The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1930
Page 3
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TL'ESbAY,J)CTOBEit 23; 1'MU ni.YTHBVII.LF. (ARK.) COI'RlRR JUDGES, CLERKS QF Interest in Voting November 4 Centers on Constitutional Amendments. A list of the Judges and clerks appointed by the election commission for the nenernl election to be held November 4lh has been released by Sheriff W. W. Sluvi-r. The successful candidate in i*r Democratic primary held In August unopposed in tlie net:;:' 1 election of township, county ana district, offices but .several of iV Democratie candidates for stale cf ficc will be opposed. Nine proposed amendment? :oth state constitution, an initiated act nnd a referendiuu act will also b- vote<l on at the general election The proposed amendments are llv objects of ihe most spirit conu-o versy of the general election. Only two ballot bo>:-s will )•• own In BlyUievilfe for the general election, one at the city hall and the second at the Ford buiUlln-; Osccola will also only have bui tw- boxes. one at the courthouse and another at the Osceola lumber ya: 1 :' Only 43 taxes in the county w:! be open for the general elcciio;!. The list of judges and clerks for the election follows: Leachvlllc Judges: Herman Alston, M. E Neighbors, Raymond Phillips. • Clerks: Louie Welnbcrg. L. L. Winston, Boynlon Judges: W. H. Bryant, J. B. Green, J. H. Morgan. Clerks: Jno. Hearden, C. T. Duncan. Skid way Judges: Charley Jolliff, J. W. Osborne. F. A. Creson. Clerks'. Byron Osborne, Eddie Lloyd.• Box Elder Judges: J. C. Rails, J. W. Davis, 8. B. Brandon. Clerks: O. C. Hill, R. Gunter. Judges: Bruce Culp, Ira George, P. Hohn. Clerks: Clyde Hawkins, A. R. GiiTord. Manila Judges: Cvo. Roth, Kendall Berty, J. C. Chapin. Clerks: W. T. Coats, Oren Green. Shady Grove Judges: Louis Needham, Jce Millet, Mack Bowllnger. Clerks: Paul Crofton, J. M. Mul- lingun. Lost ,Cane Judges: M. I. Stutts. M. R. Parks Sam Fincher. Clerks: Roy Veach, Walter Vast- Jjlndev. Brown Spur Judges:. Ula Threlkeld, Clyde Shockley. Gray West. ' Clerks: Ira Watkins, E. R. Thrcl- ktld. Million Ridge Judges: Chas. King, Jim Espain, Charles Cartlock. Clerks: Pierce Swines, John Redman. Gosnrll Judges: W. I. Bentley, A. J. Bowman, G. W. Crawford. Clerks: O. A. Carlew. C. W. Crawford. Half Moon Judges: B. B. Hodge. Home; Hodge, Henry Buck. Clerks: Burk Tomlinson, R. L. Hawkins. DeU \ Judges: J. R. GUI, Taylor Freeman, V. G. Gill. Clerks: Otto Koehler. Elsie Wallace. BLYTHEVILLE City Hall Judges: Sam Manati, J. W. Hill. Tom Whitworth. Clerks: Clyde Fowler. Fred Boy- ttt. Ford Building Judges: W. D. Jones, W. M. Mc- Kenzle, Steve Moore. Clerks: Arden Crowder. J. T. Hall. Number Nine Judges: C. C. Langston, Dr. Hill. Jack Trimble. \ Clerks: C. Jackson, Fred Bean. *•. Promise Land Judges: J. W. White. C. F. Tucker. J. W. McGaughery. Clerks: H. W. Wiley, Mrs. Mary White. Yarbro Judges: K. W. Chapman. Dr. Mc- Laiu. Eugene Dlckerson. Clerks: Eric Bollard. Spencer Bunch. Ilickman Judges: Lish Atkinson. Jim Fauglu. Singer Johnxen. Clerks: Harvey McKay, E. Pickens. Armoirl Judges: c. E. Criggcr, W. S. Crowder, Bob Neal. Tomato , Judges: G. R. Nnve. Andy Harsh- tnfln, Ed Tillman. Cl*ar take Judges: j. o. Miller, C. A. Rogers, T. R. Randolph. Clerks: Mrs. j. E. Phillips. W. F. Staford. New Liberty Judges: c. o. Smith, Henry Lutes. J. F. Epperson. Clerks: J. A. Ellis. J. E. Hardin. Burdetle Judges: E. M. McDonald, H. P Ltslon, J. F. Thompklns. Clerks: Cris Tompklns, II. C. Weathers, Itosa Judges: J. T. Cooper, Sliocmakc:' Ror/.cll, Cliurley Scott, Clerks: Harvey I'euneniei, Alfred I'.oynolds. .l.uxoru Judges: Chester Danehower. Dave Richards, DUk Forbes. Clerks: Walter Uaney, Graver Driver. M'Trrrin Judges: Jlinimc Ciwaltnoy. W. l>. McMitchey. Clevc Ellison. Clerks: Mr. Copix-diir, A. 1!. Situs. O.SCKOl.A Cmirlhmisc Judges: lien Butler, Malcolm Shcddan, John Cfamer. Clerks: Biaxion Bragg, Hoy Skinner. l.uml>er Vard Judges: Wathen Pi'ewiu, Jim Bunn, lliuce Ivy. Clerks: Lillian Shcddan. Austin Moore. Kiisrr Judges: W. M. Taylor, Mounts. J. T. Polk. Clerks: Kirk Childs, R. H. inson. Ktowali Judges: II. J. Meadows. Cassldy, Ed Wildy. Clerks: II. P. Geaslnnd. Jackson. Athrlslaii Judges: Clove Primer, Dill, Bob Green. • Cleiks: Sim Fra/icr. Crews. .StillmJii Jurises: Claude Sltllman leu E.ASOII. Wayne Eason. Clerks: Claude Stillman ton Slillmnn. Bowman Judges: Henry Brinkley Greer, W. A. Aussman. Carson Dick Cramer. M. Hill. Low-cry Pace.- (Continued from page one) store and Julius Kosenwuld, leaving high sclKiol nt 10, went lo work in it. Then hLs fiHher backed him fo:- n small clotliing store lu New York | city; he thinks $10,000 would have covered, the whole Imsim-ss. In New York, Rosenwald pro- pressed to the wholesale clothing j business, making a specialty of summer los.-> for men which -were then—In the 'eighties—Ju-.i coining into style. Then. In ifuifi. lie went ;to Chicago and formed the linn of iRosenwnld & Weil. It prospered. Not phenomenally. But jn-;t like; many other progressive firms. Tliere he met n man named Senis land his life was changed. | i Scars hnd a small unil order j 1 ' i; ond year In high school, but lie believes universities nre goail iliings. On Ills SOlh birthday, he n<ive jjoo,- 000 to the University of Chicago. H)o has given millions fur llic education of negroes In the south and for (he aid of Jewish fiumers In Hussla. oppasinx their movement to pick iij> and go to I'alosllnc. Suys Amniea Soutnl He hesitates to talk about. Hie future of America, but courteously yields to direct ciuestioiis. "1 am not a prophet or (lie son of a prophet, 1 ' no smiles. "Bin I know Hint America will return to sanity. 1 know Hal America will recover from this business .slump. Recovery may lie slow, but it will surely come. Fundamentally, this counlrj Is .sound." > I By this lime the G8-yi-ar-old merchant prince was fltilshiny luncheon thai hart l:»gun as the Interview started, lie hud polished oil celery, jellied cold consomme, cicained .shrimp and toasted whole- wheat bread wit han appetite Uint bHtcdhl r, age. •Thank God I don't have to diet PAGE THREE Mi' s - Olis Wingo Nomnial- <'<! for Both tlic "I'd llic Long "' l CVfllS. rrrond Arknnm district, having chosen following Ihe dentli f her hiisb:iml, Congrossrnnn WU. turn A. OldnVld. In 1928. Her :cnu t'xpir.-s Mm-cli 4. and she >!• not n ciuulldalc for re-election. Hi' 1 R(-]iubl!Cfin slate excciHIve «imui'.ke ni ii iiiocllnn followln-j IMnnni'.ilr mn:!!ns yesterdny. >i'M ;i losolutiim o.' tribute to Hi'- l:u.