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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey • Page 12
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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey • Page 12

Camden, New Jersey
Issue Date:

Ft.Dix Soldier Held on Count r-Earl Wilson- 2 COURIER-POST, Camden, N. Saturday, January 4, 1964 Theatres Tonight and Sunday MONDAY In S. Jersey It Happened LttSt Night Bond Issue Hearing Is Ignored BEVERLY A public hearing on WALT WHITMAN Stolen Hours, 3:20 5:25, 7:25, :35 p.m. SUBURBAN AUDUBON (Cenlurvl Incredible Journey, 9 40 m. CAMDEN ARI.O Kiddle Show Under the Yum iim Iree. cont. from 4:30 p.m. MIDWAY Day of the Trifflds. Horror of the Black Zoo. cont. noon. SAVAR Take Her. She's 12:30, 4:20. 6:20. 8:15. 10:05 p.m. STANLEY Midnite Lce. Fun in Aei- pulco, noon. 3:20. 6:50. 10 p.m. WALT WH ITM AN The VIPs 5. 7: 10. p.m. SUBURBAN EGG HARBOR (Colonial) Hatori. cont. 7 AUDUBON Cemur Incredible Jour-I ney. 1:40. 3:40. 5:40. 7:40. 9:45 p.m. HILL (Cinema) Take Her. i iriinnn u. cjJ shes Mine. 5:05. 7:35. 9:40 m. (Blackwood) West Side CHERRY HILL (Community)-The Wheel-Story. :4. :2 p.m.; Wackiest Ship er Dealers, cont 2 Dm OR EXTOW Drlve-HD-Fun tolrl2T NEW YORK "The Damn Fool Fund" is off and running its slogan is stamp uu clniiin ic "stanm (Bit Damn Foolishness by 2064 A.D." Comedian Shelley Berman is founder of this unique charity. He wrote a check to start it "Pay to the Order of the Damn Fool Fund $200" he hopes all damn fools will con- tribute so that help can be jgiven to (who else?) damn fools. 'To people in or near Show Business with a deep need who will confess their own damn foolishness," he says. His remorse over an incident in- crvivn Acapulco, 7. 10:30 Around the Worid in a Dare. 8:30 D.m BRIDGETON (Laurel) Sword in the Sione. 1:16. 3:26. 5:33. 7:40, 9:50 p.m. CHERRY HILL (Cinema) Take Her, She's Mine. 5:35. 7:45. 9:50 p.m. CHERRY HILL (Community) The Wheeler Dealers. 6. 8, 10:10 p.m.; children 2 p.m. iLt.u.MUN (iiementon unaer ine Yum Yum Tree. 6:30. 10 me Running Man p.m. GLASSBORO (Glassboro) Rampage. 7, m. GLOUCESTER (Starllte Drive-In) Take i Her. Shes The Gun Hawk. cont. 7 m. GLOUCESTER (Klng)-Under the Yum! pm ysmE.TEffkrIt!0v,?.-J-pJC4 ConiU8il ncu iuj vcm- with some ringsiders. He was Her. Shes Mine. 7, 10:45 p.m.; Gun Hawk. 9 05 I MILLVILLE (Levoy) Palm Springs! Weekend 7 9 pm xfnnRrTruvv ir.rltnni-Kiddie Show 130 Lawrence of Arabia. 8 p.m. MOUNT EPHRAIM (Mount Ephraim) Mary, Man-, 7. 9:30 p.m.; Three Stnncw. 1 ni) nm I MOUNT HOLLY (Mount (Atlanne Drtve-In) FT. DK-Pvt. Ernest Curry, 21, of Company 5 th Training Regi-I merit, was remanded to Burlington County jail in default of $2,500 bail on charges of breaking and enter ing. According to Troopers William Elliot and Robert Giberson, Curry is charged with entering the home of WAC 1st Lt. Lillian McNally of 30 Martha ave. Police said Curry gained entrance to Lt. McNally's house when she left the keys in the lock. According to the police the WAC said she awakened and saw an intruder and screamed. Her WhltihV" PIk Ooklya, N. J. LAST 4 NIGHTS JOSEPH tin PRESENT) story of the Queen Bee TONITE 6, 8 1 10 P.M. SUNPAr 3:15, 7:35, Today and Tomorrow JACK LEMMON "UNDER fth WISIFIEID H. W0 4-2660 FREE PARKING Today Conl. from 4:30 IHE Sunday from 2:30 GLOUCESTER, N. J. IH. GL 6-9733 FREE PARKING 107" Tonit. 7ond 9:1 5 LL Surdy mi 9Z i 5 Color i Westfield Ph. NO 2-9834 Kirfdii Shetw at 1:10 P. M. Cnminuous from P.M. ELIZABETH RICHARD TAYLOR BURTON in "THE V.I.P.S" In Color with T.OI'IS JOl'RDAN SUNDAY Continuous From P.M. SUSAN HAYWARD In "STOLEN HOURS" In Co for Willi MHwl CRAln Dim RAKER TODAY "TAKE HER, (DoiipM and Costelln Meet CaDUin Kldd Kronos. 