The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1947
Page 3
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I f AGE BI,YTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUK1KK NEWS MONDAY, MAY 5, 19.17 Midical Science Arabs Demand Independence for Palestine Bjg Toll in Lives Continue to Tokc Big Toll in Livs CHTOAGO, May 5. (UP>—.\ SpckEisman for the American radical Association, on its locih anniversary, today listed seven major prcblems which medical science still Biust solve. Dr.jMorrls B. Fishcein. editor of the AMA Journal, listed these seven problems as the most important tones facing the medical professioji: 1. Heart disi'ase—most prap!o die- from'it than from any other single ojsc-ase, • 2. "Cancer—one in every e; persojis is likely lo become a cancer liitim. • 3. iVirus Disease-im-ludini; in- .'anlilb paralysis and the common cold. ' 1 4. lAtomic radiations and their effect on human beings and hu- rnrn JrKMi?. 5. Jiigh altitude and speed el- fectsvori pilots. C Degenerative diseases of the nervous system. 7. Neurephychh'trh: p r o b 1 e m s raised "by our hic,'h-:.p:eci. Iu£-V tcnsidn environment." FisBb»ln said the prosjests f:>r solving the problems was "goo-.l." He siiid tile progress of mcdk-it sri;n?2 in the last 50 years «".s "gref-tcr thmi in all of the previous riistoiy of man." "Because ol the increasing speed of the acquisition of medical knov- iecsc, it is possible Mint we will mrke' more progress in I ho nr-xt fiftv 'years than the last," he predicted. Fisfcbcin 53Id the AM A did not ciaim^ercdit for much of the mod- iciil privnncement iJi the last l r( > ycfrs» fcnt lhat mnnv achicvcmcnls wpTB'vliolly ercrtit«ble lo tiie as- Hc,cited tlie AWA's war on patent t medicines, qviackery. fratuls and low standards of professional ' ethic} as powerful factors "'in prn- , duciiVT •"- hi;;h'.ily of medical > Eeivice. rf"»l"» II' jjif |j JL i "'"K noses, hilt no trinpcvaliirc . 5. rubtic neolth '»«•"»»i™ * <**«™« «* " *-'»" lwo weeks to make cerium he doesn't develop some more serious mil- Eleven Killed In Australian Train Wreck i;'_;l? i''.I .V .'•-', 'Al[;.tr;iliii. -,M;ty A. iUT>---1 IIP dritth toll in Australia'^ went ii'.'iin wuc.i; in 21 yrars nuritn'i'il t;» 11 today as rescuer:; •j.-iir'.:nl '.I'illi i-i.niOwrs ;ni;| aeety- !enf- :;a l - cn'tci-s to Irer victims inc.'udjn: •--<'!''• 'lining ('hildren .still tr;'i:-l"'ii in ltu k smaslied cars. ';})!'•»' Jtcur.s nflei' the eji^ijie rinci tiirrc c"),u'lies ol tin- May D'.ij picjiii- special jumj)ed the tracks on a downhill ijradR aintanlancJs had ijrcii'/ht 5'J injure<l over i'-O CIO Seeks Pay Boost From Ford Motor Co. DETROIT, May 5. (UP) — The Ford Motor Company, world's second largest auto producer, and the CIO Auto Workers Ujiion were scheduled to open negotiations today on a new contract lor the company's 112,000 [production workers. The union has announced it wi.l seek the original 23-1-2 cents announced last December as the 1SHI hourly wage hike igoal. It appeared unlikely, however, miles of i-oiiRli urbimtain rone.; lo Brisbane hospitals. that Ford workers would get more than the 15 cents grunted by General Motors and (Chrysler, other jneiiibers o/ the ''Big Three," lo their 310.003 hourly-rated workers. Manslaughter Case to Be Tried in Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS, Ark., May 5. (UP)—The Garland county Circuit Court criminal docket opening today includes the case of K. p, (Pop) Parsons, 47-year-old farmer of near Cwcnsvlllo, who is chaigc'd wild involuntary manslaughter and contributing to the deliqucncy ol a minor. Hie charges arose oul of tilt death of Jewel Ewcll, 17-year-oM, St. Louis, Mo., girl, who allegedly was thrown from Parson's car ou the Clitic Bock lilgliway. < Miss Ewell died later of a fractured skull Slr/fce Ha?r?rr;rs Delivery Of Milk to Chicagoans CHICAGO. Mny 5. flTP)— 'Dcliv ories-hy Chicago's 5 mnjor