The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1944
Page 6
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KAGE SIX BLYTUBVILLE (AKK.)' COURIER NEWS Winning Streak Of Cards Ended Osterbueller Allows Redbtrds But 3 Hits As Pirates Win, 3-1 By United I'icss Fritz Oslermueller, ll>e pitcher the Brooklyn Dodgers let go on waivers, twirled one of tlie prettiest games Ol the year yesterday. OstermueHer, pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates, simpjKd the seven-game winning streak of t!»e St. 1/jxils Cardinals, as he hurled lliree- hll hall. The Pirates and Ostermuel- ler won the nightcap of a (louWe- hcarter 3 to 1. The Cards ran all over the Hues and Rip Sewcll in particular for n 12 to 2 decision in the opener. The New York GlanU put in a determined bid for second place in the National League race. They beat the Boston Braves 0 to 2 In the opener bcliitid Frank Scvard's hurling. Then they Wasted Nate Andrews and Ira Hiitchlnson for 12 safeties, to win the nlghtenp 7 to 1. The Brooklyn Dodgers divided n twin-bill with the Phillies. Ken Raffcnslicrger and Anton Karl were the victims of a 15-hlt attack, ns the Bums beat Philadelphia, 7 to 3. Al Gerheauser set tlie Dodgers down with nine hits to grab the second game, 6 to 2. Harry Gtimlicrt, who was sent to Cincinnati last week by St.. Louis, pitched and won bis first game for the Reds. He defeated the Chicago Cubs 5 to 2 In the first event of a bargain bill. Tlie second game was called in the IStli Inning, with the score tied 6 to 6. 'In the American League, the Detroit Tigers slo|i|Kil the lengne- le ad Ing"" Brown s twice. Hal New- houscr bent Jack Kramer 7 to 3 in tho opener. Rudy York starred in tho 7 to 5 flnnlc. He homered in the ninth to give Dizzy Trout the victory. The Chicago While Sox made ihc biggest Jump of the day. A double victory over the Indians, 3 lo 2, and GH1CKASAW West Main Near 21sl St. Sat. starts 1Z:45; Sun. starts 1:1! Night shows 5:45 ; Except Monday, opens 0:45 Continuous shows ,intl Sun. Triple Threat .. . Brooklyn iwiy not be u°i«B ' where, bill Dodgers toad National League in hitting by 20 points with .202, and Dixie Walker, lop, 410; Kicnchy BorcliiKiiray, middle, .330, und Angle Giiliin, .328, are in senior circuit's Big ,£ive. Four Mai Stars Set For Bouts Welch and Knoilscn To Meet Joe Szabo And Eddie Malone Last Tjme Today :•'• "WINGS FOR THE EAGLE" with Ann Sheridan & Dennis Morgan "- Universal News ' Sliorl: "This Is America" Tuesday BUDDY N1TE 2 Tickets For Hie Trier oi I THE BODY DISAPPEARS .with Jeffrey Lynn * Jane Wynmn Also Comedy N E W THEATRE 1 Manila's Finest • Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunthr *t 1 7 to C, llftcil them Into third place Irom llic lowly sixlli spot. Wally Moses homr-i-ed In Ihc tenth Inning of the opener. Tho lasl-plncc Phihulclpliin Alli- lollcs beat the Yankees twice, mid imsiicd them iulo Ihe sixlli urns'. Tlie A's blniiked Hie Ynnks <l to 0 In Ihe opener behind Luke llani- lln's foiir-hil hurliny Then they laid down a six-run barrage In the first fi-iinio to lake Ihc finale 8 lo (i. The lied Sox, who had a chuucc lo pace Ihe Browns, mulled 11 when they spill n doiiWe-heiider wllli Hie Senators. They look the first gumc 9 to C, lint, Enrly Wynn stopped them eold in the nightcap. He whitewashed Ihe Sox 1 lo 0. T11K riiOCiKAM MAIN i;VK.VT 90—Tug .Match—90 Joe Welch (I08)-Slorliy Kncllscn (105) vs. Jldle M:iloiic (2)!i)-Ji>« Kuiliu (210) S<l-Mliiuic time limit, 2 bent I:\lts at 3 I'rcliininarti's Wcicli vs. Maluiic Kncllscn vs. S/alio 30-mlnule lime limit, .sinulc fall Action-craving local fiuHlom should gel Ihetr fill of llu; rouuli sum' tonight ivlipji Promoter Mike Meroncy trots out four of ills acre, sill (oiiglili's In their own rights, In a four-star wrestling program. 