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Star Tribunei
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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THE MINNEAPOLIS SUNDAY TRIBUNE: JUNE 19 1910. TO Ho is now in Europe in New iork. recuperating. Minneapoii: 1.0" l.ho l.OU W. b.

Sontt O.M. Culler F. M. Snyder J. C.

Ilcruliinil Aiidiew Itlnker Kkiuan by Fled W. Heed of Federation of Men's Clubs for the last three months was comsum-mated Saturdav night. One and a half million dollars is involved. The stock is valued at $300,000 and the balance is represented in the 20-year lease on the property which also goeB to Mr. Zimmer, witii the possible ex Lower Living Cost Subjed of Millers Two Stories on Rogers Flan for Fall Building poor I can not go to school I have ben sick 1 have a broken back thank you and 1 hope you will not forget mo your little friend.

I am a girl." The autos will be needed by the Elks during the morning onlv. I noon they Will have all the cripples home, and there will still be plenty of time for a trip to Minnetouka or anywhere else for the owners. Owners of autos who will donate lleorg" N. Iloaglln Men- Vtnnesota lieneraily full. and ('.

II. North ncdi-rate Hriable winds. io a I'arl!) cloudy Sunday and Monday James J. sbOW- I'mier Mich, gun mid WlM'oti'ii 1 1 ill Preparing 'What" for the varlable ra Sunday in Monday; J. J.

II. ('. c. H. Wallace J.

Sclinoreiiberg C. Fitlild II. Austin 1'. Stewart (I. Itorehert J.

lvt rsoii Paper on Coming1 Convention. Commercial Bureau ppj with every aewswjry to makf th rallruail part of tlm trip cnmfortaliln and ciiju) aWe. The truln will be made up uf a iljuami) bag-gat'e car. In charge 0f a special inaa-ter; throe of the ncweat vt the North Coast Umlti-il ataiidaril sleeping earn, each conlaln-Init two couipurtiuentH, one drawing room auil ten sections; one lartje I'ulliiiun I'limpartnient car; one or more straight 11' aeeth drawing loom cars; one of the newest anil largest of the Northern l'acltlc dining cars, serving table d'hote meals; a large parlor anil observation ear containing, in addition to the large observation parlnr, smoking rooms for the gentlemen, with barber shup ami bathroom and a complete library, with piano. Train will be electric lighted from end to the other.

In the Yellowstone river trout fishing la so good that two or three ttsh may be enught on a line nt Ample provlsii'm will be made for those who wish to gratify a craving for trout fishing. The only trouble is that fishing there Is too easv. (I. K. McNeill', of the Northern Pacific, wh.i hns bad exclusive charge of the arrangements, will accompany the party, and being experienced as to the park, will take particular pains to see that the millers have every attention.

The National Feed Dealers' association will meet Monday and Tuesday at the West hotel. The dealers are closely affiliated with the Millers and many of them will remain to attend the sessions of the later convention. ind. N-rth unci South Paknta and Montana Geo-trady air and Moti'lay. Olmervcr's nfliee, Minnf)il.

June 19, 10 10. innervation tak-u ol 7 l' b. With meridian time: Maximum (eiuporature SO Minimum temperature "1 I'aliy range of teiuiioratiirc 1 l'aliy mean temperature 0 Weather Hurcau Observation, taken at I p. meridian time at all stations. tension of the time.

Eastern capital is interested with Mr. Zimmer in the deal. The store will jmss under the new management July o. The old firm name will be retained. The business will Pe reorganized.

Mr. Zimmer, while still interested in the St. Paul store, will devote much of uis time to the Minneapolis establishment. R. W.

Munzer who has been general manager in Minneapolis, leaves and will soon open wholesale mercantile establishment in the fall. His sons, J. Munzer and W. Wi Mnnzer, will be associated with him. The negotiations in the Minneapolis deal were put through by "Upson, Levy and Glicksen, Chicago attorneys.

