The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
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to. Sure To'Attend Mississippi County Fair 26-Oct. 1 LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NP.WsnAntMi r»n MnnimmVain «., ' • r>*~r VOLUME XXXVI—NO. Hi2. Blylhevllle co\ii'lcr Blylhevllle JlernM Berlin Report Says Warsaw's Defenders Have Capitulated RERUN, Sept. 27. (Ill')-— An official announcement p.. tonight .said that War.«aw had imeoiidilioimllv capitulated AAA Director Says Supply on the 20lh (lay of siege. ' T nn A „,.,!,. r V Previously the Nn/i high command ),:ul annoiinccel that An ,, , P ''° r Ally THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP JJ01WVH3JMST AliKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ~~~~ .-fr.— __ _ |t ^_ HLYTIIKVILUQ, AUKJANSAS, \VKDNKSDAY, SUPTKMBKK, BlyUicvlllc Dnily News Mississippi Valley Do Not Forget 7'0 Pfltf Your Poll Tax Before October I Die baUerert Polish capita)-had .u'rml to sum-iidor JUKI that emissrirics had Ijcoii jippmtitccl to negotiate Iho details of the surrender. The announcement of the uncoil- < , illtlann) capitulation said thai )00,000 Polls]] troops including tlic garrison of Warsaw were surrendering. Radio and other messages tram Warsaw said that conditions in tlic city were chaotic. Pood was almcst exhausted for perhaps, a million persons. Troops that had fought, off Na/.l attacks Tor 19" ilay.s were running low on ammiinillon. The radio at Warsaw, which clay after day had broadcast a story of defiance, was silent this morni Bull Market Two Hurt In Plane Crash Here CI'AYTON. Cla.. Sept. 27. (UP) — I. W. Diiggaii, Southern Agriculture Adjustment AdmlnJiAratlor director, today warned farmer.* not 1 abandon crop control in ijellef (he Kiiroppim war will cu.'Kle , 4 \ )u \ market in cotton. Speaking before (hf Southcn Heekniul Ccnfrrcncc or Agrictilluri Workers, niiggan .said that "A the most cheerful interpretation!, of the present situation, we can not the fact that we have n supply 'Official' linttk Reports: Airplanes jvs. Warships r~ London. LONDON, Sept, 27. (UP)—'IV (y German aircraft yesterday tackwl a urlllsh nnval squadron (it- Berlin HKItl.lN, Scpl. 27. <UI>)~Ovmnn nu-pliines in nn utlnc-k on a nrlllsli le Ileet in Ihe ;. •• , • "••"" i»i»nuiuii m ""mil' IICCL ju me North Sen linvc he middle of Ihe North Sea but no. destroyed n jjrltlsl, aircraft, cmrler, llrlllsli ship wns hli and no D/ll-1 biully dmmiged u imttsli battleship ii',,i Cft 'rf i ^"""'l 10 ' 10 *'' Pfrsl mid relumed to their bnsn without J.OHI of the Admlrally Winston; losses, the hk-h i-nm,»nmi n .o«i.i«,i crhn, ""I,')""","" y Churchill said l,i (h ( , i[ nuse commons toclny. Two Survivors of aerial and artillery bombardment were digging into debris' lo escape the' rain of death. More than 2,000 civilians- were killed this week. Conditions In (he besieged city, where the population was reported eating horse meat, while many fires! ,of cotlcn that is ample for am men were injured, demand this year nnd next yeai one apparently .seriously, (l>0 '' when their airplane struck of uggaii's audience was composed representatives from Georgia S:uth and North Carolina, Virginia Florida and Alabama, here for n raged around them, were described) :"•:•' :."-C.:-.-; graphically in an exchange telegraph dispatch. A dispatch of the Polish telegraphic agency in Paris said that the Warsaw reservoirs and water filter ,ltad been destroyed several days ago and that it was "extremely difficult" to give any aid lo the civil population because of fires and lack of water. "Nine hospitals full of weiimlci were destroyed," it was said. "All monuments and churches are in ruins. Smoke and dust makes breathing nearly impossible." Emergency Tent Is Provided At Fair There is a first aid tent on the fairgrounds with lacllilie:; for taking cure of any one becoming ill while "attending the Mississippi County Pair, which opened last night. a guy wire on ail 0-foot pole al the Mississippi County fairgrounds this afternoon I four-day conference".' al 3 o'clock ami crashed 1 He mlulc lhcs( - lwo points: Tito -nen vvtrn (lying in •> '' Pros . pccls fol- •'» "><™a s e New York Cotton NEW Y.Q.PK,. Sept. 27. ('• Cotton closed- steady. open high low Oct 310 919 DID Dec 879 ,88.) Jan 808 870 Mar 839 861 May 835 838 July 816 820 877 SRS 855 833 814 ClOjC 91!) 