The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1934
Page 5
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U *OE art (AKL) COOTIES NEWS MET WEI Battle of Southpaws Looms Tonight; Haynes and Terry To Clash COMMERCIAL I.KACUK Team \V. I.. I'd. R. D. Hughes I u 1.00U 1 .Klin Kobinsoii I'oidme . Teachers Liberty .. Mayiies . Ark-Mo . Terry ... .405 .400 .251 .25f .200 Robinson Di'iig company will have ils big chance lo I is row the Commercial soli bill !e:i»uo lirs half lille chase into a scrambled aflalr In n game with R. 1). Hiijhei company, league leaders. »t llule> PieW tonight. In another gnmr llnjncs Men's S!:op will moot Terry's Service Station, ive lirsl contest opens at 7;:!0 nv:nck. Hughes is setting ihe league jwcc with four wins antl no losses while Robinson, having played one more e.imc. Is in second place with lour wins and one less. Should Uobin- son win lonlgitt it would put thi Druggists in Ire k>aclin» irasilion for the lime b?hij and assure limn o[ at. least u lie for tin' first half lillc should (licy follow lorin b' knocking oil Haynes team in the only oilier game they will liavc to play. Pastime Still llarrirr Hughes with two gnuics In play after tonight will [iicel tough op]K>- sltlon inter In the I'ustlnic DUllard Pnrlor a^grcsalkm before the ilrsl half ends. A win for lingoes lo- nlBhJ would pj.ictlcalty eliminate Robincon firm fnrllicr consldern tlon but would still leave tliu' hard hitting t'asllme tcnm to be disposed of. Tonight's Holies- Robinson battle will be a meeting of southpaws, two of tl.e star burirrs of (he league, nml will probably "altaid tl.e biggest crowd yd. Talmacl?c Huey, the loftlianded ace of the Hughes team, will bo bidding for his fifth victory, having been the winning pitcher In all of bis team's game.?, liuey has allowed less than three runs per gnme and bus cx- ccleilt control, compared to tliL usual Softball hurler. Hucy will b? facing the heaviest hitting team ii tile circuit tonight, however, in the Druggisis. Vernon Hlmcr, Robin soil's crack southpaw, beaten only bj' Pastime, will be Huey's opponent Rimer is also Mmicthlng of n hit ter. trailing Izzy Tf.omas in tin baiting race. Improved Teams Clash In the second half of tonight', double-header two teams that have shown considerable tuipraremen despite their low position in th title race, will clash. Haynes Men'. Shop nnnexeil its first triumph las week lo break a losing strenk am intends lo keep winning tonurh Terry's service Station inherited o position fur back In the whri it took over Klrby Broll-.ers cnlr -ind lost last week. Despite Hie taii-cnd position [he Gassers np pear to be comers, looking good I defeat last week. Confident-Hut Not Tiikinc Chances __TUESDAY,_ MAYJZ2, IS 'raining religiously for liis comiiiK wr'llerwci'jhl lily bum Mith Jimmy MclJiriiin, Unrncy Rass,'' llghL eight clininp, Is shown above In ucllon nt bh IMIIIII ;it H-rndalc, N. Y. Ix.'ft, lie Li punching tin bag; right, toss Ing the ini'dlcliu; bull, und, cenli-r. icudy Inr his .shower alter n strenuous workuut. mm ROSS is HE'li BERT ,ight\vei(?l)t Champion Explains Why He Will Defeat Fouls Mnr Wrestling Show; Smilh Indol'inildy Suspended last niyhfs Hiuuli punishment up. until the Both matches on [ wic.stlLni! emit at the armory eel In fouls, li-iivin^ a audience Jet-rim; loudly. By BAItNKY ItOSS rifbt Chnmiiinn uf Ihe World FERNDALE. N. Y. — While my opinion concerning my coining