Recently Mr. ITiilipsborq sold his store Two more Btorleij, providing 200 add1-tlonol guest rooms, will be added to the Rogers hotel next fnll. The new cafe will be ready to open about August 1, according to present plana, after which the lintel problem will be the accommodation of state fair visitors. Following the fair J. K.

Rogers will take a four months trip to Kumpe nnd on hl return the addition will he built. Mr. Rogers pluna to gather ideas while In Europe which will lie of value to Dim In making the exterior of the Rogers attractive and also some hints ou European methods of conducting cafes. Despite the lnrge Increase In hotel ac-comuiodiitlons in Minneapolis within the last year, the Rogers la constantly filled and dally Is compelled to turn away 1 00 1.I.O 1.IJII 1.ISI 1.INI ..10 2.IHI 2.inl MSI 1.00 1.IKI 1,11 2.00 1.ISI 1.00 1.1)0 l.ts) 1.00 1.00 1.IKI 1.00 Mai 1.ISI 1.ISJ 5. 110 Local Millers to Provide Interesting Program of Banquets and Outings.

Three Days' Sessions Followed by Excursion to Yellowstone Park. A. A. Tenner Morris Bros. Bohen A.

V. Fiellchl C. .1. Ibskwciod F. C.

Butts K. Atlierton H. E. Fletcher I'ayson Lumber Co. (i.

K. Newmau John pevaney iS. E. Eastland J. A.

Hosen leo. D. Negley II. E. Fuller I.

II. Evans Pr. Ericsou B. T. Bailey A.

E. Ericson "A Friend" J. T. Thiirmsn Fred W. Heed (ash Total their machines for the morning are requested bv the Elks to send their names to George H.

Seelev. Telephone Tri State lahfi or Northwestern Main Cripples who wish to go will send their names to Charles F. Conner, at the Elks' club. He will acknowledge alt letters and tell the sender at what time in the morning of the Fourth the auto will call for him. Fund Grows Bapidly.

The fund for the celebration grew over $400 between Friday noon and Saturday at the close of business hours. "That does my heart good," said E. W. Goddard, who is collecting the money for the celebration. "If we have' a few more davs like that we will be certain that enough will come in before the Fourth to insure a first class celebration.

Public spirited citizens of Minneapolis should jiot need to bo urged to contribute to the cause, as it advertises the city, and is good fire insurance aside from all sentimental reasons for contributing. But if some of the men I know who could well afford to contribute do not do so in a short time, 1 Will have to send out solicitors to get them." The list of contributors is now as follows: AJ Li'. I tariS MV 'ler Wl N' Clear! S' l't. T'-'i es; (lollilv! (Oil "Hi .38 Clear Ml: I'leari 'M Char1 iVar S4 Clear Mi Wi l't.

CI ijl 7s si ft. Cloudvi 1'4 IV. Cloii'lyj 74; MM "rtl 74; .38 Clearl 7ii' 74 Clear! 7s! 7d' pi. Cloudy: Ml 7j. l't.

Cloudyj MM 7); l't. 1 l't. Cloudy! T-Js 70 l't, 741 "4i Clearl lis' (M Raining no; .04 Malleus Mlnnepli Wrh-al plllutii 1 soanuba Madison HI II 1'lerre Bismarck WlllMou Jieule Lake lieleua Havre Miles City elioWstoDC Winutpt Vu'AppHlf Millliedosa hwift nrri'Tit Medicine Hat algary Kdniontnn Jisttloford Prince Alhcrt A camnitign for the rteorpaspil cost of livinu by tli( enconriigoiiipnt of the consumption of lircadstuiVs, and the auu-mcnting of wheat growing throiijjhout the nation will he inaugurated by national experts at the annual convention of the Millers' National Federation at the West hotel Thursday and Friday, dune '22, 2'S and 4, James f. Hill, the man who has done more to facilitate the opening of wheat country of the West and Northwest is Spirit of Sane Fourth Takes Added Impetus Fund for Minneapolis Celebration Passes $3,500 Mark More Money Needed. paring a paper with "Wheat" as I pn Thirteen million cartridge shells, the result of eleven years of shooting by the members of a gun club, have been gathered into a huge pile by one of the leading sporting organizations of England.

