The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1939 Mr. and Mrs! L G. Nash Have Rare Old Pieces Given By Relatives An entire house furnished in antiques which belonged to the owners' families Is Mint of Mr. and Mrs. l«. G. Nash who recently built n Cape Cod 'cottage HS (lie setting for the beautiful furniture and other home pieces which have been given them by relatives. So far ns can bo learned '.his is the only house in this section which can boast its furnishings 'have always been In the same two families. Perhaps (lie mosl valuoble of .il the valuable*, from a monetary standpoint,- is the tapestry \vhicn hangs above the settee in the living room. That this piece of hand work, which has exquisite colors is 300 years old is proved by the dnte "1650" embroidered In the corner. The family of Mr. N<i5l iras offered $1500 for (he piece. Lovely pieces of American style furniture are arranged about the large living room which has an oriental rug on the .floor which .Mrs. Nash's great- mint, purchase* while on one of her nu-tierotis trips to foreign lands. There is also a love sent, a large .enclosed book cnse with drawers at the. bottom, numerous odd chair.. Viilh bits of Early American glass and European vases for oulsUnd- iug bric-a-brnc. Between the living and dining rooms. Mrs. Nash planned an unusual arrangement of liny shelves, visible from both room.?, to display her collection of small pitchers. A drop leaf table, a corner cabinet, a large buffet with glass knobs »Wch have sterling screws, a serving table ami several odd chairs make up .the dining room furniture which Is even more attractive with its willow ware dlsh- " cs, crystal bottles and peivler ware. Both of the two bedrooms hnve complete sets of rosewood furniture In the guest room there Is a secretary which must have delighted the heart of some belle .many years ago and which matches the bed, with its high headboard, and dresser which has holders on each side of the mirror ;Cnr the candles used. ' The Mashes' room has more massive furniture, but along the same style, with n marble top man's dressing table, a.feminine dressing For Economy EXPERT ELECTRIC WIRING BEAUTIFUL LINE OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES Electric Ranges and Water Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 510 So. 2nd Phone 314 Your Home From lli'c slnnUpoint ofccon- oaty and clTcclivc use of space, tiiis home ccuhl well be a model for hundreds to copy. Containing mi ample living room, (ivo bedrooms, kitchen, and bath, tlte house is u com- imcl livhiK unit for a small family. In addition, it is an excellent example of lion- (lie Federal Housing lldmiuislra- lion insured mortgage system operates in the small-home Held. Wilh Hie properly valued «t $3,1)00 where the lioiise was built in Missouri, the I'll A insured a mortgage on it in the amount of $2,700. The owners will lave 2i> years in which io pay olT (he mortgage, ami during Hint lime tlicir monthly payments, exclusive of tnxra and hazard insurance 1 , will b" only $16.35, FLOOR. -PLAN :able which is skirted, a chnlsc lounge, night table and dresser. All of the furnishing!; are lovely and while the tapestry probnb- y attracts most attention, it wns he two beanlfiil matched vases on ihe colonial fireplace mantle which coked most unusual to us. The}' were brought from Italy, Mrs. Nnsh modestly admits Irml icr mother's attic is filled with walls, and roof. This can be re- more furniture of this type and duced decidedly by double lint .she 1ms already been prom- \ or use of storm sash mid doora shed another platform rocker nnd and by insulation. As efficient note small tables. Questions and Answers Q. How can I conserve fuel In heating my old house? A. Most, of the heat loss of « house cccurs through windows, THE TIME TO BUILD A HOME IS NOW With rising costs of living it is reasonable to assume that labor costs will also increase and this in turn will increase the cost of all commodities. THING ALMOST CERTAIN TO OCCUR IS A RISE IN PROPERTY VAUJlV The Man Who UtiHcls a Home Today Makes a hate and Sane Investment. Why not have the joy of Home Ownership as welt as make an investment instead of ati expense with your rent money. TALK IT OVER WITH US. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. operation of the heating plant itself will result in fuel the home owner should famillar- savings ine himself with Die proper opor- ntion of his plant in order lo run It as efficiently ns possible. Q. What causes yellow stains under the faucets in lavatory bowls? A. Water containing iron oxide and other minerals will stain lavatory bowls and other bathroom llx- . tures. Such slatjis may bo difficult lo remove if not done nt once. Leaky faucets should be repaired immediately this nature. to prevent stains of Q. In my new house, built, last Fall, the plaster is cracking. What is the cause? A. The plaster cracking probably ir. caused by the cross groin shrinkage of the lumber which occurs as It dries out. It could be the result of uneven settling of the house. When n btrd of prey is flying easily, it keeps • its wings slightly bent. But when climbing fast, it straightens them out, and spreads the primary quills, which separate the fe.ithers from one another over n length cf a fifth of the WHAT'S BEHIND THE ERN WATER SYSTEM? K verniircs ;v great deal of planning, an ever increasing investment nnd a highly trained personnel In provide ami maintain n dependable, safe and economical water supply such as (hat enjoyed !