The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS VOU XUV—NO. 37 BlythevlUe Dullj Newr Blytneville Courier Ulythcvlllc Herald Mississippi Valley School Program Caruthersville c DI IL MI ^* s * s ' or R'ver 4$ BlytheVllle Improvements THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKli. OF NOKTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHKA8T MISSOURI m-YTUKViu.i-:, ARKANSAS, .MONDAY, MAY r,. SINGLE COPIES FIVE GENTS Wins Attention State Commissioner Of Education Lauds Planning Octivitics Blylheville's jjlun for thrr rcvunip- iii{; ;ind nuKlerni/jition o; H.s ci.tirn Keliual system has received Hie ai- tcntion of state otliLcutioi: officials iui<l is IH: con liny known lhroui:haiit Arkansas, W. 11. NiclioLson, ^tipurln- Icndent of scliool.s, poiutc-i out lo- ilny us tie ilLsulo.sccl a letter coii- ccrnini! Ltio program received by him from lliilph Ji. Jones of LJtils Iltick, state commissioner of education, Mr. Jones' letter follows: "The Stale PcpaMmenL of Education lias watched wiui i:utiHht l\\u proyres-sivo step.s taken by the lily the villc community rt'Jr.tiv-i to the educational progi aia. Tlic ini- jicndin^; drivt? for funds to provide adequate physical facilities is to be highly commended and should receive tho support of -'jvcry loyal cili/,cii. In the years ahead it will be rcr.ogni/cd Hint this is: the best in vest men I the people of Blytheville could possibly make." This drive will begin Thursday and a large school parade r.nct ''launching ceremony" (s being Wilanned lo mark the sl.nrt of ihe ^^npaign to obtain S50.000 for the ™i - ol a new high school tite, the .step in a lotig-ranyi: prc- yram aiinccl at putting I lie school system on a par with the city's growth. To round out plans for the campaign, the Cili/.ens School Committee will meet with all drive workers and solicitation teams at 'j;30 tonight iii the Municipal Ciurtrcjoin in City Hall. Top Labor Leaders Confer The Mississippi Diver Commission al a public lu'iirjni! | a .st ni^hi ;it Ciinitlici-ivillc. Mo., mrivi-il n re- f|llest for const! Ufticin :ni(i ropaif work on a b;mk c:i\ - c-in North ol" there. The request, present! 1 ;! hy Mayor \V. D. Uyrtl nnd A. 1J. inio'cles. Ca • nithcisvillc bnnkcr. was tliu only one received by the Commission. there in Its construct ion and rep:iir program. S. p. Reynolds, engineer of tlio Little River Urniniijje uistnel. pic- sentcd a request for repairs of ditches and banks in that District FicprcEenlatives from Kloise. Tenn., also presented requests fur work on ;\ hank there. Procedure of the commission <iui'- !MB these hearings is to accept presentation of requests or ctonsid- eration but to make no iinmeiliatc announcement of plans for carrying them out. In chaise: ot' the commissioir.s hearini; was Col. Ivy Crawford of the u. S. E!ii;inccrs Col. Crawford is a former Illyihe- ville attorney. The commission was met ;\l Ca- rulhcrsville by Mayor Byrd ;|id members of the City Council and Board of Directors of the Chmn- ber of Conunerce. Hearings were also held yesterday al Cairo. 111., and New Madrid, Mo. This morning, the commission made ji high-uatcr inspection trip to West Memphis. Shawnee School Plans Take Form Unit, Destroyed by Fire in February, Will Be Replaced First step:;, Iri life rebuilding the Ehawneo' School destroyed by/fi taken and the iiamin; itecl to draw up reconstruction pl£-v--> is expected late this week, H^*[.. Ovcrby, sitpermtendenL cf ihn school, said today. Actual work of reconstructing lite school, the loss nf which was ca-i limated at Sl50.