Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on July 29, 1929 · Page 13
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1929
Page 13
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V1J.S « *\ * V , 9 ^*v ' ' < *' i i ' <S ' *>* * ' - , 3 * L rf ' ?H#iiv "Tn "• ,;-' . ^ . //> rt » > W^'/J ARLINE DE HAAS !'W«fco<ne «ut , M»d, c6tni>4? tty- i* stranded. . Wimfc tith* '» gltt »'«*»«« "t* AW, tw lit the **W, Artd iicr BWCBLIlcuri, - T .-- ushwf, to Invest all thelf «av... Bn u piece. Jerry Cohnolly, Miff inAii»g*r. li iin- Jbf salaries, Sam Bloom,'scenery tmlldef,' cftfaea tb take away in* sets, but Hy th« eom«dlenn«, im. CMAfrffitt Ml— Continued "Compared tb me he's oh Jlre." Sam turned on his heel and ftoaded , for the stage door. I "Now look here, Sam," Jerry caught hold of the man's arm. 1 Sam shook him otf. ' "Try Wall Street, suckers." That's headquarters for Sam continued on his way, leaving Jerry to stand starliig after him thoughtfully. He must do something, and that something had to be done quickly. 'Perhaps he could talk to .Nlta and seo If she wouldn't try to use her Influence on Durant. It was a funny thing, he reflected, that Durant should refuse to put any more money In the show, especially with Nlta as the star. That was one of the reasons been given so many Bong Not that she couldn't act- Nlta had numbers. ually put them over, but a younger, newer face might have been a little ' more attractive In the role that called for pulsating youth. He shrugged his shoulders. Anyhow, Nlta Was In the piece 1 H* started towards her. A figure in organdie that swung ludicrously about revealing ruffled bloomers flashed by him. Sarah Bogardy, .the comedienne, sent him a .smile from a mouth that was too . large to be exactly pretty, and hurried Into the wings. .Jerry shook his head. , No use trying Co see Nll» now. Once ^ Sarah got Into the wings the two would Immediately start one -of their cat-and-dog battles, and when Nlta went Into battle—Jerry shuddered. That was part of the trouble, Everybody wai on edge, nervous, uncurtain as to the future. "Miss French, I've asked you nnd asked you and asked you to take your ault cases arid things out of my dressing room. I. shan't ask you again." Jerry could hear Sarah already beginning to upset Nlta. ."Can I depend on that," Nlta retorted, her eyes flashing lire. "I certainly don't Intend to work with you any longer," came the reply. "I won't stand It 1 I won't— "Don't hysterics me, darling. I'm a woman, myself," Nita cried. "I hope you have gallstones," Sarah called, and then Jerry seized her arm and pulled her back as Nlta turned, hand upraised, as though about to slap Sarah's face, "Oh my darling, how sweet, how very sweet It is to have you back." II WUH Nita's voice coming from the stage, ns she softly twined her arms wbout Harold Astor's neck, "Do you remember when we were Just little children playing together along the levee?" "Do you remember that game wn used to piny, the game of jiretend," Harold was breathing gentljr the cue A V is beginning to tell, Perhaps fturattt would com* through all fight. Why hadn't he Waited until the backer had come In. He'd talk him Into paying the bins once he arrived. 'Oh, hello, Mr. gloom 1 Jieilo, hello, hello!" Sarah's strident voice cut short the manager's meditations and caught BlooWi's attention. "Did you heaf my laugh? Wasn't It simply marvelous. Look at the notices I've been getting," Sarah dived down into the bosom of her dress and drew forth a -ttewsp'aper clipping.. Before anyone could stop tier she began to read. "With the exception of Sarah fiogardy'S off-stage lAUgh, Jerry-Connolly's new musical venture is a good, clean show. Man and boy, we've heard many feminine laughs but never one which seems to promise so much." •farah gave a reproduction of the laugh that had caused ijjich critical comment. "We predict a .very exciting future for Miss Bogardy, she continued, "and hope to see more of her. • Our 'phone number Is Market 3B68. Ask for Jack. 1 Isn't that sweet," the comedienne demanded, 'That's a great notice," Bloom agreed, trying to edge away. "Well, sorry, folks, but I've got to go. Go- Ing to 'phone for the trucks." Jimmy looked at Jerry, horror stamped on his boyish face, but before the manager could raise his voice In protest Sarah had caught Bloom's arm and was talking at him, her words tumbling out, staccato, like the popping of a machine gun. ''Now, Sammy," she dragged him toward the wings. '"I haven't seen you fro days and days. • I Won't let you run away. Some on and watch the show. You'll like it. I'll stay right here with you until I go on. This next Is my big scene." "Nope, I've got Important business to attend to.", Sam tried to withdraw Sarah's hand from his arm. "Go on Sam." Jerry "put in eagerly. Take a look at the show. You'll enjoy It." (To be continued) I!