The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 5, 1966 · Page 36
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 36

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, May 5, 1966
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36 a d h THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. THURSDAY MORNING. MAY 5. 1966 OFFICIAL FORECASTS P h i 1 a d e 1- phi a and vicini ty: Sunny and pleasant Thursday, with high in the low 60s. Wind variable about 10 miles per hour. Partly cloudy and milder Thursday night and Friday. Precipitation probability i.ear zero Thursday and 10 percent Thursday night and Friday. Eastern Pennsylvania: Mostly sunny and milder Thursday. Partly cloudy Thursday night with chance of scattered showers in the mountains. Fair Friday with little temperature change. New Jersey: Sunny and milder Thursday. Partly cloudy r: r..:r turning iair rriaay wun nine New York City: Thursday sunny and milder. Partly cloudy Thursday nieht and not SO COOl. , . ' , r ... , .... uecuming iair riiuay wiui lime temperature change. Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia: Sunny and turning warmer Thursday, not so cold Thursday night. Friday fair and warmer. Cape May to Cape Hatteras: Thursday variable winds 10 to 15 knots, becoming southeast to south 10 to 15 knots. Weather fair, visibility 10 miles. Cape May to Block Island: SNOWllllJII RAIN STATIC WIND i COLO SS WARM fj Weather for Thursday If FX Based on Official Forecasts I SEATTLE "jj "rpWfrk . JKV. c " A f l ! (Wk tT"7 lfV""T V 0-LADELPH.A SAN FRANCISCO ijr4u CL l . " A LOS ANGELES-' ; ci-& L "-r-t""v Y LEGEND "" V 7 f n udgM&m&. XS? & V- TtXAS -S cl0UDY S fAIR ,0&mM?Wr jUJjAS Hiiieatt Aijh tit prtuwt, rerbc trttlfirr, drtcfiaii FRONT It fennrJ bauitjtry af mttt lit Deaths Elsewhere Edward J. Behn, 43, heir to Roosevelt Administration, the International Telephone and Telegraph fortune, in Milan, Italy. A spokesman for the company in New York said Mr. Behn died of a heart attack. He had been living in Milan for some time. Mr. Behn was the son of the late Col. Sosthenes Behn, co-founder of ITT, and Mrs. Margaret Berwind Dunlap Eehn, heiress of the Berwind coal for tune. A Harvard graduate, Mr. Behn cratic national chairman), urg-served in the Pacific on a Navyjing immediate adoption of a aircraft carrier during the Sec-, campaign slogan." ond World War and was later an aide to the Allied military I governor of Italy. After the war. he was affiliated with ITT, Havana Docks Corp., and the Berwind White Coal Mining Co. Max Friedman, 77, an Austrian immigrant who has been credited with coming the "New Meyer Strell, 91, a toolmaker Deal" slogan for the Franklin D.'and inventor who worked with 1 Thomas A. Edison, at Newark, Lloyd G. Stith, Insurance Official Lloyd G. Stith, an insurance official, died Monday in -Grad-'ment. uate Hospital. He was 67 and lived at 2329 Cumberland st. Mr. Stith was associated with the Provident Home Industrial Mutual Life Insurance Co. for 35 years. He was treasurer of the American Bond and Mortgage Co., a director of Fellowship House, a member of the 28th Ward Democratic executive committee, and vice chairman of the trustees of Holy Trinity Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife, the former Roberta L. Lewis; a brother, Charles; two sisters, Mrs. Beatrice Hamlin and Mrs T.ithtfnnt Strvif u;ill ho at 8 P. M. Friday in Holy Tri - nity Baptist Church, 1818 Bain- bridge st. Burial will be in Mer- ion Memorial Park, Bala-Cyn- wyd. JOHN T. OWEN, a retired rtniinoman toi in! his home, at 4209 Roo.sevelt!dauShter A,f the te Russian fcivrf Ho 79. A mPmhPr nf Princess Alexey Kropotkin, at v r..f.m.i rtt-rio nt Pniion he had served on the force for!TTMtrs: cAden .fan?e to thfe ,o it- ic , m I United States with her parents T ' V Arcan AcJrnh v1" refugees fom the Bolshevist ber of the Artisans .Assembly , .n whicfl her ib, anu uie i - nean. suimu j Mrs. Alden was born in St. sons John T., Jr., and BrotherjPetersb and was a member liaiariCK jonn, r.o.v., ia daughters, Mrs. Charles Shimp, Mrs. Charles Rodgers, Mrs -bc i- j Richard Baker, Mrs. Bcrnard Conlee, Mrs. William ridiieriy and Mrs. Raymond Rock, and 15 grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren. JOHN PAGANO, who operatedj Mr Guest retire'd in j959 as a crrnrerv for 18 years at his;nresident nf Tnalls Shinhuild- home, 431 N. Simpson st., Corp., Mississippi's largest Tuesday in Lankenau Hospuai. He was 58. Surviving are his wife, the former Josephine DiTo-mo; a son, Dr. Anthony Pagano; a daughter, Mrs. Maria Corvino; two brothers and two sisters. MAY 1966 S M T W T f $ 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 IS 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29l"':;:'"j3i JUNE 1966 $ m T w T f 1 Winds becoming southerly 10 to 15 knots Thursday and Thursday night. Fair weather, becoming partly cloudy at night. Visibility over 5 miles. Sun Rises Sun Sets 5:57 A. M. 7:59 P. M. 9:13 P. M. Moon Rises Wednesday's Local Report U. S. WEATHER BUREAU Philadelphia. Pa. May 4. 196 edt t. h W.D.