Tyrone Daily Herald from Tyrone, Pennsylvania on February 29, 1968 · Page 9
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Tyrone Daily Herald from Tyrone, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Tyrone, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1968
Page 9
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Tyrone Daily Herald, Thursday, February 29, 1968 Pagt Nin* Food Shopping Guide The Lighter Side: The following guide to the nation's food buys for the weekend was prepared by the Departments of Agriculture and Interior for United Press International. WASHINGTON (UPI) — US. DA's Consumer and Marketing Service reports that abundant supplies of meat and poultry and good supplies of some fresh fruits and vegetables will be available to weekend shoppers In food stores and supermarkets. Broiler, fryer chickens and turkeys continue to be the most abundantly available meats. Pork cuts are again on the abundant lists and these Include bacon, chops, roasts and hams., Beef cuts that should be readily avliable In some areas. Fish fillets and steaks, fish sticks and portions, and canned tuna are fish buys to watch for, according to the U.S. Depart, ment of the Interior. Cabbage, lettuce, and potatoes are again the most abundance vegetables. Grapefruit and or. anges are the fruits in the most, abundant category with apples joining them in some areas. Now, lets take a closer look at food supplies in these areas: Northeast—Delaware j District of Columbia, New England, New York, New Jersey, Perm, sylvania, Maryland, West Vlr. glnla): Northeast food shoppers will continue to have a good variety of beef to choose from this weekend. On hand will be reg. ular cuts of steaks, but best buys will mostly be round anc boneless chuck roasts; regular ground and chuck chopped beef; and fresh briskets and corned beef. Good pork buys will Include loin roasts, fresh and smoked hams, bacon, butts and picnics. Little of lamb will be offered — featuring regular legs, and various types of chop's. Poultry items on hand will be turkeys, broilers and fryers. Best buys at the produce stands will be iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, potatoes, radishes, rutabagas, and Florida celery. In plentiful supply at the fruit stands will be grapefruits, and Florida oranges. Best fish buys for the North, east are: Ocean perch, haddock, cod, .and flounder fillets, crab meat, blue fish, Spanish mackerel, clams, northern shrimp, salmon, halibut, sword, fish steaks, and fish sticks and portions. Insect Kingdom Is Highly Specialized Time Erasing Myths Surrounding Pregnancy kN II AN A TIER ** * Obituaries By United Press International PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. (UPI)—Screenwriter Laurence Stallings, who collaborated on the hit play "What Price Glory?," died Wednesday at the age of 73. Stallings wrote "What Price Glory?" In 1924 with Maxwell Anderson. The pair also col la- borated on the movie version in 1930. Other screenplays by Stallings Included "The Big Parade," "Northwest Passage," "Salome," and "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon." Stallings, born in Ma con, Ga., Nov. 25, 1894, worked on the Atlanta Journal before enlisting in the Marines during World War I. He also served with the Marines as a liaison officer in World War II. MIAMI (UPI) — Funeral services will ue held i- rida> lor milllonarie businessman Luther B. Smith of Miami and Reno, Nev. Smith, whose business Interests ranged from aircraft to real estate, died Wednesday. He was 70. Smith owned real estate, oil, gas and aircraft properties in Florida and Oklahoma and served as a director of a construction firm with offices from Virginia to New York. In 1964, Smith purchased "The Elms," President Johnsons home in the Washington area. He later sold the house to Algeria which turned it into an embassy. FOR SALE STRUCTURAL STEEL.I (ANGLES, CHANNELS (PIPE REINFORCING RODS IHODES BROS. 684-0870 ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (UPI) —Funeral services were today for William J. Madden, world, renowned concert violinist and orchestra leader who died Monday at the age of 68. Madden toured American and European capitals as a violinist after his graduation from the New York Institute of Music. In 1920, he was concert master of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. For 30 years, Madden conducted open-air and hotel concerts in his posts as musical director of an Atlantic City hotel and director of the Atlantic City Festival Orchestra. He retired from both jobs in 1956. By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) — Suppose, for supposition purposes, that you create an entirely new and different type of plant- something totally unlike anything else that grows on this planet, or wherever you go. This might be done, say, by crossing a Giant Sequoia with a Huckleberry bush, thus producing for the first time on earth a Redwood Huckleberry. Now you take this plant and set It out in the middle of the GoM Desert, miles from any other vegetation. You do this, and it is a sure bet that within three months it will be attacked by a Redwood Huckleberry beetle. Yes, friends, what I'm leading up to here Is another of my lectures on the insect kingdom. I regret I have no lantern slides with which to illustrate the key points, but if you close your eyes real tight you can picture it all for yourself. Insects, I've discovered from reading Agriculture Department press releases, are the most highly specialized creatures yet developed. Virtually every type of plant has its own individual Insect enemy. Or if it doesn't, it soon will have. If you iiave box elders, you have a box elder bug. If you have elms, you have elm bark beetles. The cabbage looper does not concern Itself with alfalfa. It leaves that work to the alfalfa weevil, who wouldn't dream of competing with the rice weevil. Would a corn rootworm bother the roots of sugarbeets? Of course not. Not as long as the sugarbeet root maggots are on the Job. Harmonious Attack Some plants are even subdivided, the corn rootworm leaving the ears to the European corn borer and the stalks to the corn sap beetle. With perhaps cereal leaf beetles occupying the extremities. All of this may seem like small beer, but as the world becomes more crowded and the struggle for survival by each species becomes more Intense wt may be able to learn something from 11. Why Is the Insect kingdom