The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH li 1949 BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK FIVE TO MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS |_ Call Sit «r *»e BW la Infran Bulldlnj Groan* flw. real Cttr Drnf Store, 32 step* o« Main at United Inavranc* FRANK D. UNDERWOOD AUCTION SALE MAIN STREET STORE , TO BE CLOSED OUT J Everything will be sold at the price you'll pay. ... .. ... Fixtures and Equipment will be sold. > WATCH FOR THE NAME SALE WILL START FRIDAY, MARCH 4th ANNOUNCEMENT LARKIN M. WILSON, Agency Manager of The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S. announces the appointment of ELBERT S. JOHNSON as Special Agent for Blytheville and vicinity. Mr. Johnson comes to us highly recommended and we feel fortunate in securing his services. THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY of the United States 201-210 Boyle Bldg. Little Rock, Ark fanned British Aid Is Minimum EGA Head Declares Any Reduction Would Have Adverse Effect WASHINGTON, M»r. 1. (Ifi— The administration advised Congress yesterday the proposed $8*0,000.000 In new »lo to Britain Is a "light fit"—the absolute minimum need- | ed. "Any reduction in It," declared Paul Hoffman, head of the Economic Cooperation Administration, "would adversely affect contliulcd recovery Jr. both the United Kingdom and Western Europe." He and c- group of advisers from various brandies of the government appeared before the Senule Foreign Relations Committee as the aftermath of a trans-Atlantic discussion of the state of Britain's economic health. The whole thing began with a .speech Christopher B. Mayhew, British undersecretary of foreign affairs, made at a United Nations meeting last week. Mayhew said his country had Just about recovered economically. Tnc Senator asked Hoffman about, that "Mayhew had been needled by the Russians and was making an appropriate reply," Hoffman said. "The speech was entirely political in character." Hoffman said Mayhew's statement had been "repudiated" by Sir Stafford Crlpps, the chancellor of the British exchequer, in a tele- grain to the Economic Cooperation dministration. Statements Vary Because of varying official Brlt- h statement* as to how far she as recovered from the strains of ar, the committee called in Kofi- nan to justify Britain's share ol he new J5,580,000,000 European Recovery Program. "Until Great Britain's earnings of ollars through exports and services o the United States and other hard urrency areas are sufficient to p«y or the essential Imports she imist lave, she will still need American aid,' Hoffman said In his prepared .escimony. "We are convinced," lie asserted 'that the salvation of Western Eur- Something New Has Been Added This Is the way the U. S. flag may look »om« day—soon, Alasknni and Hawaiian: hope. It hns 50 itars, (he two new one« representing Alaska and Hawaii, which are seeking statehood. Jenny Irish, White Ilousa secretory, displays the flag after It was presented to President Truman by E. L. Barllett, territorial delegate from Alaska, ai a gUt from the Alaska Territorial Federation of Labor. 'Axis Sally' Tells Court That Others Used Her Name in Nazi Broadcasts WASHINGTON, Mar. 1. (rt'J —TtlcH in (he "Axis Sally" treason trial sought to show yer.lcrclny thin another broadcaster called herself 'Axis Sally." Mildred E. (Axis Sally) C.lllurs. 4H, testified* that she heard in 1043 that 11 broadcaster in Rome was using the mi me "Axis Sally." John M. Kelley, Jr.. chief government prosecutor, objecled to the testimony. Judge Edward M. Cur- raii sustained him. He ruled that Miss Gillar.s I'.ad no direct Information about the Rome "Axis Snl- ly," having heard of the broadcaster lertlny. from a'nothcr person. "" Miss Gillar' lawyer, James J. State's Farm Crop Income Hits New High LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 1. (fl'j—Al kansns' farm Income in 1948 rcuchi- a record high of $577,000,000, tl Crop Reporting Service snld ye Miles McPcek, agricultural stf tlstlclnn. said last year's Laughlln. then'askcd her it she ever tiom bolh (arm crops and llvcslo heard broadcn.ste by "Rila Zufoi or a person with a name something like, that." Mis Oillars replied that she never heard her personally. She added: "I think I've told you I never ope depends upon joint economic effort of all the participants and can only b« achieved by mutual aid and closer economic