> Conisivssmnn Wlngu nnd niiii'iiiiiccd thai ihr- Ucpubllcnn laity wuiiid inn iK<>iiinati' n c'andi l:i!i; In (ippns,. MLS. Wlniio. ••Mlluiuiili now lo puljllc ofllL-e. II-' wayr. of (lolllk's ave nn old 'I'l MCII-V tc, MIS. Kftie Gene Wln- When Is It "Just Noise" ATLANTA, (UPl-AManta's radio "cm few law" has produced tt situ- allnn In which a committee ot rop- ri'.scmiulvc ciilwns, dealers, ufil- c;nls and imuii inns luis t,;cn appointed to determine when a radio H'l produces mmfc and when It produces "Just iioiw." The cur- leu- piolilbiis iilayinu a radio after 11 p, m., arid many a policeman has rapped disconcertingly on apart- menL Irouse itoors as a result. SEEKS? SINGING FARM HANDS ATLANTA. (UP)-J. J. Covlnj- ton of Abbeville, Ga., sent the following want ad to the Georgia State Market Bulletin: ''Wanted—By a singing farmer, men to both sins and farm, especially first and second tenors nnd first bass," I ln«t cf the ! ished. T. J. Ilarvcv i THt- Judges: Sliaw. O. Clerks: Moss. Bassftt Judges: Joe Miller. Arcli Catch- gs. Ed Bell. Clerks: Jess Clinton. J. W. Westbrook. Bardstown > Judges: Steve Ralph sr.. L. P. Bowden, Jno. Ashburn. Clerks: Mack Crow, Elbert Norton. Frenchman's Bayou Judges: Roy Clark, Emmett Speck, G. L. Salmon. • Wilson Judges: Jim Crain, Roy Wilson. Cnl Williamson. Clerks :Hy Wilson, Fx3 Reginald. Nodena j Judges: Bob Cromcr, C. E. Lynch Hugh Craig. Feean Point Judges: Rufiis Branch. Jack Uzzell, Emmett Childs. joe I business. Hi- rjecded more capital. He talked it over with Rosenwald.. ,,., ., , ,. „ ., Rob- ! 't wasn'l the first mail order busi- : J ' cl! saltl JMlK Hosi-nwalcl. as th» , nc.s.s ill America, but both li.ul idras I lllrt cf UTC crram «' shrimp van- land they liot together. Si'ars' Famous Ski^mi Rosenwald still chuckles a.s he re- '• nenny i members the only business slogan i .! he found framed over Sears' desk: ! ; "Honesty Pays. I've Tried Both | E'.-c-ietl'Ways." . "nut don't take that too literally | abjul Mr. Sears," he smiled. : The firm was capitalized at. $150,- i ; 000. Scars held $50,000 of that. • ! Young Julius Rosenwald put in | i $35,000. Another man put in S35.-' 'oon. They let the lemuinihg S20,- j 000 "stand as good will." j They didn't know it then, tut ; i!:ey were on the path to vast millions. "Like Topsy." Rosenwald sayr "we 'just growed'"—and thus, ' f five words, he'dlsmisse^ the worlas "eijiirciitiuive T,':n(>o had been in bail hi-aUh for several ycais be- ;ltiv lii, ,'i.;,ti, | ns t Wt ,pk mid ),!!, wile d:rcc!i'[l mi.di of the rouliiu' (if Ills ullliv. (ii.ili-fiil for Noinliiatlnii When he- «ns on the floor she the iialbry. At the close r ; f \\t\\\. vvllh him to hh office. Those who krtow her :.ny her husbiiiul came to rely uiwii Her creally in polilical hinlti'l's. InU'rvi'-wfil ;u Wiishinyton lasl nfp.hl Mi.s. Win;o was Kw uricf .sliklXMi ID talk nl lertRth. "1 am inti'ii'sli'd lu iwlltlcs," .she - sold, "hii! I <ir, n -i fcei timt T know and also as IX>moeiatlc iioinineL' VC1 T mucli alnul It Just nt pre--.for ihf jonj tenn for which Winso cut. 1 hiiven': been thinklnn August' I.J![-|,E ROCK. .Octi. 20 ID!') — «i:ni ihe .'hurt se.sslon of con-i Bff' 1 < iiiivcnrs in I3eceii)br-r. Arl:un-.i. -,\]ii |. ;i ;]| i\\ c disliivllini uf beliri ihe fust M.iiu to have two worui:. mcmlx.-i.s in the iniinunl K8i.-..iti\i. body at the same tin:c. .11"-. was a.'.smal Lite yesterday. tllp day .she willi ihi, lamination of Mrs. O!U I'. vVisiKo, «-ife of the late ran- EifK'iiMii fi-oin the fourth Arkansas coHKi-fss-ignai district, by the Doino- tra.ii- Mau, cpjn ra i committee. Mi.