ic-tiirned lo the ring for tlie las dLssalislled fall. Smith .suddenly took the ol lenslvc vvitli roughing [iictlcs- am The principal muleli ended when j CummisskiiiLM- Rnliind rmwled int Kulpli Smith, Jackson, Tenn., U.i- ring to w;im the nmtinen tha tcliool teiii'luT. was (Ilsqualillcd forlfinlher foutinn would not be tul «higgliiK nnd tin; mulch awarded United, fn n moment Smith'start l.i .lolinny Stole, his opiHini-tU.jid rough work again nnd th Ench had won a full. The prelim- I mulch was brought to an nbrup Innry inali-li wns brongbt to n close. lit SIT PERCH time dropped from .312 to *n even .300. Htffcn EVUla* Inprovet I Besides climbing in the drivers] seat in the flag race, R. D. Hughes added «veral points last week to their fielding to lead with a mark of .877. KoWneon is one point behind. The Teachers attack of only .220 15 the lowest. Terry's Service Station (formerly Klrby) has a de, fensiv* mark of but .756. i i »i 01 ,. i Those regular players baiting .300 UK-Mo Shortstop Has or more are: Prprnriniie H^U fin <\«ff Tflomas (Ark-Mo) .583; Rimer necaiKHl!, nold Un SOIt (Robinson) .579; Browning (Pastime) .571; Rodery (Robinson) .500; Joe Apple ban in (Huglies) .500;Rv 3 v FDii-vn j Crockett (Haynes) .600; Sternberg C I SUHstki^P lTerrl " m ' Glover 'Pastime) .467; i>%£ ^±ft... «.~ Loub AH**""" <"*>•<>«> -«2' he crown!" Ginnt Freshman Ball Batting Lead Long Contest The Cleveland Indians smacked . the American League leaders, the Maxvwll .Hughes) .429; Potter Yanks, around yesterday with I (Robinson) .421; L,. Smith (Terry) Earl Averill doing most of the A new menace to Hart "Izzy" | .417; R. Haney (Terry) 400- finn<-kiiis with two homers In the I'homas, Commercial League bat- Scruggs (Liberty) .389; Bunch (Pas- National lengitc Die fast stepping nig king for the last tnree weeks, time) .386; Caldwell (Ark-Mo) 385- Cards ran into cheek at hands as arisen in the form oj Vernou Clyde Lutes (Husrhes) .385; Kramer of the world champion Giants who (Teachers) . 375; Callaway sr. s° ' ar have been taking conslder- (Teachers) .364; Peters (Liberty) al)lc dust In the .pennant chase. Stonewall Jackson bit i lor the Giant cam*. The Pittsburgh Pirattt be»t Phlllks 11 to 4 at Philadeln Seventeen Pirate bits explain ccore. I The Chicago Cuba and Brooklyd 'Dodgers spent the whole'«fwm in Brooklyn's ball park before th Cubs checked out- with the bii end of a 10 to 9 struggle. Three, jiuns in the ninth turned the tricJ _ I in a game that used up about 1 Deals "nd one-half hours. Chicago par! aced a quartet of pitchers 15odgers tried a trio. The Cincinnati Reds and Bostorl Braves watched it rain awhile u-ok the day off it III timer. Hammering out three singles in many trips to the -plate, the .364; Marshall (Hughes) .353: iobinson southpaw ace, added sev- | Crowe (Robinson) .353; "nly-nine points to his .500 average I (Hughes) 325; Yarbro of last week to climb into eecond ilace jusl four crack Ark-Mo points behind the I'ower shortiielder. I'bumas could collect but one base on bulU In four atltempts against "timer last, week, his average ihrinklnv to .5B3, but. • was good The Indians took Ihe Ynnks B. Lutes tn calll P. 9 to 5. Averill did 0'.