The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAl'Ktl OF NORTHEABT AK1CANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXV—NO. r>9. Blythevillfi Courier Mississippi Valley Lender Bljithevlllo Herald uiyllievlllo Dally News UKYTIIIW 11,1,1-;, ARKANSAS, TI1UHSUAY, MAY i!G, 1 SINGLE COPIES F{YE CENTS! The OuintS Are Four-Saturday Is Their Birihdav--This Is Plow T/iey Appear ^_ ' »/ ./ . */ .1 JL Most religions of the five is Einilie. When flowers bloom iirouncl the nursery she gathers some every day and places them on the little altar in the quints' bedroom. Bui Emilie i.i nlso rather mischievous ami something <jf a collector. She picks ii|> pieces of wood, string, pebbles tmd leaves and carries them around in her pockets-just like a UlUc tx>y. Still the smallest cm- of the cnmiUs, Marie generally tries lo do the biggest things—such us pulling (lie other four in a wagon or building the tallest structure of blocks. And although she is also the liveliest, Marie still likes lo play by herself much or the time. Marie gained almost us much In height ami weight last your us her sisters. Prankster of Hie family Is Coolie, nut! rlehl now she is nlsu something of llie family Illrt—although iUU! has no monopoly on either o[ these trulls. Nearly always ix'rfettly bc-haved. CeciU> is nevertheless of :\ rather independent spirit and will speak her inliul un occasion. Many people think that she is a bit Ihn prettiest of the five. Whut do you think? If any of the Misses Dlonue wins fame as a dancer II will probably Uc Aiiuelle. She Is particularly graceful In her Imulnt! mid Is bolter Hum her sisters til till! terpslehorMin nit, especially Iho minuet. Annette nlso The "big alsler" of the quiiils, Yvonne Is Iho motherlj type and takes eieat Joy In doing little things for her sisters, when they tall, she IS there to help them up; when they cun't comb their hnlr correctly, ehe will do has a very good ear lor music and usually can slnis IL for them. She is prolwiblji the most considerate, pjj a sony all the way llirouijh iiller hearing It. played adults, ttx). Wlicn older visitors come, she opens tivo only once or twice on the nursery piano. door and Inkes care ot tha hatu and coats. Doctor Dafoe Reports On Best Known Little Girls In World Today BY I)K. ALLAN R. DAFOE Dtysirliin to the Oionne —Quintuplets . i •• ;•• (Copyright. 1938. by NBA Service) CALLANDER, Out., May 26.— The Dionne Quintuplets are 4 years old (actually they will cele- brale their birthday on May '28) and it is time thai I, who brought them into the world and have watched over their welfare since, give to their millions of friends a picture of the girls as they are today, and-at (lie same time an accounting of my stewardship in pnarding the lives and heallh of the famous babies. . .^fj As a preface to any account of the development of the Quintuplet!;, it must be realized that they began lite under tremendous dis- [Hlvanlaee.s imposed by multiple birth which cnme two months loo soon. It was in all truth a modern miracle—first, that the five girt were horn (for the odds are 57000.000 lo 1 against such births) an:i second, that they survived (for in no oilier of the CO quill- luulct births recorded in medics' history has the set remained unbroken for more than 50 minutes) And now. as they begin the fifth year of their lives, a third moderr miracle is taking place—and to t medical man it is'perhaps more miraculous than those of theii birlh am! early survival. For the Quints not, only are making tremendous strides toward overcoming their disadvantages and achieving the norm for their age, but in some phases of development they have even surpassed Ihe noun. Tl'rivins; as 4-Year-Olds Consider first the matter of size. The average weight at birlh for female babies in Sick Children's Hospital. Toronto, is a little under eight pounds each. On the second day of life for the Quints, the combined weight of all five was only 13 pounds and 6 ounces. A few days later their combined weight had decreased to less than 1C pounds. Marie weighed only one and one-half pounds on that day. Only an inherent vitality and kindly Providence—aided by medical science and skilled nursing- kept the little girls alive through those first dark days. And yet we find that on their third birthday, just a year ago. the Q"lntup!els had overcome their ter- rl'-'le handicap of underweight and had even surpassed the norm for their age. Normal weight at'3 years Is 30 pounds 5 ounces. Our babies' average weight at that time was Belief Measure Sidetracked To Give It Right of Way WASHINGTON, May 20. (UBI— Majority Leader Alben W. Blirk- ley (Dem., Ky.), said lie