&V. Pr. W. W-9 Clear WNW-14 00 Clear NNW-lg - Clear NNW-16 00 Clear NW-15 - Clear NW-15 00 Clear 6 a. m. 39 55 ISA. M. 46 44 Noon 51 41 2 P. M. 53 41 6 P. M. 57 34 8 P. M. 53 35 T., Temperature H., Humidity; W. IP - v- Wind. Direction and Velocity; Pr., Precipitation; w.. Weather Condi' tions. Highest temperature (4:10 P. M.) Highest temperature this date last 95 years (1913) Lowest temperature (5:30 A. M.) Lowest temperature this date last 95 years (1957) Average temperature today Average temperature this date last year Normal for this date Deficiency since May 1 Deficiency since Jan. 1 256 Total precipitation since May 1 .01 Total precipitation since Jan. 1 12.16 Deficiency since Jan. 1 Barometric Pressure: 6 A. M If. J! I Rising; 12 Noon, 30.39 Falling; 6 P. M., 30.39 Rising. DEGREE DAT DATA Wednesday 17 Season 5174 Normal 5000 Jniatti lot W of mrtmtnt STATIC FRONT or BAROMETER it Knoxville, Tenn. Mr. Friedman, jeweler, veter an city councilman and longtime Democratic leader and the late Bob Smith, another Democratic stalwart, visited Roosevelt at Ithe governor's mansion in Al- bany, N. Y., in August, 1932, a month after he received the Presidential nomination. Smith said as they were talking to Roosevelt, "he opened a wire from Jim Farley (Demo- "FDR declared we would hold an election then and there. Smith related. "He asked us for suggestions. Max said . . . what the American people wanted was a 'New Deal'." Roosevelt agreed, Smith related. IN. J. I A native of Russia, he came I to Newark in 1907. He worked Iwith Edison in his West Orange llaboratory in 1911 in the pho ographs and speaker depart He also worked on stor age batteries for submarines. After leaving the Edison lab- 'oratory, Mr. Strell opened his own concern, the National Tool and Machine Co., in Newark He did government work during the First World War and in 1935 formed the Newark Machine Co., which he operated until his retirement. Dr. Edmond Locard, 88, an internationally known criminologist, at Lyons, France. Dr. Locard founded Lyons' Technical Police Laboratory in 1910 and directed it until 1951. Both a doctor of medicine fndu of ,law; .Dr- tLo"rdT was technical adviser to the Inter- w mission and vice president of the International Criminology Academy. M. Mary A. Alden, 78, i Talo Alto, Calif. husband met his death of one of the great families of Czarist Russia. Her brother, Prince Ivan Kropotkin, was j. i iiiv-t. nail iu wxii. t;ilD . Fr!in0 aftpr fiopin? his homeland. W. R. Guest, Sr., 72, a pioneer in the shipbuilding indus try, at Pascagoula, Miss single businest. He pioneered in construction of the first all-welded ship and many vessels built under the new process saw service in the Second Vvorld War. 1.- STATISTICS BY CITIES Highest temperature last 12 hours. lowest temperature last IS hours and precipitation for last 24 hours as reported at g P. M.i Wednesday, by the United States Weather Bureau. TEMPERATURE Place L H. Pr. 54 79 .00 43 59 .00 46 88 .00 43 53 .01 38 48 .00 59 75 .00 40 60 .00 37 63 .00 33 46 .00 43 82 .00 28 54 .00 35 64 .00 43 60 .00 61 78 .00 48 84 .00 60 71 .00 38 63 .00 75 78 .00 33 77 .00 71 78 .02 45 53 .06 51 60 .00 38 58 .00 67 96 .00 33 55 .00 48 86 .00 43 71 .00 50 86 .00 62 66 .13 53 62 .00 27 52 .00 81 91 .00 50 74 .00 70 84 .00 46 64 .00 38 52 .00 39 68 .00 M., Missing; Pr., Atlanta Atlantic City Bismarck, N. D. Boston Buffalo, N. Y. Charleston, S. C. Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Denver Detroit Duluth, Minn. Harrisburg Jacksonville, Fla. Kansas City, Mo. Los Angeles Louisville Miami Beach Minneapolis New Orleans New York City Norfolk. Va. Philadelphia Phoenix. Ariz. Pittsburgh Portland, Ore. St. Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Francisco S. Ste. Marie, Mich. 27 Savannah, Ga. Seattle Tampa, Fla. Washington, D. C. Wilkes-Barre Winnipeg, Man. Thursday's Tidal Predictions PHILADELPHIA (r hrtnt ,M 38;High Tide 2:36 A.M. 3:00 P.M. Low Tide 9:54 A. M. 10:06 P. M. DELAWARE BREAKWATER High Tide 9:42 A. M. 10:00 P: M. Low Tide 3:30 A. M. 3:30 P. M CAPE MAT (Municipal Pier) High Tide 8:56 A.M. 9:20 P.M. Low Tide 2:43 A.M. 2:49 P.M. ATLANTIC CITT (Steel Pier) Hieh TirU A M fl-o T M 1.64iT.nw TiriA -.-c A M 101 D n t.Jli.m. .... r.v , 1.-, ibiiuE r. k b nirovrr High Tide 10:41 A. M. 11:05 P. M. Low Tide 5:01A.M. 5:07 P.M. BARNEGAT INLET High Tide 8:34 A.M. 8:S8 P. M. Low Tide 2:39 A.M. 2:45 P.M. tir prtuurt, vnU'uMt rt lfcef, rffttlie 4nJ pW mi ik,t mrmf, vnJW lJ Dr. Barnwell ,71, Ex-VA Official Dr. John Blair Barnwell, 71, retired Director of Research and Medical Education lor tne Veterans Administration and for many years a national leader in the fight against tuberculosis, died Wednesday in the Univer sity of Pennsylvania Hospital. Dr. Barnwell, who received his medical degree from the uni versity's Medical School in 1923, was appointed to his VA post in 1956 and retired in 1960. He joined the VA in 1946 and served as director of its tuber culosis program. During bis career, he also served as president of the National Tuberculo sis Association. Upon his retirement, he moved from Washington to Blairstown, N. J. He was born in Selma, Ala. and was graduated from Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. Surviving are two brothers Robert W., Jr., and Frank L. and two sisters, Mrs. Fred A Hardee and Mrs. Thomas C Brown. A memorial service will be held at 3 P. M. Friday in Trinity Memorial (Episcopal) Church, 2212 Spruce st. Gunnar Froelich, Engineer, at 64 Gunnar C. Froelich, who had been associated with the con sulting engineering office of P. R. Hoopes for the past 30 years, died Monday at Presbyterian Hospital. He was 64 and resided at 4924 Rubicam st. Mrs. Froelich, who was born and educated in Denmark, came to the United States in 1923. He was treasurer of the Eastern Lodge of the Danish Brother hood in America and secretary of the Philadelphia Lodge of that organization. He was also a registered professional engi neer and a Mason. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Chester Katz and Mrs. Ralph Hale; seven grandchil dren, three brothers and one sister. HARRY J. KRATTENMAK- ER, a printer for the Chilton Co., died Sunday at his home, 720 W. Maple ave., Merchant-ville, N. J. He was 75. Surviving are his wife, the former Jessie Miller; a son, Col. George R.; a daughter, Mrs. John Savvas; a stepson, Edward C. Miller, and seven grandchildren. Soviet Deputy Killed MOSCOW, May 4 (Reuters). Nikolai Pestov, a Supreme Soviet deputy, was killed in an accident Monday. Pestov, 35, worked as an excavating machine operator at a mine in Dazakhstan. Mrs. M. Clement Dies, Wife of PRR Ex-Head Mrs. Martin Withington president and chairman of the Railroad, died Wednesday at Old Gulph rd., Rosemont. The former Elizabeth S. Wal- lace, she was an honorary member of the Board of Women Visitors of the University Hos pital and former chairman of the Women's Board of Bryn! Mawr Hospital. She was also a former president of the Wom en's Aid Society of the Pennsyl vania Railroad. Mrs. Clement was a member of the Acorn Club and its former president. She was also a member of the Gardners. Besides her husband, she is survived by three stepchildren, Harrison H., Alice W. and James H. Clement; a brother, John Craig Wallace; a sister, Mrs. Lambert Cadwalader, nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held in the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Bryn Mawr, at 3 M. Saturday. Interment will be private. Dr. Haenn, Head Of Lumber Firm Dr. Joseph E. Haenn, officer of a lumber firm and ship rigg ing company, died Tuesday in Pitzgerald Mercy Hospital. He was 75 and lived at College ave and Tunbridge rd., Haverford. He was president of the George J. Haenn, Inc., lumber yard in Rosemont, and treasurer of the Haenn Ship Sealing and Refitting Corp., 58th st and Lindbergh ave. He was a 1912 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and practiced in the Malvern area before joining the lumber firm in 1919. He was veteran of the First World War. Surviving are his wife, the for mer Imogene Felin; two sons, Joseph E., Jr., and Robert T.; six daughters, Mrs. William Craig, Mrs. Robert Rainey, Mrs. William Gaul, Mary Elizabeth, Catherine and Barbara, and 21 grandchildren. THOMAS KEXWORTHY, a wool merchant, died Wednesday at his home in Newtown, Bucks county. He was 74 and was senior partner of Thomas Ken worthy's Sons, Elkins Park. Surviving are his wife, the for mer iuarie ju. jLaws; a son. Thomas, 3d; three daughters. Jane, Mrs. E. Marshall Nuckols, Jr., and Mrs. William F. Slocum; a brother, a sister, 13 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. LOUIS M. LIEBERMAN, a jeweler at 959 N. Marshall st. for 40 years, died Tuesday at Hahnemann Hospital. He was 60 and lived at 6127 Belden st. A member of the Marshall Street Businessmen's Association, he was a founder of Rozart, floral designers and manufacturers He was a member of Temple Keneseth Israel. Surviving are his wife, Rose; two sons, Neil and Sheldon; two sisters, Mrs Anna rriedman and Mrs. Mary Kivnik, and a brother. MRS. CHARLES W. FOGG, a former P h i 1 a d e lphian, died Wednesday in her home at 133 Eley st., Kingston. She was 73. The wife of a former employe of Leeds and Northrup Co., she attended the Wyoming ave. Christian Church of Kingston. Survivors, in addition to her husband, are two daughters, Mrs. Eugene Ward and Mrs. Elizabeth Miller; three grand children, and a great-grand child. ARCHIBALD L. STEWART, a retired auditor for the Western Saving Fund Society, died Tues day in his home, at 5243 Akron st., Frankford. He was 65. He was a member of the Frankford Memorial Methodist Church, and is survived by his wife, the former Gertrude Woodbury; a son, Army Maj. Donald W. Stewart, and three grandchildren. In Nemoriam ROSKNBKRr.FR. JUV-Mi, K. 10A Love's greatest gift Remembrance. Sadly missed and forever remembered by her daughter Grace. Died ANGUS May 4. 1966. EMMA ANGUS, at the home of her daughter. Helen G. Trabosh, 2018 Carolton Way, Flour-town. Services and interment at convenience of family. BARNWELL JOHN BLAIR, of Blairstown. N. J.. in the Hospital of the Univ. of Pennsylvania on Wed.. May 4, 1966; beloved brother of Helen Barnwell Brown, Emma Barnwell Hardee, Robert Woodward Barnwell and Frank Lyon Barnwell. Services at 3 P. M., Fri., May 6, at Trinity Memorial Church, 2212 Spruce St.. Phila. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be sent to the Hospital of the Univ. of Pennsylvania. BARTON ANDREW F., on May 4, 1966. of 626 Old Gulph rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa., husband of Elizabeth Carson Barton. Funeral services will be held at the STUARD FUNERAL HOME, 104 Cricket ave.. Ardmore, Sat., May 7, at 11 A. M. Int. Lower Merion Baptist Cera., Bryn Mawr. Friends may call Fri. eve. 7 to 9. BAUH0F Suddenly, May 2, 1966. HARRY F., of 435 W. Westmoreland St.. husband of Agnes C. Bauhof (nee Blong). Relatives and friends are invited to attend the service Fri.. 10:30 A. M., Funeral Home of JAMES P. DONAHUE & SONS, 6th and Tioga sts. Int. Green-mount Cem. Friends may call Thurs. evening. B0UDWIN May 4. 1966, of 1018 North st.. Col-lingdale, BERTHA F. (nee White), wife of the late Frank L. Relatives and friends invited to funeral Sat., 9 A. M., DAVID J. PHILLIPS FUNERAL HOME, 910 MacDade blvd., Collingdale. Int. Hillside Cem. Friends may call Fri. eve. BRENNAN May 2. 1966. GEORGE J., of E. Silver St., husband of Mildred Bren-nan (nee Boyd). Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral Sat., 8:30 A. M., C. J. O'NEILL FUNERAL HOME, 309-11 E. Lehigh ave. Solemn Requiem Mass. 10 A. M., Church of Visitation B.V.M. Friends may call Friday evening. Clement, wife of the former board of the Pennsylvania her home at Ithan ave. and Dr. Boland, 56, College Official Dr. Michael P. Boland, regis trar at St. Joseph's College since 1930, died Tuesday at his home, 6138 N. Fairhill st. He was 56. He became registrar and in structor in education a year after graduating from St. Joseph's and remained on the faculty for 12 years. In 1942, Dr. Boland became the college's first full-time registrar. AWARDED MEDAL Dr. Boland also served as di rector of the college's summer day sessions since their incep tion in 1961 and coached the ten nis team until 1959. He was awarded the Bene Mer enti Medal by St. Joseph's in 1955 for his 25 years of "devoted and meritorious service." He received an M. S. in educa tion from the University of Penn sylvania in 1936 and was award ed an honorary doctor of law de gree from St. Joseph's in 1959. NATIVE OF PHILA. A native of Philadelphia, Dr. Boland was named regional president of the Middle States Asso ciation of Collegiate Registrars and Admittance Officers at that group's annual convention in At lantic City last December. Surviving are two brothers, Rev. James A. Boland, rector of Holy Martyrs Roman Catholic Church, Oreland, Pa., and Dr. Frank Boland, a Philadelphia physician. A Solemn Requiem Mass will be celebrated Monday at 10 A. M. at St. Helena's Roman Catholic Church, 5th st. and Godfrey ave Died CAMPELL0NE May 2, 1966. of 4205 I st., WILLIAM, age 75 years, husband of the late Car-mela (nee Antoinella) Campellone and father of Mrs. Lillian C. Lombo and William Campellone. Relatives and friends are invited to the funeral Friday, 8:30 A. M., Erie Ave. Parlors of HAROLD B. MULLIGAN. 9th st. and Erie ave. Solemn Requiem Mass, Holy Innocents Church, 10 A. M. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. Friends invited Thurs. eve. CASSIDY Suddenly, on May ?, WILLIAM J husband of the late Nora G. Cassidy (nee Buckley), of 7335 N. 21st St.. and uncle of Sister Annunciata Marie, R.S.M. of Georgia. Relatives and friends, members of the League of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Phila Fire Dept. are invited to attend the Funeral Fri., 9 A. M., JAMES W. eUINN, 2D, FUNERAL HOME. 6707 York rd. High Requiem Mass. 10 A. M., St. Athanasius Church. Int Holy Sepulchre Cem. Friends may call Thurs. eve.. 7 to 10. CH0JNACKA May 1, 1966, ANNA (nee ProznnwsW), of 3175 Thompson st.. wife of the late John, mother of Adele Adamczyk, Florence Beckman, Mae Zielinska, Frank, Anne Wilk and Edward; also 16 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. Relatives and friends invited to funeral Fri., 9 A. M.. JAGEILSKI FUNERAL HOME, 2633 E. Allegheny ave. Solemn Mass of Requiem, 10 A. M., St. Adalbert's Church. Int. Most Holy Redeemer Cem. Viewing Thurs. eve. In lieu of flowers. Mass cards preferred. CLEMENT May 4, 1966. ELIZABETH WALLACE, of Rosemont, Pa., wife of Martin Withington Clement. Funeral services at the Church of the Redeemer. Bryn Mawr, Pa., on Sat., May 7. at 3 P. M. Interment private. C0RDERY Of 329 N. Washington St.. Hammon-ton, N. J., on Tuesday. May 3, 1964. EDWARD ALONZO. after a long illness, age 90 years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral service on Friday, May 6, at II A. M-. at the LANDOLFI-JONES FUNERAL HOME, 237 Bellevue ave., Hammonton, N. J. Int. Greenmount Cemetery. Viewing 9 to 11 A. M. Friday prior to services. Masonic services at 10 A. M. CR0SSLEY Of Feasterville, Pa., formerly of Frankford, May 3. 1966, FRANK, in his 94th year, husband of the late Laura (nee Rowland). Relatives and friends are invited to attend service. Sat., 11 A. M.. WM. ROWEN GRANT FUNERAL HOME, INC.. Street rd. and 2nd St. pike. Southampton, Pa. Int. Forest Hills Cem. Friends may call Fri. eve. CR0USE May 3, 1966, WILLIAM S., of 3423 Tyson ave., beloved brother of Jessie I. Baily and Mary A. Smith. Relatives, friends and members of Crescent Lodge 493, F. & A. M., are invited to viewing Thurs. eve. at MANNAL FUNERAL HOME, 6925 Frankford ave. (at Tyson ave.). Masonic services at 8 P. M. CUNNINGHAM May 2. CHARLES J., beloved husband of Elizabeth A. (nee O'Neill), of 28 Woodbine rd., Havertown. Pa., father of Sr. Mary Incarnata, R.S.M., Thomas, Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh and Mrs. Eileen Colville. Relatives, friends, Holy Name Society and Upper Darby Council 3132, K. of C are invited to the funeral fri., 9 A. M.. JOHN P. DONOHUE SONS. 8401 West Chester pike. cor. of Lynn blvd., Upper Darby, Pa. Solemn Requiem Mass, 10 A. M., Church of the Sacred Heart, Manoa, Pa. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. Friends may call Thursday evening. CURRAN May 3, 1966, MARGARET A., (nee Evans), wife of the late Edward Curran, of 2950 S. Carlisle st. Services for relatives and friends, Fri., 1 P. M., at Calvary Temple, 3301 S. 20th st. Friends may call Thurs., 7 to 9 P. M.. at WM. F. CUSHING'S, 1807 Pine st. Int. Greenmount Cem. DALSTR0M May 2. 1966. KAREN ELIZABETH, suddenly, of 140 Merrybrook dr., Havertown, Pa., beloved daughter of Helen and Sten Dalstrom. Relatives and friends are invited to services Thurs., 8 P. M., at St. Giles Episcopal Church, Hampton rd. and Locust St., Upper Darby. There will be no viewing, please omit flowers. Int. private. (FERRIS SUBURBAN FUNERAL SERVICE.) DARLING May 4, 1966. MARY (nee Romenic-nff), wife of Herman Darling, of 1307 E. Johnson St.; mother of Eleanor Melnicoff and Leonard Darling: sister of Lillian Sutow, also survived by four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Relatives and friends are invited to services Thurs.. 