883 8(!3n 859 833 819 Spots closed nominal al 818. up 7. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 27. (UP) -Cotton futures gained n fe'.v points today, closing .steady ami up 25 lo 50 cents n bale. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 933 800 881 SG8 8-13 82G 932 894 883 871 850 831 923 888 881 805 842 821 931 SOI 383 370 848 830 .service plane otil of Memphis. Tlie pole had been erected to provide a clivinjr platform in llic thrill show Hi the 'Mississippi County Fair, now underway. Hundreds of visitors at fairgrounds witnessed accident. The flyers had no the (ho connection with the lair. The men were rushed lo [he Hlythe- ville hospital. Their plane was practically demolished. in coiisimipllcn of American cotton arc not bright ns a result of the war. Besides, Hie world supply of cotton for the 1939-40 season win I K arciuid 50,000,000 bales, or almost equal to the largest on record. _2. Even though world consumption of cotlrn has increased male- rinlly since 19N, tile world last- year used 2,000,000 bales less American cotton than il <lid (he year the first World War started. In comparing the drop in cotton prices at the stnri of the first wai with the price rise at the beginning of Ihe second, Duggan snid buyers probably hoped for "eventual rises" such as sent cottcn to 33 cents a pound in 1319. and Soviets To De- •te.miine Division Of Spheres Of" Influence MOSCOW, Sept, 27. (UP)—Nazi Foreign Minister v o n Ribbentrop arrived today to participate in a series of conferences expected to affect eastern Europe from the, Bailie to tlie Dardanelles. Flying from Berlin ivilh n group of S> German experts Von Kibben- irop arrived at 5:10 p.m. as the Soviet capital was lavishly enter- .aining the Turkish forcUju min- ster and preparing (or furth-n- conversations with the Estonian foreign minister. Official sources were reticent re- inrding the full scope of the conversations which may be direct or "direct among the various foreign nlnbters invited here by (he So- Spots closed steady at 914, upG.j v «t government but "diplomatic circles believed Unit there would Stock Prices thut there would be n general discussion of international problems nfTccting the „„>,„ • i Ballic stn! «. Poland and (he NEW YORK, Sept. 27. (UP)— kans. Stocks turned irregular today with (tn Bucharest it was reported volume running above the two million share mark A T&T 1G1 1-4 Anaconda Copper 331-4 Associated n G B -8 Beth Steel 02 1-4 Pacing Air 271-2 Chrysler 90 7-8 Coca Cola Ill General Electric 421-1 Genera! Motors 55 3-8 Int Harvest TO Montgomery Ward 55 1-8 N Y Central 22 3-8 Packard 4 1_8 Phillips Pet 40 Radio 0 Schenley Dist 131-8 Simmons 23 3-a Soccny Vac 14 Standard Oil N J 49 7-8 Texas Corp 48 1-2 U S Smelt 68 1-2 U S Steel 77 3-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Sept. 27. '(UP)—Hogs: 7.300 Top, 7.60 170-230 Ibs.. 7.50-7.60 HO-160 Ibs., 6.50-7.00 Bulk sows. G.35-7.10 Cattle: 3.600 Steers, 8.00-11.00 Slaughter steers. 0.15-11.25 Mixed yearlings, hei/crs, 7.75-9.75 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-11.00 Beef cows, 5.00-6.25 Cutters and lo«- cutters, 3.75-4.75 ChJcaf/0 Wheat Dec. May DOC. May open 8S 865-8 high 861-8 867-8 low close 851-8 851-8 855-S 853-1 open 541-8 571-4 lush 541-8 571-4 Corn low 531-8 50 close Germany and Russia hart agreed that the Baltics should fall iii the Soviet sphere of influence and that the Balkans, including Rumania. In the Nazi sphere). Leading Choice for Legion Head While guns sound again on l!