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Star Tribunei
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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THE MINNEAPOLIS MORNING TRIBUNE: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1910 in an urner ball. The two srannled WOULD UNSEAT CALEB POWERS and fought their way down a stair "Candy "Bandit" in Chicago Loaned by St. Louis Police and Will Be Tried for Two Murders. Convicted of Murder on Finger Print Evidence Chicago Jury Sentences Negro to Death for Killing Clarence A. Miller.

Democrats Elect Entire New York State Ticket United States Scnatorship in Montana Is Still a Disputed Question. way to the nrst floor. Jeunings was arrested less than half an hour after the shooting. Detectives sent to the lliller house immediately following the report of the murder, found the imprints on the porit railing-. Gov.

Guild Thinks Contest Over Rooster Flics to Him and He Is Elected Impress of Prisoner's Hand in Fresh Paint Used in Court. Kentucky Delegation May Attack Colleague in House. Louisville, Nov. 11. Reports which were freely circulated yesterday and which were neither affirmed nor denied by Democratic leaders are to tue effect that there is a movement underway to have the nine Democratic congressmen of tho Kentucky delegation make a concerted effort to have Caleb, Powers ousted from his seat as representative of the Eleventh Kentucky district.

Congress it is reported will be asked to deny Powers his seat on the ground that he has thrice been convicted of felony and has not been acquitted by jury. Governor Wilson's pardon, it is contended, does not have tho same effect as an acquittal on the eharge of complicity in tho Goebel Re-election of Lodge Would Be Disastrous; plurality in the advisory vote for United States senator. Roberts, Republican, for ettugress, is elected by 1.200; while Oddie, Republican, for governor is elected bv at least 750. Kansas Legislature Republican. Topeka, Nov.

11. All doubt as to the complexion of the next Kansas legislature was settled yesterday when returns from 107 of the 125 representative districts gave the Republicans (iu members, a majority. Returns now in give the Democrats 45 members. Kighteou districts are yet to be heard from. Governor Stubbs majority will exceed Trenton, X.

Nov. 11. Latest election returns show Woodrow Wilson's plurality for governor to bo upwards of 18,000 and it is expected that the complete returns will bring the plurality up to 50,000. Guthrie, Nov. 11.

Forty-eight hours after the close of the polfs find's both political parties claiming the state. Returns received, however, indicate emonrtrations gainst Americans iu Mexico und to punlbh those engaged in them, as this government will be to "'ess for the punishment of jieroons guilty'against citizens of Mexico raiding in that country." At ii iate hour htai night it was an-Joun'id at the Mexican embassy that word of the troubles in tho Mexi-an capital had beca received from that government Feeling Not General. Ouijhrie, Nov. 11. Senator M.

If. of Coalmiia, hir attending tlie federal d'd 6 st uiaht that lie feeling against ans which has resulted in mob ueuii I ttratiuiis in Mexico, is not gen- "J'do not believe that there is any ilnrgsr of war between the, two countries'' ho said. it 'fmc li if- time there has never bee 3" a lynehing in Mexico. Of 'our-c our people did not like the lynching of a Mes'cau at j'r'rtgs, anil the mob element mis roused by your sensational papers, priuted sensational Mores about Wheeling, Nov. 11.

At noon on election day while the citizens of Barton, near here, were a rooster belonging to George Carr flew 50 vards toward the store of J. 11. Anderson, Democratic nominee for Hhoritf. The rooster broke a plate rlaBH in the door, but Anderson made no complaint. He was elected.

To Hatiafy TNe of his doubting friends Anderson appeared before a notary and made affidavit to the incident. He produces the document when he tells the storv. Chicago, Nov. 11. Leigh Ehodus, arrested at East tit.

Louis on a charge of burglary, and who confessed to hnv-ine shot and killed Dr. Wm. F. Mich-aem and Anton Helbif? in this city, was brought Lere yesterday by Chicago detectives. Khodus was indicted in East St.

Louis and practically was loaned to the Chicago police. Ho will be tried bore for murder, and if he should not be convicted, ho will be returned to stand trial there. While admitting his guilt yesterday, Rhodus said he would plead not guilty for fear the court miht be lenient and sentence him to the penitentiary, the horror of which, ho said, he dreads more than the gallows. Red Hat for Szeptlcki, Winnipeg, Nov. 10.

