The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 21, 1934
Page 2
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MONDAY, MAY 21, 1954 OBE.T OOU1BE RXWI FAG* TuBIfe Anpara River Project Would Be The Greatest in ihe Entire World. Landmark in Flames in "Second Chicago Fire" ThU is the fourth of a series f stories un Siberia, where the Soviet Union is lavishing billions dollars in a huge colonization [ in to check Japan's westward panston. In this series, William Philfn Slmms, now louring the wortd for Courier News and other \EA newspapers, shows htiw Rus- la is duplicating America's "win- j ling of the" in the Par East. • * • BY Wll.l.lAM rllll.lP SIMMS (CopvrMit, 2934,NBA Service, fnc.) BAIKAL, Siberia—If Soviet engineers are righl, and nothing upsets their plans, titanic forces now n play in and about this region will change the whole face of the "ar East. In front of the railway station here rise mountains rivaling the j Alps. Behind spreads Lake Baikal! — : and lhe source of the Angara riv- ». m shorten lhc time between Mos- j:, said to be the most limpid in ' and Vladivostok about two d-e world. 'days. Most of these lines will be Fully harnessed. Russians claim, 'electrified, according to Soviet ' |plans. Tbe Editer'i Leti«r Rot tTo the editor;) The historic Exchange building in the Chicago StocK Yards, n brick "fire proof" structure, In flames from cellar to roof during the ten million dollar blaze. [bffn somewhat thwnrtcd by W? allowance of clalmi of grafting officers which I know Is unjust nnd should have txen refused. The county Judge Is the direct agent of the people who must support ihe county Rovcrnmeiu nnd I frel have Just rend n statement In Ihnl he sliould at nil Unices fcru- Ihe Oaceoln Tlineji of IVldny In tlnl/.e every claim thai passes his he uiiolcs svhnl was snlil by i view nnd see whelher ihe county pnitk-s in the County Court, in nets a dollar service for every dol- whlch they praise ihe lux payers hir spi'nl or |iuld out. This hns association. Now this, 1 fix 1 ), is nil- Ixcn overlooked for several veins, rlghl. as they may have been quite as the nnniiclM condition shows, a Jieln to the county court. Of I know that B wealth) couniy this 1 will *|>euk fmtlier in ihls like Mlsslssinpl couniy ouphl to Ittter. giving what 1 have learned, .have money In It* treasury to meel Now 1 observe that nil or nenr-1 Us obllijntlons mid would bc> If ly all were Eoir.ewhat inioresled properly nianngcd. Kconoml?^ nnd nol o:ily a-; taxpayeis but iu> at- cut expenses and RPI In position lori'.i'.vs and olticers. You may lo lower ihe taws nnd protect the ! lecull Ihe fact thai some time people. I sny that this lasiwyiirs last yi-ar I had a lellcr In your I'.ssoclalton Ls not necessnry If the pn|HT In which 1 ciiilclMd the couniy court will do Its duty as driiiuajip connnl.s.slimei.s for cut- It shmild. Ini! ii[> the lauds In -10 acre lol.s. in addition lo this I surest and lev,, .showing In ihe hind- other IhhiHS Hint sliimld be done owners that U- added lo each tract hy the cininlv nuthorltle.s. AKei- i cnsi of from Iwlce to sixteen eiieh oiinrterlv county court In time!, what It should be npilnst each district the court fhnuld have caili irncl forfeited for the non- published every claim allowed nnd payment of ihe taxes. Many- ol (he iwty to whom ti wns allow- om ix-ople hnvc for Ihe lust few f{ \. This would prevent m any )reo- ycais been unablo to ]iay taxes pie from filing uniusl claims as or nnyihliiij else and if they ever ihoh iu>l»)ibor* would likely know gel In condillon lo redeem thch- whether thev had an hnnesl claim homes It will cost so much II 01 nol. Hy this menus Ihe coun- wlll nlmusi bnnkruiit them lo re- ly would snve many limes ihe cosi cover (heir properly. After my last | of publication, should Ihe ncws- yrnr's teller In reference to Ihis |\i|x<rii demand n fee for this kind Opposes U.S.Entr} Into World Court this stream will cultivate a series of power stations surpassing Nl- ( In nd(i] ii orii soviet ciielneers agara Falls, Muscle Shoals, Wilson havc conceiml a hard-surlace and Boulder Dams combined. ), lg h w ay through this region, from Lake Baikal is 380 miles long. lhe c . astcrnmost