The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1949
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, MAY IS, 19« BLYTHEVn,LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOS8BK Crushed : ;'-, ,: • Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople E&KO! WHY 00 THEY 1 KENDEf ' LULLABV FOR A GORV ePisooE tflSHTY H£ PLUGS HIH.SELF 1M Ort THAT ASOMY AS I HEftBO THE MISSUS DOLED m»A UALFTMW 500 CLftWS/DOI TO f?6-EUACTWe RIOTS WELL, 86 VERY CAREFUL.' PEOPLE ARE A LOT DlFFEREMt VOU KNOW-YOU'LL hvVt'E ME NERVOUS *J A MINUTE OR TWO; V THEY SAY THAT LETTIN 1 WATER DRIP ON -OUR HEAD WILL PCIVE VOU (aOOFY--I'M TRYIN' TO SEE HOW BEFORE I M.WU- MAW OrO ms . GOOT6 ! J'M 6ONNA , WE AH If I WHAT ELSEt DONT MWO ... SIR. 1 I'M ONLY A GENTUMV^ Otl, SIP. SIMPLY . , WOULONt/ VJELL, LKe'S PUTT TING TH& um^w^^^w ^Uy^JMWflW!^ TH - <-_-,. spc 69 Hugh Lawrence Nelson corn, itu «v txi. tnnei. nw. T. u. Mt u.«. »ii. OfT, "But all t did. mother, was fry his eggs a little too stiff find brown—he thinks more of mi old egg than h« rfoet of me!" PI5TKIIUTEP IY NEA StKVICt. INC. COPYRIGHT IY HUGH LAWtENCE NELSON PltlSCIM.A'S I'OI' Thul'll l.vimt Km! HY A!, VKRMBER ...MOW TUEY'VC: GOT THE WINNING {UN ON THIRD... WO HERE COMES THE POWER HITTER... HE SINGLES TO RIGHT.,, -vi 1 Tn , n \NO THERE GOEOVJ TOLD THE BALL GAME/ WE'LL SHOW THEM! TOMORROW NIGHT WE WON' LISTEN! Hugs Loosens Up HY M1CHAK1. O'MAU.KY and KAU'H LANE Hardlnr twiited one h*nd In th« ihirUrnH at lh< man. wu • 4*11, meaty »ound. , 8uJ$ Bitwo had agreed to t«lk. YOU U FIND A PEN IN THAI DESK DRAWEE, MRS. TOMD; GET ITAND SIGN THOSE PAPERS. THEN VOU AND VOOH HUSBAND CAN CLEAR OUT-BUT QUICK/ YEARS A6O. WHEN FOS AND JIGGER JACKSON TOOK OVER THE SYNDICATE IN THIS TOWN, JAKS DOLL WAS BUMPfD OfF. THIJ'U JOIT YOU, FLINT. fVEKYIOOY--THE POLICE. WU. fOG CHANNEL- THINKS I KNOW 50MS1HING. ALL I HEARD WAS RUMORS Meas/es Cases Show Big Increase over '48 LITTLE ROCK, May 18. The Arkansas Health Department has received reports of 10.916 cases of measles til the state this year f rnpared to 2,578 for the corres- nding period last year. Last week 580 new cases, were reported. There have been 1.299 cases of mumps tills year against 421 Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices Factory-Trained Experts to S«rv« Youl D H EI F I Meet Dreifiii . .. WtarDlan All Work Guaranteed You Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shop! Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Hotel Noble Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. Jessie Srite J s UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball G«t Our Prices 1 'HERE was a huge pot oJ coffee on the back of the stove. B»« had a cup while she stirred up hot caket and sliced bacon from a side with a razor sharp knife. Mabel Jones came in the back door to the kitchen. "About time, she said. Bea stared. The green of Mabel's dress was kind. Obviously Lilly'a description of the woman'i body true, but the soft color mode her sallow cheeks take on a more lifelike coloring. It gave new depth to her eyes and a sheen V her gray-brown hair. "Why how nice you look!" Mn. Jones's face relaxed. Sh chuckled. "Surprised you too did it?" She sobered instantly went on. "He'i upset becauae you're to late." Bea bit her lips. 'Where Is heT "Out showing Misi Firth wher to take the sheep. She on' wanted coffee." Mabel shrugget at that nonsense. "But he'll t back soon now." "All right. Go in and jit dow: I'll have things ready right away When Mabel obeyed, she mutter' to herself. "Mustn't let him g upset. No indeed!" There were large quantities bacon and hot cakes consumed the first breakfast, but even Lil Warren gave up trying to make R a pleasant meaL Henry Harding was pleased for a moment at the way the dresses fitted, but he sank back at once into gloomy silence broken only when he pushed back his emptied plate. "1 realize," he