The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 13, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHKVIT.T.B {AKTO COUniKR NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 1919 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IM1IT r*t* pM LIB* for <on*ecuil»* itt»*rtion«: Minimum en*r«» *o« 1 tlrm* par Una 15c * ttmw p*r un« p»r da? 12r I time* p« Lin« p*r d&j »c • time* p#r line pe; day 7c J2 llm** p#r nn« p«i d»y Jc Montn p«i Ein« 90* Count CIT* »'*nig* words to the line Ad ordered Tor ihre* or tit tlnm tad Mopped e*ior» «pir»iion will b* chirs- •o for t*i* number or time* the *« •pp«*red and idJustmtKt of bill m»d« All cUMlftKf AdTmislng copy «ud- mlttM oy p*rson* rwlrflns outsid> or tn« city nuwt f>* acco^npatiied by cash Rate* may M,*ILj b* computed from the aboi* t«oi* AdrcrUBinc ordti fo: Lrrpsuuii inseT- lloni take* trie on« time table No responsibility K'llJ DC la ken 1O1 mor* in«n oni* incorrect insertion nr • nr clus&ilted ad A[| ad* are restricted to then propel etasslllcaiinn Kiyl* and type T b * CoitrLer New* reserve* th* rJghi tn *dii or reject any ad Apartment tor Rent KttMencj apt Girls Ph 2087. 8 10 ck 8.17 2-room furnlshrd apt with attic fan and refrigerator furnished Ph 4J52 ot 3301. «9 ck if 2-room furnished Ph. <2«7 8.12 pk 2-room furnished apt. Close In. Child welcome. Ph.. 2062. 8,12 ck 8.16 2-room apl. 139 S. 3102. Lake St Ph 8,12 «k 3,16 Furnished Apt. Couple only Main *t. Mrs Edgar F Bo rum Fli 3123 8 S ck tl Unfurnished Apt. 811 Hparn Si 8.11 pk: g;14 burnished apt. Electric Siove, refrlg •mtor. Fh, 3109 108 W. Ky. 6 H pk t> 1! Small !urnlsh*rJ a pi Also bedroom UHILTles furnl5h*ti Ph 3606 3,13 ck a 17 3 rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. Zo» Thompson, I»h. U889. 8 ; 13 pic 20 Fnrnlihed apt. 401 Ash fc Lilly. B 13 ck 31V 3-room (urnlshfrt apt, Rectecotaied Modtrn Couple and one child con- altiered U employed In cltj\ $30 A month. At 343 S. Division, Key next door north. 8,13 pk Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services loons AUTO AND FURNITURE LOANS frompt reiwinai berviee Uenpri.) Cimuncl PurciiaA* Corp lOti Soutfl Sib Piion* WJ3 Money to Loan i>o you nerti a loan to repeal o; M- nofleJV No down payment on manage, no itQ tap* KHA APPROVED HAfKS i% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor •non« 20M l.yncb Building BlyWieviUe Ark FARM LOANS See us for one ot the best ong time, easy payment (arm oans to be liad. Low rate oi interest. Money lo refinance your farm or help in buying one. RULES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall Phones 3322 or 4139 7-8 ck Ul LUMBER FOR SAI.K vpj'rss rough, oak, inUcil cut to oider Unished pinr of all «rKflcs 'foni Sawytr Paintx. O S nOl-LISON LUM- BKR C(J.. Norlrt *I>n and C»ni[> Moul- tir^ Drive. *,12 cfc 2J ATTKNTIOK II yon nc ret lo buy. uutlrt or refinance your uome Whcip yo'.ir jirtirumii* will he no inn t P i Ua n ten i, on 1A in Wrii* White River Insuinncft and Inv rumen l rntupany Batexrllle, Ark and we will a*« you. Services rjano inning Factory lrain<>tl Gerald W Kogte. ^05 W Kentucky I'h :i44d g a pk 2^ 24 nour roll film srrvH:« Fanght!