cooperation. "Any setback to a country so important as Britain would be bound to have the most serious consequences." In describing the $940,000,000 as the "absolute minimum," Hoffman said the program it would cover had been screened not only by the British, and the Economic Cooperation Administration, but also by the Slate. Agriculture and Commerce Departments. Of all substances, bismuth is the least permeable to magnetism, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. American Legion Fifth District Meeting Sunday, March 6th at Community Center, Osceola. Church, Dinner, Business. Every Veteran Is Invited! '^~ You know we have a certain amount of pride in our Post, we feel like we have earned the right to ask You TO KEEP YOUR DUES PAID.—The American Legions Birthday is March 15th there is a FIFTH DISTRICT MEETING AT OSCEOLA next Sunday, when we will have as our Guest The National Vice Commander, The Commander, Dept. of Ark. and The Manager of The Veterans Administration (Lubbock, Texas)—our membership is about 1400, and we need 110 more members to meet our Quota. . Won't you please pay your Dues, this week. James Nierslheimer, Commander. Dud Cason Post 24. O THINGS TO REMEMBER * The American Legion sponsored all worth-while legislation that has been passed of benefit to (he Ex-Service man and his family. The Greatest piece of Legislation ever passed in the Halls of Congress beneficial to The Veterans was The "G. I. BILL OF RIGHTS." Sunday, we have one of The Co-Authors as our principal speaker. U. W. SISSON. American Legion Program Laughlln then asked whether she caused an Investigation to be made of the Rcme "Axis Sally." She said that she did. Judge Curran again sustained oh jectious by Kulley. The 48-yea-old, Maine-born defendant is accused of serving the Nazis In wartime against her country. This Is the sixth week ol her rial on treason charges. Under questioning by Lnughlln, Miss GillaiE went over testimony of several former soldiers who have Decn government, witnesses. She denied the testimony of Michael Evanick that she introduced hcrsel! as "Sally" when she visited a prison of war camp at Chartres, France, to interview Amerl- caiis there. ''I''never Introduced myself by the name of Sally," she Insisted. She added that she used the name Barbara Mono. She said she had chosen that as her stage name. Miss Cillars also denied that she threatened American prisoners . or that they threatened her during a visit Lo a prison camp near Hammerstein, Germany. la the state wus 15 per cctit hifih than that of the previous year. I said the Incrctisc was due mall to a 47 per cent rise in crop pi ductlon. which more than ofTs lower prices. Farm crops accounted for $40 000,000 of the lotal. Livestock valued nt $171.000.000. Arkansas' Increase In farm Income was the largest In the nation last year, with the exception of those In Connecticut and Delaware, the statistician .said. For safe, comfortable and economical operation, make sure your truck lias a sound, well-aligned chassis, balanced wheels, good springs, correctly adjusted steering angles and first-class brakes Cor dependable slops. Our brake reconditioning service is JUT formed by expert mechanics, equipped willi special tools to in rn out top quality work — Jail and at low cost. We align truck wheels with special Instruments and gauges—accurately ind quickly. Our International -Trained chassis men check your chassis accurately and thoroughly, paying specif attention to j steering geometry, axle alignment—every part of that all important truck framework that carries the payload. See us today about complete wheel; brake and chassis service. It's * de' pcndable, economical service that pays for itself in safety, and low-cost operation. And for all oilier truck tern ice—depend on us. INTERNATIONAL' HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTHS™ ST. PHONE863 George Washington wnn the oldest son of Augustine Washington by a. second wile. f»JTil>M*T10Mgl INTERNATIONAL Trucks • REHABILITATION • CHILD WELFARE • HOSPITALIZATION COMMUNITY SERVICE This Program Concerns You and Your Family In case of sickness, you have at your command the finest Hospitals and Doctors in the world. In case of death, your family will receive $150 burial allowance, headstone and flag...also, if requested, the services of Dud Cason Post. In case of sickness or distress, the Child Welfare will tide your family over until an