-e V/estem Kront, Ainci-icjin veterans ot the last war tterepul on peaceful Ciu'cogo tor annual convention mid clci-lion ol n:-w chief. Leading candidate lor )-Of,ion commanrter is H;tyiniiii,| J. Kelly, Delroit attorney, u-;.a served overseas in lillT-la. Vu'.o will bo taken Sept. 23. Johnston Gives V!6ws MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 27. (UP) —A European war of several years dur.Uicm will enable the United States to become the wcrld's dominant cotton - producing country, President Oscar Johnston of tlie ntlciiitl Cotton Council snid today. "At present," Johnston snid, "col- ton has been dealt n staggering blow by the European conflict. We hnd expected exports of ,e,ODO,ODO bales Ihis year, but new we can anticipate not more -limn-' •1,000,000 bales bein^ shipped overseas. "It is (rue tfiat huge quantities of cotton are used in manufacture' of ammunition and uniforms. But it is nls: true that domestic uses of cotton drop sharply in the belligerent nations where non-combatants must (.'conomizo in sheets, shirts, suits nml other ccttoa goods. The economy practiced in domestic use more than offsets in the first year or two or war the quantity c( low grades nnd fibers used in mn- muniUon." Johnston, recognized ns one cf the foremast cotton economists, predicted that a long war would force a readjustment of International trade! in cotton nud textiles of tremendous magnitude, 'this readjustment, lie said, undoubtedly would be favorable to Ihe United Slates. "On tlie basis of cold facts," he snid. "this nation is Icgically in n position to gain the dominant role in cotton production and exports after two or more years of war. Colton-pr:ducin; countries such ns Inclin and Egypt would lie affected adversely by the war because of their relation to Great Britain. "If Ihe United Stales stays out of the conflict, gi-ovcrs of the smith may reasonably look forward to n prosperous period. For if we stay out, the nations ;>t war will need cotton nnd textiles and plenty of them." Even the immediate cotton picture. Jrhnston said, is fairly bright. He said <lome.5lie consumption (hir, .war would jump lo around 3,000,000 bales, which added to tlie exports would mean n l:lal consumption exceeainz the current crop and subsequent rclcnse ot a small portion of the colt:)) )» the federal government's 1038 loan. Tlie situation, he said, docs not warrant relaxing acreage contr:!, lioncvcr. nnd he believes the federal cotton ra-o?ram should be continued in 19-10. Johnston expressed belief Dial ll)i> r\p:rt. subsidy would not materially aid exports this year and he niiestioncrl (lie wisdom of continuing it. in the future. -, ..ItllOUt , Hie iilsli command asserted ; oi j today. • •„,.,(„ (,-ii, 1, ""' lllfil1 command communique luuUer the admiralty spokesman Indicated that the balile was Die ereuti'st nnd the most drmimllc .... foiijihi between nil-planes and wni ,shl|K-..i buttle such as nnvul an nil-pinup experts Iwve awullcd fo ywirs lo decide tin- entire fuliii- of sea wnifare. said that then 1 wns absolutely no truth in an official German report liiat the German ulrcroft hnd sunk n BrllLsh nlrcraft eni-iier and hnd damaged a battleship. Cliiircliill snid tlint one German flying bout was shot down, that mi- other had been damaged and that Ihe crew ol a Ililrd was captured was forced down. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS According i,, the German com immhiuc UK- Nnv:l airplanes atlnckc « llrlllsh fleet, lm>hnjlil|{ Imttli; ships, nn nirmifl ciin-ior, cruiser nml dr.ilrcyei-s In Ihe middle pni of the North Sen, Long Range Fighting Still Continues On German-French Front PARIS, Sept. 27. (UIM—Gcvman bis fjnns, opening at long i-niige, concentrated hwtvy life toditv in viltofrci from two and oiie-halC to three miles hchind'tlie Mnginol It was 1 he longest raiiKC lire of (he new wnr and tha tirst mined holiind the main line of Vrcneh fortilicHtions lays Counlics Have Not Had To Make Payment Before An