The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 21, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 21, 1934 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dtlly r»te per line ror consecutive insertions: (Five average morels to » line) One time per lints '* Two Umes per Sine per day .. OH" Ihree times per !hn per day .. 06c Clx time* per Hue per day ..We Mouth rate per line «* Minimum eo&rge We Ads ordered 10* tnree or s> times »nd stopped before explra- t'on will be cnarsoo lor the number ol Umes toe ad appeared ana adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy Hlbmitted by perswif residing out»'d£ ol the city a ust be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above t»ble. no respoiisiDllltv will be taseii toi more than one incorrect in- Mrtlon ol any classified ad. AdvcrusinK oraeu-a rot irrcgu- *r insertions uke the one time t*tc. .,_..., 1'eis (or Sale 1 Drive across Ihc river (ur Hie fin- Wbippooruill I'cas in West TtnnessTf. triers Reasonable. William -Vucker * Co., Klptey, Teim. 28-ck5-2^ SEEDS & PLANT'S j Young Bridegroom Studies Arithmetic FOR KENT COOL BEDROOMS, REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. 3 Room Furnished Apartment. 110 West. Ash, Mrs. Uosha Miik. 19c k'K FUHN1S11EO ai>artmenl, 1105 IXm- gan. Phone B70-J. 18-ck - KKI.GKADl'J (.UP) .oimacst nianied couple are MIIS- :afa" Ilashilch, 11. and llrlsha KiiMupovlch, n, ol Bosnii;. Although a lo sthool every duy mid his bride i (o-be's father, however, decided helps him wlili his lessons, He is | Hint the irmrrkagc should uc post- In the third srade. Ipoucd until they bolh Mulshed I Kin-ly I'liKiigciiu'lits are no nuvly! Ihelr schooling inul the troom-lo- iin UanoUch. which is u Moslem'be had bccoiiu; upiiR'nllwd tu u ,. The nbove cou|ile,!i:ui^t-\™ivL'r. IIUWCVIT, break till records. Ill thcj village of Hasnu recently n young' Atimwl (nil of dust uml soot In .. ,. couple 11 and 12. respectively, be-| Olnsisow It csilimiU'd m 820 tons lull Hedged husband, I came i-ngiiged. Ilolh were in thei(u the square mile, us compared Hie young bridegroom has to gu'sumc class ut bfliool. The bride-'with 248 tons In London. Huge Black Rats Invade African District ly near slurvurion lliroiigh the Ivcporled to have even gnawed th OUR HOAHDING HOUSE Uv Alien? Nicely furnished 2 room miart- inenl, private hath, water, lights I free. 619 IV. Main, Call 332-J. 18c k25 MODERN 3 room furnished nparl- nicnl, with Until, llcasonnblc. Call 146. H-c-U 2 room FURNISHED Apartment and garage. Cool, reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. DC kC-11 FURNISHED bedroom. 1011 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hartiin, titter 5 P. M. lc ktf VISIT PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT USED CARS AND TRUCKS OF ALL KINDS •3t FORD V-8 TDDOK SEOAN. A Real Buy S ; '38 FONTJAC COACH. Ku r * Good $ '3« CHEVROI.KT COUl't. New Dunt, Good Kublwr S •»YOKD TOWN-SEDAN .... S '29 Bl'ICK COUI'K. Bargain :U Sl-3 •30 G. M. C. 2-TON TRUCK. A-l Condition §189 •» CHEVKOLKT P 1 C K-U I* TKl'CK. Closed Cab ?ns 'M FORD PICK-IT TRUCK. Closed I'.ib * l ' u JIANV OlllEltS TO CHOOSE FROM. