The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1931
Page 5
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FRIDAY, FRBKUARY 20, 1931 nLYTHEVJLLE, (AUK.)' COURIER NEsVS PAGE *IVB CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and cue cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken lor less than 50c. Count UID words and send the cash. 1'hone 30f> ETHEL HWSTON 0 THEBQB65 MERRILL CO FOK SALE IIKCilN lieilE TUDAY CIMiKII EI.I.A TOLMVEII, <l:iui;li[rr ul a mluUlfr nnd • Icp- ilulKCnl former PHIL VAX miOK.V oritnnlifd • Jnnlur Courier Club In eke *(ma ol lied Thriikh, lo\vn. Juil In keel, life amnng lUe yuunger »et (rcro bc- ru'iitng lou dull. NAllll HUM.OWAY, n yountf WE HAVE discontinued OUr farm | xrllxt »bu ivaa buliolnu nrouthd • ' ' -" -' llic country, • loiilird in llcil 'I'hrutb. Allrarli'J l>7 fjlnxrr, be ncrffd in »tn>- jmd L"llul nurtralu Mud drcurale Ibr new clubhuu«o. He K«>r llic nnme -Jole de Vlvre" l<j (hi- t-lut, nnd MUl£jEe*ted *end> 1m: ic> i;iii<-ur,.> Mr MCOi.o «:AI.- 1.i:\ll. »lm t-iiulj cuuk nnd M|DS n:,d Hlrum n tullnr. llul Mrolu i-nnld nol cumr. In 111* place nrrln-d Ibree ul hU i-.nmlrvinrn. cimlii I'lnM I'||:TII<> cnnli eonkl IIKM'l'O ,-nuld .Inj;. (illiKfr look Ibtm on. FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All var-1 let!es Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, uiylVwvllle. [ 20-CK-TF tj HAVE. uiJ^-Wii^i' 11 ^^* wul *".... operations and have a number 01 mles, horses and farm tools we in will sell ciicap. Call and Billings. 16, we Browne 18C-K.25 FOR SALE—For quick sale a nice up to the minute comer Grocery, • complete stock snd fixtures, considerably less than invoice cost. Address "B", Cornier News. 19P-K23 "••GK RENT FOR RENT—Furnished room with bath and furnace heal-. NO. 111C Chlckasawba Ave., .Phone No. C45. FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath, close in. Phone 785J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TF FOR RENT—Nice front bedrooms convenient to bath, excellent meals, reasonable rent. Mrs. Laughlin, 1415 Main, Phone 313. 19P-K2 FOR RENT—Furnlslicd apartment, 108 W. Kentucky. Phone GB3. 19P-K26 FOR RENT—CHEAP—Two bungalows 101-105 West Cherry. Apply 800 W. Ash. 19P-K2G lirvr "lit, (llnicrr, Ifnrd ,.!tt'""J It-uUiiK, llul I'*"' knowing Uln- m-r, iit-r»i!i;iurd III", to *t"J n« Ilirlr KIU'»I. llul (ur MnKt-r'« K m,U »hr xrule lo SI'KKI) "UMU. n runner Crlenil nr lilncer'*. r,n,l Inillril him. Ske Ml he ttimld sire Hard »ume eumiittl- tlon. Ciiiprr IhiTPIIlion InvlU'd TATTY SliAllS In laUr c:ire »< Siu'eil, tjut I'.-UCy M.iuldn'l t-oine. |i!r;id- IHK loyniiy 10 KHHV JACKSO.V. Mhiri-lllion fllnrer nrnt cu Tditj uhciut It. <:«ltlai; nord Ibul •ilirnl «n» lirlUBli'K •"'• "I'l". »be lur.umh-d Ijotb Kddy nnd I'nllJ lo rniiu'. l^itd} 1 . hnvvevrr. drtlilrd In l>:il] Ihinca 111! tif niultttiK ihlnf;" inKrrntilr for Clnpt-r nnd krrnlnR brr jiud [Inrd xrpurntcd. JlcnntThtle, llrulln bjid m.ldr n Irlii lo i;fiti-n^it nud rrturni-d with u plun 10 kldiin|) Clu^er r.nd hnld faer TUT nitisoni. WUrti Siirrd nnd II|N kl^lrr nr- rlli-d <:fnK«r B..I tiu.illirr «ur[irl Miter's iinmi- «"« «''> m>.V orJcr that must be maintained, nnd tho safe return or (linger—while :he most vital consideration m Uio moment—was nol tho only oue. "But my dears," protested 1'hll, half weeping, "Jon't you realize that K lliey take alarm nnd tear they are BOlng to be cnuglit In tua net Ihcy will llrsl of all tet rid ol —the evidence? And the evidence