The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1931
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier, Blytheville Hernld. Blythcvllle Dally News. Mississippi Valley HOME SINGLE CdPIES FIVE CENTS IS 5EDH: Thirly Mci-clianls Unite toKxtciul Blythcvillo Trade Awakens Afler 6-JMonth i\iij) A trade extension campab.n in ;ch lliirtv Blvtlipvillf nicrchtiiiis are rocnprnt!n<! by offering CXOPII- tlotiallv attractive values and olh?v Inducements lo Olivers will op;n tomorrow. kinds of merchandise, the Blvi' 1 ' 1 villr: bushier 1 - mm are underli^im tn mal— ll!i r citv the fcuviiw f ™,-, { , „, • i p f iwnheast Ai-knras and soiii'i- , drilled in the vicinity of Dlytnc-, cast Mi5 , ourl Tlle cnn ,, n i«n v!l! vville within the next year if tlw ca , uinue for scverill m nr,t'i=. with Oil Company Ready to Undertake Venture if Leas-j cs Can Be Obtained. A test well for oil and gas will b? Shafer Oil and Refining company is successful in obtaining a suitable block of leases here. J. iN'ick Thomas told the toavd of director; of the Blytheville Chamber ot Commerce last night. Mr. Thomas, who has been interested in the possibility cf oi! and gas- development in lliis vicinity for a number of years, lias new ninj different attractions bj- inrr offered fro:n time to tjmc. The fallnwlnt! business conrorns ore particioatSng In thc camini"n: Borum's Drug store. R. D. Huih^s and company. Jiedel's, Grand l.cid- er, Gillen Furniture comrwnv. Guard's Jewelry comoanv. Dixie Service station. Henry Reirtman. Hulibard Hardware company. "A I hi to Bill's" Spies Guards Morals of Oklahoma Legislators I'.V HIANK (). HAI.I. , said. "A clll/en's home Is his cas- OKI.AHOMA CITV. Fob. 20. <U1'> I lie, but (Ills Is I lip slalchoiise mid . -A spy system (hiil obUTV,?s die' II slioulil not anil shall not btf'lviiics of liquor [lUi]rn.M?is. lob-, "lade u tootlcgg.?ra' Joint and 1 (to-,, Bonus Bill Now Before President WASHINGTON. Fell. 20 iUP> — KpraUer l.siiKWOilli wt ill? house eanilo! bv Ov. William II. Approval Expected for Measure Requiring Only^l™™* .-..--- -.-. ...... . --- . , . , . political enemies 1ms house of miCillonuble moral col '-l 6 ki U .d tK> vi'tciiin's loan Ml! established in th? Okhihonm; duel." nlnioit Inii , i iumvov mnLiiuui Qov. Murray's scouls huve also! l:0 , lvf|lcl| Flv( , leiiorled to (in- chief executive sc- : ,> K ..i c>llt Cl]r I'lcitin s loan uih icuuyi c I'dlatoly nftei- coiiKrc&ij bui'VCV KcVCalS •"ivc mlnuli'n Inter Vice. T . . ,| 3 affixed his 90 Days Residence. prefers to call his Uvilles a nil lobbyists He has; U|H> (0 tnc „„,„>;,•,,.,, Dixie Stcri! comyi; been in touch with Oklahoma City Bee Hiv( , o c B arnes' 5 tor;. .1- oil men for the past year. A fcv: months ago geologists of the Shaf- cr company made a survey in this tenitory, and it is OH [he basis o! their findings (hat the test well i« propped. Chamber Gives Endorsement The company asks nothing of HID chamber of commerce or local bus- 5t ° rf - >1 . ; A sleep of ;.ix months i:, just end-i of the time required iaiiv. .a!''S:iu g f or j[iss Dorothy Hdun Saw-' •.viidDnce in the state : UTTIE POCK. Feb. 20 (UP)—] ' CluireL's lint enactment of Hie dl- [ i vori'o bill would make Arkansas 1 Hi 1 .' ilmnpiig groiind of the cotin- . :ry \\tre flinij across the seriate ' llocr today in the heated debate ! ever th; 1 nie:i5iirv which wus uclnnl- rd by the- house February 11. j The scnaf- passed the bill 20 i to 12. ; The divorce? luca.sme will be sent ' to the governor immediately and : it is yriK rally believed lie will ap- I prove il. H provides a reduction " to establish (or the pur- ••.wonts" and declines to!o»lcil a iioltcy of limning them, T|mt ft . ns (| ,.. ]nsl (orm!l ui 4 . en wliellvr they are the, at press conferences. < fou , transmitting (be bill to thus - Wmk , I|S11SC wh;ro nll nlmosl ccr .j i A"i'i!:inlzed old Squirrel jtllle brl- yad". ti b'.nlesfiue military orffanl- 7.111-11 but an efficient spy system, that [;}rvcd him during; (he Con- convciHIou. Munay. who still smokes five Whllsltt's Slion, Ark!insaR-Mi«sr.uri Jt . ri abovvc. <••( Webster Gruve, MO..J pc - >e O f oblaiiiinp, a divorce from Power company. Farmers Rani:, v ,.