The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1934
Page 3
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MSI E»l BLyTHEVTLLE, (ARK.)] COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COUK1ER NEWS TM COURU91 NEWS CO,, PiJBUSmaiB O. B. BABCOOHT, Editor B. W. HAINES, AdmUung M*n*ccr • Sole Nstloual Advertising RcprweiiUUres: .Arkansas Da)llcs ; Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Karuui CAy, Memphis. Published Every Alternnnn Exccja Sunday. Entered ns second elnss inMlcr at llic post oHio; lit B:yllicvlllc!, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 0, IS17. Ecrvcd uy tile United I'rc&s SUIJSCHHTION RATES Uy con'lcr In me CHy or iHvllwvlllI, 15c per week or 50.50 per yr-nr In advance. l]y mall within n radius o( 50 miles, $3.0(1 per jcur. Jl.Si) Icr six month*, B5o (tr ll.rcc monltia; by moll In noblal zones two lo sl.x, Incluslvo, 56.50 per yciif. In zones seven u.m' clyht, »10.00 per year, payahle In lutvaiicc. The Brain Trust Just Worlds For Congress In some ways it is too bad that the expression "brain trust" was ever invented. It sets up a handy straw man for attack, to be .sure; but it tends to blind the people of the country to the real source of most uf (hat mass of legislation and policy which makes up the New Deal. As Kodiicy Dutcher pointed out in a recent dispatch from Washington, nearly all the really radical proposals for legislation come out of Congress, not from the brain trust.- . The Connery 30-hotir week bill, the compulsory cotton control scheme, the bonus measure, the silver measure, (lie unemployment and old age insurance plans, the Mel,cod bank deposits bill, and the Johnson ulilitie.s :ici—all these came straight from Congress. * » * The stock exchange ami (ruth-in- securities bills arc generally looked upon as the work of the brain trnsters. But these, also, came from Congress; what the brain (ruslers did was to whip them inlo shape til the request of congressmen who planned lo introduce them. 11 is right there that yon gel an interesting little angle on the brain trust. The truth-iii-securities bill has one distinction that few pieces of legisla- • (ion have ever rivaled; it is airtight. Congress has passed laws before this to curb activities of the moneyed t>ow- ers.. Usually these laws look >vell on paper, but deV(ilo|-.| (laws, loopholes and whalnol in actual practice, so tinil high-powered lawyers have little trouble guiding their clients straight through them. * * * Not so with the securities bill. There isn't a loophole in il. It means what it says, and the best lawyers of Wall Street have, so far, been unable to find so much as a broken thread in its fabric. It's one law that can't be dodged or side-stepped. * That part was the brain trust's work; and perhaps it explains .-ome of the antagonism. For the rest, it is important to rc- meinbeV thai Congress has not lost any of.its powers. If it uses this brain trust lo make ils wishes stick, that OUT OUR WAY may he too biiil—hitl the remedy lies in un iillack on Congress, not in mi »l- lack on tliu brain trusters. —Brucu Cailnn. huture Looms Bright Againsl Despair HoniL'timo during the jii'xl 25 ywii'.