Is—Ginger." "But we Imve only their word (or It," catd Hard slowly, "that Klio will 10 returned safely In any orcul. H s gettliii; her off their banila that constitutes their urcalest danger you know." "Yes, that la true," said 1'hll 'And I suppose- tliero Is a posal blllly ot iltscoveviuR wliero Iher have got her before they liavo a r.bance to demnnd the money, know—deleclivesl Eildy. you go Mulcolm Heynolds on (ho totctihon for tuc—lung illalancc—Chicago. \V will have him Eeud ua iho best tic- tectlvcs In the city. (Jo one will know l,ut they nro parsonal (rlcnds —her alidnctovs. 1 n^ean. Tltey can be looking for her while wo are waiting to pay tho money." pIUS seemed a fair compromise Immediate- return to town was Jenky. who, at tlio mero suggestion, hurst Into n stonn ol (rlshtenad weeping. ii CAN'T slay hero alone," she * iirotcstcd. "1 like (ho Italian ;omletncn lirst rnle, hut all the amo tho lilack Hand Is Italian aud Jenny Is a poor, heliiless thliiR. I lon't daro stay here, Mrs. Tolllver, Just don't ilare. 1 \vaa always afraid of tlie Illaelt Haml." -My dear Jenky," said Mr. Tol Iver. with a mirthless laugh, "thlB ctier I* In iierfect English aw tliere Is no giiguesllon either ot Iho Italian Inlluenco or the Illack Ham! It is probably tho work of a g of ordinary American crookM, try Ins to pick up easy money. We ar not cnllrely without criminals o our own, you know!" "But Iho lilack Hand Is alway the ono that goes around khlnaplii girls cad cutting off their hands a a warning!" sin went. "Well, tlou't worry," said Ph consolingly. "We shall not leav you alone. In fact. I ihluk should all Btny here until tho lecllves come." WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown 104 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prl ccs, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C--n LOST AND FOUND LOST: Female fox terrier. Re ward. Call 505 before 6 o'cloc or return to 119 East Kentucky c-k-23 The first- cuckoo clock, known the Black Forest cuckoo clock was made by Franz Anton Ketter cr in Schonwald, Germany, in 173 A Finnish scientist's asserts tha he has increased garden vcg tabls, fruit and grain crops 51 pt cent by clectrifyin? the which they were grown. soil between their duly to tho stale | AS liard and Eilil . their uersoiml desires In re-i tlieir desire to ill tlml llve t She nCL-r lcii. She ^V:IM n LhtLe nfrnld iilHKi wonld iirnve nllrae- Iturd, nnd Cd Jy 'drvlllahly ed fur Ilnrcl unit I'nllon lo ellirr «hl'e hr »lurk In nnJ imtri-d I'nlty oil wllb Coats Helmed— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS Phone 119 ;-|ic-ci! *H[< Hard fiinniT nnd Fihly :ir« 1,1 invi- nnd Kuril pinna to leiivt-. Anil lit Hint pullil ot the proeri'dtni;* l.lncrr dHnp- l»c:ireil. Sinue lime Inter JKNKY ItltOOrCS dUriiTrra n mcmaue. II contnln* tbr ilpnmnd fur £:K',<HMf. to lie ilrlhrred ncviirdlnt; to liilrr now no u.\ WITH THE STOHY CHAPTER XXX1I1 fpHB girls and Jenky stoull •*- agreed with Phil that the bea possible procedure was to will hold all knowledge of it from th police, comply with all domam prrminlly. and whcu Ginger wa cafe with them once more give tl state an opportunity lo track dow tlie criminals. The men, however, with a gre deal of reluclance, contended th everything possible must be doi to apprehend those , who had . ducted her and due pnnlshme 'meted out-for their offense. Tliere were some conventions of law and Shawnee School News and tlielr personal gnrcl to Ginger. Kihiy quickly put In the cull and