>y Ulythevillc people. Our efforts are constantly being directed to the improvement of this service. BLYTHEV1LLE WATER CO. Ilernard Allen, "Water la Your Cheapest Commodity" Annual Increase Recorded Since FHA Slai-lecj Back In 1934 t .Spurred by an nccmmilalhi" shortage and by assistance from (do Federal Housing Administration nnd other governmental agencies noiifarm dwelling construction lias risen from a low point iu ism of • approximately 55,000 milts lo a production wliicli during 1939 should (Wed 400,000 units, Administrator Stewart McDonald 1ms announced. Ht'sidentlal construction In 1934— tlie year In which the law croruing FHA was enacied — represented about $200,000,000, Mr. McDonald said. The 193B construction is expected to involve more than $ I, SC 0.000,000. "lilts improvement has seemed particularly encouraging," ) le declared, "since it has run ahead of recovery In many oilier types of industrial enterprise." In 1033 and 1034 there were serious housing problems confronting both the public nnd the industry. "The system of mortgage finance was cnmired," lie .said, "and (lie poor of Die nation were wretchedly housed. It was to these situations Hint the Federal Government addressed itself, with n degree of success that can readily be judged." Make Improvements In Various Properties Building 'news of the week includes no new jobs but several buildings arc being improved. The First Baptist church for ne- groes, on Cleveland street, is having approximately $1000 spent on n general remodeling program. The new kitchen for the American Legion hut, being erected in an adjacent building al the rear of the hut, is virtually completed. 'Hie former kitchen, which adjoins the lobby, ivill bo utilized for a service room. .A new kitchen has been built by Hie Chickasaw Athletic Association for the store it owns on the high school campus. The small room was S3 planned that food can be served through the windows to customers on the outside who will not have totcnter the building. •'W. o: Gciirin is making a number of changes lo his house on Missouri avenue. A new roof, rearranging of several windows and te mtfi is mcnuica A closet or Closet small room over lo the storage of sports equipment home will be owner appreciated during the months. An Improvement' of this kind may be financed with the pro- XIONSTRUCTION'EQUIPMENT REMODELING .1 check Is Juubly necessary. Tlie original Installations may have become worn" or damaged. The services of a competent electrician should be employed to avoid ccslly mist likes. given by the ceeds of a Modernization Credit Insured Uy ihe Federal Plan lonn Housing Administration. Rocks, hcok.s, and pegs should lie generously provided to hold guns, golf clubs, skates, etc.; there should lie sufficient space for sleds, bicycles, tennis racquets, fishing rods, and other sporis equipment. Elcclrk'iil System Repairs A home wiring system, if permitted to remain neglected, may prove to be a dangerous fire hazard Nonmetallic sheathed cable, armored cable, rigid metal pipe, or .nob and tube may be used safely in retiring. Careful check should be made of .he light and power equipment in \ new home or in modernizing an ild structure. In the case of old dwellings, such Reducing Draffs Thc advent of cold weather will remind many home owners of former discomfort caused by drafly windows and doors. Aside from heat loss, a druflv house is n health hazard. A llior- cugh job of wcatherstripping will do much to eliminate this fault and may be accomplished at reasonable cost. Tlie choice of materials Is wide, and selection may be governed by the amount of money the home owner desires lo put into the improvement. The Modernization Credit Plan cf the Federal Housing Administration offers a means of obtaining funds" for this improvement. Private lending institutions, qualified riv FHA, advance the money needed. Prospective Home Buyers Are Given Analysis List I-or Prompt Notice Of Low-Cost Structures Require Care In Planning The principles of plan efficiency, economic use of materials, and prcper equipment, which are important in any class of dwellings, become paramount in the design of small low-priced houses, Federal Housing Administration officials maintain. Every square fcot of space, every odd corner, every length of pipe, every pipe connection, every foot of lumber that can be eliminated must be saved. At thc same time, FHA officials explain, these economies nnd efficiencies may not be obtained at (he sacrifice of substantial construction or of mitiiuinn standards for convenience and ccmfort. The planning of the small house Llius becomes a special arl, rigidly j Inspection Helpful | Delay In completion oX homes nnanced tinder the Federal IIous- Ing Administration insured mortgage plan can be averted if FHA- approved mortgages will notify the agency promptly when construction readies Uic stages nt which FHA first- and second-compliance inspections must be made. Where inspections are requested after the building has progressed beyond the steps where first and second inspections are normally made, it is sometimes necessary t» expose hidden construction details to ascertain that tiie plans, specifications, and FHA construction requirements have been met. Tile Federal Housing Administration offers thc following list of items to lie checked by prospective home owners when consideri!]