The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1947
Page 10
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'PAGE TEN BLYTI1EV1LLE (ARK.)'. COUIUEK MOWS SATURDAY, MAY 3, 1017 Gambler Faces Long Term on Swindle Charge NEW YORK, May '•!• (UP) — Jimmy Collins, ^-year-old broad- way gambler, nnd Irving (Izzy the Eel) Cohen, 46, a dross manufacturer, were convicted of first degree grand larceny early today in the tl&O.OOo Mcvgcnthalcc Linotype Co. swindle. Collins nnd Cohen \vcrc the first Of 'four deferments tried In the fantastic plot by which a milcl- maiinercd clerk drained almost ft million dollars from the company With phoney invoices .; Collins, convicted on all "'1 counts charged . htm. faced a maximum sentence of 770 years in prison and Cohen, a previous offended cyi- vict«d on 41 of 50 counts, could be sentenced to a total of 820 years. An all-male jury returned with the verdict at 2;45 a.m. after deliberating five hours and 25 minutes. Cohen, who has been convicted previously for Brand larceny, paled when the verdict was announced. HIV could be sentenced to from 10 to 20 years on each count. •Collins erlrmcd. weakly when the verdict wns announced. Collins alias Julius Lobe!, faced only five to ten year sentences on each count because he had no previous convictions. • /Statuesque Entry—Four Years Cote. v < _ . . . ., ————»"---""Jwwtv*""* ».^»i-»-'ii «>, i ,. ,. i—, Pictured bcin- liaulud up a ramp to the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, is the ID-foot, five-ton. \ <!25 000 bronze staluc o£ Thomas Jcllt-fiion that will replace a similar piaster figure, .temporary;. \sla''u« o-cupiod the memorial lor.lour v;;.r yi-ats when metal shorties prcvcntca casting new statue.) Farm Produce Prices 12 Per Cent Under Peak LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 3 (UP)—Prices received by Arkansas farmers on , April 15 were only slightly lower than a month earlier; the Arkansas crop rcportiiiE service said today. The present price level of farm products is 33 per cent hiuhcr than a year ago. bill is 12 per cent below the record liK'h of October. 191C. The decline in the general pri-.-c level is due chiefly to lower prices lor meat animals and dairy products; botli declined five per cent. Oil bearing crops declined one per cent. These decreases were almost offset by the followinfi increase.*: teed grains and hay, 3 per cent: poultry and eg^s. 1 per cent; food grains, 1 per cent. Cotton, fruits and miscellaneous crops remained unchanged. Newburypoit Continue*; War On High Prices May o •!!. i' "ead Courier News Wane AOS. NEWHURYI'OIIT. Mass., (Ul'i— Wl::i Tasini's:, r.|> :'.\ t cent (luriiiK the 10-day I rial period ciullnu today, Newlnirypnri melt-limits have aisrcecl unanimously L:> extend tlieir anti-inflation tirive indefinitely. Sotne G.T businc.'ssmrii in this Must- em Massaeluiselts city wli«rr; the "Newburyport plan" urlulu:>.tc:l votc<I to continue the 10 per cei price rc-chiclion al a two-luur mccl ing in City Hull last niijiii,. However, Norman J. I'.anclel!. e> ccutive secretary of the NnrUisn Essex Development Council, spouse of (lie plan, explained that any merchant nut Ihmncially able to continue the price reducllo.i could drop out gracefully. Copyright by Gwcn Dovtfipoft; Dislribulcd by NEA SERVICE, INC. t Till! STOHYt Sir CliNTli'.s linii- • cn» UIIOII Cmlfrcs- inlllltllB "If fov.- la llrhlirrl, I >«• iiinU. 1 '"- Hnu». hi: «ll« Cimirn-y < i> I"' .< S..