said, "this morning i: an exception, i make allowances lor that. However we must set up a schedule at once." He was silent again and Mabel Jones took the opportunity to slip away, back to the garden. "Miss Cosgrove. which bed did you choose in your room?" She told him. "Good. Every mornmg when I awaken I will pound on the wall from my side of the tower room. So you'll know it is time to get up." "Oh fine," Bea said. She rattled a plate to cover the words. "Then next week," he went on. "you can change beds with Mrs. Warren and she can take over the house duties. And now. Mrs. Warren, if you'll come with me, I'll show you what to do." Lilly smiled and got up. "I'm ready," she said. "Why should it b« forgotten? Are you the good God to take away our water?** The man scowled. He looked at the four Behind him and advanced another •rtep. "We are thirtty. We are tired ol this foolishness." 'Are you making a demand?" Harding itked. Bea shivered at the tone although Harding'i voice waa not raised. The fisherman felt it too but he itood his ground. Bea thought him a fool. One oJ the (our men behind him stuck a short pipe in his mouth and struck a match. Harding made • low, wordless sound d«p in his throat. He moved swiftly, neither walking nor running yet with • sinuous fluid method of erasing space. The spokesman had only time to ra!»« one hand halfway, the palm out, before he tumbled back on his :he man trembled at the touch. He lurched away, arms outstretched until his companions caught him. The spokesman said. "The water, senor?" "Will be turned on," Harding promised. "It will not be late ago in." The fisherman nodded, joined the others. They went away slowly, half carrying the Injured man. No one of them looked back. TJ K N R Y sucked boyishly at DRIVES UNIFORMS TA;:i and TRUCK AH Colors — Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor launches. Harding twisted one hand In the shirtfront of the man who had struck the match. His own white shirt split across the shoulders ai le struck. There was a dull meaty sound. T^HE fisherman turned a half somersault, landed on his shoulder blades, arms and legs lying. He settled quietly and flatly to the ground. Harding dropped Ihe portion o£ the man's shirt he still held. A little puff of smoke jpiraled up from dry grass. Harding lore at it with his bare hands. He stamped on it. He fought H into oblivion. He stood erect and faced the men. They stepped back quickly. One crossed himself. The spokesman knelt beside his unconscious companion. "You have broken his jaw.** "Fortunate for him it was not his neck," Harding said calmly. "You know the rules about Tire. Carry him up to the porch and I'll I Have At All Times For Sale tcveraJ uaclon and equipment, koth new and used J bart John Deere Farmatl ford and other SMkest I now hare nen Ker* trartort and equipment rea«> loi deliren at dealers prt<* I will trade rm most antthlnc tea hare. Terms can be arranged Sec F. C. CROWE I mtlf wnlh at Rraxgidocln Mo VJABEL JONES moved swiftly "•* into the room, panting. "People coming. Men!" She pointed back over her shoulder. Henry Harding hurried out on the veranda. The three women made a bright-colored background for him when he stopped. Five men walked slowly toward them, bunched together. Swarthy men, in uttered jeans and shirts with loud, once-clashing patterns run together in a new pattern ol cheap dye. They all carried knives in their belts, yet they stopped a short distance from where Harding stood and moved even closer together. "Our water, scnor. It did not come." The man who spoke movec half step in front of the others "It was forgotten. It will come." fix him up." He turned his hack on the men, walked slowly toward the women. Bea stifled a warning. She saw a fisherman come to a crouch. She saw his hand dart toward th knife in his belt. She saw that hand stop, watched the fisherman stare at it, shake his