- iitud.10 112 So Ftt*t Pti 6011 82 pk 9i We will cnr« lor your children In our nome oy the week, day or nlslu Call ft&l 88 pit 9,a PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call -1159 Blythcville or 407 Oseeola 8-3 pk 9-a wn Slower Service sltUnK Or All Kinds Westbrook Macliine Sliop Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. w* an Ttn All your ne«d« fltlf llnf ELIS POO1.B. OWNER is. OPERATOR SOUTA Hlj^hwny 6] Rt Sl«cic Uo Phoa* Ste«]* U CHAPMAN SJWVTOB STATION Uim A Division Phan* i uon't #ndange: yaui mmll; w r«ulty tlre«— BOY LE» TIRES Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard A'gency Planned Protection 124 W Asb St OL«NCO* HOTEl BUILDING Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Rajat, Smith Corona mud Remington 'DON EDWARDS Th* I'Tpurntttr Man 110 » Second Si Phnnr 33R2 Ph 41«l 8,3-cic-tf Maka your nome pretty (ot spring xpen Riif Cleanint Serrtc* l* your* PEERLESS CLEANERS SewniK alterations and bnuonttotea WJJ E Cherry Ph 3133 g;i pk SjlS For Sale, Misc. Second hand bath outfit Good con- itiDQ "PeL« th» Plumber 1 Phnne ROOFING .AND SIDING Get Ward's low prices! lap qiumy «i » JQ» price Ward* aspftajt rfxillng uno aiding IP laboratory teMea UlTe* long, nard nervine siaj* orum ana coinrlul Convenient mnQtb 17 termA Koonng » wide tarlety ni styles cnlorp (inn wpiRttt* Ohivw* inaay i or fin attractive ntmx* at taw cost MONTGOMERY WARD «!1» Ck il CAFE EQUIPMENT C*5tl* 4-ft ClK- ar Cuxe *-slict I'nRstmRMei Elect; Ic roaster. «jverware alJ klutJn or rfisn- C5. a-iipot Cory Electric Coffee MaJtei 4H' Himtei attic Fan (brand new) 18" Attic Fan ftRintesF ^tee' Hall Tree* L'aOlt* *na CtiairR Oeep FAV fryers Napkin HojnetT istainles!' tleeh Watri J'itcners, Ulnh Trays. 16 cu ft Deep J-reeze, I menu blackboard menu told' era. GabJe *. NeLinn Pmno. 1 Baby'i Hi^-n Cnair French Fr? Pointn ailcer CALL 7674 Tl20-cfc-8l20 PUPPIES Wlrei Phnnr now on display . . . The Brand New BUICK "SPECIAL" The new Uuick is here for >ou tn see. It's Ihe Buick "SI'KCIAL" which oilers a challenge to the lowest priced eights as the hitf- *est buy of the times! It's truly a new world of automoti\e higness, beauty, and brawn— all packaged into a compact car at a compact price. \Ve invife you to see it, drive it, price it: vmfll agree Uwe's snwelhing special almul the new Kuick SPKCIAI^. Langston-AAcWaters BUICK CO. Wnlnul it Broadway Dial 555 for Service BE SURE YOU'RE SAFE IF THEY NEED REUNING, WE WILL: X«mev« all wh«*lt CE*an bfok* drum* ln**"M n«w, G*nuin« Ford lining • Road t«*l your cor Adjjit and Jubricata front wh*«l bvarinflt Adjuil brake p*da| brake ffui^ ompamj 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 For Sa/e, AM/ f state t&jnFM lot, on North- Hi way 41 Comer. PU 2yS7. ip ck tr ib loot American tandem house trail* •r. Used I year. Can be &een at Gray'* Trailer Par* on No Broadway. 'J y tc 16 5-iomo house 2341 l«r»areL St Price 8,9 pk 8| 16 SPACIOUS-LUXURIGUS-NKW •'irKproot, uiiturtiliiMcrf. smelly m<wl ern, dujilex. All roms extm Lar^e. Llv- roonib J6x24, bedrooms 14*18. Four arge cerlar lined clo.sets on eat-h -side, cute cQiitrolletl licattnR anrt cool- n plenty ot CHr>inet and floor space. L'ar port, nice yard. lyii 75xH(>. Price ia.iKJO, Stiown by api>oliititwnt only. Nice 2 bedroom home tui Kasi Oiorry iSireei. I.a rye corner lot JiiXj casli and jjy per month will bundle. We nave, only 7 lois Lpfl In our tes- •irteci Country Cluh Drive Addition, /iced from *75U lo .11,100. JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Phone 4111 01 25y6 Business Opportunities OWN an OfTRtr the "Hunter" machine, first icw amusement und vcncii UK machine to nil the market, KxccpllrmaJ iiroliu Plenty of location*. j-'ariory man shows you how J500.0U cash invisinient required, Secured wllh tiirr(luiiKll*e. Wrlle Thor- mac Co, 3104 SUioti Ave., MUVSOUIL 8,12 pk 16 Help Wanted, Male Younjr man le work In store, No PX- perlenco ncf cssiry. Cninn ry hoy with some cdtirnlloi pretrrrrd, Must bf. ob. Wtiic to F Walker. General Delvery. Steole, M). 