tip ot Chukotski It is from 20 lo 45 mites wide. In ! p,^^,^ rlght un(lcr the Arctlc places It is a mile deep. It is now circ , C| to Euro|x , nn Russl!l . frozen over. I saw n regiment of | ... troops maneuvering on Its sJlid'. A " American motorist coi troops expanse. could get in his car and step on it all the Trains have crossed on tracks * a V /™n M- 1 ' 11 " to Moscow-or. laid along Ms stone-like surface, for that matter to Berlin, Pans And this It seems to n layman, nilrt Mwlrrd-wuli only one sen might interfere wit), power tie- ™>' a ,f of 3C im!cs Mross *<*rms velopment. at least in winter. i&irait. MUhty Power Available | Tins, it is needless to say. However, the Angara is Baikal's hardly be ready for the reader's only outlet. And, being hlgli in the mountains. Baikal's waters, racing hundreds of miles down this stream to where it drops Into the mighty Yenisei, will yield more "white coal." it is said, than anv other known river. Russian engineers, some of whom were associated with Co L. Cooper. American consu the world-famous Dnicprostroi, I south Russia, claim the Angara 1934 vacation. Would Change Face of Asia Unless the Soviet Union's vast ion thereby becomes a threat to be dealt with accordingly. NEXT: Russia divides vast area into four h«fe ."compartments,'' to be prcpued for war. Guinea Pifs Found to Be Good Rabbit Hunters NORWALK, O. (UP) — Your bird dog may have nothing over lhe n>sl of the animal world as a httnier. Consider the humble guinea pig. Local sportsmen. discovering that cavies will roul bunnies when sent into their burrows, are • hi a iiuandry over what old John Law thinks utoui such hunting So Joe Wnlker, of Greenwich near here, a deputy. ^ame protector, has been asked for a ml- NewU.S.Liquoi Tax Collector colonization and Siberian Indus-1 In 8. trializ.-Uion scheme falls through,! ' !llc mceii . senile guinea pig, it n total area larger than the entire j W1-s lounA. will chase out u col- United States will be converted i ICIUMI wlth ' he pflmc alacrity as ferret. But state laws, so fnr g to clarih tlie guinea pig-and-rabbit chick hatchery :ol Hu»h I into a whole series of Garys. Pitts-1" fcrrel - D "t state laws, so sultant for burylis. Niaptara Falls. Muscle | Rs K kllown llere - -^V "Othin Slmnls. and Boulder Dams. This means thnt for the first time i ' in history a colossal European j R - E power would entrench itself along ! 13a "- was lh e llrst to discover the the ivJiole northern frontier of l»n.iiii s value of the cavy. Ob- China and Manchuria and rub el- i smcrs here belice ttle raboiu bows with the Japanese. leave their homes when thev de- I will develop 44 times the power of J that project. And Dnicprostroi is | second only to Niagara Falls. Full expansion of the Dniepro- iroi plant will give 756.000 horse- I power, or 535,000 kilowatts with an r> — — -••-* • .— x . ,. . . larinual :6utpat!of energy totaling be exaggerated. Up to now neither ^orv.alk leads the world in the 2 HOfl.cmoOO kilowatt hours. 'China nor Japan has had a west- -""••"'B ° f ™ v , lc ?, fo1 ; bleeding pur- Pnll utilization of the natural'env power for a neighbor. Siberia. |! K>S ' 5 ' an ° l ° laboratones for I irservoir of 1 - Lake Baikal, it is' nominally Russian, has gone nl-I rcsenrcn. Tbe significance of this cannot u " tne ,, K uinea P'S ° <ior - I claimed, would yield more than 130,000,000 horsepower, or better I than. 22.000,000 kilowatts, with an 1 annual output of energy surpassing 120 billion kilowatt hours. 1 • • • Material for Empire Here To lhe man in the street these figures mean little. But what nil I this electric energy and horsepow- I er n-ould mean to Siberia's industrialization project can be easily most undeveloi)cd and uninhabited by wlill« men, .save for the L Bul 6 aria claims more centenar- mciil Horn Sterelary of Treas- felons in exile. Even the number of these has been erosslv magnified in tlie piib- !U mind. From 1825 to 1905 less than n million were sentenced to prison camps there. Challenge to Japan What effect tlie transformation of Siberia will have on lhe Chi- ians tiian nny other country; there be more than 100 years old; 85 are men and 13 women. I understood. . > "cse. anrt what Japan will do to Here, in an area bigger than the' m cet the challenge, is alreadv be- I United States east of tlie Missis- ir.K asked in world chancelleries. I sippi. Soviet geologists assert, are I But Tokio has given more than j stupendous reserves of iron, coal, i" hint as to her policy. It is. I cop|x?r, silver, lead, and raw mate- bluntly, "hands off China.' rials of all kinds—all that it takes I to convert Russia's former penal I colony Into one of the world's most I pulsating empires. 