The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1934
Page 2
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, JfAf SI, 1984 COLT COUUZB KIWI FACT THBZ* number, fcwrtwr well tnatd th»y mlfht bt. "But," ttiii official added, "kt ax your mind oi the rather Ready to Meet Enemies Simultaneously on Three Far Distant Fronts '' This U the fifth of a ftrin at :l\ stories on Siberia, where the Soviet Union has Uwvhed l jl- (antk colonlutlen plan. In this series William Philip Simnu, now widespread notion that Russia would evacuate the Maritime Prov- Lnces and give up that area to Japan or anybody else. We will fight there to the death If an Inch of our territory Is seized." Double Tracking Rushed There are many conflicting stories about whelher the Trans-Siberian Railway is double-tracked. I am able to give the facls. Prom Moscow to Omsk. tile lines i are single; but between the&e points there are at a minimum two, and In some places five, optional (Ion of tanks, whlppeu, airplanes, and other equipment In that lector. Moreover, It Is claimed, *) per cent 01 the privates there are trained mechanic*. They are not specialists in tr.elr own one line. Any one oi them, I »m told, could repair anything from a truck or a machine gun to a howitzer, tank or airplane. • • » Mifhly In the Air Russia is said to be training 20,004 airplane pilots annually and claims to be able to produce 50.- 000 Japan, i ihey : say, could no; produce more than 7500 planes a year. To a layman, U;e Russian figure routes whkh could b« taken in case' would seem high. Gennanv, in the of interruption of trafDc. ] last month of the World War, pro- " °' h - EA .., , Mils of this "wlnninr o* Ihe east," i Baikal whith duplicate* on a mammoth „ . America's "-.nnin, of «h« jrkut, From Omsk to Chita, the Trans- durcd only 2200 planes, a rate Siberian is double-tracked—even' which would yield ^6,400 a year, or a little more than half tr.e production set by the Soviet Union Russia now has the largest Ihe world for Courier though the 39 tunnels and over the 50 or so small bridges around GAS SCENTS ASK U. 5, TAX REPEAL. City Enfineer Warm of Permit Requirement* Adopt Resolution Appealing to Congressman and Senators A resolution urging Senators Joe T. Robinson and Mrs. Halite Car* way and Congressman W. J, Driver A warning to all local property owners to take care 10 secure the proper permits, before beginning consirucikm of .new buildings or! o( next week, closing with i Cloiing Exercim Start Tonifht at Negro School Closing exercises for ihe Blythe- vllle negro school will start tonlghi and continue through Tuesday night nlternllons anJ repairs on old ours was Issued today by I.. E. Tnll, illy onghuTi 1 . Mr. Tnll polnlcd out tlml si-v- einl proiKM-ly owners had'been Inconvenienced niul pin lo tMtirii ex- pnise In lecenl weeks because Ihey failed lo secure i-lly permits before starting lo build. Briefly, Hie cilys biiilatiiK codt '"Hie nond lo ihe City," by ihe senior high .school ili'imruiu'tll. Tlie program follows: Mny 'fl. B p.m.— iiltiylrt. "Oolng lo I hi» Fair." nradi\; one and two: opcretln, "Wlli'r.cs of ihe Fairy IX'll," gitule fo'.ir. May yi. 8 p.m.— play, "Al Hie Wishing Well." guides Uneo; op••" - ..... ...... to vote for repeal of the federal eral lax was Imposed as on emer- west." over the' slamiin R arrn y ' n the world. The eency measure." . amfthc Ob, have Ia 5 csl ° ffl . cla !, fi ?. u "? gBV tJ^. 582 'f? 0 Tlle """"V association was or- not yet been doubled. Some, ho*'- Jobs. That permits uLso he senm'il hi mkaiice for nil plumbing mul eicclrlciil work, which nm&t Iw BY WILLIAM PHILIP SIMMS <Copyriglit. 1934, NEA Service, Inc.) MOSCOW.—Convinced that another world war is on the way. Involving Europe, the Far East, and the United Stales, Russia, inil- ilarilv speaking, is battening down the halehes before the storm. The Red Army is now not only the most highly mechanized force hi the world, according lo war of- floe spokesmen, but Russia could wage war on three fronts thousands of miles opart, each Independent of the rest. No longer Is the Trans-Siberian, Ihe one and only railway crossing the two continents, vital to success of the Soviet forces, whether fighting in Europe or in the Far East. For purposes of national defense, Russia—which is 2 1-2 times larger than the United States—has divided her area into four watertight compartments. European Russia, west of the Urals, is one. , Cenlral Asia, or