Archbishop Szeptieki of licmbcrg, Galicia, head of the Rnthenian church in Canada, will bo made a cardinal with headquarters at Kome, it was announced yesterday. Ilishop Ordiuski. -present head of ihe Ituthenian church in the United States, is mentioned a his successor. New York. Nov.

1 1. Vractically complete returns from interior localities of the confirm previous indi-(Mtions that all of the llemocratic candidates on the state ticket were elected. Those in addition to the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are: Secretary of state, Edward Lazan-sky. State comptroller. William Soli me r.

State treasurer, John J. Kennedy. Attorney general, Thomas Carrnody. State engineer and surveyor, John A. Iionzt.

Associate judges of the court of Alfred K. Collin and Irving U. Vance. The returns on these state officers are not yet complete) for six counties, 1 tit on estimate based on 2,700 election districts outside of New York city and complete ledums of Xew York cilv give the results above stated. The smallest indicated plurality is that of l.azausky who has M.titi over Koenig, Republican, and the highest that of Kennedy for state treasurer, who has over I'ennell, Republi can.

that Lee Cruce, Democrat, was elected Steamer Wolverine Icebound. Selkirk, Nov. 11. (Special.) All anxiety regarding the steamer Wolverine, which went out to assist the steamer Mikfldo, which went ashore on Smoky Island, has been removed by information to the effect that she is icebound within a hort distance of the but is in no governor bv a plurality ranging from 0,000 to 10,000. Michael Cudahy Dangerously 111: Chicago, Nov.

10. Michael- Cudahy, the packer, is seriously ill in his apartments in the Hlnckhtone hotel. Physicians in attendance reported his condition as critical, with tho chances in favor of his recovery. The patient's sob, John Cudahy, of Kansas City, was requested by telegraph to hurry to this cltv. Roanoke, Xov.

Jl. The official Count de Beaufort Takes count of ballots iu Tuesday's congressional election in the Fifth Virginia dannor. nlossthe tee breaks uu: foro Christmas she must harbor in the iistrict shows a majority of 67 for Ride in a Patrol Wagon ice pack all winter. Congressman V. Saunders, over arsons.

Rep. Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 10. Complete returns from of 09 counties in Iowa give B. F.

Carroll (Rep.) a lead of Chicago, Xov. 11. The first cou-viction on finger print evidence history of this country was returned yesterday by a in the criminal court '1 nomas Jennings, a negro, for the murder of Clrtrence A. II tiler, whoso homo he attempted to rob Sept. IP, last.

The junrs felt so confident of the guilt of Jennings that the first ballot resulted i i a unanimous vote for conviction, 11 of the jurors demanding tho death penalty. On the third ballot the sentence of death was trade unanimous. Counsel for Jennings asked for a new trial on the grounds that the finger print evidence should not have been allowed. As a result it is profr able the fupremo court will be asked to rule upon the use of such evidence In criminal cases. Judge Kavanaugh who presided at the trial, said when objection was first made to this evidence that in his opinion the murderer of lliller wrote his signature when ho rested his hand upon a freshly painted porch railing at the Killer home, Following the murder of IPller, this porch railing was sawed off and taken to detective headquarters where photographs were made of the finger These photographs were enlarged and following Jennings' arrest were compared with new imprints of his band.

Finger print experts testified at the trial that there were 33 joints of similarity on the first three fingers of the left hand of the murderer of H'ller and that of Jen-nints. lliller. who was chief clerk in the Chicago offices the Rock Island railroad was shot to death in the front hall of his suburban residence at Washington Heights, 111. Hiilcr bad encountered the burglar ViBit the Twin City Flower Show at the Armory This Week. 121 over Claude R.

Porter Green Bay, Nov. 10. The elec tion for congressman for the Ninth Wisconsin district is still in doubt. Kuestermann, Republican, now claims that he was elected by 20 votes, while Konop, Democrat, claims the district by votes. Des Moines, Iowa, Xov.

10. Com MONTANA SENATORSHIP IS STILL AN OPEN QUESTION Helena, Nov. .11. With a United States scnatorship as the prize, managers are sending trusted representatives to tive counties iu the state where legislative returns are still incomplete. Upon these five counties with five disputed seats depends the political complexion of the Montana legislature which will choose a successor to Senator Thomas II.