***' «nMM*JMT • dttplAy «*«rfn*i W _ ftfteVdl WHOM profit* 6ther, Which in ilnAncied 6} ",e b* Milwaukee, there M. toy* made by putfrt* b* Ine W*l- Aott school* of Germany. , Most attractive of all Is ft <J61»(SM<M| , n6tebdok8 and educational MM. , prbj«ets front m&tiy cduhtrte*. it in* eludes AM work oi AudtHAft children taught by the famous Professor M. cifcek, ' • • ' •'••:'• (CojMrrlint, 1629, CKiletgo Pitlly tie<?«, !**•> EGYm AN ISSUE WILL BE SETTLED By (JONS1ANTINK BROWN (Special Cable to AUoona Mirror and'Chicago Dally Newt.) LONDON, July 29.—Negotiations be- iweeh Arthur Henderson, cblohlal secretary, and the Egyptian prime min- ster; are proceeding satisfactorily and a solution is expected shortly. According to reliable Information the British goverhment has agreed to the following main points: That Egypt should join the League of Nations at an early date, that apart from the question of .control of the Suez canal, which will have to be settled directly between Egypt and Britain, other questions such as capitulations, foreign relations and so forth, are to be submitted to arbitration In case of differences of opinion between the two countries, and that the Soudan will continue to remain under British control as far as its administration is concerned, but there will be official recognition of Egyptian sovereignty and the payment of a certain sum of money annually to that country. The Labor administration flrmly believes In Egypt's Independence with certain safeguards for empire routes. for the on-coming son'g. The orchestra took up the melody. /'Games we played when we were little children Still seem nice somehow, After all we're only little children Though we're grown up now." "Cat!" Nlta's voice carried oft Into the wings as she neared the stage proscenium. Turning her back on the audience she glared at the belligerent Sarah. "Come, denr, and wander through the land of .Lot's Pretend, ' Away out yonder where the Springtime knows no end." Nlta was crooning softly ns she i swayed gently back and forth, a boatltic smile lighting her face. She gazed into Harold Astor's eyes as though he were a god descended from Olympus. "Just at a child would, lei's make believe We're In the wlldwood, dreaming, Knighthood was in llower. You'll llml no sorrow there 'cause everyone's your friend." ' • "I'll - throw every one of those trunks out," Sarah . began from the wings. "Just you dare!" Nita whispered, "And ench tomorrow there you'll tlnrl the rainbow's end.'.' Jerry caught Sarah's arm and dragged her swiftly away. CHAPTER IV. "Strike!" As the curtain fell with a dull thud the awlft rush of prop boys, carpenters, electricians back and forth across the stage began. Hammering, pounding, grating of wood against wood a« the acenory collapsed, folded up and moved back against the walls methodically. As though a miniature earthquake had rocked a painted town, housei and streets were swallowed up and new vistas of gardens, homos and greenery wore belched forth, teetering uncertainly for a moment and then settling Into a semlilanre of concrete order, Intermingling odors of powdor, perfume nnd warm, damp llosh Illled the air. She girls dashed by, wrechlng nff their clothes as they run to 'make a quick change. Flashes of burp, moving logs, bright costumes, garish paste • jnwuls, made moving spots of color anil light against the dull drab wajls. Out in front of the curtain the dancing fret of thn Dorsoy twins pattered and clogged to thn rhythm (if low-down blues. "Well, 1 He,', you found him, Mr. Dloom," Jimmy cm inn running through the stage box into thn winjjy, almost upsetting the retreating llgiire of Sam Bloom. > "Yep, he found mo," Jerry nodded wearily. "He wants to attach the box office or take the scenery." "Ah, gee, Mr. Bloom, you couldn't do a thing like that," Jimmy gasped. "Why, we got a great show here. It's H new Idea. It's wonderful! You just look at It once and you'll see." "I'm through arguing," Bloom i-rnnted, trying to pull away from Jimmy's clutching lingers. I'll take out every stick of scenery us soon as my trucks get hero." Jerry shook his heart hopelessly. He'd mcsHi'd things up for fair now, hu told htnuii'lf bitterly. Why hud hu had to tell Sum Bloom that Durant was through with the show. Perhaps he could have stalled Sam along for awhile at least. It must have been the strain of trying to save tha show that SCHOOL CHILDREN SHOULDJAYE SAY By CAUIIOI.L BINDKH. (Special Gable to AUoona Mirror and Chicago Dally Ncwi.) .GBNKVA, July 29.