Independent from Long Beach, California on September 13, 1958 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1958
Page 16
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P.g. B-8-INDEPENDENT . *«·· »'"· "' "" Television Lo «NXT ChMMl COLOR ON TV IP. M. 4--Gct the Facts, Bob Wright 2 P.BI. 4--Norvell Gillespie 5 P. M. 4--Vacation Time 6:30 4--Big Game, Tom Kennedy » PM. 4--The Perry Como Show 8:00 A.M. 2--Buster Keaton Comedy 9--Movie: "Badlands" 8:80 2--Cartoons 4--Farms and Gardens 5--Playcrafters Club 9:00 A.M. 2--Captain Kangaroo 4--Ruff and Reddy (cartoonl 5--Tom Mix Movie: "My Pal - the King" 7_l\Iovie: "Heartaches, Sheila Ryan 9:30 4--Fury. Bobby Diamond 9---Movie: "Northwest '. Stampede," Joan Leslie, James Craig 10:00 A.M. 2--Mighty Mouse Playhouse 4--Howdy Doody 7--Hoot Gibson Western: - ' "Sunset Range" 11--Open House, Steve Martin 10:15 5--Movie: "The Witness ' Vanishes," Edmund Lowe 13--Sacred Heart Program 10:30 2--Laurel Hardy Comedy 4i_Blondie, Arthur'Lake 13_Movie: "Jealousy," John ' Loder I 10:45 2--10:45 Report (News) : 11:00 A.M. 2--Teleplay: "The Fmger- " prints," Richard Travis 4^"Rocky" Lane Western: . "Wells Fargo Master" 7--John Wayne Movie: . "The Trail Beyond" g-_Western Movie I 11:80 2--Movie: "Wings of the · Morning," Annabella, i Henry Fonda 5-_Movie: "Spy Ring," , T Jane Wyman 12:00 NOON i-Monte Hale Western: ; "The Vanishing Westerner 7--Tex Ritter Western: i "Dead or Alive" 9--Movie: "Bedlam," Boris ! Karloff, Ellen Drew H--Eleanor Hempel Show 13--Movie: "Stolen Identity, · Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett . . 13:80 11--Baby You, E. Hempel 1:00 P. M. 2--The Lone Ranger 4--(Color) Get the Facts 5--Telecopier; Movie (1:0=) ' "Tales of Hoffman," · Moira Shearer 11--The Hobby Show, Aleene 1:15 7--Eddie Dean Movie: "West to Glory" 1:30 2--Learning '58 4--Steve Donovan, Marshal 9--Movie: "You'll Find Out," Kay Kyser ll_Eddie Dean Western: "Range Beyond the Blue 13--Westling Workouts, Jules Strongbow (to 4:30) 2:00 P.M. 2--Two o'Clock Report 4--(Color) Norvell Gillespie 2:15 2--Movie: "Everybody's Baby,". Spring Byington 2:30 4--Movie: "You Can't Take It · With You," James Stewart, - . Je-an Arthur, Lionel ·' Barrymore 5--Movie: "Dames," Joan Blondell 7--Eddie Dean Western: "Tumbleweed Trails" H_Movie: "Appointment With · Destiny!" Mona Freeman : 3:00 P.M. 9_Movie: "The Falcon's · Brother," George Sanders, ' Tom Conway 3:30 - 2--Movie: "Notorious Gentle; man," Rex Harrison, Lilli '. Palmer 7--Buster Crabbc Western: . "Lightning Raiders" 4:00 P. M. 4--True Story: "Good, Better Best Man," Bruce Hall 5--Telecopter; Quarter Midget Auto Racing (4:05) _ 11--Movie: "Man in the Iron Mask," Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett 4:15 9_Movie: "Ramrod," Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake · 4:30 2--Dress Blues, Shelly Manne 4--Detective's Diary (Mark Saber), Donald Gray 7--R:n-Tin-Tin, Lee Aaker 13--Movie: "American Empire," Richard Dix 5:00 P.M. Top Viewing Today 8 p.m. COLOR--"Perry Como" (4). Back from vacation comes the singing barber arid his guests"are Robert Preston of "Music Man," Maureen O'Hara and composer Jimmy Van Heusen, plus Red Nichols and Bob Schulze. " 9 p.m.