The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY,.JULY 29, 1930 T BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hitler will violate no pledge. But he will not be nble to helu It mid will not care to help It, If Die bulk of the Austrian people some day say lliey want to be part, of Germany. Czechs Kinged With Foes' III the meantime, the Czechs have more to worry about tlian anybody, lilg Germany already dominates Czechoslovakia on ths (vest and part, of the north. Now on t'jie south there is this Germany-bound Austria and further there is Hungary, also friendly to Germany. Also on the north Is Poland. Germany is constantly imj- Elng at. the Czechs because of the 3,5Gi),COO Germans who live ill western Czechoslovakia, since 'her pact with Germany, Poland has been nagging at. the Czechs because of their alleged ill treatment of Poles in Tcschcii. The little country Absorption of Smallei Slate Only a Matter of Time Says Bronuer By MILTON UUOXNF.Il ^'•<V Service Stair Correspondent LONDON'.—Adolf Hitler goes marching oh—from bloodless vl:- 'ory to bloodless victory. His latest, the resumption of peaceful relations with Austria, looks as if lie 'had sold a pup to Dictator Schuschnlgg of Austria and Dictator Mussolini of Italy, further bemused British statesmen, threw new anxieties into | armies. hritatn' is preoccupied Drench hearts and Isolated little jwii'n the Italian clinllenuc in (he Czechoslovakia. -- •• put in touch with persons desiring to buy cattle and those with Pastures for lease will be put in touch with persons In need of pasture PAGE _ Will Facilitate Moving of PI i c> i n I 1 ecu to aild QtOCK I'rOlU - C, ..; i; A oil 1C KCn Areas. Pmoheen News I .A, 13 ; st " m ™^ '"«' *»">»>• motored 10 Pnrngoukt Raturday lo vts 't Mr. Shoemnke's sister, Ml ' s - w ' w - Obburds, nnd attend an Ice crenm supper at the homo o' Will Smith In the Old Mend- As a result of the drouth the s " | l ) rommimtty. MIS. S. A. Shoe- Federal Livestock Feed Agency, " ln ke came back with her son and with E. o. Pollock again in | family to spend two weeks here. charge, has reopened Its offices' •*• ind Mrs. Cal Obbards spent ^•••"fav, ifupdiL'u n$ unices '• ""u "us. ufti uijuaros spent M 755 Live Stock Exchange Build- ( Sunday with Mr. mid Mrs Cur- Ing. Kansas city. Mo., according lo1 Curler, lo Information received by J. O. | ' ' " I'ulli'rioii, county agent. I thus finds itself ringed wlt'n ene-1 acency The principal will be functions lo locate of the surplus In the larger field, now face the bigger powers of the west v.'illi many cards In his hand, franco is preoccupied with Ma big ..... I supplies of feed, lo advise live- Hitler can j S i 0 ck owners In (ho drouth areas . He and 'ills close advisers have thus shown themselves masters of a new and clever diplomacy which, plus a 1% army ami air force, Is rapidly restoring Germany to the powerful position It held before the Wurld War. Kncls Thrcc-Vcnr Strife Wit'n the dramatic week-end suddenness he so loves. Hitler recently caused it to he announce:! that his three years' war with Austria was at an end. The high spats of his agreement with his fellow dictator young Mr. Scluischnlgg, wera that Germany recognized the full sov- ereignly of Austria, each country was to regard the internal affairs of the other as its o™ business Mediterranean. Hillcr can play Italy against Prance and Britain. In fact, lie has already done so. Italy is playing ihe same game. Mussolini is playing bolli ends against the middle. His fellow dictator, Hitler, would like to join hands with him—for a time. On the ol'ner hand, republican France And the British cabinet is nlav- ing the game of H ;,,er and U- aolmi by bumbling along, trying to bs friends with everybody, acting the role of the good' uncle and taking no positive stand anywhere. ancl Austria principle as recognized herself German stale. in and Mrs. E. ason spent Saturday night with wivn Mildred Earp. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hatton spent Saturday «•"" "" II. Collins. Mrs. Ottis Patterson nnd baby, of Forty and Eight, spent last night with Mrs. Patterson's aunt, Mrs. Quincy Mason. Alice and Mary Collins, Thelnm Mack, Lucille 'Olcihain, Pete Rhoads and Spot- Held were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. E'aul Coi- lins. Millie Mae Payne, of near Blytheville, is spending a few days with Nellie Ernst. Tile Number Nine school opened four weeks Harris and Bumbledom in t'<i e snaps of British statesmen and editors Imilsd th« as settling the long crisis between Clcrmany and Austria and as a long step-forward for the peace ' of Europe. N'a/.is Get Free Manil Bin here are soms of ths t!iin°s that result from t'hc Austro-Gernian agreement: German papers which means ardent Nazi papers will once more freely circulate in Austria. So B . m Ocrman Mok5| which now nuans Nazi-slanted hooks. As Hitler has now abrogated his punitive lax of 1000 marks on Germans desirin? lo travel in Austria, that little country will soon be overrun by a swarm of German tourists, business men, theatrical companies and sportsmen—nil ardent Nazis—and 1 all telling their Austrian listeners what an ideal government is the Nazi regime. Thousands of Austrian Nazis who fled to Germany and were] r „ „,._., trained militarily In Bavaria bv I,. nd Tctoc Turner . of Dar German Naais, will b° returning' e ' Mlss " visUc <i their uncle, home. Many of .them will be al- i Arch Mask ' hcrc last week, lowed to joiK^Schuschnigg's political party. The Nazis will thus bore from within. The little state of 6.000.050 peo- ( Die will fsel the terrible weight of the bigger state of G6,000,000. II t will be increasingly tied to it by •\ commercial relations. The political will follow. Some fine clay—and that not so very distant—Austria will drop like a ripe apple into the German orchard. There will be no putsch. No German troops will cross the frontier. where they will be able to purchase their feed al the lowest, lur-s for the past cost and lo facilitate tha sale Mr. ami Mrs. nnd transfer of calllo glens when; there Ls from re- shortage J. L. McNitt moved Monday lo UecrliiB, Mo. Mrs. O. M. Layson spent Die pasl week wllh Mrs. Jess McDonald. Mrs. Ada liansom has been under the care of Jonesboro dce-- week. Bod Tom'lnson of feed supplies and waler. The | visited at «'cek end. Losi Cane over Hie agency will act as a central clear-i 11; , -T .' Ing house for feed and livestock' I'l UHrtm i\ Otl'S Ing house for feed nnd livestock' mfomialion, but will nol buy or sell feed or livestock or make feed loans. Oilier functions of the ..„>.._., will include the furnishing of Information as lo the procedure lo . Kj . , s Donald, for leaving the droulh area and in - -«. Ihe method o! sale of hay and other feeiL'i Miss Clalcc Darnell returned to Hick man, [<y., after an extended KECIICV i !'' Sit witl> |UM ' nuia "'«' > llwlc . aecncs I Mr. and Mrs. a M . McDonald. Miss Nevn Williams of Ilickinan, Ihe guest uf her iiunt and and Mrs. E. M. Mea few days. :•- an<l Mrs. E u For(1 nnrt and Mrs. A. J. mil were vLsit- in lilytheville Saiurday. or ' of of hay and other feeds and the dis- °" of »°»"»<l. Mo., were semination of Information rela- 1 ?, ,, lllt ' lr Paints, Mr. and live to the supply, demaml and price of feed and livestock Number Nine News America Lewis ami Louise "Thorn-{ A drouth news bulletin will ho Issued to farmere, acricullural officials, county agents, feed dealers and other persons interested keeping informed currently us ... .