| 10 | ms awakened lifter an ex-! J, n 'c ,. c , lr to go days and Tri'st eomciiiv. lllyih«vH> tended cnma that puzzled her doc-1 Tlousr Oe(s Senate 1S11U Lobbyist Suti'jim-rt As a sufi'giiiirrt tii'llvitlesl tnln vein awnHs it. Tho measure i of lobbyists Oov. Murray Is ndvu- ( , 0 ,. i<1 llot ljc slKIU!(1 wncu lt Wil ,l oiling erection of a legislative nor-, inltory, A bill Imfiyovemcnt aid Good Outlook (ov Future. . BY SASl S. FAKKINGTON Untteii Vresr, Slafl' Corrcaiionilfnt LITTLE HOCK, Feb. 20. (UP) — .passed bv the sennlj lust evening'Arkansas Is economically sound Ue- near the capitol- bulldln?.; \, emniie '- • - '-.--.- disiistcro . ... _ .„,...., ...... ci-nt ciaars and wcnrs a brown huti fmicls (o construct UL; dnrmltoryi |, n |,. L ., ^ ml wlille conCeiTlng with hlBh officials hus been Introduced ill (he leglJ- ( , 1C ,, r( j s ^ m .c , . .,„ ..... , t ,., t house had adjourned; spite a comblnallon of — ^ ------ sittflc.ent ful . Uu . (lliy T|lc |;uv rc(lll | rc . s uiai. which have visited thc slato in'tnc "' .......... •'•- In I be governor's office, started his laturc. by the sjieaker ot Ihu liousc- llqirr war by announcing he would I "If the dormitory is built Icglsln President Hoover conferred with . In-pnsl three years, a United Preu survey indicated today. Leaders In all lines of enterprise ., . „ . his caliiiu'l about IV." measure - urcv-r r.n Immediate sea.-fli of any tors cciikl nuiCKly retire each mum dny nn(1 nn thc E( , cr ctnrles arc un- . . , im «u>rliv of HIP slats and caiiltnl office where It was reported und return io tlw capltol early ncxl! Af ; staoi \ to have agreed t" "'« «»- Iulure mos > >f!rlt > of lllc £tale ww whisky had ber-n cached. Lilllt. Liquor Little licnioi has been n?en ni. . the cp.pllcl during the present, session. Gov. Murray said. "However. scou'.i little nnil it must cease altogether." Laundrv, Courier Mem. He.«' - tors. She became unconscious last i iness men except moral suppart anrt | company. The New Mead some cooperation in obtaiiiin'; company. The Bcotery. Rosenthal'5. leases, Mr. Thomas said. .On mo-'The Cash Store, and Hubbr.d Fnr- tton of Joe Isaacs the chamber of I nlture company. commerce board went on record as j welcoming the proposed test wel! | and promising cooperation in ob- j tainim; slaudnrd oil and gas leases" on whatever block of lanu the company may desire. Geological maps, Mr. Thoma- slid Insl nl7ht. show some structures, indicative of oil or gas. at company. The Fashion. Pbiliiu 1 !' Motor comoany. nod?on Puniltuye other day. Now she seems to be;' recovering , It was senate day in the lower dy-to-Wear. Parkhurst company, summer, when !,he nearly drowned • nouM , of (ne Eenfm | asscriibly and Jack Applebaum, Aldridge Jewelry . while, bathing in a liver, and did L, ' mcrnin ,, « css [ on w ns given over " "•'"• "-"'"- "—"-'-; 0 : Vega,,, conscnusu:ss until^the] to ,-ending °of bills adopted by the MI . p^ r ^(jy , m d trnusmittcd to the ! house. Filly-two senate inonsurcs were read for the first and second times and rcfeircc! lo committees and placed on tho house calendar. Various committees reported back j (o the hniFc with only two bills ' receiving unfavorable notion. consideration of thc the house adopted Persons By Food, Is Belief ELKHORN. S. D.. Feb. 20 (UPV-j FrrjC'.-f.'ncv calls were sent today lo physicians in surroundine towns. ' fo tiring mrdlcol nid ti 250 persons made seriously ill by ptomaine 1 poisoning, caused It Is reported, hyj fcod served at a farm auction' lunch. | Phvsiciaus said that many of the' Following ftnate or " .. measure by Senator Caldwel! for License the eslatllshment of a bureau cf ., T . .. , .