The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1934
Page 4
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TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1534 •LTTHMTim. (ABK.K PODIII1 Hf| CLAHIF iED SECTION- • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate pec ilne ror cous«u- ttve Insertions: (Five tverag^ voids to a line) One time per llnu .......... lOc Two times per line per day .. OBc Three time* per lint per day .. OCc Eix times per lice per day .. 06c youth rale per line .......... We Minimum ehirge Me three or six before explra- s Wants Wtil'.ifxrarwill ivas for Sale Drive across the rivrr f»r (lie llii- ol WhiI>pooririU 1'cas In Weal L'emit'S&M 1 . Prices Kcasuiuble. \VilUam I'tickcr i Co., Kiplrr, TCIIII. 28-ck5-2l Ads orucrcu 10- times and stopped SEEDS & PLANTS FOR KENT 4 rcom house with bath. Nicely furnished. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call 650 or QC8. 'I Russia Plans Congress knowledge tallied IliCCIU. from Hie I he rccoid Hie ti|i|)er lajvis ol the air. |Mriitosu!icre us much us \m ,,,_.., , This was the pro|iosal vuled Dy w 'lh Inslriiuieiil.s ini]iioii"d by iO Mlldy Stratosphere „ conference of Soviet sualo- ' • ijslu'iv i'.x]>:-ris hero recently. I.MNINGDAU (UP) — A world! Meanwhile plans uro being lor- ronloivncc of amhorilios on the i m ,infjd for u iw»- ascent into llif :-lr.Mas]]lific is likely lo br held ii'lstnilnsphcre tills sumnier. U Russia in 10IIH. [5 not, expected Ihat an iillcmpt, to II will coincide with « lolal'beiil Russia's win work) record] i-i-liia.e of UK- Mm, which K (huhii'lglu of U3.32V feet, will l;e mnili!.| nKTROlT, Mich. iUl>) — "She advantageous lime lo Mmlyl The inlcnllon Is lo sludy Ihe inns good It you watch llic llmer," Old 1903 Model Auto Gets New 1934 Ucenw t'un »11) be chargrc for the number of Umes the ad appeared ano (djiutment of' bill made, All Classified Advertising cop> nubmltled by persons residing out.' tide ol the city irust he accom (Milled by cash, llatcs may be etflly computed from gbovo table. No responsibility will be tasen 101 more tliau one incorrect iu- urllon of any classified ad. Advertising urdeua for irregu- JK Insertions take the one lime rate. Nicely furnished cool 3 - roJin APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan, 710 Chickasawua. ckii-lV COOL BEDROOMS. HEASONAULK AIRS. WEHT, 213 W. MAIN. 3 Room 17iLrniMied AparLmcnl 110 West Ash, Mrs. Do^ha Midi. FURNISHED apartment, 305 Uou- gan. Phone 810-J. 18-cl:-2!> VISIT PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT USED CARS AND TRUCK! OF ALL KINDS '32 FORI> V-8 TUDOR SEDAN. A Real Buy ?3t> '30 rONTIAC COACH. Hues Good 5138 •3» CHEVROLET COl<I'E. New Paint, Good Kubber $1<I •30 FORD TOWN SEDAN .... $21! '29 Bl'ICK COLTE. Uaigain al ?12 '30 G. M. C. 2-TON 1HUCK. A-l Condition ............ '3» CHEVROLET V 1 C K-D I> TRUCK. Closed Cab ---- 517 '30 FORD I'ICK-l!!' TRUCK. Closed C ib .............. $1' MAN* OTIIEKS TO CHOOSE FROM. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Corner 1st & Walnut Sis. i'liuiic 810 - 81 1. room FURNISHED rtparlinpnt and garage. Cool, reasc iOl W. Ash. lie k(i-ll UHN1SHLU bedroom, 1017 W Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hardin, after b . M. Ic ktl icely Furnished liED ROOM. Mrs. Nolcn, 3IU West. Walnut. We NFURNIS11ED 5 room aiiartmcnt. 