The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NrronniBTO r\w unnT-mxvn . _ * VOL. XXX1JI—NO. lir, ItlHlMlppl Vlll» TH1 DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF WORTHUiBT ARKANSAS 'AND BODTRKABV MISSOURI BLYTHBVI1JB, ARKANSAS, THUKSDAY, JULY DO, 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ADMINISTRATION SWITCHES TO MCDONALD ~ •>.... _ . , ^^^^ ^^ ^* ^* ^^^ •^^^HH w^f^^ Spain Refuses HelpWU~S. Citizens mm NEEDS ~ - -~- •— ~ War Map of Spain Heavy Casualties Reported in Fighting Near Zaragoza Today WASHINGTON, July 30. (UP)— Tlie Spanish government today declined to provide fl special train for evacuation of Americans and I other foreigners beleaguered in Madrid. In response to llic request for sucii a train by members of the diplomatic corps the government replied that it could offer only two alternatives to the foreigners trapped amid the civil war. H said they might: 1.—Remain in Madrid with the "anger of being trapped in serious warfare. 2.—Attempt to reach Mediterranean seaports by regular train service. Tfle Spanish government declared that its military requirements made it impossible to organize special trains at this time because of the necessity of giving special preference to tiie transportation of troops, war materials and foodstuffs. • The government added that no special guarantees of safety or safe conduct were required for forel-n- ers going to the Mediterranean coast because the railway line js open and regular trains are leaving Madrid on scheduled time Loyal Troops Ambus bed PEHPIGNAN,. 'Spanish-French Frontier, July 30. (UP) -Frightful casualties whioh may prove. tV exceed 1,000' killed . were reported today In a Spanish rebel ajnbush of loyalists advancing to attack. Zaragoza. The loyalists in three columns one behind the other totalirio 5 ' 000, reached a point 20 miles from Zaragoza after four days forced march, advices from tile front said fh ere General Caballero, the rebel commandant, had placed a strong lorce in the mountains overhanging a narrow canyon and studded ''uns ent ' re pt>sitfo!1 with machine At dawn as the loyalist columns ™'™= ed '" ««i canyon and resU rebels opened a devastating PPSf BARCELONA *ZWMiGOZA y^f^ U. S. Ship Here for I Madrid Refugees _ _l Hundreds Died Here as Rebels Nearcd Malniia Warships Block Landin,, of Rebel Re-enforccmenis While the U. S. S. Quiiicy hovered n«ir Alicante and " orthem Valencia army ™ , ' " e '"™>- '"»< sought to take the, Spanish capital was resisted by loyalists m tl,e near ' Coughlin Turns Ire on William Randolph Hearst HCYAI. OAK, Mich.. July JO <UI'>-Father Charles E. Coiigh- Hn's IK: i r, "Eocinl Justice," in the issue for Augrst 3, will carry mi open letter addressed to William Ilamlolpn Hearst, newspaper publisher, criticizing Ills papers for "false headlines" and "vicious news articles." . . The open letter will be signed by Father Coughlin, u spokesman In his olHce here said. map. Alrcadv In " , nearby Guadarrama mountains, shown on this a control of much of western Spain ((he shaded area in ma-;) the insurgents were balked in their attempt to seize Madrid 'when troP'.'nm the wuth failed to appear. While loyalist, attacks on Zaragoza and Seville, seemed imminent, hundreds died as rebels sought to capture Malaga, and prevent government ships from blocking influx of rebel re-enforcement, from Spanish Mcnlcco Aviators Bomb Rebels WITH THE LOYALIST COL"" ADVANCING ON ZARA- ,wi<.t '' J i U -'n 3°- (up >-Government aviators killed or wounded 250 Fascists in a bombing raid on a rebel column near Zaragoza, it was announced today. , J he « ntire column, numbering 500 was dispersed. Loyalist airplanes operating from Catalonia went oul today to drop inousands of leaflets over Zaragoza In an effort to demoralize the oclense. loyalist Victory ,r^ N ,? EBASI ' IAN ' S P aIn ' July 30 IUP)-Govcrnment forces, supported by volunteers of the popular trout and Basque nationalists defeated insurgents seckin* to cm ture Pasajes today after a bat e which lasted all night. Bank Activities Limited ^ WASHINGTON, July 30. <UP)_ The Catalonlan government today established rigid supervision over all Barcelona banking facilities giving strict orders with regard to' how funds shall be paid out from ' ™ b*>tis American Consul Lynn W. Franklin reported to the state department today. Franklin's dispatch was received ll^L _ c ,°1 nictin S «P«t* on the • banks and the Additional Appropriations May Be Necessary When Congress Meets WASHINGTON, July 30. (UP) — The heavy burden of unemployment aid has forced the government to allocate almost one-third of its $1,425,000,000 work relief fund for 1936-37 in.the first 30 days of the 12-month program. An official summary of job making costs in July revealed that President Roosevelt authorized ex- Two Women Stars Will Be Unable to Compete, Coach Reveals Continued high cost of work relief, plus the expected drain on the U. S. treasury by the drouth made It virtually ccrUiln that congress would be faced with thc necessity of making a new appropriation next January. Republicans Slave made their charges of "excessive" New Deal relief spending one of the presidential campaign Issues. Democrats defended their policies as "needed to keep the people from starving." New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 30 <UP) _ Cctton closed steady. Three Chicago Murclei Defendants Stab Deputies But Are Recs'ptured CHICAGO. July 30 (UP) — Three men. on trial for the murder of a ChlctMo policeman, slab- bed two deputy sheriffs and sli'g- ged a court baililf in n desperate break for freedom today but were recaptured almost Immediately. . -•'•••"-'V. f\i\i 4JC111U Ihe grards. slabbed with nic.sJTorral "ring the sharpened lo razor edge, will recover, police said. The attempted break occurred as Frank Korczykowsky, Andrew ^rsncki and Paul Jenkot were led Inlo Ihe police "bull pen" at criminal courts building for the noon recess. Wielding their hidden weauons Candidate Wins Applause Will) Promises lo Take Care of Poor Tom J. Terral and his political show came to town last nlghl and drew the largest audience to turn out ,for a campaign •nrclli-.g so far tills year. Terra!, self-styled "great friehd of the great common people", who seeks the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Ills running mate, O. B. Gates, who aspires to tile office of lieutenant governor, two "cowboy yoclclers" and entertainers, and the most powerful public address system In action hern Ihls year comprised the Tcrral entourage. It was easily the loudest polltl- ItVYuma-rriage _for Film Blond EW Landon Defends Action in Kansas Labor Strife TOPEKA, Knns., July 30. UII>)_ pov. Alfred M. I.nndon. In a loiter today to Norman Tliomiis, Soclnl-• ist candidate for president, declar-i cd he was opixxsed to iiny infringement of free .speech and assembly mid defended his action year in sending troops to Knnsas lo quell a labor disturbance.! Tlie letter, released at l.nndon's' mcnilng press conference, wns hi one from Tliomiis reply lo lug for further comment on Inter ot Landon's accept mice speed). Will Prdtably Strike Near Panama City Duri Afternoon •ing his county and Fermi's! hurricane winds at Its ccnler, had I A beauty conlcst Joan Chalburn me rewarded with mi- swung slightly westward of here lovely screen uclrcss, won n S the most vociferous ap-' today and w lll probably strike 1 "t'o led her to 1 o lywood n yet heard. [Specially did, the Florida coast between hero 1 """'" --'-• SWOOtl ' a open high low 1205 12U nan 1200 1210 1196 1201 1208 1195 1202 1210 1195 1200 1211 1193 1196 1209 1195 Dec Jan March May Spots closed steady at 1284, up close 1701 1207 1205 1205 1203 1202 Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANsTJuij. 