2 p.m.; Fun in Acapulco. 7. 9:20 m. OAKLYN (Riti) The Conjugal Bed. 6 1(1 PALMYRA (Tacony-Palmyra Bridge Drive-In) Lil Abner. 7. 11 Fun in Acapulco 9 pm PALMYRA (Broadwa ay The VIP s. 7:20, PAULSBORO (Hill) Under the Yum Yum Tree. 7. 9 p.m.; Badman Country. 1 p.m. PENNS GROVE (Grove) Them, 2 The VIP s. 7:20. 9:45 m. PITMAN (Broadway) Kiddies 2 p.m.: Under the Yum Yum Tree. 7:05. 9: 15 pm. RIVERSIDE (Fot) Under the Yum Vum Tree. 7, 9 THOROFARE (Parkway Drlve-ln) undo- the Yum Yum Tree. The Running Man. ennt. 7 m. VINELAND (Landis) Batman and Robin. 1. 3:10 p.m.: Sword in the Stone. 6. 7:55. 9:50 m. WEST COLLINGSWOOD (Crescent) Under the Yum Yum Tree. 7:20. 9:20 m. WESTMONT (Westmont) Take Her. She Mine. cont. 4:30 p.m. WILLIAMSTOWN (Grand) The VIP s. 7. O-in nm tririHiec mat 7 m. WOODBURY (Wood) Pirates of Blood River. 150 Under the Yum yum Tree. 7:25. 9:40 m. PHILADELPHIA SOUTH CITY DRIVE-IN Where the Boys Are. 7 p.m.: The VIP's. 8:45 p.m.; The Hauntin 10:50 pm. CAMDEN (SUNDAY) ARLO Under the Yum Yum Tee, cont. from 2:30 p.m. BLACKWOOD i Blackwood) Toy in the of! the Sabine Women. 10 D.m.: Hol Vln 1 nm- Wild for Klr-lit o- in BRIDGETON (Bridnton Drive-In) Day Tnffirts: Rlark Zoo. cont. 7 9:45 m. usa. 7. 9 p.m. of the Trifflds; Horrors of Black Zoo; Curse of the Undead, cont. from 6 p.m. GLOUCESTER (King! Under the Yum Yum Tree 1. 7:20 rum Tree. z. 7:20. p.m. MAPLE SHADE (Circle Drive-in) Take Her. She Mine, 7. 10:40 p.m.; Gun Hawk. 9:05 m. MOUNT EPHRAIM (Mount Ephraim) Johnny Cool, cont 5 p.m. MOUNT HOLLY (Mount Holly) Palm SDnnes Weekend, mat. 2 D.m.. 7. PALMYRA (Tacony-Palmyra Drive-In) Lil Abner. 7. 11 p.m.; Fun in Acapulco. 9 pm PALMIRA (Broadway) Under the Yum Yum Tree. 1:30 7:15. 9:30 Dm. jPAULSBORO (Hill) Under the Yum Yum; iree. ni. PENNS GRO (Grove) The Wheeler tilers, cont. 2 p.m. Fv pnnt 7 RIVERSIDE (Foil The Running Man. 7. 9 m. THOROFARE (Parkway Drive-In Under tne vum Yum iree; ine Running Man, ennt. 6 D.m. VINF.LAND (Landis) Sword in the Stone. 2 3:55 5:50 7:45. 9:40 p.m. WESTMONT (Westmont) Take Her. She's Mine. cont. from 3 p.m. WILLIAMSTOWN (Grand) Tarans Three Challenges, 7 p.m.: The Haunting. 8:30 p.m. Fire Groups Choose Aides At 2 Meetings The Mount Ephraim Firemen's Association and Exempt Firemen's Association elected 1964 officers at two separate meetings in the United Fire Hall, Kings hwy. Officers elected to the firemen's association were James Dono- vice president; Emil Bopp, secre tary, and Henry Green, treasurer. Elected as representatives to 1 association were Nicholas Zamagni, United Fire Company Donald Wilson, Mount Ephraim Fire Company No. 2, and Bopp, Exempt Firemen's Association. Rode was elected president of Exempt Firemen's Association, Charles Dougherty, vice president; Theodore Borbidge, secretary and treasurer. Bopp was elected representa- live to the firemen's relief asso-j ciation for a three-year term and Donald Smith was elected as trustee. Penn Fruit Leases Edgewater Park Site EDGEWATER PARK John Bone, Penn Fruit Co. president, today announced the signing of a 'lease for a iSupciTiiarKti on ru. iov in iuc- water Park Township. The location, to eventually be waiting in the back to explain his side to me. My Beautiful Wife approached to compliment him. "Get lost, lady!" he snapped. "I'm waiting to talk to Earl Wilson! Berman later decided he should assess a fine against himself for that rash act, but for somebody's good. "Contributors should confess what their foolishness was in writ ing. It might help us all get some sense," he says. Arlene Francis, Horace Mc-Mahon, Harry