(Liberty) "'ne (inly by driving In five runs .333; Salmon (Terry) .333; Palmer fo1 ' lll e Indians. Hiidlin benefltted (Liberty) .333; Adams (Ark-Mo) bv 'he Earl's hitting fever while .333; Barnes (Pastime) .333; Cav- ^''le was the victim. It was the . . itt (Terry) .333; Ganske (Robinson) fourth loss In five games for the .333; Hartwick (Terry) .333; Hum- 'omewliat puzzled American lead. phrles (Hughes) .333; Hale (Rob- rrs - inson) L'tiongli lo keep ahead of tlie pack. I Jenkins (Pastime) Isaac (Haynes) .333; close when Ktltlie Hnkcr.was clis-_ iliialined fur fouling Hoy Allen alter cadi had gnlnvd one fall in 11 rniigh sci-iip. Smith wa.s disqualified by the flijht with Jimmy Mcl.arnln may '.referee on order of Commissioner i M,,. nol coincide wllli.that of a number | j,.ff i< n ]:md who .-.aid Uidiiy tliul! ,.,.„ of folks, it Is my honest belief--.Smith tins Ix-cn baneil IndeFinltely In ex|)l:in:ition of the disqualification of Smith the wrestling rominlSKioiior .said today that both fimllh uiul Stole hud been warned ilnrlni! tin; rest second fal period following that further and I never have been st> sure of anything else in my life—that the night of May 28 will finil me chnm- [)!nn In the welterweight division. T realise McLarnin's vaunted! „.„,„ „„, Tuci ,| ,••„,,,, 1,.,,,-inij imn Stntr slngBiiu! belli hnnds v.'licn ihe inalcl Smith w:is rciiKliiii!; nuiilil not be tolerated, ilr. Roland said thrit Smith, hav- C. Orockett, who patrols We -ixlit field for Haynes, cracM out .our hits out of four to pull his iverage up 'to .500 for the week's Dealest gain. Before his spree .at Hie expense of Holland, Teacher [linger, his card showed one hi I .11 six times at bat. Harold Sternberg collected a pair in as many clianci'6 that placed him in the extra select .500 class. Browning. Pastime outfielder, who was clouting at a .750 pace, was held to one hit by Charlie Scruggs, Liberty fasc- baller, und dropped to .500. The Applcbaum brothers, Louis and Joe, also took a tumble in their averages. Joe slipped lo .500 from last week's .571 while Louis' one in four lowered his figure to a "mere" .462, 'Tiny" Glover, Pastime flrst-sack- cr, failed to collect his usual two hits, his lone single reducing his half a cuiUury mark to .467. Kubimun Boasts Many Leader* Tr.e leaders jn the various departments are: hits—Rimer (Rob- 1 Insoni 11; tolal bases—Potter (Robinson) 19; runs batted in—Potter (Uoblnsonj 11; two base hits—Rodery (Robinson) 3; three base hits Jenkins (Postime) 3; home runs Potter (Robinson) 2; Callasvay (Robinson) 2; runs— Callaway Robinson) 10. Pitching—Huey (R D. Hughes) Won 4, lost 0 Robinson Drug collected but eight ills in tl:elr game last week and suffered a live point loss in their batting. However, their .320 is 20 joints better than Pastime, the only other learn boasting '.300. Pus- Hunt Dykes Is Futile Hero i Tlie Boston Red Sox trimmed (Teachers) .313; Logan (Ark-Mo) ll) e Chicago White Sox in a 10.308; Huey (Hughes) .308; Boone ''ining affair. 13 to 10. As a "man- ^! Thursday Nite8:l£ —ON THE STAGE- REVIE of Colonial Gowns (Haynss) .307. Sinclair Lost Voice In California Campaign v nomination, doesn't re- slralght Jay ,,s many votes as expected. T1 f e w j hlngton natorial celve in this district blami cal Notifi tempo; were forced for the second cancel a meeting u ; ls ing losi the second fall, w:is i 0 , C( j nml s . 11( | , lc Bended 10 use his fists fully when they returned to the rinu'. Warning the perform- punch,,* ability is swaying the i Stole the second end the taller |™ b?'aL"d ^ar^'saW X Smith had won the first fall and opinion of many In his favor, and | hud been dealing out mast of ihe | owr(M1 ' lcm lo return [ o „ , " L^?? 