The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 7
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TUESDAY, Stff'TOMBKK 2<S, 1939 BLYTlIiaVlLLB. (ARK.) COUBH3U NEWS ^|»Mli|o|B$TriM PAGE SEVK* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate ;x?r line for consecutive insertions: One time per line tfle Vivo times per line per day....03c Vhrce times per line per day...Otic fix times pnr line per day....o5i Monil. rate per line soc Cards of Thanks.. 50o & 750 Minimum charge 50c Ails ordered for t li r e e or six nines and stopped before exriira- V'ou will be charged for tlie nutn- ier of times the add appeared und ttUu&lment ol bill mncie. All Classified Advertising cony mtuniUed by pel-sons residing oui- tide of che city nrusl be uccom- painea by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table. Adverlic«;g ordered for irregular insertions canes Uie one tlnie rnt/e. tiO responsibility will be taken tor more thati o:ie incorrect inscr- Uun o'l any classiited ad. Alterations Fur alterations, Phone 275, 1120 Hcarn. Mrs. Alton Jaggm. 7-ck-HM Notice Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOE YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ARE PREPARED TO fSSUE YOUR HUNTING AND B f U D DOG LICENSE AT OUR STORE. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 35 Personal My residence at 1001 W. Asli. Or will trade lor well located smaller residence. Doyle Henderson 26-pk-S 30 FARMS 30 FOR SALE H.v Owner 10 UITC ti> 1,150 acre furnis of m- ii r us (yvrs In Snullica!>l JJissini- ri are beinfc offrreil by owner during the two \ieeks September 25th to ocfol.-er 7lh. payments .small, lont lime, very attVacllve, Icrins en balance if desired. Rcprc>- snilatives r,r owner will be at the c-flire of N'. M. Ehi-s. 207 Sco'.t . Co. Bkiilcling, rhone No 1, Eikeston. Missouri, nnd at ihc office of M, M. Hunt, Fislicr Building. Phcne 74, Mnldcn, Missouri, October 1st to 1l-ii. 120'A North of Blyllirville on ll.i- ycu. 4 houses, 3 barns. Oivhor a noii-rcwdciit and says sell. !'\)r cjnick sale SG5.00 A. S20CO cash and $550 year 6';.. Only ItlO A Sandy Rldse., 2 re.sidenecs, plenty other buildings. Fine tract. Non-resident owner. $80.00 acn, part cash. bal. annually (,•;;,. ICO A. Clear Lake on gravel. Well] impioved. Non-resirtuU owner. 1 $75.00 A, with $3001) rash, balance .„„., $1000 yearly B'.:,.. 1 ' - v . irly TDO.MAS Sole UVNW CO. ! Cheap. One National Cas.. „.„,, ter. One Burroughs Adding Machine. One Gary Safe. Call 795. Arouse Sluggish Liver,, work off the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gns pains, and lliat sour, punk, feeling. Take one box of KIUBV'S ACTIVE LIVER TILLS 25c at all Kirby Stores Shoe Repairing QUALITY SHOE SHOP Invisible half soling, crepe soles replaced on any shoe. Shoes dyed any color. Polishes, luces & supplies. Phone 120, free pickup & delivery. 6-ck-10-6 500 theater scats, suitable lor churches. Complete shoe -shop equipment. Complete meat mar ket equipment. SWdebaker amhn- Inncc combination. All real bai gains. P. Simon, 1'hone 764. lS-ek-10-15 8 room residence 110 S. Franklin. Rent for 527.00 per month. S1MO, 5200 cash, balance S25 per month. Also will sell 540 Lake Street, residence and store combined for same price. Dr. J. A. Saliira. 