head in disbelief. He muttered under his breath and helped the others carry the man as Harding had ordered Bea Cosgrove read the hatred in their eyes. Their hatred for Henry Harding and their hatred for themselves because they were afraid. Harding's face was set, calm He went inside and reappearet with a metal first-aid case. He worked quickly, skillfully with thi fractured jaw, bound it up. The patient groaned, opened hi eyes. One hand went to his jaw Elarding helped him to his feet an( GOUGH HARDING skinned knuckle on his right hand, Lilly Warren put on iodine. "That's fine. You see, I must be quite firm about the rule of no fire. Those fishermen know the rules. I used the only language they would understand." Bea asked, "The water? What did they mean?" "There's only one source of esh water on Speare Island, Beor« I took over it made a little tream and spilled over the cliff baiin near their camp and waj wasted. The water Is needed, 'or the sheep, for Irrigation of the garden. I had a pipe Installed at onsiderable expense down to heir camp. Each day while they are on the island 1 turn on th* water at a specified time. Today —well the incident is unimportant n itself, but it does show the need of a schedule. Now I'll give them heir water." The women watched him stride away around the corner ot the house. What a man!" Lilly Warren aaid. "What a sockl And the way he faced down those five. And h< wasn't afraid." Mabel Jones said harshly, "Fear! Fie does not know the meaning of the word." Her thin face was lushed. Her eyes were hard brilliants. Agnes Firth emerged from a small gully, moved toward them WASH TUBKS One Kit: l)ny BY LKSLIK TURNKR WHY, FOB A tKMf- MOMENT H IMS THE EYE* Of THE- NATION WECE ON THIS ClIYL.irs t/MAE IN HEALIWIrS f ROM COAST TO- BEFORE MV TIME, PAL; BUT WHAT HAPPSNED 1HENT I^THIS IS IT, 7 fhSY! SMMLIYE SIGHT- set V gEFOpECHUIWG \ OM MR.K&6KV? EXT OAY, GlG AMD EASY DRWE hi TOWN OF BUGGVWHIP.. I!UGS IIUNNY No Wns(«<! Million sldewise like an orange crab. Her eyes were glassy, her hair filled with grass. An elbow was skinned and her costume torn near the knee. We—we'll all be dead soon," she gasped. "We're to die. I felt it before. Now—now I know. There have been other women here before us." Bea Cosgrove snapped, "Don't lie a fool! What frightened you?" "I hid until those men left. I waited until he left before I dared to come ouL To tell you . . ." Her body stiUcncd. Harding had returned. "What is it?" he demanded. "What happened? Did something happen to the sheep?" Agnes Firth laughed. "The sheep—the sheep? Not the sheep The graves I found. The four fresh graves." (T* Be Continued) year, the Health Department's morbidity report showed. Re-id Courier News Want Ads. l I :• i Time Save t Money • Plant Sinkers ACID-DELINTED Cotton Seed L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. j Cherry & Railroad Phone 4493 I Fuklcn province In south China equals New York state In area and population but its 12.000.000 people do without railroads. Shanghai, largest Chinese city, has > population of 4,300,000 and Is thf sixth largest metropolis in the world. • Rent a CRmcra for Color Pictures The Ideal way In remember special occaainn*. Also other types of camera* (or rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 \V. Main Phone 3fi47 WHATS TIM CAJsl PER, KID PHOOEV.' A. S-SANO TRKP.' 1 STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND. 1 GET ALL MY FltHINf WORMS THI* WA.V,' Th.e Old, Old Diiys BY V. T. HAMLIN BV GADFRV, A NICE BATH... COFFEE OUT IN. THE OPEN...IT'S ID FOCGOTTEN HOW MUCH FUN IT 16 To ROUSH IT.' *^N UM. t <SUC5:J MY IDEA Of EOUGHIN6 IT DOE5 SEEM RIDICULOUS TO YOU PEOPLE OF A MILLION YEARS AGO-' HA.VINS ONES COFFEE WITHOUT CfPEA-M ONCE IN A WHILE ISN'T [?EM.L> SAO DAYS MUST BOOTS ANT) HKR BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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