1 ^^'!!.^!..^.!,^ -111, I,™,- promise lo slick ."'to in in: i not a fighlrr to be taken Ihjhlly.! „,„, lKld , ]lut TOB , llak . ( | my (r ,,i, x - wre.slling but that Smith, still mad, Nevertheless, f believe I hold n | in./ sii-jc just a liule dltTercnlly. I soon broke his ng-rcenieiil. Rules probably would scale :u ni for!rigalns.L unnecessary roughing have particularly stressed since distinct advantage, n winning one over McLnrnln. A principal in an j Mcljirnin. As It Is, I'll have a lew imiwrtniit fiijht. f suiipose. .should | more |>D Is. Wvlghlng in time on be inklni; his opponent more w-(M ay 28 Iwen set lor no-Jii. or rioiisly tban T do. but, whether it i just two hours after my hourly Ls strange or not, tlie thought of! b'vaK-ist InTmiV 5 MO'^M" '° '"' am °" lUS ! ' ""I" 1 ' 10 ^P Ol1 ns "8htw.-l.lH to little more^than a pas-smg ev, »: L 1l!l111p S on [rt , J,, 0 Ulni , al " (li ^^ Nashville Wins Close Tilt Lookouts Win Only Other Southern Game tlie bout is of gront Imi»rl9iire to me, since it affords an opiwrlnn- aiMinsi Mcl/.iniin, I inU-iul to limn- defvndiiij; Unit crown, ever li-l it b? .said Hint Barney ^s wim'i bi* nbli 1 (o make t^e lieen openin.; ol Ihe elimination tourney londini; lo ;i inntcli between the v.-inner and Ihe middleweight champion, lloland staled. This has been nrre.ssitry particularly because ttrrsillnj ubility rather Ihan rough Inctii'.s an- ex|H-cted in the winner wlio meets the champion, it i: staled. at \vJiicli Sinclair was to appear. Toledo Students Win Long Bus Fare Fight Jimmy Dykes Is making at DutltW BttCk to I least a great ball player, hitting a homer with the bases loaded to tie the score in the eighth for the Vft I urn M<v<1 Jr. White Sox. It turned out to be in L\J~L\\$ iHOQBlS- ain however. Welch was the win- | nine and Wyatt tlie losing pitcher. SPECIAI TY DANCE NUMBERS I In Keeping with the Colonial Spirit ALSO REGULAR SCREEN PROGRAl No advance in priceA Another manager. Cochrane of the of a cold and ener G etic campaign- TOLEDO, O. I UP) — a good bow (the was at Detroit) after singling across the winning run In the ninth. Jimmy Foxx's home run made a good example for two team mates, McNair and Cramer, who also hoisted a blow each out of the | park. The Athletics won as a re- Students suit, 7 lo 3. The Brownies were Rookie Salts Redbirds The St. Louis Cards found Rookie Joe Brown an eight-hit "puzzle of four Toledo colleges have won I the losers. Cllft parked one out- a two-year fight for a five-cent'side the park for Mr. Hornsby. school bus fare. The Community Traction Co, has agreed to comply, for an experimental period. Students benefiting will b e and lost n 5 to 2 decision to Ter- those of the University of Toledo,'ry's Giants. A homer greeted Bow- Mary Maase College. St. John's man when he was called suddenly College and Toledo Teachers' College. Cards will identify those eligible for the special fare. Read Courier News Want Arts. to start the game after Fitisim- mons, regular, slated to work, was Injured. Bowman shifted his wad to the other Jaw nnd went t to work. The Cards quit for the day. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency I General Insurance K Utes he me at incsmc ie. vor(1 fol . T am not counting on any (oa 1 | O that r cimrt |ller( , is []Q . anil nni loi« iiller The Nashville Vols won their second straight game from Little Rocks Travelers in the Southern Association race yesterday. Tlie score was 7 to G. Chaplin was the winning pitcher and Willoughby tl'.e loser. Tile Cbnttanoog.i lookou'x turned back the Birmingham Barons H party wilh Jimmy. H will be a right, this fi.'hl with' McLarnln. rn prove and one of (ho tesl ever witnc.