Russian Turkestan, is another. Western Siberia, from Lake Baikal lo Ihe U-»ls, is the third, and the Far Easl is the fourth. * * • Each Can Fijht Own Battle Not that Russia is expecting trouble on all these flouts at one and the same lime, it is explained But those upon whose shoulders rests the Lfrden of the nationa defense must look at the darkes side. Each of these sectors is designed to take care of itself, if need be without depending upon food, sup plies, or reinforcements from othe parts of the Soviet Union. Food, supplies, and reinforce ments mighl be forthcoming, bu the-point is, something might hap pen to'.cut: them oil. Each sector therefore,••• must be 'more or les. ielf-sustaliiing. On the European side, a "wall of steel and concrete defenses has been constructed from the Ball! to the Black sea, facing Rumania Poland, -Latvia, and Esthonia. Russian Turkestan is similarl prepared against surprises froi the directions of China, Afghanis tan, and Persia, and the Far East em -front" is by far the mos heavily fortified, manned, and mu nltlotied of them all. Baikal Line Is Powerful The Lake Baikal "front" is Im port ant because between Baika. and the Umls a dozen Garys are rising—the future industrial and metallurgical workshop of'the Soviet Union. Like Baikal runs north and souRi. It is nearly 400 miles long. All around it Is country which reminds one of Switzerland. North of Ihe lake the region is impassable so far as an enemy is concerned. There are no roads. Southward 100 miles is the frontier of Outer Mongolia and the desert. The Baikal line, a high official told me, could be held by less than 200,000 men against an unlimited Today's News For FAT FOKS K«p C«oJ and Peppy All Summer Lonit White Loslnj Fat The Safe. Wlj — The Rij[ht Way ever, are under construction. Fnv Chita— near which is the Junction with the Chinese Eastern, which takes the short-cut, via Hur- , bln, across Manchuria— to - Vladivostok, double-tracking Is being pushed, but is nowhere near done. It will take two 'or three years 10 omplete II. rmy Highly Mechanized Along the Amur, where 'rans-Siberian is si 111 a the ............. „.. . ..... , ,„„ "*"• but Vorcihllov admits Ihe genbed at a session at Ihe Hotel. ile-ne by licensed im-clumlr.s number has materially increased Noble Saturday nlglil with Grady _____ r-ivif,, ll. n I t < _, „ I __ _ • " *>"" v •••-••. .t..— -j i _ --- , -since ihat time. fc , • vi L...I. m nunauA I CLIVJCUI NEXT: Soviet Union invincible In tries committee, assisting. IH. Forgy of Little Rock, secretary' 'of the Arkansas Petroleum Indus-]WaltaC IA tO j ty." i;r:i<k'.s live inul six. i May VM. 11) a.m.—Third Annual field Meet. All tclKjols In cuiml) Invited. M:iy 'J3, 8 ]>!ii.--ui!erclln, "liar- Miiy 20. B pin.—phy. "The lloui In l:e Cily," .Senior Jijgh w' tyrs of fumed Russian publicist. Idaho to Portray Famed Men During Celebration POCATELLO. Ida. (UP)—Character impersonations of Ihe men Officers named were: E M. Me-1 Utah College Graduation Call, chairman; F. B. Joyner, sec- | . . retar>', and the following vice-j I.OGAN, Ulnh. iUI>)—With Secchairmen: B. W. Fitzsiinn ilievllle; R. D. Cordell John Be.iuchamp, Mai Wood, Luxorn; Roy Waters, Wilson; A. H. Suit. Bassett; R. H. Robinson, Kelser; W. b. Lynch,. Osce- KIO HONDO. Tex. (UP)--Fool - ,. ... o ,. t ^ .. V v...... u^LiLk. iui r »*UI| »3I t" . |. , L , , ininons, Ely- ,ri-lnry of AeiicnUinv Henry A |™» hiis i-lalmi'il-in ilr-l victim o , Ueachvllle; Wallace listed Us nrlntlpal sp-ah- \" K . yau ' '" "' |H ^^^- l-'ivdcrk .nila; C. B. rr, olllclals of ihe Ui:ih Sl:ilc ' On]e Hoovcr . 1(j ' ll!wl of «" '"fee nBriciilliire Colleuc nre iiliimihu! tol 1 "!" , sll . ir " ! ' 1 ' rrom " scr "^'' 1C make cummeiKrinent-Jmie 2 mul f 1 : 1 ™' 1 \ n s '" lnB l»"flics ill Ih 3—mi liiti'i'-nioiiiilaln all.