Eleven years ago one of the members conceived the idea of having thejnem-bers save aTT'their shells and deposit them on the pile. The shell bank is now the club's most prized possession. If a single man were to shoot one cartridge a second, day and night, it ns subject, noan Albert F. Woods ot his A temp. ratlin1 yesterday.

-K ai- -p, m. precipitation in 12 hours euded at 1 Churaeter ycather at p. in. Tne-Trmyersity -nit speak on-- WhaH Womenof City Asked Today to p. m.

j'u iu nm in viimiri loo mi Co-operate With Elks and Women's- Clubs. Minneapolis Brewers' association It. A. Itose Maurice Melville Crowley Mrs E. P.

Brooks 1.00 1.00 r.ii coo in court Judge Simpson Candidate His Name to lie Suggested for Supreme Justice Next Tuesday at Convention. ln the Inst week the Sane Fourth propaganda has taken wonderful strides. Practically every woman's rio.oo Compounded Quarterly, Is Allowed in the SAVINGS DEPARTMENT OF TUB Minnesota Loan Trust Company FIRST AVENUE SOUTH AND FOIRTI! STREET Deposits up to July 10th Draw Intere3t from July 1st. The TBUST COMPANY and tho NORTHWESTERN NATIONAL BANK having the same stockholders, UNITE IN SERVICE AND STRENGTH. Combined Capital and Surplus, $6,300,000 Combined Resources $37,000,000 would take him about twenty-five years to dischargo 13,000,000.

The club maintains a vigilant guard over its precious shell pile. It. Elsele Cigar company Collected by Fred Williams house Mayor Haynes J. ('. Haynes V.

T. Williams T. Corrlston Pan C. Brown W. It.

Jones 1.. A. Condi (lei. N. Houghton J.

M. Nirris From Popular Mechanics. use of autos saves the British service $300,000 a year. J. H.

Overhs'k The postal Quantities of Wheat," and W. C. lirnwn, president of the New York Central lines will speak on "The High Cost of Living, Its Cause and the Remedy. Hesiile the addresses of experts from every part of the country, entertainment has been provided by the local millers consisting of banquets, vaudeville performances and excursions. A large party will leave on a tour of the Yellowstone National Park immediately at tHo close of the convention.

Convention Program. The program for the convention follows: Wednesday, June 22, Convelltbm Hall, West Hotel. 10 a. in. Cull to order.

Pwlght linld-win, president National federation. Invocation. The Rev. Theodore I'ajne Thurston. Address of Welcome.

The lion. A. I). Klierhnrt, governor of Minnesota. Address.

Pwlght M. Haldwin, president Millers' National I'pderai Ion. Secretary'! Report. A. CoM'tzmanu, secretary National Federal Ion.

"Notes on Kxport." K. II. Price, export agent Millers' National redcriillon. "The High Cnst of Living: The Cause and Big Deals in Realty Convention's Climax Lll 'Tier It J. C.

Oi'erbK'k William Spntnt II. E. Johnson Mart Stapleton II. Benton Chits. Stcadmau T.

J. Kelley W. It. Ileiincssy Fetor McCoy II. X.

Knott J. S. Fillmore .1. Murphy A. P.

Missis II. II, (iorhnm A. I'. Eriekson Hugh H. Scott W.

E. Bates W. It. Young 10.00 fi.OO ,1.00 1.00 1.00 l.tSI 1.00 l.OO l.oo 1.00 l.oo 1 .1 Ml l.OO l.isi l.oo I a.isi 2.00 2.00 1.00 Msi 1.00 1.00 1.00 Mill MSI .50 .50 .50 .50 .50 1.IS) 1.IKI 1.00 5.00 l.oo 1.00 1.00 organization in the city has enrolled its'elf in the work of caring for the children on the Fourth. The campaign to provide automobiles for the cripples fo see the fun has gotten well under way.

The Sane Fourth fund has reached the mark. This has encouraged all interested to renewed efforts to make this celebration city wide in its scope and character. Mrs. T. F.