(Kli), \vill begin im~' mediately after the plans arc drawn up. hr said. Following the fire, the schooVi boarrl nt (ii rectors met and set, from $15C,G03 to S175.0CO the amount needed to rebuild /the school. The fire also destroyed all equipment and textbooks. Since the blaze, classrs have been held in other buildings on the campus. No announcement has been made of the amount of funds on hand at present for rebuilding work but it was .said there is sufficient money "to insure the fact that the school can be,^rebuilt." A drive for contributions and donations to uuement to funds on IIIHUI may be held in the near fuliire, it was reported. "Wo may bn in part of the new building hy next Fall and may be using alt of it by mid-term," Mr. Ovrrby said. *L The fire, believed started by a ™hovt circuit, gutled the main school building and left, only the brick walls standing. A larger building of modern and fireproof construction vJplanncd. lohii L. l."\vis ;mc'. I'hilip Murray Unl-.iy put. '.i.iiilK n sis-\v:i\i- nuiiity \\iih a Ini-nilly UamVihal: t < and johicd and A1-"L leaders in a m 'etin:4 in Washinutun (o di>fu.';.s a merin i>i tlir u\o ^roiiir. i-Uiov/n al ilu- ncetinj; arc. left to rii;ht: William Orrcn, president, cif Ihe M J 1.; L'hllip Miuray. preslthHI of (he CIO; ;an Tcbin. president of the Teaiiisltr's Union (AI'Li , and John I. l.rwi,. imsideni of (lie United Mine voil:er:; i.AI'L'. (NEA Tell |)lioto.) Jewish Agency Wins ON Voice Assembly's Political Committee to Hear Holy Land Spokesman Fear of Bankruptcy Prompts House Committee to Slash Requests for U. S. Agencies Temperature Hits High of 88 Here; Peak for Season TJit; mercury climbed over the wt-ck-nnd ID a peak of 88 degrees IK-IT yrstcnlny to roach the highest temperature rccorttecl this year, ncrordiug to Robert E. Hlaylack, wrathcr observer. llii.s marked n nine-degree in- over Saturday's high of 73 decrees. Little change, however. \v.vs nolrd in temperatures during the nights as the mercury dropped to lows o[ 5G degrees last night anil 55 degrees Saturday. Strawberries to Ripen Fast, Growers Predict BALD KNOB. Ati:.. Mr.y 5. -UP) Carlond .-shipmeuii of .strawberries probably \vil Ibeqi'i hero Wednesday,, market men 'nave announced. Thr^7C i ason is aoout two weeks Intei^lhan usual. Alwiit 100 crater were shipped Saturday at $10 per crate. Because of the late season, the berries are expected lo rii>cn fast- rr than usual, a coiidicUiovi which will require more pickers than normally. French Cabinet In New Crisis Ramadier Ready tor Showdown With Stsonq Communist Group PARIS, May 5. <UPi—The shak> French cabinet met toilny to whether il was si rout onouyti to survive a showdown with the coin- ! miinisl Parly. The cabinet from which Premier Paul Riunudicr had ousted live Communist, ministers lJcg;m an uncertain experiment in government against the opposition ot France's biggest, toughest and most militant at 11:315 a.m.. the cabi- ijpSftcd to take u brain! siirvey O f 'policy. It "was first time since the Tibcra'ion that a coalition government hud convened without Communist representation. After a two-hour session, an official statement said much of it was devoted to a discussion of n native revolt in Madagascar. It said the "rebellion already has been restricted, but full repression must now be completed." Al::o. Finance Minister Robert Schumann was