when Phil had her ryer on the wire she put It up to m squarely. He mu?t send her at very afternoon the- two best lecllves he could gel hold of, at y price. They must hurry out to ccj Thrush on Hie first train— icrc was one leaving Chicago cund fill which wonlJ get them i the ground by midnight. With then). Mr. licyr.olds was lo ml 530,000 In bank notes ot tliou- ind-dollar denomination. In vain protested that the hanks were osed for Ihe day. 1'hll was one ccu?tomed to giving orders, eii' rely unaccustomed to Impossible ies. "Then Ihe banks can be opened." lie said firmly. "I must ha?e that money by midnight, without fail." Mr. Reynolds sighed but agreed o arrange it. Having laken Ihia iniltal move they were in a complete quandary is to what should he done next. Their Inclination to return to Doorndee—the note liavinf slated Edily announce KO Immediate to extend llie ccarch for Ulnfii looking Sti nM abandoned buildin In the neighborhood and up ai down thu shore of the river, It w Mr. Tolllvcr who suggested th should be armcil against emergency, and as Phil -vlslicd to scud Instructions to the bervuiitd at Uoorndcc. it was decided (hat Mr. Tolllver and Kddr Jackson should go to town ni OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern ct (lie nuasvcra she had received ro enthusiastically frwornule- to rh subject, It waa Inevitable- tliat ey would glvo only Uio immci of osc known to ho fnvornblo aud knilly. Indeed, for all Phil could iw to the contrary, each refer- u-o might havo been a "plant." Vet at i-.Tih fresh act ot gcntlo cferciK-e- and kind, sollclliido on linrt of tlio three men under jsplcloii. they fell a renewal of Met for ivlini flecincd to ho uu. uunde^l suspicions. V BOUT two hours later tlio men relumed from town u-hcro Ihey :ul ^Evcu coniiilelo lustructlona to i'joblns and llamlll ami wliuro iddy had Iwri'ov.-cd four pistols, guaranteed to be In Rood working rder, ono for each of the four men. Mi 1 , Tolllver admitted humbly, however, lliat in case of need the most Hectical nso bo couhl mako ot Ills ucuhl lo by throwing it nt h)s valiant's head. "0!i, 1 wish wo did nol havo to In c usj!idona of—them," IMiil \vlil3- to her husband. "They kiun.- ll nnd feel so Indly nlmut It. llenlto says Ii3 will never sing aisalu until she la found. Aud I'letro Xcein water boiling all [he time BO ho will have frtsh tea ready for her the mument sho arrives." "1 dare say they r.sil iiollilui; whatercr lo do wllh It," said Mr. Tolllver. "lint lliuj 1 must realize thnt under the clrcuir.slLniccn wo are hound lo be suspicious of those- we know least about." At dark the bovg relumed from their futile scaich. They hail gono once In Ginger's roadster, while Phil remained with tlio others al .Mill Rush. As soon as they had gone. Speed and Hard set out along the shore lo continue their search, wbllo 1'hll aud Iho girl:* made another ex- hy canoe up and down the river as fnr as It was navigable on liolh sides of Mill Hush, had carefully explored the ruins of the old mill (hat lay a Little way up-stieaui, nnd hud broken Into the descried fann- h-mso In lilt wnoils below, llul •Stlier showed signs of recent la- haup-tive exploration ot the house, trillion. In llieir hearts, nnd to their shame. »\\- c I]lu5 i j. ist wnlt," said 1'hll they fell as Jenky did. They real-1 bravely. "Uomo, now. Our goad izcd that ^idnnpti'y for ransom was I pictru has t>upj:or ready for us." OV" OOL."F r ,BUS'TeR , ESAP- iep -fo pRiue A SOUF BALU iM A feRV LlMlc>lJE MAUUER [ ^~ hlA'R-'R-'RLiM'F- -I VJAS OHi A SAtLlfV)& V/eSSeL,BCiU*iD VoR C^I^A' 1 ' ~+^- 1 \,^QtlLJ> PRACrrtCE DRIVJIM0 QOCF' BAUI-S TROfVX -THE PECK OF -THE BOAT OUT iMTo "TrlE . WATER , TUO HOURS A PAV'.