1 In the heart of it lies Baikal, about half way between east and In the event "a third power threatens our position there." a foreign office spokesman said in Tokio. "we shall intervene." And to Japan any power which lends itself to the conversion of .. .^nu west, waiting to give this region'.China into a unified, strong nn- | almost unlimited electric power. New railway lines are not only I being surveyed, but some of them are under constriction. The Trnns- Siberian. sole transcontinental rail| road, is far from sufficient. A new one, to be called the | Great Northern, will run from Archangel, on the White Sea, to I somewhere near Rukhlovo. on the 1 Trans-Siberian, where that line j leaches the peak of the salient rorth of Manchuria. * * * Will Eltctrif; Railways ^Anolher line under conslruclion ] Rill run from around Tomsk to j Ihr Pacific port of Okhotsk. Both' fills nnd the Great Northern will] I pass north of Lake Baikal where, i for some hundreds of miles, they | likely wlU use the same tracks, j The Great Northern, it is said. IN MIDDLE LIFE Mrs. F. I* While ol 711 Oxrofcec St.. Mus- kog:c, Okta. She says: "VVhcn pi-ising through middlt life I was so rrrvous I Ixcifcit i wreck. I hail terrible hratUchts amj birk- trhti, my hamti ar.d ' is would swell, at — ... O ..t I MAS very resi- leis, ar.d hid no appf*itc. I would r.ot enjoy the good health 1 have foilay if I had DOt liken Dr. Piercc's Favo;ile Ptesctij^ion. 11 New S\K, tahltls 50 ct*.. litiuid $LOO. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS By Horace Wakefleld Pbilfips Motor Co. .Arrimr J. Mellolt, uliove,. will ninucr, I had a letter liom Jml«e at, which I doubl. k Coslon telling me Unit the culling • Ing (he newspapermen to be pub- .up Ihe laud In •10-ncre Irncls odd-j Me "spirited citizens who ns n rule ed nothing lo his fee and in Hint! work to build up lhe commiinlly letior he stated that lhe taxpny- .imicli more llinn the ordlnarv clt- crs iisMicliillan passed i resolution | Izen. No. Mr. Editor, I don't fee authorizing lhe clerk lo make this' tuy use to continue the Taxniiy- clnmse. Now on Investigation I|eis Assoclntlon. We hnvc a Irl- fiiul that the judge WHS n mem-'bunal lo pass on all business jiei ber at that lime of ihe Uixpuy- Inlnlni; lo comity government tl ers association TO It appears to office of county judge wns'crc- me thnt he al least is an inter- atal nnd pays a salary alree ested parly, and while Ihey praise 'enniigh to be sought bj Blvlhcvillc One oi Four Points Suggested by ihe Southern C. of C. Ulvthcvllle, one ot four "stopover" points for eoiuhern business ini'ii following routes to Ihe renewal of the Century of Progress | ExtKWiitloii in Chicago, as iloslg- I unfed by the Chamber of Com- l-mcrcv of ihe Soiitli, U to be fen- liired in n .story In llie clunnl>er':i jmiriinl, Dixie Business. liHcrestlirj fiicts about lilylho- vlllc will lie given In the June Issue of Dixie HnHlncss. idonu wlih' .similar sloiles about Memphis, lie Hock and Orciilur. III. The. four clllcs "re named by the Chamber nf Commerce of llio .Soiitli us los-. Icul over-ilium slops for motorists planning to tilteml the world's fiilr. Lust summer tlie organlxn-., tlon directed 500 curs from south- cm iwinls tlnotitih here to Chlo ntnl 300 care are expected, follow ihe snine route through similar direction In June nf tills' yi-:ir. according to Ward Williams,' civic relations counsel nnd nsso- clnte cdiior of Dixie Business. Mr. VMIhims wu.s here lodny gnthetiny malerinl for the slory on Dlvlhevlllc. The purpose of Uic Chamber of Commerce of the Soiilh, with hendminrtcrs nt At- lunlii, Cla., Is to educate -southern' consumers to spend Ihelr money with Miuhern Industries and southern ix'ople to Invest In soul hem Industrial plnnts. "Tlii! South Is on tlie verge of If tliu IR.