--"Steve Canyon" (4). Premiere of new adventure series starring Dean Fredericks. Opener has Canyon flying a KB50 tanker to Sefuel three F102 fighters. During the operation a missile is seen and the fighters cast off to race after it. j 9 n m _"Gunamoke" (2). New series starts and Wild Bill Hickok comes to Dodge City to arrest Matt Dillon on a- charge of murder. · ; 10:30 p.m.--"Brains and Brawn" (4). Details below. New 2--November Decision, Mildred Younger, Dr. David Farrelly: Sen Wm. Knowland 4--(Color) Vacation Time, Jack McElroy: "Tahiti" 7--Duffy's Tavern, E. Gardner 6:30 2--Laurel Hardy Comedy 5_Bowling Time 7--Joe Palooka Story l_Topper, Leo G. Carroll 5:45 2--5:45 Report (News-Sports) 9--News Review 6:00 P.M. 2--Our Miss Brooks, Eve Arden ^--Frontier: "Shame of a Nation" 7--Lawrence Welk Show 9--Kid Gloves (jr. boxing) 11--Susie, Ann.Sothern 3--Jungle! Jim Dannaldson 6:30 2--Perry Mason, Raymond Burr (rebroadcast) 4--(Color) Big Game, Tom Kennedy 5--Art LaBoe Show 11--Jet Jackson, Richard Webb 13--Sports Car World 7:00 P.M. 4_New Adventures of Charlie Chan, J. Carroll Naish 7--Country America, Joe Alii' son 9--Movie: "Trail Street," Randolph Scott 11--Frontier Doctor, Rex Allen One of Europe's top-rated TV hows will have an American ounterpart when "Brains and Brawn" debuts on (4) at .10:30 .rri. to pit two teams in contest of questions and ath- etic feats. Sam Snead and Tommy Bolt mil be stationed at the Wing Foot Country Club in Mamaro- eck, .N. Y,, ready to perform lie athletic feats while, in the tudio Willie Ley and another -^ - missile expert provide th e Beach. Drains. Hosting- the athletic side will Abby to Be on KNX Radio '· Abigail Van Buren, The In-11--Town Hall Party, Jay 7:30 2--Wanted--Dead or Alive, Steve McQueen 4--People Are Funny, Ar Linkletter 5--Hometown Jamboree, Cliffie Stone 11--Sheriff of Cochise, John Bromfield 13--All-Star Playhouse: "Storm Warnings," Robert Stack, Arthur Franz 8:00 P. M. 2--The Gale Storm Show 4--(Color) Perry Como Show Robert Preston, Maureen O'Hara, Jimmy Van Heusen, Red Nichols 7--Cross Current, G. Mohr 11--Studio 57: "The Director, Jack Carson, James Bar ton, Nancy Gates 13--Eddie Cletro's Amateur Hour 8:30 2--Have Gun, Will Travel, Richard Boone 5 Roller Derby, Dick Lane 7--Orient Express 9--Movie: "Spiral Staircase, Dorothy McGuire, George Brent 11_TV Reader's Digest: "Dear Friends and Gent, Hearts," Johnny Johnsto as Stephen Foster 9:00 P. M. 2--Gunsmoke, James Arness 4--Steve Canyon, Dean Fredericks 7--Counterpoint: "The Match" 11--Science Fiction Theatre: "The Killer Tree," BUI Williams, Bonita Granville 13--Movie: "Macomber Affair," Gregory Peck, Robert Preston, Joan Bennett 9:SU 2--Dick Powell Playhouse: "The Squeeze" 4--Turning Point: '_'Hand of the Enemy," Kevin McCarthy 7--The Dick Clark Show 11--San F.rancisco Beat, Tom Tully, Warner Anderson 10:00 P. M. 2--Movie: "13 Rue Madeleine," James Cagney, Annabella, Richard Conte 4--Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour 7--Movie: "The Great Jesse James Raid," Willard Parker · 9--Movie: "Underworld Story," Dan Duryea, Gale Storm 8:30 p.m. series of "Have Gun, Will Travel" begins on'(2) with Paladin