—That children should have a voice In the control and direction of schools, declares a resolution submitted to the world Federation of Education associations by the members of the American delegation. The novel proposal shocked some of the European and oriental educators who are accustomed to dutiful obedience on the part of pupils, bu ! t, like other American Ideas It was made the subject of a discussion among the teachers assembled from forty countries. Miss Solma Borchardt, of Washington, vice president of the American Federation of Teachers, dispelled the Illusion that In the United States school attendance Is compulsory for all youth. Research Into American school legislation proved that seventeen states waive school attendance If the children are "poor". Twenty-two .states do not require education If the child lives too far from school while the.Tennessee law frees children from all necessity of attending -school If the parents claim they arc unable to provide suitable clothing, Miss Borchurdt told the delegates. Among the exhibits attracting attention at the conference is that of the fofce tos . but ftiftg; IHiad ffidtts that the finish tfoops be tflttott*** Cairo and suburbs. 1924, <!*lcftf& 04ll# Nsws, 1ft*. ) RUSSIAN- CHINESE OUTLOOK IMPROVES fly t»At& (By Radio 10 Altoona MlrrAf AAd Chicago : Daily Nfcws.) HAftBIN, Maftchurla, July 29.*-there Is alternating hope and feat- In ttarbtn today, the optimism finding Its basis in the understanding that a peaceful outcome of the C^inese'RussiaW im* GrayEyesTell Ste* jf, gray eyes hare marked many of the world's most accomplished men and women and usually indicate resourcefulness and determination. , All eyes reveal physical as well-as mental conditions. Eyes with a yellow tinge indicate symptoms of-constipation or disordered liver. To enable your eyes to make their best impression at all times, keep them clear and br.ght the modern way—by the regular use of Beecham's laxative Pills. Safe. Pleasant. Easy to take. Produce natural action. Not habit-forming. BOc at all druggists. Trial size25c. BANISH THE YELLOW TINGE WITH BEECHAM'S PILLS .SalM AfmlJi: HAROLD F. RITCHIE * CO'., INC. Bclmont Bide., Madhon Are, lit 34th St.,New York It pfobftbl*. the s6Vlet • c6risu1 general, ft. N. Melnlkott, 14 supposedly carrying to Moseo , offers or concession's, of the Chinese given ift a secret meeting 1m'- wrdlately before his departure to the effect that Chlha Would be Willing to accept a hew Russlart general mahager fdr the Chinese Eastern railway. The Wiaft suggested, fof the place i* the head of the Harbin Poiyelinic institute, M. Ostroougoff. The local ftusSians are delighted With, the report that the United States is showing China the erroi? Of US ways. the Orily sign in Harbin ' Of anything tinUsual going on Is the armored car parading,Ift* strget* And the apprefien- glbfi tttal tne stfvlef* Are planning to start sttwethlng on Aug. 1. Despite the peace talk China is dls- patchlfff a dozen airplanes to threatened pointsj six are going to Manchutl, four to F6grahit*naya, two to Blago- .vestchensk. This city Is expecting tomorrow the great Qenefal Chang* Ts-o-Hslang, the military governof of Klfin province, Who, after 'the young marshal, Chang Hsu-Liang, IS the most powerful personage in all Manchuria. His mission is ostensibly to' hold discussions with the local authorities. ' (Copyright, 1MB,'Chicago bally .News, Inc.) fLY-TOX MiLldN INftflfUtt 9P INBOTftlAl NltlAMCN IV Httt HMIAMCM MttOW«NI» • It is marvelous how quickly fragrant FLY-TOXkills mosquitoes. .and other insects. 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FEATURETTES Hurry Delf Comedy "AT THE I'HOTOGHAPHEHS" It's An All Talkie 1'UANCES WHITE MllHlcal Comedy Star nnd Vaudeville Hcadllner, Singing In Metro Movietone AESOI"S BOUND FABLE, I'ATHE SOUND NEWS METRO SILENT NEWS II'' THE WEATHER IS HOT THE STATE IS NOT. THEATRE TEM- J'KRATDRE REGULATED TO SUIT WKATIIER AIR COOLED THE SAFE WAV. Sound tfaveH thrYnigft hot *umme* air at 1,268 feet a 'second; through dry *ero air at from 1,088 to 1,190 feet ». second. 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