>vi.puj 5 jmuimt.u cuiirniLy us n , ;. D ..^"vj u . , to available supplies, demand and , ",J "'I. ;, F \. Se ^ l °". Sunday, the market movement of feed and " " " livestock. An inspection service, an extension of the regular service offered by the Bureau of Agricultural Ec- Monday for three summer term. Mr. and Mrs. Jim family spent Sunday at Leachville with Mr. Harris' parents.' Mr. and Mrs. Von Mullens and baby have returned from a week's vacation. Mrs. 13. p. Sexton, lasl' week. George Walker of Spnrkman, Ark, was (lie guesl of his brother and family, Mr. nn ,i Mfs S(lm Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Cole and family were Ihe guesls of Mr. Mrs. E. M. McDonald was" the guest of relatives at Hickmar, i* 1 '.. Sunday. Hev. Lee Walker of Sparkman, Ark., will conduct a Pentecostal onomics, will be nrovidc"ii"liy The If vlval lnceli "8 nt Rosa this week agency to determine, as far as ^ °" c ls invltcd (o ntte "<t- possible, the grade and class of hay and other roughage offered lor shipment to the drouth areas or received at stations in tile drouth territory. The county agent suggest? that farmers with a surplus of feed list !t with the agency as available for '• shipment lo Ihe drouth areas and parsons in need of feed who cannot obtain it through regular commercial channels at a reasonable cost should reQUest the agency to inform them where Ihey should be able" lo purchase feed al the lowest'cost. Farmers in the drouth area with cattle for sale will b= PIMSANTLY P nri> •SPRAY MOSQUITOES, FLIES, MOTHS, SPIDERSond other insects OLET KI-ECTRIC X: ACETYLENE WELDING •AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Make the *ST.CHARLES Lo ome youi i, A/ew Jasfefully furnished rooms Beautyresf mattresses Simmons beds Comfortable chairs ' Restful bed lights Well lighted bathrooms These com forts are yours whether you occupy an expensive suite or a minimum < priced room. And the same friendly and efficient service goes to EVERY guest. Direction DINKIER HOTELS CO. INCORPORATED CARLING DINKIER PRESIDENT AND GENERAL HAHAGER L ' = Operating -- ' The Ansley ATLANTA The St. Charles NEW ORLEANS The Savannah SAVANNAH TheTutwiier BIRMINGHAM Jefferson Davis MONTGOMERY AndrewJackson NASHVILLE HEV MORE THAN TWO MILLION KNEE-ACTION USERS SAY (( M om; than 2,001X000 Knce-Aciion cars arc now in ihe hands of owners; and more people: arc buying Knee-Action cars ihis year than ever before. Ask any of these owners what they think ot Knee-Action and they will tell yon that actual owner experience, covering billions of miles of traycl, has proved that it gives the world's safest, smoothest ride. Ion, too, will ride much more snjvly over all types of roads in a Knee-Action Chevrolet*, because Knee-Action prevents front-wliccl Stale /" shimmy, gives easier slccring and better braking control, and provides firmer, surer readability at all engine speeds. You will also ride much more comfortably, because Kncc-Aclion wheels "step over" bumps and holes, eliminate car pitching aud tossing anil give every passenger a steadier, more enjoyable ride than can be obtained in any other way. Sec, drive, and buy one of these new Cliev- rolcls—the only low-priced car with Knee-Action — tlie only complete low-priced car! CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MICiT. p,• .. rlr . ^I^^ ALL THESE FEATURES AT CHEVROLET'S LOW PRICES „„,. •.