The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE 3, 194C, BLTTHEVILLE (AKKJ, COURIER CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION pfcU Lint lot Mk»*e«Uv« laliuum Chare* , »0i tlm» p«r lia» IK* per Uni yer A*y — -^ 18* p«r U»e per d*y .. , t* «• p«r Jine per U*y Te Let yer Una p«r d*f _——_, (« " l p»r UBS fOo life tYcraf« wordi U tfe* UMI. ordered lor lhr*« ur ilx tliuee md before expiration v.ill be ehftrtfiil T (be number of time* Iliu td iiipetrtd d uijustuient of bill mh<10. All CJaEEifleil Advi'i-* isiuir coy7 tab- tted by p era one residing outildu of iV« ty iiiuBt IIQ accumpank-il liy cash. Kalei »T be e«»llf computed Iroia tht above blu, A<IfertUlo8 or<Ier (or irifgnl»,T Iniei- >BI ikVes tlie one lime rM«. No re»i)ODelliilitr will be Ukca for mOr* »B one Iucorrect ineeriJon of »oy ol*»- Oil flovc cli-niiini; mi'l rejuirlnB, Cull aiSl. Krciicii'ii Groct-'ry, 31-i)k-Ul7. ftlMO.S* HLAN1). rinmber. 208 \V. Ark. ' ' 30-i»k-(i|U r.fTo ANS" If you want a \% GI Fx>an to buy a honie, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH I!L1H,. l»hone 2031 or 51)2. ACCIDENTS! YOUR DRIVIN . . . YOUR CA for Sal* punlifnl hmnlnmdp ucrctu block laying, ccriit'itli'r Ijousc piiiiilltig, 1'kuUQ 2U2'). work. 0 10 Uaby.siuliiK. fliy n'yl't. Kerorencea; '.(So ]KT liour. Oi\ll a4^y or 4(13. lil-illi-lf needn cK'nniiiK or , I. All work Kiiar- I J7-|'k-.>l lum you oil lilo ri*4>n]riiL£ t>«ll 3 anti-oil. lloiuea moved »nd foundations rcuaircd, C:L[| 4'J2 or syo Frank Urockctl. ISlL mid Vino. ll-|>k-61ll t'asluiii; autl Ironing, flntihed or rouyh Ury. ulso quilts fcnd blankets. Willie Hell Orcon. llolilnd Clly Ice I'lnnl. N. Higliwuy 61, B-l)k-0|'J llli tirrs. I'lm ,.,•,:,II,, 'J«7. , I I ,i:l JU-nri llsoil jiUi C. C. Aihi Innil, Mi, V-S House-moving, leveling, repair of foundations. 12 yrs experience. Necessary equipment. Virgi! Foley, phone 3917 or :i292. 5-7-pk-C-7 Yes, one way you can help check accidents is by careful driving. But you can be doubly sure, by having your car in a safe operating condition. And we are prepared to help you do this. During the Police Safety Check, we arc offering every Ford owner a free safety check. Play safe, drive in today. We'll give your car a free inspection promptly. BRING YOUR CAR "BACK HOME" FOR A FREE SAFETY CHECK 'ck •(,!,! liahy 'r mill surti- 'nullvy i'ri-il. •liii-l.. fi'i'd. "Tn i:. :,,k.i; ,'hile Angora Hahbits. Call Larry livrum, phono 2275. . G-a-ck-7 l.sivn m All ly|i |iaiv«f absr pencil kiiAlti. V. ng. Vo§, we p UljriliuUlle U and ck up and obhie Khup. 41l2-cV-tf irantj new a jiiet'e porcolaiii and ehromo'-dinette suite. Practically new Siny;r vacuum sweeper. Call 3255.1 C-3-pk-G I 5uy your Gould's Electric I'limp now licfore they he- come scarce a^ain. I'lanl- ers Hardware Comiiany. 5-a8-ck tl pe AIIfii Motor Tunii-up machine fac- T.'con«niir>ner. hcu Motor Halus. Main, I'ljoiirj 500. *[20-ck-tt Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 804. 3-lH-ck-tf Help Wanted COMES FIRST During the Police Safety Check Program, we will give preference In «U •afety service. Bring your Ford "back home" to ua where you will get factory-approved service by our ex* pert mechanics. And you'll get Qea- uine Ford Parti, too! •H Owck MAXES mis LIGHTS HOIN WIND SHIELD WIPER Political Announcements Tb« OaarMr •utbariwd to mimmMn th» (oUow- i«C OUHUdktM. MUM* to U DemocnUc prtivuy: •HEKirr AND OOLUOTO* JACK TOTLTT ROWMBOM WILLIAM BERKYMAN COUNTT nmoi OKNX «. BRADLBT ROLAND GREEN FOR TAX ABBEMOB UOTLB HKNDSS8OM W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CLBBK ; HARVEY UORRU COUNTY COURT CUUt I KU2UBETH BLTTRB CODNTT TUMtrmBB DBL1A PDBT1* •T4TK RCrUtSCNTATIVM ALBNK WORD E. O. FLBKVAN LBBUX "DUXIE" BfWCf. U H. AUTRT W. J. WUNDKRLICH (Far re-«iMUM) STATE SENATOR J. LEK BEARORN JKFFERSON W. SPECK CIRCUIT JDIK1K E. a. WARD I. M. OKEKH TlKTe HIV npiiroxlinnlvly 34.500 members of (lie Comnuml.sllc ji;uly In UK' United slntts. . V AC-ATI 0 N'I Z E Don't have your vocation ruined by car troubles on the road! Have repairs taken care of now for smooth, carefree driving. I'll!]