chnri-?s were'iir.Ucd cnrly Unlay when t:ic? As3c;yatc(l Mil's* Dcalfirs (R k :hirc i d that i a stnk^ rjlkii hist nigJa sgoii^t two of their members was a "strike against, (he ir.cltistr.," and pro»v-ptly shut down their plant". Thfr AP'j d?,iry rtir-lovcs uni-Ti' contrticUcted the cienlcrs' .statctncu', sn.viT'ir the s'rike wns ralletl auai:!".!. only Jthe Hcwmnn D'.iirv Co., :\m\ t.Vtp P?an MiV.: Co.. ?i>d that I'.io closiifg of the 73 other plants a ircfcout, T-qhjHcnlly, only the "inside v-orksrs" tire en -strike against Bo\\T^iai'i iiiul Dean, hut shire tin?" are uol filling contuincrs there is r.o milk ready for delivery, Greatest distance around i!ic \vcrld i s 24902 statute wiles. -U the oquator. Experts in Waging War on Colds HV )M)i:OTHY VV1I.IJAM-; , Tin- rSTinncnt works like this. (United 1'ress Staff CnrrvFiKMiclrnll /l'«'o croups of ci|;l)ty :i[ip:irent:y The U K Piib!i~ Heaitli servu-c i.-• ! Then each ertmp is isuluted in a llavini; a ;oui;li lime trying t,> fin I lic;pilal ward to pri-vi-nt. exposure out all about common colds. Tiie to eoiris or ullier tonla;;ioics ail- trouble—loo man-,- rolds. i menls. All per.-ons who come in l-'jrfour months the public heal'n;™"'";"' 1 wil " '"<'"' <) "™">' "''» scientists. i-.KU-d by jail-hour vol-' ':^"«J^ '"^'••' l 11I1 ' t ''i^^rentli' v.nteiTS, iiave hi'en trying to solve \ io - f i-J-'-s- j the myslerv ol the common eolfl— '• the volunterrx crinu' ihrouHh. what 'it is. what causes it, ami I hi' isolation pcfio;! in apparent what lo do about It. j i;<iod health, they are i;iven the Dr. Norman H. Toppin". proj.rt | ™IH Kenns. director, said that they hadn't ex- l)r l"ni"m. '.vho has ha<l ins peeled lo K et the answers this so™. sll;i »' " r (l '«' "n"»al "vei-HKC o But they l«ul expected lo make ""<'•' «>!''•>• est.maled that abt.ul •ror- prom'ess hall tin: vohuiteoi-s 'A r <-ii' ruled out .... . ,, .. , . , ! because thcv are out- of th'-ir Aaoill m inmates of the D:;tncl > .. i;i . ol Columbia reformatory vohinlci-r- *- ' ' ed to let Dr. Top;:ing and his a.s- r isLants trv to "tiivt'" tiiem cold >. They B e, S3 weekly while, he,pn, ; ,j;;X ,<- ^^ a ^ tl ^ c ^ n&ctnrs instilled i-asai washings' in ni( , (,v ]K .,.,, )( . llls . Relieved to contain cold uerms, Into Dr -j-oppjny has kei-n collert- t!u' nose s oi about 8) volunteer';. ,,,., suspc-u'd eo'd-'-ivMii" «erms An undisclosed iiunilier came down „£,„ 'j,c:l!t'|] .sp'rvic'c en:i)li>vra" win with colds. , , T;;CV L to tlic iicrvice'.s dispensary Rut many of them sol colds of| for [r^tiucm. \V;:siiin S .s are only ,'adv. The <• pret-autions huvr turned yp n )i"i\ causes of influen-/;i atnong wen I d-':;! 1 (U>!:ois, but tiothin^ more sprirai - I 'i .some inslnncr.s, the donors' :^i:>!]<Tt<-d cojds turned out to bf luiy fever. Mr:uiiinic, the s^it-ntists arc re- coicliiu; iin; i.hin; F , v:hich nuuht prove a e,!iU'. And lhey arc not discouraged. "It's ;:<-in'-: lo take a torn; tune," Or, Trpjiin;; ;;:«j(l.. "We know that. We are '.'.ruicfnl to the reformatory volunteers." CASH YouGol $100 $T50 $200 $300 $500 $750 Monthly Poymenll For 12 Month*! $9.25 13.88 18.50 27.75 46.25 69.38 $1000 | 92.50 1 Intludoi Cojrfil Life Inxironco MOh FOR DEBTS C Old debts, new babies/ c/ocfors j or deatiits' hills, when you need money see G.C.P.C. 122 W. ASH 51. BLYTMEVILLE IEY IR DIAPERS GENERAL-: CONTRACT PURCHASE ' CORPORATION-/ The London 7.00 has a "tigrou," »n anin)i)l that }iad a lioness lor a mother and a tiser for a father. Doctor's Discovery* FOR FLUSHINf KIDNEYS • Backache,loss ofiwp, g«llLUBUpnTght«, And headache are often caused by nolJmtg more than improper kidney net ion due lo excess acid in the urine. Kidneys ore one of Nature's ways of removing lni;nuil|el from the blood. And when th*se impurUie* back: op, trouble may stBrt. So if you hnve tliese troubles, pive yoiil kidneys and bladder n goail Hushing oul by taking Dr. Kilmer's