-i Ihi: AiniM'icau colli'iic will I'lilur :i new pliasc in wliicli its eni'ollnii'iit \vill lie vastly incri'iisc'il iind ils nu'llimls of leai-liiiiK. will bo revolution iml. This its thfi prudicLitui of Walter Dill Scott, pi'c.sidL'iil of Norlliwf.slmi 1,'ni- vci-sily. Nil OHt', llL 1 IjL'HcVl'tJ, Will I'C'lllai]] Ollt of I'ollLjfu simply bfciiusu lit 1 cannol pay tuition; on the othiM' hand, nn nru 1 will attend t;itnply IKKMIISC In- i-an pay. Anyone who has lh« ability to |in>lit by a college education will become a .student; mid the colleges will have far iirealci- resources than they hnvc now, so that they will be ahle lo (,'ivc more :itteiilion to the individual student than they do nowi * » * All this, s;iys Ur. Swll, will relied chances in the national life. Leisure will bu more abundant, money will be more plentiful, tlie national culture will be more closely integral ed. As a result, we shall have mass education on ii jfrcalur sciile than anything hitlieilo dreinned • of, and the colluKe will play a liirtjer part In the national life than ever before. Now this prediction is interesting, not only because it holds up an attractive future to our gaze, but because it is just one more proof thai, far-sighted men can see a great development ant! enrii'hmcnl of national life just ahead of us. T • * Urn-inn' the last few years we have fallen into a peculiar mental attilude. Somehow we .Win to have not the no- lion that, our yroat days ;ire all behind us, thai the depression has dissipated anil vitiated llic bonndess energy of America, and that the most we can hope for, is lo licep our hands just above water. 11 is only natural that we should feel thai w!iy, in a lime of great ton- fusion and trouble. Bui it is good for us to he reminded that thc'Iail few years have not been an end of everything, hnt have simply been a breathing space between two great epochs in our history. Now, if ever, is the time for us to be making great plans for the future. The era that is just beginning can bo extraordinarily rich and fruit Till, if we havn tilt! courage to dream. —Brute Oat ton. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "I don't care what you've luarni'il in college, just so ynii haven't furgolleii anythinj; 1 taught you." Early Dose of Antitoxin Helps Clear Up Diphtheria i-j". Y D ?' ?9* R . 1S , F ' S HBEIN , 'J'lu-rc was u lime wlicn It was T t _, ,, ._ jciisloniaiy to wasli the noy and llmial of ii pi-ivsoii liavini; dipli- llii'ria with all sorls of yarslcs and Kditor, Journal of (h; American 'customary to wasli Medical Association, anil oj llv- !' ECia, the Hc.illh Magazbie As soon ns you doctor n sickness iti your home as'illuh- llierla, you will find lhat the very first thins he do:s ia to Inocculatc he sick person \vith antitoxin. This Is of utmost importance, for n delay of two, three, or four days '.n Biding anti(OM:i nny mean •lamnge to vital orgnns In snc'.i manner that (hoy never completely. sj'.rays, usually of Dilution. Nowaihus some alkaline if, is cnsloin- ary lo icuve the and tlnoat une. In most Instaneos wlicn (here is a (oul ctlo:- in the Ihroal, a inilil wash or uarglu may bu desirable. In (he very severe Ciuies of diphtheria, when Ihc patient seems to recover uc slranylinj from lack of air, it 'may be nccc.ssary to pass a gold the first dose of nuti-;lt:bc inlo Ihc larynx to permit toxin should control the du-jase. Tliis antitoxin cases, an cnn'igency operation 1:1 iiMially injected in tlic Dad:, bu- frmivtime-.s is p-.