hired to find a young killer and return him to Kansas for trial. The two. meet in a shoot-out. Paladin wins but the townspeople .and the 'killer's brother aren't happy about it. Shock-type movie -on (5) is "Spiral Staircase" and this series on (9) is being sponsored by Dooley's Hardware of Long 36 Jack Lescoulie while the tudio portion is emceed by Fred Davis. One of the missile experts will be teamed with either Jnead or Bolt 'thus giving us he two .teams. Questions will be asked of the "brains" and this will'lead to the "brawns'" contribution. 5 p.m. Senator William F. Knowland R-Calif) will be on "November Decision" (2) to discuss the urrent political campaign. COLOR -- "Vacation Time" 4) shows films of Tahiti. 6 p.m. . Lt. Gov. Harold J. Powers of California will inaugurate Lawrence Welk as Honorary Mayor f Hollywood during the "Law- 9:30 p.m. Johnny and, Jo, Johnny Nash, Somethin' Smith and the Redheads, Fabian, and the Tune ·ence Welk Show" (7) Lon, Dianne Lennon, Larry Dean and Dick Dale join in a big number. 6:30 p.m. When "Perry Mason" (2) asked to take a case by charming little old lady who eels her employer is about to be murdered he finds himself involved in quite a mystery, series starts next week. 7:30 p.m. Start of the fifth season for "People Are Funny" (4) and Rockers are booked for . the "Dick Clark Show" (7). 10 p.m. Movie on (2) is "13 Rue Madeleine" starring James Cagney, Annabella and Richard Conte. Series of movies ' is called "Fabulous 52" in honor of the commercials. Espionage story about our U. s: agents who find that among them there lurks a Nazi spy. · SPINNING THE DIAL D O N SHERWOOD, the "pecks bad boy" of. San Francisco TV, will make, his local debut on- (9) September 24 with an hour-long show at"8 p.m. He features .live music, guests from all walks of life and.his own brand of wit and observation. DONNA REED debuts in a new family comedy program on (7) as of Sept 24. She's seen as the wife of a pediatrician and mother of two children. . . . ED WYNN bows as a wily widower in a new situation comedy series on (4). as of Sept. 25. He's a lovable old codger trying to bring up two granddaughters. . . . JERRY LEWIS is billed for the opening "Person to Person" show on (2) Sept. Kadio rrograms | KUC __. a .gge.-- jB «$-- KB -~j«jo !:"__*"*"*""""" Tin . ifiufft 910 KFAC ..... 1330 KPOL «»»» 134O Irtic "HI! 740 KNX HZ1070 KOU 1J90 KMPO 1400 T/i. liHf.^indinl uaamu m nifwuIM'''? '« «*·«·« ""«'· »* "««««· SATCBDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1958 7:00 A. M. KABC-- Jonn Trotter to 9 KHJ -- News: Ch g. Times KNX -- Hutu McCoy n«wa KGER-- Rev. L. J. Knapp KFI-- Hit the Road KNX-- Bob Gram Stow KGER -- Aubrey Le« KHJ-- Music (7:20) · J:30 KHJ -- Rise and Shin* KNX-- Frank GOBI 7:45 KPI-- Pat Elsnop: Sports : KNX-- ChanBlns'Tlii-.Mi ! KGER-- Esther Kustioi 8:00 A. M. KFI-- News; Ch's. Times t.tiJ-- News; CD's. Times K.-1X-- News; Robert l|. Lewis (S:05) KGER -- Wm. Nlckeraon 8:20 |KFI-- Memos In Music »-3n KHJ-- Haven 02 Rest XGER-- Voice of CMcm 8:45 KGER-- Percy Crawford KNX-- Elista's News. 8:55 9:00 A. M. KFI-- Music Flee, Dandy KABC-- Kd otiandler to 12 KHJ-- News: C.YK. Times KNX-- News:. Bob Crane xGER -- BcthaJiy Chapel KG£H -- Cnrtsuan-Jew HT. KHJ-- Music (9:20) 9:30 KHJ-- Sports; Mus!