Kinney has requested -that every minister in the city today announce from his pulpit that at the next meeting of the woman's clubs, to be held in the directors' room of the public, library Wednesday, every woman in every church organization will not, only be welcome but is urged to come and lend aid in carrying out the Sam; Fourti jdans and taking care of the children on that day. Those who have time are reijuesteu to notify by postal Mrs. William Passmore, chairman of the general committee, 333 Oak Grove avenue, or Mrs. Albert A. Pollard, "100 Columbis avenue, that they will come, but if unable to do that, they will be just as welcome at the meeting.

A program of speakers has been provided for this meeting. Harrington Heard will be among them, as will (Contlnuod from Page 1). have been so busy entertaining as the Minneapolis real estate men have been during the week should have the time to complete deals that have mounted up into the millions. Ii. (iareelon T.

Ehle II. W. Force E. Kidder the Koniedy." W. ('.

Drown, president New York Central Mnes. F. lbdlirook 'The Future Wheat Supply of the Vnlted Stale II. II. A.

X. M. A. Carletoii. oerenlist In charge, I'nlbd Stat 1'epartnieiit of Agriculture, Washington.

II. C. F. Brndv X. Schall.

Jr. Chapman i. A. Weidell O. Fosseen W.

Williams E. Allen I. J. A M. Phillipsborn's Store Is Sold to St.

Paul Han Benjamin Zimmer Takes Over the Property, Involving Million and Half Dollars. Announcement convention committees. ticueral couiiutttee 011 resolutions wilt meet for organization in committee room, off main convention hull, at 5 p. in. Adjournment, p.

111. Meeting of delegates and directors, convention hall. West hotel; for members of the Federation only. Reduction of Taxicab Rates Our new rates are the same for ONE to FIVE passengers, inclusive, and are lb 2 3 to 50 per cent cheaper than the old rates, which are still being used by others. TAXICABa-Meter Basis.

If .10 for first Vo-mile or fraction. .10 for each U-mile thereafter. .10 for each 4 minutes' waiting time. HOUR BASIS. If l.OO for first hour or fraction.

3.0O for each hour after 2 hours' continuous servi 25.00 for a 10-hour day. TOURING CARS 7 Passenger Car. for first hour or fraction. for each hour thereafter, 3.50 for each hour after 1 hours' continuous service. OO for a 10-hour day.

We use the American Locomotive (A leo) cabs and touring cars (1910 model) exclusively which are equipped with Fisk Demountable Rims and Tires so as to prevent long delays on account of punctures a complete tire change in 4 minutes, no pumping being Oct the taxicab habit CHEAPER, PLEASANTER, QUICKER. Call same number on either phone N. W. Nicollet 12S T. S.

Annex. TWIN CITY TAXICAB CO. 1 R. NYMAN, General Manager. Judge David T.

Simpson. dis- Judue David F. Simpson of the probably some well-known lawyers. Commander Van Sant of the G. A.

was askeil to speak, but he already had an engagement to speak in New 5. on 1.00 1.00 1.00 .50 2.01) l.oo Il'tiry ('. Hunke Willi's A. James It. C.

Martin A. W. Skog Frank E. Haycock II. ('.

Brown II. S. Tolton N'cls Nelson Carl Anderson M. A. (lerlnr W.

Hinger I. ars M. Kami Carl Ilel.aittre A. M. (iiKidrhh II.

A. Montgomery will trict court of Hennepin county- con- i ork. He will sneak nt the women go before the suite Tuesdav with the muted sup- vention his county for his candidacy port of meeting a week from Wednesday. All women who wish fo help along the Sane Fourth are urged to attend, the mi otitis W'ednesda v. About 60,000 Sandwiches Needed.

p. in Ki'ccpllon at ltadisson. Stein, Smoker and Vaudeville, given by the millers of MlnucHpolis. Thursday, June 23. Convention hall.

West hotel. a. m. Call to order. "Wheat." James J.

ill. chairman of the board. Ureal Northern Hallway Northern l'acltlc Hallway Chicago Hurlington yulney Hallroad Co. Mr. Hill's paper will be read by Charles It.