|ilili! l.'is Kivi-n Ijl"' • homo wlllnilll humiliating l > Tpcli be k»d i than Vicky. It would not do at all. Yet, it she left them unprovided for, the moumint! of Godfrey, Marcel, Sir Charles iiiul Basil might well contain a note of panic. xix S OPHIE had been waiting several relays for a chance to talk to .yicky. Since the Bagol boy had gone back to his iienr-by base, Ige'tticg home only for week ends, tVicky had thrown hersoU into fBed Cross work with the zeal of C fanatic. k Sophie was worried at her lack Tot' appetite and at a loss to ac- [ocunt lor it, since a fat letter ar- Hved'for Vicky almost daily anc Salty come back for the week cm twice in the month of July. The child could not think he was neg her. was not Vicky's affairs tha pn her grandmother's min Sophie's return to he . biTilplace and the scenes of he sVo'u*h ^ ad l cd *° thoughts o£ he r <den*ise. Her conscience', havin ' provided now for all to whom sh vas indebted, should have bee -clear. Being at bottom a goo ?SOund, incorruptible Maine coi science, it was not. « |i iWhile she was slowly drying V .fat the hot Riviera sun, Sophie ha I gftan no thought lo the possibili I otheic predeceasing Marcel,or.S ! Charles "and leaving them unpr Vided for. But now that she h assumed responsibility for B; -, and God.'rey also, she began i consider the possibility of her o\ 1 death. The odds were against 1 ':ootl:ving all of them; indeed, s thoujjht, she would very much d like furviving her contemporari She pictured herself lonely a grov/ing helpless, losing her vie attended by only hired hands a bereft of the adulation which took as regularly as her morn coffee. She could not imagine funeral without mourners ot arv\nLlNO," Sophie said, "I •^ want t" ask ynu something, l know. 1 can't live forever in the flesh, that is—" Don't, Granny!" Vicky cried in 1 terror. The world without dame van Eyck was something could not bear lo think about a dreadful to be without fam- without a homo! "Granny,' wanted to add, "please don 1 e till I'm married and s d have some kind of a life o • own—" It's a thing we must face," sau phie firmly, not really bclicvin it herself. "Of course you Uno\ am leaving everything to yoi on will be very rich. I have n ebe I wish to remember y will. However—that does no can I intend to leave cveryoi ^provided for." "Oh, you'll outlive thorn all iclr^ said, hoping devoutly til ould prove to be the case. "Perhaps," said Sophie, lough Sir Chnrlcs is young urn I." That IVIrivfel, Godfrey al 3nsil were also her juniors she efused to ac]\uowlcdgc. "Sir Charles must be taken care ot, ul- yays." : Madame van Eyck is survived >y a grauddaughtcr and a bul- cr,' " Vicky munnurcd. Sophie looked at her coldly. "I'm sorry," said Vicky. "All right, dear. Now. It would ; foolish for me to name in my will people who arc only loo likely to predecease me. I have, therefore, ns I sr'.y, left everything U you. On condition that you ; take care of Marcel. Sir Qiarlcs Godfrey and Basil." Vicky was silent. "Well?" said Sophie. "Yes, Grandmother." pressed her hands together be- I twccn her hticcs. She tnl'l herself, i mustn't say anyiiV.nfi. 1 must never Jot her know. Granny is so good and kind. t » t * * * "'OESIDES, I'd hale to feel I was leaving you all alone," .Sophie went on. "And haying sornc'me else for whom you aVc rcspnnsible just as youd as the other way und." Vicky was thinking how deadly was, living with a lot 01 old eoplc. It they have a train to itch, they always go to a station i hour early and sit in the wait- IB room Tor fear they'll miss the •ain. If they walk around the rden once and read the paper icy'vc had a busy day. They hate ot to have meals on schedule, hey don't like noise, and they 11 dance music noise. They've ecu left behind by one (jencra- ion and are never really com- ovtable with the next. "OC course," said Sophie, "it's uml on older people to have to ive with young ones. Young peo- ile have no sense of time, they laic lo do anything when it should be done and they have no respect any more. 1 don't mean to say you leed actually have Marcel or Sir Charles to live with you. They wouldn't like that at all." Vicky could nut help smiling as she heard the opposite point, of view. She was too young to realize that, in one of nature's most merciful examples of compensation, loss of desire to he active accompanies the loss of ability. "Oil, Granny, you know I •ouldn't let them starve! You ou't need to talk about it." •That's