-, .ciiaiinal identification, providing Up 1 Ociay UllleSS IjOV- for appointment of Its officers and ernor Grants Extension. ^^XlS^r^KSS exixmses. The bill passer! with on- L1TTLE ROCK, K.3b- (UP) — lv two dissenting votes, both cast victims w^re ir. agony and that-Whether Governor Harvey Parnoll ^ representatives opposed to the iarhai)3 20 p;rs-ns were in danger-, will again extend time lor pur- p;,^^^^ o! new bureaus or of cicatb. Hospitals' in . Kikhcrn; chasing 193' • iuitomohile.; license ;_;,. rharact<"- The ~~j .,,~.T,,™n~~-+ n ^ne-traivv «-/>wv4.M,.-.»r5-.fii;I.-i j,,~..™i;i-j --if cjfrnj'flaons ci. soy J.UAHH.U ,.\uv TIplonville, Tenti., Blytheville, and at whal is known as ths Ijlttle River dome west of here. Tht Shafer company hopes to sink tes 1 .' wells at Tiptonville and BlythcvlllJ. L "nil possibly a third point. The Tlp- ^fonvllle well will be the first, and . work will probably start thsre ^ - about. jJeptember "1, Present plan; {.and surrbundtng-towns-today wereri-iartsj-TiSr^ioV.teen detcrmJiifd'-af contemplate starting the Blythevilt: filled with sufferers and a cherk. no;n toJay. The • larf extcmton test later in the fall if no difficitlly is experienced in obtaining leases. Previous Attempt Failed Just where it ir, proposed to sin': the test well here has not been revealed. Some- years ago a start war made at putting down a well nea: Yorbro. Sufficient progress wa.- made to uncover considerable gas pressure, but faulty equipment an^ lack of capital brought an end tc thc venture before anything conclusive was established. . 0:1 lira condition of all was diffi-j granted February !0 for a period lor his signature. th gorernor b Gets Jai! Sentence for j Sale oi U.S. Army Shirt : n ; a " '^he poison was caused, it was' ^M S^ls^ot at' the , The La^^xnt res, explained, by Basses and steam, cilpUol to dav and will not return lllt '- on extending thanks ^to Con^ which came from hot meat in, until Sunday. Prior to his de- yressman Tnomas T. l-.orv ol HV> sandwiches packed inn melal con-! par t ur( , he had nU indimted •'e«5j- for favorable remarks con tainer. ; ,,-iiethpr the time would h» extend- cereing Arkinsis contained in a j cd recent radio address was passed bj Officials in (he leaislative of-'the house without a record vote, i flees said it was possible the eov-i Representative Raney, Woodruff Head of Association p ernor would' message instructions county, moved to reconsider the | i jater today ordering another ten Norfleofblll, designed to aid school ' extension, the last that can bus routes, adopted by the senat? ;rantcd under the joint me- January 27 and transmitted to the ]--: morial njrembly nuthorizsd the liouic where it was rejected Fab- ext'cufive to take the action, ruary 17. The motion to reconsider — was 30 to 25 and the bill was plac- . eti back lor a second reading and Tyronza Physicka Is cry, rc|: sran's buieaus. i<! warned. "What a citizen docs nl home—(hat he- eats and drinks--Is none if my business, nor that of any-! political enemies, 'lie ete as long as he docs not "My scauls watch their disturb his neighbor," Gov. Murray 1 move," the governor snld. auainst the best Interests of Ihoi " H( ,, mss , !BC ' O t the bill over a vclo I is believed assured by a wide mar- people." Oov. Murray also receives rcgu- , reporls on the activities of his 1 * 1 ' Little Cooler Boy Chokes to Death on a Marble! COOTER, Mo.—Lawrence Brvlns. two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. r p ,U.. n l Rpcgrve Bank Cvit- R. E. Bevins. choked to death yea-1' CCieiai [\estrvt, uaiih. ^ or American bx- terday when he atLcm]ited to swal-, low n marble with which he wnsj icism „.._., . low n marble with which he wnsi . Oil :it, Louis Bank Acquires playing. The marble became lodged | change .'ixeveaiea. A lir uc. PL ' » D L Lhain at rUb- nt- or In the baby's throat. j Funeral services will be held fov ' ne lnfant thl3 afternoon and In- termcnt wlu bc madc nl Mount _,,_ , Zion cemetery. The German Un 1 ?