adjustment can be made. The Post has a Service Officer who will assist in filing claims to help veterans with readjustment and rehabilitation problems, the G. I. Bill of Rights.. .Schooling, On-The-Job-Training. Special Committee to assist on Employment. This. Post sponsors Boy Scout Troops, Junior Raseball, Know Your America Oratorical Contest, History Medals, and Flag Code. Do you know, IF CONGRESS had taken the suggestion of The American Legion as set up by The Mandates of THE NATIONAL CONVENTION, there would not have been any World War 11? It Is An Honor and Privilege to Wtar This WHY NOT PAY YOUR DUES NOW? Eligibility dales: April 6fh thru Nov. 11,1918; Dec. 7th thru Sept. 2nd, 1915 LITTLE ROCK, Mar, 1. </P>—The kansas HOU.W, which has beci ticizcd frequently by Little Ror* v.'snaners, yesterday passed and nt to the Senate a bill whicl ulct permit lihc! actions against a wspaper to be prosecuted In any unty where the newspaper cir lates. The proposal by Rep. Claude Cot t of Benton County authorize its for libel or slander to be com encod and prosecuted "in th unty wliere the libel is circulate the slander uttered" and per its service of process "on defend its or agents by sheriff of an unty wherever the defendants o gents ma-y be found." Another venue bill by Coffelt ab> a.s passed by the House. It would low suits against state policemen or personal injury or ccalh to be led in tile county where the tn- ury occurcd or in the county where le injured person resided at the me of the injury. That bill ako ocs to to tiie Senate lor its con- Idcralion. m. ildt wall ti<M and road letup* or. Every road a *becl of roses"! So-called "velvet ants" are not ams, hut wingless relatives o[ the wasp family. Ancient Babylonians and Egyp- ians early learned to measure time accurately by the sundial. Head Courier News Want Ads. A Real Relief For Stomach Distresv Acid Indigestion Yes, this fart has been time-tested and proved by Doctors. Better dayt will be yours, too. So why wait when there Is no need to continually swell- up like R balloon and feel miserable after every meal. An appetizing portion of SSf Tonic before meals does wonders foi the stomach. This famous medlciiv. contains no soda or other nlkalizen. which usually retard digestion. Instead, SSS Tonic with Its highly po tent ingredients works to tone-up the stomach so It may release its own digestive juice (hydrochloric acid) to break-up food for body use and tissue repair. SSS Tonic has helped hundreds of thousands of people, without any organic trouble or focal Infection, to really feel better, more vigorous, better able to enjoy living. Take none less than Ihli effectively-proved medicine to relieve your misery. Take SS3 to tone-up your stomach, whet the appetite tulld-up blood strengtlil Get SSS Tonic from any Drug Stora today. T«kt Only THt Beit rpiiEKE is no ride—nviMr/ no rf/fc—rnii'.e like the .1 luxurious ride of llio lU-tU Lincoln CosmopolilanI II is so smoolli ... so (jiriel . . . so magnificently "vclvclcd" by superb springing, it liler.illy transforms every road into a "bed of roses." Once you experience it, this luxurious rnadability alone should uc enough to make your fine-car choice a Lincoln Cosmopolitan. Yel it is niutVly one of llie riany special comforts this magnificent car provides. You are offered—nol merely a wide clioio) of rich interior upholsteries—but a elioicc unsurpassed in the fine-car ficldl In fact, this is so completely a "luxury" car, Ihat pnsli-bntlon windows, nnd foam-rubber cushioned seats are "standard equipment"! Yon enjoy-not merely "better than average" vist- bility-biil visibility unexcelled by any oilier Roe car, loo. Its windshield, for example, is ft curved single piece of safely glass almost five feet widcl And at j'onr command is an engine—the great ne\w Lincoln V-lypo "Eight"—lliat is llie very last word for dependability . . . economy,. . . long life! Why not stop in and see this tlmllingly beautiful Lincoln Cosmopolitan soon? A private demonstra- U'on- l wUh you at the wheel—is yours for Uio asking! ' COMPLETELY NEW-YET ROAD-PROVEN 9HP^S^ Swpcrb ncio springing, ptaj a rtcaiil'J reinforced aJBiA- new chassis, make every road seem a "bed of rosotl COME IN AND ENJOY A THRILLING 1949 LINCOLN COSMOPOLITAN DEMONSTRATION TODAYI Still & Young Motor Co. Walnut at First liflCOln-Hercurv Dealers Blythevilje, Ark.

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