authorized tp approach other countries in search of wheat imports to tide France over a critical period until August. The statement nn (he t-abinet meeting said nothing nf consideration of 'be political crisis. The Communist-control led General Confederation of Labor at a two-hour meeting decked to support workers' demands for increased wages. The government was coin- in it led lo oppose such demands. Confidence Voted The uncertain status nf the cabinet was broughl on by an assembly vote of conlidencc yc.sicrday. Ha- madicr won it handily, although the Communists voted solidly against him. His easiest way out would have been to resign with his cnlire cabinet. He the riskier alternative of firing the Communist ministers and trying, temporarily at least, to govern wit bout them. RnmncUcr's own Socialist party was split badly on the issue. The Left Wing solidly opposed trying to carry on the coalition-against Communist opposition. They feared that would throw the Socialist Party lar | to the right, and Iftst* it tens of : thousands of labor votes through Communist bucking of nation-wide workers' demands for higher wages. The Socialist Parly's steering committee voted by ft .smnii nv.ivgiu yesterday against staying in I he government without Ihe Communists. Tlie decisive meeting of tin: Socialist National council was scheduled Irj r tomorrow. If it decides against carrying on, Hnmadicr v>i!l be forced to resign, and .1 completely new government will have to be found. Ramadicr's move was interpreter! as motivated by a c.e.Mre not in break tlic continunity of government His argument was that France had loo many urgent economic and colonial problems to face a period without a government. UNITKI) KA^ICiNS II A I.T,,' AiSlllNC;. N. Y. Afay fi. CJI*> — Tlio l Jj n ted N'i'itHdK Jifucrd in principle today l ) uivc .Jewish ent-y rn present'.'lives :i hearing by (ho Orncriil Awonibly'ri ii'.lilu-al fojiimittfe, but bo^j-jed dowii in a wrangle over wordiiif; of the ro:-o- hition. The Soviet bloc abinuk-Jird its JiO])C'lr.s.s fight fi hrnr.i Jewish spokc.smeu bi'fot ; n plenary :ies- M(M\ *> Uln 'assembly The JLsscmbly debuted !io Ies.s thiui .six rp.'iolu'.-.iinj. ;ill o had the ,-:amc pinposr', [n I Jows si chance (o sr' p ? Hailed WASEIIKtiTON. May .saying lhi i nation fares inttk lniiikni|Hry." l(-d;iy IH:AN \\. IMIT Tress Staff (*nrIT [i.—The a dunce :.I;i.she(] l .Stale Cnmnii'ire and Justice 1 )f by $l(i:i,MKt.r>ir.. or L'^l;, ]ii' t ' i:t ul. It volrd lo give llieiii- gi*vci t ->2^ rcrnu-slcd. This was (he fourth snccossh tin- cnminitlcr 1 :! ccon'jmy ax. Congressman's Death Brings Adjournment Until Tomorrow WASIUNIL'IION. i HIM' di'hiil i' on nvk-TurkUh niil il puiird unt il I <iu HUH w lut-;ui -r tin 1 ui'ulli i»i u nii'mbv-r !'bi' llnuse wii-s U> inert trw mlmiU's al li'inii ; urn nut nf n'spi-rl «-l Ih" V'.ni'lun Alt.'i. ; (i<>l-|;u-li (hod ill Ins irlv (,"u: bin v nut Ih • d his co; 't IIM; in irnl s aiul lukewarm i i iii ant U ic C IHT:.OU;I| \-Ii-\ Mh-muwtL, I' •"I his will for imollii-i 'hiirl-:; A. AM,HII, Conn K.iimi fall 'i rl": nl me unhid 1 oppin \\Kli a vv;iui llu 1 . i iHll I '.hi- r "ti ii Inr Kiirn Unnd. OlH bi-.x Iti'p \VI:i,, has btr Mi)|n»:,muii. Kill Hits Small- OK.iv (iti't-k-Tnrkish .nil biil itpprnvnl by Ine .Srnul". f<ii l hi* first piM.-l'uMl i nf President 'l'i uini'ii'. 1 . n[ UN Political Commit Lee. The United St?.T'.s under Mroni Itro.s.surc from ot.'i^r members :I!M did a policy flri-:io]>. 