^.Tr<£ <30>Ur BALLS VIE RE 'FLOATERS -^ AUD MV CADDV VJA.5 A "PET PELICAN TMAT I CALLEP ."{ -^ WELL , SIR —i-Trl WaLlLTJ "FL-V OUT AMP "FLOAT -ft\R£e 14UUDI56P VAF?PS FROM T^E BOAT, MD COLLECT THE GGUF BALLS HIS BILL WAS "FULL. -~ M FeTcM TMew BACK ,Tt>T? M& "To "RE-SUME MV r>wjiMe> PRACTICE:! BOOTS AND TIER BUDDIES IJOOTS ISN'T FOOUN' By Maiirtiij more fietinently rcsorlcrl to by foreign than hy home-born criminals', and what Indeed did they know of Ihe thrco Italians Uey had harbored so intlmaiely? II w.-;3 true that Immediately after their arrival, Phil had secured their full names and their Chicago addresses arid references to whom she could write for fnforina- Ihat Iho money would be demanded from "the other house"—was ncgi- tired by the fact that sinco Giucot iilon as to the character ot each, had disappeared from Mill Rush,! 1'liil herself had dispatched let- she was very likely somewhere in' Icrs of inquiry, and while they were Unit vicinity, and In "event of her j addressed to persons of respond- release or escape would ' ~' '- 1 -'" 1 -~- 1 '- ' ""•'<" likely fo return the'r'e. be mo;tihility, hankers, pricsls. landladies, Italian agents nnd personal friend.^ . An additional objection to ih--:|sbo now realized that despite the With an nflcctatlon of Interest .hc-y grouped alx>iit (be table, sou. "Seven o'clock," snld Eddy Jack- Involuntarily they slshed. It wns .he dinner hour (jtngcr herEelf had chosen fur -loic <lc Vltre. "One reason we are so good." she bad declared body. "Is because wo have dinner at sis o'clock. Von can't start n really wild nlsht with dinner nt sis o'clock. It's so dead, ly respectable." New, at Ginger's hour, they sat at Ginger's table, and she was not there. (To Be Continued) A'JTGCfiEASING "Gulf Service Station Brj'ant Stewart, JIgr. Local and lonf distance hauling. Special rates on carload lots. Team lor local hauling. V. It. WASHAM TKANSFER 1400 Chickasawta .. Phone 851 JACK DELK Padiator Expert, is now with us. New Used nadiators For All Cars J;ickson Auto I'urfs 2020 W. Slain—I'honc GO HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 88c bit Shuck oft, 8Cc per bn., in car lots. Cotton Stiles Sales Co., Inc. Blytheville. Avfc. Phor.c 174 or LD 1BOO. FOR SALE Stoneville No. 1 planting .seed inch and sixteenth staple, saved before ;uiy rains, bix ' J0 ". easy picking, turns out well at Kin. Price 850.00 per ton. l.e.-=s than ton S3.00 per hundred or will exchange ono for two for ;rood prime .'••ecd. J.H. Smart, Sr. 1123 West .Main 1'hone 551 On Friday the 13th, the two lit- i erary societies, Alphas and Utopias, met in Ihe auditorium for a de-• bate. Subject for discussion was. "Resolved That the Motion Picture of Today is Doing More Harm Than Good." Tlie affirmative sid; consisted of Katie Sue Sanders and Shorley Harrison; negative side. Dorothy Adams and Dukie Speck. ! The debate was interesting. A rebuttal was given by Katie Sue Sanders but In the final report the nej- ativcs won by a margin of one point. Judges" .were Mlfs Pcarce, Mrs. M. W. Merton and J. H. Burnett. The girls glee club entertained the Turrell High school on Thursday, Feb. 12th at Turrell. Several I songs were rendered by t ; and a. reading by Marth j Speck, piano solo by Mclbina Saliba, vccnl solo by Hazel Holt and i several other selections were much [enjoyed. | i The Home Economics club enter! laincd the mothers on Friday. Feb. j 13th in the' home economics room with a tea. Jitothers present were: ; I Mesdames Clarence Speck. Tom! ! Willett, W. G. Childress. Will Speck.' I Alberl Norton. J. A. Musick, E. B. iBeil. C. K. Hughes. Will Slaylon. 