'I lie casl for this Wg show lists Joo. Welch, yomiB brother lo the veteran Hoy Welch: "Irish" Udtllc Malonc, Ihc Kinilliig- Irishman; Stocky Kncllscn, ex-sol) who battled to Hie lop of his class as a member of Uncle Sam's Navy, mid Joe Sxabo, the huge Hungnrluii. Tlie mnlchmakcr throws Malonc nnd Swilw In one corner for a leani, with Welch nnd Knellsen ronnlng- tho opposing ouUll. They will ojienile over the usual BO-mliuite time limit, iwo best falls of three determining the winner. For the curtain raisers Welch and Malonc arc scheduled for a bit of beak busting nnd grin locking, leaving S/.abo nnd Kncilsen for Ihc oilier prospective slam-bnimncr. The first of these gels under way promptly at R:3t), fid Second Chance For Mnlouo nnd ftonlw It will be n second stall as n tng Icnm ami they seek revenge. Several weeks ngo Sznbo was scheduled lo prilr with Floyd liyrd agntnst, Welch nnd Roy Allen. Byrd failed lo arrive in time, due lo a motor accident einoulc from IJIrmlngliam. Malonc was brought in ns a substitute and they dropped a Iwo-oi-llnce fall inalch lo Welch nm! Allen, described by fans as one of Ihc bcsl of Ihc cur- ronl season. Welch nnd Knellsen have not appeared here as a team, but have been on cards regularly for Ihe last several yours bolh as members of tag tennis nntl In individual miilch- es. Oddly. Knellsen defeated Welch Hie last time they met and that lost Joo a chance [or (list place in the round robin, first and only lime the Innovation was altcmplcd In the Legion ring. Based on past performances and general styles and temperaments, till!? show should' l» one or the roughest ever singed here by Ihc local promoter. Every one of the giant quartet Is n rough, toiigh grapplcr, well fortified with weight, power, and skill, and each knows how to spread It on. Ite.simie Hair Pulling The inalch likely will be the means of resuming Ihe linlr pulling feud between Welch and Sxalw. In Ihe last clash Joe and Joe waged ii thatch fiiiftlchlng war that was ii honey. S/al» came out second l>esl, bolh from Referee Mike Meroncy and his opponent. Welch used S/abo's long hair to bring victory, while the official used H to pry loose; from Welch when In the ,'act of dishing out Die mean stuff. Kv.abo didn't like It a bit and look Meroncy and Welch to task after the malch was over and Ihc fans were filing out Hie small arena. Aside from a brief bil of pushing, nollilng serious resulted, Ihough' 6x11 bo was imiddcr thiin :in old wet lien. Malonc nnd Kncilsen have very good records In tlie local ring. During th': years these two giants have IHMMI on opposite sides in tag matches and In opposing corners. They are excellent performers and give good accounts on all occasions. They Intend lo carry on In this one. MONDAY, JUNE 19, 1944 1 oclay's Games HOCJTIIUKiY f.KAdUK Memphis at Nashville. (Only game scheduled). NATIONAL U;AOIJH Washington nl New York. (Only game scheduled). NATIONAL UwKllJK Philadelphia at Boston. New York at Brooklyn, night. St. Louis at Chicago. (Only games scheduled). Hend Courier News Want Ads. Hqrry Felclman Sets Pace For New York Giants NEW YORK, June 1». (UP) — Harry Feldman, the guy who wanted lo slay ID Arkansas, Is making the New York Giants a winning team in iilglit games. For the last two seasons the CJiiinls have had trouble winning nluhl games. The bright, lights seemed lo make Mel Oil's hitters even feebler and ills pitchers easier to lilt. Bill this year It's different. The spirited New York club linn played (Ivc night games at home since May 20lh, and they've won lour of them. Harry Feldman has turned in lira of lliose four victories. His hilcs was ihal 9 to 2 whipping Ihe Gliints gave the Brooklyn Dodgers on Thursday night, nut earlier tills season Harry wasn't counting on winning games (or the Giants. He wasn't even counting on play- Ing for them. He decided to return lo his home in Little Kock, Ark. and slay there. Hurry went back to Little Rock. Hut he didn't stay there. He changed his mind, came back' to Die Olanl.s, and went lo work as a iclief pitcher. His curve and his improved control, the stuff that, makes him so eflcctive at night, made him look good in Ihe day- lime, loo. And on May 17 Manager Mel Oil handed Feldmim his first. KliU'tlng assignment of the season. Since then he's been a starter tor the Giants, an<i he's won 3 of Ills t starts and wasn't involved in tho i)t her decisions. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN MiAOUK W. L. Atlanta 31 jg Llllle Rock 32 20 Mcni|ilils 31 20 Knoxville 25 24 Birmingham 20 25 Nashville ,, 20 30 Chattanooga 18 29 New Orleans 17 33 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis 30 16 Pittsburgh '28 22 New York 29 25 Cincinnati 28 25 Brooklyn 27 28 Boston 2-i 34 Philadelphia 21 30 Chicago 17 30 AMERICAN SI. Louis .... Boston . ...... Chicago From where I sic... ^/ Joe Marsh. New Version of an Old American Tradition W. L. .... 32 25 .... 31 25 .... 25 24 Pel. MO .BIS .003 .510 .510 .400 .383 .340 Pet. .002 .560 ,537 .528 .491 .411 .412 .3K! Pet. 50: .554 .510 Detroit 23 28 .503 Wusliin«loii 27 29 .482 New York 25 28 .472 Cleveland 2fi 31 .45(i Philadelphia 25 30 .455 Once Fat! Now Has a Model's Figure "I lost 32 Ids. wear size 14 again" fleWy Reynolds, BrcoUyn Once 156 Ibj., Misi Rcynotda Joal weight u-rclfly wllh A YDS Vitamin Candy Reducing I'lan. Now die lias a model's figure. Your experience may or way nut be the same hut ley tills easier rtJurirx (»bn. Finl ISox Aluit tS'Aow H/suHs or money bnck.Nocxercitf. Noliixaiivca. No drugs. ICatiilcnly. YouJoi/t cut gut int.ils, [xilatoes, etc., you just cut lliemdown. Simple _ wlicii ywi c«joy dclidoua AYDS befoie incali. Only $1.25 fw 3D day i 1 wj)ji]y. 1'hone, wille KHtlJY BROS. DKUG STOKKS YOUR HEALTH Require; Constant Vigifomo " Neglected chronic ailments in time may undermine health. Thlg is especially true of rectal, stomach and colon conditions, on which: informative literature will be sent' on your request. | THORNTON & MINOR CLINIC Suite 072, 926 Mcdce' Kansas City (i, Missouri We wore silting on Ed Carey's porch, enjoying ;i friendly glass of beer, when a squadron of fighter planes goes over-in tight formation-swift and trim and powerful. "Tlu're," snys Eil proudly, "goes :m Aini!i>iciiii irmllfion.". "Wlini do you menu, tradition'.'" Elicn Crowcll Hiiys. "Aim-rim's a liiiiKli-eil sl.vly ycacs olil —(lying's (he newest thing there is." "But lliose planes," says Ed, "llicy're the best in the world .-• the best made and (lie best flown. Thai's what I mean by an American tradition: making things, doing things, just a litllc belter, whether it's an airplane or a railroad or a glass of fine American beer like this," And from ivlicro I sit, Ed lias put Ills linger on what niakra America great -;ni<l will kcop her great. The urge lo do things just a Hflln bcftcr-from the (italics KC innko lo (lie glass of Iiecr thai we enjoy. Things to be proud of— all'of them! . QO ©1944. BSEWINP INDUSTRY fOUUDftTION • flRKANSAS COMMITTEE J.HUGH KVKWTOH, State Director 402 PVRHMID BLDC., IITTIE HOCK '.TO SAVE YOUR CAR;. .TO SAVE YOUR MONEY' Last Time Today , v "RATIONING" ' . with Wallace Beery Fox News & Sliorl Tuesday 'TUNISIAN VICTORY" An MGM War Documentary Serial and Sliorl Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Momluy Night OiVE SHOW ONLY 'Crash Dive' with Tyrone- 1'awcr & Anne Ilnvtc I'aramouul News Short Tuesday PAL NITE 'Nearly Eighteen' wilh C!:iil Storm & Hill Henry Selected Short Commercial Classes In Shorthand-Bookkeeping-Typing MRS. L. M. BU RNETT 1010 Item C ° llCSC rhonc „„ CHEVROLET Dealer Perform These Two Vital Services •' u » I ^HH^MmB*«BHVHKl^HM9BMB WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, June 19, 8:75 p. m . loral Admission of any WrejtUnit Aren» In Amcrlc* tl^chn 3 ! 1 f~?"f l> 45c ' Rescrrcd Srals ' 12c ' T « "-TO- l, 15C. Children's Seals Uc, Tax 3c, Total, 15c, Reserved Scats On Sale at (he Legion Arcn. ^Tery Monday trout 6 p. m. on. TAG MATCH MALONE & SZABO WELCH & KNEILSEN 2 30-Min. Preliminaries JOE WELCH EDDIE MALONE JOE SZABO STOCKY KNEILSEN DE-SLUDGE your car engine Slow warfime driving promotes "sludge." . . . Our complete "de-sludg- ing" operation will— I. Give you better gasoline economy. /« Restore complete lubrication to all vital parts of your engine. 