9-ck-10-0 Selected double rco poppy seed for sale. 25 cents per ounce, postpaid. September and October is the time lo plant. Major Little Blythcville. 2-pk-10-2 [ ' Wanted LAND WANTED^-If .i'6u have arjy. size i ;ctr4<;J({;-._salc*-see.,,u5 . ' once, we^a'n sell it.-^ ' If you waul your city projicrty sold, we can sell it for you. Thomas Litiul Co. Radio Service GUARANTEED HOME i: AUTO RADIO SERVICE Wolf Kartio Service . . I'hone 57 Welding KXPRRT RI.ECTUIC AN!) ACETYLENE WELDED Drag liiic and heavy adding a larksdaie Mfg, Co. 19 or Hes. 1013 Notice ">'o my frieiuis ami the public: I am new salesman for Tlinmiu Land Co. If interested in farms or city propcrtj-, sec me. H. C. Campbell AMERICAN SOLDIER 16 Chinese staple food. 1'8 To bur!cil. 20 To move sidcwisc. 21 Oleoresin. 22 Street ear. 24 Sailor. 25 Dry. 27 Rumanian coins. 23Me;isiire.. 30 Knee, horses. 32 Doctor USED GAUS AND TRUCKS! SKI5 TH1CA1 TODAY '38 Chev. Coach $495 '37 Ford "60" Tudor $355 "36 Dodge Sedan $296 '35 Ford Tudor $197 '33 Ford Fordor $125 '29 Ford Tudor ?45 '36 Plymouth 2-door Only Only Only ICE-ICE Phone W JOHN OH COLD 'Musi Keveml bushels green be reasonable. . Mm, Samuel p. Norris, C48-J nflcr 6:00 Washing, foiling Expert wnsliing and IronlDR. Rou(ili dry nnd flnlih. fi [ Sl.OO. Ono day service. Willie iiell Oj-ccn. bvlilnd City ice Plant. fl-ck-ld-SI While Poodle dos with brown spots. Host on uw. ei, lour mile's Kitlli. HKWARIX J. I,, Wallace w ™H 8-r-ii, aB-iik-a Hortou isull 'renler. Fenwle. Dliick and white w »h white spotted fuce. J5 reward, Mr. Wlllliuns nt the rirst Nnlloiml Bnnk. 23-ck27 "'or" SiiTc' oi 7 ' fi room house. S'i acres of land. I mile from town, Will h-a.dc (or tnm land. Cnll 008. l-ck-10-1 •10 or So acres Improved InTidTwiii trailp r«r city properly. Ci\ll nl .'. M. Huoluuum (iiwcry nl r>35 Uiiwrale. 25)klO-^5 Minnows For Sale MINNOWS fl-ck-lU-S) Rnrl ibmcn. cor. llnllrmcl 'A Ky, Now [.orated at 101 North Si-cnnd ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWMIOS, 1'ronrlrtor , ' All Millies of Krhiilll Typeurllcrs. Addluc Mnclilnes Cnlciilalors—Ilepalrlnc—Parts—Itlbbonj Only Only Only Only Only Only Only Only '37 Cliev. Sedan .$389 '36 Ford Coupe ' $288 '37 Ford "85" Tudor $398 '38 Ford Tudor $499 TRUCKS v '34 Ford Sed. Del'y $149 '35 Chev. Panel $192 '36 Ford Pick-Up ..,.,.,.$133 '37 Ford Pick-Up $315 imps Cured Without Surgery, ;md Cnaraiilectl A wry safe and harmless method; without confine-incut lo Me , loss ot time from work and with very mile dlscom- our' office Bethel. 1>11CS ' °* U ™' """^ el °" tl ™ (C<1 * Olirric SIJ ' DRS. JN1ES & 3NIES Dairy Satisfactory nualiiy «»,] fto ,. vtM )n . Hairy products, Catilc free c.' nniig's Disease, lii best of physical commit^, call Airs. Orni-c l.