The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY. OCTOBER 28, 1930 (AUK.) COURIER N'WVS CLASSIFIED ADS 'lie cenu a word lor Ont In- «rtlon and cue cent a WJT<! lor cacti fubwqutnt ln«t- Uoa No MiTCrweiMntUken (or leas than We. Count toe wordj and tend Uw Phwe 30* FOR SALE Eat FISHER'S FROSTY DONUTS-Fresh Daily, tr. APPLES—Just arrived. Good grade orchard run. For sale cheap. Fisher's, across from city hall. IGckSl. USED CARS 19ZO CHRYSLER "75" KOAD- STKR, Sport Model, G wire wheels, rumble seat, Itcbins Egg Blue Color. K xcc lie lit condition throughout 5515 19Z9 LATE FORD SPORT COUPE, has 5 good tires, rumble seat, bumpers, license, runs perfect and looks fine $335 1S29 LATE FORD l'/j TON TRL'CK, has clowd cab, stake body, 4-spccd tr.ins- mKsion, A-l mechanical condition ?345 CALL 811 TODAY Phillips Motor Company Authorized Ford Dealers. FOR. SALE— Late model K. C. A Kadiohi, all screen grid set. rial- gain lor cash or inmc lor good iiitu Kprd or Chevrolet, coupe, m^' West Vine. iip-mi FOR SALE OR TRADE — Goo estatusncd business, faying per munth net. I'nce SLUUM. V. Chapin, Manila, AIK. 2iP-K:i FOR SALE — Good coal range Phone 733. 28C-K3 FOK RENT PAGE FIVE FOR KENT—One of Shane apart merits on West Main street. Tel ephone 197 and 511. 15U. FOR RENT — Light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 700 West Wai. nut, Phono 018. 13C-TF FOR RENT: Four room apartment completely furnished. Call 650 or 9681 L. b. Ward. - 21ctf RQ9M..and. Board, lor two young men in furnace heated home. W. Main St. Call 226. 24c-k31 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 Kentucky. Phone 083. "25pkl FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment,, garage if desired. 600 North Fifth St. 27C-K30 FOR RENT—Lijht housekeeping rooms. 1020 Hearn at. Phone 848. i 28P-K1 LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fine Jor Sandwiches. tf. TAKEN UP—Blue horse mule, has luiite spot in right eye. Will Nubern, below government camp on levee. ' 28P-K30 WANTED Eat FISHER'S CAKES AND Pits—Fresh Daily. tf AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent position?; labor, clerical, mechanical, salctmansliip; experience un- necesrary. Salaries S25.-S100. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX 1115, CinCAGO. ILU Pavinjr and Sower Taxes District No. 1. Now Due G. G. CAUDIU-, Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Bank Bldg. NOTICE With our recent partnership wilh Mr. Ceo* Carney, we now have the best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "We know we know how" PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S *'TVK-AM)-TEN CENT STORE LAURA LOU AUTHOI?QP"RASU ROMANCE" ,^^ 1950 r- A NEA INC. iu:<:i.\ 111:111: Tim.iv Advi'nlurr I'llUT* thr lift- i.l t'i:i,IA Ml'ldir.!.!,, 17, \\lirii Ipurn* ibr fitlbrr *ln. hun «llti;ir>.t"j] ilf.-lU EK llllvr illi:l uvnlt.'i). .sin- li-iiii-a h.,r iu>|<r. U-i * l:,,m, I,, llnlll r*. In Uvi- [u New YurU «Uli her rnlln-r. .ll>!l\ MITCH- MAIti.'AIII.T ll(!i;i:ilS Cflla'n nnithrr If mm 1 a Mlflim, tm\ IM&: liUor. IIAU.XKY NJIIKI.DS, >minu i>t'\vi|m[irr lih<ili>£r;il>lirr. U Mi lure- «llh the Klrl mill hi-furv lr-:u- Inj; llELltlmurr- Olln iirmiil*c>» to In* Inynl in III* Iny*. .'.lllrKrll rmlm KVHI.YX IM!l- KII.VS, lii'DUIiriil ulilittv. In Intrii- IVlla n IIK-IIII-I lo ulii Mlrrhrir* nlTrrtluliii. Sbr . Kuun hri-mura jlTllmm tit lllt> KlVI IIMll HdlrlMI-M III KM rlil nf lirr, .Mrs, I'.irMini In- IrndlK-o (Vila III TOD ,1OI!!>A\, ftiKi'lnntlnir Inn nf rtiiljlunx c-hnr- nrlrr nnd ilur* nil *>lit* ran tn rn- rimrnKi- Oil* mnlrli cyi-n :illrr >lllrlirll fiirhltlM Crll.i ici «cc Hit VlM IlilXCAX. .iirlnllr pr<inil- lirM, lii-i-nntrx ON:]'* Injjil frlt-lliT. . I. nil;; l.lriil.l liiinir vUlt i:n:t .Ttiri]:m rat-r.s and Ilarncy SIi n New Vo i!ii-|.|n Slil In vi- ilinn If slu. -I III .. fur a Im-lliy :illH ThiTc frc- ilinlcrH flu nf\t r |I> K I> . -;irr« fi>r Crlla :i0i:ilt« H|IE> U:i» I Lrnrl (n .Tnrilnn. A fr\v il:i> - « l:ilpr Mr». niK-;'in hpr :i|inrlnicnl In li Olln jrnc 1 * Itirrp on lipr Sli? nlppls Slilrliln nil ITi i<];r rirrrrniiiiii nnil IK ^y - - I'!' •rvlci-. 