°S?;. /*1.7. J " d ! c ^taking company U in charge- o! Marllneau of United States District court yesterday approved sale of as'ots of the Fair Stores timnarw tor SUB.OOO to drover T.' Owens, trustee for the Orand National bank of St. Louis. Public sale of the assets was conducted by. the receiver. Henry M. Arml- tte^d.-Wednesdiy: . . ,' ; .' arrangements. 6-Year-Old Weil Boy Saves Brother's Life LEPANTO. Ark'.—Sammy Allman, four, son of Mr, and Mrs. S. A. Alt- Headtiuarters for the Fair Stores mm, who live near West Ridge, corhpanv. which was placed in re- owes his life to the presence of cehrrshlp several weeks ago on mind and quick action of his broth- petition, are at Little Rock. There er, Hubbard, six. are 37 retail stores, 60 cf which arc Sammy wandered too near a In Arkansas. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 20. CUP)- j. w. Jarrctt. chief examiner cf the stale banking department, appeared before the Joint IcslslnUvr committee investigating bunking conditions in the state and presented a letter written by John S. Wo^ds, representative of the Fed- cWKfcftrvli 'tank at -BtiWuls.-.Jct. ' tine out alleged Violations of fed ditlons of membership in the federal reserve system by directors and officers of the closed American Exchange Trust company here. Jnrrett read the letter to members of the committee and tolc them he concurred with WoJds In the crlticsm. Thc letter was dates Marcli Premises G»ius Industrial experts generally agree thai March will bring even greater gains as It will Inaugurate thc beginning of the planting season, materially decreasing the number ot unemployed and dependent. It was pointed out that the number of iicrsens In Arkansas deuE.'ii- dent on thc Red Cross and other ! organizations for assistance does not impcda business to the extent one might believe. The relief pro-: gram has reached the bottom strata, including (he tenant farmer, share cropper and negro, who for thsmost , prill exist on bare necessities of . life ami even in times ot prosperity receive but slight collsM^ratlon as potential buyers. Road Program VII! Help The survey developed the Jollow- Ing facts: $15,000,000 will be expended by the state highway department during 1931 in pushing toward completion one o! ths most extensive road building programs ever undertaken In ts :oulliern. stats. , ,An-"nddlti6nal ^tfto.WO-' will* <•!)«,"' ' • 1 MEMPHIS.-Feb. 20. (UP)—Dr. I JH. McDanlel of Tyrcnza, Ark., vro ; unanimously elected president o; j ' the Tri-Stale Medical Association the closing session cf the in- , burning brush heap and his cloth- November 15 and arrived here fol- Ing caught flrc. Hubbard heard his i lowing the closing of the Instllu- ' tion two days later. The letter was One unit of the Fair Stores is screams, ran to his brother, forced located at Main and First streets htm to lie down on the ground, in this city. It has been operating Then he poured sand over thc here several svars. .flames. Both children were burned j but are improving. ! Dr. McDaniel is Hie youngest pr ° . nlvf , n r _, F(lb ^ LJIC.W-', VJll'., ^- IT Tp, . Shirley Yarbro was convicted evident ever chosen by v°he Tri-State selling government property in po- body. lice court this morning and meted i Other officers chosen were: Dr. out a five day jail sentence and ajH. A. Stroud, Jonesboro, Ark.. $25 fine. ' president from Arkansas; Dr. J. P. Yarbro was convicted of trading jGoogc, Meridian, Mifs., vice prcsi- ] J" 7"" 5 T n 7', Febru-rv il artmitt-d; a shirt to a youth who was fined dent from Mississippi: Dr. E. S.' '£", h " n d rcacli<-d'sii '"IP" 55 - l °-! in court several days ago for re- |Hooper of Alamo, Tenn.. vice presi-; fl • ceiving stolen property. The shirr dent from Tennessee, and Dr. ' •'-"'• Trace of Missing ' for a minor amendment, which „, .. , T, iv I'WBS adopted and sent ID the corn- Child Uncovered Yet mit!ce on msro3SCi b nis. Taxi Driver Slugs Her Sheik Fare f^t'nnd IH.L lui.. Scores of clues were checked was government property, belongir.j iS. Cooper was re-elected secretary; b ,,, ,.