Jerkies. Ind. "What tine Fxperlinent Slation Is Iiolng Toward Increasing Wheat Production." I'rof. (i. I.

Christie, superintendent agricultural extension. Purdue university. "What Minnesota Might do to Aid In firoater Quantity of Wheat." I'rof. A. F.

Woods, dean and director, Minnesota Agricultural F.xpcrl-mont Station, St. Paul. Minn. Stock Valued at $300,000 20-Year Lease Goes With Building. Following his plan of disposing of all his stores in the West and retiring from business because of ill health.

M. Philipsbnrn, owner of the M. Philips-born comnanv's store. 615-fiW Nicollet H. W.

c. J. E. C. Bow II.

Morse It. White It. McConwell T. Sykes C. Miwney lor associate justice ot the supreme court.

He also lias been assured support from every section of the state and as he has no opposition it is believed that he will be nnnunateu by a unanimous vote. Judge, Simpson has a state wide reputation as a iurist and his friends It the women would organize themselves into neighborhood clubs to make sandwiches for the children, what might otherwise be a drudgery would develop into a pleasant sooial J. Ms) 2-ii I l.fsi l.oo 1.IMI Mm lis) l.oo .50 1 .00 l.oo MSI .50 .50 MSI .50 .50 .50 Victor II. Siengh avenue, has sold his interest in the affair," said Mrs. T.

F. Kinney. "The II. It. Heath It.

F. Merrbim F. B. Lewis F. 11.

Pnrhiiui E. H. Dutteii It. .1. Slink Minneapolis establishment to Benjamin Zimmer, manager of the St: Paul Phi-liusborn store.

question of providing enough sandwiches for the youngsters is a huge one. We must have at least The deal which has been pending umm ti HMraHir11' That seems like a lot, but if all the H. II. Hiirliam It. Cox claim that his name will add greatly ptrength to the Republican ticket.

Although a staunch Republican Judge. Simpsou has always had the active support pf the leading Democrats as veil as Republican lawyers in his candidacy for the district bench. Pealing women in the city would help it would not be so verv hard. If the women in 1.00 E. .1.

Sweeney Nels Miinson II. Serle each block would hake enough sani -r I fc. i John 1,. Carr wiches for the children in that block, it would not be a serious drain either on the time or finances of those do 'ienoiHl committee on resolutions will moot In committee room (off of convention hull) at ii p. ui, Adjournment.

p. 111. Annual Millers' bnnipiet, ltadisson hotel. Friday, Juna 24. hall.

West hotel. a. in. Call lo order. Ten-minute talks on Hie needs of tin' trade.

"Sales lieparlmeiit Policies." U. V. Marr, secretary liwlnii Milling Columbus, Ohio. Illscllsslon. "A Few Facts About Fnclean Wheat." F.

1. Kmiuons, secretary and treasurer Commercial Milling ivtrolt, Mich. liisciissiou. loport of resolutions committee, Henry M. Allen, general chairman.

tieuernl discussion and recommendations from the convention for Federation action. (Each speaker limited to ten minutes.) Adjournment. Mlnuetonka excursion. Yellowstone. Committees Announced.

Those who have the arrangements in charge for the Millers' club and the ing so." Joseph Bow K. (install (i. Bogert T. Beacon II. Wnkcmau li.

Fort Louis "We wish," said Mrs. Passmore, "that the teachers in Minneapolis 'I flff would come to Wednesday's meeting. (ieorgc lark We have not urged them before to I II II II Mil II 11 1 E. T. Fort lor William M.

Nnsh 1 it II Ii bSf III continue the work they did all win ter, but if any feel that they can as "When he was elected in 1308 the Democratic members of the local bar were the first to urge him to again be a candidate and his overwhelming victory at the polls nut only showed liis vote getting ability but indicates the respect with ivhich the people hold for his judicial attainments. Educates In Wisconsin. Judge iSimpson was born 50 years ago last Monday, June 13, on a farm near Waupun, Wisconsin, and received his early education in the public schools of the community. He also spent several years at Ripun college at Ripon, and graduated from FYed S. Cady Wigglu ().