-i-formccl. the nh.vsl low tlic slinuldi'Kljhide, bin some- chin 0|Kiiinr tlic lube thai 'leads turn'., into Hie thigh or under niello i!,,- imus tu !n'cat!:e. '1'lic.w cases, however, arc cx- ccwIiiiL'ly rare, since the powerful riiplHlu-ria antitoxin lias been in- tioiliici'd, and sir.cL- thu vast nia- he large enough to brexst. In very severe cases, il is forced into the muscles: in the milder cases, under (tie. skin. In (he vasi majorKy of cases, a breathing. >. (he still more severe ,.s ;0 the patient .strikinj: Improvement is seen :;hurl- ly after the antitoxin is injected. The imin'ovcinfiil is di'iuoiistva&d by n fall in the fever aiid a favorable change in the genoral condition of llic patient. Usually within 24 hours alto 1 n sufficient dose has been injected, the membrane: in the throat stop.s spreading, Incomes .sollcncd. loosens, nnd Ihe svvellinsj goes down. j II yon delay treatment tor diphtheria, the- anliioxin may be ol TUESDAY, MAY'22, 193J BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from the Bin it Use Bl U&llj (Vwln TiiuiMlay, May Zi, WH. Blythcvillc Knlariaiis were ho->ts to a delegation from OJccola Tuesday noun al iho. Oleneoc Jiolel. The guesls, several of whom sjioke, c<l ureaicr eoopcralion lielween ])ly- viDf and Osccola and approved Uic formation of a county chamber ol commerce. The Kuesls included Key. \v. o. lUiJiul of the UaptUt church OsfMla. S. 1). Cariwntcr, county ajjrieiiltural agent for the.Oscco!a district. S. L. Gladish, Dr. c. M'. Hurnell. H. V. Carlwriyht, editor of the O.stcDla Times. CHURCH EXCUSES Bj (Ira. W. Barium THIS CURIOUS WORLD B C liam Ferguson Jim—Unit's my husband—says Hint if (here is not somo radical dinnsos or change in tile radicals tlu'ie is no Iclliti!; what m:iy j isijpeii not only tu Die cnlTit- ::ountvy but. alKn (he lOiurchcs. Jim—tliat's my hnsh:ind—Ls a wonderful man and lias som; very fine plans lhat will l» a bis hc-lp :o the church it he ever i>et.s lr- plans worked out. so ihuy will work. Hu says a plan is like macliincry. everything must te Just .so or it wnsi't work ami as they must tx: handled hy avct^^c tyi>e of im'acluTs and eluitch hoaicis the plan must not only bu workable!""" but must be what some call fonl- L ' 1V! prouf. He rays that he has a!- mo>:t decided lo venture the 0[>!n- ion that [lie reason our whole country inclitdins; the churches is in tlic llx we tine! today that, the man, whoever he was that worked out the plan by which the comi- ,,,..0 TELEPHONE LINES OF NEW YORK CITY ARE OF SUFFICIENT LENGTH TO FORM 35 £//V£S FROM THE eAKTH TO THE /V1OO/V/ CAN BE FOOLED INTO OPENING THEIR. BLOSSOMS AT ANy HOUK. OP THE NIGHT 6V THE USE OF ARTIFICIAL' LIGHT. 1034 (1Y hr* CrRV^C. I*C. 6ALLOONIN& SPIDERS fOAVEt. THROUGH THE AIK. ON SILKEN PARACHUTES/ TMEV \ HAVE 8f!£N SEEN HUNDREDS OF/.AILES AT SEA, FLOATING IN lo he: run. over- Flowers act differently toward.-, light. A daisy will not o];cn wlieJ near iirliliciiU li a iit, but will o|:cn at its ve^nlai opcnini; timil tlionyli lelt in tin: iliirk. Some flowers arc so sensitive. tlie| close up wlicn a cloud passes across Hie 'sun. XKXT: Wliat Mran;c (ypc of slice was ivoru' in (lie Mdi i-c s-iys a plan that is fool-proof is Ijcinul ID hi- niui-1) • safer »iul <asiei' to run lhan one lha( rc- Icokcd iixini; whnl lie calls a fool-' ([Hires a ^reat deal ol brains. ]:n;of plan. OI course he is .not I Miyinp IhiU IhiiiRS he planed was A tool hanciio with put ni Ihc hands of fools but he! grip | las tacn put on th the market. - MONTREAL, tUP) - More tin HOC delegates irom all parts j Canada nnd Hie UniU'd stales ar| |ci|icclcd to ;itlcnel Ihc annual ! amvciuion or tlic IiilcniaUoiiaT Society lor Crippled Children, be held here Irom May 2u to 'i.\\ jority oJ dcclo:^ yive a large doy; j of antitoxin :t^ soon as dn^i'.o is made. British Supcriincr's Launching Planned i TODAY nilXNA <lAnmi:i. nnd MM: snniAi. .who cull ihci^.- Hi-l-»--i "Tlic lintirlel Sl.itet*" arc e-hi'ii* veiloTMern. When Oonun It Injured Ijy n fnll Irr/m Hie lo In- Inki-n lu CllAM»l>-ATfli:iC SIIMIAI.'N t.