Swtmip-Rooi. It works on the kidneys to flush them out increasing the now of urine to help reliev* that excess acidity end ease that burninj when you pass vjater, helps that bladder Irritntion that gets you up nights. Mode of 16 herbs, roots, vegetables, anfl balsams, Swamp-Root is absolutely non- habit forming. Caution: take as directed For free trinl supply, send to Dept. Z Kilmer & Co., Inc., Box 1255. Stamford Conn. Or—K ct fun-sized bottle of Swamp Root today at your drugstore. unclcsucil their own nhea^ of time and to be. di£QLin1ifk'd. from iiiit wlio have run- "J ^ ^ MOTHER'S DAY t> > -j i\-\ \ .J. ' if,,, is Glofifiecf end ^tyJ Simplified v/if{) an ' Jicniny Christmas *>#:&•:'.: :^ : - ,.,«H^r^.;'-'. IP i:;: ' ^,,.-"S v COMPACT "•"• '•" ^ -. * ^^ **^«\ A.n exciting new^in An:t'ri<.iu '— %-^-^v " i \ * 4 ^\ compact solves your Mother's r —ir^S^V ^ l"^"^"' n ^^ Ji '' '' IRSi)0:i >c - Ui1 " > *" + I--3. ; am * »*cf»Hy, too! /i/yrT Ameriftii r- ' "^"-^B-l compacts st*nul sup re me i;i their beauty of design, finish antl crAftsm.inr.iup, Sec our stunning mculcls in jeweler's i.-conzc and sicrliiif: silver—for ilir j^cjfcct Motlt^i's Day yift. niiouncin BIyfhevifle Retail Hi Be Closed Each AY AFTERNOON S§s^ ^< £>!,'.'•-/.•'_ \ -i ,,\ ,f i -.X •! »5 It you wani lo Kntiw what S;uUa Clabs looks like when lie isn't werfring his fur-triinmed. red work-suit, t;ikc a look Eil screen actor Edmund Gwenn. He's m;ide up *for Santa role in forthcoin- * ing picture. *\\ youi watch needs repair( mg, adjusting. 01 tecondilion- ilng, bring it lo u*. AH work ' guaranteed. One Week Service! Pat Q'Bryant \ JEWELER JiliSin 'at Second 1'hune ".26 1 • Tho porfccl Mother's Day gift a dresser sel by During the Months -JULY-AUGUST has been Adopted for the Purpose of Giving Employees a Half-Holiday Each Week During the Summer Months NEWLY-ADOPTED UNIFORM CLOSING SCHEDULE: (All Stores Other Than Retail Grocers) Weekdays Saturdays - - - - Close 5:30 p.m. - - - -Close9:00p.m. RET AIL GROCERS Weekdays Saturdays - For thai .tonictiling useful, something; g.i\ — i;ivc rvlothcr an ILl^in Aincriciiii tlrcsscr .sell 'f lie exquisite design is licaurifully cngrjuvcl. Tlie jcv/cl- likc finish holds i:s lustre. Nylon hustles, li.-.nd- cut comb, heavy beveled glass mirror. Such a gift leaves nothing to be desired. JeweSsry Main al Second Phone 3261 Jim Brow ti Slorr. Inc. M'intKoniory \Vanl City Super ..larUct XoutliiTii Auto JSiores O'Stn'iis Sliiiln. l''l(>nu;i.'i's \\\\- Hive Qualily .Slioo Siioii l.ansky's I'at O'ltryaiil. .U/wi'lor l''it/|>atrirk Jewelry SUuv UaU'lit'f Slinc Shoj) Game." Cr.uvry S- :M«i'kot Ki-nj;er Knotl Sloven Tlu> Gift Simp Arkansas I'aint. (;iass & \Vji)l]i;iiior Co. •J. XIell Hrooks Jr. Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. Charlos S. l.cumns FunsHiiro Hawy Mviiiv Grocery & Market BlyDH'vill,. Uaili.i .Supply " & 1' P>ar>fi(in Slore S\vap Slinn Frcil Callilian Kar!io Service l>eal 1'ainl Slore Slarnes Fiiniitnro Co. llays Stores inc. G. If. Grear Grocery Kisliop Grocery & Market r.lyllievillo Saies C'o. '1 lie h'arKain House Phillips I'eyton Grocery Jinimio ICdwards FiirniUirc Co. Uestern Auto Associate Store.-; Gralicrs Tlie Kdyllic Shoppc Feinlierg's A]>)i!el)aiiin Ladies Toggery Hess Store 14- 11. IhiKhcs & Co. Floyd White Miss WhitsiU's Shop Family Shoe Store llreit'us Jewelry Slore Meji<l's llnbbard Funiilurc Co. Close 6:00 p.m. Close 9:30 p.m. l & I Toko Sevviiiff Cc'ntcr (tooclycar Service Store Bhui Hcjitli Ark-JIo Power Local Office llubbanl Hardware Co. Joe Isaacs Inc. Guard's Jewelry Sloro K. B. Cce Sales Co. Firestone Store Xellner'x Shoe Store HcrnVk's Jewelry Slore Adams Appliance Co. New York Store J. C. Penney Co. Jicdel's t. Koscnthal Inc. Cecil l.owc Grocery Becker Grocery and Mavkct. Pickards Grocery D. D. Huffinglon Grocery G. L. Nabors Grocery & Mkt. Frozen Foods

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