The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIBV1LLE COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 1945 m-*.*,w*. ..- - . «.——». • . . *^+~~r*r~r~rtr*r~-- . - - —^v -m M • -W^-^M~^-J«J^<J& DOPE BUCKE • •'••• = •X 1. T, Wmam GIVES THE LOWDOWN One of my two readers' (I'm (lugging again) may have wondered Just as I what the routine is aboard ship. . . . Having sjwnt nine months at sea as a seaman on an oil tanker I had a good dea. . . . But evidently ray ex- >criences were nothing lit comparl- :oii to those on n mine sweeper. ' Basis for tills statement was con- alned in a recent letter from my tld brother, Ervinc, whom we call "Runt", for reasons I never quite figured out since he Is an Inch and a half above the six-fool mark and wciglis 178 pounds. . , . Ervinc is a signalman on a yard mine swe.ep- er and already has figured in the Pacific "end run", invasion of the Philippines. . . . HJs mine sweeper was one of the blocking backs who paved the way for that hls- ;orlc gain. , Feeling pretty pert ihe week before Christmas Ervlne took his typewriter and dashed off a letter, making a carbon copy for each of the other /our brothers, In which lie gave a resume of what may aptly be entitled, "My Day", or what goes on on !\ mine sweeper In the Leylc Hnrbor, or any other harbor for that matter. Aboard Ship HI "Friends": Here comes your carbon copy correspondent with all the dope and dirt from the good olc Pacific. (Who was that who said "good"?) Well, niiylioo, here I nm again to let 'you know I am still in one piece. •This will undoiibicdly be n wack- ing sounding letter as there isn't a dnrn thing for mo to talk nl;o»t. The quiet and lack of action around here right now is actually getting on my nerves. I lllitik I had rather be where something is going on than sitting here waiting. Perhaps It. fK fhr. .-mini hpfor^ t.ho Rtnvm??? ;ocs something like n hell have you morning, chow has an hour, where do are, the Rltz Aslor' In there and eat if thing to eat/for we up the galley." Now, I nsk you J arc things like thai indigestion? So, yon up your plate nnd line. The first thi you in the face at 8: Ing Is a huge bowl as you know, I like they try to shove t 6:30 In the moral Indecent hour for ai Its a little loo muc pass up the beam.- Along the line n varied assortment may, ,lo a. starving i But to my -queasy. much plain chow tl morning in an'd n over a year, (['leas Ihnt It, Is not : yel Hi a 1 you en n sec \\ Ls not up to par. P been notified that i held.) I filially wli the table 'with the cup of black -eolfc get seated comfort!) the niess cook and all the accessories such as crearn iui( : coffee, butter! 'etc. After the argum at least wait until ened your • coffee all set to finish, tlic light up your morn relax. No sooner h comfortable when —In no uncertain galley is to be clc can be swabbed : d Buresh Slated to Show Again , Will Teom With Knpx : Monday Night Against » Canny and Joe Wolf* :Mlkc Meroney's latest tag team sensations, Stanley (Bushy) Buresh and Buddy Knox, go into action for the second straight time Monday night when they tangle with "Wild Bill 1 " Canny and Joe Wolfe in the feature-tag match of- the weekly wrestling show. 'Supporting this prospective action-packed all-star event will be the-usual pair of. single fall preliminaries. The elongated Knox who celebrated his return to the local ring with a convincing defeat of Gus .Wisbar, faces the .ace meanie, Canny, In one of the 30- mlnule time limit matches. Buresh, who thrilled the', customers' lost *eek as-he set the winning pace with Knox, meets Wolfe, making his Blythevllle debut. Slake Big Hit Buresh and Knox were little short of sensational in their lirst match as a team Monday night Lea by Buresh, who showed the fans a great deal of wrestling skill. they defeated "Red" Roberts anf Gils Wisbar in straight falls. Am the manner In" which 1 they toweref •over their more publicized opponents; was the remarkable feature of the whole thing. They actually outwrestlcd : .and outmaneuvered them at almost every- turn for till. straight-fall victory. "Without discrediting Roberts am ' Wisbar, who are excellent mat- men, there Is .every/indication thai "Bushy" and Buddy are in fo another rough Jime,- possibly inbr< rugged," when they "take on Canny and Wolfe., Without a doubt this ranny has few peers as a ring villain.