1013 W. Walnut. Call tiVU. aoc k-ti nhl .lack Murlln, IMmil. us lie llllCllCil lljai iHVIIli' IllallW (0 Ills M'i runuboiil, wliii'li Is lilcnlilU'il Uidil) 1 by Llu> Di'parlnn-nl of lalc, ;H I,;, H.S U.i' olilcul 1 llccnwd Ihl.s yrar. 110 Mill! he ll' lllr li- i'iisc "lo miiki 1 a (up In 1hr Witrlil 'air llil.s bititinii'L' unii utMyLa', l.iv,- Kl'.viiiii;; convi'nllui! ni Toronto." Ho likes lo drive llii! car 11 "irliihlcns ihc niiluials." Thi' waicr a I.'[;H HoaU h;uv lOil \villtn;;. dike u run up lo thej 'niy. 'I'lu'.sc nuikc iL lli;IUcr Ulilll n yootl which contains wliilu and yolk Due for (ioW—Foupd Rlnc BOURNK, Mass, tUl')—Four- >eiir-olil bamtny Holt wasn't (IU- llliislpned when he played "dig- l!lnn for eo!d" In Ills hack ynrd (inrdi'ii. Hu found hk father's rliIK Ihnl was losl nboul M years Head Courier News Wont Ads. CLEANERS, TAILORS We clean unrl store wlnUT elolhcs and hed covers. Molh-proof, fire- iroof vaults. 1'ay next fall. Unique Cleaning Service FEEDS FOR SALE: HAY and CORN at a bargain. S. D. Rozello, Lux- ira, Ark. 24p-k5-21 HE5LI' WANTED MAN and lecim lo lianl dirt. ln- i|iiirc at Fisk Service Station, talc Line. 10i> k23 WANTKI) TO BUY We buy Chickens and Kcfrs, highest prices paid. Kite Price Grocery, 1'lioce 234. lit K. Main. Oc k6-Q HIKIIJIS with or williout board,stcnm heat, hot Kattr, reasonable rates, Fhoce 231, Kite I'ricc Gro. I'OULTKY & EGGS your poultry. We pay highest prices lor hens & fryers, n. T. Worthy. 315 E. Main. I-)ck6-H BUSINESS JjiUKCTORY EXPEItT Typewriter and Aildins Machine Repairingr. U. S. lllank- emhip, 116 E. Robe. Call KiS-J. 22ck6-22 Milk fed FRYERS for sale. riCK- AIlD's Slore. 1014 Chtciviisnu'ba. 17-ck-G-n LUMHKR Hirnilurc Repairing—Upholstering Also automobile upholstering. We I will be glad to reler you to customers as to quality and workmanship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Second JENKINS A: SON FOR SALE— Cypress thousard. log run. Luxora, Ark., R. F. Ltinilxr. SIR Jim Uriskill. D. I. Ask us about the llagcn iloncy Center Golf Balls. They're letter. Hubbard Hardware Co. 5ck6-5 WHF.N you are fish hungry conic to McFall Fish Market, 415 W. Ash. Frcsii Fish At- All Times. It. 1:6-1 HIGHEST Cash Prices paid lor brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Deal Trading Post, 120 W Main. 8c kO-8 Again Borkc Sets the Price Boiled Linscctl Oil !ISc gal Turpentine 75c s Alarlden l^mp Fails SOc each BURKE HARDWARE CO. The one price store •J8cl:5-28 Mis. J. .1. Davis, I'honc Sptuccr Corsclierc kO-2(j AUTOMUT1VK Aulo GUsj All Hinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10c kS-1 Start A Savinps Account With Us On F,verylhlng for Ihc Automobile Hubbard IIUw., Automotive Dtp' Thonc 416 rhone FOR SALE ROOM S BOAKP onmers ard Boarorrs—Homc-likr .•itmosphcre. Trices rrasonablf Mrs. .1. F. Sanders, 510 W. Main. 278-J. Tc kK--i FOR SALE OU TRADE Nnlionul Casi, Register. New Dnal Trailing Post. 120 W.. Main. 8 ~ LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE Annual nieclim: of Btocktiolderf .f Blytheville Cotlon Oil Mill wili e lichl at 10:30 A. M.. Tuesday. June 12. 1934, al office of W. A Gnge It Company. Fall.-, Huildiug Mnnpliis. Term. Among other matters to be considered will be pro posed change of By-Law provldlni lor sinicndmcsits of liy-I.avvs l>: climinalinB therefrom necessity to. notice of proposed cuango. W. E. Gace, I'rcsiclcni 1. H. Fleming. Assistant Secretary Be BARGAINS ill go-jd. clean, used ics boxes. Everett 13. Gee Sales Co. 22cl:6-22 Notice is hereby given limt 111!undersigned, as atlinlnistralor Ihc estate of C. II. Burns, deceased. -A-llI apply to the MUsisslppi County (Chick.