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Nicely FurniilKd BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310-West WahiiLl. a&; k5-30 SO MUCH TO YOU V.A,\^S "FOKBE 1 SUSPICIOUS OF THQSE NOW TOR TWE JOKE I "BOUCSV-TV THOSE AT THE hA/XRKET ——AND TOLO VOU I PICKED THEM IN THE COUNTRY, KNOWING*/EN THKT.YOU WOULD HAYEPEAxRfe OF THEM BEIN^ TDWSTOOLSj/ SO,"FOR ONC&, I H/^D MY PILL OP MUSHROOMS,' WITHOUT AMY WOLP\N<3 ' (/fr^ CONAPETITION T NC-VtR E^T MUSUROONNS.' SO YOU COULt) HAVE StT UP VOUR TROUGH AT TH' TABLE AN" LAroirA' SNOUT OVEK "EM .WITHOUT TEAR OF ME foNElHftS WILL. 1TEUE YOU, HfVRD- •B01L&D E6G>S W ONE "FOR f\ ORUNTEK UKt YOU / UNl-'UKNISIIED 5 room apartment, j 1013 V/. Walnut. Call 618. i 30c k-Ul CJ.EANEHS, TAILORS _j j; We clean and siore winter clolbesj and bed covtre. Slulh-proof, lire- proof vaults. Pay next fall. Unique Cleaning Service | FEEDS FOR SALE: a bargain. ora, Ark. HAY S. B. and CORN al .. Kozclle, T,iix-j ; ; OOPLE WANTED MAN and UMIII to haul dirt. In- iiuire at l-'isk Service Stutc Line. 19p WANTED TO BUY Cornci 1st & Walnut 1'hone 810 -. 811 Sis. BUSlNtSa WKEC'I'ORY i'e huy (,'hickens and Ksff*, highest prices paid. Rife Trice tiro- cerv, rhorc 231. lit K. Main. DC kii-9 «^ S-lt- flux of thousands nils is U'rruil/.lnn the IJiuiiM district in Hie norlh- castein pint o, ilw Cupe. ,.,, „. of lliclr ciops. They are K'ikirU'd tu l>o thi'tv lime:: the bi/c ot ordiniiry nils. I HJl'J -An ill- '"I- • -• of luu;c.. t>l:ickhvilh shurp flings, the lilies from the n.ilim of winch often arc poisonous. Cuts liuvc proved of no avail, 11.1 the- nllnck mid kill Ilii'in. Iocs of 'sleeoinij native-s, and one unlive chief lells of how they devoured the wlKilo carcass of 11 nils arc wild to be ciiiuiipcil sheep. natives have reduced Polni- bears proiwl Uieniscli'es tlnouuh the water by use of Hie KniUoldeiied by hmiyor, llwy nrc i lonl Unite only. __ ^ ,EV OOI' AlLEV OOP AND FOOZV. lETtrefi wnn KING 6UV.21E AND THE A«^\Y, M?E OH AM EXPEDITION TO RESCUE EN IN TUir OF WNO TUNK THE RULING SOVER1&N . OF THE HOOTS MAS 'KM WOKHIKO! WIIA^OA MfflTLR, PftV?/ WOE ? I GRLEM ARCKJND __ ^ By HamtiA Vt KING T(XX> ME GOTTft MAUftY \V YA DON'T >I.AB-SU3tO WMJGUTCR) MEAN TO WNCUSS VJOOHETOOTYItU. ME.' WELL, I'LL RE f\ DOUBLE SOON !f> V(C BACK HOMii TO MOO' FOOZV,VOU GOTTA VIGOUR >--— —J t-'fL A WAV OUIft TVUS HCSS.'j' nw-n-wf \ OOKT WWTf\ HAVE /' "MA'WftV VIE ANV ^^ORC. TROUBLE / r'«30tR IT. \1 SkllTH GU2 ~ Ht dl^WiV WNT SO HOT.' HE'S DCIN6 ME A BiG } n 5URE DO£S HONOR -GOT 1 CAM'T i Pol VCU ON "^ ,'VjlY SPOT? ) *s-m \^IM^ ^m^s ^-'^-- A <^<» V . S ^M, ^|S|m Wi^^^/w^m -M ^ti^r:^;%iipi ^kl^te^'W^ ^W^' 5 ^^^:^ HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES CATASTIMM'HK! KIKIIIIS with or without board, slcaui heal, hut water, reasonable rales, Phone 234, Rite I'ricc Cro. 230 R5-23 1'OULTKY & EGGS BOUQUET holders for graves, guaranteed 3 years. ?1 each. Maple Grove Cemetery Ass'n. Call 'i03. 17-ck-21 Milk fed FRYERS for sale. P1CK- ARD'S Store. 10« chickasnwba. 17-ck-6-n \Ve will pay lOc per pound for heavy j HENS. B. T. Worthy, 315 E. -Main. He R6-4 EXPERT TypeTtrller and Adding LUMBER FOR SALE—Cypress Lumber. S10 "ZZ&. KVpairing. u. S. Bla^k- thnasard, lo f rim. Jim llrhk.11. enship, US E. HOK, Call 165-J. ! Luxora, Ark., R. F. I). I. 22c 1:5-22 ICp k2- TUBBS SOMKTHINfi STIRRING! Furniture Ktjjiring—Upholsterinc Also automobile upholstering. We will be glad to refer you to customers as to quality and workmanship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Second JENKINS i SO.N o-ck-G-S "MALE HELP WANTED Ask us ab««l the Ilagen Hone; Centtr GoU Balls. They're Belter. Habbari Hardware Co. 5fk6-5 WHEN you arc fish hungry come to McFall Fish Market, 415 W. Ash Fresh Fish At All Times, lc klj-l Man wanted to supply customers with famous Walkins PralnuU in Blytheville. Bteincss established, earnings average $25 weekly pay starts immediately. Write J U.' Wat kins Company, 10-38 W ovra Ave., Memphis Tcnn. LEGAL NOTICES HIGHEST Cash Prices paid lor brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Deal Trading