wouli displace the relief bill temporarily today in un effort lo send wage-hour bill to conference. Barkley planned to confer with Senator Put Harrison (Dem., Miss.), in an effort, to avoid opposition to tliis move. Harrison has Insisted that the bill be sent to the education and labor commit- MORGAN OBSTRUCTIONIST SHIFT OF Urjitecl States Bailie Fleel -'Will Maneuver In Atlantic In 1939 By United Press The United States emphasized shift of the world's trouble center to Europe today by directing the navy to maneuver off tin; Atlantic coast in 1939. Leaving Pacific wnteis for Uie first time since 1934 the licet on which President Roosevelt has been authorized to spend another billion dollars will work out Atlantic defense problems at a time when tee for study. | European war threats may be cx- The fact that Barkley believed iiectcd lo overshadow inlernalional it possible lliat Ihe bill could be dangers in the far east. considered today indicated that preliminary moves toward a compromise had been successful. One compromise proposal The Atlantic maneuvers fit into the president's recent, navy mes- " I sage, staling that "adequate de- '.vos fensc" means the "sliliuilaneous de- that a southerner be placed on the conference committee 1 . Attends Meeting of State Bankers Group Sam H. Williams, cashier of the First National bank is iu Hot Springs for the Arkansas Bankers' association meeting. He was accompanied by Leslie Thornton, president of the National Bank of Commerce of Memphis. Tammany iLeaderh Indicted NEW YORK, May 26 (OP) — James J. nines, powerful Taiu- miny Hall politician and dispenser of federal patronage In Vc«' York, was named today in » broad indictment as one of the key figures of a crooked $100,000,000 a year racket In Ihe numbers lottery in which Judges were brlu- ed and violence used (o maintain Its criminal control. Hines is DIB first Tammany district leader to be directly accused of a crime in years. He was linked in the Indictment with J. Richard (Dixie) Davis, legal brains of the Dutch SchuHz ynng. aim seven olhcr . men. including Gangster Ho Weinberg, who is believed to bt in n concrete "coffin" at t!io bottom of the East River. SUFFERS FIN New York Cotton NEW YORK. Ma.y 20. (UP)—Cotton closiKl barely slpjitly. fense of every jiart of the Unllcd St«(es"—n two oceans defense. Cicch Crisis Lessens Meanwhile the Czech crisis in Europe ap]>earcd lessened for the time being and in tlic far east the JatKUiese cabinet was reorganized to give (he army greater influence and to strengthen the nation's prosecution of the China war. Chinese counter attacks on the northern front were reported increasing and appeared lo have slowed down or halted the Japanese BY ~ 1 BOB — BURNS __ offensive t o \v a r d Chongchow. Kaifeng and Jill. . Oct. Dec. Jan. . Mar. May open 820 823 85 G 827 83! 811 high 82'! 828 830 830 834 839 low 800 eoi 804 803 close 8U9 810 813 81411 810 820 Zola Jarboe, Grocery Store Truck Driver, Dies Of Heart Attack Spols closed (inlet at 808. oil is. One of the worst things an actor can do Is to make a date way ahead lo appear at some benefit because when the dale comes, he pret near always finds that he's o _ contracted to be some place else. Bounds 8 ounces. The same Ihlng \ I wish f could be as methodical Konrad Henlein. (lie Czech Nazi leader, clarified the problems of a peaceful solution of the Czech crisis when. In an interview with the London Daily Mail, he outlined three approaches (o a settlement: Henlciii's "Approaches' 1 1. Local autonomy for the Sude- len area, which Is populaUxl by Germans, with national and international problems left in the hands of Ihe central government at Prague. In return the 3,232.000 Germans would pledge loyal cooperation with Prague. 2. A plebiscite lo determine whether the Sudeten population desires to remain In Czechoslovakia or be united with Germany. 3. Direct action by Germany If "Czech repression of the Sudeten Germans continues." New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 26. (QP) — Cotton futures declined 50 lo 80 cents a bale lotiay to among HID lowest levels of the year. open high low Zola Jarboc-. long a grocery em- ploye of Blyllievllle, died at Ihi' Walls hospital nl 10:30 o'clock tin? morning, n few minutes after his truck had crashed into an eleclrlc light pole In front of Ihe Highway Cul-Rnle Drug store at Main and Division streets. The cause of his death had not definitely been decided early this afternoon but physicians were of the opinion that he had n heart attack when driving the machine which caused It to veer from the blchway and into the pole. He was unconscious when he was removed Irom the truck and died a few minutes after he reached the hospital. When the machine struck tlie pole Mr. Jorboe received a fracture over the lelt eye and his stomach was badly bruised. Mechanics said that Ihe steering ipparatus was not damaged. The ramc was bent, the front spring broken and the front fender crumbed when the truck struck the )ole at full force. The (nick was going cast on Padlock For Dance Hall Is Sought OARUTHEH8VILLE, Mo., May 20.