«.'d.| i; in di-h-ii.-*- My confidence Is based solely on (itt|.> my know!crtw thai I Iv.ive speed, boxhiij ability, and necessary .stamina :ind strength for such a 1 :M<| H as impends, to olfsot the alii!- HU?s of McKirnin. I never Have Ixvn stopped or ! even floortxl in my ring career, and I I don't think Jimmy will be Hi. ' first to accomplish the feat. I have been training faithfully here for this nll-iiiiporlniu twit of my career. Although the weii;!:t inestlon is of no liniwrtnnrc a.<= far us I am cunr.-rned. I am tr.nlnim for thLs bout ii Operating on the principle of Ihr Meihoscope. an Instruinent Invented in fxindon ciu".bles a le.ster Ii- detect leaks in water pipes and of Ihe lyhlweljlit also lo deterinlnc in which way Hie wilier is flowing. !'",. ns , T . ll K ht » c! Shl to 3 at Chattanooga: Holsclahold the Barorrs in check, giving up but nine hits. Dunnaway was the losing moundsman. Klnmpp hit for the circuit. Bad weather caused postpone- i. , -- meiit of other games in tte South- I- ' 1>S r e crn leigne. i " la i' (ir .v out in just the same man- ] iM for (lefeiifo of my The sccred buiis of India me males ol the zebu, or Indian ox. a beast ol burden found since ancient times only In Africa, India, and Madagascar. My managers. Art Winch and Sam Finn, nnd myself have worked out a tralnliijt pbn tor Hie flna! 1. Allt:ou.:!i il. just a.s if I vv-ere makins 135 cr under, th.- d iv before the ndit 1 will vary my usual routine by nirlakin;; of a 10 o'clock breakfast—a ].m:e one mn- 'isling of thre.- hrnb c:o;is. po:.i-. toes, and other things. If I were to dlApciKc with (liat. NON-SKID SPOT PAD TRUSSES The Perfect Rupture Holders! .SEE OUR FITTER NOW Consultation and Advice Free. .We h»ve * special type for your rupture I Drug Co., Inc. - * 9Uta SL FOR SALE Laredo Soybeans $1.75 Per Rushel L. R. Matthews Gin Company Yarbro Tuesday • Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-2f>c Nite 7:15, 10-;!5c SEE HIS MIGHTY RAGE UNLEASHED/ ,;>tcsl !»aramounl \c\vs InrluHintr KENTUCKY DERBY TO.M HOWARD COMEDV -UK; MKO\V" Aladdin Magic THE OLD ADAGE, "Man toils from sun to sun, but woman's work is never done'.' is only partially true today. Science has taken an interest in the home of late years, and has done much to lighten the burdens of household tasks. Science has harnessed electricity to make it perform a .sort of "Aladdin magic." It works for us, twenty-four hours a day—and its pay is low considering the labors it accomplishes. It furnishes light and .heat. It sweeps the carpets and polishes the floors. It runs the sewing machine and washes the dishes. It toasts the bread and percolates the morning <cup of coffee. It beats the eggs; it stirs the dough and bakes the bread; and last, but not least, it furnishes the power for the radio to entertain day and night. You learn of .these, and many other time and labor saving devices through the advertisements. They keep you informed of new things and give you dependable facts on which to base a purchase. These are good reasons for believing a product is "better because it's advertised."

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