-tierv »Sm J| ~ 01 ' !lnls<?ll 's a™<lo A Haw Milk, Cream, country mitlcy. iuu- Icrmllk, extra or. hoildiiy orders Inspection encouraged hnytimu. HalM-irs Dairy Premised ijnul, Tailors 'tiiulo one. .. «KOR«K I,. Duly nuw Tnlloi- jicnd bovrler News \\xint nrts. Used Truck SPECIALS l'»H I'AIU WfKlt lUwilslrr. mo Miles (ioaii ns is'i-w. I.I- '37 C.M.C. 1 50" Wheels. Ucran- dWciicd TON (J.M.C. TlUCk Hc'condltltined Trailer .....$575 VI 7 G..M.C. I,.\.|{. with Body, New Tires necondllloneri ...... AT LOW YiHAC TKHMS LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Saicsnicii Wauled -.. Sell Rnwlclgh Products Needed every home, Enstly sold Pleasant work., should make; good earnings at start inul Incrense rap- Idly. Olicnlnj! hcnrliy. We leach J'OU how. Hiiwltlijirs, Depi. AK1- 27-50, Memphis, Tom. 20-j>k-2J .v's SAM; N'olioc Is hereby given Hint Mio undersigned comiiilcstoiicr, In conv- pllnoce Vltli llvo ton)i:i of a decree irndcrec! by (he Chancery Comt rov the chlckasawhA nisUicl or Mississippi County, ArknnsjiH on the 9lh dn.v of June, 19,'W, wliei'du 'Ihc Clpuritln Si«lo Snvingfi ASM- cliilloi), M, nl wits Plalntlll Ni). fijjm mid Klllntl Jolms, et nl were 1)"- fnulants, will sell nt public, tme- llon lo the liljheo, am | best bld- iler, tm cavh, on n credit of Thn-e Monihu, nt tlie front door of the Court House, Iwlwren thr hours ptesrrtljed b.v law. In die city <rf iMylhPvDIe. Arliuniia.<i, on Ihn'air.l dny of October, inso, the following icnl ratiile,, to-wlt: Lot Three CO nnd thn Hnlf (Wil of Ixit Two (21, i!!oi* Tour i-n, nuvls Second Addition 16 lllylhevlllc, Arknn- sns. St\ld snle will bo imd ( 0 snllsfy fAid decree In (| lc H i,i, O f Jloai.Ki. ivllh 10 i>er cent liitcrt'st fi-oni April 1&, ln.19 nnd costs. The inirchaser nt said snlc will be required to execute .bond wlili nppi'ovcci security, to secure the pnynunl of the purulinso money, inul a lion will be leiulncd upD-.i snld prop'rly as nrtiillloiwl security for Hie iniyjiieiil of sucli pin-- clmsn inoiic)'. Wlliicss my linnd inul tln> svnl of snld .Cctirt, tin this, the -Ki day of Sept., 1031 1IAHVKY Mon'UlS CominlsnlWier in Chancery. A lolnl ot 7,18^,003 actual miles ib nown di-rlng June, 1030, which H,I nil-lime high /or any prevl-' - - ous month by the airlines In too }'« ' 4 United States DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy,. Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? Il's ilnugcrcms and tx]iomivc lo drive with ftfrerinjf ai.« f'ro^it Whrrls ou( of adjitst- nifnl, Kcejiliip them In Rood order h so simple nnd liicxpon- slve ynii sliwlcl never tna^i lo elmnccs. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMI'UiTK STKEUING OKAK A1I.IV STMKiVT, HI- of nil Hall Sod;ct Joints — Uglilctilni; Iran Spring Clips unrl 8li'ack- les. il'nrls lv\tni), FREE FRONT END INSPECTION iTIve aljove tnehulcs a cmiiplete INSI'KCTION nnd Klil'OUT on cri.iilllluu 6f Wheel Alisnmcnl inul (adors alfccllng llru wear.) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Comer 5Ui .6 1V:ilnu( Photic 810-811 for Dcinoiiy'ration I!tj-tlievillc, Arlt. For Rent Four room furnished npartmsnt. Private bath. Phone 1018-W " It n. Eehrmicli. M-ck-30 5 room Furn. house. Frigiclalrc. Ga- iage. Mrs. C. H. Wheeler. 