'i'liu first resohiLiou before the nsscMibly the U. S. Prop *ra| which would let the first committee decide whether or not tu hear Ihe Jews. The other five vv-'.lurionn. offered ' t \r, compromises, \vouM direct the first cor iniiltce lo invUc Jewish Atrcney - spokesmen to appear before it. Al (ho start of t]ic tiny's f.r~MuM the United Stales was uprised to alt the five oth»r But sentiment was ovci'wheli'.i'rigly in fa vor of a c n m p mm so. U. K. delegate Wan on R. Austin :.ud British Delcgsito Sit 1 Alrxnn Catlogan went int.) n hmtdl'j in assembly chamber", and :.horlly terwarcfs s[« n n I'.-l it be hn the U. S. had (\innged it:; mint! aiul would no alun-,' with one of the compromises, Arabs Seek a Vuico, Ton Meanwhile the Arab Higher Committee For Palc-.iin-* alsn :;sked fO]- a chance lo prev^rt its views U1 to the assembly. | ^ _ The commitiee w;i:. :;ri up iiltle more than a year ;>gn by ih>: Arab al ague as :-|)oke:;n>;i:i for must of < r Pjilrslino's 1.200X00 Arabs. | w: The Jewish AK<--"cv. alrnnM ccr- "L: lain of a limited roly in tin: po- ' litical committee dobnir. was likoly lo protest, a si m TUT rule for the Arab Committee on grounds that UN's live Arab htaU-s jiUriiny have, present rcl Lh t - AIM!: r.ide of tlir stormy Palc.sL:i-r dispulrp. UN officials sai.l Jamali Kl Htss- prina. nrpher of tlic noUn ious grand mufti of Jerusalem, was leadr r nf :i six ir.t tnb:'r rroup whU'h would reptTM'nt the Arab Com mil tee ivjre if llic assembly deckles to hear it. Delegates galh--r-:d for ioiiny's plenary meeting tc the nsiirmhly with a will to a^roc on a compromise a-ssurinr; the Jewish Agency of an carl/ app-.-.iraiice be- for the political cniriniH,, i f', a .'if)- dupbeate or' Itio as^nnbly. ;h delegates, anl tripling :i vote, w c re e >:i) ep ted t o p res.s • mujur uppruprlaliun-i tjill whirh lia:; it now has voted lolal mliii'llnns nf pl.l^/.t.^.Cl 1 :.. Thci-L* :nr :-,eveii hi:is In ^n. The fil:i1f and Conmu-ree Dcpartnu-n 1 .:; Millcred llu- hi»!'.r-,r, rtil.-, in the ncvvr-,1 bill, with the .State Ui'piirtmmt's loic-l^n lnnacU:ust, and Liifu]]iiiili(iu pntgnmtt elimiiiatrit ronmLi-tfly drspitr dreivtary (iftH'c.o C. M:u:;i;;;l!'.'i ]t!ea thill they aiv "ewicnlia!." This means (hat die "Voice c-I AiKcrn'ii" Iji caili asls lo ltu::.':isi and nil olh}r loicif.n ronntiH 1 ^ are <m(, iuiL<:.:; fiaid-s ure rvstorrd on the H<m: : p Dour or hi tin: Senate. A f farted least f-f nil in ihe 'ecoiunny drive \vii.s the Juiiice IK-pait- MH'nl which v-ot al! but ?:{.f^;t,r)(>0 of (he $11 l.-nc.fliK) rr(iuo;i1fd. i;ii(li;ct rtqiiL'^lH, cojnmiltcn rcLnimmeiidalicin:, and cul.s by dep:nt- III! Typhoid Shots S!Given Pupsis ^>* S ** " Mrs. AiKibrl Fill, Cnunty lle^iltii Nurse, lodnv announced ihe .scfie- duie for tyjihoid shots to be given in South County, beylnnint: !his week. fiimt.s wn-f given this jifU'rnnnn ilurdetto School and will l)e Miv- < ji tomorrov,- 0 a.m. nl JJrrre I * white neoplr, IDilf) ;i in. a i Cli'ar Lake- for white peo])l t - anrl II a.m. a t, Clrar Lake for NPgroe.s- 1 p.m tnnrorrow at promised I,nnd for white peojile, '2 p.m. ffjr Negroes. Thursday, r-hnts will be given ut Luns-r School, [) a.m., nnd Ariiuiiel Krhool. l p m, -mil Fritla at Snd- biuy ft'cliool, 'j a.m and Crntr;ii, 1 p.m. Diphtheria shols will hi: j:tvrn at thr :-;unv time for bai.iie;, inidrr nijr yr;u nf ;,:-,'. Freight Cars Derailed ena Fatal /or Son of A. H. Cur sons Aubrey Carson, six -year-old snr of ML ami Mrs. Aubrey Cur.