-- wiiiL'o was- selected ID lill the uiL-xpiK^ |(. ml O f i, e| . i,,,,;. l.iTnd. \khich toiiniiiales March J opiw- Claude Charley ' 8 r ^test retail merchandising busi- . r.ess. - - - - : He dismisses ills philanthropies in Ihe same five words. "Like Topsy, they have just Browed,' too," he answers when asked about his gifts to humanity . v,-hicJi arc said to run S6.000.000 a ! year. He does not, or will not, remember what they total. But other men will tell you they run into the same class of millions as the Rockefeller Foundation. Education has been his cliief beneficiary. But you couldn't get that story from Mm on a bet. One story you .can get out of him is his amazing luck. He calls It exactly that; he I doesn't bluff about his own superior : qualifications. I "I never give advice," he said, "I i take it," j Rosenwald feads the newspapers daily—avidly antt thoroughly. ' H- plays a little golf. He likes current, Clerks: B. R. Moore. Mac Long. **">*? "' ith liv « interest, but has no Joiner Judges: Frank Fells, Fran!-Wheeler. R. H. Bowden. Clerks: J. B. Wilson, W. T. Mitchell. '" Whitlon j Judges: Gus McClendon, p. L. Denton. Frank Dean. Cierks: Bruce Mooring, B. A. Loo- r.ev. particulor preference. He loves his ! garden and likes to dig in it and ' watch the flowers grow. I He ncvei-,went higher than s-c | FOl'NDJNG OF HARVARD On Oct. 20, 1636, Harvard Unl- vcrwly. ihe oldest institution c: l-i- ; hir cducr.l'cn in tlie United" S131-V, v. j.s founded at Cam- brliie. a .suburb of Boston, Mats. 'Hie university had Its Inesp- Iton in UIL- dcrfre of the early istilCTf to educate the "English rnd Iiiri^an youth tn .knowledge a toJlir.css." While organization of Ihe institution was In progress. Rev. John Harvard, a minister, bequeathed lo ths new scliool 400 pounds and a library of 320 volumes. In rc-cc^nitJon of this gift, wlv'"h in these days was a large one. t'le nc-w institution was named Harvard College. A meci'cal tchcol was established as part of the university in H82 and a law school in 1817. For almost '200 years after the fcimdinj of Uie college, its course cj study remained In essential clc- menlM unchanged. But when Charlu E. Eliot became president In 18G9, the course received significant enlargement. Eliot, whose term of office lasted 40 Jiars, was responsible for tte large growth in the number of students, in the endowment and in Ihe university -plant. Under him Harvard made many educational experiments and "exerted a v. ide- influence In the development of the American history." . •hrui been nominated In the pnm.i:-y and was without M!!O:I for le-etcciion. Krimbliraiis- Kndorsc Her I'ii- s-tate's oilicv woman mem- bei : ; MVS. pearl I'nlcn Oldllcld, scrya-..: as representative from Ihe polnlcs lor ..icse :as( lew days 1 nm tired and sail. Naturally I am grateful for the nomination. I nm gralcful for lib sake and I'll do Ihe host I can." vteaii Courier News Want An.v HORiLICKS U. MALT ED Him Calf out loud for a Horlick's Don't be satisfied with just "a malted." You wouldn't buy a cigarette that way. Insist on having the best—the original At better fountains. Take a package home. Or send ten cents for sample and mixer to .HORLICK'S, RACINE. WISCONSIN Acuti; laryngitis caused Hie rtonlh cf George Wlshinglon. Three Years Of Stomach Trouble Readily Yield To .Merits Of New. And Different Medicine. Relieve* fc in 39 mlnntes. flfst d»y, and 666 or chrcks • Cold checks M»larf the in 66€ also in Tablets M!i. G. C. KABER "Konjola was the mcrticms I needed". s.iid Mr. G. 