nulhorllnllve commentiito; snid Hint some of the enemy shell shuck In the villages but tlmt iif- they had been evacuated nn< branded tip before the war stnrtcc it was unlikely Hint any considerable casualties resulted. French batteries opened up Ir vcply, laying their fire on Ihe German long range batteries. ft wns understood Dint id the 'moment infnnli-y iiction wns confined to patrols between the Preucl nnd German advanced lines. Isolated German patrols were pulsed near WlsscmbtmrK, Premier Dnladler, who Is also war minister, left the war office, tills morning wllh an nlcle by nulo nnd wns reported to be visiting LITTLE HOCK. Sept. 27.—Atly. en. Jack Holt Informed Governor alley by letter last nhhl that, he ,,„.„„ lu m , ,, i ,, lms "oiisidcrcd charges of $H7G3 ngnlnst- French nelil licnrttiunrlcrs on Ilio '0 c:unties for .upkeep ot dentil western front. louse inmates and their execution jy Ihe stnte "unjust" nnd that the :oiinlic.s should iiol be called upon o pny it. Reph-incj (o the governcr's re- qitcst that lie take steps to collect 'lie charges, Mr. Holt wrote: "I urn of the same opinion ns nil ,ll:rne.vs general before me evl- lentiy have been, that this charge -s unjust and Dial Ihe 10 counties Isled above should not be called ipon to pay tht s charge." An iuithorilntlve-liiformniil::Sal!' that French losses had been less than those of the Germans and commented thixt French Infnntrj cnsualties hnd been insignlflciuit since the slnrt. of the war. It seemed plain, however, thai German losses hnd been iclntlvclj much higher. The tew counter al- Incks which the Germans had made were In waves like those 3 the World War and French mil | chine gunners nnd artillery men A 1921 In'.v allows the prison $1 luul blasted them, ier dny for tlie lime condemned '''lie French were lighting under lersons are held In the death house, a long prepared long range plan .nd $25 toward execution expenses, though emphasis was put on Gert was under (his law that tlie mi> " ai'tlllery five. French guns luugcs ngainst Hie 10 counties— night and day were pounding sc- Ashley. Gnrlnnd, Crltlondeti, Lo- lectcd positions of Ihe Gmunn noke, Miller. MiRsi.sslppl, omtchitn, Pulnski, Saline and Scarcy—.-.verc made up by Prison Supt. Al Reed. Mr. Reed l:ld the Governor he hud twice asked the attorney general's ofllce to collect. Citing supreme court nclion upholding the 1921 law by a 3-'J decision in January, 1023. in a suit by the state against Phillips County nnd subsequent legislative action relieving Phillips county of liability, Mr. Holt wrote: "Prom and alter the extension ot relief to Phillips County trcm these charges, the record, as far as we have been able lo check it. docs not relied that any other county has ever been called upon by any uUcniey general to pay for sucii services. The record docs not reflect any charges were paid or demanded during the two years (hat you served this state as attorney •general." West Wall. II wns estimated that 10.000 .shells had been fired within the past 24 hours In the Soar and Harlz forest ureas alone. Experts said Hint it might leke all winter fnr either side to blast a hole in Ihe uuitn lines but the French were in no hurry. It wns said that they could defer their own big attack as long us they " German attack on the line which they were confident they could repel with terrific casualties. Gov. Stark To Attend Caruthersville Fair WPA Approves Project To Build Huge Vault LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 27. (UPI— State WPA Administrator Floyd Sharp said today that approval had been cotained for construction of a filing vault in the new state highway department building. The vault, costing $10,093. will take four months to complete. Tlic department expects to move CAnUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Sept. 27.