaurants, public • bathhouses, barbers aufl hotels. •'• LUXORA, Ark.-I3. R. uojan will' completely remodel and modernize the former J. I.. Denn home on iVasliington avenue, which he lias lust purchased. He plans lo concert the dwelling; Into an attract- ve six-room bungalow. J. V. Mil-1 :hc!l Is the contractor. j The Abe Uvci'Knl dryyootl.s store j las been remodeled, Dressing rooms) lave been built in the indies ready-' .o-wcar department, now shelving, ms been installed In the rfioe and I Irygoods deiiarlinents, and the en- lire interior of the store has been rearranged, iie J. I, Mllflln Drygoods company 1ms Installed new lighting fixtures. The new iomnto canning plant, lo ba operated by t-lie Cr.iddock eompany, Is nearly complete nnd packing of tomatoes will start at an cnrly date. THURSDAY, JULY 30, 1936 Audit of Pemiscot County Books Slartec Will Examine Recruits Here for Marine Corps Herman Cross, postmaster, has Information fiiat 30 young men of Mississippi. Arkansas and Ix>uisiana will bo accepted In the United States Marines din-Ing August-. The physical examination will be given here and Hie final test taken at New Orleans, although Mr. Cross lias received no further details. CAHUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—L. Dimmitt and L. I,. Patterson, the state auditor's office of ferson city, Monday began .... audit of the county Ijooks, start- Ins In tlic office of County Court first time the books WPA Extending Steele Water Supply System STEELE, Mo. — Construction F _ started Wednesday O n a WPA pro- jef- jcct which consists of MOO feet of 1 4-inch piping [o be added to the Slecle water system in the south and west parts of town. . age, but non-sorority women bested non-fraternity men with, a 1 2.40 average : against the incus* 2,04 mark. The • general University average for all him students is 2.12 for Hie semester, for women 2.32, and for all students 2.18. Sororily grade adages, us nii: nounced by the registrar, me as follows Kappa Kappa • iaf ij iierr registiai, announced to-i, v . „ - ont .7-. - ;,:day Greek lettei society men and L'^.i T al "" to< '" '"*">' ym "'\ ,M women student'; Ind a srade av-l? , V!""^ complete audlt- ;'" erage of 222, while noil-fraternity' l" B °f "'! books^wlll require from '£ students averaged 215, the regls- * trar said it Fraternity men tied with sov- p- orlty women In scholastic marks, , i both groups making a 2.22 aver- Tlie audit Is h compliance with a 1933. ?lng made law passed Forestry Workers Here on Two-States Tour 253, Delta Gammn, 2.37; Ch Omega 221, PI Beta P!>1 215' Delta Delta Delta, 210; and Zclii •A-party of 13 men, selected by the Veterans Bui-can, Jefferson Barracks, St. lau\s, for reforestation work, left New Madrid, Mo., today for n 450 mile trip lo Blythc- Gimmn I V " IC| Jnlll -' sl) r o. Sprliigllcld, "Lcb- ,.'' ™ j anon and Bennett Springs This special detail of men, who were selected for » six months cn- Tau Alpha, ro3"rratc"rnit;" B raa«, llsl i 11CI K > rCCC " 1 " y took thclr cx - rankcd as loMons' Sl"iii- Pnl