-not excepting even the power ful, rugged Roberts. Bill not only is as tough as a seasoned Marine rjut packs a .hefty wallop. He Is a cagey as a fox and unusually har to subdue: in hand-to-hand milling -Knoi Is Willing Knox he will find a willing I Could be! could be! (And evident- Shot Japs Like Clay Pigeons/, Marine From Jonesboro Recalls Hits: "Where guys been all Ihe hell thing that''stares (an awfully of vittlcs that U. S. NAVAL HOSPITAL, San DIKGO, Ctillf.,, Jan. 13—Father of five children, veteran of the bloody campaigns of Saipan and Tlnlan, u Marine who ))crson«l)y accounted for "approximately « third of n Jap company on Saipnn" Is pfc. Harold P. Whlttnker, Sr., 27. The Leatherneck, husband of Mrs. Helen Wallace Wlilttakcr, 129 Drake Street, Jonesboro, Ark., Is convalescing at this hospital from n stomach ailment. nurlng the fight for Saipan, Wlilltnkcr's outfit cnm'e ui»n n nest of Jans. It was a ridge rising above the Jungle and apparently cala- coinhcd with caves and passages. Some of the Marines proceeded to flush the enemy out with flamethrowers and other weapons while :he rest of the unit waited In tin Jungles below. "Another Marine and myself were separated from tlie rest and look cover behind some tree roots," he explained. "A Jap cautiously emerge^ from a narrow opening; in ' the wall not 150 yards from our position. i "1 fired and he dropped and as he did another Jap appeared. From then on it was like shooting clay pipes In a shooting gallery. Each time T would drop one another would take his place in my rifle sights." .Wliitlnkcr sent the oilier Marine back for a tank an ( i before they returned, he had exhausted nearly . all of tlie ammunition on hand. i Just as he fired his last round the Harold S. Wlilttakcr Sr. the Marine Corps'. H mouths and spent nine months in the islands as a riileman. ' Prior to his enlistment, lie was employed The Fisher Body partner.'in this fist •• throwing game. Buddy is a .pretty fair hand at the slugging business himself. In fact, it was "his .liberal use of the right hand that paved the way for the clinching fall over Robert's in the last show. He and Roberts stood toe to toe and slugged it out with the :veterari redhead backing hwiy first. That Knox will be able to cope, with .Canny, Robert's.partner and side-kick. Is something else. •;Promoter unusually high on (Wolfe He described him as one of the best built men In ithe ting business and "a brilliant mat artist. sugar for your lilt with him to you have swcet- , r ou are finally get and finish your Java outside. "We never did count the dead,'' Wliitlakcr said, "but judging from the amount of ammunition I used there were plenty Japs lying at tlic cave mouth." Private Wliitlakcr has been ' in '"He is built much "on the line? of Ui e great Jim Londos", Mike s"aid "And uhen you compare anyone, to Eonejos in physique you are making quite a comparison since the former »prld's heavyweight wrestling champion was credited with one of the , most beautlf/il bodies in the world and posed for many health magazines. *.. Wolfe Has Reputation -.