producing specialists rather than all-purpose, or utility, bugs? One might surmise that the Insect kingdom is tightly unionized, the International Federation of Tobacco Horn- worms being wary of jurlsdic- tlonal disputes with the Arnalga- mated Association of Mexican Fruit Files. Or one might surmise that the insect kingdom has merely gone the way of the medical profession. By JOAN IIANAUER NEW YORK i UPD-Waiting to become a mother Is myth- testing time and two of (.he most common myths concern mornlriK sickness and food. According to one doctor's statistic, <I found In onr of the books on maternity i two out of three expectant mothers don't .suffer nausea in the momliiK — or any other time of day — and only one In 10 really «ets suffcrln^'ly sick. I'm onr of the lucky ones whose only symptoms of pregnancy were the normal medical one.s One reason. I believe. Is that my obstetrician Ignored the possibility Another is that my mother never suffered discomfort and told mr no j-hastly tales of feminine malaise. Probably ;i thj rf ] | H t/ » 1 at amonp: my friends, the : irl who complained niiiht bitterly Is a confirmed hypochondria/' and anv disease she nets I immediately discount as neurotic The same Klrl has been a big help to me In the weight problem. She had stranue cravings for exotic foods. Just as depleted In the movies. Oddly enough, the delie.ncles she devoured were the same high calorie nibbles she normally tried to steer away from in her private battle of the bulges he- fore pregnancy. The result was that she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy, Hhe blamed her balloon-like shape on the unborn, but three months after baby was walking, my friend was still waddling. The cravings kick also kept her husband running to prove his devotion at the corner delicatessen and showering her with eclairs Instead of emeralds I've noticed that while I have no desire for a llverwurflt and llmburger sandwich on raisin bread at 3 a.m., I have to watch a desire to pamper myself. The yearning I have for fudge-iced angel cake a la mode is the sort of thing I've endured my entire calorie- counting life, but now it's so much easier to relent. In other days I could cure the sweet toothache by trying on a red velvet theater suit that fitted Just this side of good taste. Now, of course, my wardrobe consists of expandable skirts and tent-like tops that would accommodate both an Arab and his camel. No diet Incentive there. The help, aid, comfort and backbone all are provided by my husband. He has decided to watch his weight and calories for no particular reason that I can figure except me. He also manages to look at me admiringly, although with what effort I don't know. If t comment dourly on my hour* glass sllhoutte turning into ft circle like a sundial ohftpe, he smiles and says It's wonderful. He even sounds like he means it. What I've done Is leave the dieting to him. I don't ask for blueberry strudel for Sunday brunch, but If he says, "I've had a tough week and need a treat" I take his word for It. In the long run, he pampers me enough to make me ashamed of self-indulgence. Besides, when the baby is born he deserves a wife who can return to looking like the package he originally bought. Once I did stop him dead In his kindly tracks. I had been reading a book ridiculing the idea that pregnant women had to eat more than the non- pregnant variety but emphasizing that they should increase their fluid Intake. I read aloud a passage that went something like this: "Pregnant women should eat for one but drink for two." He almost dropped his martini and gave me a horrified I lifted my glass and toasted him with skim milk. DANCE SAT., MAR. 2 10'TIL 1 ALLEGHENY HILL TOPPERS HOOKIES FIRE CO. MATED FOR LIFE LONDON (UPI) — A few months after his divorce, Walter Davis, 33, decided he would try to select another mate with the help of a computer. He put his requirements for a wife on a questionnaire, told about him. self, and sat back to await the results while the computer ran through some 30,000 prospects. The computer came up with four possibilities. At the head of the list was his exwife, Barbara, who had filed a similar form with the same mate-selection computer. Guatemala was once the site of the ancient Mayan civilization. SPECIALS 400 UP-SIDE DOWN BANANA SPLIT Hamburger & 7Up Drink 240 BANANA LAYER CAKE $1.09 BOSTON CREME PIE 590 '/2 Gal. Vanilla Ice Cream 69( 1 Gal. Vanilla Ice Cream $1.19 Try Something New PIZZARINO SUNNY CREST DRIVE-IN 611 W. 15th ST. PHONE 684-2101 Financial Gossip By Leroy Pope UPI Financial Writer NEW YORK (UPI) — The conveyor Industry, which is doing fine making and Installing systems to convey everything from tons of ore to delicate and expensive dresses, is getting in. creasingly interested in moving people. "What can be done with people was shown at the General Motors Futurama at the New York World's Fair a few years ago," says Marshall Brenner, president of Anchor Steel & Conveyor Co. of Dearborn, Mich. The Futurama ride carried 1,400 seated spectators simuk taneously on a 15.minute tour of the huge GM exhibit. People Spread Out "Modern life is forcing people to spread out and is creating tremendous distances at air. ports, shopping centers and stadiums for moving people and merchandise," said Brenner. "Conveyor systems, moving side walks and moving ramps will be quite useful in some of these areas." The larger airports offer the most favorable field for convey, ors to move both people and cargo, Brenner said, but every situation will be different and re. quire individual study before any proposals are made. Meanwhile, the industry has piled up vastly increased book, ings so far in 1968 over last year in industrial and commer. cial conveyor systems,Brenner said. Complete Transformation "The warehousing industry, which has undergone a com. plete transformation in the past decade with automatic controls and systems for rapid storage and retrieval of thousands of Items, is one of the best cus. tomers of the industry," Bren. ner said. But manufacturers of all kinds are using more and more cut. veyor systems, both overhead trolley systems and belt and roller or bearing systems,every one tailored for the needs of the particular plant. "While we make many kinds of standard components, there's virtually no such thing any more as a stock model convey, or system," said Brenner. FR d SAT. 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