—Gov. Lloyd C. Stark of Mis- f.ouri will be the special gu;st of the American Legion Fair here on Thursday, • Oct. 5, It wns announced here late this afternoon. Dud Cason Post Has Tent At Fairgrounds The Dud Cason post of the American Legion hns a lent on the fair grounds which cx-scrvlcc men visiting the fair arc invited to visit. Members of the BIytlicville post be on throughout the fair to assist other We rid War B3t°sville Plant's Workers Out On Strike I3ATESVILLL'. Ark., Sept. 27 (UP)—Seventy eight workers walked out on strike today at the Batcsvillo While Lime company's lilant. into the new SKO.OOO building Nov. I veterans, ll has been announced. 1 despite the fnct that the vault will n;t be completed until mUl- • Red Cross Chapter Board Meets Thursday - of Ccmmeroe room In the citv hall Workers said Ihcy "he plant in nn effoi pcinls to^negotiate a contract for cross director of thts territory, win 1> wages msload of piece wcrk be present at the meeting. " r 'A special invitation has been c;:- ns have been going on tended t: nil ministers of the ciiy. nonths without success. M rs . Tom Brsdsher. executive •;«said they hoped to halt retnvy said as she urged all board shipments liolh iiilo and out of the inombcis nnd niiyone else interested i lo attend. The fair, which opened last night, will continue through Sunday night. Bergdoll Reveals 'Visits' In U. S. L A. Sliastcen, 46, Loaves Note, Was Troubled Aboiil Financial Affairs MANILA. Ark., Sept. yi—i, A SlmstCdi. «-ycar.(,Ui cafe operator, committal siilciiln how ihls morning, a:30 oVlock, by slioollng himself through ih>> henrt Hi- died almost Instinitly la-yenr-cld W n In which lie, blnm- ecl fhinnclnl worries for his act Mr Slmstccn uavc KjiiTillc Instvucllons i'ci>nrdiii|r his funeral, dcbto In owed ami those owed him. notes nt nine two Ho penned Ibi; o'clock nfii>j- \vhid shirts nnd SOUK, papers on (he floor In (ho rciir of tile cnfn before- !»• sat down mid pulled Ihe trlBKcr of the Spanish make "M pistol. The bcdy wns discovered u few mlnutra Inter by ills .sou. No liii|iii'.st wjis held following an invi'.stlBnllon conducted by s \ f nnsiint, chief of police »t Mnnlln, Newt ^rool•c, deputy slici 1 III' at Miinlln; John y, Relnmlller and Hnymqiul llomni- ot lllylhc- vllte, deputies out of lh« olllc'e of Sherlir llnle Jackson. Mrs. Shaslccn said' her had ihrcnlciicd suicide on previous occasions nn ; | Hint silo had twice lildden guns which he hnd oblnln- c<l. He bra-rowed On- wen pan used after suylng ho wns going lo kill two hogs for usu In hits cnfe. Nolcs to his wife lislcd debt;; 3W»:I him wllh tin- explniiiilion "I mve li-led hin-d to make money nnd fulled. To the people who owe me. ilcasc nay my wife so Hint she nnd the children mny have a living." He gave Instruction!: lo nn altor- icj- and for ills funeral vlles wllh a \vlsli lo be buried nl Finch cemetery In Pnrngoiild. In Hie iioti; to his son. John, he wild: "Little man, you will go lo he top. Take cnic of your mother nnd your sisters und brothers for 'hey need you." Mr. Slmstccn, who wns n merchant at Mllllgnti Ridgu -befcrQ he came lo Mnnlln two yenrs ngo wax of i nnd •tunned by his net. -• Funeral nrrnngcnicnU nrn Incoin- iletc but the body, wns taken to toilny by the Ilownnl- I'liomixson UndcrlnkliU! Company County Good Start, Boasts Many Attractions Governor May Allow! Game Friday Nigh I. will be immy widely known In Hlylhcvlllo Friday for Ilin I'tmi niiiff.Diyihevlllo foollmll visitors In game, Among Uiose who lire planning to inako the trip W J1] i» Gov. Cnrl h. llulley, his secretary mid several oiJii-r members of tlio state's official family. Clov. Bailey will tome If mi Important meeting can w rvnrranged, he told friends here yesterday, From here he and his 'arty plan to go to Memphis for he Arkansas-Mississippi stale gnmo Saturday, lien E)>stcln, sports editor of (he Artumstis OflK'llt! nnd Allen Tlldcn poi-ts editor of the Arkansas Democrat. bath of Ultlo nock; sports Klltors of (lie two pine Ulnft paws; Early Maxuell, promotions editor nf llu- Commercial Appeal, md Walter