The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1968 · Page 65
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 65

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1968
Page 65
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a c d AFL Author Recalls Death of Teammate JTlj Pi i THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. SUNDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 25. 1968 1 ! i i I I I I 3IS I I I f 1 i H I I 1 5? IT WAS a strange assortment: beat-up, washed-out old-timers hoping for another year's paycheck, hopeful rookies fresh from the college campuses, and marginal National Leaguers looking for security. It was the same for all the American Football League teams that first year (1960). The New York Titans had a pair of ex-NFL play ers one a rookie from North Carolina College named Ernie Barnes, who had stuck with the Baltimore Colts until the final cut; the other an offensive lineman named Howard Glenn, who had been cut by the New York Giants. Ernie Barnes stuck around the American Football League for five seasons with the Titans, San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos. Howard Glenn's career was much shorter. He died Oct. 9, 1960, following a game between the New York Titans and Houston Oilers. The diagnosis was a broken neck. It was a sad, anonymous death and would have been completely forgotten had it not been for Ernie Barnes, who remembered the horror he saw that day. Barnes is retired now, and is in Hollywood devoting most of his time to his painting and the rest of his time to his autobiography, "I Hate the Game I Love." Ernie Barnes is a fine painter. His subject matter is football. His paintings are powerful and they are dramatic. His word portraits are just as powerful, just as dramatic. In one section of this book, which is nearing completion, he remembers the death of Howard Glenn. f-yHE day of the game," Barnes writes, "was no I different from any day with the exception that it was the hottest Sunday I had known in all my days (the game was in Houston). We were soaked SANDY PAD WE with sweat long before we went out to the field to take our pregame warmup. "The visitors' dressing room was tight and cramped. The heat was everywhere, steaming out of corners and through the walls. It was hard to breathe and I found it tough trying to cover my hands with tape because they were wet from sweat. "About four minutes after the kickoff, we were huddled about our 35-yard line. God it was hot. It was hard to get air and the grime and sweat caused my pads to slip across my skin. Howard Glenn was playing left guard. His voice seeped out the words, 'I don't think I can make it.' I looked over to him and slapped him on the butt in a gesture of encouragement. Then Al Dorow called the play. It was a pass which was completed to Don Maynard. "Back in the huddle again, we leaned forward with hands on knees waiting for the strategy from our quarterback.. Hot stinging water ran into my eyes causing them to burn. To my right, Art Powell, the end, said, 'Damn it's hot,' and to my left, Glenn repeated, 'I don't think I can make it.' "When the play was over and we started to move back to the huddle again, Glenn was moving slow as if cramped. 'Howard, you OK?' I asked. 'I . . . I'm sick,' he said, 'I gotta go out.' Then another voice said, 'Naw, stick in here Glenn. Suck it up.' There were fleck of foam in the corners of his mouth. " 'I ... I can ... I can make it,' he said, gasping. 'C'mon, call the play.' someone shouted. Again I slapped Glenn on the butt." The Titans, Ernie wrote, failed to make a first down, and after the punt, Howard Glenn went, to the bench. He did not return. "After the game," Barnes continued, "we found Howard sitting nude in a metal chair in the dressing room and holding a towel to his chest. We backed away. His body was twitching. He was straining to breathe. " 'Why in hell don't you get a doctor to him?' Powell shouted to the trainer." BARNES writes that he was pulling his shoulder pads off when he heard a noise and turned in Glerm's direction. "His body," Barnes said, "fell like a drunk's to the floor. He was sprawled flat on his back, staring toward a ceiling I didn't think he could see. Quickly, I went to his side. The other players had gathered around him. Water from the shower, dripped from their bodies. "A fit of uncontrollable coughing seized him. " 'Turn 'im over,' Powell shouted. "A yellow-green mucus bubbled from his mouth. Several hands seemed to reach in to wipe it away. I looked at his eyes. They bore no pupil. Soon an ambulance came to take him to a hospital. "Aboard the plane back to New York, just before take-off, we sat discussing Howard's illness. Powell sat next to me and in the seat behind us was Ed Bell. "We settled back with our seat belts fastened as the plane started to rumble down the runway. Then Bell reached across the seat and touched me on the shoulder and said: 'Don't take this as final, but Steve Sebo (general manager) boarded a few minutes ago and said that Howard died at the hospital.' "The news shook my heart. He was dead. I felt nervous tremors racing up my spine and tears streamed down my cheeks. Next to me, Art had covered his face with his hands. "All I could see in my mind was Glenn's body lying in the water on the cement floor. It was a lonely death." or,,,, K.v,r.poir Kid.?