-UIO D[ American entry In- If they assist the court, why Is | "miters nud dishonest claimants.! tloiml Jusllci M n lipnrlni; \,utoro it they ilUln't refuse to pay the'l'he church people of Mississippi tlio Scuatu rorelnu liHnlluiis [oi!li;i|;cous claims of .Sheriff Klmv- I comity should pray hourly for cr fnr deputy lilrc while he was some man to accent the Judge':; collecting S19.5CO each year dep- !«ty hire, including his 'wile, 51.800 olflce who will do his duty fnllh- fullv. honestly, niut fearlessly, lie ;n year, when the only work she ,ls the direct ascnl and did. .su I'm (old. was to lirlny her iof couniy nllnh'S. He pusses ii|H)ii ollcciion bureau, tiy amiolnt- llenry Morgcntlia'u, Jr. ,^ ul jf™ n5 U jl"!, 1 j :ll1 l'j 1 lo j^""".'*.a Kansas City, Knn.. "'"" '"" "''"' ° c ' " !• WllHlllllglull. Clly Water 1'lanl Prtis|>rrril ST. LOUIS. (UP! —'1'hls clly's tiinntelpally owned u-nlcr nusband a boutiiiel every now und jail claims nnd .settlements of the l cani(:(l " l )r ° nt of JG«0,(MO during then. It ajmenrs to me thai if thai : other officers, nnd should l>e on'. llle l" st nstnl >'"'' compared taxpayers association wits doing Its Hie .spol nt nl Rimes. This Is not I wllh a <l CMcl t °' $22.20 for the pre- diny, 1 don't know wlml that n Hnovcr acltnlnlslrallon to be run I vloll!i 12 monllis. duty I'ould be. but if it was ere- iby boards nnd commissions. Let "Southerners spend n billion dollars ycnrlv, outside their own section thai should be kept at home 1 . It Is our job to KCC that ns much ul this money us possible is spent at home. atcd for the protection of the taxpayers it serins to me that they sliould 'at least examine each claim and find whether It was just or not. This Is the duty ol the couniy court, or it used to l>e when I was connected with the couniy government. Whnt its duty s nnw 1 know nothing nbuitl only from rumor. The only poal thine Hint i nave knowledge of is the purchase of a Bounty farm. This move 1 have advocated lor many years and lit hist this has IKCII accomplished. every tub stand on Its own Lmt- lom. Let everv officer discharge the duties of the olfice he holds nnd shoulder the responsibility ' Nllv *' Veterans in Canada will be Then we'll have u respective «ov- ni;1(1 )lcre 'hiring September, it Is lawyer, nnd.haa ctrred as city I to the great eictlit of the present and couuty attorney, v 'county judtii.-. but (his move hits To t:n(crl:iln War VfU VANCOUVEH, B. C. (Ul'l— 'Hie 1034 eonveiiliun of the Army and JOHN Luxora. Ark. D. DRIVEIl . f ,,.S(a Ciulls War on Hnpp*rs | I'UKULO. Colo. lUPi— Grcnl ! Hork. 1 ; of .sea gulh have tjoon seen j lately hi UiLs 1 nnd-locked stnlc. With n ilirentcucd tiivnston of grass lio]>}»rs sea gnlls will bt i » valuable nlly for Uic fanners Ihe pcsls. nnnounccd. No definite dale lins yet beon set lor the event. Positive Relief For Itchy Rash Cooling nnd snntMng Hint? Stnr Ohitnit'iit tut']Is on (he .-slun, sund- lijjf tcslrd im-dldm'5 tlt-i-p into iiurt'ji where it <|uick]y kills Iti-hy rasli, tfrltcr, cczi-niu, i In?! worm citnl fiiol- itch ttirluro. ItcblnK fiuh. Skin bculs. Safe, sure, ^ulck. (adv.) Trnlli Chllil at M SAU-:.\i. N. J. (Ul')—Mrs. Mary Ciatnnls, wife o[ a laborer, is only 30, but she re-oiillv gave birth to hrr tenL'.i child. All ten children nre living. Fartnrv AulhnriTrd FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Onulnc Frlcldnlrc ParLs Furlory Trained Mephanlcfi Reasonable Charges ' Day'fi? -Phon Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main HI., BMhtvllIe -that Chesterfields are Milder Ghesterfields Taste Better NOTICE Under a new state law poll tax must be paid on or before June 15 to qualify for participation in the August Democratic primary and the November general election. C.H. WILSON Sheriff and Collector c state it ;is <mr luiucst iiclicf tliat the tobaccos ustil in Chesterfield are of finer (jitality — and hence of Lcl- tcr laste—than in any other cigarette at tlie price. IJGCSTT a Mrui Toncco Co. C UK Idwrr ft Mrui Vo " Co.

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