8,13 c^ J4 Female Help Wanted 320 ACRES NEAR STEELE >'or quick, aalft will sell lor sifiO pe. ;icrp with Long tune loan. Must sell this Jnojitn. w. M nunNS. UKALion Pnone 3361 K.T. Hubbard. Ph. 4129 8,11 pk 14 NO acres jRiid. mile and quarter from HrHKgatloci, Mo. Eiccirlcliy. svhool bvis route, yee owner hi farm. G. M Hicks. 8 12 pic 19 SELL CIIKISI'MAS CARDS! Fast pro- us. AUTISTIC and HARRY DOSHt.A ps. SuppJice rroni uallas 5U A: 25 for iHinr linprJiHrtl. 50 different Chrlsi- a 11 d All-Orca.sloii A&sortrncnts. i'o\ir profit -.o 50c on SI hox. New 1'Jastic c:hnititi.i« Cards, Children's Books, Pei .sonalizcd Stnttotiery, Book 'laU-hrs. Nnplins ajid oilier Rift LiPtns. tcquest Hanutrs on Ajipioval. COL- UMlilA. l)p|H N. 180'i Sovuli AkHvA. UaiJas, a;i3 pk H Found inurr. 1 ! yfsi will Jihf at Faugt bturtio. 112 »o First Ph 6011 82 pk Wanted to Rent Kunmhpa iinuse or npt E.B Palmer, Liberty Cash Gro Ph. 2737 8,1) pk 8 [ For Rent 3-room furntshcd house with bath Adults anh Must tmve r«(ereacei, Ph. 3535, 101 E. Cherry St. 6.12 pk 8.16 ocas! ons 4,5-clc-u flash camera., » UUTEBN'S STUDIO I o r a 1 1 acres : provein Mississippi tioii contact Ml&s ot land, approximately 200 rultivaiiDii. ver> h lew im- locatcrt near Alvin. Miss. neiween the Tallanaichie auo 01 niriher informii [ Thompson. Enir 85 pk 9, unfurnished rums. 2005 \V Vine S 67b7. 13 pk i Duplex located 111 Ili^ll Class One 2 -room rurmshcd apt. upstatn neighborhood. Low tax andj^raii^Fn 11 '.^" 1115 SPW 8,IVB?( insurance rale. Will net 8%. Reasonable down payment will handle. Now and modern, 5 rooms and bath. Has automatic hot water heater and Venetian blinds, beaut it n] hardwood For Sale, Misc. ill n KedenU mc3l aispiny cns*a nitury scales Meat ojocks, one va snrse meav cnoppti orit trispd-inist alt conoitioneu display case, one walk-in cooler 6.tb All these are practically new and a.t a wcrillce Ph J900 /!b ck tl "Sleep cool every night. Drive out all Jiot stifling air from your home with a cool- air fan." BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. Ph. 2434. South 61 Highway. 8-1 ck tt OUR Customers buy flna Fnam ;Mn ana ngam it. cleans rugs' lite lew UKALS PALN1 STORE FENCE POSTS Black I.ncust Black Walnut AIulberry Red Cedar Chestnut Me 35c 35c 30c 28c Write Jim Swift t.JCneial CHUon. ^ ATTENTION FARMERS Buy your tractor tires at these iciisalioiiaJ prices. 1C.-00 \-38 Bar tread 56S 85 f):00 x 36 Bar tread $4G ^0 I.'5:00 x 3« Bar tread §«7 75 1 1:00 x .10 Bar tread 5-13.96 Montgomery Ward & Co. 8-11 ck 18 l-riers Joi T-T' floors, 4 spacious closets. Lo- [catcfl close to higli scliool and •a ->u piece, in. ajoo !»-"«•*•-" *_iu»ic ^\.r MIJ^II .^LIIUUI HIlLl a '_"_p^__ s:18 1 business dilrict. Can be i'inan- Horpnre oil took -Uove, kllchon cab- npt. ice box. breakfast sulle. Heaaon- itjle. 101 E Cherry, ph. 35:15 S.I2 pk 8,16 Sola, dinning room and bedroom suile. oookcase. record cabinet [amps laoles. olj panning, anllciue chest and nlte slaml Ph S452 8,9 pi s 16 Seller's white rtlnelte suite. In good cnnduion. Price S25.00. ' Ph. 2^74. Jn- in Hldg.. A|>* 3. 