-Let weji Enough Alone, Kuharich Says By GORDON" FORBES . Of The Inquirer Staff Joe Kuharich conceded spectator appeal but little else Saturday to the National Football 4 League's proposal' to substitute a pass-or-run option play for the .Automatic extra-point kick after touchdowns. "It certainly warrants a lot of study and they might try it for preseason games this year TODAY! Doors Open 11 AM Www B CLOSED CIRCUIT TV (NO HOME TV) Mi. STOCK CAR RACE EXCLUSIVELY mt the LOGAN THEATRE BROAD & WYOMING AVE. 1 TODAY! Doors 0p5n 11 AM-Race Starts 12 Noon ALL SEATS $5.50 Incl. Taxes 1 tl! !2& as a wrinkle," Kuharich said. "There are a lot of facets to consider. But we have a good game now and there is no sense messing with it." The Eagles' coach - general manager strongly disagreed with Otto Graham, the Washington Redskins' coach, who said passing or running from the two-yard line for an extra-point could eliminate ties. "Let's say a team comes down and scores but doesn't make the point. The other team: could come back and kick two field goals, making it 6-6. A team could even score two touchdowns and fail on both extra points, then be tied by four field goals," Kuharich said. Kuharich, noting that league statistics showed a team scored 48.9 percent of the time from the two-yard line, said he was not sure of that high a percen-age. "I question whether you'd hit 50 percent of the time," he said. "You might be on the two on first or second down and score. It's only one shot on the point." Statistics from last season show the Eagles reached the two-yard line eight times and scored only twice on their first try from that point, once on a run and once on a pass. Twice the Eagles settled for field goals. Opposing teams also got to the Eagles' two-yard line eight times and scored four touchdowns on their first try, one by passing and three by running. Including situations from the five-yard line and closer in, the Eagles scored in one play eight of 19 times, six by passes. Rival teams scored in a single play from inside the five on 13 of 30 occasions, 10 of the touchdowns coming by runs. Kuharich said he had no idea of how other NFL teams felt about the option point. "It's strictly an appeal play," he said. "I have nd idea how 26 people will think. "It's an old story, too. Let's say one team scores and makes the point. The other team goes down and scores. The run for the point fails. Then everybody would say they should have passed." Kuharich said running and passing for extra points could result in more field-goal tries. He also said the option would not necessarily be a coach's decision. "You could rely on the quarterback's decision." Kuharich said. "He would be aware of what to do down there." r Gimb els auto centers CHELTENHAM MOORESTOWN GREAT NORTHEAST I. lis. - rmhes yet n complete brtitee overhaul now at this astuntling loir price! for Fords, Chevrolets, Plymouths, most compacts larger . cars $5 more. Add $1 per wheel for self-adjulting brakes Here's what we do: I. Reline all wheels with bonded linings. 2. Turn the drums and arc grind linings on all wheels. 3. Re-build all wheel cylinders. 4. Bleed, flush and refill hydraulic systems with approved SAE fluid. 5. Clean, inspect, carefully repack front wheel bearings. 6. Adjust brakes on all wheels, hand ( brake, pedal clearance. Gimhels Auto Centers open 0:30 ant till 0:30 pmcren Saturdays 2 Pro Leagues Keep TV Image Continued from 1st Sports Page Orleans as the 16th team, last year paid each club approximately $1,250,000. CBS has an option to renew it for 1968-69, without further increases. Judging by the talk, NFL will be glad to get it. Does this mean that there is less interest in NFL football, possibly because of overexposure, on the tube? "Oh, no," a CBS man said, "quite the contrary. Our NFL broadcasts (18 dates, including seven double-headers) showed a six percent increase in rating over the 1966 season. That again made it the No. 1 show for regularly scheduled weekly sports, with a Nielsen rating of 16.8 and average weekly viewing in 9,400,000 homes. "At the same time," the CBS man continued, "AFL games on NBC dropped 10 percent to a 7.2 rating, and the NCAA games (college) on ABC fell 11 percent to a 10.9 rating." Rozelle does not think pro football has reached a saturation point in any respect, except possibly for the combined total of 17 doubleheaders now screened by the NFL and AFL. He would like to see this reduced slightly, and instead get more Monday night prime time. 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