J. Hanson sist. we would only be too glad to avail ourselves of their experience and 5t- 1 I mm. mm ti Wl TSSV fWl IWJ SOEl ff, 111 advice. Charles F.

Conner, who is getting a list of all the cripples of all ages in Coorge II. Heuipcrlo W. I. Hughes A. C.

Finney Frank Henley W. O. Booth W. E. Hale Minnesota Millers' club in entertaining the delegates are: Dwight M.

H. 1'. Gallagher, Frederick J. Clark, Charles C. liovey, John S.

Pills- Minneapolis, so that b. 1. See ley can secure enough autos to take them all to the nhow, has received several letters from crippled children thankiug the Elks for their offer. One fellows: Letters From Cripples. "Dear Sir I am sickly and cannot walk fast.

I wish I can go with you on the 4th of july and as you wish to no my is and how old I am 1 look to be 8 years old but 1 am 15 years old. We are Minneapolis, so that U. M'eley can secure enough autos to take them all to the show, has received several let- ters from crippled children thankiug the Elks for their offer. One fellows: Letters From Cripples. "Dear Sir-I am sickly and cannot walk I wish I can go with you on the 4th of july and as you SdMVoiH 1 look to yer old but 1 am 15 years old.

We are" 11. W. Tisdale II. Moore A. It.

Anderson It. J. Smith II. B. Marchbnnk Iir.

1'. M. Hall VV. II. Itoberts E.

Hanson Frank A. Skog (ieorgc K. Smith Clarence E. lirtike Pavid Simpson lllcliard Tattersfield Otto S. Einigiiin l.o i I USSSkBJ UMM fc3 ii 11.

w. 5 )jk mmmmm If. ft J9 fl KLT1SI P-" FSX u. 11. Marchbnnk l.ol i I I All tltsT VWYm liV 1 II i f1 1 11 Vl iiLnm "II ImM lmliJ 'i-Jf Krnk a.

skog to LmS hmmtT (ieorgc u.Kmiti r.oo 1 HM ALL DEPRATMENTSG mm w. Langiiin 0.00 jgy lo Mnnrlnv Mornintr to Mr. Neumcier i imrv, (,. bonding, h. l'earce and L.

11. Trips through the Pillsbury mills, the Washburn Crosby mills, the Consolidated Milling company, the Phoenix company, tlie Russell Miller company and other important flour manufacturing concerns will be led by the Minneapolis men. The number "of delegates to.Uie convention has not been determined. William C. Edgar, president of the the University of Wisconsin in 1882, He was most proficient in rhetoric, and after his graduation spent a year as an instructor in that subject.

He then went to New York, where he graduated from the Columbia law school in 1884. Tho same year' lie was admitted to the bar in Wisconsin, but came at once to Minneapolis where he has resided ever since. In 1891 Jude Russell, then city attorney, appointed him as assistant and in 1891 Judge Russell, then city attorney, the citv council, irr. was re-elected iP fm PI HI Northwestern Miller Publishing company, says in the last issue of the Northwestern Miller: "One of the disadvantages under which those labor UBHor runs I ish nhnm's Vt who nave to make preliminary arrangements for such events is the impossibility of knowing in advance iust how many will attend. However, the size of.

the meeting is nut of the greatest JTnBl kfm firm 15(1(7 fz i HI 11 1 liiiiKirtance; its character and the gooi again in and so popular had he become that Democrats and Re publican aldermen alike joined in making the selection. In 1 896 he was H'hosen a judge of the Hennepin county district court and was reelected iil 1902 and 1908, having now served 14 successive years and being the senior member of the bench. HU iafSii-l WM II 1 6(5-625 NICOLLET AVENUE it may accomplish are the main considerations." It is believed, however, that the following will lie present: D. T. Mutluek, Winchester, president ot the Kentucky Millers' association; W.