3 ^ • Eliminate corrosive and damaging chemical deposits which contaminate your lubricating oil, "• Increase oil economy and in many cases eliminate oiS pumping, 3t Improve the smooihnesj of engine • performance. ' "v.^-' •*,,- .,.. 0. Pfolong tho life of your engine; Service your car BRAKES H'I doubly imporlant thai wartime driving be safe driving. . . . Our export Chevrolet mechanics will—, 1. Put your braking system in efficient opgrating condition. *• Make certain hydraulic fluid is a! proper level. J. Inspect brake lining, and supply new lining if needed. __ "•5r> '-^*-^» • } T« Inspect brake drums; and service them if necessary. Ji Check end service emergency brake. 6 t \ • Help you and your family to have ..4V. maximum driving safety. BUY iHOJf WAf BONOS-iPtCO IHE VIC7ORY "FIRST IN SERVICE Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. SOI W. Walnut Phone 578 B.ythevtlle, " QUALIFIED BY J SIMS Candidate for G<w£nsc&r of Arkansas Presents A PROGRAM of State Tax Reduction and IN ARKANSAS GOVERNMENT Till' SIMS PROGRAM FOR ARKANSAS GOVERNMENT is not a visionary scheme ... it is a definite, thoroughly considered plan, which can and will be accomplished. Mr. Sims' 22 years' experience in (he Slafc Complrollcr's office enables him to know exactly what can be clone and how to do it. Read Mr. Sims' own statement regarding his program: v . MY FIRST STEP: "I propose to reduce the administrative cost of the Slate Government, so Hint the amount taxpayers of Arkansas will h;ivc to pay will not exceed five per cent of the funds administered for public purposes. This will include the cost of all the general departments tinder my control, as well us the State administrative expenses of special departments which render public services. MY SECOND STEP: "At the present time, principal and interest on the State debt cost the taxpayers about twenty per cent of their tax dollar. Exclusive of the highway debt, which bus a fixed schedule of maturities over a long period of years. I propose to pay off more than half of the remainder of our large State debt during the time I am your Governor, and build up sinking funds for the retirement of the balance when it matures. ,-,»)-, MY THBRD STEP: "I propose to submit a bill to the Legislature providing that the savings from State governmental administration and retirement of debt be applied to the reduction of taxes rather than diverted to the use of State departments. MY FOURTH STEP. ; . "After providing funds for the constitutional departments, over which the Governor has no control, and tlie minimum requirements for State administration and debt service, I propose to return the remaining public funds to the people in the form of direct benefits, public services, assistance grants, and tax reduction, as follows: • Public Schools • Institutions of Higher Learning • Tho Highway 'System • Conservation nf Natural Resources and Development of r- 'Agriculture and Industry • Public Welfare Grants to Old i 'Ago, RHnd, Dependent Cliil- '- itrcn, Crippled Children and > tho Needy • Charitable and Correctional Institutions • Health and Sanitation • Direct Grants to County and City Governments • Tax Reduction • Service to Returning War Veterans My Pledge to Arkansas: "I know how tr above. I pledge lo you Governor. . . ,. the program I have outlined will do these tilings, as your "On the program I have outlined, and on the experience nnd knowledge gained through 22 years of active service in i ' State and county affairs, under the administration of seven ' Governors, I submit my candidacy for Governor." Yours for A Better Arkansas; J. BRYAN SIMS Candidate for Governor Sims-for-Governor Campaign CommiUet

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