30» room uninrnislicd wilh halh. Oil burner heater, shades, nnd hot-water heater furnished. Call Mrs. Matt Mon3<;h,in at M8-J or 529. '15 Fastidiovis. 46 Suavo. 50 To thrive. 02 Wine ciiEV:, 53 South America. 33Norlii Africa. 5-JSmiill 34 Form of "a." children. .'(5 Back of neck. 55 Principal 37 District o£ iictress. Columbia. 58 Mountain, 38 Thus. M Opposed lo OOPoiilc lillc Iroiti. ,. ., - ,-,.., 23 Deportment. REJASiE| 26 Eighth ounce. 2STo tear. 20 FBCC diSRui.^c. '•il Spread over ,in ;>rch. 36 To ralnd. 41 Sngacily C-! Ho wos in - of the U. S. A. World War troops. 2 loom furiiisrieti apartment, JOS W. KeiitiicJcy, |-,;ione 683. 23|ik30 2 rcom.^ adjoiniiii! halh. Oiilsitie entrance. J!5 E. Sycamore. 23pk28 3 room modern furnished apartment. Private Ija.'h and entrance. 107 VI. Daris. [ihcne. CSS. 22-ck-U for 5 iadr. 4?. Whirlwind. 43 Button. fil To idoli/.c. S3 His military title. VKimCAI.1 1 Prison. 2 One time. "' N;iy. 4 Irish fuel. 5 Drawing along. f> Soulhv/csl V Owns, 8 Lily plant. Front room, lii-o beds. Single hcd- room, ttcarii heal, phone 2KO 13-ck-lf •17 Preposition. 48 A MnUibai people. mythology. SI To heal. 55 Sun. T>7 Brink. GOOnv.Tirrt". 62 B flat. Three room aiiarlmcnt, furnhhccl or unfiiriiisliccl. I'rivutc bath Phone asn. 19-ck-tf Bcdrcom. Twin beds. All conmii- | euces, call 581. IB-cK-U i Nice comfortable front bedroom. : 101,0 W. Ash. Call 4157W. Unfurnished apartment In . Apartment P'.iilding on W. Main j St. Call flll or 107. Ccdrcom in private home. Garage. Private bath. Gas heat. Man preferred. Phone 410. fj-clc-tf j Spacious living-bedroom for wo business women. Twin beds. Phone ?30. 12-rk-tf Comfortable single bedroom employed woman. Phone 1028 " 1, 2 or 3 furnished rooms. Everything modern. '911 Hcarn. _ 3(l-nlc-9-30 Slnre buitdiiif! for rent, steam treated. I'arkhurst Co. 2cklO-2 3 room imfurnislicd Modern and In first class condition. Corner Main and Secoml. P. Simon, phone 76<i. 15-ck-lf Nicely fmnished front room, steam heat, garage, 1'honfc 560. 6cklO-5 In 3 single year, aphids, bMlcr knt\vn as plant lice, may produce 30 generations of offspring. Head Courier News \Vimt Ads, ftcd Takes Ovei THEN 1 WAS CLAVJEY) -;••,-. WOLVES DON'T lit GET TVi' R3GSE REAO'V ' HE1.P ''BY 'V. T, HAMLlR HKY, DOC! WAKE TH' WAR'S OVER! TH' GREEKS SKIPPED OUT LAST NI6HTJ THEY PiD, EH?' AV... DID THEY LEAVE A. BIG WOO!JEM HORSE BEHIND THEM? (NOW THE WAR'S OVER IT'S TIME WE TOOK STEPS TO RETURN TO THE TWEMTIETH CENTUR.V VES, I GUESS . SO,.,TH' SHOWS-' ALL BUT THE OVER ^/ ACT... BUT WE'D GETTER GET STARTER NOW 7 NOW, JUST AND AVOID THE RUSH! 1 WHICH HDVV'P VOU KNOW liOOtR AND HER _A_Nc.v, WE.V.V-V.—T.'N 15Y EDGAR 'MAR'flM WASH TUBBS HY HOY CKAMK O)NE BOOMIWG EV: PlOSlOM ^FTER AMOTHER! 5CRE&M5! THE HOW MEN WIN FOR SAPETV. ,- FROM FUMES THAT POU« A HUNPREO CRACKS. KRKCKLRS AND HTS FRiRNDS Nubbin Comes (o Town BY MERUIU, BLOSSKH vVMo HIT ME o^o We HEAO? THERE SHE IS ,' I THU,M8Er> RIDES ALL ThH WAY txwM HERE/ WHEM PBJPLE STOPPED, 1 JUST HOOKED HE'? o^.' , TRAILER.' GOT ir PARKED ON AM EMPTY LOT/ FARM.' — AM' ^ AM, LESS'N 7H6Y KICK ME our!

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