H. Meek, Marissa, John F. Russell, (Ireens-burg. president ot the Indiana Millers' association; R. K.

Kidder, Kansas City, president of the Kansas City Millers' -i "Alcoholic Nerves" Demand Alcohol-The Gat-lin Treatment Cures Liquor Habit and Nervousness in Three Days- lub; John i. ivem 01 R. Hurd. Wichita, Kansas, president ot Woman Fighting Kissing is Minneapolis Visitor iMrs. I.

Tvcchlin, Cincinnati. Savs She Will Wage War Cntil "Smacking" Ceases, the Kansas Millers' club. A large num ber of prominent Kansas millers are expected, among whom are Henry Lassen, J. H. McNair.

Charles M. Wallace, No Hypodermic Injections PLAIN CONTRACT GIVEN. Each patient is given a plain con tract, to ellect a perfect cure Dread Peril, She Holds, and a Menace to Lives of the Nation's People. Mrs. 1.

Ret'tiHn, C'liiciiiimt nniimml president of the World's Health organization, who wn a Minneapolis visitor Saturday, says she will keep on struggling until she obtains an abatement of that awful menu'--kissing. In every part of in three days, without hypodermic injections. INSTITUTE TREATMENT. The comforts of a refined home wre afforded all patients at the institute, George 11. Hunter, l'.

ti. jumpier, 11. U. Hill and F. D.

l.arrnbee. The following will be among those who will take the special train for the Yellowstone Park trip after the convention at p. m. Friday, June 21: Anderson, and wife, and Mrs. Frank Traverse, Milwaukee.

Allen. Henry and wife, Kansas City. liuxbr, A. and wile, r.ulliilo. Hornet, (hrlstian.

and wife. St. I.011K Hrace, William ami wife, droit. Kahlw'in, 1. M-, and wife.

hineapolls. Chaln-ii, C. IF, and wife, and Mrs. Wright, Chicago. Chase, C.

I.eaiemvorth. Kan. Coup, C. and wife. Toledo.

Camp, 1. wife nd son, Toledo. Clark, l'red and wife. Minneapolis. Coritit.

J. arid wife Minneapolis, Ihaismun, J. He i'ere, Wis. lninlop, J. and wile.

Cliirkesvllle, Tenii. Klsciine yer, A. Spliliglield, Mo. Flisz. Louis, ami two diiuiililers, SI.

Loins Flacli. Joseph: Knrr. Miss r.inello; Halipt, Joseph and wife. New Alliens. 111.

board, room, physician's attendance, with every caro and attention and the the worm, says -Mrs. iu-ciiiid. there are A PERFECT CURE. The liatlin internal treatment cures the periodical, occasional or moderate drinker, the habitual and excessive drinker, and the nervous man who has to drink to keeep from becoming more nervous. It takes away all inclination to drink, all desire and craving for drink, by neutralizing the poison of alcohol in the system and ridding the blood of the poison by a rapid system of elimination, leaving the drinker in the condition that he was before tasting liquor, so far as the effect of alcohol may be concerned all appetite for drink gone aud he a new man.

NO HYPODERMIC INJECTIONS. Refuse to take any treatment for the drink habit where hypodermic injections are giveu, for they are so deaths every ilny which can be cited from kisses, iintl kissing Im, Pi rtSts OJ YAl utmost privacy. HOME TREATMENT. eoiue to lie not a mere popular salute, but a terrible evil tliut must be stamped out. Furthermore, she snys her effort have led hosts 10 forego pleas tires.

(illduieister. 1.0111s. raiiiungton, (oiciiiiiiin, Henry and wife. Toledo. A and wile, Chicago, lo rlai li, lb njamln.

and wife. Hod Minn. The treatment sent to the home with plain directions for taking and may be given to a six-year-old child jrt'itli 110 thought of injury. All mail sent, in plain envelopes, sealed; everything strictly confidential. Call, write today, or 'phone Main 4357, for copy of the contract and free book.