!, "l,»?i:<- liu. Whippoorwill Peas. Ktylheville Curb Market. 130 E. Main 6-7-ck-tf !«•(> inirft brctl young ilalry bu!!s. l Joiscy, 1 Holsleiii, J. E. Krcch, Clcir T .ak« Koad. 1-iiX-li r-rootn house from u n .viter. fi-0 nil molal Mr.l JU>'I']MCO(!K rirurfl. -inr, DJ<i;tf CO, \V«st .Main Ht m IIIMISO with liath hml. CEiiKc in, itii lif.use. iuj lia(!i t] lociitul. SI^OU. convivk-loly fur . om Iiotisc yo 5lM). -'•*!:« ly i ]i:ivo sonit.- y yiiiK- $250 pu ml coiiilillo ilncoraU-il & ssession clns In. roof. lUm.'s, Farim Owm-rs. etc. Wrili. iodny 1. OHIO. H fnr CO., I •. l-.s'.nli ) l.uml»!i Till'lTIIS CIlll.S „! Tru.-'. I>«'liiil«. TIL [•'(i. DAVTO- PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—BlythevUle, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Don't Miss the Big Parade Saturday at 3 p.m. TUc world's oldcsl republic Andnini, In Hie I'yivnci's. Wanted To Buy In ynoil Any liuko or innili'l rni I linn. .Nil' .Ifnlon. I'll Usod claritiiil in cooil or,?. fnnilHitin. I'limi.i nil itlcul )ONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the 1(>|) nricc for your cur or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. v - fi-3-ck-tf aily t( - cnr. IjiiiUlin-j tots. um iifiinc & bnlh. (ri.inl crtiiilttinn. $")5 Main. O.icnr Alcxnn<l . W. . Kslalo & Tt-iriltv-oo«I 0tt^ ii_^^- t vr I'hone rance, |Vcw 14 ft. Sea Horse hoal and 16 hp .lohnson motor. .1. C. Ellis Jr., phone (U4 ir 2097. " 5-29-ck-G-4 Goad home and pa? for elderly lady to keep house for slnftU rainily G35 l^aKn 1-l.k-t lliii jiarl 201, v-(irl[v: Mi'n nr won linn-, tu si-II irr:tHli ii r^i.'.uc*ri(V._ Ftn><li!tuil fo In.siiriitirc t'O-. : 1*. (I iLtf.sbfJro, ' Ark. , aO-ck in^torcr.i ivnlllfd. -$l,7r> per liniir <:: or ->virn 0. A. T.irl.nin. .1 10 llolfa .ST.. .Tncksonvillo, Fin., I'lumc 7 ir.l)f. 27-iik-«i: loili-j UM I. A. I'hono 22S9. nilnka ami cameras Kluiliu. ]i:iy rush for "«''il fnrniiiirB. im( ipvc fir K Ivoiisr lull. Call 2-i02. AV in llarjj- FiirjiHure Co. 4|10-cV-lf Oil llruwn wuys findr in II, i Junior 111 in JSIyllii-vilU- i I'nlr Kh,<K,'3 in Ilr. I.oil Kri'tAJ- nielli lluwnr.l. I'lioui' K-,. n •! :-,«! p.m. ,' .him. 1st. V Tlil» liiin Srlionl uirl v; I i Uin.i nil ,1. :i.,,t- r.l ill'. Situation Wanted ninn drslri'i Hi>5 11. ,1., Arid seed corn, early ma- luring. §7.50 per bushel. I,. K. Asficraft Company. I'hone 493. . 5-28-ck-tf Experienced .housekeeper and cook (or small family. iMust be honest, reliable and come highly recommended. Good home and salary. Write or call R. L. Wade, Blytheville, Ark. |Dne 1942 l'/ 2 ton dual wheel Ford truck with good bed. Motor & tires A-l shape. Phone 2088 daytime; 055 after (i p. m. o-29-ck-fi-n |[ r or Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-tl IHIIT $15 I'imm- 201!0 2T-ck.O': I'l.lVKII "81)" i. k ' Uisr yiinii B ii Mnnilrv, rrllriit ron'li Disc Ilnrrrnv IVcw Phonographs, aufomati' T record changers, ampli Tiers, microphones. A1 makes to select from Parkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-6-l Wonderful opportunity in si rapidly expanding old established company for men desiring to make retailing their life's work. A-l character references required. Ages 25 to ,'J5. Experience desirable hut not essential. Willing to move. Rapid advancement for those who qualify. Good pay and paid vacations. Call at lilytheville Jim ISrown Store. 105 W. Main and ask for Mr. I.oschky or Mr. Drumright and ask for appointment. 5-:U-ck-(i7 EMERSON ATTIC FANS Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO 1 N C. ' For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel BIdg. * Have a motor "tune-up" now ... Before vacation driving. A complete lubrication job, tires checked . .