Carter. Without the disputed seats the Democrats will have" oft votes on joint ballot and lie Republicans 47. The Democrats therefore have to secure three of the disputed votes in order to control while the Republicans will have to secure five to get the votes necessary to elect a senator. plete returns from tho Fourth Iowa district show that Gilbert N. Haugeu, Republican, has beeu re-elected to congress over D.

D. Murphy, Democrat, by 141 plurality. Republicans All Elected in Clean Sweep of State Should the Republicans get. four ofd tne disputed seats ami tlie democrats two, the legislature will be a tie on joint ballot. Entire Ticket.

Including Supreme Court Carried Judge Simpson Is Winner. Tries to See Wife in Chicago Hospital, Is Barred, and Creates Scene. His 'Arrest Law Chapter in a Series of Mysterious Inci- dents in Family. 4 Chicago, Xov. 11.

Count Jack Von Mourik de Beaufort, son-in-law of M. II. Kilgallop, steel magnate, whs hustled into a patrol wagon and lock-id up in Harrison street police station Jfift tight after he had created a Hcene at Luke's hospital, where his wife i ill; Afier half an hour iu the station, the count was released on $100 bail. A eljarge of disorderly "conduct was riadft against him by the assistant ktiptwatcndent of tho hospital. Thp disturbance occurred when de Beaufort insisted on entering the room; in which his wife is confined, in spite: of an order given by her father lUte should be debarred.

The count sought to force his way into the room. Wnen attendants restrained him the i-ounfc is alleged to have threatened lirrrc Hie Countess de Beaufort has been in the hospital several weeks. Her luiival there was accompanied by omo: mystery and for days, both attendants and Count de Beau-tort denied she was there. Finally a Ntatepient was made that the countess had leen seriously injured by a fall down a stairway. The same day Count de Beaufort "iiado" a statement that he had been attacked by a negro and beaten about the face.

Mr. Kilgallon followed this with a statement the count had hurt Ins face while shaving. An extended newspaper investigation only deepen-pd the mystery of the countess' presence in the hospital. Almost the same day, a letter to a Chicago newspaper from the publishers of the Almanac de Gotha, brought news that no European lists of nobility contained the name of "Count de and that the son-in-law the Chicago steel man had no place in the nobility of Europe. GLASS BLOCK Women's $3.50 Shoes at $1.75 For One Day Only will this offer hold good.

The Shoes are the latest Fall Models in omen's Footwear, shown in Gunmetal Calf, Patent Colt and Black Vici Kid, button and blucher styles. The identical shoe we always sell at $3.50, for Friday only, the pair, Governor Ebcrhart's Plurality Tarkish Bath Cures Rheumatism At Homo Costs But 2c a Bath, and the Body Is Rid of Uric Acid Poison, With Astonishing Eapidity. Increases St. Louis County Disappoints Him. The entire Kepublican ticket has been elected to the state supreme court.

Judge David F. Simpson, the Minneapolis candidate, will lead D. O'Brien, the nearest Democratic op GUILD OPPOSES FIGHT OVER THE SENATORSHIP Boston, Nov. 11. In a statement issued last night, former Cov.

Curtis Guild. said that in his belief a contest over the re-election of Senator Lodge would endanger progressive legislation. Mr. Guild referred especially to the Appalachian forestry bill, a permanent tariff commission and a national child labor law, in all of which, he said, be was directly interested. Admitting that he did not always 'agree with Senator Lodge on certain issues, the former governor said: "There is just ono thing to do, it seems to me.

Let us re-elect Senator Lodge without any further discussion, and instead of quarreling with each other, unite in pushing the whole party forward on progressive principles." CALIFORNIA VOTERS GIVE EXPOSITION PLAN BOOST San Francisco, Nov. 11. Incomplete returns from all parts of California indicate that a tremendous majority has been given the two constitutional amendments which will add $10,000,000 to the fund of the Panama-Pacific ponent, by nearly 20,000 votes and will in ail probability lead Justice Jaggard of 8t. Paul. Early returns Quickly urn Kidnfy Trouble, NerTou I'rol ration and All Mi in ll-f.

Tlie Robinson Thermal of Torklsn hath, talicD at home, is becoming a rage. Tboc who huve tiscil the bath nave been completely carried away with enthusiasm because of the astonishing results obtained. Well-known physicians say that the llobinson Thermal Bath at home, Is about favorable to T. D. O'Brien caused the friends of Judge Simpson no little worry as the Uovcrnor Johnson appointee was running ahead of his ticket in many parts of tho state.