- V " "And Wolfe is one swell wresU ler, too Personally, I feel quite .fortunate in. being able t to book him Here as he is one of the game's best. He weighs around 190-195,Mg fast/clever, o.nd exceptionally brilliant. He should ly it was.) If you care to read an Interest- Ing article on the little "party" we pulled off recently you can get « good account in (lie Colliers Magazine In the Dec. 9 Issue. One ot the fellows received it from home in.a letter. It gives some good inside dope on wlial happened. LETS MIND WANDER , Gosh, as I said before, there just Isn't a thing to write so I .will let this lump of mutter I somewhat modestly call a brain Just ramble and see what comes out. To begin with, we will see how I pass an ordinary day aboard ship, since we are in no position to have liberty. : .At six,in,the morning a man with no sense of humor or decency to speak of conies around kindly invites you to arise and and greet a and beautiful morning. It goes something like this: '"'•"All right, you halfbnkeii excuses [or sailors, lets get out of those sacks and get ready for chow down. What do you think you are, an admiral? Come on, hit the deck, etc., etc." ; Of course, I did stretch it a bit but that is: what he means, I'm sure, .You nwakc with his soft, resonant voice ringing in your ears and finally decide he, is going to stay there until;you gel up READY FOB With such a do'llghlful breakfast experience you nrc now ready to fncc the "ovdcals" of a day of work! Waving aside nil the troubles I have had so far I am i firmly resolved to put iii a real days work. So I retire to the', haven of all signalmen, (lie flying bridge, to get started. I decide that today I will tear down my lights and. oil them and clean the lenses. Mashing a couple ot fingers nnd getting oil all over my self I am prone to believe that this is not my day of good fortune. I decide what I need Is another cup of coffee. I proceed to the galley, and sweet talk the cook out of a cup. Naturally, a big discussion among'the "fellers", who hnd the same Idea, begins nnd lusts through a couple of cups, Ihcnce back to work. ' Well, what do you know? Moor oliow ts doivii. - Gosh, I have bee! so busy that it was that late. Boy have I been working. Now for a the affections along the local cauliflower row. He was dynamic In his 'first appearance as he played/ a Reading role in the victory march. Neither flashy nor exceptionally : speedy, Buresh'- moves last p when he does go into action and this ;hldden power brought favorable re- .sponse from the fans who will be looking forward to the meeting with as seeing him in Wolfe, as action during,the tag rnatch. The initial' curtain raiser things started at 8:15. :.. Sets fast wash ahti the subsequent fight r or the clio\v line. Ah, nt Insl. Boy, mvc I worked up an appelito. Lein- nc nl that chow. Baked . liirkey? branch of General Motors Corporation In Detroit, Mich. The WMUnkcr children are Linda Lou, 7; Harold. Jr., 5; Olcnda June, 4; Lurry, 2; and Albert, H months. 5 Cadet Stars Flunk Studies At West Point WEST POINT, N. Y.. Jan. 13 (UP)—Five of •Army's 1944 footbal sUirs have been dropped from the academy role because of deficieni scholastic records. Heading the list of cadets who won the gridiron but lost in the fhree-Way lie In Phoenix Open Byron Nelson Shoots Six On Par-Four Hole And Boots His Lead PHOENIX, Ariz., Jan. 13 <UP) — Byron Nelson, golf's top money winner In 1344, look a double bogey six on a par Jour hole and ended up In a three way tic for Hie lead In Die Phoenix Open'yesterday. Sharing the lead with Nelson in the .opening round of the-tourna- menl- were Herman Barren of White Plains, IT. Y., and Bob Hamilton of Evansville, Ind. Each posted a thvcc-imder-par 08. "Slamming" Sam Snead, wlnnei of three of the last five big tournaments, was one stroke behind with a two-under par 09. In two warm- up rounds Sncad had posted a pair of, sparkling S6's to become a pre- ournameiit favorite. Nelson's "big six" on a par fou lole came on the final hole of the Ceiling nine. A bad drive put hi mil in Uic crotch of a tree, am icfore he finally dumped it inti he cup he had used up six bi 1 trlkcs. Despite the fact thai he brok l>ar by one stroke, Sncad was ob- ' Sergt. Leslie Catzcil «y off his uixmc. Hooked drives . ',.. . . , . cpt the long-hitting pro in hot, IS Killed In Action r throughout, the round, tat• in the clubhouse, Snead remark- Cranberry sauce? dressing? can-1 classroom is Dean Scnsanbaueher •lied yams? Crc.imcd peas? Anple The-others are: DeWitt coulter pie la mode? No??? Then what.??? Hash? Hash?Hash? No! No! No! Not that again. Oh, well, whallnhcll do I cni'c? I nm so hun- ;ry I can even go for that. Say', not badl As a matter of fact,,tit's good. How about seconds, cookie? As Is natural, everything good must come to au end. So also did the noon chow. Now for EI quiet afternoon. My "sack", dream of Ihee. (bed to you). Ah, how nice to stretch out after such n hard morning's work. Sweet dreams. State side. , 30-days leave. Wotln dream! And only n dream! quiet'afternoon. My "sack", I dreaju call . It a day 'well...'spent.