111. It. Johnson and George Sisk. • [The following girls served: Anna- Ruth Speck, Morinc Merton, and 1 Melba- Seymour. Ilc;tesses were! ! Hnllie Hughes and Mrs. J. H. Bur- j j netle. Music was played by ths slit-' dents. I The Shawnee seniors and a few of their friends were enlartnir.ed I rhursdaynightntlhecouniry home of Mrs. R. S. Bowden with a Val- enline psrly. These attending were: Frances Adams. Alma Sisk. Nina McFatrirtge. Orn Howy. Hazel Holt. Avie Newton. Jessie Mae Harp. Virginia Mor..ague, lx:Use aid M;l- lavel Talc. Rosamond Hcsey and Messrs. Meliv Spc:k. Dukie Speck, Russell Hughes. Jimmle Adams. Jim McDonald. Fred Saliba. Mit cbell and Sam Batidour and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Burnetlc. Oani3E and dancing was enjoyed until a bte I'.our wlicn refreshments were served. The costliest stroke of lishtnin; i on record was the one that starlet I a scries of explosions at the Uni'.ei | ! States Maval ammunition <!?;);!. Lake Denmark. N. J., July 10. 13'M ! The damage was estimated at 533.-1 000,1)00. New York Cotton NF.W YORK. Feb. 20. (UP)—Gotten closed barely steady. Open Hijh Low Cio=o March 1103 1111 1092 ;ay 1132 1KO 1120 iJuly .... 115G The "pogonip" is a fo^ comp-ie^jOct 1183 of fine needles of ice. which o-riirs Dec. ..-.. 1^07 winter in mountainous rcsior." Jan 1217 1102 11SO 120D 1218 11KT2 11 SI 1125. 1H>5 1172 1111 1190 11DJ 1201 12C1 i ... . of western United States. H is re- : Spots mitot at 1100, crT 20. ported to be dangerous to the ancMs greatly dreaded by l!,e In- , Iron, with a specific gravity of 7.84, will float in liquid mercury,'. the specific gravity of which i: j Mar. 13.59. 1 May ; July 1 The fastest lainlall ever meas- Oct. ured occurred at Opid's Camp, Cal., Dec. NEW OnLF.ANS. Feb. 20. tl)P)— ! Cultcn closed steady. 1 Open High Low C'j 'fe j 1107 1110 ICM'2 10W 11S-I 1133 1120 1121 I 1157 1162 1189 1189 1203 1210 1211 1215 Jan. ... 1M5 mo 1192 1200 of rain fell iii one minute. FRECKLES"ANnTus FRIENDS po'.s steady at 1COD. off 16. to n i; Ad Taker will he irai- 1 ;- m it ted to 17.030 readers. Call 306. ore Certain Ihorc Is only one instant- ii: each day when it is the tame day everywhere on earth. That is the mcmcnt when it is noon at Greenwich, England. At that stroke ol 12 it Is midnight along the 18011: meridian, do-in through the Pacific ocean, and It is the same dat? everywhere en earlh. j In sotr..' old Chinese temple I there are prayer wheels liiEcritD I with a scries of prayers down tin .sides of the wheel which nre suit ! ablo for any occasion. Tiie very de ^•out Oriental selects a prayer, turn. |thc wheel to It. and the prayer isj i as rjoor! ns prayed. ISW'T SOIMfJ TO SUOCJT LIMDY 1 got U^A To LET WC TA!t6 wu. vis eer VoO 10 ~R**IH MHTH A 8SOXSN LES? 2£23^ -J VERY STRANGE! By CTBHI IS MINISTER Of MRCMIS OM WfvSrt IN PRISON cNT PMu CM.13 JUST DESSERTS FOR. ATTEMPT fVE lEMO. I Wt--.L PROOF 66TTOVOJ. PtRSONfVt. OPINION ftt.VT 1W WE NO WECE footto ev PROF. r_t. iHKf HW VARIOUS MM EXPU)Sa'E.S SlKH ,UD T.N.T. gROUCiHT EEMTbYoUR CELL, MSOTHE WKSVENTiON. NOUJ, 1 yJEELTORN DM VOUR. MOMOllxouxC KIU US!

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