Hershfield, Variety editor Abel Green, commentator Ed Fitzgerald, and Postmaster Bob Christenberry, solid citizens all, will be asked to sit on the Damn Fool Fund board. The Com munity Trust, 230 Park will be asked to adrninister the fund. My B. W. says Berman already owes the Damn Fool Fund another contribution. He appointed me cor responding secretary and treas urer. Steve Lawrence's Mgr. Ken Greengrass fisticuffed with Ervin Drake, lyricist and composer of Steve's "What Makes Sammy Run, at the Erlanger Theater in Philadelphia Seven Arts talks of suing Laurence Harvey for cracks allegedly made about Kim Novak's acting in "Of Human Bondage" CBS prez James Aubrey around with Judy Garland, Mrs. Henry Ford and others, but his real interest is Dee Hart- MIDWAY Kiss of rne vampire: rung', AlKt TtnAa Kong vs. Godzilla; Revenge of the Crea-JnO, president, Albert f. KOde, screams frightened the intruder away and she called Police apprehended curry on the way back to his company, they said. Curry, who has had two similar charges, was released ITuesday on a suspended sentence of an admitted assault, police said. Actinz on Curry's past habits po lice picked him up, and Lt. McNally identified him as the alleged suspect. MACHINES FROM INDIA NEW DELHI-One Indian manufacturer is exporting 1,500 sewing machines to the United States every month. iP' LAST 4 DAYS THREE AGAINST THE WILDERNESS They face an unknown world of adventure with instinct their only guide to home. LU ATH the Labrador Retriever TAO the Siamese Cat BODSER the Bull Terrier TODAY CONT. FROM 1:30 SUNDAY CONT. FROM 2:45 SHE'S MINE" Technicolor flieiBius 6:00, 8:00 end 10:05 P. M. P.M. SMOKING SECTION FREE Electric Heaters UNEmaScOPE 'A'i TODAY Conlinuoui from :30 p.m. SUNDAY Conlinuoui from 3 p.m. Pi TECHNICOLOR vA jr i Tmd i urn ii I IN YUMMY COLOR, ford, Groucho Marx's beautiful iIn ne ffair sponsorcd by Tc Porlo Is Perle Mesta COLUMBIA PICTURES becoming the new Washington hostess with the mostest again? Eddie G. Robinson Jr. gave up a paternal allowance when he got married Hope Hampton wore a floor-length chinchilla John Wilcock's funny book "The Village Square" tattles on the dentist who tells everybody: "Well, eat a lot of candy. It's good for me." Some very influential people are urging atty. Louis Nizer (best seller author and nationally-famous public speaker in his spare time) to run for the U. S. Senate. Carol Burnett dropped in at the Garry Moore office waiting for her husband. Joe Hamilton, and, when Joe's secretary went to lunch, Carol answered phones, not saying who she was. And, instead of ordering grilled cheese sandwiches from the luncheonette, she had a colossal spread sent in. Eddie Fisher's impressed by the i enormous chandelier in the place 1 CAMOEN COUNTY North Merchantville Fire Auill- lary, flrehouse, Fennsauken, 8:38 pm, Berlin Notary Club, Larry Hotel. 6:30 m. Beilmawr Planning Board, borough hall. 8 m. Riinnemcde Fire Company Auxiliary, Srehouse. 8 m. Cramer Hill Boys Club Auxiliary, 1710 N. 29th 6:45 m. Retired Police and Firemen's Auxiliary. 1715 Whitman 8 pm. Magnolia Fire Company Auxiliary, flrehouse. 8 p.m. First Ward Democratic Club. Hudson and King Gloucester. 8:30 pm. Clementon Chamber of Commerce, Clementon Inn. 8 p.m. Pennsauken Lions Jlub. Holly House, 6:30 p.m. Amity Lodge 1M IOOF, 49th st. and River Pennsauken. 8 p.m. Merchantville Council, borough ball, 8 m. Pennsauken Township Committee, municipal building. 8 p.m. Nonpareil Lodg8 2280, IOOF, 521 Benson 8:30 p.m. Beilmawr Fire Company 1, flrehouse, 8 p.m. Collingswood Board of Education, high school. 