2 P. M., JOSEPH LEVINE & SON MEMORIAL CHAPELS, N. Broad st. above 71st ave. Int. Roosevelt Memorial Park Family will return to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Melnicoff, 1305 E. Cardeza St. Please omit tiow-ers. DAUGHEN THOMAS, SR., May 2. 1966, husband of the late Mary (nee DiOrio), father ot Rev. Mr. Thomas Daughen, Jr., Mrs. Laura DiCicco and Mrs. Anna Aquilino, of 2327 Watkins st. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral Saturday, 8:30 A. M., from LEONETTI FUNERAL HOME. INC.. N. E. cor. Broad and Wolf sts. Solemn Requiem Mass, 10 A. M St. Ed-mond's Church. Int. Holy Cross Cem. Viewing Fri. eve. In lieu of flowers, please make contributions to St. Luke's Hospital Emphysema Clinic, 421 W. 113th st.. New York City. N. Y. (Parking on premises.) Died DiFULGO Of 245 E. 63d st., New York City, on Mayl, 1966, MARY M. (nee Corcoran), wife of Joseph F. DiFulgo. Relatives and friends are invited to the funeral on Friday, 9:30 A. M., OLIVER H. BAIR'S. 1820 Chestnut st. Solemn Re quiem Mass. St. Callistus Church, 11 A. M. Int. Holy Cross Cem. Friends may call Thurs. eve.. 7 to 9. EICHNER SARAH E.. aged 81, died suddenly. 8:10 P. M., Tues.. widow of the late Elmer Eichner, Sr., formerly of 4524 Howell st. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral Fri.. 2 P. M., EDGAR S. ROBINSON FU NERAL HOME, "6157 Torresdale ave. Int. North Cedar Hill Cem. Friends caU Thurs., 7 to 9 P. M. EISELE Manahawkin. N. J., on May 3. 196(5. FREDERICK, age 70. beloved husband of Laura (nee Greiss), father of Mrs. Polly Ziegeler, of Phila. Funeral serv ices will be heid on Sat., at 11 A. M., from the CHARLES KESTER FUNERAL HOME, 611 E. Allegheny ave. Int. in the Northwood Cem. Friends may call Fri. at the Kester Funeral Home. Viewing Thurs. eve. from BIGBEE RIGGS FUNERAL HOME, 12th st. and Boulevard, Ship Bottom. New Jersey. FINKELST0N On May 3, 1966. of 6320 Norwood st., ANNA R., wife of the late David Finkelston. Relatives and friends are invited to the service Saturday. 1 P. M., at the Ogontz Parlors of HAROLD B. MULLIGAN, Ogontz and Chelten aves. Int. Northwood Cem. No viewing Friday eve. Friends may call after 12 noon. F0GARTY May 2. 1966, of 5546 Broomall ave., AGNES (nee O'Donnell), wife of the late James Fogarty. Relatives and friends invited to funeral Fri., 9 A. M.. THOMAS F. ROCHE SON, 56th and Cedar ave. Solemn Mass of Requiem, Church of the Transfiguration, 10 A. M. Int. Holy Cross Cem. Viewing Ihurs. eve. GIBSON Of 107 S. Newport ave., Ventnor, N. J., suddenly. May 3, 1966, JOHN L., son of the late Harry S. and Anna Gibson (nee Longstreth) and brother of Annabells J. Gibson, formerly of Clifton Heights. Services Sat., 1:30 P. M., Funeral Home of M. F. WILLIAMS, Baltimore and Summit aves., Clifton Heights. Int. Arlington Cem. Friends may call Fri., 7 to 9 P. M. GOLDBERG May 3, HAL KENNETH, age 18 years, son of Joseph and Mary (nee Krotonsky), of 6321 Cardiff st., brother of Sherry, grandson of Anna Goldberg. Services were held Wed. from JOSEPH LEVINE & SON MEMORIAL CHAPELS, N. Broad st. above 71st ave. Burial was in Mt. Sharon Cem. Family is at the late residence. HANSON May 4. 1966, EDNA MAY, wife of the late Edwin M. T. Hanson, of 221 Lorraine ave., Oreland. Relatives, friends and members of Oakdale Chapter O. E. S. 111, are invited to services Sat., 2:30 P. M., KIRK & NICE, 6301 Germantown ave. Int. Hillside Cem. Friends may call F"ri. eve. O. E. S. service, 8:30 P. M. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in her memory to the Hancock St. Methodist Church. HARKINS MARY B., daughter of the late James Harkins, of Bolty Patrick, County Donegal, Ireland, of 5313 Willows ave., on May 2, 1966. Relatives and friends invited to funeral Fri., 9 A. M.. tUWIJI M. HEWITT FD. NERAL HOME. 49th and Baltimore ave. Mass of Requiem, to A. M.. Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Int. Holy Cross Cem. Viewing inurs. eve. HARRINGTON JOHN F. HARRINGTON, May 3 1966. of 316 W. Rosemar st. and for merly of Glann, Charlestown, Co. iiayo. ire., beloved husband of Mar garet Grady Harrington and father of Mother M. Margaret Beatrice, S.S.J.. John, Joseph, Edward. Thomas and Mrs. John Quinlan. Relatives, friends and all organizations of which he was a member are invited to funeral Friday. 8:30 A. M., JOHN F. lilVMSH'S, 5th st. at Chelten ave, (6300 N. 5th.) Solemn Mass of Rciuiem Church of Helena, 10 A. M. Holy Com munion may be received at this Mass Int. Holy Sepulchre. Friends may call Ihurs. eve. HAVERTY May 2. 1966, WILLIAM J.. of 4245 N. 16th St., son of the late Michael and Isabel Haverty. Relatives, friends, meraoers of Sergeant Hamilton Fish Post, V.F.W., and employes of the Quartermaster Depot are invited to the funeral Sat., 9 A. M., from the MURPHY FUNERAL HOME. 3839 N Broad st. Solemn Mass of Requiem, M. Stephen's Church, 10 A. M. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. Friends may call rri. eve. HEIFETZ May 3, 1966. REV. ZISE, husband of the late Toiba, of 2602 N. 33d St., father of Soma Heifetz and Mrs David (Fania) Rotman and the late Isadore Heifetz, brother of Mrs. Zlata I. Marqulian, grandfather of Mrs. Howard Mazer, Sharon Rotman, Tobie, Alice and Naomi Heifetz. great-grand father of Ira and Renee Mazer. He was an active supporter of Relief Committee for Refugee Rabbis, Otcar Haposkim in Jerusalem and the United Institutes Or Torah Rabbi Meyer Baal Haness. Tiberias, Israel. Relatives, friends, members of Shocktin Union Local r493. Shredneker Br. 202, Far band Atz Chiam Lizochorun Jacob Cong., Uptown & Downtown Home for the Jewish Aged are invited to funeral services Thurs., 1 P. M. precisely, "GOLDSTEINS , ' 6410 N. Broad st, Int. Har Nebo Cem. Shiva will be ob. served at the Rotman residence, 4307 E. Roosevelt blvd. In lieu of gifts, Please send contributions to your favorite charity. HENTGES On May 2, 1966, of 2331 W. Somerset St., ELMER R., husband of Marie Hentges (nee Giargiari). Relatives and friends are invited to the service, 1:00 P. M.. Fri., PARLORS OF HAROLD B. MULLIGAN. 1119 W. Lehigh ave Int. Northwood Cem. Friends invited Thurs. eve. HICKEY On May 4, 1966. THOMAS E., husband of Catherine G. (nee Finnerty), of 703 Center ave., Collingswood, N. J. Funeral Sat., 8:45 A. M., from R. J. BLAKE FUNERAL HOME, 226 Col-lings ave., Collingswood, N. J. High Mass of Requiem, Church of St. John, 9:45 A. M. Int. New St. Mary's Cem. Viewing Fri. eve. HIGHT Of 1227 Disston st.. May 3, 1966. ARTHUR R., husband of Nelda Hight (nee Graham). Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral services, Thurs., 8 P. M., at the FLUEHR FUNERAL HOME, 3301-15 Cottman ave.. where friends may call Thurs., 7 to 10 P. M. Int. Arlington National Cem. HOLLER JOSEPH MACKENZIE. Apirl 28. 1966. at Fort Jackson, S. Carolina, son of Lt. Joseph & Eilen Wilson Holler. Services and int. private. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to Christ Lutheran Church. Oreland, Pennsylvania. HUFF WILLIAM T., on May 3, 1966, of the Overbrook Arms. Service Saturday, 10:30 A. M., OLIVER H. BAIR'S. 1820 Chestnut st. KEALEY May 2, 1966, of 2029 Simpson ave., Ocean City, N. J., formerly of Tacony, Phila.. WILLIAM, husband of Sara (nee Hawthorne) and father of Mrs. Ruth Griffith, Harry and Charles Kealey, aged 70. Relatives, friends and members of Tacony Lodge 600, F. & A. M., Tacony Methodist Church, William D. Oxley Post 133. A. L., Henry Disston Lodge 8, I.O.O.F. and Phila. Council Boy Scouts of America are invited to attend the funeral Fri., 10:30 A. M., from the ROWLAND ft GANTHER FUNERAL HOME, 7015 Torresdale ave. Int. U. S. National Cem., Beverly, N. J. Friends may call Thurs. eve.. 7-9. Masonic service 8:30 P. M. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Memorial Fund of Tacony Methodist Church in his memory. KEITZ May 4. 1966, ETTA (nee Linder). wife of Meyer, of 8323 Fayette st.. mother of the late Stella Sklarow and Theodore Keitz, sister of Mrs. Minnie SiedeU Mrs. Gussie Cass tc Mrs. Dora Herkus, also survived by 4 grandchildren k 5 great grandchildren. Relatives and friends are invited to funeral services, Thurs., 1:30 P. M. precisely "GOLDSTEINS'," 6410 N. Broad st. Int. Montefiore Cem. Shiva will be observed at 8323 Fayette st. Kindly omit flowers. Died KEMPER Of 2940 Knorr st.. suddenly. May 3. 1966. GERTRUDE (nee Feldmann), wife of the late Wilhelm A. Kemper and mother of Mrs. Elizabeth M. Pafi'en and Hubert Kemper. Relatives and friends and Ladies of Charity are invited to attend funeral Friday, 8:30 A. M.. from the FLUEHR FUNERAL HOME, 3301-15 Cottman ave. Solemn Requiem Mass. St. Timothy's Church, 10 A. M. Int. St. Dominic's Cem. Friends may call Thurs. eve. KENWORTHY R D. 2, Newtown, Pa., THOMAS, husband of Marie M. (nee Laws) Kenworthy. Funeral at the convenience of the family. Remembrances may be sent to the Abington Memo-, rial Hospital, Abington, Pa. K0WALCZYK May 3. 1966. of 780 North Bucknell St., MARY (Wieczorek), wife of the late Joseph, beloved mother of Walter, aiso survivea Dy eignl grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren. Relatives, friends and all organizations of which she was a member are in vited to funeral Fri., 8 A. M., at the JOSEPH F. BRENNAN FUNERAL BUJ1L, 858 IN. UQ St. Solemn Requiem Mass, 9 A. M., at St. Hedwig's Church. int. St. Dominies Cem. View ins Thurs. eve., 7 to 10. LAB0N WILLIAM, of 722 N. 40th st.. died April 29; viewing Friday evening. May 6. from 6 to 8:30. at the Church of the Living God, 58th and Thompson sts. Funeral services will be held the same evening, 8:30. Int. Mt. Lawn Cem., Saturday, May 7, at 11 A. M. LATIMER ISABELLA, on May 2. 1966. wife nf the late Frederick L. Latimer, of 834 S. 57th st. Service for relatives, friends, members of St. Matthews Episcopal Church and pensioned employes of Strawbndge & Clothier, on Fri., 2 P. M., at OLIVER H. BAIR'S, 1820 Chestnut st.. where friends may call Thurs., 7-9 P. M. Int. Mt. Moriah Cem. LEHMAN JACOB. 21S Wesley ave.. Pitman. N. J., on May 3, beloved husband of Alwme (nee Kruger). Relatives and friends are invited to services from the WETZEL & SON FUNERAL HOME. 4708-12 N. 5th St.. on Fri.. 2 P. M. Friends may call Thurs. eve. LIEBERMAN May 3. LOUIS M., husband of Rosa (nee Rosenberg), of 6127 Belden St.. father of Neil and Sheldon, brother of Anna Friedman, Mary Kivnik and Isadore Lieberman. Relatives and friends are invited to services Thurs., 11 A. M., JOSEPH LEVINE 4k SON MEMORIAL CHAPELS, N. Broad st. above 71st ave. Int. Mt. Lebanon Cem. Family will be at the late residence. Please omit flowers. L0MBARDI May 2, RAFFAELA (nee Manza). of 1944 S. Mole St., beloved wife of Dom- enic and mother of Rita, Marie and Theresa. Funeral Fri., 9 A. M. from the MONTI FUNERAL HOME. 2533-35 S. Broad st. High Mass. St. Thomas Church. 10 A. M. Int. Holy Cross Cem. Viewing Thurs. eve.. 7-10. LUCIANO May 3. 