aminattons utl Ncw Mn<ll ' l(l ' Mo " Epsllon, 2C8, AlnhB Qn'inmn Rim ; w . lth Archlc IJ °I^ of H'mo, In 265, Kappa Lambda' Tai 22S, Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha,"2.05i Sigma ,.,„,„ , Chi, 2,00, Kappa Alpha, .1.97; Pi g ' Kappa Alpha, 1.92;: Tlieta Kappa 7.,, 0 ,, n ,7T Nu, 188, and Tau Epsllon Pill,' Z!lclm " nn 180. - . , Triplets Born at Holland STEJJLE, Mo—Girl triplets were born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. l^ynn Goode at their iiomc ncnr Holland Two of the babies died that night but the Ihlrd is gettlus! along well ns is the mother. Uridgcn, a linrvnrd man, is snld have been the Ilrsl student on record to earn his way throng;!! college. - ORDERS - TAKEN FOB "BERNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie llooiwr Mrs. A. O. Haley 1109 Chickasawba, Plione 702 1'ORK STEAK OKANG1K, Juicy TAKLI? 1'EACHKS ICC Hoscilale. In r 13 Rolil Medal FUmr. Relish Dish Free. 21) So-0-While Guiiniiitccd Flnnr, 2-1 l.lis !JARS Delicious Cookies. 's Grade \ I'ints fie; Qiuirls CICT.ERY, Krcsh I.IM-KC Stalks COUNTRY UUTT Dailv. GIVES YOU THE EXCLUSIVE "EMDE SPINNER" TUNING METHOD IU.ITTHH, SimliiHil. TKA, Old Vi Ib 2 Lemons, Glass CJIIAPK8, Concord !-<!!. Unskcl SPAGHETTI Macaroni. COI''FKK, Ciinuva or Max. House. !,!>, MATCHES, American. GETS ANT STATION WITH THE FLICK OF A F1NGEH . . . LAIU), I Ibs 55r 51.0S; 25 Ibs S3.50 Convciiicnl Terms VINEGAR. Hulk 1f)lC Full Strength. Gal. ii-2' (.'LOSS STARCH Slalcy'.s. Cube. Hox CREAM-MEAL f 2l-Lb. . Special Taxes In Rail Zone DA I REN. (UP) —Conclusion of lie Jnimn-Manchukuo cxlrality realy has been followed by Inipo- sllon of special taxes upon ,iapa- i icse residing hi the South Mun- :hiu1n Railway XDIIC. ' It was nnnounced that linposl- -lou of the (axes was necessary lo eciunllzc tlie (ax burden of Japanese .within and without l-iic /one Tlie oxt-nillly treaty exempted Japanese within tlic xotie from Manelnikuo taxes until is:)8. Tlie taxes collected from Japanese in the railway /one RO to the Japanvsc iniiwrial governmsnt. Japanese outside the zone pay their taxes to Muncliukiio. There arc 150 categories of tax- ntion in ihc new order, wlildi became effective July 1, including levies on money nnd property 'lci.ul- 1115. sale and manufacture of commodities, cfcclrlc and gas s P ril )' I' u Bs Wtt Gulfspray, ^c they stay, deiicl Kills motlis, inos qnitocs, flics, roaches, etc Harmless to pels. Stnin|ess Mild, plcnsiint odor. At neigh norhood and dept stores orGoodGnlf Dealers. '(9c a pt. RITE PRICE GRO. & MKt. 111 K. Main Phone 234 Specials I''™- Fridiiy iind Saliinliiy—-July We I)cli\ l -.'r :n - Au K . 'i JUST ONE OF A SCORE OF BRILLIANT NEW FEATURES ... The "(eel" of tuning a fcenith is entirely different Irom ordinary radio. Jusl try tuning any other radio—then come in and tune, with the fast finger-tip Lightning Station Finder. There is no 'comparison! . . . Just as ' there is no comparison between a Zenith ... and other radio. Wo invite you to find this out for yourself. Models from $29.93 up. Easy Terms. ALWAYS f. - A / »' f A R AHEAD Hardaway Appliance Co. Glencoe Phone 233^ LETTUCE, kcbenr Crisp and Firm. Head While Ribbon Shorleninit •I Ib 50; S Ib 95; can S5.