« xNX -- cunsraoke KGER-- Join Brown KHJ-- The Navy Hour KNX -- Busln's News. 9:55 10:00 A.M. KMPC-- Nws. ; Bob Kelley KHJ-- News; Ch's Times KNX -- Nws: Galen Drake KGER-- ELA Fmr«uar« 10:30 KHJ -- Music KMPC -- Baseball: Dodp- er3 at Pirates- (10:25) 10:30 KFI -- Chuck Cecil Music KHJ -- Bob Barker Show KGER -- Eunahlna Mission KGER-- Overco'mlnit Lift 11:00 A.M. ' KHJ-- Music KNX-- News; Amos-Andy " KGER-- World · Literature ll:30 KFI-- -Monitor KNX-- vignette: City Hospital (11:35) KGER-- Ev. Gosp. Center KGER -- Dan 'Gilbert 12:00 NOON KABC-- Lee Zlmmer, to 4 CHJ -- Nftwn CGER-^E«v. Victor Glenn KFI-- Topic lor Today; Monitor (12:20) KBJ-- Music CNX -- farm Report*! 1Z:30 KHJ-- Henry Travis KNX-- Philip Norman CGER-- Dr. Orr. Blb:» 1:00 P.M. KFI-- News: Monitor KHJ-- Music KNX-- Sportscene (to 5) KGER-^CharlH Turner 1:14 KGER-- Church of Christ 1 "30 KGER-- Christ Crusade 1:45 KGER-- Concert 2:00 P. M. CFI-- Sinclair Favorites KHJ -- Henry Travis, to 6 KGER-- Messianic EOui 2:30 KHJ-- Sports; H. Travis GER-- Peter Slack 3:00 P.M. KFI-- News ; Monitor · KGER-- Infer mat lo a Free 3:15 KGER-- Family Worship :( :30 KGER -- Cathedral Choir 4:00 P. M. KFI-- Polka Party (to 7) KABC-- Bill Swing (to 6) KGER-- Sunday School 4:llu KGER-- Health Talk 4:45 KGER-- VVCTU 5:00 P.M. KNX-- News; Jam Session KGER-- Aubrey Lee 5:15 KNX-- Today In I. A. KHJ-- Sports': H. Travis KNX-- Tom Harmon KGER-- Builders of Faltn 5:4.1 KHJ-- Cleve Hermann KNX -- Frank Goss; News 6:00 P. M. KMPC-- Bob Kcliey. spts. KABC -- Pel Mar Races KHJ-- News; Hawaii Calls KNX-- Duke Snider .Sho« KGEH-- Back to tru Bible KNX-- sports 'Resume 6:30 · KBIG -- L. A. Fair Races KABC-- Bill EwlIJB Show KrJJ-- News: Pan-Ameri 1-0*1 Danrtr-iTYm (fi^SS) KNX-- Business ' News; Sat. at th« Chase (0:35) KGEK'-buitln Valley Ch, 7:00 P. M. KFI-- News; Monitor KABC -- Teen Partytlme KHJ-- Word of Ufe Hour KNX-- News; Upbeat KGER-- Rv. Q. E. Lowmn 7:30 ICHJ-- Music Beyond Stars KNX-- Louisiana Hayrid* KNX-- Pattl Page · 8:00 P.M. KFI-- News; Monitor' KABC-- Man Music KNX-- News; Sat. Wight Country Style (8:05) KGER-- Voice of Calna 8:15 KGER-- A. U. Micneuon 8:30 KABC-- Date Night ^NX-- The World Tonlte KGEK-- Airmail from God 8:43 KGER-- Dan Gilbert xNX-- Phil RlzzutO, 8:55 9:00 P.M. KFJ-- Polka Party KABC-- Lawrence Welk . K1IJ -- News; Kuslc ^NX-- City Editor · iGER -- Rev. John Calkin KHJ-- Across Blue Pacific iNX -- Entertalnm't USA 9:30 KABC -- Gene Norman CHJ -- Music beyond Stars IGER-- Dr. Orr, Bibn 10:00 P.M. KFI--Joe Maphls Snow KNX-- News KGER-- Concert 10:15 KNX-- Carroll Alcott iGEE -- Circle Mission 10:30 KFI-- Hollyw'd Palladium KNX-- Philip Norman KGER -- Miracle Church 10:45 KGER -- Releasing Christ 11:00 P.M. KFI-- Andy Manslleld KHJ-- The News-Wheel KNX-- News KGER-- Clarenc* -Weld KNX-- Army ' Bandstand 11:30 KNX-- Music 'til Dawn 12 MIDNIGHT KFI-- Geo, Dvorak. 