^on n* Forty ii ud Mli-Iit L-onimiuiUy. died at Walls HosplUi Iliiiri/i-.'. $:ioa,OOl).(KiO in inibl'Hv nn "i (Hiinnie iilil In (in'er,' mul £.10) 'KJiUinn In aid the TurUisli i-iilllai innc-liinr. As a pii-luile tu ll-ni'-.' ni'ljut the l-'orrlun All air's Clinuiiitl("c mi in executive mcntiiu; In df'liK' <^ moves (n rmmliT nn LIII! iri|m1 Oppnnciil.s nl tlie ni":is!. u M'l i*:. nf weekend rnnl< Speaker .Ta:;eph W. Marili*. .If.. K '"II liini Ilipy wnul<1 L'esi-t., n:iv 'f ftn-1 by (bi' llnur;e tiOl 1 lendei-:til] 'n line up .1 parly supimi; f^.t I h< bill. Mailln, Ihough preillcl ini; p r • •W. by a cm n furt able inaii-in, in 'nriui-d them thcrn w-is n > :,u-,-l 'J'he opposition, it w.i:. Intriu'd. \vn 'ml, uniinlnrius ji:j MJ ol>lee1 ivi- 'nnu- v;uiH -il L;> kill Uir bill mil- riwhl; iitlirrs wnnled to troiiimn llu-U * Uempl ; In sharp icslrit-i inn:;, In nny evonl, t bey wei e r!vp-'i:l"d I > uln in support of any Lijiiil in r ; Mn,hir tUihl. win eerliil.i ID revoh'. 1 •irouiul two nmrtuhn -ii'.'i I li;i! \s jEt IIH- frnin l he- fjp| 1 >n. '• hi i cmill: I. Turn (lie whole Cirr.-h-Tnil:- i pi'oblrm n\i'i' In the United Music Festival I'o Be Given in Stadium Tuesday The city-wide Spring Music festival, pieseiUed by the Puoilc St'linnl Music DeparUiK'nt of Uly- tJsevllle .sefiuols, which was to liuvc l;t'oii nlvou ThurKday afternoon .uid was posipont.'d b Demise of In- rlr i m 1 1 it wtuither, will be pivseiUed row uf lor noon, 5 o'clcck, at tin- ]i1(»U school stadium. W. H. NU ho^on. .s u p c i 1 u t e n d e tit schools, Mild Unlay, The p:tu;rain will be tbe same :i-s Mmt announced Insl Wednesday Tlit l-Vstlval, held nnmiully, |H free lo tlu 1 public. Jews and Arabs Free Prisoners 206 Object of Scorch In Hills of Palestine Aftor Bold Attack .IKKUHAI.KM. Mliy Ii. (Ill 1 )-- m<li liilllsh nlibom'! li'iopi Wlll'llUMl UllMIIKll UlC Ulll'l .IM<I Vll- iKi'ii "1 Murlli I'aliNidiU' liiilnv 111 ;i t'CHl man lumt for ^I i-\\lsl\ pilsutn'rs win) IH-ilMll AflC Pl-isdll w ^.h UlHil'll'.IOUIHl IjllIU' tall. An nlllciiil lii-IUsh n : UI 11) Jews and on C,\\i'i[ In lht> [)|-l<;[]n In'riil: and (la la.'.hcs nf vlrjIciuH! It Inndu-tl n'l il ami in-ill 1 the lilsluiu: Ijrliiis. IVll Ji'WS aiul t\VU Al'lllts Wf'.Y WtJIIUtll'tl. Miiny uf Hit- fnulllvi'.; v'L'i-. 1 ].i:- vi'd lei luivr llctl till" tin: Ii Ih 'ur Knftid. IL wns tlHTO tinil. l!i< itlirw t»t Tour fxecuU'tl fruuni-ii:i ol n' Jewish lllick'l-KruiliKl weiv Imvi i llrv Ilii-lr hanulnu t\v.> wcok 1 ; n-.-i urhi'd nil a new warn oE vi-.-U-iict %ne Workers •» In New York Return to Work An I 111!' llt)lli Av;ilj In n\t$il of rliplheria. A .'.''cnjid ca,',<: of dmhtluTja reported in Him KJjnninnlty i ;; !-li- Alsiip, pic'-.schofl t'liihl. Kimeral :;rrviccs tor Aulnv-}- Car-von \\ere held llii.s aftcmonn. Li <>'flock, at (,'obb Kunerjil Chapel wit) Ihc Uev. P. Ii. Jcrnifun, |»>,slor of Calvary Church, otficlat- Rites to Be conducted . For Mrs. Ernest Johnson - Nearly :;o tr-vl wrrrkcd v.iit'ii a C' 11 '.' rngine train pil: a .Snulh ff hrre nbpiu No nnp wa:, in Mi" p *< Tin- wi i f'.i: May ',. it cars n;i J> It c up four (UI'J u ere miles Holland, Mo,, Youih Dies In Accident Near Stcclc Orvel Curry of Holland. Mo., 'W wa.s fatally injured in :m nuLomoinh? aecidcnt April 2-1 near Hteele, Mo. while en roulc from Illinois will his brother, Lewis Hester, Ther t.'fir era rihcd into a pjii'J--i'd ( Mifl on M^hway i;i and Mr. Curry die< first for a vote cri iheir jiTnn tn let Ihc Jewish Aye:u'V. '.