8 m. Crescent Park Post 9563, VFW Auxiliary, 25 Madison 8 p.m. Cloud Lodge 131, Masonic Hall, Gloucester. 8 p.m. Gloucester Council 674, of Monmouth 8 pm. Gloucester Fire Company 1, Auxiliary, Bergen Street Firehouse. 8 p.m. Camden City Planning Board, City Hall, 2 p.m. uiwer Camden County Post. 2141 VFW. post home. Laurel Springs. 1 p.m. Audubon Wildlife Society, Audubon Community Center. 8 p.m. Erial Fire Company 1, firehouse, p.m. West Collingswood Heights Fire firehouse. 8 p.m. Women's Associates Organization of Erlton Fire Company, firehouse, 8 p.m. Gloucester city Taxpayers Association, high school. 8 p.m. Cherry Hill Commission, municipal building, 8 p.m. Holy Child Council 3582. K. o( Empire and Princess Hilltop. Gloucester City Board of Health, city hall. 8 pm. Audubon Park Fire Auxiliary, flrehouse. 8 p.m. Lindenwold Board of Education, School 4. 8 p.m. Collingswood AA Group. Borough Hall, 8:30 p.m. Rosedale Civic Association. Woodrow Wilson High School. 8 p.m. Pine Hill Council. 8 p.m. St. Francis de Sales Women's Club. Barrington. 8:30 p.m. BURLINGTON COUNTY Levittown AA Group. Parkway Baptist Fellowship Church. Parkway and Brookview 8:30 p.m. Mount Laurel Township Planning Board, town hall. 8 p.m. Moorestown City Board of Education, school. 8 p.m. Burlington City Board of Education, school. 8 p.m. Pemberton Township Board of Education, school, 8 p.m. JOUAM, War Memorial Building, Beverly, 8 p.m. Capt. James McFarland Post AL post home. Burlington. 8:30 p.m. Delanco Sewerage Authority, Walnut Street School. 8 p.m. Palmyra Fire Company, flrehouse, 8 p.m. Endeavor Fire Company, flrehouse, Burlington. 8 p.m. Maple Shade Township Committee, municipal building. '8 p.m. ee Smoking Section Free Parkin; Alter 6 HELD OVER my mm lie tfef WAHID URSULA ANDRESS ELSA CARDENAS Dnlll IIIICAC imm; rAUL LulxAo bchwo tHtm ilh frs Shown 12 3:20 6:50 10:10 PLUS 2nd GREAT HIT 'aii A. mm Shown 1:35 4:55 8:15 rS'L JACK LEMMON "UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE" plus "THE RUNNING MAN" Cont. Sun. from 2 P.M. 11.11111 II MJ Cui. by "Chef NILO" Also "OTIS PRUETT" DINNERS LUNCHEONS SERVED VINGE MONTANA TRIO TUESDAY THRU SUNDAY LEGAL NOTICES Take notice, that on January 10. at 9:00 A.M.. local time at Charles S. Winner. 444 Haddon Haddonrield. N.J.. we shall expose at public sale, one 1959 Ford. Ser. rB9EC 117116. seued and repossessed from Joan E. Clouser by virtue of the breach of a certain security agreement, dated Aueust 6. 13 pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code ol New Jersev. FIRST CAMDEN NATIONAL BANK TRUST Broadway Cooper Camden. J. (MWi take notice, that on Jan. 10 1W4, at 9 45 A.M.. local time, at Merlin Motor Co. Admiral Wilson Blvd. Camden. N.J.. we shall expose at public sale one 1961 Continental. Ser. 1Y3H 4O4502 seized and repossessed from Dennis Woodall by virtue of the breach of a certain Security Agreement, dated Aun 7. pursuant to the I niform Commercial Code of New Jersey. FIRST CAMDEN NATIONAL BANK TBI ST Broadway Cooper CamdenNJ. J4 Mi. Take notice, that on Jan. 10. 1W4. at 10:00 A local time, at Cherry Hill Chrysler Plymouth. Inc Rt. 70. Cherrv Hill. N.J we shall expose at public sale, one 1961 Ford. Ser. rlC51WlMh27. seized and repossessed from Arthur A. C.odio by virtue of the breach of a certain security agreement, dated June 5. lOffl. pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code of New Jersev COMMERCIAL CREDIT 122 N. Broadway. Camden. NJ ($4.4 Take notice, that oh January 10. 