Stewart, .spirt,, editor of the commercial rtppenl, both of Memphis; Kuscne Smith, sports crt- lor of Hie JoncsUoro Sun, Ullly . . » -- program. Tlint tlw roctro fur surpasses nnythlnir of its kind ever seen In t Us section wns the concensus of the hundreds who attended tlic opening show, neiuitlfnl horses ex- pcrlly (mined wore used by tlio Jml as expertly trained men and for their cliidcrt plain u "11 stunts which Infancy riding with I is tricks, In.ssplnir, and performances by horses trained ' tol . fi|ic*clal iictji. nifllciilt to pick the stav per- Imps it wns the eight-year-old Shlvley iMt, diuiKhter of (lie rodv-o owner, "Miss O)>nl" who ivoro purple trousers, Dip elderly marks- niaii or the bareback rider in the wlillc .shirt ivlio not the most applause. Tnclcidcd in the stars should MB Ihe horse which performed In the tableau act and the mule used for the comical feature of Ihe shov,'. . The rodeo show wns given ibis afternoon, along with the balloon ascension nnd concert by Hie aOOlh const Artillery hand for spccliil eiilertnlinnent In addition to the exhibits and Midway Tonight, the Pine Rldee Follies with its array of radio talent, will give Its first show. Along with xnolher hand concert. Thursday there will be another rodeo performance, balloon ascen- resprvnUom. 'SJIFETy BEIT' IIH apparent happy disposition American Nations Tl'V To those who knew Him were P . T . : ' '' viet logelhei- On Security Sfnncl PANAMA CITY, Sept. 27. (UI>) — i will be another show by tlie Pine nidKO Follies nnd performances l>y the sling nhol lullst. These will follow the slyle show of women who will display froclts they ! mndc nnd entereil In the dress i contest for which .substantial prizes nre being offered. , .'-:: I Frldny will be School Dny with free ndmlsslon to all. students of Mississippi County, Ark.,-and Pern- Iseol County, Mo. Children under 14 are ndinttled free lo the falr- Krounds at nil limes. The entertainment will cunlinuc Saturday;, and Sundny with 'he- flnnl perfoiiiwiice [o Ije cHen Sunday nlglil. - .. u ..,j~, w ,, U...LV.I Illnfll^ ^IIJIJIJIIIIV n,, -, .. , ' "I--- .w., vhcrc services will be held Tlmrs- ., . UnUcli blalcs delegation nt lay or Frldny. ; Ulc "nei-Amerlcnn confercucn lo- nesldes hk wife mid sou, ,lclm, ''"y l>'«hcd the. iden o! n • • ... - belt" iirmnid the western heniLs-- pliere nnd proiwsed that the sub- of nay bclllucrent nadoii le Is also survived by four dnunh- tcis, Dixie, Lark June nnd Lou Ann, of Manila, nnd Mrs. llerscliel "."I"','" Johns of Pnrniiotild; Ills mother, """"'& Mrs. Sue Shnslcen, of PnniRniild; uur broiners. Jnco, Orvll und Ken- ictli Shnsteen of Pnmeould, nnd !'. A. sinister)! of MllllKini Ridge, :iltl three sisters. Mrs. Elsie IIe«- er nnd Mrs. 1'cnrl Smith of Puru- otild, nnd Mis. Vein Ufew o( Ilcs- on, Muss. the territorial waters of nny American republic be Interned for llic dumtton of'llu- wnr. The .proposal wns Included In a plan presented to the conference by Stunner. Welles. nssUlant secretary of slnte, nud leader of ,lhi! United Stales dcleentlon. Me suggested that nil belligerent State Police Assigned Here During Fair Week activities be forbidden Inside the "safety bell" and thnl the American nations patrol their coasts ' collectively or Individually. . Six Arkansas state policemen !f e »culd have llic "safety belt" fill be on duty here this week IK- extended "a reasonable distance" ntisc of the Mississippi Comity from the coast, but lie did not BO 'air being held »t Walker Park, It «s far as the Cuban delegation •as announced today. which urged that security v.oncs John Faulkner, ot Helena, :ind be extended hallwny across both Io»nrd Archer, or Walnut Rldgc, ">e Atlantic and Pitclilc eccnn to lave been stationed here pormii- prevent sen HBhtlii(t on this half icntly, iilonjf with Eugene Dlckln- » f die cnrtli. on and Eddie H. Dnvld, to make our here permanently. I In addition lo these four police- i icn, Wesley Moonelmm of Ulacki Oak. and