-Ilicial spokesman for P ^le^'^e's (^P^OOO Jews, address a f dl-'!r.'s:; ^ J c^.sioll of the f>5-nation asembly. Sheriff Probes Hanging of Man Near Memphis MEMPHIS. TCIVI. Mi'.V S. <UP> - Thr .'llriill's l f!i:T tnc'viy vp- porlccl that an i'/ii'i' - n1:!v'I v.-hitc innii had hern finiiKl lm:i;iiiK from a tree Ixihlnd a Ne:;vo n-lwwl house nc;ir the M(inu;i:i city inr.- its. The sheriff's of' 1 -': said 'he IV.RH nppratcd In be ;%^<M;f. 'J5 to 30 ol<l. He \vn:v wnrK p::!ils. a brown shirt :uul ;! leather ja< A lOJl Clievrolet. l:elv\v.l t,i 1'nvr boon o\vr.ed by Vh" clca'A ma'.i, \vas found Ihe bjeiv:. Sl'.enfl's deiiut-'.j'i UOM :i i id track. ;ir Miortly a[T( i w;iy 1" U. of A. Commencement Speakers Scout Leaders to Meet A diimcr-meclitij' Mississippi Covintv committee will be niRht nl 7 o'cloc'v Jim. of tlio North District Scon'- lu.-ld tomorrow nl llio uusltc N. Y. Cotton Fuucinl services v,"ill be hekS Ihls afternoon. 4 o'clock, nt. Cobb Funeral Home Chapel for Mrs. Grace Johnson of near Stccle. wife of Ernest Johnson, who died Saturday- She was 59. Burial will follow in Maple Grove Cemetery. Tlie Rev. p. Ii. Jornl- NEW YORK. May 5. cU!'i-Cot- gan, pastor ot Calvary Baptist, tun closed very steady: Church will officiate. open high low- She is also survived by a son. March 277fi 21!)'! 2T>0 2157 Parham Johnson of stecle; and May 3M3 3610 3584 S81D tw : o daughters. Mrs Catherine I July 337-1 3MD 3^67 S404 Johnson Bled.soe of Tampa. Fin.. Oct 2910 2D22 2897 2900 and Miss Crncc J-jhliKOii n[ Slcrtc. Illce ,. 2!12rt 2IH.1 '.aifl gain Order Rested Mter Prison Riot Lenders, Including Whilas and Negroes, Undergo Quosfioning itT l.iCAVl' S'WOIt'l II S. i III 1 ) "Uiny ol(i;-cr:; :i f )jv[-l])lll)!try llai'riirl;:; loiif-d wJiitr HIKE Neuro l|--pr(-1('d fhi ni'llli: lini; l T<- nnt, -.vhirh '.vn. 1 ; lj m;iy hmli". nl|,-r r.iS'ln u^'y f>ii" -Ul hotn ;. Ill I'dlltitlC W; 1 ;; bill k 1(1 :<lny Inr all bn'. I lie tjr.fc part in I lie ilistlirb: iiulffei nii:i:i I c i illrnhr-r v;hllr |;]iS'HH'i,s anil '.n Ni-; 1 nf fl'''-''- 1 '^!' iraiN'!:,hi] 'pis! rernrth.," unr Mil::' v liri:: rnrrrrl the iitiniilt on (lie prison and Lite Llb.'iHllim of nearly luilt of llu In- niiilc. 1 ; IlK'ludlllK socit.! pt Isoni'i-:; from Ihc Jewish Undci i:r»lll'(l - .'aid luiir explosionii llniillv iireneliL'd Hie thick, roilri'ss-llko wall. Ill,III ,\U;u-k nil I'lllim Wlille they were beiiu^ louche:! •til', olhei 1 lueinbei-:; of Mr.- atfrtelciu;- liand who rode boldly up t:) the prison In Jeeps were Ihtowln 1 ^ ui'o- iiiulus Inlo lite criminal lunatie :i.'c- tloi) of the prison. Ot the same ti'iie Miiull arms life was brought lo he:u on Kl.riilci;l<: points In llle prison ilL' . The ofllelnl annoiuicemeut' iinU? Kin Aral) and 45 Jewish convl t, escaped from In Lhe contusion that followed (he explosions, or Ihi; freed .lews, four hder were killed, six wounded mil i.we n.-ciipliircd. The ranks nfihu ruyliivf- Arabs i-ie lltlimed by Ihu kllll-n' of one, wimmlint; of two uild capture of nine. riiri'ir of the ntlacker:; were killed nnd IKv. one n[ whom w,iun:lt:d, were eitpluretl. Ailother ll'ildenUllctl Jew was arrested at lllo scene. A i-roii]) of Hiillsh soldiers re- InrnhiK Iroiu a swim ran Into a Croup of the (uiflllvc Jews r.oi'lh of rtere. \i\ a brief en[;n'(emetr. lw.