(i5 TOMATOES Canned. Can 1A ID CORN Pride of HI. 1AC 20-Oz. Can PRESERVES Pure Fruit. Pinl CHUM SALMON 2 Cans v Maple Leaf Flour, sk 85 Certified Flow, sti 05c BLACK H S: K. 'EPPER '. 10° r'OTTKl) MEAT Picnic. 2 Cans THIS CARNATION Cow i—Carnalion Bullet King, reared by the producer! ol Irra* dlaUd Cornelian Hillr, holds all world's records — 19,000 qls. milk, 1.753 Ibs. buUor, in ono year, Ask for Coicajon! 23c GUfCUlFtPRAYTOTHlREKUt! LOWEST PRICKS IN TOWN CASH GROCERS 3M W. 1MAIN ST., nLYTII[!VII.I-U; ARK. SPECIALS FOK FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FLOUR, Fluffy Ruffles Oleo 5-lb. Cioth Kax Su«ar FRRR Wilh 20-Lh. Sack At (!OM)EN HIX1K, 1,1) Klltcrla I'Vcsli Pound Peaches Cooking Apples, Ib. 3ic Lemons Sour, Juicy Nice Si/.c Dozen 15c Coffee IVidt' nf Memphis Pound 15c Tea Peerless O-O/,. liox 19c Salt SqiHirc iiox lluch 2c Salad Dressing "' 22c Crackers Lyk-Me 2-Lb. i!ox 15c Graham Crackers IQc Puffed Wheat °.;r Peanut Butter Qt. 24c I>IMC C;im 11) Pounds Flour Shibley's Host I'lain or Self Rising 2-1-Ll). Sack 82c Lard Vc«c(ole •1-Lb. Ciirlon 45c Roast HolR.,1 Spare Ribs Krcsh I'otmd 15c Salt Meat licst fiiydc I'niind 18c Beef Roast CHUCK, |,|, THICK Klli, LI). i3«/2t 17 1/, i- Salt Meat For Hoilin.t Pound 13c Bacon Fancy Sliced Pound 25c Lamb U'X;, Pound FOHKQUARTKR, Pound j.7'/ 2 c? Lard Snow White Cnmponnil Pound 12ic Swiss Cheese'-, :r 35c Matches Anchor 3c Dog Food Vielory Can 5c Hulk Gallon Down Jar Caps Mason Dozen 18c RIPE OLIVES Cli a 13 ( OVALTINE S TISSUE Setninole Roll TISSUE Wiilclorf 5 C Evap. Lb. 12i c PEANUT BUTTER PEAS Pelit Pois No. 2 PEAS Crovvdci' N'o. 2 Can PICKLES Otir Mother's 1fTC IJlJ Sour, 'Oill. \\\. A'- PICKLES PJBENTOES Dromedary^C (i-0?.. €.m U PINE APPLE JUICE by's. No. ] Can 8 C l.ibby's. No. 2 Can PRUNES Lb. SALMON Chum Tall Can W SALT ICE CREAM Hox 7i c <1 or iafo iSiiurc 8 l SOAP I'. & (i.. Of l> I,j?c. Ha is £t Crystal White « Hars Bell Peppers BOLOGNA I'rc-sh I'ound 5c Qt. ,lar IVORY SOAP I.fro. I Jar LUX FLAKES £r TOMATOES No. 2 Can 7|/n- No. 2/ 2 Can HI French's Box WHiTK Shoe Polish IOC 25-.: Hof |] C 1C,,,- ID APPLE BUTTER o,.13 c APPLES CALUMET i.ii. Hakinj; , Lh. Can '•21 ( i ui Slokcly's Large Can If BROOMS Sjiccial Each I7 C Pkg. BRAN '•'LAKES I'ost's Larure Pke. POST TOASTffiS _7[ c , S 19 C '•'nx River '''nil or (i Sni. Cans SYRUP Steamboat Gallon 4S ( JUICE Slokclys(r( Can t) MEAT VIENNA SAUSAGE MILK Iiraii(1 Auglo 1/?C Can 10 the Stiek Lb Iff VEAL ROAST ,,,15° Mixed C: l,bs. 25 HAMBURGER ,.,10 C Slicuil I.,h. I 1 'n 11 Dressed Mi. FRYERS 1,1). el Ifosedalc No. 2 Ciin .IUICB h'H. Can ^ 16 '7C 7' BEANS lil.vllicville No '2 Can MATCHES Searchlight Box 4 t: SALAD DRESSING Sterling. Pinl 14 C POBK*ff*J£ FLOUR iimp. Al:iry Jane iiarrel PEP CORN c of HI. No. 2 Can PEAS Fresh MTER BEANS Luziannc

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