19fi4. at 9:15 local lime, at Bice Holman. Maple and Union Merchantville. we shall expose at public sale one 1958 Ford. Ser. rA'CGl 30745. seized and repossessed from Howard J. Murphy, by virtue of the breach of a certain Conditional Sale Agreement, dated April 12. pursuant to the Uniform Conditional Sales Act of New Jersey. FIRST CAMDEN NATIONAL. BANK TRUST Broadway and Cooper .1 J4H' Take notice, that on Jan 10. 1W4. at 9 A.M., local time, at Rice Holman. Maple and Union Merchantville. New Jersey, we snail expose at public sale one 1W0 Ford. Ser. -rOTHSl 0550:1. seized nnd re- ossessed from Eileen E. Strealer. virtue of the breach of a certain Conditional Sale Agreement, dated December 8. 1902. pursuant to the Uniform Conditional Sales Act of New Jersev FIRST CAMDEN NATIONAL BANK ft TRUST Broadway and Cooper Camden, N.J. 15.12) a $350,000 bond issue on the proposed 22 classroom elementary school lacked only one thing the public. School Board President Howard Ringholm and Superintendent John Shea' were prepared for "questions most usually asked" with printed answers, but aside from board members and one reporter, the 150 chairs in the junior school basement were vacant. However, the board president did not take the lack of turnout as any indication of "no opposi tion" to the forthcoming Jan. 14 referendum. He said that since 1957, three bond questions for school improvements were vetoed by voters, and Beverly students still attend classes in one of four facilities and in "emergency rooms or rented space. Much Needed Superintendent Shea asserts "the Broad Street School is now the oldest in the state and it looks it. The heating system is a mira cle being held together with bail ing wire." It is a fact that the present Broad st. structure is of 1873 vin tage and a survey of rehabilita tion costs for same totaled 200, according to architects Ed-wards and Green. The board argues that for $450,000, $100,000 of which is al ready in state reserve, a new school can be built with a $350, 000 bond. It also maintains that money from the sale of the Broad st. and junior schools would fur ther reduce the bond debt and once under private ownership, they would provide additional tax ratables. On Property The proposed school would be built on city and board owned property at Pine and Bentley aves. and would not necessitate the acquisition of any present ratables. Shea said that if the new school were built no homeowner would be burdened with more than $2 per year in additional taxes, and the $1,600 rental and transportation expenses for a classroom in Delanco's Hickory Street School would be eliminated. According to board computations, annual state aid payments on the debt will average $16,750 through 1988's final payment. Ringholm reiterated the fact that a PTA-citizens committee survey conducted recently showed the need for 26 classrooms, and the proposed building plus the four classrooms of the Stees School would fill the projected future requirements. Seven Draw Positions in Collingswood Seven candidates battling for three seats on the Collingswood Board of Education at the Feb. 11 election drew for positions on the ballot last night. Drawing first place was Ferdinand M. Watson, a newcomer. Second and third place is held by incumbents, Addis L. Bowles and Mrs. Vera M. Harte. Next is David C. Vemon, fourth; Anthony A. Perotti, fifth; William S. Diemer, sixth; and Mrs. Mar-cella Rudolph, seventh. Last Day Dtbbi Reynolds "MAHY, MARY" Starts Sunday 5:00 P.M. "JOHNNY COOL" SUNSET BEACH Almonesson, New Jersey Dancing Saturday and Sunday MENDEL TUBIS AND HIS ORCHESTRA Ample Parking en Prtmlitt LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF APPLICATION Take notice that application has been made to the Municipal Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the City of Camden, to transfer to Mancine' Liquor. Incorporated, trading as Mancine'i Liquor, for premises located at M7-609 North Third Street the Plenary Retail Consumption License No. C-193 heretofore issued to John M. Mancine. Administrator of the Estate of Louis R. Mancine. trading as Bali Cluh. fnr the premises located at 607-fiflO North Third Street. Camden. New Jersey. The names and addresses of the officers and stockholders of this corporation are: John M. Mancine. 