4'clla r nnd llu-j- Hr [tsk< blni jirnl loxi lirr ulrcpl !l hlr.i Mnv c:o <i\ wni! Tin; STOKY C!IAPTP!h XL TORDAN was with another num. •' They wera tiillslng bri.ikly. com. Ing to-.vai'J C'olia Barney y>!;iphl3, As yet llin ytrl was sure Jnniiin Imd unl seen them. His face \vas turned toward Ills com- pauicii. Instinct prompted Colia, She did not want .Inrilan to muet Iic?r with Ilarnoy. Tl:crc would be much to Her eye causht a sign in the store ivludow they were passing. "Xasli's .Nuts." tlio sign read. "Extra special fancy she'lcil riD- -cans. All varieties, of saltei! nats." The girl lic-itaicd only a nio- ment. lonier. She lurncil away fro«, Shields toward Hie salesman, i "Yo;i Bay you haven't any cashews':'' "N'o, ma'am. We're just out. I'll have more In the morning." "Oh. well—well, givo me u quarter of a pound ol lLo salted po- t-mis." Barney Shields eyed the sir! curiously while tlio order was Loins tilled. Ho noticed Cella's quick nee down the slreet as tliey stepped to (lie iloor. "f'olla," lie said, \vlien they \vero on tho slreet agnln, "why illd you go In there?" ''Why, to biiy mils!" *'0h, no yon didn't. Yon know tli'nt wasn't the reason. 1 want to know why yon did It," "What In ilto ivorld makes you fay such a tiling?" Her Hush v.-aa tell-late." "Of course, II yon don't want to tell mo it's nil right." 'IMIEY walked In silence. Celia -"- turned her head away, but she could not maslcr the uiicinuforlable feeling thai she had deceived liar* ncy, and ho know It. She waa in [ho wrong, and tho sensation was disagreeable. At tho corner 'hey printed to wait for traffic ligbls (o change. It was several seconds 'before Ihey were across the slreet. Then Colia looked up and smiled sliamc-taccdly. "You're right." she said. "1 did go into the stove as an excuse. It wus because I didn't want to meet someone." "Oh, 1 see." Shields' tone was cool. i!rb. VarsotiB? She's Hie trlencl I'm slaying with." Shields Ehook his head. "Thinks," ho Bald. "I'll Imvo to bo selling along. Got u night ns- slgiiiiient nnd I wnnt (o 'hop In at lie odlce lo see the boss." Still he licsllatud. Wliy didn't yon answer my notf?" tho girl nsked. That? Oh, say, I'm sorry about Ihat. All my fault! You see they keep us chasing in nnd out ot town no much. I've been meaning to tall yon up, but somehow 1 didn't get to It." His tone was unconvincing, but Celia overlooked tliat. Sho said slowly, half Einlllng: "Well, you might as!; when you'ro going to ECO mo again." llarncy grinned. "I'd llko to sco yon tonight—II it weren't for tho Communists. Some sort of Red rally down on Fourteenth Etri'et that tho olllco thinks is worlh my valuable time." "Are you going to mako yfc- turn?" "Yes. It's likely lo bust into n riot. That's why I'm to be there." "Oli, iiarney, maybe it'll bo dangerous!" i - L "Nothing like that, chilli. Those siiys go In for lols of oratory, but Mint's about all. -Maybe you'll see sonic of my pictures in tomorrow's papers." "I'll look! Only It scares mo to tl'.Ink of yon going to such places. " "Say— It that's all I had to worry Why, this will ue just aboul! nothing at all. Don't give It a thought. Honestly, I will try to "it was Tod," Celia went on. "He | call you up during the next few wss with some other man. I don't days. .Mayuo wo can get togelher know who. And 1 didn't want him to see me with you." Tho girl hos- ilatcd, then, noting the change that come over Barney Shields' countenance, she hurried on. "Oli, please don't misunderstand. Barney! It wasn't— well, I mean t would lake a lot ot explanations. I Tod would be sure to arm questions. Yon mustn't think for a minute "Oh. Barney, let's .come In here! .that I— well, that I don't want you I want some cashews." She lugged at his arm and. somewhat surprised, he followed. They stepped Into the tiny store. Behind a counter made of glass bins filled v.ith mils, a young man stood. "Something for you, ma'am?" he asked. "Yes. I mean—why. yes. Have you any. cashew nuts?" , , Tlicie was a guilty alertness in .Celis's manner. She