30 (UP)The cotton market fluctuated over a narrow range today and closed with gains ranging to five pohits Constdemble hedge selling canic r> lo the market but It was well ab^d, some of It by new buying stimulated by the report thc government pool Jias been entirely liquidated and by lower private estimates of the crop. open high low close 1203 1210 1194 1205 1200 1207 1192 1202 1190 1203 1196 1202 1196 1206 1192 1303 1196 1205 1192 1203 -- - - 1200b closed quiet at 126S, up Oct Dec Jan March May July Spots t. Closiny Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 3. (UP)--Steel and aircraft shares led another stock market advance today, gains in the general list ranging from one to more than, three points. Much,of the decline from profit taking Wednesday was erased as Investment demand came back into the market. Trading was quieter. A. T. and T 171 1-2 Anaconda Copper 39 1-4 Belli. Steel 55 5-8 Chrysler 121 3-4 Cities Service 41-2 Coca Cola 120 1-4 Gen. Am. Tank 55 3-8 Gen. Electric 43 7-8 Gen. Motors 70 5-8 Int. Harvester S3 'McKcsson-Robbins .... 10 Montgomery Ward .. 47 1-5 N. Y. Central 41 Packard 103.4 Khillips Pet 44 3-j Radio ,,,,......, 12 1 4 St. L.-S. F Simmons Beds ... Standard of N. J. Texas Co U. s. Smelting . U. S. Slccl Warner Bros. ... Zonlte .;....;;.... BERLIN, July 30. (UP)—The jinx on'the United Stales women's swimming team apparently lias cost the squad two more members, it was revealed today by Coach Ray' Daughters, Seattle, Wash. • The team's two best breast- slrokers, Dorothy Schiller, Chicago, and Anne Govednik, Chisholm, Minn., have been ill since their ar- Berlin and Daughters indi- , was doubtful if they will be in shape to start in t'he Olympics. Miss Schiller has an abscessed tooth and Miss Govednik mi abscessed car. Neither has been able to practice. "This team was jlnxcd from the start,'' commented Coach Daughters. With Misses Schiller and Govednik, who finished sixth in thc 200- meter breast stroke at Los Angeles In 1932, apparently out of thc breast •"•"*• ui " stroke event, the united States will m "tor car. be represented by one entry, 15- year-old iris Cummings, from Los Angeles. Miss Cummings was a surprise winner of fhe 200-meter title but finished third in the Olympic Iryouls. Dorothy Dickinson, New York, member of the 400-inetcr relay team, is nursing a swollen and sore ligament In her shoulder which has hampered her training. The injury, however, has started to respond to light and heat treatment and she worked out yesterday and today despite the chilly water. In explaining the jinx which has Plagued thc women swimmers, Daughters cited the suspension of Eleanor Holm Jarrett as one of I'.ic most cruel blows of nil. "After losing Mrs. jarrelt we get here and find there arc no bath towels in the place. The girls arc given one hand towel each psr week," he compPaincd. . they felled Deputies'Edward Wlnij and Ed«-ard Tierney.« and , fled back through the emptying courtroom. Frightened- courtroom .spectators scattered as the three elbowed their way into the hallway. In the hallway an unidentified bailiff striped in(o their until. He wns slugged. The three dnsh- ed for the stairway. Policemen threw Bognacki and Jenkot to (lie floor In a Hying tackle. Kor- czykowsky, brandishing his weapon, fled down the stairs and through the front entrance to the strex't. A moment later he too wns captured as a uniformed officer coilaretl him a hnlf block from the building. Roosevelt To Inspect Tide Harnessing Project CAMPOBELLO, New Brunswick July 30 (UP)—President Roosevelt changed his plans today and. instead of inspecting the Passama- quoddy tide harnessing "project from thc deck of the schooner yacht Sewanna prepared to visit I.nbcc and Eastport, Maine, base of the huge power plant, by 2 3-8 36 1-4 63 1-2 39 73 1-2 66 1-8 12 1-4 7 3-6 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., July 30 (UP)—Hogs: receipts 6,500 Top 11.15 170-240 Ibs. 11.00-11.15 140-160 Ibs. 8,00-10.65 Bulk sows 8.50-9.25 Cattle: receipts 4,500 Steers 8.65 Elaujhlcr slecrs 4.75-9.