-mn to rcciipern<«. To |.h-.-ivr her tinrtrrr llunnn prr- N In he 'indi-ltnc. She H ii*li:mjr<l of Ihl* Ucertitinn lull Kr.-i.i It <ui. even »vhf= P.IV.i. MDIJ.U,. Jl:itK'linc'tf couiiii. a*fca her lo iimrry Ithn. ll'-jimyliUi.' slnilHitir m n r r I fit (V..\ IMVIJ). nnlmlil trainer \iilli i En- vifL'iii. :iutl Hike* t'Urt in the in lit*- cirrus n rcnlize.i Ihc 1 make or—so hcip me, Coil have you sent lo nri;on for lib retort the VV/IT1IOUT opened il:c door nni liojiso- loft tbc room. DOII:L;I bioot] holding Iho scruiis o( ]«[HT In lior trcin- liHng TiniuTs ii'i'i l:r;oi:sj:s lo the 'votn;in's fools tops dowu iho licill. b"1:c liiitl little tinifi to p[ioculnlo ahou t t ha f n ; 11 r i\ for lx>f o ro s tie work Cist tnonsa t* fcrcct her I fears. She tried to ttl! h«»elf. that | Iliey wero esassonited, that Mrs Planter Lad never rfally Inteni!«4 I to harui her hut merely eujoy»d ] making bullying threats. llcsi|ies,- tho woinaii. was BOM j now and tho circus handbill—tl-,o ' only bit of evidence sho had pea- I scsseil—was destroyed, But such I reasoning held scant comfort for I S j d tl n I In picklne Iheir wives, youu;; men are nihd by sexual Inslnicls miner than reason. Similarly, women prefer Bood-loukin;; men lor hmte;ids. —Dr. M. R Asliley Monlagnc of Ncv. 1 York U. Heal ini|]ioveincnt co'v.i-s not from live i;ro\v(h of state iraivir. ijiii from growth of ertncalion and development of Individual charatti-r amunx the prople. —Hainuel Scabury. fanioas New York lnvc.~ti;-ator. tlit- hnitUbili, i; her GI.'ASGOW lUl'j _ Exlrao;'- (linai-y prccauli.jjjs arc briny uk- cn to iircvrnt i he ''Miiiprliii'.T" No. 53-1 from itihrr ^roundin^ on: llic bii;iiiiii cii tin.- Clyde, or inn-.- hci,,. bu, cvm m 5 ,,'ch CJ .^ S ^^l^v''.^^ ^' 1 VT ihc tremendously bcnc-; ",'." " '" ei '' IX ' "to,u. <;n o.N WITII TIIR STOKY CHAPTER XXIU had wnsheil I lie- trr.tes of emotion j the girl. She realized by tfts Sin from her chcc!:r. liill burst into that she had paid too much alien-1 the room. "What's Ibis nlinut Mrs. I'lanler leaving?" he demanded. "Good Lord, Honey, we can'l lot her go now! With (Iraminop needing constant care, tlic dairy tn look nfier anil the meals to coo!;, yon could never rlo it all aStine! over tlio woman?" , , . . "She wa? in?n!cr.t." Donna an- .rans to her feet, her ^^ ovoi(Jj]i? ^ ef ^ ..,,„ „,"" I manage with the work all rijlit. j onsTy ill and that tho doctor had! ^'1 Send one o[ llic- men over to the Ismail hopes that ho would recover. lion to the handbill. It would I have been far better to have treated [lie mailer with calm Indifference. I Then iladcline'3 teller arrived, I asking Donna what she intended I to do about the farm and tho money J face livid with ringer. 'Horrible old woman!" she Amos SidJal would leave to his What's come granddaughter aflcr Ills death. I Daily Donna had postponed the un- 1 pleasant duty ot Informing tho olh- girl that the old man was scrl- | Uv William; J DON'T KNOW WHV VOU WORK LlkE HALF-DEAD TURTLES AT ANYTHING OFF A HORSE' HERE vou ARE, ROUNDING UP CATTLE— EE YAH WHOOPEE — AMD HERE VOU ARE,PAINTING AND CLEANING WALL PAPER- / ! 'I NEV£=R THOY SHE'D LOou I HER DIGNITY THET AWAY. SHE KIN A TO LOSE A LITTLE OF IT —SHE TOOK ALL OUR DIG NIT V AWAY FROM US. "Yuii would chooso n time like tills lo say such a thuiR! Anil you know it's not true! I'll admit that I \VEIS in vonr room. I wanted to Jones place lo set Minnie. She * * • and I can do everything. And I ' rpjiB arrival of tlio letter made I think \vo sliotild liavc a nurse for UranilCatlier. Surely Dr. Freeman i set one for us." Tlin C >lionx. d \WHOZ--7---2-- EE-YAWP- So far as is known, dcalh (roiji .',-verc reaction to the serin:, oc- •urs ill nuly one out of TO.OOO i>co:le. HK^I: rerictioiis occur more 'fin, in iicople who have h.ia .,c- •crc asthma or who have dvit-Inp- cd SL-nsltiv ity lo horse wuirn iol- 'oiving a iia-vious Injccliun. * * » The h;;ul K MIDJCCtrd Id ;, ic . i •'i-rc Mr.nn in diphtheria, -o iliat', -iif! :.iioukl al'.i'ai.