The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX '<». i 'llllYJIiEi. 'A'UP c:OT!jni--ii MEMPHIS 1[GH TOM HERE Tho Old and New Horsemen A Game Scheduled w i t li Champs Give Hudsonmcn 11 Contests within Season Tech high. 1929 rhamplon of Memphis and a formidable contender for the Memphis lille nc.uu this year, has boen added to HIP Echedulp of the Blythcvlllc Chicku- saws according to an (iMnonncr-inoiH | by Coach Henry Hudson. The Tech | squad will play the Chicks here Armistice Day, Nov. 11. Wllh Tech added to its sehodii!" Btythcvllle high- boasts of one o' the most strenuous schedules or any eleven In slate prep circles When the Hudsonmen hnvc com- • pletcd their season Thanksslvinp j Day with the champion Fordvc Red Bugs as their opponents, gome-will be. the eleventh b<i".I- for the Chickasaws .thts season. T>>.Chicks opened their season on Sen- tember 19th.- In order to play the strong Memphis team, Coach Hudson Jind t" sandwich the contest In between games already scheduled for F-' days before and nfter the Tiv 1 - pame. Osceob will be played f>" Nov. 1 and Wilson. Nov. 14. Hot 1 games are on foreiyn gridirons an'* \ the Tech frame will be stasccl h»~ ' on Tuesday. Nov. llth. II is hirdly possible llml Ihclliiri- sonmen will be able to coticetitraif much on the game with the Tech- men coming as'close to other contests as it will but U-.c Chlckti'aws intend to take the Memphis chnm- ploiis in their stride. Last ycnrTen v swept through every thins In Mem phis but met defeat here. In f t-hrillinf; game'by a one touclitlo^-" margin when J. T. Craig tntercent- ed. a pass to score the winnln- points In the closing, minutes of play. Two Membhis ieams, the Central high Warriors and the Hum's hi" 1 learn have already met, defeat at the hands of the Chickasaws Ih 1 ' season. The Chickosawfi proved tc be one. of the best drawing card-of the season when they plavcd Central hi Memphis and won a bitterly contested game, 19 to 1?. Humes was conquered here last week, 20 to 0. ' • Despite the new menace in the Tech contest the Chicks are nol looking any further ahead than the coming Friday for some rouifh competition. The Tribesmen face the Paragould Bulldogs in a game thm is rated to nrovc nlo and tuck with Pnragoulci haying high hones • of avcuginff defeats -for ihe past several years Fridaj'. Tl'KSDAV j survey the field calmly. JIIM as i IH dirt In the old days, and then I lei 'er fly. Ami Chuck Csllln? j caught It. 35 yard. away. Mnu-hmoimt Schwartz is Ilirow- ing thoso passes now? Who [he devil is Mnrclinioum Scliwnrla? You're 1101 kidding me now, are you, man? t • * Mnybo you think I was only see- ' liiR Ihlniss. Bin wall until 1 tell you about timer Layd-in. I know i ; V.TIU around left Notre Dami! Backs This l cnilt l)r? WIO »K V . i i •! 1001- LOOK I.IKC 74 Stir* Kirl /-,,-, £1 Otaib l5QCk 011 a»o»t end, ne , ; V. S Ol jat full lilt. Three guys liil liini. T,,., ! He S| "'" " kc " kld ' s t(J J' to >'' whir) loam, "V ie<l nnd ital 1'Iflil larkle. for 18 yards Off lie was diagains -two m-ii along with him. The guards :ilul tackles '•.were tearing up that line r;n]lu;>lng' Kl- nier wont riiiht throni;)!. After lour Riiy- hit him he l:e;>l on. The ciuarteibnck van over (o cut him off. H.3 Jnlibcd tlmt (|ii»rtcr!]a~k right out of there. But Jumping Joe Savolrti. Is Rocknc's chief line buckcr ,this year? There's something funny. WILLIAM l!H.\C(Hi:U N'JJA Srrvil-r Slmrls KrfUor D:d you Miy Hi? Four Hwiemeu i f K- Ire Dame tui\"c iionc? Cfov. lev, Miller, r,'jyd(-n and .Slu!i!<hdY>i' were praduntci! jra». :iud yeni-. :i«o? They took couching jobs, and (hey don'i! play I hi- Ijackfk-ld for Nctrc l):irne any mot.?? Well, now. that's odd. The Four Hus'emcn have gone? There's sorneihini: funny :ibcut Ihnl. Ami about (hat! Did he play Saturday? '-s' hitvo liiv-n fniie for yoais? And after Urn toin-'lv.lown. was it Why, they WITO out there just Caiideo who klckvd (!i>al? It looktlii: oturr day! I watched them ed like Layden who kicked that kk-k and pa's and nni. and for n ball to mi'. H w:is h!s styic. v.liiln [ii-ijoi thai 1 ivas ;:lttiiis; In a * * " adium. Thousjht, I saw ODD Miller make an end 1 v,'.,s out then 1 on old Caiticr run. Certainly it was in Hie new Field. It nil seemed very real loo. stadium! Sluhldrch:-r. Crovvley and You loiikl li-ar tl.i'ir hoof's (hiui- Layden w.?nt right, '.vi'.h him. I saw dint un ihc ffci. those three men block and I know 'what I'm talking about. The end and the defensive lialtbacks w.:nt down like ten piiii. Somebody grabbed Miller around the waist nnd he whirled and ;hrew the tackbr nine feet. I saw Don's legs Remember his kicks? Just churning. It looked