- ,(Q1 course, I am not at all sure the Navy will agree.) -Now for a shtnv- er. t will not go into the hori'ors of trying lo get into the showers in the Afternoon on board ship but suffice to say it is not fun. Finally, I am all clean nnd refreshed. Wanna Join the Navy'??? Will close now and get lhat needed sleep. As ever, Hunt. CHICKASAW West Main Near Zlsl St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starls 1:45 Night shows 5:45 . Except Monday, opens C:45 Continuous shows Sal. and Sun. d dryly that he reminded himself f a lumberjack. Tied with even 70s were Denny hutc, Johnny Rcvolta, Jim Johnon, ij*n Kennedy, "Jug" McSpaclen ml Sam Byrd. None of the amateur contestants naclc much of a showing, the best core being a six-over-par 77. Sergt. Leslie Caraell of Animtillo, Basketball Scores Northwestern 52, Minnesota 33. Panzer C7, Webb Institute 39. Dubuque 42, Central 25. Harvard 52, MIT 4(3. Marshall 58,' Murray State Teach- rs 54. Fort Jackson 5G, South Carolina 46. Rice 70, Southern Methodist 62, Loyola 13, Lake Charles AAF 53. Florida A and M 44, Alabama Hate Teachers 43. University of Mexico 59, Texas Mines 37. Wyoming 40, Denver 39. R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 1:15—Show Starts at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Cox Olflce Opcno 1 Bhow Starts 1:10 Texas, husband of tlie former Miss Louise Slagle who lived in Blytheville a number' of years ago, was tilled, in action In the European theater Nov. 18, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cross have been informed. Mrs. Cazzcll, born In Blytheville, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. .1. Slagle now of Lake Providence, Ija., who lived here when Mr. Slagle was in tlie cooperage business. Sergeant Cazzell was a first engineer on a Liberator bomber. Baked elephant's foot is one pfj tlie greatest food delicacies of the African bushman. , Dr. W. A. Taylor Veterinarian Phone 453 Sec At Phillips Motor Co. [lank Foldberg, Art Oerometta and Elmer Raba. All, with the exception of Scn- sanhaughcr are plcbes and will be allowed to return next fall pro vitled they can pass a special examination. Of the five Sensanbauglicr is best known and it is his loss that the Army team of 1045 is likely to feel tlie most. The shifty-hipped star rose to fame under the colors of the Ohio State Buckeyes, but he was just as potent while playing lust fall for the unbeaten Army Gray. Last Time Today Double Feature 'WEST OF TOMBSTONE' witli Charles Slarrelt d Russell"llayilcn and "ALL BY MYSELF" with /Kosemary Lane and Patrick Knoivlt.s Serial: "The Batman" Comedy ALSO: Last Chupler of Serial: "G-Mcn vs. The Black Dragon" Lady Luck Unbends ELIZABETHTOWN, 111. (UP) — J. W. Hawkins, with Ihe infantry in France, lias written his mother in Elixabcthtown that his Thanksgiving dinner consisted of a candy bar which n mess sergeant, tossed him from a jeep. Two days later he UBd turkey, though. "I am lucky," he wrote, "for tonight t am going to sleep in a .house that hasn't any shell holes iii it, at least it hasn't any yet." Sunday and Monday "CHINA" • .. wilh Lorelta Young & Akin L:utd Universal News * Cometh' Saturday "LAW OF THE VALLEY" witli Johnnie Maclt Brown lltli chapter of '"IHON CLAW" anil COMEDV Saturday OWL SHOW "SEVENTH VICTIM" with Tom Coinvay, Jean Brooks and Isabel Jewell Sl'OHT SHOUT SUBJECTS Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Last Time Today ; 'Oklahoma Raiders' with •: Tex Hitler & Fuzzy Knight Serial: "Adventures of the Flying Cadets" Short Sunday and Monday "SONG OF THE OPEN ROAD" with Edgar'Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Bonlta Granville, W. C. . Fields, anti Jane Pou'ell. KKO NEWS am! COMEDY Womao Bowls Season's High At Kenosha By NEA Service KENOSHA, Jan. 13—Mrs. Emily Schend shot singles of 197, 256 and 279 to blaze a 132 trio ill the Guttormsen Ladies league here. Tills takes the nations top spot for women fn the 1944-45 campaign, according to Mrs. Jean Kneprath of get such toilet accessories as soap, towel, wash rag, Iqoth brush',-tooth paste, etc., and make a mad ansh for the "head". After practically breaking a leg or arm yon finally make to the "head" to find about 10 guys ahead of you. So yon resign yourself to the dclimna nnd proceed !o sit down on anything handy and try to catch a short nap until your time comes. After trying that a couple of limes you can well understand the feelings of a sardine. They have my deepest sympathy. (The sardines, of course.) Alter what seems half the morn- Ing your great moment lias nrrlv- ed. You proudly walk up to the bowl (naturally, I mean wash howl) with a self-satisfied smirk at your less fortunate buddies and proceed to wash. As often happens in the middle of your toilet you nrc horrified to discover yon have forgotten some necessary, item such as your tooth brush.' You make a mad dash below to get the forgotten item, and back to the "head" only to discover you nrc about Icn Milwaukee, president of the Wo-* men's International Bowling Congress.' The former.htgh was 710 by Nina Van Camp of Chicago, W. I. B. C. all-events champion. Mrs. , Schend, wife of a deputy sheriff and mother of two children, carries a;.175.average. The all-time record is 775, rolled by Joan Radtkin of Cleveland. behind again. So. time for another nap. Finally you are through with the ordeal so now tor a nice, tasty breakfast. GRF.ETS TIIK COOK Whistling "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" your time arrives to go into the hallowed sanctuary of the "belly robber''. (Cook to you). The first sound to reach your weary ears is the scream of the cook. It WRESTLING --Legion Hut, Monday, Jon. ?5, 8.-J5 p. m. Lowwt Admission of »ny Wttstlinj At«n» In America, AduHi, JSe, T»i 8e—ToW, i5c, Retmed Seals, IZc, Tax 3e— To- UI, 15c, ChUdren'i Seati 12c, T»i Jc, Total, lie, ed Seats On Sate at the Legion Arena Every Mopday from 6 p. m. on TAG MATCH Buresh & Knox vs. Wolfe & Canny 2:30-Mi'nute Preliminaries Stan Buresh Buddy Knox vs. Bill Canny WANT Saturday MIDNITE SHOW 'Call of the Jungle' with ' Ann Corio, James Bush & Claudia Dell Selected Shorts URGENTLY NEEDED NOW TO HELP NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Hoglin, Missouri Valley and Soilift Contractor*) Sunday and Monday *'**'* THE FIRC: -~z ::U.MAN STORY : 'Gi : 7: '.Z VVARl C "°" 'IS[?5' > ~*"*ltiSii3f —*,^Z.'£Tf!™™™ Paramount News Short Housewives! Storekeepers! WASTE PAPER URGENTLY NEEDED Clip this and paste it in your window! U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at •. $1.00 per day. Excellent working condi- . tions . . . Help build this plant so vitally \ 'needed by our fighting forces. M' t: '- V ' Hiring On The Spot and Free Trans-.;.' portation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFJCE IN ARKANSAS If you are now engaged In an essential activity at your highest skill, do not apply. AU hiring done In accordance with War Manpower Commission Regulations. Men nnilcr 21 and women under 18 must have minor's release lorm signed by parents which can be obtained at Employment Office. New Theater Manila's Finest Vliat liuvc you done today tha< ome molhcr's son should die for ou tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— Saturday WYOMING HURRICANE Serial and Shorts ' Saturday OWL SHOW "MASK OF DIMETROS"* vvilh Sidney Grccnslreet and Pclcr Lorre Selected Shorls Sunday & Monday "DRAGON SEED" with Kailiryn Hepburn Fox News & Sliort

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