St. $1.7: Paul gave him a handsome plurality of 4.500. With returns from the country meager the outcome was in doubt until vpsterdav. when mooch nrccincts hml Lower Floor, Shoe Entrance Through Subway Toy Department, been heard from to insure Judge Simp WW 1 4 Fourth of our Special! Single Item Bargains for One Day Only. son election.

Returns trom zO couu-ties give the Minneapolis jurist a lead of 9,000 votes over Judge O'Brien. Judge Snow, the other Democrat, got the normal Democratic vote and fell hopelessly befynd. Governor's Lead Increases. With incomplete returns from 63 counties Governor Kberhart's lead over James Gray increases. The more con- to become an almost nnirersaj conqueror of disease.

This is not an exaegeratl.m. inritv nt about Hi) 000 Any man or woman can prove its rtxuits jor ty at anotii isr. county was nie oniy ais- In San rrancisco and. vicinity the voters ratified the tax aid bond measures by a vote of more than 10 to 1. With tho selection already secured the delegation which will leave for Washington "within a few davs will be able to offer a bid of for the privilege of holding the exposition and will notify the government that government aid will not be asked.

Vessey's Majority 15,269. Sioux ails, S. Nov. 11. (Special.) With returns on governor from all but 11 counties, Governor Vessev has a majority of Jo.L'OO over Wood, the Democratic candidate.

Returns Irom counties yet to report will increase Governor Vessey's majority, which is expected to reach iu the neighborhood of liO.uOO as the counties vet to be heard from are for the most part Republican. Congressmen Burke and appointment to the hepunlican com- of rheumatism, especially, the niittee. Governor Fberhnrt 8 tour url- acid poifoa is extracted from the ll through the ranee couutrv was svstem through the pores, almost as I I III" "i "Till, 1TWO HELD FOR SHOOTING BOYS Aged Couple Accused of Venting Spite on Youngsters. -fdoncva, Ohio, Nov. 11.

James Farkcr, aged 73, aud his 72-year-old wife were arrested here last night charged with shooting of three 12-year-old boys Wednesday night. The shooting is believed to be the outcome of a 30 years feud between the Parkers and the boys of a Rchool located across the road from their Jjomc. Wednesday the boys were playing in front of the school when some one opened fire on them with buckshot. One of the bovs will probably die. The boys say that pist be 1 I Mill' i Wi'ii, thought to have been the most success- liquids are sucked up through a straw, ful of the campaign and a plurality I'rugs n.crolv smother the pois on or ease of 2,000 was looked for.

Kevlsod fig- do cxtruct tbe from the body. i1 i M' I 1 Hi "1 1 I ures show, however, that his lead will not be much more than 1,000. Duluth Anyone can now take Robinson Thermal baths nt home and at a cost of only about ft JSSSi 'i" fi I1 Je a bnUi. The only way to take these baths is bv the use of the Roblnsou Thermal Rath Cabinet, which is a unique 1 Pi M'CMittrt-' lM.i.M'Mi nnil nmrve ous iuretltiou. The Kublnson Thermal Bath Cabinets was about an even break with tho country districts going against James Gray.

tin the entire state ticket Samuel G. Iverson seems to have the largest vote with Attomev General Simpson a close second. Walter J. Smith also made an excellent run. C.

F. Ladner of St. Cloud. Iiis opponent, received a large can now be seen and examined In Mlnne iidoHs at Vooirell Urua three Alamu are leading Governor Vessev by at least and their majority therefore should be about Returns on amendments and proposed laws are very meager, but from scat- stores; A. U.

Thompson Mrug two fore the shooting a woman called out, "You have annoyed me long enough and now I'm goiiig to kill you." stores; C. 11. Clikler, Iirownlee Drug Co. Oninble 1Udwlg, two stores; h. X.

Don complimentary vote front his home city uldson Co. n-iiujj ieiiiins received mere appears little doubt that all have been defeated by a heavy majority. Anti-cnnntw nn. Ask the denier also for a copy of that BODIES OF MINERS RECOVERED and county as well as other points ia the Sixth 'district. areat book, "Ihe nnlosopny or iteann und rteiiiitv." The rektular price is tionjsts say the majority against county option in ay reach l.j.oou while two but you ciin jjet one free now for only a limited time.