like he had fjitt ol bounds 0:1 the enemy's five- forty or fifty leas, they wire mov- yard !ine. Jus: ar. tlrngri he car- ing so fast. lied the ball or threw it there! ; Marty Brill is on the backleld Flank Citridrn is playing qnnr- -this year? On Noire Dame's first letlMfk for Notre Dame? Is he; team? Well, how-tan that h! Satisfaction-- Buying Ueady-to-Wear of the bettor typo repays you in Ilia Instinjj satisfaction you get trom .sueii [jar- menls . . . you arc always satisfied that the stvlc is the best, and Die material and workmanship the oblnin?ible. lielmv we offer a few outstanding values in bettor merchandise. $49.75 to §58 Many .Siuh'dret'^r was there. Ife trouclii'd down behind the center, Adam WUsh, and you could hc-iir his sl:iup sl.iccalu coininamls to (he v.nlliiiH b:nks 1 :,av, - him kick the SAVOUM proved (lops as coaches. This is because.(he coach, Just of all, must I be a teacher. Many men who linv? stirred at halfback know little abo'.it tticklc-play cr guard-ploy. Modern football Ls technical, not unlike military tactics. The star I who lugs the leather actually may ccssful It will be because they -lav knew less about what goes inio the learned 10 leach a.s well as to rut making of n successful off-tackl' nnrt jiass. John Luw, Notre Dame' smnsh than the lineman over whose captain of lost, year, who is coach- position the attack Is directed. j— — Some of .the great coaches never played. Robert • Kimpko of Illinois is one of thoseJ On the othei hand, men like Mtihnn, Thorpe. Ollphant and others who could be namde. were great, football players, but never made the grade ns coaches. I have been interested In watching IHMV Al Marstcrs comes out in his coaching at Boston University, and Chris Cafilc at Mississippi A. * M. If they fall they will be doini; no more than scores of stars before Tin- urijfhial "Four Horsemen «f Notre I):tmc" are pictured abtnr, Ii'ft to richt, Sillier, Layden, Crowley and Stithldreher. llelow ;MY the rleu semen of 1931), Cariilc•;>, Schwartz, lirill and Cavolili. short and stocky? »o;s lie look like Stiihldrehcr? S'.ia'ly. there'.'; som? mi?! There's something all this] atjoiu lUPl— M. G. LEICESTER, Oct. Bennett, asjisiant of the Met'erc:oRical offlre of the Air Ministry, addressing the National Sinoki- Abatement Society, ing at the City College of Ne-.<York, is another star who has taken his fling at the teaching pr.i- fefslon this year. Jimmy Crowley was out (here ;n that backf.eld the day I saw ihi'iti. Nobody could pass like Crcv/l^y couicl. not even Barry Wood. Maybe Uenny Friedman I declared that visibility at Vai?ntia, •.-.j. almost, as good. But Just as Ion the south-west coas: of Irc- s;irt> as you're born. Crowlcy \vns land, was affected by srnoke from out there passing the other day. ^English industrial centers 350 mile., I saw him run back and doge and away. I them have donc^lf they prove -iuc- mi THFATRF Tuesday and Wednesday See the B^st Picture rawford ever made. JOAM Joan . 'Coachts Random , Remarks About Foothn" Say-what you will about-football conch«s,',th'e-fact remains that in the upbuilding of football to the state it now. enjoys, coaches and their personalities have played 'a major'part. . Dfception and' gcneralshio have suixilanted the old style of football. When we speak of the old style, we mean tlie- cruising, inch- by-inch, line-ra'mmini; same of the days of Heston nnd Eckersall. Forward pa:ses. shifts, trick formations, speed and finesse have changed the game gradually during the last twenty years. The changes in the came have resulted from the efforts of coaches to deceive one another. However, T do not think that football today is one bit less, rough ^an in the davs when Big Bill Edwards was in there busting people around. Sagacity and cleverness have been added. • • • Flaying »nd Teaching Stars of the gridiron often have ^MF THEATRE Last Time Today Straight to (he Heart., of Every Woman! - (R/WFORD When emergency calls- for food, for shelter, for clothing, for medicine, for relief of any kind The Red Cross h the first to render aid Daniels Npatilifill .loan parklrs like- a gvm 'n a scltlng of • J Jnvcb! The love %lrry of three (taiiEh- trrs of today! Gorgeous, fascinating! with 'iobert JMonlgom- ory, Anita Page, Dorothy Scbas- iinn, Raymond Hackclt. . A Harry l!c;iu- mont I'rodurlion in 'Our Lawful Larceny' Because She Loved She Cheated! Drama to thrill the hearts of a world, of women. Comedy. . Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c. COMING Al! Next Week Smith-Willis Stock Co. . .-. , Comedy ,111,1 x cws> JIalince—10 anji 30c Night—15 and -10c. 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