„,, Mrt ai L -s Angeles dnr- to Company M, local national B « a rd and treasurer. ; ing the pasl wce -, a nd without ex- 0 "- " cl1 £"• ""^"^ ^ "^ unit. • cep'ion have developed into rr !h - ' W. T. Barman failed to appear : F).,y I.rjjjorer Claims i '»a b:lt rumors. in court this morning to ans charge of p?tlt larceny. His bond : of SIO was ordered forfeited. One j /man was fined for public drunken- . >T.ess. ! fey inches and Huge French Fortune NANCY, France, tUP)—Adolphs' Doran. five feet ten weight 165 pounds. When the trip was completed Derail, Mrs, Drlscoll said, made im! Bujardin, a day laborer, of Riu- Yesterday T. L. Hale was fined • b a i Xi i, as i nat ^ claim to a for-! five dollars on a charge of sp?:d-1 ii me . which he charges was wrong- ; Ing, to which he pleaded guilty.! fully appropriated by Napoleon Charley Roberts was fined five dol-• Bcnnparlc 1- supply his trccps. ! t -.-! is bnck in thc Uni:eO States lars for disturbing the peace as was I The heritage, in 1670. was csti-iwith thcdcclaraticn that the most. Ernest Snydcr. i mated at 50.00D.OS3 francs about beautiful women in \hs world av2 ""' Mary Bass, negress. was fined $10 ! S2.0t»,(X!0, • whlcr would be doubled' to be frund in Chile. : n . ng for petit larceny. ?>njft;j? Fainter Praises | _ R?DUtv oi Chilean Women proper advance?. She swung and \ a,^ f w ~ cliildren, aged " 3 knocked him out. Doran was fev i f ou r, found. Returning Husband Slayer Is I Released On Bond! based on findings resulting from examination of the bank made last October. The letter, addressed to spent tor maintenance. Highway officials estimate that 55 per cent of the appropriation will go as wages for Arkamas labor, and the remainder will be 'spent on Arkansas raw materials. Building and alteration permits issued in Arkansas during Dacem-. ber showed an Increase of. 40 per cent 'over the preceding month. Many construction projects are planned for the first six months of the year. Gasoline sales Increased 2,891,717 gallons during the year just ended B. Ins compared with thc preceding one. Banks, president of the bank, said condition which in part: 'Tho following ENGLAND, Ark.. Fell. 20 (.UP)— government artillery bombed the InrslJlns or'n^'huTbanT^ireK'""? 1 ™ 1 ^ Fe ", II = , at , Call .° , lat ?. • today and "completely terminates Artillery Makes Short Work of Revolution was accepted by "the trust company when admitted to membership Ins LIMA, Poru.~Feb. 20. (UP)-1T.e teen violated:'You stallL «c«| ttel Walker. 40, Wednesday. Police claim the young woman confessed to striking Walker twice with an axe as he lay in bed at Ih-lr home near here: The killing 'there shall.not be undue or Improper concentration of direct or Indirect liabilities of any dircstor. »*.--« « a counter revolutionary movement io™^. employe or stoci rlginated there shortly "he government ill Ji ILUJILU nem u£it.. AIII; rLiui,>5 ; „--_- -- Tlio Intlor ^pr our Thlt 108115 1C fr-ilna-rH nPoo •< '^roif; hv Walkerisald 60 rebels besieged In Ihe fort i i " t - "•"" =>•'•"'"• " •" that h ?wasrom* to slay the en- had been "killed or caplured" by lo- Actors and their inlerests are [hat nc was going to siay me en f ._,,. I excessive and have Increased ma- tlre faml! >'- CBl f ° rCCS J Iterlally since March 3." «al »lnut« to When NEW ORLEANS (UP) - Dario . " ?ini™ /teles '« *™ Mrs- Driscoll slandlns over him. Slie said. "Oh. I'm so sorry," then """ arrestsd, Children