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-7.50 Slaughter heifers 4.50-8.75 Beef cows 4.00-4.75 Cutters and low cutters 2.15-3.7C Chicago Wheat open high low close Sep 108 3-4 110 1-2 108 5-8 110 Dec 109 3-4 111 1-8 109 1-2 110 7-8 promises to take bell' care with of his and Pcnsacola the, noon. during the iiftcr- ------- ... „,.„_ v.mi, vjj. inu , 'luuil, widows orphans and old folks. The federal hurricane warning see tha month tif and—romance, her , rt ., . ..... *^ 1 '"-• ^'liiugumont 10 1' rjllUC OrSltH inlnt-' w« an ' ' wows orpans and old folks. The federal hurricane warning w« announced n Ju, e 'then see that every person would get system reported the storm move- ! " le Prepared lo hop I i, ann f medical care and hosUalfzation ment "s " 1 y "' m move- and hospUalfzation. ment "somewhat uncertain" but 1 ' * >°°' ™ ' h '"' rt «"" children and give all the chance for a higher education. He gave no hint as to the source of revenue from which lie expected to pay for such services. Terral's entertainers, with their "cowboy music" and frequent wisecracking, kept the crowd's Interest imiiiuumg siores alter before andw after Terrors speech, warning that the main He scaled the oratorical heights'at'the blow would'"' " the staH of his speech and stayed there. Terral's Tcrral easily I'romises outstripped all other candidates in making prom- warnings e\- Icnded westward from Panama City to Pensacola. East of Panama City warnings had already been ordered to Cedar Key on thc west Florida coast. Thc .shift brought some relief from fear where merchants were barricading siores aflcr 'an carlici . main force 0! . . —.... strike here before noon. In the storm's probable course west of here lay a coast line dolled with small fishing towns and lumber shipping center of Panama Ises. Among other nets, Tcrral City. promised. If elected governor, to: I Provide free textbooks and lo! Tide Is Momilin- make it possible for every child,| PANAMA CITY, Pla..' t — "«^- »u. w.ri.1 j \,iinu, • miy/\ivi/i wi i i i regardless of his parents' financial I (UP) — Mouiitalno'u<; ability, to attend one of the pound Ing BKolnst tlii state's institutes of higher leaniT July SO . Provide worthy pensions for. the aged, give It lo them without red tape and do away with thc disgrace of requiring pauper's oaths as a requisite (o receiving funds. Provide free medical care and for those unable care of all tuberculosis cases at thc state's sanitarium. down thc size of freight passing through Arkansas hospitallzatlon to pay for it. Provide for Cut trains so as to give employment to more train workers. Do away the requirement of payment of a poll lax as a requisite lo voting. Cut down thc license fees charged for trucks and do away with tolls on bridges. Provide a marketing system lo enable farmers lo get better prices for their products. Repeal the "contemptible" law providing that homes may be taken away through court pro- arc unpaid for ccdurc if taxes three years. Provide for education of all seas were _ ---.. thc water fronl here at 2 p. m. as a .tropical disturbance . of hurricane Inlcnsily approached ihis coast !fne. were still only pioder- atcly high mounting but and thc the tide spreading breakers Indicated a blow of ter- rlfk force perhaps only a score of miles «t sea from here In thc gulf. Inflicts Serious After Quarrel Wound \\ n Ark., lo b wed Scan ' Has No fnlerest in Present Campaign, Former