- I,. ;,(. :c:d in ij, [| Moreover. ('.:<• h. ,irl :iiUjl !>? u.itoluMi catelniiy ID, .-v- nal wu-k:, alicr the inlii-i-.i i t . 0 v- Ji'i. to^n.i':,- certain thnt U ii.s, not nrccv,ary 1:41:1 adapted lic::el[ lurnl. To chid, lie river, hu;: • c!u /' n , 1 ' I ," c " "' (o CLVC litr Hit ty until sin 1ms -to !:•.!• new clc- JJHKJI!':,-; ill tllC! in^ will bi 1 used. r,ml tlic handbill bccauso I ci- !>cctcd you 10 ij?e It to hack up I -,,(,.,, }avs to Rt , a[1 to ()lo city> it your damnable Rossip. Well, you I j. ou mcan a tr ., lll( , (1 mlrEC- Alill )t can BO alicad! - Tell my husliand, may trl! . c rovora] [1:ly! . for |lcr t[) ahont the bill. Tell him anylhliia; gel | icr( , w]iy (ii(In - t voll wnit 1in . yon want to. and see how much til , hinl , 3 , vcro nlmliiis a i iulo gonil il docs yon. Do you think I... Hill will believe j-onr stories? He Knowd my partner was married short time. Itefore I was and he before yon let Mrs. - 1 - Donnn E-lt down immediately to write a lon^ reply. In it she told Madeline all t)io fads about Urn oUl inan'a illness. From that hour sho waited, expecting at Eitiy mo- ] incut tbo blow Ibat would wreck lier T^onna did not know whether it I would conic in llio form of a letter [C I Planter go? I think yon're making | addressed to QrandUtlicr Siddal or -a nustnbe. Donna. At a. time like Bi]li or wlielhor Madeline herself i^ f ii?" " ... . ANNOUNCEMENTS {..> ,i:;noi;nct the tallo-vmg aifs for ,, ; ,!,|ic onicr Mib(hr Ucmocrallc pr:aiary Croiinty Jat\:r. n. HAnntsbx OKOKOE \V. UAIlllAM Jlrmncr of Congfc-i CLINTON L. CALDWELi, I "IT Shrriff and Colltttot CLAIIEI^CE H. WILSON for Rc-rlcctlon for Second Ttrni D«nty Trcnsnrrr JOE R. DTLLAHUNTY UOLjVND GREEN I cr Circuit Coott Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADOISON SMITIt B. (SKEET) STOUT Tor County Court Clerk FKED FUEKMAN Re-Eicctlon loi 2nd Tcnn Tor Assessor R. L. (HILLY) UAINKS O. C. (IKE) HUDSO.N Vor ConMalile of ClilikinHba T<i»TOhln JACK UOUEltTSOM . lilmilr I land r.u- nil 'riCiviDi'Nci-:, u. t. itjfi — OJlc Isi.ind':-. bva ;in; -xiis deplete:! iv. aiijiroxiniaiclv 100.- OOO.tlOO dining []:c ir:oro«s ter. And MI {>.;(• KhcKl" iM.iud Lee Kci-p'.-r.V atsociation airaivjcd to -iniliori- .1.000 jjouuds »f tecs by motor trues Irotn Groraia. oaJEiy^S .;f:«"ST ^Icli enacts Q. protective tari the 3ffioOi£r hnsu't y.our evil. FiispIciouiN mlndl He'll know hy I'M dai.n that the linndliin coiil'ln't possibly have aiiyiliins tn do with me. Why. T wasn't even with tho circus then!" Mis. Planter's thin ujir-er lip :!rc-.v hark over her yellowed teeth. The no.itri!* <'[ her piiKiicd no?c nnircrcii. "Tlicrr ain'L any date on the bill," hhc rniil. "Tlicre Is a date!" Donna In- p|5ic'l. "Hand!.ills always have a date! I.C'nvc me al.'an now anil KO auay, Vou can do whatever you like! All it will get you is to be thrown on: of this house, has and Incase: Iliil will hclleve my won! against yoins!" "Mebhf he will nnd mc!