«"'w«l»e»n(e •rl^al nolf. . tmro «orj M010BS INSUllMttll PUN-K10NTHIT MVMINTS 10 SUIT TOUH OH TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. IJIylhcville. Ark. COTY SUMMKK PKHRlMli A Siiina SI. 50 SI. nil Slyx SI. 25 SI. 25 51. 00 K1RBV BROS. DRUG CO. Summer Values At Low Prices .Milin nnd Broadway 1'hoitc 23 MEET Depilatory^. .> . T . r . ,49c MOLLE Shaving Cream EPSOM SALTS n. Rubber Bathing Cap* , Low .-' <(A~ Prlc«d I 5F* tine quallly crtpe (imih Olhm. . 29c to 490 Kilhl rej(rued la limit ijuaiililhl 7R GuiranUcc!— ."ur« Brittle 1 Lifebuoy SOAP $1.00 NUJOLX Mineral Oil Fall PINT V Ev«. In P.-uls Cologne Wllll ]IUIcfl.llG of $1.10 Evc.inPuii Dulling Powder $1.50 ** 410 35c William's Shaving Cream / /^V\Vr I"'"'". •» firmly let llicy won't i^^\\yr 'P«lloul. Varied slytcl, >i!c> nnd /s^ \Jj J colored l.nndlti to pleaie everyone, i Russian MINERAL OIL fall PINT Moiqultitl! . SKEETER RID 3 ounce me Ora-San Tooth Brush . .39c. .2for75c Sterident Toolh Brush. .33c. .2lor65c Dr. West Waterproof 50c . D. Dental Plate Brush....... 33c Valentine Tooth Brush. . . 19c 3(ct55c Pu OLIVE OIL full PINT Blnoeular.Type Sporl Glasses With Strao. . . SUMMER SPECIALS Mineral Oil, Pint 29 75c Noxema Cream 100 COLORED PAPER NAPKINS : Luxor Bath Powder Mouth Wash . 20-01. bolllc - »«!,„, »,, ,.„,, I Ly<)ns T()oth p owd p Qwder ^^^ ANEFRIN * . BISMADINE Dijcilivc Powder Both -.. gf. For. ...... 50 Utef.«e lira fir.l. Mon Aspirin Tabs, 100 Cuipnleed lo r.ivc l\|. MED ATE HF.LIEF (mm May Tevci, Economy SIzo 1.98 50c Deoxogen Cream . Cleansing Tissues 60c California /(SYRUP of.FIGS 25c Mennen Talc SLOP Fitch Oil Shampoo White Shoe .Cleaner Orlis . TOOTH PASTE ^Miiicoi, i / coiy ^-«» a * /DUSTING Odorono JS^D.-uilui Alophen Pills • CQ_ 75ci'j'je ......... ,.J O i/C _ C 40c Bost toord l'«i(e... ,,,',,. Peroxide) ! n/lr.v,l,o t r,i, t'.Yt ,,.] Riteway > swam,,,,, ro,,,, f , Burn Ointment POWDER Drcskin ' Sfc CVnitiinin'i .'.'..,] J. and J. Baby « i n iWJw.JSrsrj, .-3 19c Fitch Shampoo on „ 03C 51.10 Hopper's " - Wondersoft KOTEX Sun Tan Oil "•<< Noiirlch, Mnliiim S|,i Sunburn Lotion / 10e Velvet Toilet Tissue ^i-iunrL'.lurf .. j&j •"*Black Flag ",«J TO- JScJ'ullJ.T • • . *••"- THE VOGUE Alarm Clock Fully .'•«• -' Suede Cloth 2ippcr Bag "-Inch fl Stze .......... O /*• Brown, gray or Ian me dc cloth. WjIcfpioo'cJ FEENAMINT Laxative Gum Perfeclion COLDCREAM oi. Jar, FreiM/Mlde PINT SIZE VACUUM BOTTLE ASPIRIN Boille of 100 Bcauli-Bilh Shoulder Shower Firs(>Aid Kit For home or SunimerCollnc«. . CUfp. jtcunJ iKc nttfc lilc i necklace. Uiyriccrnplelrihowf/ — rrt Ic.ivt, lulf J.y. a> Foima»»j.; 1 arn|1 IreAlmrnl. Complclr 7-ciccc lei. XPOSE SUN TAN Cream or Oil Fly Sprnv Quart ' 25c CARTER'S 15. Paul Henna ?l.25 Vi i\!»rrow Oil Shiimpon 4Q(. S! Si?.c 7!)r; tide Si/.c t ti f Nonvich Sun Tan Oil I Oz. Quinine Castor Oil, pint Olive Oil, 2' Oz. lOc Spsom Salts, i Lbs. 25c Milk of Magnesia, pint 29c Caroid and Bile Salts, 11s 8Sc —^^^—^™^"^™^™^^^» i^tmumimfmmmm^^ Pepsodent Tooth Paste, large 33c Pepsodent Tooth Paste, small 19c Pepsodent Tooth Powder 39c Pepsodent Antiseptic, |1 size 79c 35c Lapactic Pills Mexican Heat Powder 25c Chamberlain Lotion for Sun Burn $1 size 85c 50c size 39c n^aMM^^BmrrnrB»»^^ai^^^i^^^^f^^^^^^^^r^^i^^»»» i Frosted (• _ Malted 3'L. A Delicious Frozen Treat KIRBY'S Elizabeth Arden Special Gift JBo\- For August $^50 $5 Value

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