Gatlin Institute, 403 Seventh street south, Bank references as to the company's responsibility cheerfully furnished, "People should, remember 1 lint kissing Js merely the habit of cemurles. There wjis a time when all the world kissed t-vervliody they met," said Mrs. liecliliu. "There was a time when kissing Ilohn. F.

and faiher, MinncaiKil! Hamilton. It. wife and nitcc. 1 Mill tl fciiXv i.isn in ii ri idwater, Toledo. liable to result in biooii poisoning, from the use of au infected needle, through the carelessness of others.

ghte Ml, Ii. wire and dnorhter Hubig. Simon, and wife, Cincinnati Itor.Rei. llolicrt, wife, and dan (roll. lb-vwood.

S. wtid wife Jackson I inn. clonics A and wife. Aberd Maver. Fred, wife and daughter.

Mich. 5E5f "Finders keepers, Losersweepers." f' BfH Meimel, and wife, and Mrs. L. CURES iuiie the but that day lins passed. Mn1t i.e away with eiitlreiy.

"Every member of our orgonizatloti has l-cen sent buttons to wear, showing their aversion to the practice, nud the lirst work of the organization will be in Hie Utile parlies which women have Dt their homes and which they invariably spoil by kisses. It Is essential to the welfare of the people of tills nation to do a way wi'h this, and 1 urn liuji-Intf to have ami kiss pledges worn by every schoolgirl ami schoolboy iu tins country before very long." (TIT t-i Nururj Rhymi. and mint, Toledo, Mi I nor, t.i-orge Alton. 111. V.

II and wife, New Y'ork. I'liml St. I.011U Itowc' Fred llrand llapids, Mhti. S-ewiot, and wife, Pittsburg. S' ion iiiaiui.

Henry, wife and two droichierg, Id. 0 ULiU I One of tliO strange-it accidents in the records of railroading in the Crater? Btates happened recently ut Buliard, when a locomotive on the South-era Pfujifie tooted itm-If out of steam because of the inability of the engi Losers Needn't Be Weepers The missing pocketbook or trinket may speedily be returned if you will tell of your loss without delay through the columns of this paper. S. 8. S.

cures Old Sores in the very simplest way. It just goes Into the circulation and removes the poisons and impurities which are keeping the place open. Then the sore or ulcer heals because the infected flesh tissues receive nourishment and healing propertied from the blood, instead of, irritating, disease-laden germs. Every symptom of an old sore Euggests diseased blood. The inflammation, dischargo, discolored flesh around the ulcer, and the fact that It resists every form of local treatment, and even returns after being removed, by surgical operation, Indicates to what a great extent the blood is polluted.

S. S. removes overy traco of poison or infectious matter from the circulation and makes the bloodstream pure, rich and healthy S. S. S.

roaches hereditary taints, and those who are suffering from an old sore, which came without any apparent cause, could not do better than take a course of this great blood medicine to remove tho inherited taint. 8. S. S. cures old sores for the one simple reason that it purines the blood.

Book on Sores and Ulcers and anv medical advice free to all who write. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC ATLANTA, GA, Si k. tv. 11., and wife Watertown, 8. P.

Seins-niiig. K. wife and daughter, 1 olum-bin. Pavld, twn sons and petrolt. 'llr uiau, J.

I.oi.slng. Mich. I le'orge Nliffalo. Paul ami wife. l.Ui".

Minn. i.Kl, F. and wife, l.rand Mich. H. J-, and wife, liamhe.shurg, pft.

Aalion, I), and wife Yoiingstonn, Ohio. llilamson, A. 1.., and wife, liny Center, Wind -or, W. wire, Falls, M'uu Train to Bo Palatial, 1 if this list Mr. Il'iliie is president, and lie- oftlellil reOreSl-ntllllle of tilfl Nil 1 1 Asle i of Mailir Pakers He mis appointed hi l'ri-id''Ilt to I he loikers' 1, at the renvoi.

'I ii" Ifllill. COU 1 o' 'I Wholly of lew Ulld the o.l loisleru cara, will be a Im.uiifti one, eijulfcl- the whistle, lever which in ei! ope rat neer to stop manner the got out of order, the whistle cut from the solid almost indestru'-t- Zinc fhirjde nails metal are raid to be e. liiel wad.

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