>l« he won't." llic woman answered, "lint J-,:-t the same there ain't no ilatc r>a lhat liill. I rcrlron I ortcr know. If you don't l:c!icvc inc. lake a koli at it—" ' From a fli.iliiiy handha; she carried on her arm Mrs. IM.'inler ?;crt the pspcr. She "I'il bo .ill rislit." Dnnnn Interrupted. "Sonil for Minnie anil don't worry, pleupc." Tliose were hectic days tlut tol- loweil. Minnie was \villin^ atifl would arrive at Iho farm. But | sinco tlic other girl was concerned alxmt her inheritance without even knowing llwt Amos Siddal was ill, Donna was uire flint Mailclinc would lake drastic measures to canaille cnonsh In many ways, but I make certain E!,C did not lose vrtul. llio work of managing a lionfolmld ' ever fortune Amos Kiddal should |CV was new to Iloima and. will, n' leave. It mado liltle diffcrenn helpless Invalid to care fur. Kile j how Madeline went nhnat it. found herxclf jo over-wort':-'! and revelation, Donna felt, would cru'si ' lnrra?.ied that liy ni~litfail s!ic was ! her own happiness forever, loo tired, even to talk. And so sho waited. For a week Granilfaihor Siddal . Uut no reply came from Made- lay like a block of wood on ir.s I line. Though Donna could not bed. There was only iho fluttcrins t know it, the letter she had written, of h!3 cyelido anil hir, Flow, palnfn! I the Idler that miglit have chanced breathing to Inrticalo tliat be wasi 1 ^" Rlrls* lives, was never read slill alive. Donna did \vlnt she I h 7 Madeline. coulr! lo nuke him cnmronnble. i It reached N'ew Orleans promptly fnito'.vlns the dorter's i;;?iruc;ion? j and wa3 delivered to Madeline's exactly. Kach il.iy Dr. Frce:nan ! drersln; ronm on iho day she en- came out to sec (be oM rcan. and j countered N'cd Trafforil down hy nn the fourth il.iy I." h:iji;;!it a i tbc d.icks. Ma-leline. arrivini; late placid, efficient. inJ.M:.-n;'-'l won:-: and hurrying lr> iin n a liasly ^^ an wearin; a while uniinrin whn makeup for liie srand march wliicl: unfolired i 1 lu ' cl '>' t" 01 * char^'o oT i!:? rir:< nan. opened every perforinanrc. saw tbo ""' --- - )0 lin[ ncs | cclc( | J 0 opcn lt no'iy was to lake pl-mo. lien, reared il.= n = :y f-.:::, n.-aln.i an " 1|M • 1ml f 01 "" 1 ^"^ ">" ans ot t-nniimUu! of results, Donna 1 , She RH.W Ihhiner a:,.! n-li h.vl Conveyance to the rircn; S ronr.<ls cau^!H th" woman's arm and lwl?t- the adik-l wnrry of »aic:ii:i; hts f<>r - " Maiiclini! i-mcrwd from the c^ it around. Usin; all the slrcnqlh I hridn srow !i-illovv.o : .-f.|. HO wor-i'™; 1 "nd staitod ihroimh tlic can- lhat had given her Ilic rosier to i ried .il<-i':t b'r !:r:';l, an.! tried | "f'f 1 r"" 11 '"'' toward the drrs'-ln^ swing her body, supporting all her! with rlumpy t«nrtor::r5; to roxfort; tc11> - llc w:15 Etandins in the pas- weight by one wrist. ?!:e crushcc! i lir-r, thlnkinc she wa? prlevin; over \ ? -' t;c ' the^voman'e flesh and muscle until her prandfalhor's llln»;s (RS. In-• Tliero was no w.iy to avoid him. the'papcr fell from Mrs. Planlcr'5 (iced, she wag). HG did everything ; no other means of reaching the insers- Thsn, like lightning, she'he could lo make tli!n;s easier tor ] dressing room, or sha would noi icnt. snatcbeel 11 up and tore It lo her. but even love cannot' cure a . have risked a second meeting with flck soul when the lilnc.=s Is the Tratford. His back was turned to- result of a guilty conscience. j ward, her hnt tho could tee tl-j;' Drina, hufy with eonkins fnr! (here was betltgcranee tn IK hunciy 'arra r.-trk^rf. Tt'b nfl:- ',-T:.irr-d snnldtrs. An1 fhe Ins nnd S'^nn; aLi! «mb- ; :t uitiEt iroutilo. MS iirovo »v;iy Etal^acnl you t:ai aii'-l uskias t.•!:-d^, i/.u;.l no; ' ',To Be- Conlfiinrd) ti slirerts. "Now." fhs cried trluroph.intlr, "ralkl Say Anything you to oji now: Only he careinl thai r««

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