6531 Maple Pennsauken. N.J.. President. Betty Jane Mancine. 6531 Maple Pennsauken. J. Ida M. Mancine, 607 North 3rd Camden. N.J. Obiections, If any. should be made Immediately In writing to John T. Odorisio. Clerk of the City of Camden, New Jersey. MANCINE LIQt'OR. INCORPORATKD (Signed) JOHN M. MANCINE. President. 6i)7 North Third Street. Camden, N.J. i $22.40) NOTICE TO ABSENT DEFENDANT STATE OK NEW JERSEY (L.S.) To: John Oxlev: You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon Funk Dodds. plaintiff's attorneys, whose address is 838 Federal Street. Camden New Jersey, an answer to the Complaint tiled in a civil action, in which First Camden National Bank Trust Company, a banking association organized and existing under the laws of the United States of America, is the plaintiff and John W. Oxlev and Ruth S. Oxley. his wife. Lester Hnl-loway and Frances J. Holloway. his wife, and The First Pennsylvania Banking and Trust Company a Pennsylvania corporation are defendants, pending In the Superior Court of New jersey, within 35 days after January 11th. 19M. exclusive of such date. If you fad to do so. judgment bv default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. You shall file your answer and proof of service In duplicate with the Clerk of the Superior Court. State House Annex. Trenton. New Jersey in accordance with the rules of civil practice and procedure This action has been instituted fnr the purpose of foreclosing a mortgage dated March IS) made hy John W. Oxley and Rulh Oxlev his wife, as mortgagors, and pavahle to First Camden National Bank and Trust Company a banking association, and concerns real estate located In Ihe Township of Manle Shade. In the County of Burlington and State of New Jersev. known as 105 W. Roland Avenue. Maple Shude New Jersey and vnu are made defendant because vnu are the husband of Ruth Oxlev and one of the record owners ef subject prnnertv I GRANT SCOTT (64 00) Clerk of the Superior Court. 1 tains an 80,000 square foot de-' partment. store and about 27.000 square feet reserved for con-I struction of other stores. The Penn Fruit store is expect-I to open in the spring. lures, coni. 1:30 p.m. SAVAR Take Her. She's Mine. 2:15. 4:15. 6:10. 8:10. 10 p.m. LAST NIGHT 8:311 P.M. MATINEE TODAY 2 P.M. 7 iiihu niuLHDUL: COMEDY, VAUDEVILLE AND BURLESQUE" Bulleiii A FuNNY ThING HapPeNEd OH TBI WAY TO THE roaUH FORREST TONIGHT 1:30 Mo. Is I WA 3-1515 Today i Thuti. 2 PM Kj.Ojyyi'.li'iV I I ACRES OF FREE PARKING Ji Broadway's Big Comedy Smash Is On fall- The Screen' I I I I I lip i I F4INE I -I DeLuxe 3k f.cGl'vT "'fl CineviaScopG I I SATURDAY 5:35 7:45 9:50 I I I SUNDAY 2 40 5:05 7:35 9:40 2 ml i s1 UATb I i 1 A the No. the I a I I ed an Mere comes 1 1 jeininoju and his Vum-Yum o-tarrlii) Carol Lynley DeaiuJones Edie Adams IrnqgeneCoca Fiolur Showing 1:53, 3:55, FREE PARKINS AFTER FREE Patron Parking ENDS TODAY: "DAY OF IHE TRIFFIDS" 1 llT'1. 