-ilr. ack and of vital importance iol»'ho played important parts in ola. and W. N. Williams, Armorcl. He-cause of tli ladivratok and ihe Maritime Prov- 'he development of Idaho rmd the Tlie legislative co'mmitlee is com- ] u-i le iieiiiendous In- Tlie average mechanized hors-j- por- commitlee includes tlie following: Dr. K G. Peteihon. prosiilcnl of trayed will bt; Nathaniel J. Wy- E. B. Woodson, chairman, b. W. ihe colleve, cxiuvssed grulincii- elh, William Price Hunt, Jim Williams. W. P. Smcad, Russell i lion that Wallace hail accepted the Bridgcr, Osorne Russell, Dr. John Farr, B. A. Ococh. W. J. Wunder-1 invitation to s]K-nk. McLoughltn. Donald McKcnzte, lich Is the Firsl Congressional Dis- »wer per Red Army man. War 3ommlssar Voroshilov says, is 7.74. This is considerably higher than ilher Ihe French or the American rmy. he claims — higher, even, han the British, "the mosl highly mechanized of all the bourgeois irmies." Lewis, Captain William Clark, is thought to tie ihe only blind I am reliably .informed, however, Jfdcdlah S. Smith, Captain John-.cameraman in the world; he has that tlie Amur river forces run ny Cirant, Jason Lee, Marcus devised his own method of judg- -onsiderably higher lhan that, i Whitman and Charlxmneau, dislance anil llylit and hus Peter Skeen Ogden, Captain B. L. E. Bonneville. John C. Fremont, Kit Carson, Captain Merriweather tricl member of (he slal« group. Manila has n photographer who likh .'.cho.l here. TAKE" HOME A PACKAGE OF THEDFORD'S BLACK-DRAUGHT PURELY VEGETABLE LAXATIVE COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASK GROCERS Specials for Wednesday - Thursday .hanks largely to the concentra-1 and interpreter. New Siiulh Afri<ru II»s|> STOCKHOLM lUi>>— A llt'W lios- i'llal lor nalivi's has Ixrn ovi'iiud in Dundee, in the Soulli African i rovinc cnf Nninl, hv Hit Swedish mission Million, whose hi-ail is I'astor A. H. Kun]ie. '1'he 'developed a very successful Bludlo. I building CUSL 4.SOO pounds. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Ky Iliirare WukrllrU Phillips Motor Co. Luckies are always in All-Ways j - J kind to your throat The clean center leaves are the mildest leaves-74^ Out of the thousands of letters received we give you this one from a graleful young man. "I am 23 yrs. old. I weighed 210 Ibs. about one year ago when I slarled to t.nkc Kruschen Salts off and on for nine month. I lost weight alright so I began to take It regular for the last 3 months I now wei ? h H5. I feel better' look better and I nm O. K. in every way. I also eat anything I want." Mr. J. c. Record. Minmi Fla. ' While losing unsightly fat will Kruschen you gain in health foi Kruschen acts on liver, kidneys bowels and helps keep body free from poisons and acid. Keep cool and full of pep this summer by taking one half tea- rpooiiful in a glass of hot wale every morning. Get it at any dnig^ gist- —Adv. I \ Factory Aithoihrd FRIGID AIRE SERVICE Genuine Prigldaire Parts Factory Trained Mechanics Reasonable Charges Day 67 -Plum- Night 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. ' M7 Main St., C CKIES use only the clean center leaves for these are the mildest leaves—they cost more—they taste better. No top leaves because they are under-developed, bitter and harsh. No bottom leaves l>ccause they're course, dirt-covered, sandy. Only the clean center lenves go into Luckies. Then " It's toasted" — for throat protection. The long, golden strands of fine tobacco are rolled uniformly round and firm... no loose ends. That's why Luckies do not dry out. Luckies are always in all-wayskind to your throat. "It's toasted" V Luckies are all-ways kind to your throat TRCSKXftB^THE MILDEST WAVES THIY COST^AORE the Center Leaves-these are the Mildest Leaves CANTALOUPES Fresh Uai-h 7ic Sirii-lly L'rcsh Pound lOc GREEN BEANS Pound ORANGES 200 Size. C.'iilil'ornia Down LARD l!i'>'l (.'(imponml I'oumI J7c 25c Tie NEW POTATOES I'omiil 1'oMnil BACC'N S!kt(! - ^"'" ASPARAGUS l.ilihy's IMciiic fan TOMATOES f New Dciil. No. 2'/ 2 Citn 2 for 25c PORK STEAKS U:m INiuiul ISc SQUASH I'oumI 7c GREEN CABBAGE SUGAR I'cinnd 2c 1'ure Oane 10 *'omuls 48c CURED HAM FLOUR Kml Cuts 1'iHinil 15c No Itisk 20-1.b. Suck 87 c MILK Van (hini|) or Cottage Ii Liirifc or (i Small 19c CRACKERS ' A I! f'ris|) 1-IJ). Uox -'"• - - - - lOc 2:1.1). lt))X 18C VEAL .CHOPS Or Ro; rL., ISc Krec Vt 1;l) - l>kK - ' • 20c Tumblers V t M>. 1'kg. - - 40t- f|V Waldorf Itoll HENS Milk Fed. Full Dressed Pound• LEMONS 19c Sunny linxik or Cunovu ' I'miml SALAD DRESSING SL ^-.-S SALT MEAT Host IJoilinj; I'nnnd 1 2 TOMATO JUICE S>liiilrl ' oaf ^: hi " ip3 5c Choice K. C. llci-f. Kounil or l.oin. I'onnd Von Allmens 4 '-ff g± ]li-0/.. .l;ir JL9U PICKLES Sour or Dill Onavt SAUSAGE !00'f I'ure 1'ork ISc ICc P. & G. or Crystal While :! (iiant li'irs Kvd 1'ilU'd. \». 2 Can 2 for GROUND REEF CHARCOAL Or Hamlmrjicr Heat Brand 2 for 15c Siinl>ritc 4c CHEESE No. 1 Wisconsin CARROTS RADISHES Knd Cuts BELL PEPPERS EGG PLANT Pound 7c WEINFRS FRANKS or HOI.OONA ' < 2 Pounds t .-•-•• : f> - >:<iii

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