Higli- way Chief Declares LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - In n statement issued yesterday from his home In Osccoln Dwlfht II Futrcll Lieutenants Confirm Shift of Governor's Suppoit I-ITTLR ROCK, July .10 tUPl— Slnle .Scnaloi John C Ashlry by telephone today informed (lie United Piess (hot he \\ns uofc withdrawing from the gubernatorial race desollc the fuel that administration foices had snune behind the candidacy of Cd Mc- Dcnuld. Govcrnm FiiticU could not u« ii.ialicd Immediately foi a statement, bit lieutenants in his 01- ganlzalion confirmed the switch Earlier Ihts week Cloveinoi Fii- trcll Issued a statement uckiio«l- edRlui! (hut Ashley « n s nccept- nble lo him ant! Ihe ndmlnlslra- 11.11. It was wid the decision t" sv.-ltch fiom Ashley 10 Mc- Uciinld was made; by the govcinoi Tuesday night and dial he called Revenue Commlsslonci EnU Wiseman nml Highway Commis- Moner J o IJako, Wednesday morning foi n conference ind made known his desire Wlthdiawal of Mlliard Allfoid from Ihc lace for ntloincy <?cil eial was auothei development in political clicks Mr. Allford, fonnci prosccutlni altonicy for the Eighth judioill circuit mid moie iccenlly nt- torney for the state revenue department, said In his withdrawal statement that he wa^ convinced that a, majailty of the people were undecided between himself ami Dlrciiit Judge Jack Holt He nrgcd.hls friends to Mippoit Judge Blow From Hoe Costs . Eye of Little }Qirl ~-\ ' •> s Nalhelcen -. Evans, seven-yenr- 0,1(1 Daughter of Mrs Mamie Evans of this city underwent an operation for icmoial of her right eye at a Memphis hospital y»s- lerday.. she 'had v been accidentally struck in Hie face with n hoc by hci -;lstei last neck The accident cccuncd lit the noin- cnndlriate for the Dcmoc.ralic limtion for governor Your ,,..„,, "Bo said that he Is taking no ]>nrt In the present gubernatorial dren. NiUhclccn was plnjin" in the yard of Ihe Aycock horn.' and. her sister. Maxlne, 10, and were .cutting' "play-. lienetlc Aycock, - 3, ,...,„„„! V '"••—" o'^viiiniuiiai uencnc Aycock. . 3 were attack from more quarters than' • TO Bur « to Death When " " f ?o Auto Hits Road Grader oppose me so long as they did it out In the open "If that Mother Over Boy Geraldine Overtoil. M-year-oId daughter of Mrs. O. B. McGill of thc Lone Oak community, [/ i "T Hint race proved anything ! mm werc klllptl ""'! four VOtinClj it proved there wns no such thing i ! Mrsons injured, three crit K'i r k ns " ' B '«ckv,ood gam;; for the „, automobile nccldou 1 ' ' II vole I got was popular support > S <listrlc <- Tuesday, night, while the slatchousc gang was "'' Hcvclie ' l9 . «nd V rlpliv^rprl ni'n,. I,, inon i_ * -*.. i Caldwclt. 2fi. nf PjionK /-»,. resting fairly well at Ihcvillc hospital Icdny the lily- after in: Mind, deaf and dumb children at! caused the expense of the stale. Effect economies In operation of the stale government. Tells of "Slash Funds" Terral paid his respccls In no uncertain terms to the other six candidates in the race. About the only two he didn't refer to specifically were Arthur Johnson and Howard Reed. It was the tatter's daughter in a recent speech here who paid her compliments to Tcrral, "the people's friend," by calling him a "chameleon" and declaring that he lived in a resi- operalion lale yesterday lo clos" pcrforalions of her intestine.'; caused when she shut hcrsjlf yesterday morning. The girl was said to have shot herself revolver after she had been keeping . company The bullet struck her In llic lower left abdomen and emerged through her back, perforating hei intestines five times. Her condition was regarded as a dispute with her youth with whom in ions pcctcd vclop. but her recovery is unless complications POPLAR BLUFF, Mo — Three men were killed ant! four other critically, Merits in while the slnleliousc""gang''' 1 was ° £cni ' Hcvclie, 19,'"anU Whitey delivered over In 1932 to J Mar- Cnldml1 . 