'C. Rab;v. 5824 East. Seventeenth Street, Kcnsas City. Mo. "For the last three yenrs I wn.s afraid (b eat i tc<3u«i of indigestion, gas bloal- '.r.j. scinily and 3 heavy feeling in my stomach. My liver was FUIS- pjsh and dirk ;po's appeared before my eyes. Rheumatism often affected my arms and limbs. "Seein? where many people wcrej benefited by the. use of Konjola j I rlcoided lo give it a trial. After using t«o bottles, the stomacV trouble disappeared. As I ro n- ,'imted with Ihe treatment my 1-calth returned. I enjoy my food now and 1 have more energy. I highly recommend Konjola for: what it has done for me." Mony people state that one or two bottles ot Konjola gave amazing relief bvit it is recommended that six or eight, bottles be lakon; to obtain a lasting nnd complete! :ellef. Konjcla is sold in BlythcvUlc, i Arkansas at.Kirby Drug Storer. and by all the best druggists In all, Kwns throughout this entire sec. lion. -Adv. | JAMES A. FARLEY Election Proclamation Notice ig hereby given that on Tuesday, November •»li, 1930, an election will I, e held a( the "various ' voting- precincts of Mississippi county, Arkansas, .for. the purpose of electing the following officers:' STATE AND DISTRICT OHO United Slates Senator. .. ' One (iovernor. ' ' : One Lieutenant Governor. One Attorney General. One Secretary State. One State Auditor. One Slate Treasurer. ° f Mines> and One Commissioner State F-ands One Slate Superintendent of Public Instruction Hvo Associate Justices of the Supreme Court One Railroad Commissioner. One Congressman, 1st. District Two Circuit Judges. One Chancellor. One Prosecuting Attorney. For or Againsf Proposed Constitutional Amendment i\o. 19. For or Afiainst Act. \o. 118. Fur or Against Initiated Act. No. 1. For or Against Amendment No. 20. ' For or Against Amendment No. 21. For or. Against Amendment No. 22. For or Against Amendment No. 2J!. For or Against Amendment No. 2-1. For or Against Amendment No. 25. For or Against Amendment No. 26. For or Against Amendment No. 27. COUNTY One County and Probate Judge. One Representative. One Sheriff and Collector. One Circuit Court Clerk. One County and Probate Clerk. One County Treasurer. One Tax Assessor, One Surveyor. One Coroner. TOWNSHIP Two Justices of the Peace. One Constable. Witness my hand as Sheriff and Collector of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on this 20th day of October, 1930. w. w. SHAVER; Sheriff and Collector Mississippi County, Ark. Says "Your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the Toasting of LUCKY STRIKE ranks with the many other great contributions to the health and comfort of miSlions." H<TC iilkt eomptcu itetnunr *i luriwrfeul by JAMES A. FARLEY President, General Builders Supply Corp.^Chairman, New York State Athletic Commission; Chairman. New York State Democratic Committee "I am certain that without the use of modern,-scientific;meih* ods the skyscrapers for which our country is so justly proud would never have been possible. I am equally convinced that your modern use of. the Ultra Violet Ray in the Toasting of your LUCKY STRIKE Tobaccos ranks with the many other great contributions to the health andcoju/ort of millions and that it is responsible for the skyscrap* ing sales of your famous brand." Everyone knows that sunshine mellows — that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. LUCKY STRIKE—the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos—the Cream of the Crop—THEN—"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and soTOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! It's toasted Your Throat Protection - against Irritation — against cough Consistent with its policy of laying the facts before llio public. The American Tobacco Company has invited Mr. James A. Parley to review tho rcjwrla of the distinguished men who have witnessed LUCKY STRIKE'S famous Toasting Process. The statement of Mr. Farley appears on this page. ® I9M. The American Tobicto Co.. Mfu.

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