8,12 pk 16 arne electric N'ational cash register. RoinrocliS Drug Co. 205 \V. Main. 3,13 ck tr ced through F. H. A. or G. I. loan. See or call MAX LOGA.V, RKAT.TOR Lynch Bldg., Ph. 2034 room burnished house with bat] Call 3630. s 13 pk : Cop Gets a Shiner SINGAPORE-,.^-A 38-year-o,,, wonmn vegetable .seller earned Ihe i]iie.ttioriab!e disiinttlon of being the first person in Singapore to give a member ot this island's ne\v \vomen police force a black eye. Lan Choon wns sent to prisnn (or six weeks for assault and was fined S10 for hawking without a license. Policewoman Miss Si-si Gan was Ihe chief witness against Lam | wearing a definitely discoloured - i Automatic: Gould water purnp In pcr- lect, conrtltlon. 340. Ph. 3726. 3'13 pi; 817 4- piece Mahogany Drenal twin bprt- ooni suite, liitersprmg mattress and iiritigF, cherry riropleal table. 5 chairs, iher riirmxlUngs, A. G. Brlckey yr. O.sceola. Arkansas S 13 ck B 16 For So(e, Real Estate Three lots on Nortn 10th St for Kale H lease contact Grovei Perkins. Km- Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS II interested -n Buying or selling Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cncil Earls F. B. Joyner Glencoc Bldg. I'll. 6-rooms. harrtuoctl floors, floor fur. nace. aulc fan. venltlan Winds In excellent rondltioji. 3-room [emal housR In rear, '.vhlch rents for 48 00 P" week. 100 aid. West Davis Bcan- lUnl Shartod lot. Pncc S3 CHW 00 full *KJ^ <i. I. lyjan. \V. i\[. BURNS. REALTOR Phone 3361 E. T. Hubbard. Ph. 412B S 13 pk a n 8-12 ck lD: left p - ve - Mi « Gan said she tried to arrest the vegetable seller onlv to receive a sharp left lo the eye Miss Gan hart to call a police constable to hring a semblance ot order. for Sale, Cars and Trucks 47 r'orci pickup. New- motor Can be Ilnancrd vu payment Ph. 4326. tires, good wllh small a 10 pk 17 Before you buy, see these USED CARS 819; ai^ii ci [i I Corner lov in country club Addition f on H^rdln nnrt Sfvenlrt Streets size •MslUU: Slatm. Write Bnr DVW. c'o I Counrr Kcw.s g ; io nit M i S E AY- Before You Buy USED CARS-TRUCKS I'J17 Chrysler Wimlsoi -I-door Sedan, green, radio and healer, while sidewall tires . . . special low price 19-16 Nash "fiOII" 4.door Sedan, black culur, new lires Don't miss seeing (his hargain. 1911 Chrysler 4-door Sedan, completely recondilioned. new tires, new paint job, radio, healer, and seal covers 1947 Pl.vmonlh Special lie Luxe 2-door Sedan, has all the things you want. .. .brand new tires, seat covers, radio, and healer. 1946 Mark Truck. 2-Ton Model wilh Ifil inch wheel base, excellent condition, very good lires—see it yourself. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 Ea»t Main Phone 2122 I til 7 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price is low. 19-18 Jeep wilh 4-wheel drive. Just like new. 1942 Ford 2-cioor Sedan. lias radio & healer. If you see il, you'll like' it. 1941 Poiitiac 2-door Sedan. radio & heater. Very clean. 