5% nr. KABC -- Jack Rourke KNX-- Music -Till Dawn KFI--Farm Reporter Youth Questioned in Double Slaying Admitted by Boy . NEW YORK (AP)---A youth was flown back-from. Virginia Friday night for questioning about the knife slaying of a Staten Island doctor and his wife. The far- flung, continuing probe of the case underlined official ' skepticism that the victims' 8 : year-old son was the. killer. ' The newest figures in the perplexing case left New York suddenly last week. In Virginia, he dropped remarks to relatives which made them think he might be linked to the Staten Island slaying. However, the routh claimed an alibi. The victim's son, Melvin Nimer Jr., was sent to. Bellevue Hospital Thursday for- mental examination, after he confessed he killed his mother and father in their Staten Island home Sept. 2. THE BOY'S STORY, coming the Nautilus N. C. cial pre-season, JOHNNY OROTHY( cast of the' POLICE SAID Fletcher ad-: mitted' being on Staten Island;; he-night Dr. Melvin Nimer and his wife, Lou Jean, both 31, were .killed. The youth was quoted as saying he rode around he island with friends, but that . left the island early in the evening, some time before the- slaying. There was no charge against Fletcher. He agreed to return voluntarily -to New York so lis story could be'Checked. In the relative quiet of Bellevue Hospital's children's ward, young Nimer began a routine of THU: BUI » o.iu'.wi -""""o young iNimer Dttgaii a iuuuiie after he orginally had claimed phychiatric treatment designed · a masked prowler had-stabbed ---·· -: : -- --· ---·--··· his parents, left many questions unanswered. Staten Island Dist Atty. John W. Braisted confirmed Friday 'that the mother before she died, identified her assailant as a man. -There even was an unconfirmed report thai she described him in the same her son--as wearing a white mask. Braisted and top ponce officials expressed themselves as far from satisfied that Melvin was the real killer. · Investigators ranged as far afield as Farmville, Va., where New York detective questioned .18-year-old William Fletcher Jr., a Negro. Fletcher's aunt, Mrs. James host*Art Linkletter has a fel low calling a girl he knows to see if she can guess who he is. Couple of other stunts are also billed. Counterfeit "wanted" posters are spread around and an innocent man's life is threatened by bounty hunters d u r i n g 'Wanted--Dead or Alive" (2). ( Steve McQueen stars as thej bounty hunter who foils the plot. 8 p.m. Jack Carson, Nancy Gates, James Barton and Tom Brown star on "Studio 57" (11) in the behind-the-scenes story of a TV j director, and his cohorts who face a decision concerning ar. old-time actor. NOW Til SERVI-ZONE I V 402 ALMOND Strvlc* Chirgt Band on Dlllono From Shop SOUTH of COAST HWY. XIMENO to LA, RIVER !,,".« HE 2-5677 26. LEWIS lives in the fabled estate of the Jate Louis B. May- I Picture Tubes 50 ALL PARTS SERVICE G U A R A N T E E D DAY NITE SUN. GA 2*1080 TV 5481 Atlantic Day Night SERVICI CALL WITH AD $5.93 i HA 5-1119 SERVICE WITHIN M I N U T E S IAKEWOOD RADIO t TV UKEWOOD.TOEATM 1LDO. also go aboard e same night. 