—Prosecuting Attorney R. W. Hawkins Wednesday filed injunction proceedings against Skinner's Woodland (lance hall lo hnvo It padlocked for violating a permanent Injunction handed down by the court May 7, 1837. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Skinner, and Joille Skinner, who are set out In the Injunction as operators of the place, have been clled lo appear before Circuit Judge L. it. Hehull Tuesday, May 31. lo face charges of contempt of court for the Injunction violation. The dance hall, on Highway 81 west of Ifnyli. Is alleged to have been the scene of an nilnck or Nathtn Tcroy, 24, of Paseola, who died In a Blythevlllc, Ark., lies- pllal. Four men are charged will murder in his death. They arc Amlel Ring and Robert 1'rivett ot near Hayti and Clcve Crowe anc Arnoltl Tucker of near West Ridge Aik, David Lilienthal, ."V •• j \ H. ft; Morgan Reply To Former Official WASHINGTON, May 20. (UP)— Chairman Harcoura A. held true for other measurements, with the single exception of height which was a trifle under the norm. Have Held the Pace And during Die past year as the Quints approached the age of 4, the girls have continued their normal gains In every respect. Latest measurements showed the following weights, heights, ami the (Cununued on Page El|nt) about such things as my Uncle Skinny Flint. He was engaged lo be married and the dale was set for a Tuesday. On his wedding day, he went running around to his girl's house and he says "We can't be married today because I Jest flggered it ou 1 and that would, put our sliver wedding anniversary on a Thursday and that's my lodge night." Jill. . Oct. . Dec. Jan. Mar. Maj- 835 838 830 841 847 835 841 842 839 84G 847 811 814 810 820 823 824,' close 319 821 823 824 828 832 Spots closed dull at 823. off 1C. Livestock WEATHER Arkansas — Unsettled, probably local thundersho\vers Friday and In northwest ami central portions tonight. Memphis and vicinity — partly cloudy to cloudy tonight and Friday, possibly Ulundershowers Friday; not much change In temperature: lowest temperature tontehf. 70 to 72. EAST ST. LOUIS, Til May 20 I UP)—Hogs: 8.500 Top. 8.65 170-230 Ibs.. 8.50-8.05 140-160 Ibs., B.25-8.40 Bulk sows. 7.25-7.50 CatUe: 3.000 Sleers. 7,50-9.50 Slaughter steers, C.75-10.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.50-850 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-9.25 Beef cows. 5.50-6.25 Cullers and low cutters. 4.00-500 Morgan of the Tcnncsneo Authority told a joint Board Silent On Ouster of Womack Chicago Wheat May Jul. open 721-4 721-t high 74 1-8 733-8 low 707-8 713-4 close 713-4 723-4 May Chicago Corn open high low close Highway 18, on West Main street, and had almost readied the intersection with Highway Gl when it suddenly swerved to the right. Mrs. G. G. Hubbard. who witnessed the tragedy from the driveway of her home, said that she thought Mr. Jarboe had Attempted lo slop for the "slop" sign there when his truck swerved quickly and crashed into Ihe pole In an Inslant but that she was too far away to see him at the wheel. The Impact caused the heavy pole to sway from side to side. Mr. Jarboe, who was born in Leopold, Ind.. celebrated ins 45th birthday on.April 16. He came to Blytheville in 1903 and during his life here was employed by Ihe Herman Cross grocery for 15 years and had been with Nabcrs grocery for the past seven years. An active member of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Mr. Jarboe has been promlnenlly Identified with Ihe church's activities. Funeral arrangements, of which the Cobb Funeral home is In charge, were incomplete this afternoon. Relatives wl'.o survive him are: his sisters, Miss PSorlne Jarboe with whom lie had made his home at 506 West Walnut street for many years, and Mrs. Karl S. Green and one brother, Egbert H. Jarboe LITTLE ROCK. Ark., May -2G.