tried to smile to hide Ihis. The salesman consulled bis block. lo meet my friends. I do! I know you and Tod would like each oilier a lot and 1 want you to meet. It's only Hint just now—" "See here. Celia, forget about it," he told her roughly. "1 didn't want to hurt your feelings. Sure, you've got a right to do what you want lo. Don't think about it." "Then you won't call yourself a 'no-account' any more.and think 1 don't want people to meet yon?" "Not it it makes you feel badly. N'o, I won't." Tho youus man looked embarrassed. His voice was near temler- for dinner or sec a show." "I'd love that, Barney." "Well, I'll tolcphonc. Got to be soius now. So long." Celia entered tho building and raiig tlie bell tor the elevator. She fell happier than she had been for dfiys. Barney was willing to l» friends acain. As tho lift bore her . she hummed a tuno under her breath. Mrs. Larsons' apartment ivas 01 the 22d l!oor. It faced westward with a magnificent view of tin cross-town skyline from HID win dov/t of tlie living room. Celia let herscU in. "Oil, lino you are!" Evclyi greeted her. "I've just sent Hos> to brtns tea. My dear, I'm slniplj exhausted! I've been in every sho] 0:1 57th street looking for thos sandals Faniile told in "I'm sorry, ma'am. I don't have I ness and it was always euibarrass- them. We're just out. Is there anything else you'd euro for Instead?" Celia shot a gliiicti UVL-I- her shoulder. Tod Jordan and the man with him were passing the store. It tliey glanced !n they would think iHarney wu merely another cus- iug for Barney to show emotion. He changed the conversation to a building they something about were When they were in front of the apartment wlicro Evelyn Parsons lived Celia said with an effort: "Won't you come MD and meet ows line." forgot all about tho llv nulil annenvct] with a Inrga fcihvr Hay. Kho set it on (ho ow t-iiilc before Evelyn. "l':n—macaroons! I lovo thorn!" CelU exclaimed. Mrs. Parsons ii'l a clip of tea mid handed it o Hi. tjirl. "M.icarooiiB are fattening," Etc>'n cautioned. "iV?. hut not Just one or two," >lii heljicil herself lo the pinto ot cakes. "|- m (.la,) yon'ro golns to » here Mils evening." sho mid. "foil's jMt something on nnd I was wondering what I could do lo miiFe myself. ;Kvt-iyn slininl her tea. . "Think ru HO iijwn n while before rltnucr," she said presently. She rose nnd left the 'room. From where Celia was sitting Ehe ™i!d look across toward icrti Bky. The sun Imd sunk lichiiiil the horizon of jullliig spires ami rashes cf steel and concrete. elia lingered until tho, ray.s t.nled and the tirst gray of diitli appeared. Then slio went to dross for dinner. She selected tho blue clllffon. which \n s ono ot (he frocks hbugbt on her first shopping trip wltli Mra. Parsons. Celia bathed and, pow- dercil and got into her fresl menls hurrlcilly. Slio was back in tho living room hcforo Evelyn. . TJiero was a ring at tho door and the maid answered It. Celia ognized Msi Duncan's shrill prauo ami hurried lo meet her. about." "Couldn't you have Iliem made?" "Well, I'm going tomorrow lo Harrison's. They made thoEO Muo numps cveryouo thinks I bought abroad." Evelyn sank, back against Ihc divan. "I'm glad wo'ro going to have lea," Celia said. "I'd liko some, loo." "Have you been walking?" "Yes, 1 went lo tho park and then I got to looking in. shop wiu- _"H'lo, sweetheart. Listen, you've |;ot to let me dress here. Ing lo meet Dicky al 9:30. Brought my duds. See?" Llsl held up an over-night liag, Mrs. IMrsons had entered from the o|iposilo sldo of the room. "Good evening. LtsI," sho said. "I'm so glnd you'vo come, and I need company," Wai explained her errand, pnl aside tlie over-night bag and wont in to (tinner with Evelyn and Celia. Afterward she went to Cc- lla's bedroom and reappeared in a flaring gown of yellow taflcia. I.lsl came Into tho room dancing. . "Let's have music!" she cried, beginning n tap dance. '. Cciln obligingly lurned lo the radio. A rousing fox trot filled lha room. Lisi shifted her step to fit the rhythm. The tune ended. There was a pause and then the announcer cut In crisply: "We are Interrupting (lie gram at Ibis time," the voice salil, "to report that lire costing from 30 to GO lives tonight wrecked tho building in which a Communist cpnvcnliou was being held at Four- Iccnlli siren anil Third Victims were trapped when smo! cut off escape by a snnyle stairway." Celia waited no Ic-.iger. "It's Jliirucy!" she gasped. "Como on!" (la «* Continued) WANTED — Family '.Vashcd and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. 