Post, 120 W Main. Be M-' IN WARNING OKDEK THE CHANCERY COURT. Again Burke Scls the Price Boiled Linseed Oil 95c g» Tmrpcnline 75c s Aladdcn Lamp I'arts SOc each BURKE HARDWARE CO. The ooc price store 28ck5-28 Sirs. J. J. Davis, Phone Sptncer CorscOere 421 FOR SALE OR TRADE CHICK ASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Edna Allsbroofc. a minor by her next, friend. Mary Smith. Plaintiff. No. 5121 vs. Noel Allsbrook. The defendant. Noel AllsbrooU i- wavncd to appear within thivo days In Ihc court named in tin caption hereof and answer !>•. complaint of the plainlill. li'Inr. Alisbrook. a minor by her next iiicnd. Mary Smith. D.'tcd this 21st day of May. 1911 R. L. UAINF.S. Clerk Ed. W. Cook. Atty. Ad Litcm. 2I-2B-1-H H TilG P.V/ \ /;i:-.UI Of ( I AND EAT/ AHRWE IN THE CAST, A tONSISt, . 15 DELIVERED TO A HIP-WESTERN PENITENTIARY. . h»C> HUSH WATSON,WORKIN-O ^^miHE PRISOM BAKERY, IS DELWHTEPTD FIND THREE MfiRK- ED S/VCKS, EACH CONTWMINfl AI-! AUTOMATIC. »——•• KONOTCtWUS VI&IL, L1TTL6 WEAMIN6 THAT WTTWN A FEW HOUFK ONE OF THE MOST SEW SA1ICNAL PRISON BREAKS i WILL OCCUR. P f".'0 i:C'JR5 L«TtR, HE STRCLLS PAST MOT05IO-JS IRCN-JAN LACUCNI I l =: V^**)!.- JCEY-THE-EtA. fjICUFFO. H£ CO'JGHS TWKE GlGNlFCAmLy. -/2J\^ SALESMAN SAM CRASHING HOME! National Cas n Register. New Deal Trading Pnst, 120 W. Main. 8ck22 AITTOMOTIVE Auto Glass AD Kiitdi Imtalled The Ark-M» Lmmbtr Co. lOc k6-10 A Ravints Account With tls On ^, for the Automobile Huktart Hiw^ Automotive Dtpt FOR SALE FOR SALK-Public Auction Thursday, May 24. All equipment of Steeie Thester, Steele, Mo. 21p k'i-1 NOTICE meclin-: of stockholdcrf of Hlythevillc Cotton Oil Mill will be held at 10:30 A. M.. Tuesday, June 12, 1D34. at office of W. A. Gage fc Company. Falls Buihiinc Memphis, Tcnn. Among other matters to be considered will be proposed change of By-Law providing for amendments of By-Laws by eliminating therefrom necessity for notice of proposed cnange. W. E. Gage. President I. H. Fleming. Assistant Secretary. So k6-12 WHA A BREAK i TH r STORES STRAI&HT OOlOW TH 1 CTPEtT, AND OMLV 3 BLOCKS TA Go! "HEV, WHERE VA 6CXN' WITH THAT SAFE-? O OUIIEM'S STORE — I HOPE'. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ARDON Gl.OVIv! TOR SALE—Registered Male Police Dog, 20 months old. Very reasonable. Herbert B. Schwartz, Luxora. Ark. '*!' ^ 22 Feeds. Floor, Groceries & Meats at Best Prices. We Deliver. Fhoiw 234, Rile Price Grocery- 9c k6-9 ROOM * ROAKD nooiiirrs and Boarders— Home-like ,lmwr'icre. Prices reasonable MR J !"• Sandrrs, 510 W. Main. 278-J. 7c kfi-7 Pastor OulKncs Tests For Successful Marriage EUGENE. Ore. (UP)-Successful marriage must meet five tests. Rev. Uryant Wilson, pastor of the First Baptist Church here, believes. These tests are: 1—Love! 3--Adjuslmcnt: 3—Wiic Economic planning: I—The giving of well trained children lo society; 5—Faith toward rjod. "The Christian conception ol married love is embodied in the filth chapter of Ephesians," ac- covding to Dr. Wilson. WELL. \VHAT N. :- ; AVE vou FOUND! OUT ASOUT D;aK, T SAW W!S_ PICTU5E 'in THE PAPER. . UNDER 'T, IT S*ID, "YOU WILL BE REWARDED IF YOU , SEE THIS MAN. 1 ' I COT REPLIES PROM T.VHMIY DiP^^EN"! CITIES SAYING D:p>K \fffiS EVERY OSE DIFFERENT CRIMES.... SENT TUEM TO POLICE ALL OVER TRYING To OUT IF HE HAD "^\ /" THEY ALL LCLAIMEO H THEN THAT MUST PROVE !V)EBE~E£ACTLY ) ™** ls i LIKE SOME THEY \ REALL ~<' A 1 HAD OH FILE J } CROOK .'••;^ /• . IT CX>MT PfJOVE A TWlte, BECilSS.IN TH TIME, I'VE DISCOVERED } THAT WHEN ! TOOK US FINGERPRINTS,! FORGOT/ TO TAKE OFF HIS I 6LOVES. /

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