If you i-annot ro yourself, just send vour name and address to the Koblnson Maiinfacturincr Company, Suite to. Snow-tlitke Toledo, Ohio, for full Illustrated information, free. Bit Pries for Range Cttl. ValUT City. Sot.

W. N. t'l'i-tin uf MrK'Mizte comity lias votit SO ticail of ranss cattle uu the Chtcagn market for reiislrti-red Ibe hinliHHt price ever reeetveij fr a btuiilur number of North Dakota years ago it was tc-s than 3,000. Carson City, New, Nov. Ksti-mates based on late returns give S.

Nixon, Republican, at least 1,000 i Remains of Would Be Rescuers Are Being Uncovered. 1'elagua. Nov. 11. Totters in Delagua mine No.

3 last night began uncovering the bodies of the seven men, who, headed by Superintendent William Lewis, rushed into the slope following the explosion Tuesday after-noon and were buried in a caveiii. The bodies of W. J. rvaus. assUf-ant superintendent, and T.

Woodward, assistant electrician, were brought nut, and as the cap of James Young, mas' ter mechanic, was found in the debris, at is believed his bodv will be the iccovered. The total" number of bodies thus far recovered is 09. Bodies of L'O Mexicans were taken on a special train to Trinidad hist eight and buried there. Another burial train probably will start this morning In their first real tryout, the mine evcue cars haie proven of inestimable alue. 1 TAi.

mnet am ikm It it lurrly gooi butiacfi to cctrrUia your customer by spin through the coiiutry or in iftfruooo oo the golf links. $8: 55 rmdiatar Hand for mil yon tmn atk in a mtttr ear. VOU'LL realize, when you come to us for shoes, that you get value that's greater than price. No Excuse for Doing Without a Motor Car 1 I You get it in the style, fit and wear of Selz Royal Blue shoes; and no matter what 1 I 's'lMO JAP-CHINESE FRICTION GEOWS. Mikado's Subjects Tortured iu Manchuria, Says Report.

Victoria, B. Nov, 1 1. friction between tlie Chine-e and Japanese iu increases, according to ud-a ices received re bv nnil. und Tokio Jiewtpapers ay the situation is becoming alarminf. liecently 'Chinese police in Mukden two Chim-H employes of the Japanese consulate who culled at the German consulate to inquire concerning the movements of the Germnti minister iu Peking.

The Chince employes are said to hue been tortured sentenced to three years in prison, fiespite strenuous protests by the Japanese consulate. price here you pay, or you pay it, 1 1 i Lots of men who ought to do not own automobiles. One man says that prices are too high, another man says that he could not drive a a car and take care of it, another that he could net maintain it. We say to the first man There are good cars to be had at moderate prices. Count the value of the car in the service it will render you in business, pleasure and health.

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Nov. 11. Lieut. organizer of the Japani expedition to the South Polo to v.iil in tlie Tenslio Mar'i, of -00 tons, ban been called upon to coin-i it bat-ak'iri bv the Yamato "1 Tokio becau-e of hi failure, necord-ng to ad, ices i r.i'igiit by the steamer Inabu Tlie explorer, however, ilot md see sVl. it.

1 lilue No. bTW LUiafuiiteed i-alf. liluclior: Ilito last; a very snuirt shoo for yuurrj tii'ii. We have this mode! in ni'-ta) If or patent cult. 'I icliic I la ioihe-1.

Stetson Hal m. Maulniiiiu, sliii-ti. A. Marl cN'lii" any nofOMt'- oi iieecd.iig to the request 'hat he kill himself. ome other vernacular papcis charge i-raft in the purchase of his vessel, for hich was paid, they sieging 'lis to be more thaji twice her v.ortli.' The Aahi of To! io, whirl) took part iu otganiing the cxpe- ior, i h'ira Ilorticuit-rists Meet in Iowa.

ha, a. N.a. 11. til .1." hot ii' (M dav' meet 2 here Mtcdav '0ertiO at roil tbe i Ii-aatejj on tio). ')' of jo owgr'jssHiau 1.

Smith on fie Cltv. (lie ii-olnv lil ll.oli- Maurice Rothschild Co Barclay Automobile Co. Minneapolis, Minn. CHALMERS MOTOR COMPANV, Mkhiean, U.S.A. 'Palace Glotliiiuj House Fa i.i iiicmu.

verv 1 product- iT KlCOllet OB rourth- Ml- IS.

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