704 S- Lake St. 17ck-lf Washings, p ortune jn Walnu{ L()gs New York Cotton sand feet. Cot- NEW YORK, Oct. 28 (UP) Ion closed firm. Open High IXHV Close Dec. (old) 1127 H5G lliiG 115G Dec (new) 1128 1158 1125 115S Jan (old) 1145 1171 1145 1177 Jan (new) 1145 1115 1138 1173 Mar I1G9 1134 11U3 1191 May 1100 1210 1180 1215 Jul 12105 1235 1202 1232 Spo;s steady at 1165, up -10. •The logs are in an excellent state •ecently recovered from the Big Muddy river here. Several valuable logs in a pile i of preservation. of driftwood iv^re noted by a group j of lumbermen and an examination. |W;. rnn( .: n W:]J \t nt . On disclosed a huge raft lying several! nlSCOHSin YTIU VOtB UU feet below the surface, in which it is claimed were over 75,000 feet of choice walnut logs. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 28 (UP)— Cotton closed st.mdy. O|)cn High Low Close Dec 1127 1155 1122 1154 Jan 114-1 1170 1137 1169 Mar 1170 1194 1162 1192 May 1192 1211) llbG 1214 Jnl 1212 1237 1203 123G Spo'.s steady at 11JO. up 40. be Hie properly of a Cairo timber- citizens of Wisconsin will decide C J ' n.'U , i man who had slarted a raft of'whether he can veto appropriation round IB UrittWOOd.thejn down Big Muddy 40 years bills ot the legislature in part in- MURPHREYSBORO, 111., (UP) --ago. A storm sunk the raft nntl no I stead ol in whole as the law now A mini! forlui:,: in walnut logs, lost, traco of it could be found. At the ! requires, during a b"i77nrd 40 years rtgo, wasj time they were worth §40 per tlion- A coiislilntioiial change, sponsored by Sen. Thomas M. Duncan. Milwaukee socialist nnrt approved by two successive ieirisialurcs, will be submitted. Duncan's proposal provides for f, , ,, . n ; allowing the governor to veto items uovernor s Veto rower;or '• •• • MADISON. Wis., (UP) -- A10115 Investigation showed the logs to, with election of a governor Nov. 4. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS nny appropriation hill !o which he objects instead of having to veto Ihe cnlire bill. The plan used in 37 states now. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Fet-LA CflAPMAM ROOM6R rfeRB OF QERFLUQ 'He AiM'-f BV THA-f -faca. Bar aME. Q-F "fftase SCOOP AW criiM MUSS MA«es A-TROPICAL BIRD' IF -(HERBS A UP -THE ott -THIS CASE!' BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES KABE'S IDEA ON THE SUBJECT A DIRECT HIT By Btoesei —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO FARTS Main at 21st fall 66 • Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor ' *1 : , Bpeclallzlng In Incomo Tax, Bcokkceplng Systemj Phone 52 Ingram Bldg. BlytiiertUt, Ark WERT He Makes 'Em Setj V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily Iripi to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and ij.ickugwi anywhere. Special :ute:> on carload lots. Locnl Plionb SSI Memphis Phone 3-0;i GOOD HOMK MADE PIES 10c 1'fr Slice. All Kinds. TOM'S CAFE JOS N. Second St. 1'lioiic 17 OUU PREJIIUM is goods to suit your taste and the best workmanship. We deliver promptly. You pay for wliat you gel and ^cl what you pay for. Blythcvillc Upholstery & Repair Shop J. H. Jenkins, M^r Phone 46D 117 S. Isl. St I HIT IT !! 8oy( IF THAT ISMT SUOOTIM 1 !! HOT DOS/ THS 0--D HERMIT IS FREE ....BUT sea, HE'LL ocop RWCR....1 OF THAT BEFORE !! SOCHS TUG CLEABS AMJAy I CAVJ SEE. V.VETHEK i MIT THE POPS OB NOT I! iwts v»w--ri POW4 AN' \WATCH OOK LITTLE /,.,^ VMufcrr fv. GIANT EVENING TVH? ^ GCni*S TO BE.1 .p, T«p TO THE • MOVIES, THEN f\ UTTLC 1V4 (V TA-i(.\. THIS IS liE. E.VE?*NQ KTULL.; 1M

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