1 1 I 3-WEIRD AND Inidinj a Ron I BotlU ol Hit living Dmi Mightitit "KISS "KING OF THE VAMPIRE" GODZILLA" In Color In LAST LAST uts iypWWn I00 HOPE HAMPTON covered in depth somebody buy it for her for an earring." Wish I'd Said That: A fellow proposed this toast for '64: "May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions." Today's Best Laugh: There's a cafe in Miami (reports Herb Rau) that serves a drink called "The Card Table." Two of them and your legs fold up under you. Earl's Pearls: The romance that begins by a splashing waterfall sometimes ends up over a leaky kitchen faucet Peter Nero. One of Our teenage idols, we're told, has spent so much time looking at himself in the mirror that he can comb his hair from memory. That's Earl, brother. Dinner, Dance Slated Tonight By Hospital Cherry Hill Hospital will hold its fourth annual staff dinner- tmna tnniolif of fho Phnrm ITill the board of directors and is hcId to cxpress apprcciation for the cooperation and support of the medical staff. Representing the board as official host and hostesses are Dr. and Mrs. Boris H. Traven, Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Wein berg, and Dr. and Mrs. Bernard LaBove. Dr. Philip Katz will be toastmaster. The hospital has recently begun construction of a $1,000,000 ex pansion program which will in crease its capacity to more than 250 beds and make it the largest osteopathic general hospital in the East. Walt Whitman Group To Meet Monday The Walt Whitman Association will hold its annual meeting at 8 p.m. Monday at the Walt Whitman Hotel. Former Judge Joseph Varba- low, president, announced the group will adopt a new constitu- man home at 330 Mickle st. Var- balow said the association now has more than 100 members dedi- Poet and his works. mm TONITE ft SUN. JACK LEMMON "UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE" BE 5-4700 FREE PARKING TONIGHT AT 8:00 P.M. "LAWRENCE OF ARABIA" Technicolor A Cinemascope LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF SALg Take notice that on the 23rd day n( January. at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. Eastern Standard Time, at the offices and warehouse of addon Moving Storase Co East Atlantic Avenue and Hieh Street, in the Bornuuh of Haddon Heights. County of Camden and State of New Jersey. Haddon Moving ft Storage Co. will sell at public auction, to the highest bidders, household goods and merchandise of the following-named persons, by reason of their default and non-navnifnt of storage charges: Lot No. in Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Schultr, fill East sixth Place, Hi- leah. Florida. Lot No. 4140 Mr Meddings. White Morse pike and Bates Mill Road. Watorford N.J. Lot No. 4439 Mrs. M.irv Connor, 131 East Kings Highway. Mt. Enhraim N.J Storage Mr John J. O'Brien 3S19 Myrtle East Camden. J. Storage Mr. Robert W. Parks. Bni 2m Penns Grove. J. Such tale of goods and merchandise is being made by virtue of Ihe I niform Commercial Code. New Jersey Revised Statutes. Title et sen. and the Amendments thereof and Supplements thereto HADDON MOVING STORAGE CO. Bv: LENDON E. RI'ARK President. DatedL PecemherJl. 19HT J24Mj STATE OF NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF STATE CERTIFICATE OF DISSOLUTION To all to whom these presents may come. Greeting: Whereas. It appears to mv satisfaction, bv duly authenticated record of the proceedings for the voluntary dissolution thereof by the unanimous consent of all the stockholders, deposited in my office, that Harnet Co a corporation of this State, whose principal office is situated at Wilson Building In the City of Camden. County of Camden. State of New Jer-scv i Carl Kisselnian being the agent therein and in charge thereof upon whom process may be served i. has compiled with the requirements of THle 14. Corporations. General, of Revised Statutes of New Jersev. preliminary to the issuing of this Certificate of Dissolution. Now