-isav.-ha Uislricli Probate Court on the 16th day ol June. 1034. for authority lo i the following lands belonging to raid estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary, lo-wlt: N'orlh hslf of LoUi Nine and Ten. in Block "H" of Morris Addition lo Blythcvillc. ArUaii.'iaj. Raid tale is made for Ihe purpose of paying the dcbU of M CHEAP—25 acres growing alfalfa near Blythcvillc, Everett D. Gee. 22ck6-22 For SJlc—1 good used Dclco light plant. I battery radio set. 1 used electric tefrigerator. new & used clcclric fans. Evcrelt B. Cite Sales Co. 22 ck 6-Vi. KO11 SAUE-I'ubllc Auction Thursday. May 2-1. All equipment of Stccle Tlicnter. Stcclc, Mo. 2 h> k21 YOK SALE—Registered Male PoMec Dog. 20 monlhs oid. Very rea- conable. licrbcrl D. Schwartz, Lux ora. Atk. 18P k2 \ Feeds Hour, Orreries *: Meats .it Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone Z34i Rile Price Grocery, 9c k<3-9 estate. W. II. Slovall. 5-15-22-23-6-5 Adminislralor HAV, .MACHINEKV J'Oll HAI.Il Scaled bids will uc received at Ihr office- of Ihc Uvr.c Uoanl. West M'. mphis. Arkansas, until Mom. June 7, 1H31. and then publicly oiR?ncd lor the purchase In whole or in pail ol the machinery, implrmnnls and ctuiiirmcnl Ihat has hccn used by the Board in culling weeds and shrubs and harvesting hay on Ihc IDVCC. Certified cluck lor 10'r of amount bid must accompany each bid. The Hoard reserves the right lo te- jcct any and all bids. Information will be furnished upon application to H. N. 1'liarr. Chief Engineer. West Memphis. Arkansas. W. M. Smith. President, St. Francis Levee Hoard. 15-22-29-5 OUKKOAKDING HOUSE W , LOOK . iV\E YOU DO IT—SEE TDEP, GWLLEM ZIRPT— ACH,l rV\EW4, WHERE T)EU CR1CKETG CBlRPLfc- IN -DOT 'PART YOU 'BUY \T Mil T>IZ7.1O\TO— SO/ „ >OU FLICK DE.R STRING ~ LOOK/ LOOK, PROP ESSOR J IT -DOWN,V-)OW, WHERE I CAN TURN •PRO|V\ TW V WALL PRETTY SOON ILL BE ABLE TO VVALK OM fAY * Tl Of- FLOOR LOOK DOWN FIAT ON TtV GROUND. WE-LL,FER — .' HOVJ DID THAT CHASM GET THERE ? /XU % HOW ARE VJE. GET ACROSS NOW HOOTS IB WORRIED! HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WASH TUI5KS IREMS 'JCKEAM. KVARTLEP GUARDS HUKRV PORWARP. .... UAP INTO WAITINa CABS, AMD DISAPPEAR. RESULT: THREE PAWGESOUS CRIMINALS AT U«j£ GUARDS CCftD. DC !>/,UG. ATTlt*3 THOCa?, OOTSIDS THE WALL, MOW THEM DOWN WITH SUB-MACHINE A TERRIFIC AND MV5TEWOUS ROCKS THE MO, IROIJ-JAW LftDRONI, HUSH WATSOU, AMD -;w-:-LELGRurro PLUMSE TTIRU IKE SHATTCRE SUItl'RISK! TTOL03ft SO \ SftLESMflMSr.!-)] fs'OtrRB SALESMAN SAM U)«t-(- • ( DON'T LIKE TA SAY OETGCTWEl (IOWDV, HftS BROUGHT BACK HE SAID tie WOULD M£! OP6H TOE CH-I swt; ftN 1 GCT TH' 60MOBCH I I WEUER W«i SO HPiPPV (M OLL MV rzpoo By Bkissci ITS ALL YOUS FA'JLT.' T TUIWK YOU V/ERE BORM FOR THE SOLE MAkiMG ELSE IN THIS V/ORLD LOOK SMART FRECKLES ANR HIS FRIENDS T LL TAKE CASE, BUT IT LOOKS TO ME LlkE THREE STRIKES OH US BEPORE WE START.' THE SHERIFF WO THAT CHOCKED UP AMD COULD LEARU NOTHING! MR. IF YOU CAN DIG UP SOME- THIMG ABOUT n;;i, SHOWING HE'S A JAtL ; BIRD, TUE S'Jir V/ILL'BS THFWWN OUT OF CCXJET! . HOW ABOUT THAT PICTURE I SA.W OF HIM, IN THE PAPER ~? IT LOOXG LlkE A PLAIM CASE OF FRAUD Cfl TViE PAFTT OF TIIS D'HK F£LLOV/...OUT HE UA3 A CLEAR CASE AGAINST YOU... YOU HAD HIM ARRESTED A1JD HIS CUECK " KAPPGMED TO BE GOOD I V/ORt*Y, V/ORRY, V/3BRY.' TWAT'S A'-L GET ' II PE SUSPECT HIM.... THAT'S V/HAT HE WANTED! rr Looks VERY BAD FOR You, MASON !

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