a dear child. Godfrey •md Basil too, of course. Promise.'" "I promise." "Dear child!" Victoria pictured Salty propos- _ng and being informed that f old men went along with his bride She must get married bcfop Granny died! She bad to! Anc suppose Salty never did p at all? Supposing he stayed in th Navy and went to sea for year and years and Granny died and they never came hack lo Goosa Neck any more and she never saw him again. . . . (To Be Continued) Nnl Ahvays Volsorjous Snake venom is not always poison, and that of many "poisonous" makes can be swallowed without harm, provided it does not enter the bloodstream. Ilead Courier News Want Ads. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 111 at Stale Lino rhonc UJythcvillc TU Dr. W. C, Gr'ice Veterinarian BACK at Dell, Ark. "Isn't it about time for us to borrow some money at the bank again and pay these bills? We have to get out of the hole some wayi.' 1 RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance AuUiuri-ml Motorola Radio Sales and Service IOC South First St. Tnilay's free Mf!M Record. Mr. ami Mrs. W. I!. Crawford BOATS FOR SALE Made in BlyHieville by MIKE MERONEY CYPRESS and PLYWOOD The ideal limit fur Hie His I-:ilio area. HiiiiilnKiilr, sturdy roiistrurtloii—only the licit mulrriiiLs are used in these bu.its. Sue them NOW! Now en Display at The Blyfrheville Motor Company Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY FKIOCKI.KS & HIS F1U10XDS l!y MKUUILL That's What You Think FISHY. . 1.AML-DRA.INJ / VERY FISHY .' i/ SMART ir WAS OF ME TO THIWK WOMAM -HATIt-JG we CAM REALLY TME END OF WOMAN-HATING AND THE GIRLS WILL BE PAYING FOR ir-— THAT'S \VI-U\T 1 CAUL SLICK OPERATING/ Bur MO MATT EC- HOW YOU SUCE IT- IT STILL. NIAKES HKE HADDOCK / Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every V/eek- • Pontiacs • Fords Chevrolets Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate We Pay Toil Dollar for Clean Laic Model Cars BUD WSLSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin ami Main a 9 Delivery^;' Arkansas Stafe Planting Seed *—tr New S»cto Germinaiipn 85% CERTIFIED Grade'A'D, & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated Purity 99.5 LIMITED £ SUPPLY JS5U TON Also Ogden and RoyaT Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS, « Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas WASH TUBES Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople Out Our Way VOIK COUS1M WrtCrs BEEH IN THE HOSPITAL V.t-5 tWiPROVJED EHOOSH 10 COWS HOWE UERY SOON! TKW'S (•. GOOD GI2.L! THE WAV i HOWES... HERE'S KVVTEM I P£C\MS£t> SOU A Fb'W DMS AGO OK<W. TAKE ^ HINT... Ill GO! WITH ftLLEM UISITING RELATWES, MR.PETTIFEIi AWD I HWJE 8E6H KEPT SUITE For Complete Protection 1\L B£T SPAVIN!- 50ULED \<MO TIED r\e Its- YOU'D BETTER S1AY\ 'v A005E S£t= TOO J5 HE'U C OUT OF FROSTO, PAPOOSE, XS A CHLJ^P TO By J.R. Williams ILL PUT IROM GLOVG-3 OM IF IT WILL HELP GET A PILL DOWM HI WITHOUT NEARLY THROTTLIMG . HIM; .••= I THIMK HC'S ABOUT HALF SUS- / PICIOUS/ / I POM ! T KNOW IT'LL \VOK.K. BUT Tit AD'S M-\ LISC 5 RUBBER GLOVES TO POT "TH' FILL IW TH' TJDGi'S NEAT—THEY'RE SUSPICIOUS OP A PIECE VOU H-XMDLE TOO MUCH. 1 Vv& LP.U&H, SOU HW3 A DRESDEN VA.Sc COLLECTION OP N1CHOLFV3 \, IT WOULD 6 ALL THE DOUGH SOU COULD STUFF WTO A LAUMDRV WHA.T KEEPS M6 HE GAME IT TO MRS. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MICIIAKI, O'^IALLK and UALl'H LANE OF tAOTUtR. DF\-Ot-.V r WOOH'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH AW FIGHTER WE DEAL WITH A I Cfl.m V.'WT AHOTKER SECOND, BAT.'WHAT WAS THE SURPRISE YOU PROMISED ME JUST WOWON'T IT BE NICE TO KNOW THAI DENVER WOUIDH'T WIN? VfflH WA. WE "^j /THIS IS THE 16HD HEW THAT'S on, \ [ OF DPPORTUKITY, a ViIO'D Bi IAOHKEY "-\ GENTS—FOR HOUGH TO APPROACH \5WART PEOPLE.' A FIGHTER \ViTH A WHAT ARE' YOUGEITIN'AT, NIFTY KLIX ? AREYOUTRYIN' 10 SAY THAT BATTIER DENVER CAN BE FIXED? GOT THE INSIDE TRACK "

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