-.or any other necessary repairs made. CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of BlyrheviHe" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. Hattcry and Kleclric Radios 210WMnin Phone 314S toy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Gas and Oil* 301 West Walnut PhoiM 57B We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plant* Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Maih Phone 973 Local Si Lent Distance Mnvinr Competent Help ftud tuntpnent. Ad*- quatelr Injured. Oontrftct HAUlLug •ud Mile. StrtlcM. name Service & BtormKc Co. i'bont ZROl Cerfect npklriuit for today's ex- rjnkitr fontwenr anarcd when rebuilt In car nodern ihopk JUflLlTY SHQC SH-OP i zr w M'CII M »T. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAl,, SMITH, CORONA I-ml KKM1NCTON I'OUTAIH.K 110 N. SECOND ST. P11ONE 3'MZ (Every Trnnsnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Ciiiiranteed Ik'.st Prices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rats Roaches Biddl* Exterminator* M«mter NutT. T* 115 ». ThM B*. See us about your serr- ke on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have : a complete lubrication department. [ We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for can and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stock* of F»rt« For Chrysler Product* 1Z1 r.. Mata PbaiM Z1ZZ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES We'll Sec BY EDGAR MARTIN Ijust arrived large shipment Traveling bags and accessories. Parkhiirsl Co. : 5-17-ck-G-17 |AT "I'AHKHURST new mpd- ern gift items. Arriving daily for Graduation, Hirlh- Hay", Father's Day, Wedding Anniversaries, or any day. 5-i7-ck-6-17 llood JrrH'y "lilch coirs. Plinne S6!>. ll'icture frames made to order O'Stcen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf |lroccry Rlore with livinp .-itiartors. lo- ri'llirr witU -I ronl^l IIIHIKCS. Aiipror- iinfttply 2 ftfri-9 <vf Ir.Tiil. Kronts VT Ilwy, 61. Imrdrrs on Cntloil lioil k.R., I,!OR] lorali-in for InilnRlry. See Hncli*n&n's Oorcpry, X. Hu-y. 61. For Rent Allic Inn. niO W. 22.i>k-lil23 Saicswork in the new Blytheville Jim Brown Store. Good pay, vacations with pay. Pleasant working conditions. Permanent position. A-l character references required. ARCS 18-35. Experience .destrahle, but not essential. Ask for Mr. Druhirisrht or Mr. Loschky Jim Brown Store 105 W. Main. Phone 581. 5-:51-ck6-7 For R*nt slid! npar ily. I'lion,. Tlrrlrnom fi-ir,'d. Altrnflivc Ijf.ln JI32S. fill \V. M.iin. •tinrnl with priv West Ilcnrn SI. 1'hnn Wanted to Trade |Will trade -II-12 model cars for 38 or 30 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co.. ath anil Walnnt. fi-3-ck-tf wlml n-hnl ' :-room furnished n. Couples only. Phono 070, Room a Ash. Bedroom with kitchen privileges, 3333 3-roorn honso dilinn. l')iii 207 v^ mid ilon'l. want you r|o vv.inl. -Sat- cil. Kllirrl Huffman Mnln Slreot. Krilroom 314 Iscfore you start out on that summer vacation trip.. . let our mechanics check and double check your car. Test Batteries! Change Oil! Reset engine timing! Tune-up motor! Adjust carburetor! You're assured nt smooth traveling with o«v final "ok." Lanoston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Broadway Service Mobil Gas WRECKER SERVICE Telephone 553 ncdccoraicd Txdroom, private entrance, kitchen privilege II desired. 218 t>avis. room. Tlionc 2920, Ninlh. Ph (\W> eOUD Oft/ H WO. THft BD VOOOD.T ft 6OVO voovj TO DO SOMETHING FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' How lo Stay Single BY MERRILL BLOSSEF YES, HILDA—I HAVE A UTTLE ADVK.B TO GIVE YOU .' L COULDNT HELP NOTICING TMB IM- DtFFERENCE ~lGO SHOW THAT SMITH BOY WHO CAUS OtJ VOU/ HILDA, A PRETTVGIRL. CAM AFFORD TO BE IN DIFFERENT OMLy UP TO A CERTAIN COME IMSlDE? AMD iLLTfiL. YOU'ABOUT A YOUNG GIRL WHO -SMARTED HERSELF INTO SPMSTSK/-IOOD! ALLEY OOP Chance for Action BY v. T; IVELL, WOW THAT 1 AKE &ONE , T GJ MIGHT AS WEU. ALOM& HOME VVHV CON1TCHA <v AW, NUTS, TP LlliE &UMP1M MORE EVCmMG... LIKE A 6OOO RIOT..I AIW'T HIT A 6OOP UK<JN N'KNOVV. OOP, CAM TIME sv CATCHIW& UP ON oue TAKE A. CRA.CK AT PICKLE-PUSS DILL, THE KILLER?

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