1910 Plymouth 2-cloor Sedan. Priced to sell. 1946 Chevrolet 1 '/> Ton Truck. Completely reconditioned. ispvrral Olficr * JrrJlrnt buys to choose from 61 MOTOR CO. NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Not ire is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas ha.s Issued a permit. Mo 218 to Butord Martin lo sell ami dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on ibc premises described a.s 112 W. Miin. Blytheville. This pefmit j^sueci on the 1 (iaj of July i949 and expires on the 30 day of June 1950. Bufurd Martin 8-6-13 k X •V Day or Night Call 981 Biytheville RED TOP CAB CO. North Hi way 61 Phone 21 -12 8-5 ck If Private Rooms tile* cool tronl txrdtootn 403 \V Main ntme «4.fJ men onlj f|l»-clc-U Bedroom lies Ch!ek*.'»»wbfc Phon* «o l-lft pk-Rilf Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosawbo SWIFTS PBEWIIU ^i BRANDED BEEF i^n;e cool oedroorn elos« in M iy Jlu \\ Walnut Il2l pk &>?l ; UcOroom witn sttcheo pnveiegm ' inx or Couple fa 2423 <t3O p* 8,3t Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATFENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up tree of charge in sterilized trucks. ("all collect, 6142, Blythe- villf. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD A MM A] DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 8-28 We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plvnly of Parking Spare Wanted to Buy Gov. Alexander Spotswood was partial!} responsible for the construction oi (lie rlrst Ironworks In Virginia in 1716. Personal I'hirtr rmniit* pbouulallc *emc« USTliEN B STUDIO. i;3-ck-tl BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LKSS Phal's ahy you'll save vourscil many a dollai b\ navmg vour shoes re* paired Dy out expert workmen. Next time try 115 K-fl LTCRS JUflLlTY SHOC SHOI tit W M O I SJ S T WEEK END SPECIALS 19 IS Chevrolet Kleelline 2-door Sedan 1918 Cheviolet Husiness Cuupe 19-17 Chevrolet Kleelline 2-do«r Sedan 19-16 Ford Super Oetuxe 2-door Sedan 1912 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1'Jll Ford DeLuxe 2-door Sedan Alosl of these cars are equipped with radio, healer, seat covers and many olher extras. 19.1-1 Chevrolet Long \Vheelbas6 Truck.. 5795. 19IB l''»rd Long Whevlliase 2-sj>eed axle, 12 foot new bixly, (i extra good (ires. . .5995. *^ EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, Yuu Can Always :tlakf a Gixid Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 3(11 West Walnut Phone 578 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. N1ES & NIES LAN l>p«* txcepl Cancer) Clinic 514 Mam Hlytbcvfllc Ark Phone , YOU CAN'T MISS AT BLYTHEVlLLE MOTOR CO. We're Got the Car You Want At the Price You Can Afford to Pay 1918 Chevrolet Aerosedan ,has radio, healer, and seat covers, 9,000 actual miles. Priced to sell. 1947 Dodge <l-tloor, radio & heater, 19'lfi Plymouth 2-door Sedan, engine has hccn completely overhauled, has radio & healer. A real buy. 1947 Jeep, has 4-wheel drive. Bargain price. 1937 Graham 4-door Sedan, has new paint, new tires, excellent condition 5395. 3 Model "A" Fonlg priced from 550 lo 5125. Blytheville Motor Co. "South'* Fines.' Service" Broadway &• Chirkasawha Phone 4422 IN RECONDITIONED USED CARS iai6 Pouliac 2-door Sedan, radio and healer. laiti Plymoulh Sedan Coupe, equipped with radio. 19-19 Mercury Sedan Coupe, has lx>lh radio and heater. 19-IG Oldsmobile 4-door Sedan, radio and heater. 19-17 Ford -i-door Sedan, radio and heater. 191] Ford Pickup Truck. 1919 Mercury 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio, heater, and overdrive. li>17 Lincoln Sedan Coupe. 1946 DeSolo 4-door Sedan, radio and healer. ALSO A GOOD STOCK Of OLDER, LOW-PRICED CARS. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut PhoiM 4333

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