1ST B I L L Y je seen on (7) t crusade in his i. of. Charlotte, Sept. 27. ... A.SSIC," a spe- pre-World Sei on the "Twen- 3 booked for (2) h RED SMITH JTO as the hosts :SMOND and JOINS head the v "Hit Parade" Oct. 10 on (2). NER, who won his directing of . bes l^xc'h.'ni't GE 4-6442 d Electronics tr. Servlei . Ml Makes the "Dinah Shore snow last j season, has been picked to nan- ; die the production on ' thej 'GINGER ROGERS SHOW" on (2) Oct. 16 LOUIS ARMSTRONG is the first to be signed for the big' "All-Star Jazz Show" set for Monday, Nov. 10. . . . . LUCILLE BALL and DESI ARNAZ tee-off their new season on Oct. 6 in the 9 p.m. slot. They head for Mexico and LUCY winds up in the bullring. MAURICE CHEVALIER is the first guest star. The following week, Oct. 13, the new "DESILU PLAYHOUSE" debuts w i t h PIER ANGELI starred in "Bernadette," the story of a miracle that rewarded a child's faith. Tlf HOUSE 1 1 V GALLS $ · f ^h Includis ilitiB IRQ 1 · Kll transportation to 1 · l/U Nib houst and a 1 · maximum of 15 1 · ^^ minute* r t p a i r 1 · time in thi home, 1 L. Hamilton, turned him in tt Farrr.ville police after he the her lie left New York abrupt!} because of the publicity given to test his sanity--and perhaps to unlock the riddle of his position in the case. TESTS MAY SHOW whether the -boy is crafty beyond his years, a mentally · disturbed schemer who harbored murderous impulses that he 'finally vented on his parents. Or they might show just the opposite-that he is a sick, grief-stunned little boy, somehow to fake an almost compelled' incredible · story of murder to slake some weird inner turbulence. In any case, the boy will not be prosecuted for murder. If insane, he may be committed to an institution. Otherwise, he can only be treated under state law as a juvenile delinquent. II tU ·"*'· "** *~ ·» told There is no criminal charge against him as of now. He was sent to Bellevue as a material The Heart of Your Television Set Is fhe Picture Tube Only ESTERN Gives You 3 - Y E A R PICTURE TUBE W A R R W/iy settle for /ess? dependent's advice-to-the-lovelorn columnist, answers host Galen Drake's questions about her advisory service when she makes a guest appearance on Stewart (to 1 a.m.) 10:30 4--Brains and Brawn, Jack Lescoulie, Fred Davis 13--The Tom Dugan Show Drake's 10:05 to 11 a.m. broad cast today on radio station and Bernie Leighton with his orchestra. Equipment Sought RIO DE JANEIRO (ff) -- A presidential spokesman s a y s Brazil is negotiating with Italy for purchase of between 15 and 20 million dollars worth of equipment for its oil industry. This is part of Brazil's 300-million-dollar oil development project. INVEST IN SAFETY, buy a dependable car NOW. See the Classified s e c t i o n for outstanding values. 11:00 P. M. 4^-Lee Giroux, News iN ^ , 5--Movie: "Submarine D-l" '· Also -featured are vocalists!, 13-Baxter WanJ,News 4 Movie: "Laughing Anne," Wendell Corey, Margaret Lockwood 13--The Tom Duggan Show 11:30 2--News Report (11:55) 7--Movie 9-,Movie: "Desperate," Stev Brodie ' 12:00 MIDNIGHT 2--Movie: "Junior Miss," Peggy Ann Garner, Mona Freeman 13--Heart of the City 12:30 5--Rocket to Stardom 1:00 A.M. g Movie: "Born to Kill," Lawrence Tierney Finest Eastern and American Cuisine ENJOY AN EVENING with . : KERMIT RIGGS el th« Plono lor Coffit Shop and Dining Room OPEN 24 HRS. A DAY WE NEVER CLOSE World'! Moif Itovllfu/ VowNnff C«nr«r 3800 I. Pacific Caait Hwy. PhoM GEneva 9-0958 PAUL'S TV -- Dial GE 3-2271 J730 E. 7* 770 T»rmln« · CltRKS · TYPISTS · STINOOtAPHMS · SECRETARIES UarH , STENOGRAPH' ^ MACHINI SHORTHAND Thtrw trin't enough of t hands for th* -light job* "Thiory classu itirt Tuisday, SEPTEMBER 16, Registration 1:00 P.M. Advanced classes start Monday, SEPTEMBER IS. LONG. BEACH CITY COLLEGE 1)01 E. Pidlil Gill* HIjKwiy Lut Itllh, Cllll. Thli advertisement » HBrvlce of TIIB Stwiotyjw Cmiyw of j» 1 l'°J; IU. t Ixm* Beneb. For '"«!