Therefore. I. Ihe Secretary of Stale of Ihe Stale of New Jersey. Do Hereby Certify that the said corporation did. on the Seventeenth dav of December. lW, lile In my office a duly executed and attested consent In writing to the dissolution of said corporation executed by all the stockholders thereof, which said consent and the record of the pro-ceedings aforesaid re now on file In my said office as provided by In Testimony Whereof. I have hereto set mv hand and affixed mv official seal, at Trenton, this Seven teenth dav of December A one thousand nine hundred and sixty- (SVAt.t ROBERT .1 Bt'RKHARDT ($42 24) Secretary of State. where he's appearing at LasStion at the meeting and initiate Vegas. "It's so huge," he plans for the rehabilitation of the "I'm surprised that Elizabeth" i neighborhood of the Walt Whit- Ji "HORRORS OF THE BLACK ZOO" SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY DOORS OPEN AT Hi I jj STARTLING THRILLERS 3 i ol th. Wiird Cr.oturti Taylor, of course "hasn't had 1 Incumbcnt GctS Top to the generation of inter-c jest in the history of the Grey 644,000 in J. On Social Security NEWARK (UPI) The district office for Social Security an- nounced here that more than 644.000 New Jerseyans received Social Security benefits during William J. Arnold, district man ager, said the benefits totaled about $48,000 a month. Arnold said the number of those getting benefits last year was increase of five ner cent over 1962. Ono POMMUNitV CJ turn mm. mum Vi mi. of Elliiburg Circle. Rl 70 ACRES OF FREE PARKING HA 9-8373 M-G FUN PICTUREr LEE JAMES nrmlMynwcn ,1 Monitors! Invodi th Eorthl ii KONG "REVENGE VS. OF THE ii CREATURES" ji i Color in Coor i i NITE LAST I 4 NITE.S I Jn'ioard Brody, sixth; William A. HI' tbrvtesgEvpjgawDtiapEis "DaKE JMiNE coiORBVUEUJXE VISTMOMT THEATRE jpoi in l.nerry lllll Mrs. Betty A. Walton, an incumbent member of the Cherry Hill Board of Education, will head ttie ballot of eight candidates run ning for the three vacant seats in February. The other positions drawn last night were: William A. Hughes, second; Dr. Kenneth W. Keane, incumbent, third; Richard D. Warfield, fourth; Eugene N. Le- vine, incumbent, fifth: Dr. How- Piston, seventh, and Hiacynth Cavelli, eighth. TONIGHT and SUNDAY CO' V. WHIIOI tN vumwCOUTR. PLUS nd HIT IN COLOR LAhTrvkyE "THE RUNNING MAN" FREE IN CAR HEATERS GRANP opENtNG NARDELU PIZZERIA 2 until 5:00 P.M. Hoagiot Meat Bold Soujagt Stok, Etc. Shtlli Horn Modi FREE PIZZA WEDGE Ordorl To Tod Out Cull t4-tU0 10'i Elm N. Camden I IIRCLE and STAR LITE DRIVE-IK THEATRES TAKE HER SHE'S MINE" 7 A 10:30 "GUN HAWK" 8:50 ONLY rif-iiicnjJn -PANAVISION and METROCOLORm Todoy 10 10 M. Sunday Continuous From 2 PM. Today Kiddia Show 1 M. HEURICK MARIONETTES plin "SNOW QUEEN" plus "FRANCIS IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE' oaoi lonoi BRIDGC DRIVE-IN THEATRE 73 PAUMVRA WX-6765-PMILA. EIM-62B8 -1 ONE FUN TO1" 1 FREE ELECTRIC IN-CAR HEATERS AT BOTH THESE DRIVE-IN THEATRES B.O. OPENS 6:30 AT eniOGC ROUTE LOCAL TA 9-JOOO-CAMDCN fa to THE THE p.iii rut. n5LEY I IH I i I nH 4 Ni Hits In Color JAMES SANDRA iNclc't STEWART DEE i her shesmine I Hut Rory Calhoun In "THI GUN HAWK" Last Tlme Totilt I Hits In Color JAMES SANDRA STEWART DEE 'v "TAKE HER SHE'S MINE" iiDctnA- 5CNi uaouLH if ii SHOWS CONT, FROM 7 PI OVTI IN etouoim CHIL. DREN UNDER 12 FREE Hut Wory Calhoun In "THI CUM HAWK" Starts Tomorrow (Sunday) 3 Terrific Picture 3 "THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS" In Color "BLACK ZOO" In Color "CURSE OF THE UNDEAD" SPECIAL EARLY BIRD SHOW STARLITE SUNDAY B.O. OPENS 5:30

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