!; tlie bathroom facilities in a residencs: 1. If a bnth serves more than one bedroom, is it readily accessible fram each room without, having to pass through the oilier? 2. If the room is too small, would a change in the location of fixtures increase thc free- space? 3. If the space Is large, would a dressing alcove add to convenience?. 4. Are there unconcealed pipes on wall or celling which arc unsightly? 5. Is there a minimum amount of dust-catching cquipmeni? 6. Is tlie room properly ventilated, 7. Is the flooring in good condition and is it waterproof? 8. Are the walls waterproof anrt easy to clean? 9. Are fixtures in good repair? 10. Is thc room properly heated j and radiators and pipes located to avoid accidental burns? 11. Is the water supply adequate a.nd is the hot water instantaneous? ' , 12. Is drainage system free front clogging? Long Lost Watch Flowed Up MILTON, Wis. CUP)—John Hume lest his watch one day while plowing a field on his farm. That, however, .was 23 years ago and since then Hume had sold the farm. James, his son, is working for the present owner and while plowing the same field turned up his father's timepiece. Shower Stalls Grow In Home Popularity Shower stalls, either as an extra bath or in place of the main bath, are becoming quite popular, I^d- eral Housing Administration officials say. When they are used, wall materials highly resistant to moisture or corrosion and durable waterproof base slabs should be selected. Particular care must be used to prevent serious leaks. A tight joint between the drain and the base slab, periodically, inspected for recaHiking, is necessary. TERMINIX TERMINATES .TERMITES • BRUCE-MEMPHIS -• the Alcohol, Steel Wool Used To Remove Spots Fly spots can be removed from woodwork by saturating a rag in denatured alcohol and running it well over 'the spots. This should be followed Immediately with a piece of fine steel wool. Thc alcohol acts to dissolve thc spots, while the steel weal i , cost ycL none thc , css exacting in jits requirement for fimcticnal ar rangement tion. and esthetic satisfae- 'Increased Use Of . Architects Is Noted 'Hie quality of the plans and specifications being submitted now with applications for' mortgage 'insurance to Federal Hcusing Adminis- tration state and district insuring offices reflects an increasing nse of architects' services. FHA officials picks them up without clogging. Most paint, authorities recommend the removal of fly sp:ts before a paint-1 s "5'- Ing job Is to be undertaken. Where Tll ° P'nns contrast sharply with _-i......_ ... . . those offered immediately ivfter the National Housing Act became effective more than five years ago Home buyers today arc apparently resizing that designing.a home is a job for a specialist. In addition, there is less delay in processing eases involving insurance of homo mortgages. . painting is to lie done under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, loans sulficicnly large lo Include all preliminary work of this kind can be obtained from lending institutions qualified by FIIA. Need Simple Trim For Low-Cost Home Grease Spots On Wallpaper Removable There are several methods of rcmcving grease spots from wail- paper that Is not washable or water- Careful attention should be given that make a frame around door house known as thc trim. Federal Housing Administration ofiiciais say. _ Trim includes the finish nieces! .1^ . . f *^ I o—°.-""tv(-u. vyllu IH^LILUtl lllVOIVCS II at makes a frame around door the use of benzine or car™ „ t - e ™- wod ctT™c? C " i a 1 fl\^r sta o V tii hl ° rWC °'' " 5p0t cl ™»=r sow by For n simple house in the $2,500 price group, which is currently be-' ing given Impetus through FHA's lew-cost home program, a simple come m:bilc, an trim, narrow, plain in design, nnd Into the blotter unobtrusive, should be used. Conversely, heavy trim with elaborate moldings in small rooms have an overpowering effect which makes the rooms seem even smaller and cramped and uncomfortable. applied to the spot quickly, and a blotter held over it immediately afterward. The principle is that the solvent nnd grease mix. become m:bilc, and are then drawn Owners Give Reasons For Having Homes The personal satisfaction nncl pride of ownership that n home provides, as well ns a sense of security conferred, were listed as the outstanding reasons favoring home ownership In n survey recently conducted by n bank seeking the opinions of prospective borrowers en the Federal Housing Administration plan. Other reasons'ndvanccd Tor how. ownership included: "Improvements 1 me for yourself. 1 -' "can hnve garden," "like home of own design," "more Interest In own home," "fine for children," "cheap ns renting," "home good investment," "tired of moving," and "more room." Rend Courier News want ads. ,...bul Complete To be complete a house docs not need fo be large ant] expensive. We have built many small, compact homes costing from §2,500 to 81,000 since KHA financing- has boon available. Let us figure with you on such a home. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Low Rales Long Terms Prompt Inspections ['repayment Privileges ratfenttai FARM LOANS Wilson and Worthington First National Bank Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitors for The Prudential Insurance Company of America CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON

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