1966. ANTHONY, beloved husband of Theresa Luciano (nee FintlU). of 6022 Vine st. Solemn Mass of Requiem Sat., 9 A. M., St. Donato's Church. Family invites friends to call Fri. eve., 7 to 10. at PERRI'S SUB URBAN FUNERAL SERVICES, 8645 West Chester pike, Upper Darby. Int. SS. Peter fc Paul Cem. LYONS MARY V., May 3, of 1025 Shadeland ave., Drexel Hill, and formerly of Roxborough, daughter of the late Patrick and Hannah O'Donnell Lyons. Relatives, friends and members of the B.V.M. Sodality are invited to funeral Fri., 9 A. M., FITZPATRICK & SONS FUNERAL HOME, 425 Ly ceum ave., Rox. Solemn Requiem Mass, Church of St. John the Baptist, 10 A. M. Int. Westminster Cem Friends may call Thurs. eve. after 7. McCLORY May 3. 1966. WILLIAM J., husband of Florence A. McClory (nee Hoctor) Relatives and friends, also Holy Name Society, members San Domingo Coun cil 236. Co. H, 315th Infantry. U. S, Army. Old Delancey Building & Loan Assn., are invited to the funeral I n 8:30 A. M., WM. H. LOGAN'S. 2410 Lombard st. Solemn High Mass of Requiem, St. Patrick's Church, 10 A. M Int. Holy Cross Cem. Friends may call Thurs. eve. McKINNEY Suddenly, on May 1, 1966, SARAH E, (nee McCulloueh), of 2749 N. Opal st formerly of Plumbridge, County Ty rone, Ireland, wife of James McKin-ney. Relatives, friends and employes of the Packard Bldg. are invited to her funeral Sat., 9 A. M., from the RYAN FUNERAL HOME, 2504 W. Le high ave. Solemn Requiem Mass, St, Columba's Church, 10 A. M. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. Friends may call Fri. evemng. McNAMARA SR. KATHLEEN REGINA, M.S.B.T. on May 4, 1966. Requiem Mass. Mother Missionary Cenacle, Sat., 10:15 A. M Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem. Friends may call at the Mother House of the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity. 3501 Solly ave., Fri., 4 to 9 P. M. MENEELY May 3. LOUISA M. McGOWAN. wife of the late David Meneely, 36 Owen ave., Lansdowne, mother of Alfred, Harold, Mrs. Frank Burke, and Mrs. Thomas E. Mowry. Services F ri. morn., 11 o'clock, TOPPITZER'S FUNERAL HOME, Garrett rd., at Lansdowne ave., Drexel Hill. Friends may call Thurs. eve., St. Alban Chapter 307 O. E. S. Service 8 P. M. Int. Arlington Cem. MENNS In Philadelphia, May 2, 1966. JOSEPH H., husband of Mary A. Dugan, uncle of Sr. Marie Eugene, S.S.J., and Sr. Helen Anita, S.S.J. Relatives and friends, also the Iron Workers Local 401 Tire invited to attend the funeral from LEANDRO N. ANGE-LONE FUNERAL HOME, 1538 Vernon rd., on Sat.. May 7. at 9 A. M. Solemn Requiem Mass, St Raymond's Church, 10 A. M. Int. St. Patrick's Cem., Norristown. Friends may call Fri. eve. at the funeral home. MUNZ May 3. 1966, PAUL, of 2435 Byberry rd... Hatboro, beloved husband of Elizabeth (nee Schreijack) and father of Helen Strobel. Relatives and friends, also Hermann Lodge 125, F. & A. M., are invited to services Sat.. 1 P. M., from the Funeral Home of WETZEL ft SON. 6902 Rising Sun ave. Int. George Washington Cem. Friends may call Fri. eve. (Masonic services 8:30 P. M.) MURPHY May 4, 1966. BEATRICE B. (nee Barnes), of Village Lane Apt., Abington, Pa., wife of the late Francis E. Murphy. Relatives and friends invited to Low Requiem Mass, Church of Our Lady Help of Christians, 1500 Marian rd., Abington, Pa., Friday, 9:30 A. M. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. No viewing Thursday evening. In lieu of flowers, donations to American Cancer Society will be appreciated. MURRAY On May 2, 1966, at Carthage, N. Y., REVEREND BURCHARD V. MURRAY, O.S.A., The Reverend Clergy. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the Solemn Requiem Mass in the Church of St. Thomas of Villanova, VUlanova, Pa., on Fri. morning at 11 o'clock. Int. Monastery Graveyard Divine Office. Thurs. afternoon, at 5 o'clock. OWENS JOHN T., suddenly, May 3, 1966. of 4209 Roosevelt blvd.; beloved husband of the late Sarah A. (nee Lewis). Relatives, friends, F. O. P., League of Sacred Heart and A.O.M.P., S.A. 18. are invited to viewing Fri. eve. after 7 at THE EDM. B. JAEGER FUNERAL HOME, 100 E. Roosevelt blvd., and to the funeral Sat.. 10:30 A. M. Solemn Mass of Requiem. 12 noon. Church of St. Ambrose. Int. Holy Cross Cem. (Friends may park at City Service Station.) Cost a. Yes, but never at a factor? sacrifice of quality. Read prices of 300 consecutive Bringhurst funerals. BRINGHURST t. L. Wan-out, ridnf . Uwii S. jr., y,em rrmmtl Mm. Lor. Schullw. Trwr M O. Eto... Strtarf 20th end Walnut Sts. LO 3-5690 FrM Parklni on "remises Hear Miurtloni In Hutte WFIL-nH Sundays 9 to 9:55 kM. Died PAGANO JOHN. May 3. 1966. of 431 N. Clmit. son St.. Phila.. survived hv hi w-ifa Josephine (JAY) (nee DiTomo) and nis cnuaren, ur. Anthony Pagano, D.M.D., and Mrs. Maria Corvino. j brothers, Mr. Samuel Pagano, Mr. Charles Pagano, 2 sisters, Mrs. Mary DelRossi and Mrs. Nancy Arnao. Relatives and friends are invited to funeral on Sat., 8:45 A. M., from thai V 1JllLtLL FUNERAL HOME. 506-20 Haverford ave.. Phila Snlomn Requiem Mass, 10 A. M.. St. Dnnato'a : Church. Int. Holy Cross Cem. Friend may call Fri. eve. after :30. (Parking on premises.) PAINTER On April 29. 1966. CORNELIA MOOR. . HEAD, widow of Harry L. Painter, tormeriy ot 7136 cresheim rd. Service rn., 2 v. M.. at the FYFF. u Rnrn FUNERAL HOME. 7047 Germantown ave. Int. Laurel Hill Cem. PERRI May 3. GIUSEPPINA (nee Ynnrn. of 7121 Hegerman St., widow of Vincent and mother of Mrs. Rose Perri. Mrs. Virginia Esposito and Eugene and Santo Perri. Relatives and friend invited to funeral Sat., 8:30 A. M.. GALZERANO FUNERAL HOMF. 71a Torresdale ave. Solemn Requiem Mass, :30 A. w.. Our Lady of Consolation Church. Int. St. Dominic's Cem. Friends may call Fri. eve. after 7. iraming at bunoco station.) RAPP May 3. 