Report Musical Slttke TONOPAH. Nev.. (UP)—Mrs. Keep is wondering what kind of a | three and! from play- on a nearby hill, the children' Bill Collection Cars Ruled Off Streets! r " Jinc " 5 HARTFORD, Conn.. CTJP>- The I car ,',_ a b ; llllant ]low uiii tui ti ^ iiip excitedly told "mother of the big j a ut7mobiie ^so !n"scrited-hns'"bcen snake they had seen. Wr.en ask- n , lcd 0(( , nls dly . s s , ree!5 . if it made a noise, they replied, "Yes, it sounded like two harmonicas." i many times now. ; Rappapcrt has just spent a year I According to the history of the'j n Chile where he did. portraits ot •fortune, a poor ccbbler of Chateau; president Carlos Ibanez and his j Thierry, named Jean Thierry, family. K.; also made portraits of • moved to Vhnna where he made: ,i(j other Chiiea:'.s. : :a tremendous fortune. It was de- 1 -'chile has a msrvc'.cus climate .posited in (he bank of Vienna. fol-I me! magnificant scenfry, but to lowing his &ath,' nc no descend-' ... 0 (i-. c y \verc dimmed by tho nm lod-iv mo-irnrrt n,n H^II, „, ants wei: known. Late in the 18th i DM . Uy O f the wmen in the re- lam today mourned the death of Cemury ^ f0 , con ^^a the funds! publk . i think that there arc more Tom Cat Ends Life of Famed War England, .ur/i . —The pigeon colony of Tvricken-i , lns . .. Wide Open Nevada Proud of Title as America's "Last Frontier State' The collection agency op.oratliigi CRO YDON FIELD, England, Feb. Feed Loans Available A fund of $7,000,000 has been made available for seed and feed loans to' Arkansas farmers by the feiernl government. Ot the total fund, approximately $100,000 is being released dally. • . Chain stores sales for the flrr.t two months of 1931 showed increases up to 17 per cent over .the corresponding period in 1930, Deparlment store• sales for January and February equal the saler. during thc first two months of 1930 and buyers are proceeding on th's assurance of Increased spring sales. Large drug, grocery, meat and produce wholesale concerns reported substantial increase In sales for the first two months of 1931. The stale bankinj department reported thai M of tho institution? which closed during -thc last two ' months of 1930 have resumed busl- PlanS Flight tO Brazil ness and are open on a much improved financial basis. , The committee recessed until i Monday night at which'lime It will Wnman Woman the machines would warn delin If Film Comedian Gets Dancer's Shoe in Eye HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 20. (.UP1-E1 BY E,V!JL II. LEIF legal, imposing licenses upon op- quent creditors and P ?n' m ?^ *1™J^ .^'"h^'blira"^^ MP around the world, anon_at thc house In tho bad W" ino ^ nccd tcx j ay shc hopcd tb m , kc co«,,..i >r n iiith nf phiinjMniiin ,a trans-Atlantic trip to South r«r™ntaUv e of the company was'America within the next few weeks. Brendel, portrayer of Swedish cotn- ![„ ,rtM on a charee of breach ofi " l *°uld like to help British avi- Ic parts on the screen, forgot to ihp iiMfp snd flned ' ntlon ^ "y'"? to B >«e n03 Aires duck when Antoinette Morales Wck- 1 ! during the British trade exhibition! ed at his head during a dancing COPS CARRY RED FLARES which opens March 14." Mrs. Drue; j sequence In a nun and today he was WESTPORT Conn. (UP)—Reii s aM- "The sea flight involved Is on- Jin the Cedars of Lebanon hospital _ . „ --...v. ....- ii i i * i«j"»-»-v ..>...- — _ f , i [i;rj^^ TClaC-OpCn CiUCS EujQ uiin.ia'3 cu uj LUC JMMJV, tmv» m-nv «». ».~* 1 - - - - - i —-.«. —• v..*. ^^k^u* s*i>^»-» %.