20, of Pench Orchard " wc , re burned to death when an automobile they occupied collided with a highway grader near Gid- t , eon. Ralph Smith. 23, Ihclr com- -'oanion, is near death in a hos- pilal tonight from burns Their automobile burst in flames after colliding with thc grader. Doctors ion Futrcll. "This year I am not a candidate. "I am not associated with campaign of nny candidate. "I have not contributed a penny to any candidate for POV- etnor. ' I have not solicited campaign contributions for any candidate for governor. "I seek nothing from thc new administration. | "Any and all statements lo the' contrary arc plain lies. "Why. then, should I Id alone? Smith could not recover Monroe Smith, . 44, of Detroit, • Mich, was killed instantly - when v I nls automobile and a truck collided near Sikeston. others injured included August Williams his wife, ami E. Houston, nil of Detroit. • A coroner's jury at Charleston dcnlial section of Little Rock "so! U n l J r; n i p-. B exclusive that a farmer's wagon nol <i ririal Kites fl>r The funeral of the late King George V cost about $125,000. A gay vacation story to help you rout that hot weather let-down. Beginning Today On Page 4 vc or truck wasn't even allowed to drive through it. Carl Bailey, Tcrral charged, Is "spending money like a drunken sailor" and at the same time Is charging other stale officials with raising t. "slush' fund" to defeat him. Bailey also has a very sizeable "slush fund," Tcrral said. John Ashley is backed by thc "state house crowd" with ail its : power and money but Ashley can't | possibly be elected, Tcrral pro claimed. Ed McDonald, Tcrral said, is president of n "millionaire yacht club" at _Hot Springs, where he associates with "oil men" and Is i)imt to represent the people. R. A. Cook will carry out his promise to put the Elale penitentiary on a cash basis by "posl (Continued On Page 3) Richard Hughes Today Funeral services were held this afternoon for Richard Hughes 71 who was found dead in bed a; Ihe home of his daughter. Mrs. Ethel Mae Blanchard, V>17 Dougan street, ycslcrday morninj. The services were held nt (he Blanchard residence with Ihe Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church, oITiciatius. Interment was made at Mnpls Grove cemetery. The Cobb Funeral Viimo was in charge of funeral arrangements. "I have a family for whom my | affection is as great ns that of I any man for his loved ones. "Don't you think that If is poor sportsmanship for any candidate to drag my name — my family's name—-through the mlrc of political mud in a campaign that I have only the most Impersonal interest in?" Chicago Corn Sep Dec open S5 87 1-2 high 08 90 5-8 low- close 98 87 1-2 90 5-8b 95 automobile. Money Is Allotted for Arkansas River Work WASHINGTON, July 30. (UP)— The war department today approved allotments totaling almost $1,7 200,000 for rive rand harbor maintenance work in Minnesota, Arkansas. Oklahoma and West Virginia. The allotments included: Arkansas river. Arkansas and Oklahoma, $50,100 for repair .and revetment work at Pine BlufT, Ark., and snagr ging and dredging operations. "Meanest Man" Gets Three Months in Jail CHICAGO, July 30 (UP)-Johll Craig. 40. went to jail for three months today . because lie sold his baby's milk to buy liquor. ' Judge Leon Edclman In stockyards court gave him the ll'.lo "world's mealiest man." WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday. 'Memphis and vicinity—Generally fair : lonlght and Friday, slightly cooler tonight. The maximum temperati'rc here yesterday was 87. minimum 75. clear, according lo. ,Samuel, P. Norris, official weather observer.

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