— Members of Die board of trustees of Henderson State Teachers college at Arkadolphia refused ; °s- tcrdny to discuss Ihclr action of Tuesday in removing J. P. Womack from the presidency. | T. 11. Alfoid, slate commissioner of education, ami Earl Page, slate treasurer, who are members of the board, did not attend Tiles- day's meeting. congressional inquiry committee today that busted ex^ Chairman Arthur Morgan proposed Unit TVA coin its own money, oust vulley farmers who misused their lands, arid engage in other "impracticable and highly visionary'^ plans outside the scope of (.ho TVA act. + If. A. MorgB" presented Ills testK mony in general rebutlal to Arthur' Morgan's charges of widespread conspiracy and mismanagement engaged In by TVA Directors IL A. Morgan and David Lilienthal. He submitted to the committee a copy of a memorandum prepared, by ArUittr Morgan in early. TVA lays outlining a far reaching pro- >osal for development of TVA as a 'general social and economic plan". The memorandum covered establishment ot TVA industries, raeth- eels of dealing with real estate men, building of many projects, a 'separate Tennessee valley coinage" of money and dispossession of farmers who misused their lands. ."Some of Mic proposals Tvero alarming to say the least," H. A,Morgan said. "Some appeared impracticable and highly visionary or clearly outside the scope of our responsibility under the law." H. A. Morgan told the committee that when Arthur Morgan found he couid not dominate the TVA- board he resorted to obstructionist Rain Causes Delay In Ross-Armstrong Bout NEW YORK, May 20. (UP I — The Barney Ross-Henry Armstrong fight for the world's' welterweight championship, scheduled for tonight in Madison Square Garden's Long Island bowl, was postponed loday because of rnln. If weather conditions permit It will be held tomorrow night. NOTEBOOK by Samuel F. Norrii 54,1-1 50 1-4 555-8 M3-4 547-8 57 5C1-4 565-8 The single-humped camel does not have a curvwl backbone. Stock Prices NEW YORK. May 2G. (UP) — Omission of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company's dividend and several other dividend omissions or reductions today set oil selling on the stock market. AT&T 128 Anaconda Copper 21 1-8 Associated D G 5 Beth steel 40 3-4 Boeing Air 20 1-2 Chrysler 39 1-2 Ciltes Service 83-8 Coca Oola, *19 General Electric 31 1-2 General Motors 27 3-8 .. 49 1-4 .. 27 1-8 Int Harvest Montgomery Ward K Y Central 10 3-8 Packard 31-2 .. 30 1-2 51-8 Simmons 15 Phillips Pet Radio Socony Vac 12 1-8 Standard Oil' N J 45 Texas Corp 35 US Smelt 49 U S Steel 40 1-4 The camel's hump Is composed chiefly of fal. American Dollars To China If you waul 100 per cent appreciation you can subscribe to the fund being raised by members of the Chinese National Palrlotlc Association. Curtis Bennett, packing company salesman, proudly displays a receipt from the association for $1.00 which lie reccntls "loaned" toward the defense o: China against Ihe invading Jap anesc. The official receipt of th< association is printed in Chlncsi and is similar to those issued by patriotic Chinese groups throughout the country. Mr. Bennett said that several of his customers are Chinese merchants, all of whom are Interested In helping toward the defense of their embattled nation. He said the association does not accept the money as a contribution but as a loan. He subscribed to the fund throughoJt jeu Ylm, Chinese merchant at Joiner, who Is active In the movement in Mississippi county. Also helping in Uic movement at Joiner are Mack Suy Yee and Frank Chu. Mr. Bennett said every Chinese merchant In his territory had personally thanked him for his "loan", which will go to the association's headquarters at Greenville, Miss., before It Is sent on to the Orient 1 and "that "whatever other remedies to help buy supplies tor China's | may be pursued they will not b« tactics. All TVA inquiry committee members except Senator Lynn, Frazler (Rep., N. D.) were present as today's session got underway. H. A. Morgan said Arthur Morgan sought to require an unanimous vote of the board on all decisions.' "When Or. Morgan failed to se-, cure the veto power he sought' he at templed in other ways to hi; valid-lie, on any pretext, action taken by the majority -which.ho failed to approve," H. A. Morgah" said. Lilienthal later appeared before the committee and charged that Arthur Morgan sought to achieve defeat of the TVA in a crucial court test of its constitutionality. Ltlientlial declared that Arthur Morgan's effort to obtain a court defeat of TVA was made in connection with the suit brought against the authority by 18 private utilities of the TVA area. He did not detail his charge immediately. The 18 utilities suit now has been carried to the supreme court whero argument Is expected to be heard upon the challenge next fall. LUlenttial said he did not Intend to reply to the "personal attacX" made upon him by Arthur Morgan defenders. the concern of this commute*,"

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