* -- 3 -- - f S G Passey ot Twickenham. miles In rural mall deliveries, Is to Nen - Haven Association o» in.; r , ajm (t hnj less . cr i me tnan an y wa y to the state penitentiary all in divorced Robert E. Bateson nnn his j culture, recently to!d a Eouthertij The death of Rupert haves only retire from service. Miller has bDen: B i ini i iav o just been author lie.. 13 ^ c j (rw ^^ ^ ^ The sutc onc d , iy ; W lf c j u « t aftCT he had withdrawn ! farm nganizntlon. The south may| half a dorcn genuine war-birds in employed by the iwstofflrc rlnco carr y police whittles lo sumn-.M p .j' scn js 01 ,_, of t)lc ^ in There is only onc stop-and-go ; a divorce suit. Learning his wife: reap huge benefits from new pro- Britain. The best known arc Decsmbjr I, 19K. miring tat tim-j assistance when they wish to cross. j,. c nntlon lhe slo i c ' s " cr imc traffic signal "in Ihe entire state, was In a hospital with doiibb pneu- There Is no enforced speed limit nionla, Batcson ordered the suit cesses of fertilizer manufactured, he declared. • WEATHER "Oid Dill." now living in retire- he has worn cut ten horses and six a S ! rce t. i iiroMcm Is nil ment at Brighton, and "Light- automobiles, he says- : , ; ' Gambling Is illejal. but has been to travel rn thc open highway, withdrawn and hurried to her bed-; vtiiv" who U f,?nsioncd at Clap- ! stuffed Animals Sold Che.ipiy [practiced op'nly V'ith full know-; The state highway patrol consists side. He arrived Just before she sue-i DIVORCE SHOULD BE EASIER ion. • Whisky In Cylinder Blork • ST LOUIS. (UP)—A bull mcos? , c .j r ., of r [{ic la f s an( ] citizens, un- of ona man most of the time, cumbcd. I RENO, Nev.. (UP)—"Tho trou- 1 i BUFFALO. N. Y. <UP)—C'J.Uo : ii='s 0 i rt f or so. a mountain goat for 52, tila district attorney in an ensiern Cities have their restricted red-| ; ble with divorce Is not the divorce' _ ...._. Kxcculloiicr to Be Executed ! mcn here are not Ele=piii3 on th: an d a full sbcd reindeer for S22 a' Ncva da city, Ely. swooped down llsht districts. Tliere la no such PHILADELPHIA, 'UP) — Whrn.laws," in the opinion of A.P.John-1 observer, Chides Phillips, the mirt- K1EV, U. S. S. R. (UP)—A Tsar- Job. An Inspector ac the Anscric-ii an auction here recently. The l;r . on .] )c ^ity and closed every thing ns a motor vehicle opera-. police raided a barber shop, said son, assistant district attorney of| Imum temiieralure here "25' ARKANSAS—Fair and sranner in west and central portl&is tonight. Saturday Increasingly cloudy. According to the official weather executioner, Ivan Bovda, Ins'side of the Peace Bridge h?re lift- t ca ;ts and birds—nil g-.mbiing casino. City officials an- f>rt llcen;|3. Thsrc condemned to death here, cd the hooJ of an eish; cylin:'?: | n the estate of Harry vo-.i S'.^f.-.' rcutu ^ h^ ac; i on cost Ely ap- prohibition law. Is no state the trial, it appeared thu oiitomobslc found onD siic of , to be the headquarters for a "rac- c Washce County and a divorce law- was 33 degrees and th -maximum, , nK r | n g_» p a t ron s were forced to ; yer. He says that "it should be! 65 degrees; cludy with .03 Inches of - - • ' • ---- ..... ' ilc of t'.v<' or/over sportsman, vlia s'rot nn:l nr.-xlmatcly 510,000 r^r yrar. The legislature ._ ..„. - . ... . . ... 12ovda"had plied Ills trade also for! engine -cold, thc other hot. Invcstl- killed himseit recently. The entire! The lfs.isialure Is now consider- ing bills which will make divorce, and depart, half shavei The three; sons to be married," and thatj the minimum temperature was 44 , _ _. . . The legislature is also consider-- wlpa the lather from their taccs| mad.: very difficult for unfit psr-. rain. On (hi " ............ day a yeir ago , Petlura government when it'gatJon disclosed seven quarts r -«uc!ed Ukraine. . j whisky In the cylinder block. cf collection, valued ^rouqhl S2.731. at S20.000. o 1 inly i ing a measure which would legalize easier than it Is now and slniplt-| barters were taken into custody byi "marriage laws should te strength-] degrees and the maximum, 71 de- I Rambling, make a gambling debt, tying court procedure. | the police. I encd and divorce made easier." j grets; clear.

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