1966. MARY A., nf m V Marshall st. Relatives and friends are invited to call Fri., 10 A. M.. and to attend the service, 11 A. M., SCHNEIDER FUNERAL HOME. 617-19 W. Olney ave. Int. Greenmount Cem. Na viewing l nurs. eve. In lieu of flowers. please make contributions to Kensing ton ijispensary, inc. R00NEY May 2. 1966. MICHAEL J.. nf r? TW. Reese st., beloved husband of Mary Rooney. Relatives, friends and employes of Pinkerton"s, Inc. are invited to attend the funeral on Friday, 8:30 A. M., from the C. J. O'NEILL FUNERAL HOME. Mascher 4- Tioga sts. Solemn Requiem Mass. 10 A. M.. St. Veronica's Church, 6th & Tioga sts. nit. Holy Sepulrhr Cemetery. Friends may call Thurs. eve. RUBERT0 SADIE, beloved wife of Mario, of 10 N. Tallahassee ave., Atlantic City, N. J., and 809 N. 64th St.; mother of Mrs. Marie DePetns. 2 grandchi dren and 2 great-grandchildren. Relatives and friends invited to funeral Sat., 9 A. M., from D'ALLURA FUNERAL home, 6601 Haverford ave. Mass, 10 A. M.. Our Lady of Lourden Church. Entombment. SS. Peter & Paul Cem. Viewing Fri. eve. after 7. (Parking facilities.) SEKERA-SCHMITZ JOSEPHINE (nee Sellineer). nf VUt r N. Bambrey st., born in Varjas, May 3. 1966, wife of Adolf, beloved mnthor of Mrs. Katherine Greenberg. Rela tives and friends are invited to attend the funeral, 9 A. M. Saturday, UR BAN FUNERAL HOME, 1428 German- town ave. Requiem High Mass, 10 A. M.. Sacred Heart Church. Int. Holy Redeemer Cem. Viewing FrL eve. Please omit flowers. SHESTACK Suddenly, May 1. BEVERLY FIRN (age 2'i vrs.). of 8859 Manchester st.. beloved daughter of Annette (nee Cohen) & Jerrold H. Shestack. granddaughter of Jeannette & George Shestack. Relatives and friends are invited to services. Fri.. 11 A. M. from the REISMAN CHAPEL, 2317 North Broad street. Int. Sholom Memorial Park. Family will return to the late residence. SHILLINGT0N CLARA B.. on May 2, 1966 (nee Baker), age 84, beloved mother of Mrs. Irene Schulz, of York, Pa., and Mrs. Louise Frese of Cherry Hill, N. J. Services were held Wed., 10:30 . A. M. at DONALD A. GIBSON FUNERAL HOME, Lawrence it Sproul rds., Broomall. with int. in Fairview Cem.. Bethlehem, Pa. SHIPPS On May 3. 1966, DOROTHY E., mother of Stephen J. Shipps. Service and interment private. SIMONS May 4. 1966. HELEN B. SIMONS, of 31 W. Mill Road, Flourtown. formerly of Germantown. Relatives and friends invited to service Friday, 2:30 P. M., KIRK ft NICE, 6301 Germantown ave. Int. private. STEWART May 3. 1966, ARCHIBALD L.. late of 5243 Akron st., beloved husband of Gertrude W. Stewart (nee Woodbury) and father of Donald W. Stewart. Relatives and friends are invited to the funeral services Friday, 2 P. M., at the WILLIAM STRINGFIELD FUNERAL HOME, 4827 Oxford ave. (Frankford). Friends may call at the funeral home F'riday after 1 P. M. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Frankford Memorial Methodist Church Endowment Fund. WADE ALLEN J. ENS.3. U.S.N.. at San Diego, Calif., formerly of 311 Lyster rd., Oreland, Pa., husband of Candice Forgrav Wade. Relatives and friends invited to service Fri.. 11:30 A. M., Christ Lutheran Church, Oreland, Pa. Int. Hillside Cem. WEBSTER May 3, of Abington, GLADYS M.. daughter of the late Edward B. & Anna May. Relatives and friends, also members of Calvary Presbyterian Church invited to service on Fri.. 11 A. M. from the WETZEL FUNERAL HOME. 501 N. Easton rd.. Willow Grove. Friends may call Thurs. eve. WINKLER Of 67'8 North 4th st.. May 3. 1966, EM1L P., husband of H. Roberta Winkler (nee Elliott). Friends may call Thurs., after 7" P. M., at the Funeral Home of FLOTD M. BISHOP. 5408 North 5th st. Services and interment at the convenience of the family. Instead of flowers, contributions to the Salvation Army will be appreciated. WOLF Of 803 Whitakor ave., Millville. N. J., May 3, C. FRANKLIN, husband of -Verna. aged 54. Funeral services will be held from the ROCAP SHANNON MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME, 24 N. 2d St., Millville, on Fri., May 6. at 2 P. M. Int. Mount Pleasant Cem. Friends may call Friday from 1 to 2. WRIGHT DENNIS, age 8 years, son of Edward and Rita (De Rita). Relatives and friends invited to funeral Fri., 8:30 A. M., at CARTO FUNERAL HOME. 2214 S. Broad st. Solemn Requiem Mass, 10 A. M., Annunciation Church. Int. Holy Cross Cem. Viewing Thurs., 7-10 P. M. WRIGHT DOROTHY HOBAN, March 27, 1966, in Mass., widow of Thomas Bertrand Wright, cherished mother of Phyllis -(Mrs. Hamlin Turner), beloved sister of Rosalie (Mrs. I. V. Horstmann), Eleanor, Catharine and Charles Ho-ban, devoted grandmother of Warwick, Joseph and Lisa. Friends invited to Mass, St. Patrick's Church, Phila.. Fri.. May 6, 5:15 P. M. YEATTS May 2. NORMAN H., husband nf Eunice Evans Yeatts, 1521 Marlboro rd.. West Chester. Services Fri. afternoon, 1 o'clock. TOPPITZER'S FUNERAL HOME, Garrett rd. and Lansdowne ave., Drexel Hill. Friends may call Thurs. eve. Int. Phila. Mem. Park. Cemetery Lois HOLY Cross Cem.. Yeadon, P. 4-Grav Lot. S400. (609 ) 546-8693. FLOWERS I0S9 Frankford Avt, 2223 N. Front St. DE 8-7100 pho'vic. Ovir 75 Yon st Ditlinitlti Fliril &rvt Recent list of 300 Corsacutiva Bringhurst (Adult) Funerals (Not IncMinf MiMtarf, nlt 1 dtthiitf) $ 300 or Less 36 301 475 80 476 675 111 676 925 47 9261,200 19 1,201 Over 7 FUNERAL DIRECTORS ir

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