> Ji'w.s were kllle<l. thro.. 1 were wounderl and seven were captured. One of the dead Jews woi- the uniform of a captain ol LIU- Hrlil.m Army Service Corps. I.ale lust, night, two iirinv Irnckr, were fniind abandoned in !.h'! hllli nnnr Kphralm. south of Tlalla. In ihe back of one WHS Llic Indy of a •Jew dressed hi military nu>fi>ini. Hiitlsb mllilary offieial-j spi'akini; nrivalelv lenned the Jewlr.h attack on Mie ]irlsi)n "a slraleiii; masterpiece" of performance 'nrl Minim;. Four Independent Unions Accept Pay Hike of $4 Weekly WAEir.VOTON, May 5. (UP) — Members of four Independent unions crossed plr.kct lines and returned lo woik tdoay in New York, the first major break In tlie 'f>- dav-o!d nationwide tclejihonc striko. The New Yoik Telephone Company reported local manual tclo- •:hono ^'.-rviee returned to normal. The 37.CDO nieintcrs of the four nn- 'nns r.eitled \vilh tlio company yesterday for a S4 weekly increase. l.nnr: fllsfiini:e service still v/as I'livtalVd. however, us 'long lines operators . continued their strike. All irrx-maleiy 19 TOO workerr. in all •onllnued the strii'o in New York. Tl-c four New York ndepiciidcnt, nions. which rictllcd are not »f- IliiiLeil wPh llic Nallmifil Fedcra- 1'in of T-'leplioni' Workers (Ind.) !I-'vever. tin 1 -. 1 struck on the same iln :i« the NPrw. the key orijan- l/ali"i< In tl'e walkout. \ ?.\ wi'vkly Increase also ivas I he basis fur a sctllciucnt al Chicago rei-cherl hetivecn two nn- Imis mul (he Illinois Hell Telephone. On. Hut the Uvo unions which settled —The Frjdenillon of Telephone Workers nnd tlic Commercial Telephone Workers Union — agreed to rc'spccl Dlcket lines of (be union contlnulni' the strike—the llllnoi:; Tvicphnne '['raffle Union. In North Carolina, another 95S wor'-.ers In live towns returned U> work t! Is niornlnc, Tlie Koverninent. meiinwhlln, r,lc;:- ;)«! up its efforts for a j'encrul sol- •.Ir'mcnl. of the. strike. Government uonciliiUcrs In tlic lonv' -lines tlisputc scheduled an- oiber r.iund of talks for this af- lerjuirin afti:r nnrrftwiiiT lo SI.14 IMSV week the money difference hc- iwer-n union tnid inniingcment. The KOVi'ninieiiL's latest comiiro- iiil-;e mo):osal. proviilinp a boost of <fl 14 a week, was accepted bj the loni-.-lines union but rejeetc< Uy Hit! Atiieriei'n Tclepbonc A: Tel- tuiraph c.~>. T'lie cojiniany hud pre- i-lriislv offered a toi) of S4. I>.';plle A T •& T's rejection of 'Heir new plan, federal conciliators I'oler ..I. Mauno and Willinm J. Mai^ EC Id the parties were U- nnllv "off dead ennjcr and a spc-cuy '"emcnt should bo In tbc'n'tak- i r. 1 . m: I Id n»r- 7 nu'il pi i i'.Minn 5,000 Take Part In Hunc-.-r March; Mob Dispersed VIKNiVA. May S. (UPl — More I ban fi.CO!) persons slaved a two- bou)- hunger flemonslration i-l the d'Wir.s of tlie /cilornl chimeellcry lo- d:iy. ttmiwhii; bri-ks ill I lie win- df>w:i. 'J'he inob dispersed atter six-man delecjition i-onlci'i'cd will Chrinrrllor I,»<ipi>ld Kif.l. -Srvernl hricks heaved lo tlie .'Ird flrj(.r tit (tie building iippareutly wric Intended for Kovernineiit, ike:-; wbo appeared in llic win- UK i niii!.', r.rclc-rcd all t hci Ic^c: fak'/n ;:v.'.iy. Qsccola Citizens Plan Recreational Activities UK 'MI FAYKITEVIL1.K. Ark., May 1.—Dr. L?wi.s Webster Jones, newly elected pi,.si<!ent of ihe Uiuver.-.ity of Arknnsns. and Dr. nin>i>;ir lluni Oi'.'lf'^. l»sl<ir ol llic Napoleon Avenue 1'iesbyleiinn Chiiicii in New Orleans, vill bf sn.-iikirs : i1 'he 7f)Mi L',Jinil'.cnce.n<'in, pror.r;:in n:: June g nr.d !). IV.-. ,lmv.