W. E. Armstrons, of Hot 1 liiSs, have been sent here for cmp:r;uy duty during Ihe Pair veck. nvite Officials To Caruthersvilie Fair Dr. D. D. Plnlcu, mayor of Ca- iillicrsvillc, and two other munl- l officers, attended llic MIs- kslppl County Fair here today us nests of Mayor Marion. Williams n the occasion of Mayor's Day nl he Pair. lie wns accompanied uy Victor lalloure, flic chief, and Robert lamra, city clerk of Cnruthcrsville. The group extended an invlta- ion lo BIythcvlllc |M.':plc to attend lie Pcmlscot County I'-air to l)c; eld next week in their city. ] An excellent program Incliidiug' orsc rjicinj with six- or eight races d,i3', has been arranged. Dr. Pinon stated. The state governor will e a guest there on Thursday. Church Seeking Home For High School Girl Jonesboro Grocer Shoots Self Fatally JONESBORO, Sept. 21. — Joe Sprlnglc, 39, shot himself to death at his home here al 5:45 p:m. yesterday. He wns found In the barn lot at Ills home by hlx sen, Eugene. A shot from n .22 caliber rifle had been fired into his forehead. He liud been In 111 health for several months. That was the only renscn members of the family could Blve for his act. He had lived In Jonesboro nil his llic and operated a grocery store here. He Is survived nl.$o by his wife, another . .sen, Carol Sprlnglc, and three brothers, Den. Frank and Tony Spiingle, all of Jonesboro. Mayor Urges Closing During Game Period In a statement issued today, Mayor Marion Williams asked nil business houses which usually stay open to close Friday ni.^ht during tlie Pine BlnlT-Hlytheviilc football- Bfimc. "Everybody who wants lo should have the opportunity to attend tlie game and I believe arrangements could be made so thai employes of restaurants and drug stores could immediately return to tlwi:- >lnccs of business after the game. This is being done in other towns , of this section and I hope It will be done here," he said. Judge Is Critical Of Bank Directors NEW YORK, Sept. 27. IUP) — Orover Cleveland Bcrgdoll. World Dar Urnft dodger, testified at Ills court martial today dial, he hart I The First Daptlst church is seek- visitccl the United Stales secretly Ing a home for nn 18-year-cld girl under an assumed name in June, who needs a place to earn her 1023 and remained here for [[room nnd board while she con- yral ' Rl I linucs her high school work. . ,..,,,,„, , ,, , Bergdoll loslincd he return-! An exceptional student of honor Surterine from i WiHrte,- rt to the United stales .gnln in roll ranking, she is willing to co- me, l Supreme Court ' 1035 and remained three years operate iu nny wny s; tlint she — ou i" L '" c '-ourc mo £ e - i may complete her high school cdu- The - disclosure came as a sur- cation. !. K« had been presumed iu be Any one Interested In the case _'© tlrirrls nnd Ewlng from NKA living in exile in Qertntmy from 1920 until last May. Is asked to call the Carpenter. Rev. Alfred Pierce Butler, nuovc, is reported "showing no improvement" by liis physician nt a Washington, 13. C., hospital. Justice Butter, who is 73, was appointed Dec, 21, 1022. JACKSON, Tcnn., Sept. 27. (UP) —Directors of the Peoples State Bank of Sard!? were sharply criti- clztd yesterday by 'Federal Judge John D. Martin who sentenced L. C. Christopher, cashier, to three years in prison on a charge cf embezzling $800 of tlie bank's funds. Martin criticized the bank directors because "they paid the defendant $60 a month salary while making him responsible for $80,000 on deposit in the instituti:n." "Any bunk that is not able to pay Us cashier more than S60 a mouth." Judge Martin said, "should surrender its charter and go out of business." WEATHER Arkan?iis — Fair tonight a n d Thursday. Memphis atid \-icinity—Generally fair tonight and .Thursday, slightly cooler tonight. The maximum temperature here yesterday was S3, minimum 62, clear, according to Samuel P. Norris. iMTlclal weather observer.

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