« Information phone HKmlock 2-Mjl. TII PICTURE $i ; t «r; IV TUBES ^SL^ _|.itw'*m»rT OmrintM. ,,,. ..i« Ch.-Hrt»nd LibK _ s n UM (. ino*DW»r HE s. ,Tw^Kiiiw"BS!pl · 10-Diy iiir. HfYlct Ci GUARANTEED EXPERT REPAIR ,L« . I" Yol|r Home HE 6-8077 1401 I. KIH. L»( ll»k TV CALLS $9 I · EVE. SERVICE OA 2-7971 w"« w h .T I"yi H »».-- HOC TV «oi; A«" SERVICE OA 7-6585 24+ SOUTH ST. 21' OVR-Atl ! D1AG. PICTURE TUBB 263 SQ. IN. V/fWING ASEA THE GOLDEN GUARANTEE Eilern ALONE darn to mate this offer in writing--1«» \MOTOROLA I FULL YEAR WAHRAHTY --' ON ALL TUBES * MRTS! FULL 5-YR. WARRANTY ON THE HEART OF THE SET THE GOLDEN TUBE SENTRY UNIT - PLUS ' EJTERN'S 3-YEAR PICTURE TUBE WARRANTY THIS All ADDS UP TO TM* MOST CONVJNC/NO PROOf of d«p«ndcbilily «v« off-red by on/ malar TV d«o/.r of any tlmt. TV DRIVE-IN Whira 5«rvtc* If a BuilntJJ-- Not a S!delin« 2537 AMERICAN AVE. Phone GA 7-3414 J.P. TV SERVICE 'FREE HOME CALL' OPEN EVERY NITE TILL ONLY . PER WK. NO DOWN PAYMENT With Tradl Old TV'i at* worth MOM on 19S» MOTOROLA TV's . . . at Estern's. TV HOUU sn MEtcalf 3-6317 OPEN SUNDAY J805 E. ROSE, BIUFLOWIR NO GIMMICKS-KO EXTRAS! SERVICE and we do.mean goad set-vie* . . . J3.50 LICKERT TV 1554 W. WILIOW Phone HE 7-6888 10 A.M. 10 10, TM. Opon Sunday Noon Till 5 3344 E, PACIFIC I COAST HWY. INEAR REDONDO AVENUE GE 4-7457 LEARN TO FLY--BE SOMEONE! OTHER PEOPLE DO ... WHY NOT YOU? VPKOVFD TOR VITS * NON-VITS WI TiACH|-AIL COURSES EROM PRIVATE TO A.RLWE TRANSPORT PILOT, INCLUDING HELICOPTERS HASKELL FLYING SERVICE J5J3 I. SPRINO ST.--OA 7-6*17 FOR EXCELLENT SERVICE I REPAIRS JARVIS IV $ HE 7-8992 100% GUARANTEED WORK Day/ Night, Sundays/ Holiday* HOME CALLS 2 A TREAT YOU WON'T FORGET COMPLETE SELECTION OF CHOICEST EUROPEAN SAUSAGE- POLISH SAUSAGE-BAVARIAN LIVER SAUSAGE-BOCKWURST- SCH1NKENWURST-H1CKORY SMOKEC HAH AND BACON- GERMAN WIENERS Comif«». Un. Alio AvdllaW. af HANSA 133 W. (ROADWAY MAX'S Wfi 1 SHOP 2515 E. ANAHEIM HE 6-14*4 90-Day Guarantee -rTAHTENHAS INSTALLED $9.95 Serving Lonej I«aeh for IS Ytan DAY OR NIGHT. SUNDAY 2 HE 2-3701 HOUSE CALLS CANTER'S 1134 ATLANTIC AVENUI D O O L E Y presents A SERIES OF EMOTIONAL SHOCKERS ENTITLED . With number one fn the serlei "THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE" TAXPAYERS! HIGH TAX LIABILITY BARE GROUND INTO HIGH INCOME ASSET AND APPRAISAL SERVICE AT NO «TRACOST STARTING TONITE AT 8:30 TV CHANNEL We Are Apartment Construction Specialists 4 UNITS -2-STORY $15J50 1-BIDROOM APARTMINTS WE HAVE BIST POSSIBLE FINANCING AT LOWEST INTEREST AVAILABLE 43 U.b, of AM Typ« Now Und.r C.« f rucH.. and Op.n for, Your l., P .cri.« S.. Our B.ou,lfu, M.d.l, and Plan, ., I21f, l.vd.. «-.»·. or Call MI 3-8131 RICKWOOD CONSTRUCTION CO. Prletf SII,hMy High«r Ar.«

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