-s del;- will e,ivc: a combir.eil cotnu'cacem-nt uv.d inaugural the cvtnins of June 9. Dr, ORdcn U'iglH) will give tlie Iwcrnlanri'ale address the evening of June 8. •lirh : cbnnl :iuriil<a'LUin •he O:.<Tola Aihli'ili- Ar<,n ;;!,'! ,• ]jiaus lor •iv,-al:nn pii),;ram. it crd ttula" bv Htevc :li lit '.'! ll^e A. ' O^' i' HI. 'I :u • v. lil be an op •!! nu-cli'i.'. V:-. K'i:p!i said. a:id ;•!! who -ire lilt PI •• .I t (1 ir. the .Snii^nior vccl'C'.i- 110:1 nro^raiu here ale invitc<; lo Tlii.s -.viil be tlie .second yenr that Uir il'z.'ii civic have parti rV-ai rd in pi.uniing aiui operation ol tlii:. program. u! HCO police rushed to Ihe to maintain order but they in allejnpts to keep streets leitffiu^ to tlir ehaliccllery clear. Al intervals members of Ihe crowd raised Ihnir hands in Ihn C.'iiminimi'.r salute and sane Ihe ••internal mnalr." Many wore the offirial CninniunLsl Party eiiihlniu ol UK- hummer and sirklc with Austrian color.s beneath it. Infants Die Of Rare Disease 14 Others Seriously III in Hospital In Philadelphia I'lIfbADELPHIA May 5. (L'PI- Pliy.sirians u-nycil .'ill miiiill bnttli More lo tny In snve i; cnrvlvovs o .in Inrnnl-di.irrlicii cpidi'inln wliici klllrtl 20 ollior [nf.x!i'.a stricken ii .lie iiHitcniily section of an Allen .own irospltn). 'I'lie new tlcnth loll \\-tis revcn'et In 11 report, by r»r. Frederick H IJiisiieh. city plivslrlrtu lit Allen loivn. Pn.. so inll'ii I'roiu hc-iu IT rrr>\cck slvnvod ill ii ir> in fants ciictl In Ali.-n' Iror Mnivli ir> to Mav I. Anotlioi- riic In AllciiUnvn jvsv.'j-il.iy and foil ollUM-s Micuuinhccl ii: Philrulclplii ilurini: Ihe wrtk.'ii:!. Officials of To-nplo Uitiver.'-il Hospital, wlirre n ,'t tl-.f survive] wcrci bcliiK trcate 1, sni.i the bnlJ.l showed ••(jeneral iniprovfinonV !i diiy and iliiit mo A now were in "fiiii- condlllnn." TU: Rcncrnl f,i lure h;ul brijUi 1 , ^iiccl, they eai Tlic oilier infant was reported :> covcrlna «t clr.'rtrrn's lliuiill here. The inyslorions disease, B^-'-tr cnl rill is, lirsl nO|ie.irr:l in AUc town on Mnich 31. I'hvMciam ilii refused lo admit nnw putiL-nts [lie inatertiily r-ecLu::(, clio^l'd I M'ar<l.s eonipletely last Friday fvft .six new-born baljv; ]ind ctinc!. T IH infanu in the hospital \v( ruslu'ed lo rhil.i'lolphia in iiinu lancet. N. Y. Stocks John W. Shepporc Of Stede, D5es; Rites Conducted BS 1-4 1C3 3-4 Weather A T and T Anier Tobacco AiK'conda Copper ... Belli Klcel Chrysler Coc'i Cola Iftl 3-1 Gen Elerlric 35 1-8 Gen Molor s 59 3-4 Montgomery Ward 55 N Y Central 15 1-4 hit Harvester 83 North Am Aviation 80-8 Republic Steel 2o 7-8 Funeral services were hold tl: iLioininsr at Cobb Funeral Hon Chapel for John will Shcpp.ird near Sleeks Mo., who died.r;'/! day niiiht at his home. He was "- liuvial rites were conducted f>7 \-f.\ Elrnwond Cemetery by The R( 3:i5-B|IJ. Scott Buird. pastor of Fit Christian church. ire is survived by three daiiRhtei ARKANSAS -Pailly cl>'icly lo- niitlil and Tuesday. Sli!;iilly cr.olcr today. A few sc-iltercd showers Tuesday. liadio £:oconv Vacuum Studcbaker Standard ot'N J Texas Corp thunder- | Piicknrd !U S Steel Mrs. Stella Thompson ot Steel Mrs pearl Quails of Trumann a' Mrs. Myrtle Naule of Savann; Tenn.; two sisters. Mrs. Mini Austin and Mrs. Iva Cole of nc Harrisburg. Firemen Answer Alarm S 1-4 IS 3-8 20 3-8 A davenelte in a house nt f9 3-8 Park belonging to Mrs. M. J. Cc 6J" ] '.or was heavily rlamaged by Ii 0 3-8 of nn undetermined, oilgm yeste 10 1-2 day.

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